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State troops.

Johnson, Richard. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris;
First Major, ditto, November 13th, 1777; resigned.

Jones, David. Ensign, Third Regiment, Hunterdon; Captain,
ditto ; Second Major, Second Regiment, ditto.

Kelsey, Enos. Second Major, Second Battalion, Somerset;
Major, Colonel Thompson's battalion, "Detached Militia,"
July i8th, 1776; Major, Colonel Chambers' battalion. State-



troops, November 27th, 1776; resigned June loth, 1779,
to accept office as State Clothier.

Kelly, John. Captain, Second Battalion, Salem ; Second
Major, ditto.

LiNDSLEY, Joseph. Second Major, Eastern Battalion, Morris,
March 27th, 1778.

Linn, James. Captain, First Battalion, Somerset ; First Major,,
ditto, February 3d, 1776 ; resigned June 28th, 1781.

LuMMES, Ephraim. First Lieutenant, Captain Ogden's company,.
Colonel Enos Seeley's battalion, State troops ; Adjutant,
ditto; Captain, First Battalion, Cumberland j Second Major,
ditto, October 5th, 1779.

Lyle, John. Captain, Third Regiment, Middlesex ; Major, ditto.

Maskell, Daniel. Captain, "Minute Men;" Captain, Second
Battalion, Cumberland ; Second Major, ditto, November
26th, 1777.

McDonald, Daniel. Second Major, Third Regiment, Hun-
terdon; resigned July 24th, 1777.

McDonald, Richard. Captain, First Battalion, Somerset ;
Second Major, ditto, February 28th, 1777.

McNeil, . Major, Essex.

Mecum, Thomas. First Major, Second Battalion, Salem.

Mecum, William. First Major, First Battalion, Salem, June
20th, 1776.

Meeker, Samuel. Captain, troop, light-horse, Sussex ; Cap-
tain, Second Regiment, Sussex ; Second Major, ditto, May
23d, 1777 ; wounded July 22d, 1779 ; Major, Colonel Van-
dike's regiment. State troops, October 9th, i779-

Montgomery, William. Captain, Second Regiment, Mon-
mouth; First Major, ditto, October 13th, 1777.


MoTT, James. Second Major, Second Regiment, Monmouth,
October 25th, 1775 J resigned June i8th, 1776.

Newbold, Barzillai. Major, militia.

Nevius, Abraham. Lieutenant, Second Battalion, Somerset;
Captain, ditto; Second Major, ditto, November 6th, 1777.

Nixon, Robert. Captain, troop, light-horse, Middlesex, Jan-
uary 27th, 1777; Brevet Major, ditto; First Major, Ihird
Regiment, Middlesex, October 13th, 1777.

Parker, Samuel F. Captain, Colonel Forman's battalion,
"Heard's Brigade," June 14th, 1776; Major, ditto, July
loth, 1776.

Patterson, Robert. Brigade Major, staff Brigadier General

Payne, George. Captain, Third Battalion, Gloucester, Novem-
ber 14th, 1777; First Major, ditto, March 31st, 1778.

Perkins, Jacob. Second Major, First Regiment, Burlington,
April i8th, 1778; Major, Colonel Taylor's regiment. State
troops, October 9th, 1779.

Peterson, Derick. First Major, First Battalion, Cumberland,
June 6th, 1777.

Pettit, Nathaniel. First Major, Second Regiment, Hunter-
don ; commission canceled — removed from county.

Phillips, Henry. Captain, First Regiment, Hunterdon, May
loth, 1777; Second Major, ditto, November 13th, 1777.

Potter, Reuben. Second Major, First Regiment, Middlesex,
August 2d, 1776; resigned April loth, 1778.

Post, Jacobus. Major, " Colonel Williamson's Regiment, Light-
Horse," October 27th, 1775; resigned February 3d, 1776.

Randolph, Samuel. Captain, First Regiment, Middlesex;
Second Major, ditto, April i8th, 1778.


RiNEHART, Godfrey. Captain, Fourth Regiment, Hunterdon ;
First Major, ditto, October 7th, 1778; resigned November
6th, 1779, to become member of Assembly.

Sears, (or Sayres), Samuel. First Major, " Western Battal-
ion," Morris, May isth, 1777.

