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31st, 1777.

Peterson, John. Captain, Second Battalion, Cumberland.

Petty, John. Captain, First Regiment, Sussex, June 6th, 1777.

Phillips, John. Captain, First Regiment, Hunterdon.

Phillips, John. Captain, Third Regiment, Hunterdon.

Phillips, Jonathan. Captain, Fourth Regiment, Hunterdon;
also Captain, Continental Army.

Phillips, Philip. Captain, First Regiment, Hunterdon, May
loth, 1777.

Piatt, Jacob. Captain, Second Regiment, Middlesex; also
Captain, Continental Army.


Pierce, George. Captain, First Battalion, Gloucester, June
2d, 1777-

PiERSON, Benjamin. Lieutenant, " Eastern Battalion," Morris;
Captain, ditto.

PiERSON, JosiAH. Captain, Second Regiment, Essex.

PiERSON, Samuel. Captain, Second Regiment, Essex.

PiTTMAN, Jonathan. Captain, Second Regiment, Sussex.

PiTTENGER, JoHN. Captain, First Regiment, Sussex, June 6th,

Platt, David. Captain, Second Battalion, Cumberland.

PoLHEMUS, Nathaniel. Captain, Monmouth, 1777.

PoLHEMUs, Tobias. Lieutenant, Captain John Smock's com-
pany, First Regiment, Monmouth ; Captain, ditto ; prisoner
of war September, 1780.

Porter, Nathaniel. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Somerset ;
Captain, ditto, March 7th, 1777.

Post, Francis. Captain, Essex; Captain, Colonel Thomas'
battalion, "Detached Militia," July i8th, 1776.

Post, Garret. Captain, Morris.

Potter, John. Captain, First Regiment, Essex.

Potter, Matthew. Captain, First Regiment, Essex.

Pratt, . Captain, Middlesex.

Preston, Levi. Captain, First Battalion, Cumberland, May
3d, 1779-

Price, William. Captain, Third Battalion, Gloucester, Sep-
tember 1 8th, 1777.

Proeasco, Hendrick. Captain, Second Battalion, Somerset.


PuMYEA, Peter. Captain, Second Battalion, Somerset.

Purvis, George. Captain, Second Battalion, Gloucester.

Putnam, Peter. Captain, Sussex.

Pyatt, . Captain, Third Regiment, Middlesex.

Quick, Jacobus. Captain, Second Battalion, Somerset.

Quick, James. Captain, Second Battalion, Somerset.

Quigley, Joseph. Captain, First Regiment, Burlington.

QuiGLEY, Robert. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Burlington ;.
Captain, ditto.

Quigley, Thomas. Captain, First Regiment, Burlington.

Randolph, Asher Fitz. Ensign, Captain Freeman's company,
State troops ; Lieutenant, ditto ; Captain, Major Hayes'
battalion, ditto ; Captain, Middlesex.

Randolph, Joseph. Captain, Monmouth.

Randolph, Nathaniel Fitz. Captain, Middlesex ; elected
naval officer. Eastern District, New Jersey, December
i2th, 1778; sword ordered by Council, December nth,
1778, to be presented to him for his patriotism, vigilance
and bravery during the war ; taken from his bed by
tories, January, 1779, and imprisoned in New York; ex-
changed May 26th, 1780; died at Woodbridge, New Jer-
sey, July 23d, 1780, of wounds received in action.

Randolph, Reuben. Captain, Middlesex.

Rape, Cristopher. Captain, Third Battalion, Gloucester, Sep-
tember 18th, 1777.

Read, . Captain, Burlington.

Reading, Charles. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Hunterdon;
Captain, ditto ; Captain, First Regiment, ditto.

Reed, . Captain, Fourth Regiment, Hunterdon.


RfiEDER, Andrew. Private, Captain Mott's company, First
Regiment, Hunterdon j Ensign, ditto; Captain, ditto.

Reeves, Isaac. Captain, Second Regiment, Essex; Captain,
Colonel Van Cortland's battalion, " Heard's Brigade,"
June i4tli, 1776; killed June 6th, 1780, at Elizabethtown,
New Jersey.

Remsen, William. Captain, troop, light-horse, Monmouth.

Reynolds, George. Captain, Sussex ; also Second Lieutenant^
Continental Army.

Rhea, Robert. Captain, Monmouth.

Ribele, George. Captain, First Regiment, Sussex, February
2ist, 1776.

Rice, William. Captain, Salem ; Captain, First Battalion,
Gloucester. [See Naval Service].

Rickey, Israel. Captain, Somerset.

RiGGS, Bethuel. Private, militia ; Captain, ditto.

Riley, Roger. Captain, militia.

RoMiNE, Elias. Captain, Bergen; court-martialed and dis-
missed August 2 2d, 1782.

Ross, Robert. Captain, First Regiment, Middlesex.

Ross, . Captain, Essex.

Rowan, John. Captain, Salem.

