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OCTOBER 24, 1850. , v o ,




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An earnest desire having been expressed by many of the citizens of Now
Haven, that the sentiments of the great mass of our people, in reference to
the compromise or peace measures, recently passed by Congress, should be
embodied in some tangible form and made public, as a matter of justice to
themselves, and foi the purpose of cheering the hearts and strengthens

f the Union in every part of our wide-spread and
gloriou a number of preliminary meetings were held in the

Common Council Chamber, a call for a great public meeting agreed
and all the necessary arrangements made efficiently to carry oui

On the evening of December 24, A. D. 1850, a large audience, composed
of our most substantial citb abled in Brewster's Hall, and though

fore differing as wide! ch other in their political viev

their pursuits, but one thought, one sentiment, one feeling prevailed— I
fidelity to the Constitution and its Compromises, and a faithful adherence to
the Laws — while tity of the Union was

silently to Heaven. The voice of that Meeting is the voice of New Haven —
it spoke the true sentiments of our citizens; and as it goes abroad through
our State, breaking the stillness of the valleys, and echoing among the hills,
we trust that answering voices will every where come back to us, declaring
in no doubtful language that the Union must and shall be preserved.



The undersigned, believing that any alteration of the
COMPROMISE MEASURES adopted at the last Session
of Congress, is not only inexpedient, but that it is the duty
of every good citizen of this Republic to support and vindi-
cate the same ; do therefore recommend, that a public meet-
ing of the Citizens of this place, without distinction of
paett, be convened, to express our united determination; that
the same shall be executed to their fullest extent, and our
united opposition to any further agitation of the subject, or the
subject of slaverv in any form.

Charles A (water,
Charles W. Allen,
John Arnot, Jr.
John ( i. Anthony,
Willis M. Anthony,
A A Hi-,
J. N. Austin,
I.. A. Arnold,
John L. Ailing,
David Allen
Albert All in?,
W. F. Alexander,
John Arnold,
J. M. Andrews,
James Ackerly
Wm. E. Allen,
I-'.. I'.. And]
George Abbott,
Jesse Andrews,
S. W. Alii-,
L. E. Andrews,
Henry Atwater
Russell Ailing,
Andrew Bryan,
Benjamin Beechcr, Jr.,
Wm. D. Bryan,
Samuel Bradley, >
Charles Bradley,
George Beers,

C. G. Baldwin,
P. Brockway,

D. W. Butler,

' . : water, Jr.,

S. L. Allen,
George Anger,
II. B. Allen,
Charles J. Allen,

William Austin,
I!. Andi

William Allen.
jH. II. Austin,
Jonathan Alii
II. K.Arnold,
M. B. Atwater,
Benjamin Ailing,
John B. Adriance,

J. J. Atwat
A. P. Atwater,

o Adam-',

Ansel Austin,
Asa K. Ailing,
Isaac A
Sherman A. Barrows,

C. A. Ball,
Oliver Bryan,
Edward Bulkley,
Henry Bradley,
J. W. Bover, '
Truman Benedict.

D. A. Benjamin,
James Bogart,

Atwater & Bassctt,
H. P. Andri
N. Ailing,
W. H. Augur,

I. F. Avery,
L. C. Allen,
M. Armstrong,
E. Atwater,
o. Alii

William A. Atlee,
Abner Austin,
M. Andrews,
J.S. Atwati
H. M. Ailing,
J. Atu a

Ebenezer Arnold,
John Anketell,
C. S. Adams,
Thomas Atwater,
[saac Anderson,
Leverett Ailing,
James M. Andrews,
Horace B* 1
George E. Blakeslee,

by P. i shop,
Benjamin Booth,
P. II. Bartholomew,
Samuel H. Boyer,
. W. Benedict,

v' Brooks,
Thomas W. Beecher,

J. Barrea,
J. Brinsmade.
Charles Brocket,
M. Beechcr,
Riley Blakeslee,
H. W. Brinsmade,
E. W. Bedinger,
Charles R. Baer,
H. D. Beman,
J. S. Branson,
Douglas Barman,
J. Ward Barnett,
Alfred Bassett,
Charles Bradley,
David Bassett,
J. S. Bardon,
H. O. Beach,
Thomas Burns,
K. Biown,
Isaac Bradley,
W. S. Barnes,
C. J. Belts,
Alfred Bronson,