Scott, John B. First Major, First Regiment, Sussex ; also Cap-
tairi^ Continental Army.

Shank, . Brigade Major, militia.

Sharp, Anthony. First Major, Second Battalion, Salem, May
27th, 1777 ; Major, Colonel Stillwell's regiment. State
troops, October 9th, 1779; ^'^o Captain, Continental

Shuler, Jacob. Second Major, "Western Battalio'n," Morris,
June 2ist, 1782.

Smith, Jeremiah. Captain, Third Battalion, Gloucester, No-
vember 14th, 1777; Second Major, ditto, December 12th,

Smith, John. Brigade Major, staff Brigadier General New-

Sparks, Henry, Jr. Second Major, Second Battalion, Salem,
May 27th, 1777.

Sterling, James. Second Major, First Regiment, Burlington,
September 28th, 1776.

Stevens, John, Jr. Second Major,' Fourth Regiment, Hunter-
don, February ist, 1777 ; First Major, ditto ; resigned April
i8th, 1778.

Stout, Cornelius. Second Major, Third Regiment, Hunter-
don, June 19th, 1776 ; First Major, Second Regiment, ditto,
September 9th, 1777; First Major, Third Regiment, ditto,
June loth, 1779; cashiered May 14th, 1781.

Van Brunt, Hendrick. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Mon-



mouth, 1778; Captain, ditto; Second Major, ditto, July
23d, 1776; prisoner of war in September, 1780.

Van Cleve, Benjamin. First Lieutenant, First Regiment,
Hunterdon ; Captain, ditto ; Captain, Colonel Johnson's
battalion, "Heard's Brigade," June 14th, 1776; Second
Major, First Regiment, Hunterdon, March 15th, 1777;
resigned November 13th, 1777, to become a member of

Van Emburgh, John. Second Major, Second Regiment, Mid-
dlesex, November 28th, 1776 ; First Major, ditto, June 6th,
1777 ; taken prisoner at Toms River, New Jersey, May 14th,
1780; escaped.

Van Vleet, John. Captain, First Regiment, Sussex; First
Major, ditto, June 6th, 1777.

Vliet, John. Major, First Battalion, Somerset.

Verbryck, William. Captain, Somerset; Second Major, Sec-
ond Battalion, Somerset, June 6th, 1777 ; First Major, ditto,
September 9th, 1777 ; resigned November 6th, 1777. [See,
also. Paymasters].

Wade, Nehemiah. Second Major, First Regiment, Essex, July
15th, 1776; resigned.

Walling, Ladls. Captain, Second Battalion, Cumberland;
Second Major, Colonel Enos Seeley's battalion, State troops.

Walton, Elisha. Ensign, First Regiment, Monmouth; Cap-
tain, ditto. May 7th, 1777; Second Major, ditto; First
Major, ditto, March 27th, 1778; Major, battalion. State
troops, June nth, 1779.

Wells, Elisha. Major, militia.

Westbrook, Samuel. Captain, Third Battalion, Sussex; Major,
ditto; Major, battalion, State troops, June 7th, 1780.

Westcott, Richard. First Major, Third Battalion, Gloaces-
ter; resigned March 31st, 1778.


Whitlock, James. Second Lieutenant, Captain Burrowes' com-
pany, First Regiment, Monmouth, June i8th, 1776; Cap-
tain, ditto; Second Major, ditto; prisoner of war; exchanged
December 2 2d, 1780.

Woodruff, Ezekjel, Jr. Captain, First Regiment, Essex;
Second Major, ditto, July 15th, 1776; First Major, ditto,
December 12th, 1778.


Anderson, Keneth. Adjutant, First Regiment, Monmouth,
May ist, 1777.

Carltthers, Richard. Adjutant, Second Battalion, Cumber-
land; Adjutant, Colonel Potter's regiment. State troops.

Cook, George. Lieutenant, Monmouth, June 3d, 1777; Adju-
tant, ditto, June nth, 1778.

Crane, Nathan. Adjutant, Monmouth.

Doughty, John. Adjutant, "Eastern Battalion," Morris, Jan-
uary 13th, 1776.

