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An act in addition to and in amendment of an act entitled " An act for the regulation
and goyemment of schools in the town of Portsmouth," approyed January 13, 1837.

An act to preyent the destruction of fish in Winnipisseogee lake and the bays of the
Winnipisseogee riyer.

An act in addition to an act entitled *' An act to constitute the counties of Belknap
and CarrolL"

An act in addition to and in amendment of an act entitied "An act to constitute the
counties of Belknap and Carroll," passed December 23, 1840.

An act in addition to an act entitled ** An act to constitute the counties of Belknap
and Carroll."

An act changing tiie place of holding one of the terms of the court of common pleas
in tiie county of Strafford.

An act establishing the times and places of holding courts of probate in the county of

An act altering the times and places for holding courts of probate in the county of

An act <£anging tiie time of holding the court of common pleas in Coos county.

An act to diyide the State into districts for the choice of senators.

An act in addition to an act entitled " An act to establish the rates at which polls and
ratable estate shall be assessed in making direct taxes," approyed January 4, 1833.

An act to proyide further for the collection of taxes in certain cases.

An act relating to collectors of taxes.

An act in addition to an act entitied " An act relating to the public property in the
anenals at Portsmouth and Lancaster."

An act to alter the time of calling out the militia for inspection.

An act reqmring a bond of the adjutant general.

An act in fayor of light infantry and other companies in this State.

Besolutions authorizing the appointment of an inspector of military stores and other
public property, and the mode ox ascertaining deficiencies, approyed Jaly 3, 1841.

A resolution requiring the bank commissioners to examine sayings banks in certain
cases, and report, and authorizing the goyemor to appoint trustees, approyed July 3,


Speaker of the Houae of Bq>remUativei.


Approyed, December 23, 1842.



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RESOLVED by the Senate and House of Representatives in
General Cottrt convened^ That the governor^ with the advice of
council, is hereby authorized to appoint three suitable persons to
compile, arrange and put into chapters, under appropriate heads,
the public acts and laws now in force, including the revised stat-
utes and the public acts and laws passed since the revision of the
statutes, including the public acts of the present session, with a
^ suitable index to the same ; and, in such compilation, to omit such
acts, or parts of acts, as have been repealed, and arranging such
acts as have been altered by amendments, so far as can be done,
and report to the legislature on the first day of the next November
session thereof.

Approved, June 19, 1853.

state of new hampshire.

Secretary's Office, Concord,
June 23dj 1852.

Agreeably to a resolution of the legislature approved June 19^
1862, Ralph Metcalf, of Newport, Calvin Ainsworth, of Con-
cord, and Samuel H. Ayer, of Manchester, were appointed by his
excellency the governor, with advice of council, " to compile, ar-
range and put into chapters, under appropriate heads, the public
acts and laws now in force, &c," " and report to the legislature
on the first day of the next November session thereof."

JOHN L. HADLE Y, Secretary of State.

RESOLVED by the Senate and House of Representatives in
General Court convened^ That the report of the commissioners
appointed in pursuance of a resolution passed ait the last session
of the legislature, to compile the laws, with the accompanying
papers, be recommitted to the same commissioners, with instruc-
tions to proceed with the compilation and include therein the acts
of the present session ; and complete the same, and procure the
same to be printed, with a proper index, in such way and manner
as they may deem to be for the best interest of the State.

Approved, Jan. 8, 1853.

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Hon.— ThoM salijeoti relatiiig to the oonstitiitloiit of the Unitod Statei and New Hampshire,
wid whatever relates to the miUtiai corporatloos, sehools and other Important satiJects, will be
flrand under those general heads arranged in alphabetioal order.

I In the index are made to the page and section of the compilation.

ABATE3CENT o/writi not bj death, 481, sec. 14,

nor by marriage of itaoale, 481, see. 16, 17.
nor for misjoinder or nonjoinder, 481, sec. 12,

nor actions against stockholders ibr noiOoin'

der, 818, sec. 8.
nor for error in fbrm. 480, sec. 10.
nor for suing as administrator when not, 410,

sec. 10.
nor bj death of administrator, 410, sec. 11.
to abate on re p re se n tation of ineolTcncy, 410,

sec. 8.
actions befbre jnstices of the peace, 442, sec.

of taxes br selectmen and C C Fleas, 128,
sec. 1, 8.
when paid in another town, 117, see. 17.
selectmen to assess 6 per cent for abate-
ment, 121, sec. 4.
ABDUCnOlv, forcible, of person, punishment,
545, sec. l5.

