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the sum of one thousand dollars without the direct authority of the

Artice V — Library and Museum

Section 1. The Society shall not assume financial responsibility for
any books, papers, or other materials loaned to the Library or Museum.

Sec. 2. The Curator shall not loan, sell or otherwise dispose of any
of the possessions of the Society, except as authorized by the Council.

Sec. 3. The Secretary shall have power to use the publications of
the Society in exchange for similar publications of other societies or for
equally valuable materials.


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Sec. 4. At its discretion the Council •may open the library to the
public and establish a public reading room.

Article VI — Amendments
These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the Council at
any regularly called meeting.

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Honorary Member


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Brougher, Wilson, ex-Senator, State Legislature Carson City

Fulton, R.L ; '... Reno

Griswold, Eugene, ex-Nevadan Berkeley

Oddie, Tasker L., ex-State Senator; Governor, 1911 Tonopah

Rice, G. G. New York

Riepe, Richard A., ex-Assemblyman, State Legislature Ely


Abbott, Granville Davis Palisade

Adams, Romanzo, M.Di., Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D., Professor of Education and
Sociology, University of Nevada; President of Nevada State Teachers'

Association Reno

Anderson, George Edward, District Superintendent of Education Elko

Anderson, Henry 1009 North Virginia Street, Reno

Anker, Peter, ex-Member of Assembly, State Legislature Lovelock

Asbury, Calvin H., Superintendent Stewart Indian School Stewart

Ascher, Dr. J. A., Senator, State Legislature Sparks

Badt, Mel. S. Wells

Bannerman, Thomas R 3432 Twentieth Street, San Francisco

Bardenwerper, Kate, Assistant Professor of Domestic Science

1029 North Virginia Street, Reno-

Bell, Thomas J., ex-Member of Assembly and ex-Senator, State Legislature Berlin

Bingham, E.L Reno

Black, W. C Fallon

Booher, William Webster, ex-Regent State University; resident of Nevada since 1875..Elko

Bradshaw, J. D., ex-Member Assembly, State Legislature Paradise Valley

Bragg, Allen C. , Ely

Breen, Peter, Judge Third Judicial District Eureka

Brookins, C. J „ Reno

Brown, George S., ex-Judge Fourth Judicial District Elko

Brown, Thomas Pollock „ Sacramento

Campbell, J. D., M.D., ex-Senator, State Legislature „ Pioche

Caryl, Chas. W. Denver, Colo.

(^ase, J. B Paradise Valley

Casey, Chas. W., ex-Nevadan Klamath Falls, Oreg.

Chartz, Alfred Jean, crossed plains in 1863; resident of Nevada since 1869 Carson City

Cheney, Judsre Azro E., LL.D., ex-Member Assembly, State Legislature; ex-Dis-
trict Judge ; .Reno

Church, Mrs. Florence Humphrey Reno

Church, J. E., Jr., A.B., Ph.D., Professor of Latin, University of Nevada Reno

Clark, Theo. W., Experiment Station, Jleno

Clinton, C. A., M.D 2499 Howard Street, San Francisco

Cohn, Abram Carson City

Colcord, Roswell K., ex-Governor of State; Superintendent of United States

Mint Carson City

Comins, H. A., ex-Senator, State Legislature Ely

Conboie, Joseph Anthony, ex-Member of Assembly, State Legislature Virginia City

Considine, John L., ex- Warden State Prison Reno

Cooke, H. R. Tonopah

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Coryell, Horace H., ex- Member of Assembly; Senator, State Legislature Wells

Cowles, Richard H. _... Wads worth

Ores well, H. T., ex-District Attorney, Lander County; ex-District Attorney, San

Francisco San Francisco

Crowley, Rev. D. O., ez-Nevadan Youth's Directory, San Francisco

Curtis, F. P Ely

Cutts, Charles F , Carson City

Damm,Anna Lovelock

Davey, J. W., ex-Member of Assembly, State Legislature Winnemucca

Davis, Capt. Herman Dayton

Davis, Sam P., ex-State Controller, Chairman of Publicity and Industrial Com-
mission Carson City

Deal, Judge W. E. F., ex-Regent State University Virginia City

Dockweiler, Major John Henry 417-418 Grant Building, San Francisco

Dodge, Judge £. R., resident of Nevada in 1869; ex-Member of Assembly, State

Legislature Reno

Doten, Mary S 305 West Street, Reno

Dunham, Allen Murray Carson City

Farrington, Judge E. S., United States District Judge ., Carson City

Finch, James D., ex-Private Secretary to the Governor Carson City

Fischer, Allan Wells

Fitzgerald, Judge A. L., ex-District Judge; ex-Chief Justice, Supreme Court Eureka

Fowler, Hazel Genoa

Freeman, John Watts Stillwater

Frohlich, A. C, Speaker of Assembly, State Legislature, 1911 Reno

Fulton, John Martin ^ Reno.