Fairchild, Abraham. Private, " Captain Neil's Eastern Com-
pany, Artillery," State troops; Corporal, ditto; Serjeant,
ditto; discharged March ist, 1777; Adjutant, Morris.

Hay, John. Adjutant, Middlesex.

Hedden, James. Lieutenant, Essex ; Adjutant, ditto ; Adjutant,
battalion. State troops.

Jones, Thomas. Second Lieutenant, Captain Anderson's com-
pany. Colonel Newcomb's battalion, "Heard's Brigade;"
Adjutant, ditto, August loth, 1776.

King, Constant Victor. Ensign, Morris ; Lieutenant, ditto ;
Lieutenant, Captain Jonas Ward's company. State troops ;
Adjutant, Morris.


King, Joseph. Adjutant, Colonel Martin's battalion, " Heard's
Brigade," July 6th, 1776; also Adjutant, Continental Army.

Leajiing, Thojias. Adjutant, battalion, Cape May; resigned
June i8th, 1776.

Linn, Joseph. Adjutant, Second Regiment, Sussex.

Nixon, Thomas. Adjutant, militia.

Phillips, Elias. Adjutant, First Regiment, Hunterdon.

Rhea, David, Jr. Adjutant, First Regiment, Monmouth; Ad-
jutant, battalion, State troops.

E-YERSON, John. Adjutant, Second Regiment, Sussex.

Ryerson, George. Piivate, Bergen ; Lieutenant, ditto; Adju-
tant, ditto.

Salmon, Ludlam. Adjutant, First Regiment, Sussex.

Schanck, John. Adjutant, Second Regiment, Hunterdon,
February 5ih, 1777.

Sexton, Jonathan. Adjutant, militia.

Smith, John. Adjutant, Second Battalion, Salem, May 27th,


Stratton, Fithian. Adjutant, First Battalion, Cumberland;
Adjutant, Colonel Enos Seeley's battalion. State troops.

Voorhees, Cornelius. Ensign, miHtia; Adjutant, Morris;
also Commissary of Issues.

Willing, John. Ensign, Captain Bonnel's company. State
troops; Ensign, Sussex; Adjutant, ditto.

Arnold, Robert. Quartermaster, First Regiment, Sussex.
Brevoort, Elias. Private, Bergen ; private. Captain Cutwater's


company, State troops ; Quartermaster, Major Gcetschius'
battalion, State troops.

Campbell, John. Quartermaster, First Regiment, Monmouth,
August 4th, 1777; resigned October gtli, 1777.

Carpenter, Thomas. Quartermaster, First Battalion, Salem.
[See, also, Paymasters].

Cook, Zebedee. Quartermaster, Morris.

Davis, Josiah. Quartermaster, Burlington.

Douglass, Alexander. Private, Burlington ; Adjutant, ditto ;
Quartermaster, ditto.

DowDNEY, John. Quartermaster, Second Battalion, Cumber-
land ; Quartermaster, Colonel Potter's battalion. State

Gordon, Joshua. Quartermaster, Colonel Martin's battalion,
"Heard's Brigade," July 6th, 1776.

Hand, Nathan. Quartermaster, Cape May, September loth,

Hartshorne, RrcHARD. Quartermaster, First Regiment, Mon-

HoLLiNSHEAD, Jacob. Quartermaster, Salem.

Holmes, Abijah. Quartermaster, Colonel Newcomb's battalion,
"Heard's Brigade," June 14th, 1776.

Howell, Reading. Quartermaster, Second Regiment, Hun-

Hull, Isaac. Quartermaster, Second Regiment, Sussex.

Huntington, John. Quartermaster, Brigadier General Winds'

Jackson, Charles. Quartermaster, Essex.

Johnson, Henry. Quartermaster, Second Regiment, Sussex.
£See, also. Captains].


KiKG, Frederick. Quartermaster, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

McCouRNEY, Matthew. Quartermaster, "Western Battalion,"'

McCuRRY, Mahlon. Quartermaster, " Western Battalion,"'

JRhea, David. Quartermaster, Monmouth ; also Lieutenant,,

Saffin, Thomas. Quartermaster, "Heard's Brigade," June
14th, 1776; Quartermaster, Continental Army ; also Quar-
termaster in Quartermaster General's Department.

