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ents Siiiii

New Bedford (Mass

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Mayor's Address to the Council,

City Government,
Annual Reports, Etc.

For the Year 19024903,

new bedford) ^^ ' ^ ' *
The a. E. Coffin Press, City Printers,

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I 1. InaxifiTiiral Addresi of Hon. Chas. S. Ashley, Mayor, 12 pages.

V2. Municipal Kegister for 1903, 28 pages.
3. Water Seport, 88 pages.

^Aeiubers and Officers of the New Bedford Water Board, 2

Xliirty-third Annual Report of the Board 3-14

Report of the Water Registrar 16-20

■ - Report of the Superintendent 21-37

Rainfall at Quittacas Pumping Station for 1902 38

, 1,3 " Rainfall at Acushnet Storing Reservoir for 1902 39

, AVork done by the Pumping Engines 40-41

C Pipe Laid and Removed in 1902 42^7

Stop Gates and Waste Gates Set and Removed in 1902. 48-52

(Lrocation of Hydrants and Air Taps 53-79

^ Summary of Statistics 80-88
J 4. Free Public Library, 26 pages.

Ofl&cers of the Library 2

Report of the Trustees 3-10

Statistics 11-12

Financial Statement 12-15

Noteworthy Books Added to the Library in 1902 15-17

Gifts to the Library 18-26

6. Fire Department Report, 74 pages.

Organization of the Fire Department 3-5

Twenty-sixth Annual Report of the Chief Engineer . . . 7-12

Statement of Expenditures 11

Fire Department Roll 13-26

Fire Alarms, Losses and Insurance for 1902 27-49

Fire Alarm Telegraph 50-53

Location of Hydrants 54-72

I^ocation of Reservoirs 73





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6. School Eeport, 162 pages.

statistics 3-16

Expenditures 17-20

Sylvia Ann Rowland Fund 20-24

Text-books and Supplies 24-25

Remarks on the School Census 26

Remarks on Expenditures 27-28

Rules Governing Teachers* Salaries 29-30

School Calendar, 1902 31

Graduating Exercises of Schools 32-39

Organization of the School^ Committee, 1902 40-44

lyist of Teachers and Janitors and their Salaries 45-59

Average Age of Pupils in Various Grades .^. . . 69-71

Rates of Tuition for Non-Resident Pupils 72

Description of Schoolhouses 73

High School Pupils' Records of Leaving, Graduating,

etc., in 1902 74-76

Names of Text-books used in the Different Schools . . . 77-96

Annual Report of Superintendent 101-153

Books in Pedagogical Library 154-162

7. Board of Health, 23 pages.

8. Financial Eeport, 216 pages.

Auditor's General Statement of Receipts and Expendi-
tures 6-9

The same in detail 10-160

Bonded Debt of the City 162-163

Taxes and Valuations since 1883 164

Schedule of City Property 166-169

Auditor's Balance Sheet 170-171

Annual Report of the Collector of Taxes 175-180

Annual Report of the City Treasurer 181-198

Annual Report of the Sinking Fund Commissioners. 199-210

9. Eeport of the Chief of Police, 16 pages.

10. Eeport of the Superintendent of Streets, 44 pages.

Population, Valuation, etc , of the City, 1902 3-4

Appropriations and Bxpenses for 1902 5

Expenditures on Highways and Streets for 1897-98-99-

1900-01-02 6

Expenditures on General Sewers for 1897-98-99-1900-

01-02 6

Report of the Superintendent 7-9

Digitized by VjOOQIC



Streets Accepted 10

Streets Widened, Laid Out and Accepted 10

Description and Cost of Work on Streets 10-41

Recapitulation 29-30

Highways and Streets 31-43

11. Beport of the Engineering Department, ^2 pages.

Report of the City Engineer 8-8

Rainfall for 1902, reported by T. R. Rodman 9

Monthly Summary of Tides for year 1902 10

Streets Laid Out and Accepted in 1902 11

Street Lines or Grades Altered in 1902 12

Street Levels and Grades 13

Streets numbered 14

Work for Various Departments 15-19

Miscellaneous Work 19-20

Operations of New Bedford & Fair haven Draw 21

Meteorological Observations Insert Sheet.

Projected Streets ** "

Details of Sewer Construction *' **

12. Superintendent of Pnblic Buildings, also Inspector

of Buildings, 23 pages.

13. Beport of Overseers of the Poor, 14 pages.

Organization of the Board ' 3

Report of the Board 6-11

Report of the Physicians to the Board 12-13

14. Eeport of the Department of Parks, 34 pages.

Organization of the Board 3

Report of Park Commissioners 3-12

Report of Superintendent of Parks 13-26

Expenditures for the year 1902 27-33

15. Eeport of the Cemetery Board, 24 pages.

16. Eeport of the Inspector of Milk, Provisions and

Cattle, 8 pages.