Fuss, H. W Lovelock ,

Gallagher, William Crane, ex-Senator, State Legislature ^ Ely

Garner, J. L., M.D Rawhide

Gearning, Major T. A. G Virginia City

Godfrey, John L., ex-Member of Assembly, State Legislature Virginia City

Goodwin, W. H 36 West Commercial Row, Reno

Gottwaldt, W. M Reno

Gracey, Charles, resident of State since 1869 Nelson, El Dorado Canyon

Graham, W. B Ely

Gray, Ida R. Carothers „ ^ Ruth

Greene, Charles, resident in Nevada since July 9, 1865; ex-Member Assembly;

ex-Senator, State Legislature Cherry Creek

Greilich, Louis Lovelock

Griffin, W. E Eureka

Gutheil, A. G Yerington

Hamlin, John H., Librarian Reno Free Public Library Reno

Harding, Zua J Ill Mill Street, Reno

Hawkins, D. R., resident in State since 1851 Genoa

Hershiser, A. E., M.D Reno

Holmes, A. W., ex-Member Assembly, Senator, State Legislature Reno

Hoppin, Delia Willis , Yerington

Howe, Lotta Sybil Sparks

Huffaker, Mrs. Anthony Carson City

Hummel, N. A Sparks

Hunter, J. R., Postmaster ..Lovelock

Ingalls, Dr. Eliza A Sparks

Ingalls, Major George W. Sparks

Kennedy, D. J. Fallon

Kennedy, Dr. Patrick Beveridge, B.S.A., Ph.D., Professor of Botany, University

of Nevada Reno

Kent, Ira H Fallon

Kent, J. F Goodsprings

Knapp, Sewell A., settled in Nevada, 1876 Tonopah

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Laguna, Laura de, Professor of modem languages, University of Nevada— 1029

North Virginia Street Reno

Lawrence, Thomas J .„ Topla, Durango, Mexico

Layman, J. D., B.L., Librarian University of Nevada Reno

Lee, Frank M '. Reno

Lemaire, Louis A Battle Mountain

Lewers, Robert, Professor of Political Economy and Principal of the Commer-
cial School, University of Nevada; Vice-President of the University of

Nevada .'. Reno

Likes, G. W. Fallon

Lincoln, Henry ..-. ^ Rawhide

Locklin, Wilson J., ex-Member of Assembly, ex-Senator, State Legislature....Virginia City

McDermott, Laura Virginia City

McGill, W. N., ex-Member of Assembly, State Legislature Ely

Mcintosh, Charles Herbert >. Tonopah

Mack, Margaret Elizabeth Dayton

Mackey, Will U., Foreman State Printing Oflace; ex-Mayor of Carson City; resi-
dent of Nevada since 1866 Carson City

McNamee, Mrs. Effle W Caliente

Martin, Anna Henrietta, B.A., A.M. Reno

Maute, Andrew, ex-Senator, State Legislature; ex-Superintendent of State

Printing Carson City

Menardi, John Blair Reno

Miller, Benjamin F _ ' Searchlight

Miller, J. A Austin

Mitchell, Henry K., resident of Nevada since 1865 Eureka

Newlands, Francis G., ex-Representative in Congress; United States Senator Reno

Nixon, George S., resident of Nevada since about 1880; ex-member of Assembly,

State Legislature; United States Senator Reno

Norcross, Judge Frank H., ex-Member of Assembly, State Legislature; Chief

Justice of Nevada Supreme Court Carson City

Northrop, Hilen Reno

Oats, John Fallon

O'Brien, J. W., Regent University of Nevada, 1911 Sparks

Park, Mrs. John S „ ...Las Vegas

Perkins, Mrs Searchlight

Perry, Chester M Eureka

Pierson, Clarence G. Reno

Pohl, Robert Austin

Price, Robert M Reno

Reid, Dr. H. E., Regent University of Nevada, 1911 Reno

Reid, John T., E.M., member of American Institute of Mining Engineers; mem-
ber of the Royal Society of Arts, London; manager of the Nevada United

Mining Company, and of the Mining Development Company of Nevada Lovelock

Reymers, B. H., ex-Member of Assembly; State Senator, State Legislature Yerington

Richards, James W Fallon

Robins, F.C Winnemucca

Roland, Charles H Wells

Ross, G. McM ..Copperopolis, Cal.