C. Brassill,
Elisha Blackman,
H. M. Bidwell,
E. B. Bills,

E. A. Beach,
I. W. Barker,
Frederick Bulkley,
A. Black,
G. F. Bradley,
S. H. Bishop,
Timothy Barney,
J. E. Baldwin, "
William W. Boardman,
J. Barnett, Jr.,
W. C. Bm!
Alfred Blackman,
Benjamin Beecher,
Jonas B. Bowditch,
Edwin B. Bowditch,
E. Batram,
H. Bulkley,
Thomas Barnett,
A. J. Beers,
E.J. Baldwin,
W. H. Brown,
George Brown,
Nathan Baldwin,
Asa Budington,
E. B. Bishop,
Sherman Barnes,
Hervey Bradley,
J. S. Beecher,
J. A. Bishop,
Hervey Brown,
E. A. Burgess,
Levi Baldwin,

D. E. Burwell,
William Bishop,

O. E. Baldwin,
William Brooks,
Willis Bunnell,
Eugene Beardsley,
George Bronson,
J. W. Bradley,
Silas Benham,
M. Butiricks,

B. W. Bellamv,
H. H. Babcock,
H. A. Battles,
A. J. Burnham,
J. G. Baird,
George Benham,

C. A. Brown,
E. C. Beecher,
Samuel Bishop,
Jeremiah Bishop,
Charles Bradley,
Charles Beers,
R. Barnes,
Henry C. Buck.
J. A. Blakeslee,
L. E. Blakeslee,
A. T. Burwell,
Leverett Barnes,
William Bishop,
Charles Beers,
John H. Booth,
John Boylan,
Charles Ba
Lewis Baldwin,
George Bradley,
Stephen Barnes,
William H. Barnes,
L. If. G. Blohm,
James Brewster,
Charles G. Bostwick,
M. Burns,
William Burns,
George Bulard,

t : . Biering,
Miles Baldwin,
H. R. Bond,
I. H. Beecher,
William F. Bradley,

W. Bull,
Samuel M. Bassett,
Jonas Bronson,
W. H. Bassett,
E. A. Bulkley,
Richard Beach,
George D. Bradley,
William T. Bradley,
William Buddington,
G. C. Burch,
Benjamin Bradley,
Charles Bearesley,
E. Buddington,
John Baldwin,
David Beach,

William Baker,
C. A. Bray,
Patrick Botsford,
James Bourke,
H. E. Beach,
Charles Baldwin,
F. Bidwell,

E. F. Bedell,
Giles Bishop,
Alanson Bryan,
R. J. Brown,
George Bishop,
Samuel Betts,
Thomas Bennett,
lLouis L. Beecher,

F. A. Bradley,
Thomas Bishop,
M. P. Baldwin,
Miles Bristol,
William P. Bostwick,
J. P. Beers,
Rodney Burton,

E. W. Barnes,
E. E. Beardsley,
Zebul Bradley,

E. M. Benham,
R. H. Bradley,
William H. Bradley,
Nelson Burwell,
William H.Baker,
William B. Baldwin,
.T. L. Bn

15. Bassett,
John D. Beecher,
William C. Baldwin,
William Boyd,
Charles Bostwick,
Sidney Babcock,
Peter Barney,

F. D. Bradley,
S. Barnley,
George Bartholomew,
William Ba,

T. W. Beecher,
C. A. Bowers,
A. H. Beecher,
P. A. Buel,
M. G. Bowditch,
Willis Bristol,
J. M. Blair,
Samuel E. Barnes,
Sherman Blair,
Leander Buel,
John S. Beach,
William Baldwin.
jGeorge Butler,
J. W. Bowen,
William Barbour,
|Miles Bradley,
!M. Ball,
A Burr,

A. D. Bear,

C. B. Brown,
E. E. Bassett,
Henrv Baldwin,
E. Blake,
George Bassett,
Bristol & Hall,
Reuben Bunnell
H. W. Bouton,
R. Burritf,
Rufus Booth,
George S. Bradley,
H. T. Batram.