npting, pvnishment, 682, sec. 8.
▲BOBTION, penalty for committing, 544, sec,
11,12. *^ ^
attempting, punishment, 646, sec. 18, 14.
ACCESSOKIES to crimes, how punished, 682,

ACCOUNT of taxable property to be rendered
by agents of corporations, 119, sec. 7.
Aimished selectmen when required, 119,
sec. 4.
sheriib', to be made to C. C Pleas, 466, sec. 26.
administrators', 406. see. 4, 6.
auditors to state, between parties, 489, sec. 1.
of sale for delinquent taxes, 125, sec. 7.
ACTIVE POISONS, sale of, to be recorded by

apothecaries, 546, sec. 1.
ACTS of legislature, original, where deposited,
47, sec. 1.
when to take effect, 46, sec. 29.
list of repealed, by revised statutes, 694, sec.

ACTIONS, personal and transitory, where
brought, 468, sec. 1.

to recover damages for land taken for high-
ways, 142, 148, sec. 8, 5.

against insurance companies, where brought,
468,seo. 2.

otteirt/adas on Judgment of Justice of peace,
where brought, 4(9, sec. 8.

may be brought when levy falls, 469. sec. 4.

between copartners. Joint owners and co-ten-
ants regulated, 468. sec. 6, 6, 7.

not to be maintained unless contnct in writ-
ing, in what case, 469, sec. 8, 9, 10.

on contract for sale of goods, in what cases
to be sustained, 469, sec. 10.

on notes, bills and drafts, not to be brought
until after days of grace, 400. sec. 11.

against prisoner for escape, 400, sec. 13.

ACTIONS. (OontUnud.)

against officer fbr defkult or miscondnot, to

DC case, 460, sec. 18.
proceedings in, to be in English languge, 463,

sec. 1:
by and against wift in relation to her sepa-
rate property, 882, see. 16.
persons under guardianship, how^bronght.
886, sec. 16.
against stockholders in banks, how brought,
814, sec. 6.

other corporations, 818, sec. 8.
sherlA on bonds for default, 466, i
coroners on bonds, 467, sec. 2.


towns for support of pauper, 160, sec. 9. 10.
by and against administrator,^, i



on probate bonds, how brought, 4S8, sec. 4, 6,

non entiy of plif. liable Ibr costs on com-
plaint, 479, sec. 1.

nonsuit of Judgment for costs, 479, sec. 2.

special pleadings in, not necessary except
before Justice when title to land is in ques-
tion, 482, sec. 8.

brief statement in, may be filed instead of
special plea, 482, sec. 8.

cause of, maybe confessed by defendant, 488,
sec. 2.

replications to, may be filed, 488, sec. 4.

set-oif in, when parties have mutual debts,
488, sec. 6, 7, 8.

Judgment in, when set-off' filed, how render-
ed, 488, sec. 11.

view of premises in real actions, 484, sec. 1.

tender in, how made, i82, sec. 1.

of review. See Review.

abatement of. See Abatement.

limitation of See Limitaiion,

See Writs.

ADJOURNMENT of court of probate by Judge,
894, sec. 16.
by recister, 896, sec. 11.

of couru per se and by sheriff, 489, chap. 182.

of Justice courts. 448, sec. 12.
ADJUTANT GENERAL, salary of,686, sec. 4.

See MUitia.
county granted, 886, sec. 7.

how and to whom granted. 404, sec. 2.

of persons deoeasedln another state, how ad-
ministered here, 414, sec. 26.

how authority to administer may be revoked,
ADMINISTRATOR includes exemtor, 404, sec. 1.

who may be appointed, 404, sec. 2.

not liable to arrest on cause of action against
deceased, 410, sec. 12; 477, sec. 4.

liable to arrest on execution recovered ibr
waste,410,sec. 18.

not liable upon special promlfe unlees in
writing, 46(, sec. 9.

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•ntboritr to eompcNmd olaims. 407, aeo. 8.
AummtM of, what to embrace, 407, eeo. 14 ; 408,

■eo. 15.
Aaiotu by, limitation of; 40e, aeo. ft.

when administration siupended, 408, aeo. 8.
not to be proeeented againat, whan eatate

InaolTent, 410, aeo. 8.
except actions of roTlew, 410. sec. 9.
not to abate when broaaht by acting ad-
ministrator, 410, sec lO.
nor by death of administrator, 410, aeo.

by co-adminiatimtor againat anotliar, 411,

liability to, on Joint demanda, 410, aec. 14.
mrrlTingmay Deproaecatedor defended,

411. sec. 16.
of $eire facias, if defaulted Jndgment to go

against estate, 411, sec. 17.
nal, may be maintained in case of Insol*

yency if necessary, 411, sec. 19.
nal, review may bo maintained by, 411,

aec. 30.
Afptal allowed by, from oonmlasloner, 415,

aec. &
not entitled to review on appei^, 416, aec.