Ryno, William. Captain, militia.

Salmon, William. Captain, "Western Battalion," Morris.

Salmon, Peter. Captain, "Western Battalion," Morris.

Sayre, Jeremiah. Captain, Cumberland; Captain, Colonel
Enos Seeley's battalion. State troops.


ScHAMP, David. Lieutenant, Fourth Regiment, Hunterdon;
Captain, ditto.

ScHANCK, John, Ensign, First Regiment, Monmouth, June 3d,
1777; Lieutenant, ditto; Captain, ditto; also Ensign, Col-
onel Holmes' regiment, State troops.

ScHANCK, William. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Monmouth;
Captain, ditto ; also Lieutenant, " Captain Smock's Com-
pany, Artillery," Monmouth.

ScHENCK, Henry H. Captain, troop, light-horse, militia.

ScHENCK, John. Ensign, Captain Carhart's company, First
Regiment, Monmouth; Lieutenant, Captain Hunn's com-
pany, ditto; Captain, ditto, October 12th, 1777.

ScHENCK, John. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Hunterdon .
Captain, ditto.

Schenck, John. Captain, Second Regiment, Middlesex ; Cap -
tain. Third Regiment, ditto.

Schenck, Peter. Captain, First Battalion, Somerset.

Schuyler, Abram. Captain, Middlesex.

ScuDDER, John. Captain, First Regiment, Essex; Captain,
Second Regiment, ditto ; Captain, State troops.

ScuDDER, . Captain, Second' Regiment, Middlesex;

Captain, Third Regiment, ditto.

Seeking, Jacob. Captain, First Regiment, Middlesex.

Sebring, John. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Somerset; Cap-
tain, ditto.

Sebring, Ruliff. Captain, First Battalion, Somerset.

Seigler, Thomas. Captain, Second Regiment, Essex.

Seward, Obadiah. Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Sussex;
Captain, ditto.

Shaler, Timothy. Captain, militia.


Shaver, Peter B. Captain, Second Regiment, Sussex.

Shaw, . Captain, "Minute Men."

Shearer, . Captain, Middlesex.

Shepherd, Job. Captain, Colonel Read's battalion, " Detached
Militia," July i8tli, 1776; Captain, Burlington.

Shepherd, Jonidab. First Lieutenant, Captain Page's com-
pany. Colonel Enos Seeley's battalion, State troops, Janu-
ary 31st, 1777 j Captain, First Battelion, Cumberland.

Shepherd, Joseph. Captain, First Regiment, Burlington.

Sheppard, Charlton. First Lieutenant, Captain Henry Sparks'
company. Second Battalion, Salem ; Captain, ditto ; wounded
at Hancock's Bridge, New Jersey, March 21st, 1778.

Sheppard, Elisha. Captain, militia.

Sheppard, Moses. Lieutenant, Captain David Anderson's
company, State troops; Lieutenant, First Regiment, Mon-
mouth; Captain, ditto.

Sheppard, Nathan. Lieutenant, Captain John Walton's com-
pany, State troops ; Captain, Monmouth.

Sherrard, John. Captain, Third Regiment, Hunterdon.

Shimer, Abraham. Captain, Third Battalion, Sussex.

Shreve, Benjamin. Lieutenant,' " Captain Richard Shreve's
Troop, Light-Horse," Burlington, August 7th, 1782; Cap-
tain, ditto.

Shreve, Richard. Captain, troop, light-horse, Burlington,
August 7th, 1782.

Shute, Henry. First Lieutenant, Captain Ribble's company,
First Regiment, Sussex, February 21st, 1776; Captain,

Shute, Henry. Captain, First Battalion, Gloucester.


SiMONSON, Simon. Captain, Second Regiment, Sussex.

Simons, (or Simonsons), . Captain, troop, light-horse,


Sinickson, Andrew. Captain, First Battalion, Salem. [See

Sinickson, Thomas. Captain, Second Battalion, Salem ; elected
naval oflficer. Western District, New Jersey, December i2th,

Skinner, Richard. Captain, First Regiment, Middlesex;
killed July ist, 1779, at Woodbridge, New Jersey.

Slaight, . Lieutenant, "Western Battalion," Morris;

Captain, ditto.

Slingerland, Peter. Lieutenant, " Eastern Battalion," Mor-
ris; Captain, ditto.

Smalley, David. Ensign, Colonel Hunt's battalion, "Heard's
Brigade," July sth, 1776; Ensign, Colonel Thompson's
battalion, "Detached Militia," July i8th, 1776; Captain,
First Battalion, Somerset.

Smith, Isaac. Captain, Essex.

Smith, Jonathan. Captain, First Battalion, Cumberland.

Smith, Thomas. Ensign, Captain Penton's company, Second
Battalion, Salem; Lieutenant, ditto; Captain, ditto.

Smith, Thomas. Lieutenant, Second Battalion, Cumberland ;
Captain, First Battalion, ditto.