J. W. Bennett,
Wyllis Barnes,
Lewis Bassett,
I. Blakeslee,
Harry Croswell,
Patrick Colwell,

D. Carrington,
J. F. Chatterton,
A. T. Cooper,
Henry L. Cannon,
G. I. Cummings,
T. Chope,

C. C. Clinton,
Francis Chatterton,
John T. Collis,
Solomon Collis,
Thomas Chatterton,
L. Candee,
William T. Cannon,
John H. Coley, Jr.
Frederick Croswell,
George L. Cannon,
Hugh Caldwell,
J. D. Chatfield.
P. K. Cover.
W. N. Coterell,
J. G. Corbusier,
Pierre Creed,
William Canada, Jr.,

E. C. Chamberlain,
S. Chamberlain,

J. Chapman,
M. C. Conwell,
N. E. Candee,
R. Carrington,
A. M. Coal,

0. A. Cook,

1. F. Champlin,
George Cooper,
W. J. Chalker,
Samuel Cooper,
Eliphalet Cooper,
R. Chapman,
Robert Cottingham,
Jeremiah Chalker,
Thomas Cauldwell,
Luke Campbell,
Thomas Connell,

A. Boardman,
]C. Bartholomew,
iG. H. Bostwick.
John Bogart,

D. W. Beecher,
Henry Beecher,
L. Brockett,l
Ailing Brown,
Charles Butler,
J. B. Brainard,
Daniel Bacon,
Henry Bronson,
W. N. Bartram,
William Benedict,
Hubbard Barnes,
William E. Burwell,
John H. Colev,

E. Cutler,

F. Cur ran,
M. Curran,

G. J. Cone,
George Cooke,
Samuel T. Cummings,
E. S. Cone,

W M. Clark,


John Colburn,


John B. Chidsev,

D. P. Clark,

J. K. Curtiss,

D. Coney,

P. S. Croffut,
M. M. Camp,
W. A. Comstock,
William D. Curtiss,
H. W. Cook,
John Concklin,

E. P. Church,
James Creed, Jr.
Joseph Canada,
M. Chalker,

B. W. Clark,
James Cunningham,
J. T. Clark,

Zera Chapin,
Anson Clark,
W. J. Cunningham,

C. Churchill,

D. Campbell,
H. Creighton,
J. Chipman,

J. T. Cosgrove,
Philip Curtiss,
Dorus Clark,
J. F. Cooper,
I George B. Curtiss
| Isaac R. Cornwall,
iJames K. Curtiss,
!0. F. Case,
i Anson T. Colt,

iL. A. Bassett,

C. D. Bassett,

A. T. Blakeslee,
Anson Belden,
J. A. Blakeslee,
W. Bunnell,

iR. G. Babcock,
|A. H. Beecher,
!Otis Belden,
|0. C. Beers,
Edward Bromley,
George I. Bui ford,
P. W. Ball,
iJames Barnes,
; Henry R. Barnes,

!h. Combs,
|A. Clay,
M. Colben,
]S. Conley,
T. Craven,
Jesse Crane,
IWillard Chenery,
G. H.Cone,
Lyman Chipman,
H. P. Crofut,
W. Carr,
J. N. Collins,
H. Clark,

Charles W. Curtiss,
William Cornwell,
Thomas Cook' 1 ,
John H. Cooke,

B. S. Curtiss,
John Colburn,
A. Covert,

E. W. Cooper,
P. A. Catlin,
James Corse,

A. J. Cutler,

B. Coan,

J. R. Coats,
Edward Collins,
N. B. Church,
B. Conlan,
John Coffey,
A. C.Cunningham,
J. W. Clark,
Thomas Collett,
George C. Curtiss,
Moses Chandler,
W. S. Charnley,
N. A. Cowdrey,