Appointment of, to be pabllahed, 406, aec. 14.
Bond of, to be given to Judge of probate, 406,
aec. 12.

eonditiona of bond what to be, 406, aeo. 12.

sureties on, when and how discharged,

416, aec. 16.

breach of, what declared to be, 407, aeo. 11,

suits on, nor Judgments to bar suits against

co-obligor, 429, sec. 14.
CSoufu against estate when to be exhibited to,

40^ sec. 2, 8.
not necessary to present to, when estate

insolvent, «09, sec. 4.
private, and debts due estate how adiuated,

407, sec. 9.
Continuance of action when administrator be-
comes party to, 411, sec. 18.
Contingent claims not due to be filed in probate

court, 410, sec. 6.
Duties of, in general, 406, chap. 168.
to give bond, 405, sec. 12.
' when residuary legatee, 406, sec. 18.
to give notice of appointment, 406, aeo. 14.
to return inventory, 406, sec. 1.
to account for property, 406, sec. 4, 6, 6, 7.
to collect rente and profits, 407, sec. 10.
to redeem property pledged or mortgaged,

4ut, sec. II-
to sell personal estate, 406, sec. 6, 6.
to sell real estate If necessary to pay debts,

417, sec. 1.

to fulfil contracts to convey real eatate,

418, sec. 10.

to take receipts for legacies, &c., and file

same in probate office, 428, sec. 16.
penalty for neglect to file auch reeeipts,
424, sec. 16.
£e<eiaor. duty to prove will or file In probate
office with refusal, 402, sec. 8.
penalty for neglect to file will, 402. sec. 4.
not to DC executor of executor, 40d, sec. 8.
in his own wrong, when and now charge-
able, 406, sec. 16.
Ezecutrixj marriage extinguiahea trust, 406,

sec. 9.
Brirs, who are, 422, sec. 1, 6.
how paid, 428, sec. 9,12.
receipts f^om, to be taken by adminlatra-
tor,428,sec. 16.
Insolvent, when estates to be administered as
such, 412, sec. 1.
claims of administrator, how adjusted, 418,


Bee Insolvent Estates.
Real estau, license to admlniatritor to aell,
when granted, 417, aeo. 1.

Real cffotf , tents o^ now acoowited Jtor, 407,
aec. 10.
setoff to or porohaaed, to-reatln the htiaM,

Removal *of , for what canaea, 4(06, aeo. 10, U.
&<« of real eaUte by. 417, chap. 178.
Foeamy, how filled, 404, aecTT;
Waste, what ahaU constitnte, 407, aeo. U, IS;
418, sec. 12.
ADULTE&Y is a caose of divorce, 877, aeo. 8.

punishment of, 660, aec. 1, 2.
ADVANCEMENTS to be taken Into oonaldei»>
tion In the dividon of estates, 4S8, aeclO.
what deemed to be, 428, aao. 12.
deeds of real estate not to be, nnles, 4B|


land for taxes. 127. sec. 6.
bow to beposted, 126, sec 8.
form of, 127, sec. 7.
AFFIRMATION means oath, 46, aeo. 20.

See Oath.
AGE at conaent, what to be deemed, 878, aeo. U.
AGENTS of towns, how appoinUal, 106, sec 4.
of corporationa to alve In account of taxa-
ble property, 119, aec. 7.
lilt of shares and deposits, 119, aeo. 9.
penalty for neglect, 119, sec 10.
AGREEMENT, whentobeiA writtaig, 460, «c

organized with corporate powers, 866, aoc L
ALIENS not entitled to vote, 8& sec 6.
penalty for voting, 89, sec. 21.
may hold and convey real estate, 2R|aec 4.
State claim to estate of; discharged, 288,Bec 6.
rights of wife of; living separate, 880, sec 4.
forbidden to remove cnila forcibly f^om the
Sti^ the wile living separately, 881, sec 7.
ALDIONT decreed to wife In case of divcroe,
879. sec. 18.
aecunty for, may be required, 879, aec ]&.
trustee for, may be appointed, 879, sec li.
ALLOWANCE to widow for present aopport,