17. List of Jurors, 24 pages.

18. City Ordinances, 7 pages.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Digitized by VjOOQIC

1903 — CITY DOCUMENT No. 1.




riayor of New Bedford

At the Inauguration of the City Government
January Fifth, Nineteen Hundred and Three

np:w hi: I) for I) :

The a. E. Coftin Pkj:ss. City Printers,


Digitized by VjOOQIC

Digitized by VjOOQIC

mayor's address.



TTo:Nr. CrjART.EB S. Ashley.

Oentlemen of the City Council :

To have a part in the government of a modern
nnunicipality is to have an interesting and instructive

The laws prescribe the rights and duties and mark
the limit of action, of the individuals, bodies and boards
which make up the city government.

It is the province of the City Council to legislate, to
enact the orders, ordinances and resolutions which in its
judgment may be necessary to promote the welfare of the

It is the duty of the several boards and officials
having administrative functions to exercise the same as
nearly as may be in accordance with the desires of the
City Council as expressed by its legislation. And it is
the duty of the executive to carry out the desires of the
people as expressed directly or through their representa-
tives in the City Council.

Such is the understanding which has come through
my experience as a city official.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


In the appropriation and expenditure of the pubhc
money, which is a matter of the first importance, we may
be guided by former experiences, and for such assistance
as may be gathered therefrom, I present a statement of
the financial transactions for the 3^ear which has just


The tax levy for 1902, as shown by the Assessors'
warrant, to the Collector of Taxes, was as follows :

State tax


Armory loan, Sinking Fund


Armory loan, interest on the same


County tax


City appropriations

1,01S. 772.70





l,0»l,(Ki3 67

Balance uncollected


Balance of appropriations of 1002, as per


account at this date


Kxcess of taxes over appropriations

$;i, 701.61)

About 1)4 per cent, of the tax levy of 1902 has been
collected to this date, the balance unpaid being $8,005.41
less than for 1 1)01 .

The balance of the appropriation of 1900, amounting
to $11,494.15, has been provided for from the taxes of
that year, the excess amounting to 85,352.77 collected,
having been credited to Unappropriated Funds.

The balance of appropriations of 1901, as shown by
the Auditor's account at this date, is §5,097.12, for which
there are taxes unpaid aud collectable more than sufficient
to provide for that sum.

Of the taxes of 1901 and for previous years, the
collections amounted to $07, 7152. 38, the sum of $8,937.11
in excess of the collections for the year previous.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

mayor's address. 5


The bonded debt of the City of New Bedford at thia
date, December 1, 1002, is in brief as follows : '

Gross debt $3,903,000

Bonds issued bej-ond the debt limit : . '

Water bonds $1,598,000

Park loans 12H,000

Wharf loan 62,000 1,778,000

Gross municipal debt $2,125,000

Sinking funds, gross #1,054,482

Deductions :

Sinking funds, Water bonds $209,830
Sinking funds, Park bonds 13,492

Sinking funds, wharf bonds 6,702 230,024 824,458

Net debt, less municipal Sinking funds $1,300,642

Average valuation for 1900, 1901 and 11K)2 |«0,(i96,038

Two and one half per cent, of average valuation $1,517,376

Net municipal debt 1,300,542

Borrowing capacity, December 1, 1902 $216,833

Bonds to mature the present year, 11K)3, as follows :

Water bonds, 7s $10,000

Water bonds, (is 20,000

Improvement bonds, 6s 10,000

Improvement Iwnds, 4s 162,000 |202,000


Assessors' valuation, 1900 $57,884,452

Abatements to December 1, 11K)2 24(i,502 $57,f;:J7,950

Assessors' valuation, 1901 f62, 896,040

Abatements to December 1, 1902 490,085 62,405,955

Assessors' valuation, 1902 $62,561,811

Abatements to December 1, 1902 520,600 62.041 ,211

Total for three years, less abatements $182,085,116

Average valuation for the three years named $60, 695, 038

Digitized by VjOOQIC

mayor's address.

Two and one half per cent, of average valuation $1,517,375

Net municipal debt 1,300,542

Short of bonded debt. December 1, 1902 $216,833

Bonds to mature in 1903, other than Water $172,000

Estimated increase in Sinking funds 139,786 311,786


Les» amount to be paid from Sinking funds 162,000

Estimated borrowing capacity to December 1, 1903 1366,619


The special appropriations for 1002 were large, due
to the extraordinary aniount of money required for the
construction and extension of school buildings, the
purchase of land and other expenses.