D. N. Clark,
William Crow,
James Chaplin,
W. H. Clark,
Robert Craig,
William Cosgrove
J. W. Cook,
Daniel C. Clapp,

John Cleary,
George A. Cable,
William Cone,
Nathan H. Carey,
Thomas Catlin,
Henry S. Catlin,
Samuel J. Clarke,
Thomas Clarkson,
J. T. Clarke,
Edward S. Cone,
George Clark,
Samuel Clark,
Daniel Cushman,
T. Dwight Clark,
David Daggett,
William Dickerman,
Joseph Downs,
E. B. Dibble,
E. Dickerman, 3d,
Charles B. Doolittle,
J. F. Dobson,
H. S. Dawson,
Charles Dougal
Alonzo Davis
L. A. Daggett,
M. B. Dana,
Smith Dayton,
Sylvester Dewey,
J." J. Doyle,
Zelotes Day,
Eli Denslow,
George Davis,
G. A. Davis,
Samuel Dixon,
Edwin Dennerly,
Lucius K. Dow,
Charles Dixon,
William C. Dei
Calvin Duwnes,
I >av,
M. II. Doolittle,
Francis Donnelly,
James Donnaghe,
Thomas W. Ensign,
Thomas Ensign,
Eng'i ter,

Howard B. Ensign,

E. W. Ensign,
Charles H. Earl,
Matthew G. Elliott,

F. Eav,

George D. English.
Charles L. English,
James Eaton,
Eleazer K. Foster,
S. L. Ferris,
Lucius R. Finch,
J. W. Frisbie,
J. W. Frisbie, Jr.
Richard H. Fowler
C. A. Ford,

G. Crary,

James Crowley,
C. Crowley,
.lames Crayner,

aes O. Conger,
Jedediafa Chapman,
Thomas Clarke,
Henry A. Cook.
John H. Coley,
Daniel Clark,
C. D. Curhan,
James B. Clark,
P. H. Cone,
Hezekiah S. Cone,
S. D. Davis,
J. Durn,
J. Dnunmond,
W. D. Dutton,
Gr. C. Dickerman,
Ransford Davis,
Clark S. Dunni.

F. D.

G. T. Durantt,

I >avis,
T. Camp Downes,
John Douglas,
Charles S. A. Davis.
J. Dooling,

i Jr.

E. R. Dickson,
[ra Di Iceman,
Orlando Dudley,
Charles Davids,

Chester Dickerman,
David L. Dagge
James Deli
William E. Dudley,
Chari- i >, k rman,
George W. Da\

B. Davis.
William Erwin,
William H. Elliott, Jr.
John English,

Edward Ely,
Amos ! Mis,
W. M. Este,
Norman L. Evarts,
H. II. Edwards,
Lewis Ellis ,
E. Fowler,
John Field,
C. Faimagan,
Asa F ench,
J. H. Fairchild,
William R. Ferree,
C. H. Finch,

Canfield & Spefl

Daniel Crowley,
William Chipman,
Michael Connell,
John Conner,
George A. Chapman,
L. Chamberlain,
D. Connell,

C. Clark,
A. L. Chamberlain,

'it Crager,
Gilbert F. Ca
A. A. Colton,

J. M. Deffendale,
Samuel Du dap,
W. Deghammer,
T. P. Dickerman,
S. A. Dunning,
Milo Downes,
Henry A. Duntze,
Julius Doolittle,

i Dickerman,
Alfred Daggett.
Dellinger Davis,
J. B. Douglass,
R. B. D
W. B. Davis,
Li vi Dibble,
W. J. Derby,
Horace Dibble,
John D

William Dickinson,
Andrew DeMarlin,
John E. Dei
William Douglass,
Edward Downes,
Samuel Demond,
Abram M. Darrow,
Pat Dn

Philos (t. Dorman,
W. V. Dooi,
C. H. Douglass,
William H. Elliott,

. ;. English,
William H. Ellis,
R. M. Everitt,
James M. Evarts
William Ellis,
Peter E
C. A. Ensign,
* . A. Ensign

Richard Everitt,

Joel B. Foote,
Henry Farnham,
P. Fannagan.
C. W. Fields;
John C. Furber,
iH.H. Foote,
James Ford,

