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£p. 1 02] His Excelency ordered to be read at the Board a letter lie rec*
from Governour Shirley dated Boston August the 28"' 1756 giving
an account of sundry Frencli Nuterals passing thro' the Massachu-
setts into this Government in their passage as he feared to Nova
iScotia & which he hoped his Excelency would endeavour to pre-
vent. Which letter being read his Excelency asked the Council
what they would advise lain to do to prevent such French persons
making their escape thro' this Province to Nova Scotia. To which
they did advise that his Excelency issue orders to all officers civil
& Military not to suffer any such French ])ersons to enter this
Government & if any should have got within the limits to appre
Jiend them & send them imediately back to the place from whence
they came and deliver them to some officer there. (1)

Xt a Council holden at Portsm" according to his Excelencys
Kumons on Smiday October the S*^ 175G.

His Excelency the Governour —
Theod' Atkinson J Sampson Sheafie ) ^

K.ich'^ Wibir«l > Es(j3 Joseph Newmarch j " *'
Jn° Downing
His Excelency laid before the Board sundry letters he received
from the Camp at Lake Geoi-ge & Fort Edward from Gen'^ Wins-
low & Coll Meservc &^ dated the 20"" September last with an ace'
of the scituation of the Provincial forces there also a copy of the
proposals made by Lord Loudoun to the several agents to take
what provisions & stores supply 'd by the several Provinces & now
remaining there his Lordship h:iving engaged in said proposalls to
I p. 103] receive & pay therefor &'': And as the agents for this
Province have represented to his Lordship that these orders were
to get the provisions &" up to Lake George but had no power to
make any transfer thereof wdiich representation of the agents Avere
also laid before the Council with a state of the provisions &"=._ —
Then his Excelency asked what orders the Council Avould advise
him to give relative to the premises To which the Council gave
their advice that his Excelency issue orders for delivering to Lord
Loudoun's orders all such provisions as shall be now remaining at
Albany as above.

His Excelency then acquainted the Board that he was inlormed
))y Coll Harte who arrived last night from the camp with de-
spatches to him that tho' the New Ilampshii-e regiment was in
better health than many other regiments there, yet there was a
number sick lame & wounded— and then asked what method they

(I) See Journal of the House.— Ed.


w'ould advise liiin to take to get them to their respective liabita-
tions —

The Council considering the great distance & difficulty of trav-
elling or transporting sick persons by land so late in the season —
think it advisable that a suitable vessell be immediately sent to
Albany to bring such invalids to this river —

Province of } At a Council holden at Portsm'^ by his Excelency's
New IIamp'"f Sumons, Jan^' 18"', 1757.

His Excelency the Governour

Rich'i Wibird Daniel Warner

John Downing
[i-. 10-1.] His Excelency laid before the Council his Majesty'
Comands signifyd to him by the K' Hon'''* the Lords Coinisioners
l\)r Trade & Plantations in^lieir letter dated White Hall, Octob""
O"' 1756, directing that an Embargo during his Maj'^" pleasure
should be laid upon all vessells clearing out with ])rovisions from
any port of this Province — Then asked the Council what method
they advised to take in rendring effectual his Mnj'- •* comands in the
premises &''. The Council advised that his Excelency ])ursue the
directions signifyd to him in the Lords Comissioners for Trade
and Plantations letter above said — which was accordingly don.

At a Council holden at I'" by his Excelency's Sumons on
Fryday March 11, 1757.

His Excelency the Governour
Theodore Atkinson) ,;, Daniel Warner Esq.

Rich" Wibird P^^l'

His Excelency lade before the Board a letter he rec'' this morn
ing cLated Boston Feb^ 9"', 1757 from Lieut. Govern"' Phips in-
closing a copy of a letter his Honor rec'' from his Excelency the
I']arle of Loudoun dated N. York March 2*^ 1757, desireingan Em-
bargo might be laid upon all vessells for the present in all his
Maj'^'^ Governments, which letters being read at the Board together
with a Proclam" issued in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay
for laying an Embargo in that Province His Excelency asked the
Councils advice in the Premises, who advised to his Excelencys
issuing a Proclamation in this Province laying an embargo on all
vessells til further order and accordingly a proclamation issued.


j_p. 105.] At a Council holden at Portsm° by his Excelency's
Sumons on Tuesday August 8"' 1757.