The balance of appropriations, per Auditor's account $362,814.89
We have borrowed on appropriation for High School

lot, note due May 1, 1903 60.000.00

Total amount to provide for $422,814.89


Extra work, not estimated in contracts $22,105 49

Parker Street School, additions and improve-
ments 37,366.61

Morgan lot site for the proposed new High

School building 60,00100 $119,473.10

Balance, less expenditures for school buildings $303,341.79

The balance, $:J03,341.7i), may be provided for by
the issue of bonds during the year, without exceeding our
bonded indebtedness, as shown in the foregoing statement ;
the amount appropriated for school purposes, $110,473.10,
could be provided from the anticipated receipts for the
year from corporation taxes, etc., but from the fact that

Digitized by VjOOQIC

mayor's address. 7

such receipts will be required as heretofore for the
departments beyond the usual $12.00 limit allowed for
municipal appropriations. I therefore recommend that
measures be taken to procure from the Legislature of the
present year authority to issue bonds beyond the debt
limit for the sum named, together with further authority
to provide for the estimated cost of the new High School


The receipts and expenditures for the year, including
balance of cash in the treasury December 2, 1001, were
as follows :

Balance December 2, 1901


Receipts from taxes applied to —

Appropriations general $1 ,013,979.48

Temporary loans 1,300,000.00

From issue of bonds 293,000.00

From sundry sources 178,341.09

Commissioners of Sinking Funds,

Improvement bonds matured 50,000.00

Receipts from water rates, applied

to debt account 40,000.00

Receipts from wharf rates, for same 2,080.00

Water Registrar, rates, etc. 132,167.74

Interest on Trust Funds 6,786.00

Dog licenses, from County 3,107.88


Total receipts, including balance December 1, 1961




Balance in treasury

f 64,627. 29

The collection and disbursement of the large sums of
money mentioned in the financial statement is made by
the City Treasurer, who is also collector of taxes, water
registrar and treasurer of the sinking funds. The

Digitized by VjOOQIC


combined duties of these spveral offices are arduous —
there is a lack of office room and other facilities for doing
the work, and many conditions exist in connection
therewith which are annoying and unsatisfactory.

As a partial relief from such conditions I recommend
that a change be made in the ordinances, to enable the
Water Board to elect the Water Registrar (who shall
hold no otlier city office), and to provide for the prepara-
tion and adjustment under the direction of said board, of
all claims on account of the New Bedford Water Works.

Such a recommendation meets with the approval of
the present water registrar.

I have been favored with official communications
from most of the city departments, which indicate
present circumstances and outline policies which may be
followed in the future. If I thought that our financial
condition would allow, I would present all the claims for
special grants which have been requested. Most of the
other subjects treated appear to be proper matters for
departmental disposition.

I will confine myself to a few matters which have
appealed to me as worthj'of present consideration by you.


There is a pressing need in this department for
additional school buildings. The small, ungraded schools
should be superseded as rapidly as possible by modern
buildings and modern methods.

A site should be secured and a new primary school
building erected at the south end of the city, between
South and Division streets.

The Committee on City Property should procure the
portable school buildings, for which the mone}' has been
granted, as soon as possible. The matter of school

Digitized by VjOOQIC

mayor's address. 9

accommodations, proper facilities and proper methods of
construction, are live questions which merit prompt and
liberal consideration.


The Board of Health should be encouraged in its
efforts to control and stamp out in this community the
dread disease which seems' to afflict the whole of New
England. And means should be provided to secure and
maintain a small separate hospital for contagious diseases,
like diphtheria and scarlet fever, where afflicted children
and others may be cared for, and the expense of
quarantining whole families and tenement colonies be


I recommend the extension of the Tripp's Brook
Sewer System as a measure to relieve the overloading of
this sewer which now occurs during heavy rains. The
Grape street sewer should be extended to Kempton street,
to provide for the better drainage of the west end of the
city, and a portion of the burden of the Tripp's brook
sewer diverted to the Grape street sewer by means of a
connection with the sewer in Ash street with the 48-inch
sewer in Oak street near Allen street.

The north and west sections of the city will require
considerable sewer construction during the year.
Wherever practicable such new construction should be on
the " separate system," separating the surface water froni
the sewage proper.


The increased number of jury sessions of the courts
in this county requires that larger numbers of our

Digitized by VjOOQIC

10 mayor's address.

citizens than formerly be drawn to serve on trial juries.
It has been brought to my attention that the local jury
list, as the same is now made up, includes the names of
many persons who are exempted by law from the
performance of this duty, and many others who through
some disability are disqualified for this service.