S. C. Ford,
L. R. Ford,

Weston Ferris,

John N. Francis,

Thomas Flood,

Nathan Fenn,

William Faulkner,

P. O. Forbes,

Robert Fenton,

E. H. Frisbie,

Moses B. Frost,

S. N. Foster,

M. L. Frisbie,

Nathan S. Fowler,

Luke Fagan,

Timothy Fowler,

Morgan Fowler,

D. R. Franklin,

J. S. Farren,

Stephen Gilbert,

Jesse Gilbert,

I. W. Gill,

Frederick P. Gcrham,

Lucius Gilbert,

INewton Green,

I. Gilbert & Sons,

William Gilbert,

k. M. Gilbert,

Henry Grunert,

James L. Gould,

J. A. Gallup,

James Gallagher,

W. W. Guthill,

H. A. Gray,

F.| Gay lord,

Jeremiah Goodenough,

Hezekiah Gorharn,

A. Gerrish,

M. Giiheny,

Levi Gilbert,

Thomas Gilbert,

Sackett Gilbert,

Eleazer Gorham,
George P. Gates,
S. C. Gorham,
William Grant,
Alfred Goodsell,
Henry Gwinnell,
E. M. Hanover,
Isaac Heard,
E. B. M. Hughes,
G. C. Hawley,
Edward Hosmer,
George Hosmer,
Charles Humphrev,
V/. W. Hubbell,
W. L. Hubbell,
Bartholomew Healey,
William Hulse,
George W. Hyde,
B. M. Hubbard,

F. C. Ford,
Charles Flisler,
J. B. Foot,
Philip Flood,
L. D. Fitch,
J. Walker Fearn.
E. L. Fairchild.
S. D. Fairchild,
|A. Fetherby,
Thomas Farley,
IR.L. Fields,
Enos Foot,
James Farliman,
James Featherstone,
J. Frisbie,
William Farren,
John Ferren,
Jira B. Foote,

John S. Gr;
A. N. Gould,
|T. W. Gillett,
IS. & J. Gilbert,
r.S. Grilling,
James W. Glynn,
Eli D. Gilbert,
! William Grant,
|S. G. Green,
Edward Gilbert,
J. P. Griswold,
E. R. Green,
E. Gilbert, Jr.
Patrick Gordon,
W. O. Glover,
I. Goodrich,
George Gorham,
(Chester Goodyear,
D. H. Granger,
G. W. Goodse.d,

IC. Graham,
IS. Gilbert & Co.
Lcverett Griswold,
John Galpin,
James Goodrich,
'Thomas Gordon,
IJ. B. Goodsell,
H. Gwinnell, Jr.
iThomas Hayes,
Jes^e Higging,
Edwin C. Hewitt,
John B. Hanover,
William T. Hanson,
|E. L. Hubbell,
John C. Holer,
Hervey T. Hart,
R. F. Hitchcock,
IGeorge E. Hubbell.
-Benjamin L. Hall,
E. E. Hall,
W. Hunt,

William Faverweather,
G. Ferris,
J. H. Farnsworth,
Patrick Flood,
W. Fuller,
Asa French,
Jabez Fitch,
J. T. Fairchild,
William Farrell,
Robert Finley,
James Fordham,
William Fairchild,
Charles Farrill,
Anson G. Francis.
George W. Ford,
Morgan G. Fowler,
Merrit Fenn,
Charles Finch,

G. Giurl,
1. Geparciu,
Samuel B. Gorham,
William P. Gardner,
H. D. Gilbert,
Patrick" Garvey,
Levi Gilbert, George-st.
E. Goodrich,
Georsje Graham,

C. R. Goodyear,
George W. Gordon,

D. B. Greene,
L. G. Gelson,
Seth Gillett,
George Goodsell,
J. Gill, i

Timothy Gorham,
Thomas Grant,
James Glaney,

A. S. Grant,"
Lewis Gunn,
William B. Goodale,
S. M. Gorhi
Josiah Gibbs,
Daniel S. Glenney,
Joshua 11. Gore,
John Gray,
Anson Grannis,

A. Heaton,
Russell H. Haven,
Charles Hooker,
Albert R. Harrison,
S. L. Hakwins,
John C. Hay den.
Simeon Hubbell,
Simeon L. Hubbell,
Charles Hull,
S. W. Han,
John M. Hendrick,
Edward Hern,
Gerard Hallock,


Edwin Horton,
Charles Hattersley,
Jeremiah Haley,
Henry Holden,
Alonzo Hinman,
Enos S. Hurlburt,
A. E. Hotchkiss,
Chase Hil],
Alexander Houston,
Russell Hubbard,
John Harris,
Joel Hinman,
Thomas Healy,
William W. Holly,
Russell Hotchkiss,
George Hoadlev,
H. S. Hoadley,"
C. P. Hubbell,
L. W. Hall,
C. Ha user,
H. L. Hotchkiss,
John C. Hollister,
N. F. Hall,
F. C. Hall,
Elam Hull,
Isaac Hopkins,