Seeley, Josiah. Quartermaster, First Battalion, Cumberland,
July loth, 1777; also First Lieutenant, Continental Army.

Steel, James. Quartermaster, First Battalion, Salem.

Stilwell, John. Quartermaster, First Regiment, Monmouth,
May ist, 1777.

Symmes, Timothy. Quartermaster, Sussex.

Van Kirk, John. Quartermaster, "Captain Nixon's Troop,,
Light-Horse," Middlesex, January 27th, 1777.

Westerook, Avan Ross. Second Lieutenant, Captain Cort-
wright's company. Third Battalion, S'ussex ; Quartermaster,,
Major Westbrook's battalion. State troops.

YORKE, Andrew. Quartermaster, Second Battalion, Salem,
August 6th, 1777.

Arnold, J^cob. Paymaster, Morris; also Captain, Morris^
Elack, John. Paymaster, Burlington.
EoARD, DaVId. Paymaster, militia.


Brower, Abraham. Paymaster, Major Goetschius' battalion.,
"Bergen County Rangers."

BuNN, Edward. Paymaster, Somerset ; Paymaster, State troops.

Carpenter, Thomas. Paymaster, Salem and Gloucester, March
19th, 1777. [See, also, Quartermasters].

CoYENHOVEN, Peter. Paymaster, Monmouth.

Craig, John. Paymaster, militia.

Crinbshea, John D, Paymaster, militia ; also Foragemaster.

DuNLAP, Edward. Paymaster, Sussex.

Elmer, Eli. Second Lieutenant, "Western Company, Artil-
lery," State troops ; Paymaster, Cumberland and Cape May.

Ellis, Joseph. Paymaster, " Captain Hugg's Western Company,
Artillery," State troops.

EwiNG, James. Paymaster, militia.

Eorman, David. Paymaster, Monmouth.

Gaston, Joseph. Paymaster, Somerset.

Halsey, Isaac. Paymaster, Essex.

Hand, Jesse. Paymaster, Cape May.

Hart, Jesse. Paymaster, militia.

Hough, William. Paymaster, militia.

Hughes, Memucan. Paymaster, Cape May, July 6 th, 1776;
also Commissary, ditto.

Hunt, Nathaniel. Paymaster, militia. [See Colonels].

Kaighn, Samuel. Paymaster, militia. [See, also. Captains].

Kelsey, William. Paymaster, Cumberland. [See, also, Cap-


Lewis, Joseph. Paymaster, Morris; also Quartermaster.

Little, John. Paymaster, Third Battalion, Gloucester.

Rhodes, Charles. Paymaster, militia.

SiNicKSON, Andrew. Paymaster, Cape May, Cumberland, and
Salem. [See, also, Captains].

Smith, William. Paymaster, Salem.

Stelle, Thompson. Paymaster, Middlesex; also Captain, ditto.

Stiles, John. Paymaster, Sussex and Morris, State troops.

Stiles, Jonathan. Paymaster, Morris.

Verbryck, William. Paymaster, Somerset and Hunterdon,
State troops. [See, also. Majors].


Andrews, John. Surgeon, militia.

Avert, J . Surgeon, Third Battalion, Sussex.

Baldwin, Cornelius. Surgeon, Second Regiment, Sussex,
February 28th, 1776; Surgeon, Colonel Hunt's battalion,
"Heard's Brigade," July 8th, 1776.

Barber, Thomas. Surgeon, First Regiment, Monmouth, Feb-
ruary 3d, 1776.

Barnet, Oliver. Surgeon, Fourth Regiment, Hunterdon,
February 14th, 1776.

BuDD, Barnabus. Surgeon, Morris ; Surgeon, General Winds'
brigade, September 12th, 1777; died.

Burnet, William. Surgeon, Second Regiment, Essex, Feb-
ruary 17th, 1776; also Surgeon, Continental Army.

Condit, John. Surgeon, Essex ; Surgeon, Colonel Van Cort-
land's battalion, "Heard's Brigade," June 29th, 1776.


CowELLj John. Surgeon, militia.

Craven, . Surgeon, Second Regiment, Hunterdon.

