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pectations of heaven. . To be useful is the
great end of life. God makes some useful to
his church by suffering ; others by working.
There is that sick minister, whom we met at

S Springs, afilicted in such comphcated

ways. One of his people told me that he had
done great good by his spirit and behavior in

AGNES. 189

trouble, and by his prayers and occasional
preaching, in all the neighboring churches.
His wife must rejoice over him, when he
comes to her in heaven, far more in conse-
quence of the way in which God has honored
him in doing good bv him, than for any other

J/r. M. "I am told that they send for him,
far and near, to visit people in great trouble of
mind. He is a son of consolation. A mem-
ber of Congress told me that he could count
nine educated men, who, he thought, had been
led to a religious life by the personal influence
of that man."

Mrs. M. " Suppose that he had spent his
time only in weeping over his bereavements
and afflictions?"

Mr. 31. " ' He that goeth forth and weep-
eth, bearing precious seed,' — the weeping
sower seems to be a paradox in natural things ;
but in spiritual things it is good for sowers to
be great weepers."

Mrs. M. " What is the rest of that pas-
sasre ? "

190 AGNES .

Mr. M. " ' Shall doubtless come again with
rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.' "

Mrs. M. " ' Sheaves with him.' That is
the way to make meetings and greetings in
heaven happy. Just to be restored to lost
friends, — how poor a satisfliction this is, of
itself! Happiness here needs something solid
to make it satisfying ; it will be so there. Oh,
I hope, if 3^ou survive me, that you will not
waste your time and strength in sorrowing,
but remember how happy you will be, and
how happy you will make me, if my death
shall make you love God and the Saviour
more than ever, and fit you to bless and help
to save men. Think how much good God has
enabled dear little Agnes to do through us ;
what a happy eternity she will have, as she
traces out the influences of her death far down,
it may be, to the judgment day ! What is the
mere pleasure of meetings and recognitions,
compared with this ? "

But it becomes me here to draw the veil

AGNES. 191

and hide from view the " treasures of dark-
ness" connected with an event which soon
followed this conversation. It was a little
coffin, and no other, that furnished the key
which has given occasion to this book.

And now the graves of Mother and Child
lie side by side in one of our cemeteries.
To one of the parents, therefore, the key
of the little coffin has ceased to be a memo-
rial and a type, for the child is restored to
her embrace. I am now sole proprietor of
the little key. But as the evening star now
sets earlier daily, and hastens below the
horizon into the east, so the sad associations
with this little symbol make less and less im-
pression, and morning airs and dawning light
are taking their place. As I was last week
planting candy-tufts and the marvel-of-Peru
upon those graves, — varying, as I love to
do each year, the annuals or biennials which
grow there, and expecting, without fail, to see
flowers bloom from those seeds, — I thought of

192 AGNES.

what was planted underneath, ana how certain
it is that, in due season, I shall reap if I faint

I feel disposed to end my tale in keeping
with a beautiful epitaph over a grave near
Athens, in Greece, which is in these sweet
words : —

E U B XJ L U 8,




The " farewell " on the stone is to the
reader, — a comely act of gentle behavior in
sorrow to the stranger whose curiosity should
lead him to approach that grave.

So, dear reader, farewell! Agnes lived a
twelvemonth, and here is her story.

If God sees fit to use you in doing good,
and would qualify you for great enjoyment,
here and hereafter, he can accomplish it, per-
haps, in no way more effectually than by put-
ting into your hands the key of some
precious, buried treasure. Again, farewell !

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