E. C. Hargill,
Hotchkiss & Johnson,
L. R. Hotchkiss,
Patrick Haley,

C. A. Hotchkiss,
C. R. Harris,
George S. Hubbard.
Thomas Horslall,
John W. Harris,

F. Henchit,

G. R. H. Hughes,
William G. Hudson,
R. W. Hill,
Henry Hooker,

J. T. Havens,
L.F.Holt, '
Thomas Hall,
R. H. Hall,
Alfred Heyliger,
J. M. Hendricks,
James B. Hotchkiss,
Ralph I. Ingersoll,
C. A. Ingersoll,
C. M. Ingersoll,
E. Ingraham,
Hoadley B. Ives,
C. R. Ingersoll,
Charles Ives,
L. B. Judson,
George S. Johnson,
Erwin Johnson,
Edwin Jacobs,
William Jepson,
S. N. Johnson,
P. A. Jeu^ett,

Edward E. Huggins,
Henry Huggins,
Adrian C. Heitmann,
L. G. Hemmingway,
William Hanson,
William Henderson,
Alfred W. Husted,
George M. Hotchkiss,
Seth C. Horton,
John Hood,
George F. Hayward,
Alfred Howarth,
James Hurley,
James L. Hall,
iJ. K. Holean,
William Hull,
E. Hull, Jr.
Charles Hyde,
E. A. Hurd,
Henry Hale,
S. B. Hanover,
E. S. Hinman,
J. H. Hayes,
E. C. Hull,
T. N. Hotchkiss,
M. Higby,
S. A. Hotchkiss,
R. Holbrook,
P. C. Hinman,
A. J. Hawkins,
Stephen Hotchkiss,
Ezra Hotchkiss,
C. B. Hanson,
Asa Hoyt
S. G. Hayes,
J. B. Hawley,
R.J. Haldeman,
Charles H. Hoyt,
W. Humaston,
G. L. Hubbell,
Hooker & Osborn,
Adner Hotchkiss,
J. H. Hogan,

C. H. Hallowell,
P. B. Hurdon,
John F. Hall,

J. W. Hotchkiss,
Morris Isbel,
George M. Isbel,
Willis Ives,
Henry Ives,
W. H. Ives,
N. B. Ives,
Stephen V. Ingham.
William Johnson,
William Jackson,

D. S. Jones,
J. T. Judson,
George W. Jones,
D. T. Johnson,
William B. Johnson.

George W. Hicks,
John B. Hotchkiss,
J. A. Humphrey,
John G. Harvey,
Augustus Hale, s ,
Samuel Hemmingway,
Nelson Hotchkiss,
Thomas C. Hall,
James T. Hemmingway.
H. Hickox,
Isaac D. Hawley,
Lucius Hotchkiss,
George Howard,
Edward Harland,
George Hopkins,
L. C. Hayward,
William 'M.Hall, Jr.
J. S. Hotchkiss,
Henry Howe,
W. B. Hays,
Giles B. Hoadley,
George Hinman,
N. C. Hall,
E. M. Hotchkiss,
William Hogan,
G. C. Hotchkiss,
J. G. Hotchkiss,
Orrin Hull,
William Hutchinson,
W. M. Hulduse,
R. R. Hitchcock,
H. Hopper,
T. C. Hollis.
John Healey,
R. Hart,
Albert Hebard,
Oliver Hotchkiss,
N. S. Hallenbeck,

D. H. Hotchkiss,
Ross Hinman,
Samuel Hill,
Robert Hubbard,
R. Harkness,
George Harpin,
Charles Hallock,
Charles S. Hotchkiss,,
Elizur Harrison,
John D. Ives,
Lyman Ives,