Ruddell, W. C Lovelock

Rule, R. Raymond Lovelock

Sadler, Edgar A., ex-Member of Assembly, State Legislature Eureka

Samuels, W. L., M.D., ex-Member of State Board of Medical Examiners Winnemucca

Schneider, John P Fallon

Sharon, W. E., ex-Senator, State Legislature Virginia City

Show, Arley, B., A.B., A.M., Professor of European History, Stanford Uni-
versity Palo Alto, Cal.

Slosson, Henry Lawrence, Jr Gold Hill

Smith, Oscar J., ex-Regent University of Nevada Reno

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Smitber, Lawrence Reno

Squires, Mrs. Chas. P. Las Vegas

Stedman, Mrs. Camille D Las Vegas

Stewart, Frank R Las Vegas

Stewart, Mrs. Helen J. Las Vegas

Stewart, Mrs. Lena C Las Vegas

Stubbs, Josepb Edward, B.A., M.A., D.D., President University of Nevada Reno

Stubbs, Ralpb Sprengle New York

Stadtmaller, Fred. Reno

Sullivan, J. J., M.D., ex-Member Board of Regents, University of Nevada Virginia City

Summerfleld, A Hawthorne

Taber, E. J. L., District Judge ..Elko

Talbot, George F., ex-District Judge; Justice Supreme Court of Nevada Carson City

Taylor, Geo. H., Secretary Board of Regents, University of Nevada Reno

Taylor, J. G Lovelock

Thies, Jonn Henry, ex-Member of Assembly, State Legislature Lovelock

Thompson, F. P Pioche

True, Gordon Haines, B.S., Professor of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry,

University of Nevada Reno

Tubman, Rev. Father Thomas M., Pastor of Catholic Church „Reno

Walker, Charles A Ely

Watkins, Alice H Reno

Watterson, Thomas Gracey „ Bishop, Cal.

Wells, Mrs. Annie M Deeth

Westfall, Andrew Lovelock

White, Fred L., Member Assembly, State Legislature, 1911 Reno

Wier, Jeanne Elizabeth, B.Di., B.A., Professor of History, University of Nevada Reno

Williams Frank, ex-Member of Assembly, State Legislature; Member of Board

of Regents, University of Nevada Goodsprings

Williams, Joseph Alfred Indiana

Winter, Frank H., Member of Assembly, State Legislature Aura

Woodbury, James P., ex-Senator, State Legislature Carson City

Yerington, James Albert Carson City

Young, Geo. J., B.S., Professor of Mines and Metallurgy, University of Nevada Reno

Young, John G., crossed plains in 1864; resident of Nevada since 1864; County

Superintendent of Schools, Lyon County, 1876-1884; ex-Member of

Assembly, State Legislature Wabuska


Austin: Reese River Reveille.
Bridgeport Ciironicle-Union.
Caliente: The Prospector.
Carlin: The Commonwealth.
Carson City: The Yogi.
Carson City Daily Appeal.
Carson City News.
Carson Weekly.

Elko Daily and Weekly Independent.
Elko Daily Free Press.
Elko: The Pohob.

Ely Daily and Weekly Mining Expositor.
Ely Mining Record.
Ely: White Pine News.
Eureka Sentinel.
Fallon: Churchill County Eagle.

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Fallon: Churchill County Standard.

Gardnerville: Record-Courier.

Goldfield News.

Goldfield Daily Tribune.

Goldfield: Joshua Palm.

Kimberly News.

Las Vegas: Clark County Review.

Las Vegas Age.

Lovelock Review.

Lovelock Tribune.

McGill: Copper Ore.

Manhattan Mail.

Manhattan Post.

Mina: Western Nevada Miner.

New York: Gavigan's Financial News.

Pioche Record.

Rawhide Press Times.

Reno: Nevada State Journal.

Reno Evening Gazette.

Reno: Nevada Churchman.

Reno Nevada Weekly.

Reno: Voice of the People.

Reno: U. of N. Sagebrush.

Reno: Nevada School Journal.

Rhyolite Herald.

Searchlight Bulletin.

Sparks Tribune.

Tonopah Daily Bonanza.

