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I. That every Grantee, his Heirs or Assigns shall plant and culti-
vate five Acres of Land within the Term of five Years for every fifty
Acres contained in his or their Share or Proportion of Land in said
Township, and continue to improve and settle the same by additional
Cultivations, on Penalty of the Forfeiture of his Grant or Share in
the said Township, and of its reverting to Us. our Heirs and Success-
ors, to be by Us or Them Re-granted to such of Onr Subjects as shall
effectually settle and cultivate the same.

II. That all white and other Pine Trees within the said Township,
fit for Masting Our Royal Navy, be carefully preserved for that Use,
and none to be cut or felled without Our special Licence for so
doing first had and obtained, upon the Penalty of the Forfeiture of
the Right of such Grantee, his Heirs and Assigns, to Us, our Heirs
and Successors, as well as being subject to the Penalty of any Act
or Acts of Parliament that now are, or hereafter shall be Enacted.

III. That before any Division of the Land be made to and among
the Grantees, a Tract of Land as near the Centre of the said Town-
ship as the Land will admit of, shall be reserved and marked out for
Town Lots, one of which shall be allotted to each Grantee of the
Contents of one Acre.


IV. Yielding ami paying therefor to Us, our Heirs and Successors
for the Space of ten Years, to be computed from the Date hereof,
the Rent of one Ear of Indian Corn only, on the twenty-fifth Day of
December annually, if lawfully demanded, the first Payment to be
made on the twenty-fifth Day of December. 1762

V. Every Proprietor, Settler or Inhabitant, shall yield and i)ay
unto Us, our Heirs and Successors yearly, and everj^ Year forever,
from and after the Expiration of ten Years from the abovesaid
twenty-fifth Day of Decemher., namely, on the twenty-fifth Day of
December., which will be in the Year of Our Lord 1772 One shilling
Proclamation Money for every Hundred Acres he so owns, settles or
possesses, and so in Proportion for a greater or lesser Tract of the
said Land; which Money shall be paid by the respective Persons
abovesaid, their Heirs or Assigns, in our Council Chamber in Ports-
mouth., or to such Officer or Officers as shall be appointed to receive
the same; and this to be in Lieu of all other Rents and Services

In Testimony whereof we have caused the Seal of our said Prov-
ince to be hereunto affixed. Witness Benning Wentwokth, Esq;
Our Governor and Commander in Chief of Our said Province, the
Twentieth Day of October In the Year of our Lord Christ, One
Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty One And in the First Year of
Our Reign.

B Wentworth

By His Excellency's Command,
With Advice of Council,

Theodore Atkinson Sec'^

Province of New Hamps' Nov"" 3, 17dl

Recorded According to the Origional Charter under the Province

1^ Theodore Atkinson Sec^y

*The Names of the Grantees of Neshobe Viz *2-327

.losiah Powers William Kyes Boaz Brown

David Powers Benj^ Shattock jun' Silas Wetherbee

.lonathan Read John Fox William Farr

Levi Farr Aaron Davis Samuel Pool

Nath" Farr Stephen Brown David Munrow

Walter Powers Joseph Fuller Phinehas Wilder

Edward Brown David Veners Nehemiah Fuller

Pvzekiel Wright John Lampson Aaron Brown

John Cum'ing Daniel Pond Amos Lampson



Silas Lanipsoii
Eliphalet Fales
Peter Wright
Eph"» Brown
Josiali Imwood
Aaron lirown
Benj'^ Robins
Benj** Powers
Ezekiel Powers
Titus Salter
Thomas Gibbs
Benjamin Read
Timothy Hale

Nath" Fellows
Nathan Chase
Joshua Wright
Nath'i Russell Esq
Thomas Sawyer
Elijah Powers
David Spafford
David Fales

Josiah Powers juir
Asa Holyest
Tilly Wilder
William Russell
William Frye
Aaron Brown juu""
P^zekiel Powers
Silas Brown
Theodore Atkinson Esq Joseph Nevvraarch Esq
Eph'" Sherman E[)h™ Sherman jun'

William Sliattock Jon" Hartwell

Joseph Read Thomas Munrow

Thomas Barret Timothy Fox

His Excellency Benning Wentworth Esq a Tract of Land to Con-
tain Five Hundred Acres as Marked B- W- in the Plan which is to
be Accounted Two of the within shares, Ojie whole Share for the
Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign
Parts, One Share for a Glebe for the Church of England as by Law
Established, One Share for the First Settled Minister of the Gospell
& One Share for the Benefit of a school in said Town —

Province of New Hampshire Nov' 3. 1761

Recorded from the back of the Origional Charter of Neshobe under
the Province Seal —

Attested ^ Theodore Atkinson Sec'^



J^CLtt r Jay» llSov^/t Six 7T7xlta

Province of New Hamps'' Nov' 3, 1761

Recorded from the back of the Original Charter of Neshobe under

the Province Seal

Theodore Atkinson Se""'


»,1 ►■• K

P. s-

*1-181 *Province of New Hampshire

,-w^^-. ^ George the Second by the Grace of God of

Great Britain France & Ireland King Defender of the
Faith &c=^

To AH Persons to whom these Presents Shall come
See Page (223) Know Yc that We of our Special Grace certain

more Time given Knowledge & mere motion for the Due Encour-

agement of Settling A New Plantation within our Said Province By
& with the advice of our Trusty & well beloved Beuning Went worth
Esq our Governour and Com'ander in Chieff of our Said Province



of New Hampshire in America and of our Council of the S'^ Province
Have upon the Conditions & Reservations hereafter made Given &
Granted & by these Presents for us our heirs & Successors Do Give
& Grant in Equal Shares unto our Loving Subjects Inhabitants of
our Said Province of New Hampshire and his Majestys Other Gov-
ernments and to their heirs & assigns for P^ver whose Names Are
Entered on this Grant to be Divided to & Amoungst them into fifty
Six Shares (Two of which Shares to be Laid out in one Tract of the
Contents of Eight Hundred Acres for his Excellency Benning Went-
worth Esq and is in full for his Two Shares hereof which Tract is
bounded as follows Viz begining at the rocks at the upper End of the
Fort meadow so called up Connecticut River two hundred & forty
Rodds & to Carry that Breadth back West ten degrees North So far
as to Contain Eight Hundred Acres) All that Tract or Parcel of
Land Scituate Lying & being within our Province of New Hampshire
Containing by Admeasurement Nineteen thousend Three hundUp

Online LibraryNew Hampshire[Provincial and state papers] (Volume 26) → online text (page 6 of 70)