420, sec. 1,2. '"^

AMENDMENTS of writs, declarations, piocesa,
when form only defective, 480, sec. lO.
in matters of substance permitted on tetna,

481, sec. 11.
on noi^oinder of parties, how made, 481,

ANIMALS, taxation of, 118, aec 8.
impounding of, 808, chap. 148.
strays, how disposed of, 807. chap. 146.
bounty for killing wild and noxioaa, 266,

seel, 2, 8.
game, preservation of, 286, sec. 8.
^ogs, regulation of; running at Itfge, 9BS,

sec. 6.
killing, punishment for. 649,sec. II.
maiming, punishment for. 660, sec. 12.
larceny of? punishment, 649, sec. 18.
APOTHECARIES to keep records of sale of ac-
tive poisons, 646, sec 1.
APPAREL, wearing, exempt from attachment,
469, sec. 2.
of deceased persons not to bo included in

inventory. 406. sec. 8.

APPEAL by landlord or tenant, 686, aec 17.
f^m Justice in case of larceny, 661, aec 27.
criminal cases, 668, sec 2.
civil cases, 442, sec. 6.
fVom road commissioners, 140, sec 8.
from decree of Judge of probate, 489, eeo. 1.
f^om commissioners of Insolvency, ^U», aec

in police dfencea, 264, see. 21 ; 268, aeo. 4.
fVom police court, 414, sec. 8.
f^om railroad commissioners for incieaae of
land damagee, 848, sec. 11 ; 818, sec. 42.
APPORTIONMENT of public taxes. 68, chap. 10.

warrants of, by state treasurer, 64, sec 2.
APPRAISERS of zeal eatate on execaUon, 800,
aec 8.

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Hi damages by oattle, SOijwo. 7, 8.
of itrays and Jo«t goodfl. 806, aeo. 4^ 6.
of damages by floating timber, 906, leo. Z,
of estates of deceased persons, 406, sec. 8.
APPKATSAri of taxable property by assessors,

190, seo. 1.
APFSEU£NSION of orimlna], rewards may be
offered for, by city and town authorities,
fi62,seo. 1.
jlFPR^TICE, how bonnd ont, 300, SM. 1, 8.
hidtniuru to be signed by, 890, sec. 8.
by whom to be kept, 800, sec. 4.
efleot of; 890, sec. 5.

Toidable on death of master^SOO, sec. 6.
how discharged, 890, sec. 8; 881, sec. 10.
lights of, how protected. 800, sec. 7, 8.
BUBConduct of, how punished, 891, sec. 9.
Msault by, how punished, 801, sec. 10.
lUgitire, how apprehended, a)l« sec. U.
enticing away, now punished, 891, sec. IS.
liability of master lor neglect to teach, 891,


ftmales not liable to, for breach of oontraot,

476, sec. 1.

nor voters on day of election, 476, see. 2.
nor officers and soldiers on duty, 477, sec. 8.
nor executor, administrator or sheriit 477,

sec. 4, 6; 410, sec. 12.
nor defendant in real aetion or action of

ejectment on mesne process, 477, sec. 6.
nor any person for breach of oontraot unless

damages exceed $18.88, 477, sec. 7.
nor on contract since lurch 1, 1841, unless

on affidavit, 477, sec. 8.
defendant may be discharged from, upon
affidavit before two justfoes, 477. sec. 9.

by court, upon what evidence, 477, sec. 10.
discbarge from, not to effect validity of debt

or Judgment, 477, sec 11.
court may ordfer, during pendency of suit,

477, sec. 13.

persons under, 'to be committed to Jail or
may be discharged after committed by
producing bail, 478, sec. 14.
in such cases officer to return name and resi-
dence of bail, 478. sec. 16.
persons under, to be held thirty days after
Judgment unless sooner discharged, 478,
sec. 16.
ment of taxes, 125, sec. 8, 10.
on execution, how discharged, 606, mc. 1.
how discharged after surrender by bail, 607,

sec. 8.
if debtor discharged bv neglect of creditor,

not to be again arrested, 607, sec. 10.
debtor once aiscbarged not to be again ar^
rested, 609, sec. 9.
ARSON, how punished. 547, sec. 1.

attempt to commit, now punished, 662, sec. 8.
ASHES, pot and pearl, inspection of. 240, chap.