Tonopah Miner.

Truckee Republican.

Virginia Chronicle.

Wells: Nevada State Herald.

Wlnnemucca: Humboldt Star.

Winnemucca: The Silver State.

Wonder Mining News.

Yerington Times.

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Academy of Pacific Coast History, Publications of 26

Admission Day, Celebration at Yerington 23-4

Alaska- Yukon- Pacific Exposition, Secretary's visit to 22

American Historical Association, Secretary attends 25th annual meeting of, in New

York : 23

American Mining Congress, Photograph of James Marshall furnished for badge of 26

Secretary's visit to 22-3

Appendix 153

Assembly Bill No. 139(1909) 155-7

Bancroft Library— Meager Nevada data in 64

Board of Examiners— Refuse aid to Society 19

Booher, W. W., Member Executive Council 2

Boyle, J. F., Gift from 35

Buel, A. V.-Design for Seal 21

Building and Site— Committee to consider 36

Kind needed 35

Proposed location of 35-6

Sought by gift 24

Bradley, Governor L. R ^ 75

Bradshaw, J. D., County Vice-President for Humboldt County 2

Bragg, Allen C— Pioneer Days in Nevada 72-81

Bragg, Charles Allen 79-80

Brandon, T. A.— Introduces Relics Bill 17

Broadsides of Nevada Historical Society 31

Brooks, J. W.— Introduces Appropriation Bill „ 17

Brown, Hugh H., Gift from 35

Campbell, Dr. J. D., County Vice-President for Lincoln County 2

Campton, Aaron D.— Experiences in Nevada 100-105

Messenger boy in First Constitutional Convention 75-102

Carson, Christopher— Land entry in Nevada, 1868 32

Recognizes Sacramento Valley „ — 142

With Fremont expedition 108, 118, 119, 188, 139, 143, 148, 149, 151

Carson City 73

Arrival in, in 1864 73

Capitol grounds and fence 81

Education in 100-101

In 1859.. 100

In 1864 78

Picture of, before Capitol was built 80

Carson Pass - 147

Carson River and Slough 124-5

Carson Valley Day— Secretary attends 23

Census Reports— Should 4}e filed in State 26

Central Pacific Railroad— Surveyed and built 98-9

Cheney, A. E., Gift from 35

Resigns from Council 20

Clark, Theodore— Memorial article on Orvis Ring 50-1


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Clapp, Hannah— Carson School ^^

Clemens, Samuel L. (See "Mark Twain'')-In Nevada journalism.. *^

"Roughing It" a good history of Nevada

Portrait of »^

Cleveland^ A. C. - ••- ^

Comins, Henry A ,

Conboie, J. A., County Vice-President for Storey County

Constitution of Society— New one adopted .^^>w»

Contents, Table of ./!%y „

County Vice-Presidents ^!S^ ^^

Comstock Coat of Arms, Illustration of J^j— iq_oo

Comstock. Gtolden Jubilee ^iiTNi^"— #«_ 71

Comstock, Henry Tompkins Paige, Ancestry of .^^-

Death of ^!^Nt" — ^

Portrait of „ .N^ " "(39-71

Comstock, L. W.— Genealogy of Henry Tompkins Paige Comstock .^^^^- ,^.

Comstock Mines— Gift to the world..„ » „ .^^^■■"' ^^

Comstock, William— Comes to America -•^^"QTLt

Crystal Peak Xf "6

Curry, Colonel Abe-Builder of the Mint .^k '

Davis, Captain Herman-Loan Collection of ^^U

Davis, Sam P.— Memorial Article on "Mark Twain" ^^^o

Vice-President for Ormsby County „ „ V.