This condition has led to considerable annoyance to
the courts and to individuals summoned, and has caused
many unnecessary meetings of the Board of Aldermen.

It seems probable to me that there is sufiicient
information in possession of the Board of Registrars, or
that could be obtained through the Board of Assessors,
to remedy this trouble.

I recommend the thorough revision of the jury list,
with especial regard to capacity for the service re(iuired
and careful attention to the exemptions made by the


The work of detail and investigation performed by
the several general and special committees in the course
of the year is of great importance, and relieves the City
Council of the necessity of frequent and protracted
meetings for deliberations on many matters which can be
as well, if not better, considered in committee.

But the value of committee work has often been
impaired by laxity or negligence in preserving in a proper
manner the records of the meetings and transactions of
the committees, and of the presentation to the Council in
proper form of the findings and recommendations upon
the matters referred to the committees or which have
come under their jurisdiction. There has been some just
criticism upon this score.

I recommend the appointment of a competent person
to be clerk of committees, who shall attend the meetings
of the several committees, keep the committee records in

Digitized by VjOOQIC

mayor's address. 11

proper shape, and perform such other clerical duties as
may be required.


The aflSrmative action of the voters upon the
submitted question of street sprinkling at municipal
expense makes incumbent on the City Council to give
early consideration to the matter of acquiring the proper
machinery and of adopting some scheme for putting the
plan in operation.

Dictates of economy and prudence demand that such
methods as may be suggested be carefully canvassed
before acceptance.

It seems to me that the inevitable result of this
inovation to improve conditions will be to increase the
burden of taxation, first on realty, and eventually the
cost of maintenance will fall on householders and tenants
in the form of increased rents and expenses.

It is evident that a large annual outlay will be
necessary to support a system which can be in use but
part of the year.

If you shall determine upon a special committee to
have charge of this matter, I trust the selection will be
made with care, and that the efforts of the committee
will be in the du*ection of securing the desired object
upon the most reasonable terms.

Gentlemen: The duties and obligations you have
undertaken are neither novel or involved; the problems
you will be called upon to solve are ever recurring and
for the most part concern matters of which as private
citizens you have already some knowledge.

If you will bring to the service of the city as officials
the exercise of that judgment which you possess as plain
citizens and business men, your duly will be fairly done
and the municipality well served.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


In Board of Aldermen,

January 5, 1903.
Received, ordered printed in the City Documents and
sent down for concurrence.

D. B. LEONARD, City Clerk.

In Common Council,

January 5, 1903.

W. H. B. REMINGTON, Clerk.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

1903. CITY DOCUMENT No. 2.


















Digitized by VjOOQIC



Ward One
Henry J. Gurll John V. Thuot

Joseph H. Handford Francis P. Washburn

Ward Two
Frederick A. Dammon Samuel Higham

Michael J. Glennon Lawrence T. Woolfenden

Ward Three
Charles S. Coombs Charles W. Jones

Francis W. Hammond William B. Perry

Ward Four
Charles F. Gushing Joseph L. Gibbs

Hugh Donaghy Abbott P. Smith

Ward Five
Daniel W. Baker Charles M. Carroll

Robert L. Baylies Frank Croacher

Ward Six
Manuel A. Andrews John Waldron

William K. Lees George Winterburn

Clerk — Walter H. B Remington
Messenger to Common Council — David M. Piper

standing committees of the hoard of mayor and aldermen

Police — The Mayor, and Aldermen Jenney and Smith
Licenses — Aldermen Brownell, Jenney and Hillman
Burial Grounds — Aldermen Jenney, Smith and Bentley
Enrollment — Aldermen Norniandin, Brownell and Hillman
Soldiers^ Aid — The Mayor, and Aldermen Brownell and Bentley
Layinp; Out^ Widening and Repairing Streets — The Mayor, and
Aldermen Jenney and Smith

Digitized by VjOOQIC



Finance — The Mayor and Alderman Smithy the President of the
Common Council, and Councilmen Washburn, Jones, Gibbs,
Baylies and Lees
Audit — Aldermen Jenney and Brownell, and Councilmen Coombs,

Croacher and Andrews
City Property — Aldermen Brownell and Jenney, and Councilmen

Olennon, Jones and Waldron
Fuel — The Mayor and Alderman Bentley, and Councilmen Perry,
Cushing and Baker

Education — Aldermen Smith and Bentley, and Councilmen Ham-
mond, Carroll ^nd Lees

Fire Department — Aldermen Normandin and Hillman, and Coun-
cilmen Washburn, Woolfenden and Andrews

Charities^ Almshouse and the Poor — Aldermen Brownell and Smith,

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