His Excelency the Govern our
Theod"" Atkinson ~) -p, Dan" Warner Esq.

Kidx^ Wibird I ^^'1^
His Excelency laid before the Board a letter signed G — Christe
A — D. Q. M — G. Captin the 48"^ regiment commanding at Albany
dated Albany August the 4'^ 1757, 12 o'clock, acquainting his
Excelency that by letters he rec*^ from Gen^ Webb from Fort Ed
ward he apprehended the design of the enemy was against Fort
Wm Henry and that on the third they Avere attack'd and the fir-
ing of cannon and small arms continued till near sunset when they
ceased but the issue not known as all communication between the
s** Fort and Fort Edward was cut ofi' and desired all the govern
ments A\^ould send all the force they could to their assistance — his
Excelency also laid before the Board a letter rec*^ from Gov'' Pow
nell, dated Boston, August 7"" 1757 acquainting his Excelency of
the measures he proposed in lending assistance.

His Excelency adjourned til tomoiTOw 9 o'clock there not hav-
ing been time to convene a suitable number of the Council. Accord-
ingly the Council met at 9 o'clock, A. M.

His Excelency the Gover'
Theodore Atkinson ] Joseph Newmarcli ^ ^

Kich'» Wibird j> Esqs. Daniel Warner S i'

Sampson Sheafte J
[p. 106.] The Council again read the letters as laid before
them yesterday and his Excelency demanded their advise thereon
what assistance they tho't proper he should send to the assistance
of the l)esieged.

The Council took the letters &c, under consideration and in
as much as Fort Wm Henry being at the distance of near 350
miles from hence the Small Pox in almost every pass in the way
the extreaiii heat of the weather at this season the great numbers
of men already in the service from this Province now under Lord
Loudoun not only those in the pay of the Pi-ovince but the most
if not all the Raingers in four Companys, & a Comp* of carpenters
enlisted by Coll. Meserve that the Province is allmost drained of
:iU the men suitable for such service in the woods, and if General
Webb should march the men now posted at CharlestoAvn and
thereabout to Fort Edward this Province would be entirely ex
posed to the incursions of the enemy and the frontiers very nake.

(Xo. 2.)

F'j'oin Col. Isaac Royal (1) to liichwd Waldroit Ksq.

Charlestowu, [Mass.] March 7"', 174S.

A few Days ago JMr. Foye Delivered mc your kind & friendly Ectler.
I am much obliged to you for the good opinion you Entertain of me, &
for the many kind Expressions of y"" friendship & Assurances of your ut-
most Eudeavoi-s to piomote & l)ring to Efl'ect the Skeem lately proposed
to me by your worthy & ingenious Son in Conjunction with our mutual
friend Mr. Foye. (2) A Skeem altogether new and uiithought of ))y me,

(1) Col. Isaac Hoval, of Cliarlestowu, Ms., but allcrwardo set otT to Medford, wii.s
a Hon of Col. Isaac ItoyuU, ol the same placa, and a desceudaut of t!ie fourth ,i,'enera
tion, of Williara Royall, of Oasco, Ms. Kiiii, and who was sent over to Gov. Endic-wtt of
Salem, Ms. l(;2l), ;is " ji cleaver of timber." Col. Isaac wa? born in Anli;.^uii, where his
father resided about 40 years. He was a .sjeatlemea of largo wealtli ;uui distinction.
In Brooks' history of Meilford, (Bo-tDii, 1SJ5) pii. 558-.").!;), is a li>igister of th ; Jioyall
Familjr ; and on pp. 170-181, is an iatiTi'^ting sketch of tho Colonel. He resided in a
.splendid mansion built by his father, in Medford. (at lii-st within the limits of Charles-
town,) was representative from Charlest.nvn to the (ieueral Court of Massachusetts,
nine years in succession, from 1713 to 17."

Online LibraryNew Hampshire[Provincial and state papers] (Volume 6) → online text (page 5 of 105)