Cummins, Robert. Surgeon, First Regim-ent, Sussex.

Draper, George. Surgeon, militia; Surgeon, hospital, flying

English, James. Surgeon's Mate, State troops ; Surgeon, ditto.

EwiNG, Thomas. Surgeon's Mate, Colonel Newcomb's battalion,
"Heard's Brigade;" Surgeon, ditto, June 19th, 1776.

Freeman, Melanthon. Surgeon^ Colonel Forman's battalion,
"Heard's Brigade," June 21st, 1776.

Hampton, John. Surgeon, Colonel Enos Seeley's battalion.
State troops.

Harris, Isaac. Surgeon, General Newcomb's brigade.

Hendry, Thomas. Surgeon, brigade, militia; Superintendent,
hospital, April 3d, 1777; Surgeon, Third Battalion, Glou-

Holmes, James. Surgeon, battalion, "Minute Men," Sussex,
October 28th, 1775 ; also Surgeon, Continental Army.

HoRTON, Jonathan. Surgeon, "Western Battalion," Morris,
February 28th, 1776; Surgeon, Colonel Martin's battalion,
"Heard's Brigade," June 29th, 1776; also Surgeon, Con-
tinental Army.

Hubbard, Jacob. Surgeon, First Regiment, Monmouth, June
loth, 1780. '

Jennings, Jacob. Surgeon, Colonel Thompson's battalion,
"Detached Militia," August i6th, 1776.

Johnston, Uzal. Surgeon, "North Battalion," Second Regi-
ment, Essex, February 17th, 1776.

Jones, Timothy. Surgeon, "Eastern Battalion," Morris, Feb-
ruary 19th, 1776.


Morris, Jonathan F. Ensign, militia; Surgeon, ditto; also
Surgeon's Mate, Continental Army.

Otto, Bodo, Jr. Surgeon, Colonel Read's battalion, "De-
tached Militia," July 24th, 1776.

PeahBdn, David. Surgeon, Essex.

Roach, Nicholas. Surgeon, "South Battalion," Second Regi-
ment, Essex, July 17th, 1776.

ScHENCK, Henry H. Surgeon, militia.

Scott, Moses. Surgeon, Second Regiment, Middlesex, Febru-
ary 14th, 1776; also Surgeon, Continental Army.

Van Boskirk, Abraham. Surgeon, regiment, Bergen, February
17th, 1776.

WiNANTS, William. Surgeon, First Regiment, Essex, July 15th,
1776; Surgeon, Colonel Thomas' battalion, "Detached
Militia," July 24th, 1776.


Ervin, David. Surgeon's Mate, Colonel Martin's battalion,
"Heard's Brigade," June 29th, 1776; also Surgeon, Con-
tinental Army.

Hammell, John. Surgeon's Mate, Colonel Van Cortland's bat-
talion, "Heard's Brigade," July 24th, 1776.

Patterson, Robert. Surgeon's Mate, Colonel Newcomb's bat-
talion, "Heard's Brigade," July 8th, 1776.

Scudder, John. Surgeon's Mate, First Regiment, Monmouth,
May ist, 1777.

Stockton, Benjamin. Surgeon's Mate, Colonel Forman's bat-
talion, "Heard's Brigade," June 21st, 1776.


Eakin, Samuel. Chaplain, militia.

FiTHiAN, Phujp Vickers. Chaplain, Colonel Newcomb's bat-
talion, "Heard's Brigade," June 20th, 1776; killed at
Fort Washington, October 4th, 1776.

Hunter, Andrew. Chaplain, Colonel Van Cortland's battal-
ion, " Heard's Brigade," June 28th, 1776; also Chaplain,
Continental Army.

Mason, John. Chaplain, militia; also Chaplain, Continental

Nevelling, John. Chaplain, militia.

Worth, William. Chaplain, Second Battalion, Salem.


BuRNSiDE, James. Commissary, staff Major General Dickinson ;
also Quartermaster.

Chambers, Alexander. Commissary, Military Stores.

Dunham, Azariah. Commissary, Military Stores ; also Lieuten-
ant Colonel, militia.

Hamilton, James. Commissary, Military Stores.