Day ton- Fremont near I2S

Edgington, Abe 74^

Ely, Before and After-Picture of 104

Boom in : ^ 105

Exchanges, Other Societies desire 12

Finance— Eastern capital needed. 67

Financial needs of the Society, 1911-1912 35

"Our Benefactors" Frontispiece

Finch, James D., Gift from „ 35

First Biennial Report needed for Exchange 24-6

Fiscal Report oi the Secretary, 1909-1910 34-5

Fisher, Allen C, Vice-President for Elko County 2

Folsom, G. N., Lumbering Camp of ^ 79^-80

Fuss, H. W., Gift from 35

Franktown— Oldest settlement in Washoe County 84

Fremont, John C.-Expedition in Nevada, 1843-4 106-152

Antelope Valley 135-6

At Sutter's Fort „.. 152

At the Dalles 109

Below Dayton 126

Carson River and Slough 124-5

Cannon, picture of 134

In equipment 108

The only wheeled carriage on return journey Ill

Fired at Tlamath Lake , 112

Last time used by Fremont ^ 112

Difficulty in transporting 132

Abandoned 132-3

Carson River-East Fork 136-7

Dog meat eaten 138-9

Digitized by



Fremont Expedition" Continued page

Entrance into Nevada 113

Equipment of party 108

High Rock Canyon and Creek 115-116

Indians of Long Valley 114-115

Map of Expedition— Reproduction of 124

Markleeville 139-140

Near Bridgeport 129

Not a wagon party 107

Object of 107

Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Reproduction of 140

Pyramid Lake 120-2

Route from Antelope Valley to American River, Map of ! 126

Route in Nevada and California, Map of 106

Salt Lake to Oregon 109

Site of 1911 Massacre (note) 116

Smith's Valley 126

Truckee Trout 122-4

Walker River 126-7,130-1

Gabrilowitsch, Madam Clara-Gift of « Mark Twain" Pipe 33

Gibson, A. B.— Memorial Article on "Mark Twain" 43-4

Glendale Schoolhouse 97

Picture of ; 98

Godfrey, John L., Gift from 35

Gold Hill-In 1864 78

Picture of 78

Goodman, Joseph T 76

Goodwin, C. C 76

Graham, W. B., Gift from ~ 35

Great Basin, Myths of 107

Greene, Charles, County Vice-President for White Pine County 2

Historic Buildings— Should be preserved 25-6

Historic Sites-Should be marked 25-6

Hamilton, Life in 103

Hawkins, D. R., County Vice-President for Douglas County 2

Hershiser, Dr. A. E., Treasurer 2

Historical Consciousness— Need of in West 64, 66

Historical Data— California an apparent exception in the West 64

East better prepared for investigation *. 63-4

Equipment for handling 64-5

Location of in Nevada '. 63

Quality of in Nevada 62

Scantiness of in Nevada 60-2

Uncertain care of in Nevada 60-1

West in first stage of Renaissance 64

Historical Papers 37-152

Historical Research— Comparison with scientific 66

Eastern sentiment favors 65

Materials for 60

Ultimate success assured 68

West in era of struggle 65

Historical Societies— Classification groups 59-60

Connection with State 66

Must demonstrate practical worth 66

Similarities and differences of 60

Digitized by




Historical Work, Problem of on Pacific Coast 59

Holmes, Senator A. W., Member of Council 20

Huflaker's, Naming of 87

Indian— Description of country 137-8

Feuds 128

Food-Pine-nuts 127, 128

Guide deserts Fremont 142

Scarce 99,103-4

Indians, Horseless 129

Of Pyramid Lake 122-3

Warn Fremont of danger 141-2

Jeffries-Johnson Fight, Newspaper clippings of 31

Secretary collects souvenirs of and data 23

Journalism in Nevada 62-3

Kelley, E. D.-A State builder 75

Kent, Ira H., County Vice-President for Churchill County 2

Lake's Bridge-Original site of Reno 88

Picture of crossing 88

Mr. Lake, Pioneer of Reno 99

Las Vegas Fort House 25

Lawler Institute 74

Legislature, State— Principle of giving 66

Of 1909 16-18

Lemaire, Louis A., County Vice-President for Lander County „ 2

Letter of Transmittal 3

Library Additions, 1909-1910 26-31

Lunsfard, W. S.— Music donated 20

McGill, William N.-A State builder 80

Mackay, Clarence H.— Benefactions and "educational lift" 74

Financial aid to the Society 19, 34, 65

Postal Telegraph keys presented to Society 33

Portrait of Frontispiece

Mackay, John W. — Of Bonanza Firm 74

Mackay <% Fair— Lumbering camp 88

Maps Received, 1909-1910 31

Mark Twain— Characteristics 43-4

Estimate of life and work 41-2

Gun belonging to 32

Pipe of '. 33

Memorial article by Sam P. Davis 40-2

Beloved "Mark Twain," by A. B. Gibson 43-4

Seventieth birthday celebration 42

Statue offered Nevada 42

Work on the "Territorial Enterprise" 40-1

Meany, Prof. E. S.- Works for Marking of Historic Sites „...25-6

Mears, Rev. C. L.— Invocation at Annual Meeting 20