F. E. Ives,
James Ives,

E. L. Ives,
L. Ives,
A. Ives,

John K. Johnston,
John Jackson,
H. B. Jones,
N. T. Johnson,
Newel Johnson,

G. P. Jenks,
E. L. Johnson,


George W. Judd,
J. A. Jones,
William C. Janes,
Charles Jelliii;
Sherman Johnson,
William Jennings,
Frederick Jones,
Isaac Judson,
J. Johnson,
A. B. Jacocks.
Dennis Kimberlv,
William R. Kin'l \v,
J. S. Kennedy,
John B. Kirbv,
G. Kinll,
W. J. Kempton,
A. L. Kidston,
Henry Kelsey,
Charfes King,
Daniel Kline,
H. Kilbourn,
Owen Kean,
Justus Kimberlv,
John P. Kingsburv,

D. M. King,
H. G, Lewis,

0. B. Leavenworth,
W. H. Lyon,
Samuel Lockwood,
Daniel Loomis,
J. M. Lansing,
Gay Lloyd,,
George Leek,

E. Lee,

George Lindley,
L. Layman,
Charles Lindley,
Bela Lord,

A. Loby,

George E. Leonard,
"William F. Levere,
E. M. Lockwood,
Miles Linsley,
William Loveland,
Isaiah B. Law,

P. Lowles,

B. L. Mason,
S. B. Morrell,

L. P. Morehouse,
Giles Mansfield;
Jno. "W. Mansfield,
N. A. Moses,
Ira Merwin.
George P. Marvin,
H. S. Mygatt,
L. Mandlebaum,
Enos S. Monson,
Henry A. Murray,
George Morse,
A.-B. Mallorv,
H. S. Miles,
M. Moulthrop

Harmon Judson,
[John J. Jones,
JE. A. Jones,
John Jepson,
Amos Johnson,
William Jones,
I, L. Jeroliman,
William H. Jones,
William Jones,
jCapt. J. Cluinn,
G. I. Kinney,
A. ?. Kirwau,
I Henry Kimberly,
A. Kauffman,
jRussell Kneel,
George Kennedy,
A. R. Kilborn,
James Kay,
Thomas G. Kent,
George J. Klein,
John Keagan,
R. Kain,
S. W. Knevals,
Charles B. Knevals,
H. C. Kirtland,
M. Lynch,
G. W. Lyon,
A. F. Lilly,
jW. A. Law,
Elisha Lester,
H. W. Lounsbury,
H. G. Lum,
■George B. Lego,
H. Loomis,
George Love,
\N. H. Lancaster,

F. Lomly,


John Lyon,

William Law,

Thomas M. Lord,
lOliver Lyman,
jEbenezer Lane,
'Philo Lewis,

IP. Lamey,
•Clark Lum,
Norman Moses,
E. D. Moore,
'C. M. Maguire,
W. H. Myers,
on Martin.
; William M'Cov,

. Merrick,"
:.John B. Magie,
Patrick M'Cleaveland,

[ aher,
William Marriner,
JAsa Mills,
,G. I. Merriman,
|C. H. Munson,
Philander Miller,

G. B. Miller,

John Jackson,
IB. H. Johnson,
'Edward I. Jones,
John L. Johnson,
[William M. Johnson,
S. B. Jerome,
George I. Judson,
Charles S. Jones,
William H. Johnson,

D. Kearney,
F. Kittera,

B. S. Kellam,
R. B. Knight,
A. W. Knight,
David Kempton,

A. Kilborn,
Bradley Keeler,
M. P. King,

P. Kerrigan,
Barney Keagan,
Peter E. Kilbourn,
Jonathan Knight,
Joseph Kensev,

C. P. Kirtland,
P. R. Law,
George Laughlin,

B. C. Lake,
William Lloyd,
John E. Leland,
Virgil Leek,
Joseph Leavitt,
William Love,
Chester Lyman,
J. L. Lvon,

J. C. D" Lee,
Lockwood Lane,
B. B. Lockwood,
David J. Lines,
Samuel Lawson,
Thomas Larry,
Henry Lampson,
William Linsley,
John E. Lewis,
H. S. Lanfair,
William Lewis, Jr.,
P. Maguire,
W. W. Merwin,