Wade, Nehehiah. Commissary, Military Stores; also Major,

-^Woodruff, Elias. Commissary, Military Stores.


Kelsey, Enos. Deputy Quartermaster General and Commis-
sary ; State Clothier ; also Major, militia.

McCoMB, James. State Clothier.

Morris, Israel. State Clothier, June 17th, 1780.



Addis, Simon. Lieutenant, Middlesex; Captain, ditto.

Allen, Ananias. Captain, Second Regiment, Sussex.

Allen, Charles. Captain, Cumberland ; Captain, Major
Hayes' battalion, State troops. [See Naval Service].

-Allen, George. Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Sussex; Cap-
tain, ditto.

Allen, Job. Captain, "AVestern Battalion," Morris; Captain,
"Eastern Battalion," ditto.

Allen, Zachariah. Captain, militia.

Alling, Joseph. Captain, "Minute Men," Essex, February
2ist, 1776.

Alwin, . Captain, militia.

Anderson, Andrew. Captain, Middlesex.

Anderson, David. Captain, Second Regiment, Burlington;
Captain, State troops.

Anderson, David. Captain, First Regiment, Monmouth; Cap-
tain, Colonel Holmes' regiment. State troops.

.Anderson, George. Captain, Monmouth.

Anderson, George. Captain, Burlington.

Anderson, Jacob. Lieutenant, Hunterdon ; Captain, ditto.

Anderson, James. Captain, Burlington.

Anderson, James. Captain, First Regiment, Sussex, June 6th,

Anderson, John. Captain, Hunterdon ; Captain, Colonel
Johnson's battalion, " Heard's Brigade," June 14th, 1776;
also Captain, Continental Army.


Arnet, William. Captain, Sussex.

Arnold, Jacob. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris; Cap -
tain, troop, light-horse, Morris; also Paymaster, Morris.

Aruch, William. Captain, militia.

Badcock, Joseph. Captain, Second Battalion, Somerset.

Baird, David. Private, First Regiment, Monmouth; First
Serjeant, ditto, 1776; Ensign, ditto; Lieutenant, ditto;
Quartermaster, ditto; Captain, ditto, 1777.

Baird, John. Serjeant, Second Battalion, Somerset; Captain,,

Baker, John. Captain, Third Battalion, Gloucester; Captain,
State troops.

Baldwin, Stephen. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Barker, John. Captain, Second Battalion, Cumberland.

Barnard, John. Captain, State troops.

Barnes, Andrew. Captain, Gloucester; prisoner of war in;
September, 1780.

Barnes, Daniel. Captain, State troops.

Barron, Ellis. Captain, First Regiment, Middlesex, January
loth, 1776.

Barr, . Captain, Second Regiment, Middlesex; Cap-.

tain, Third Regiment, ditto.

Bartholf, Crynes. Captain, Bergen.

Bartholf, Cyrus. Captain, Bergen.

Barton, Elisha. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Bates, David. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Eayles, Augustlne. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.,


Bayley, William. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Beach, Joseph. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris, April
i9tK, 1777.

Beam, Yost. Captain, Bergen.

Beatson, (or Beutson), Jacob. Captain, Hunterdon.

Beavers, Robert. Captain, First Regiment, Sussex.

Beckwith, Cyrus. Captain, Second Reg;iment, Sussex.

Bedell, Abner. Private, Morris; Captain, ditto.

Beesley, Jonathan. First Lieutenant, Captain Whildin's com-
pany. State troops, December 25th, 1776; Captain, First
Battalion, Cumberland ; wounded and taken prisoner near
Haddonfield, New Jersey; died in tlie hands of the enemy,
June, 1778.

Bennett, Joshua. Captain, Monmouth.

Bennett, Jeremiah. Captain, Cumberland ; Captain, Colonel
Enos Seeley's battalion. State troops.

BiDDLE, Aaron. Captain, militia.

Blain, William. Captain, Sussex.

Blanch, Thomas. Captain, Bergen ; Captain, State troops.

Blanchard, John. Captain, Morris; Captain, troop, light-
horse, Essex ; resigned.

Blauvelt, Abraham J. Captain, Bergen, August 6th, 1776.

Blauvelt, a . Captain, Sussex.