brand of casks by inspector, 241, sec. 2, 8.

manufkoturers, 241, sec. 6.
casks, quality and size of, 241. sec. 6.
exportation, inspection of, before, 240, see. 1.
seizure of, 242, sec. 10, 11.
may be exported to any port in U. 8. with-
out inspection, 242^ sec. 14.
ftes for inspection, 241. see. 4.
iMtptcHfTy appointment of, 222, sec. 1, 2.

duties ot, 241. sec. 2, 8.

seinire by, when, 242, sec. 10.

may require aid, 242, sec. 12.
PenaUif for false branding, 241, sec. 7.

neglect to inspect, 241, sec. 8.

changing or mixing, 241, sec. 9.

obstructing inspector, 242, sec. 12.

refusing aid, 242, sec. 12.

receiving on board of Te«ek aabaa not
branded, 242, sec. 18.


ASSAULTING officers to hlpder servioe of pro-

oesBiPnniabment 0^666, sec. 6, 7, 8.
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, punishment ibr,
fiffi, sec. 1, 2.
with intent to kill, Ibc. 644, aec 8.
limitation of action for, 461, sec. 8.
AfiSESSMENT of public and %UiX^ tax, 68, seo.
1; 121, seel,
several taxes may be included in one, 121,seo.6.
of school tax. BeeiScAoob.
of deposite note of policies of insurance,
871, sec. 2.
ASSESSORS, choice of. 106, sec. 8.

in unincorporated places. 111, sec. 1.
ASSIGNMENT of dower by Judge of probate,
420, sec. 8; 424, sec. 1.
o^ by debtor, not valid unlev distrlbutian
equal, 297v8eQ. 1.
under oath,297, sec. 2.
ASSOCIATIONS, corporate, to eatablish sden-
tiflc and literary institutions— to establish
libraries— lyceums and agricultural soeie-
tiee— aquedTuct companies— fire engine and
Are insurance companies— to provide suit-
able burying grounds— public walks— and
for promoting the cause of temperance,
865, sec. 1.
voluntary, provision for forming, 866, seo. 2.
first meeting of, 866, sec 8.
nay adopt name and seal, 806, sec. 4.
to give notice of organization, 866, seo. 5.
may adopt by-laws, 866, sec. 6.
corporate powers of, 866, sec. 7, 8,9,10, U.
officers and records, 867, seo. 12.
private liability of members, 887, see. 18.
relifrioas purposes, 867, chap. 158.
ASSUM1%IT, actions of, may be maintained be-
tween copartners, cotenants and Joint
owners, 468, sec. 5, 6, 7.
ASYLUM for the insane, inoori>oratioa of; 66,
seo. 1.
board of visitors, who are, 67, seo. 10.

to make annual report, 67, sec. 10.
trustees, how appointed, 66. sec. 2, 8.
to make regulations for the government of

the asylum, 67, sec. 7.
to take charge of the property and coo-

to hold the property iittnist, 57, sec. 8.
proceedings of, to be recorded, 66, sec. 6.
to receive no compensation, 67, sec. 6.
to make annual report to legislature, 67,
sec. 9.
treasurer, his duties and compensation, 66,
sec. 5.

e peraons, how committed, 57, seo. U.

if prisoners in Jail, 57, sec. 12.

if prisoners in state prison, 58, seo. 19.

expense of insane prisoner, how paid, 68,

sec. 21.
if paupers, may be committed by town, 57,

sec. 18, 14.
expenses of insane pauper, how paid, 68,

sec. lA.
how discharged, 58, sec. 17.
property o^not taxed, 58, sec. 18.
ATTACHMENT, writ of, form, 462, sec. 10.
property sul^eot to, 468, sec. 1.

exempt from. 468, sec. 2.
of real estate, 460, sec. 8.
officer's return, evidence o^ 469, sec. 4.
clerk to certifv time of making, 469, seo. 4.
clerk to keep index of, 469, sec. 5.
£ms of clerk for services, 468, sec. 6.
what interest holden by, 469, sec. 7.
of property mortgaged or pledged, 470, w&6. 8.
creditor making, may tender amount due,
470, sec. 8.
may demand account of amount due, 470,

seo. 9.
entitled to conveyance, when, 470, sec. 10.
remedy of; upon refiisai to convey, 470, eao.

officer making, may demand, aooomit of
amount doe, 470, seo.^.