E. A. Mitchell,
J. A. Milligan,
H. W. Moses,
H. McCormiek,
W. C. Mayo,
Francis Mullen,

F. A. Mooney,
John Mulligan,
Daniel Merwin, Jr.,
E. E. Marsh,
Norris B. Mix,

L. Moulthrop,
Alfred P. Munson,
Dennis Mansfield,


H. E. Matthews,

Jonathan Morse,
Casper Meyer,
William Mansfield,
Patrick Murphy,
N. W. Moses,
John M'Lagon,
Orrin Miller
James Mix,
George S. Mygatt,
Charles Mix,'
H. Mandevillc,
Charles Morris,
Allen Mix,
John Markland,
John H. Munson,
E. L. Munson,
H. J. Morton,
Francis Magon,
Burton Mallory,
Peter Merter,
James McGrath,
E. McCormick,
Anson Munson,
J. McClay,
W. W. Miller,
Nelson Newton,
Ebenezer Northrop,
Henry Norton,
J. Nicholson,
G. W. Nettleton,
L. C. Newton,
Henry North,
Samuel Noyes,
D. L. Newton,
Minott A. Osborn,
R. H. Osborn,
Ebhu Osborn,
H. N. Oviatt,
Henry Peck,
James Punderford,
S. D. Pardee,
I. N. Prior,
J. R. Parker,
Anon B. Peck,
D. W. Peck,
William M. Phillips,
B. M. Prcscctt,

D. S. Prindle,
Lester Pail,
Abijah Porter,
Elias Potter,

E. A. Pratt,
Thomas Parkinson,
George Phelps,

H. E. Phelps,
John Pierson,
George Perry,
Asahel Pierpont,
Nathan B Piatt,
Thomas Patterson,

J. McCormick, Jr.,

Isaac Mix,

II. D. Merritt,
John McGoveran,
Thomas Martin,
Hugh McLawley,
James McDonnell,
P. More,
William Mills,
W. MclTen,
P. McCarty,
' MfcBranty;
T. McClay,
El. Munson,
John Mire.
E. McGildowncy,
S. D. Miller,
Daniel Merrill,
Andrew Martin,
B. F. Mansfield,
N C. Mix,
E. McGowen,
Patrick Murphy,
John Murdoch,
B. C. Marsh,
A. L Mason,
II. Mansfield,
Merril Newhall,
Roger Newman,
Rufus Neur,
John Niven,
A W. North,
A. S. Noble,
George Northrop,
Ami rcw Newman,
Nathaniel Olmsted,
M. Olms

Peter 0"Connell,
P. O'Gravan,
Thomas C. Pitkin,
William F. Parker,
E. A. Park,
P. W. Post,
W. F. Pettit,
Seaburv Peck,
J. D. Payne,
J. A. Pmkerman,
William Pierson,
Henry Phelps,
Robert B. Peet,
George Pinkham,
Edward Peck,
Fenn Philleo,
E. C. Pratt,
Henry Parmelee,
Robert Peterson,
John Parker,
J. C. Parker,
Frederick Piatt,
J. E. Parmelee,
Timothy Potter, Jr.,

John McGuire,

1 )\v in Morris,
Joseph 0. Miller,
Joseph Merchant,
John A. Myers,
I.. Mansfield,
M. McLan^hlin,
Elias T. Main,
J. M. Mann,
T. Merwin,
Philip G. Martin,
A. S. Monson,
D. P. McCarty,
Caleb Mix,
[J. Mansfield,

D. C. Mitchell,
Elihu Myers,
Samuel Mallett,
James D. Munson,
Patrick McEwen,
James Mooney,

J. McKee,
James Maples,
JohnMcl in,
Jared Mallory,
R. T. Merwin,
C. Mix, Jr.
John Noagle,
John Nun hi i.
Moses Nuibaum,
George S. Newhall,

E. N. ttleton,
Knos Nichols,
W. H. Norris,
George Olmsted,
J. Olcott,
James Onthank,
H. Orcutt,
Noah Porter,
W. Pruger,
Jesse S. Pardee,
Evelyn Peck,
Jared L. Pitcher,
Dwight Porter,
Augustus Parker,
William P. Parmell,
Joseph H. Pardee,
Erastus Phelps,

S. H. Porter,
Rufus Pcttee,
George Prindle,
Henry L. Pierpont,
A. G. Pratt,
George Palfrey,
William Pendleton,
P. W. Powell,
Cornelius Piatt,
George Piatt,
P. W. Payne,
James Powell,


D. Pritchard,

Isaac Plumb,

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