Board, Joseph. Captain, Bergen.

BocKHOVER, Jacob. Captain, Second Regiment, Sussex.

BoDiNE, . Captain, militia.

Bonam, Benjamin. Captain, Sussex.



BoNNEL, James. Captain, Sussex ; Captain, Major Hayes' bat-
talion, State troops ; also Captain, Continental Army.

Bonny, James. Captain, Middlesex, January loth, 1^76.

Borden, Joseph, Jr. Captain, troop, light-horse, Burlington,
October 6th, 1777.

Bowers, John. Lieutenant, Captain David Pearson's company.
First Battalion, Cumberland ; Captain, ditto.

Brant, Lewis. Captain, First Regiment, Essex.

Brass, Lucas. Second Lieutenant, Captain Nyce's company,
First Regiment, Sussex, June 6th, 1777; Captain, ditto.

Bray, Daniel. Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Hunterdon ;
Captain, ditto.

Brewer, . Captain, Monmouth.

Brink, Daniel. Captain, militia.

Britten, William. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Brookfield, Job. Ensign, Morris; Captain, ditto.

Brown, Andrew. Captain, First Regiment, Monmouth.

Brown, Ezra. Captain, Morris.

Brown, Joseph. Captain, First Regiment, Burlington.

Browning, Jacob. Captain, Second Battalion, Gloucester, Sep-
tember 22d, 1777.

Browning, Jacob. Captain, Burlington.

Bruere, James. First Lieutenant, Colonel Lawrence's regi-
ment, Monmouth ; Captain, ditto.

Brundage, Israel. Private, Essex; fifer, ditto; Captain, ditto.

Bijckalew, John. Captain, Monmouth.

Burrowes, John. Captain, First Regiment, Monmouth.


BuRROWES, John, Jr. Captain, First Regiment, Monmouth,
June i8th, 1776.

Camp, Nathaniel. Captain, Second Regiment, Essex.

Camp, Nathaniel. Captain, Hunterdon.

Campbell, Peter. Captain and Aidde-Camp, staff of Major
General Dickinson, October zStli, 1775.

Campfield, William. Captain, Morris.

Carhart, Jacob. Captain, Second Regiment, Hunterdon.

Carhart, Samuel. Ensign, Captain Barrowes' company, First
Regiment, Monmouth, June iSth, 1776; Captain, ditto;
prisoner of war and paroled ; Captain, State troops.

Carle, Israel. Captain, troop, light-horse, Hunterdon, Octo-
ber 6th, 1777.

Carlisle, Langston. Captain, First Regiment, Burlington.

Carnes, Zophar. Captain, "Western Battalion," Morris; Cap-
tain, battalion, "Heard's Brigade," June 14th, 1776; alsa
First Lieutenant, Continental Army.

Carr, (or Kerr), John. Captain, Second Battalion, Somerset.

Carter, Benjamin. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Carter, SA:>rjEL. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Cattell, Elijah. Captain, First Battalion, Salem.

Chadwick, Thomas. Captain, Third Regiment, Monmouth,
September 4th, 1777.

Chambers, Davib. Captain, Third Regiment, Middlesex. ,

Chambers, William. Serjeant, Third Battalion, Sussex; En- „
sign, ditto ; Captain, ditto.

Chandler, Stephen. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Essex; Cap- ^
tain, ditto. |.


Cheeseman, Richard. Captain, First Battalion, Gloucester.

Christie, James. Captain, Bergen.

Clark, Aaron. Second Lieutenant, " Captain Frelinghuysen's
Eastern Company, Artillery," State troops j Captain, com-
pany of artillery, Essex.

Clark, Robert. Captain, First Regiment, Essex.

Clark, Thomas. Captain, Essex.

Clark, Thomas. First Lieutenant, " Captain Frelinghuysen's
Eastern Company, Artillery," State troops, March ist, 1776;
Captain-Lieutenant, ditto; Captain, ditto, January 8th,

Clevenger, Zachariah. Captain, First Regiment, Burlington.

Cline, . Captain, Second Regiment, Hunterdon.

Clunn, John. Captain, Burlington ; also Wagonmaster.

Clunn, Joseph. Ensign, Captain Tucker's company, First

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