Meetings— Annual meeting of 1909 .19-20

Luncheon tendered „....20-21

Of Executive Council 20

Proposed, at Carson City and Virginia 19

Members— Deceased 39

List of members of Historical Society 163-9

Digitized by




Mining Camp-Typical One, Picture of 58

Mount Rose, Picture of 90

Museum Additions, 190^1910 31-8

Nelll, Robert-Introduces Relief Bill 16

Nevada— As illustrating work of the Western State Historical Society 59-68

Buenaventura River, Legend of 107

Contribution to natural irrigation projects 60

Contribution to United States mining law 60

Early church services in 96-8

Entrance into Union 80-1

Experiences of a pioneer 100-105

First Constitutional Convention 102

Fremont's expedition in, 1843-4.. 106-152

Future support of State Historical Society 68

History of more than local interest 59

Hopeful features of Nevada life 68

Journalism in 62-3

Lack of social consciousness in 64-5

Little formal history in 61-2

Mary's Lake, Mythical Character of 107

Mission of 60

Pioneer days in. 72-81

Population of, not adequate for statehood 56

Relative amount of money spent for scientific and historical research in, illustra-
tion of 66

Relative density of population, illustration of 64

Relative size of (illustration) 62

Rich field for historical investigation 59

Sacrifice of historic data 65

Significance of nomenclature of Washoe County 82-95

Sparsity of population 64

Territorial debt of 56-7

"The Martyr State of the Union" 55

The Race Track in 1861 101-102

Vacuum being filled 58

What Nevada is not 57-8

Nevada Historical Society- Activities of, 1909-1910 18-33

Adoption of system of data cards 24

A State Institution 65

Branch of educational work 10

Broadsides 31

Building and site— Committee to consider 36

Building needed 10, 35

Collecting trips of Secretary 22-24

Committed to "Original Research'' 54

Constitution of 159

Dependent on charity 65

Design for a seal 21

Desirable to locate building on University Campus 11

Efforts to secure building funds and site 24

Exchange department 24-5

Financial aid given, etc., 1909-1910 9

Financial arrangements of , 1909-1910 18-19

Financial needs of 35

Fiscal Report for 1909 and 1910 34-5

Digitized by



Nevada Historical Society— Continued page

Fostering of work of Society necessary to reveal what has l>een and what shall be.. 57

Given location on University Campas 17

History of In Legislature of 1909 „ ^ 16-18

Legislature and State Government should foster 58

Library additions, 1909-1910 „ 26-31

Maps received, 1909-1910 31

Meetings held 19-21

Members of „ 163-9

Motto of ' 21

Museum additions to, 1909-1910 31-3

Needs and benefits of portrayed in First Biennial Report, pp. 49-50 9

New constitution adopted 20

Newspapers received, 1909-1910 30-1

Officers of, 1909-1910 2

Proceedings of 16-36

Proposed building for, veto message 10, 165-7

Proposed joint building for, with University 11

Proposed location of building, 1910 35-6

Present condition and needs of Society 33-6

Public service rendered 26

Report of, a permanent contribution to Nevada history 15

Report of State Institution Committee, 1909, concerning 10, 17-18

Should be kept separate from University 11

Should mark historic sites and preserve historic buildings 25-6

Urgent need of support for 65

Work accomplished, 1909-1910 19-33, 34

Will foster state pride 58

Nevada History— Commercial value of 63

Negative quality in 52-58

Volumes desired by the Society 28

Newlands, Senator F. G.— Books from 28

Financial aid from „ 35

Newspapers—Illustration of hand-printed paper 60

List received, 1909-1910 30-31

Uncertain quality of 62

Nixon, Senator G. S.— Books from 27, 29

Financial aid from 19, 65, 34

Portrait of Frontispiece

Vice-President of the Society 2

Noteware, Chauncey N.— Charter member of Historical Society 48

First Secretary of State 48, 74

Member First Constitutional Convention ^ 48

Memorial article on 48-9

Portrait of 48

Nye, James W., first Governor of Nevada 73

Oddie, Governor T. L., County Vice-President for Nye County 2

Telegram to Council 21

Toast to 21

Officers of Nevada Historical Society, 1910-1911 2

Ohmert, Audrey Winifred— The Significance of the Nomenclature of Washoe County .82-95

"Old Glory" 23

Ormsby House— Political camping-ground 81

Pacific Coast— Problem of historical work on 59

Unity of 67

Digitized by




Pacific Coast Branch of American Historical Association— Function of 67

Meeting of, 1909 23

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