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NQModent, bow dlaohaiged when Impilt-
oned, 164, eee. 10.
how arrested when oat of the coonty, IM,
see. 11, 12.
town may prosecute eomplalntf 168, see. 6.
application to court to De made In writing,

nay make complaint If the motherxcftases,
168, sec. 7.
complaint to he made In the name of the

town, 164, sec. 8.
rsspondent, if found ohargeahte, to give se-
curity, 161, sec. 8.
If not chargeable, town to pay oosts, 164,

heirs of, who are, 428, seo. 4.

to be beirs of their mother, 423, sec. 6.
BEARS, bonnty for killing, 286, eee. 2.
BEASTS impounded may ne replevied, 620, seo.

how taken up and disposed of; 807,

when not liable to be taken up as strays,

806, seo. 12.
BEAVERS, proteotlon o^ in certain seasons,

286, sec. 8.
BEDS exempt from attachment, 468, seo. 2.
BEEF AKD FORK, inspection of; 286, chap.

Bantls for beef, quality of, 227, sec. 8.
how branded. W. sec. 9.
pork, quality or, 2K, sec. 12.
how oranded, 228, sec. 18.
Suf. brands and sorts, 286, seo. 6.
for U. S. government, 227, sea 7.
how salted ,226, sec. 6.
Porir, brands of, and sorts, 227, sec. 10: 228,

sec. 18.
Coastwise shipments, how regulated, 280, sec.

Exjfitrtation of beef regulated, 226, sec. 1, 2.
pork, how regulated, 227, seo. 10.

penalty for, wiuout inspection, 22&, sec. 22.
Certi/ieau of inspection to collector, 229, seo. 19.

to be verified by oath, 229, sec. 20.

mav be seized, when, 229, sec. 23 j 280, sec.

Fets for inspection, 229, seo. 21 j 228, sec. 16.
certificate, 229, sec. 21.
weighing, 230, sec. 28.
.fiutpeefor, appointment of 222, sec. 1.
oath and bond of, 223, sec. 8.
may appoint deputies, 228, sec. 4.
oaths required, oy whom administered, 228,

sec. 6.
duty of, 226, seo. 2.

to make return to the governor, 226, sec. 8.
vacancy, how supplied, 228, sec. 6.
backing of oeef and pork, now regulated, 226,

sec. 4, 6 ; 227. sec. 10.
Penalty for inspecting out of limits, 228, sec. 14.
counterfeiting brand, 228, seo. 16.
IVaud or neglect. 229, sec. 17.
intermixing and shifting, 229, sec. 18.
exporting without inspection, 229, sec.

buying or selling beef without being
weighed, 230, sec. 29.
QuoJtfy of beef prescribed, 226, sec. 4.
Sorts of beef, how determined2226, sec. 6.
pork, how determined, 227, sec. 10.
Weighers of beef, how appointed, 230. sec. 26.
to give certificate of weight, 2d0, sec. 27.
BELKNAP COUl^TY. boundiuies of; 76, see. 9.

Jail of where, 679, sec. 16.
BETTERMENTS of real estate, how detennined,
491, sec. 6, 6.
lodgment for, 491, sec. 7.
LNG on chances for money at cards, &e.,

penalty, 661, sec. 8, 4, 6.
on elections, penalty, 96, seo. 6.
what to be aeemed, 96, sec. 7.

BEITIKO. {OmUtmed.)

money won by, may be leeorctcd b«dE, 89,


attachment, 468, sec. 2.
BIGAMY, punishment of, 669, see. 6.
BILL IN EQUITY, crediton of eorpontloBe
may have, aAinst ofltoezB and sCockhold-
en, 887, sec. 29.
co^tockholders may haTe, fiir contiihstiOD,
814] see. 6.
BILLS Of exchange, grace on, when al-
lowed, 460, sec. U.
protest of, is legal notice to eadmcfs, 70,
BnJiTARD TABLES not allowed forgamiBg,

661, sec. 8.
clerk to record, 284, seo. 1.
clerk's f^ for recording, 284, see. 1.
births and deaths to be recorded by. phyri-

eians, 284. sec. 8.
marriages to be recorded by mlniiteri and

Justices, 284, sec. 8.

penalty for not recording, 286, eee. 4.

BLANKS for return of votes shaU bedMxfb«-

ted by secretary of state, 66jSee. 2.

packages of, how distributed, 66, sec. 8.

BLASFHEMY defined and pnnUwd, 660. sec 8.


are, and their duties, 67, sec. 10.
BOARDS, survey of See Imnber.

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