Smith, William. Captain, Second Battalion, Salem.

Smith, William. Adjutant, Third Battalion, Gloucester ; Cap-
tain, ditto.

Smock, Barnes. Captain, First Regiment, Monmouth; Cap-
tain, company, artillery, Monmouth; prisoner of war in
September, 1780.


Smock, Barnes J. Private, troop, light dragoons, Monmouth ;
Cornet, ditto, 1779; Lieutenant, ditto, 1780; Captain,
ditto, 1780.

Smock, Hendrick. Captain, "Minute Men," October 12th,
1775; Captain, First Regiment, Monmouth, 1777 j Cap-
tain, company of artillery, Monmouth.

Smock, Rynear. Captain, Hunterdon.

Snell, Robert. First Lieutenant, Captain Samuel Snell's com-
pany, Third Battalion, Gloucester ; Captain, ditto. [See
Naval Service].

Snell, Samuel. Captain, Third Battalion, Gloucester, Septem-
ber 1 8th, 1777. [See Naval Service].

Snook, Philip. Captain, First Regiment, Hunterdon; wounded
in the thigh at the battle of Monmouth, June 28th, 1778 ;
Captain, Third Regiment, ditto.

Snook, William. Captain, Sussex.

Snowden, William. Captain, Third Regiment, Hunterdon.

Somers, James. First Lieutenant, Captain Price's company.
Third Battalion, Gloucester, September i8th, 1777; Captain,.
Second Battalion, ditto.

Somers, John. Captain, Gloucester.

Sparks, Henry. Captain, Second Battalion, Salem.

Sparks, Robert. Captain, Second Battalion, Salem.

Speer, Abraham. Captain, Second Regiment, Essex, May 28th,.

Speer, Cornelius. Captain, Second Regiment, Essex, May
28th, 1777.

Speer, Henry. Captain, Second Regiment, Essex; Captain^
State troops.


Squire, Elijah. Captain, Second Regiment, Essex.

Squire, Henry. Captain, Second Regiment, Essex.

Staats, Rynear. Lieutenant, Second Battalion, Somerset ;
wounded at the battle of Germantown, Pennsylvania, Octo-
ber 4tli, 1777 ; Captain, ditto.

Stagg, Isaac. Private, Second Regiment, Sussex; Serjeant,
ditto ; Ensign, ditto ; Lieutenant, ditto ; Captain, ditto ;
Captain, Colonel Thompson's battalion, "Minute Men."

Stanton, . Captain, Hunterdon.

Statsors, John. Captain, Middlesex; prisoner of war from
March sth, 1782, to September 20th, 1782.

Stelle, Thompson. Captain, First Regiment, Middlesex ; also
Paymaster, ditto.

Steelman, Zephaniah. Captain, Third Battalion, Gloucester,
September i8th, 1777.

Stevens, Henry. Captain, Cape May.

Stewart, James. Captain, "Western Battalion," Morris.

Stewart, John. Captain, Burlington.

Stillwell, Joseph. Ensign, First Regiment, Monmouth ; Cap-
tain, ditto ; Captain Commanding guard, at Sandy Hook,
June, 1776; Captain, Colonel Forman's battalion, "De-
tached Militia," July i8th, 1776.

Stilwell, Richard. Captain, Fourth Regiment, Hunterdon.

Stites, Humphrey. Captain, Cape May ; Captain, Major
Hayes' battalion. State troops.

Stites, Richard. Captain, First Battalion, Somerset, February
9th, 1776; Captain, Colonel Hunt's battalion, "Heard's
Brigade," July 5th, 1776; resigned July, 1776; Captain,
Colonel Thompson's battalion, "Detached Militia."

Stites, Thomas. Captain, Cape May.


Stoddard, . Captain, militia.

Stokes, John. Captain, Second Battalion, Gloucester.

Stoll, Jacob. Captain, Second Regiment, Sussex. [See Stull].

Stonebanks, Richard. Captain, First Battalion, Gloucester,
October 5th, 1778.

Stotesbury, John. Captain, militia.

Stout, James. Lieutenant, Captain Maxwell's company, Sec-
ond Regiment, Hunterdon ; Captain, Third Regiment, ditto.

Stout, Joseph. Captain, militia; wounded September isth,

Stout, Nathan. Captain, Hunterdon.

Stout, Samuel. Captain, Second Regiment, Middlesex ; Cap-
tain, Third Regiment, ditto; wounded October 17th, 1777.

Stout, Samuel. Captain, Third Regiment, Hunterdon.

Stryker, John. Captain, troop, light-horse, Somerset; Cap-
tain, troop, ditto. State troops.

Stull, Jacob. Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Sussex ; Captain,
ditto. [See Stoll].

Sutfin, Rceloff. First Lieutenant, Captain Porter's company.
First Battalion, Somerset, March 7th, 1777; Captain, ditto;
wounded August, 1779.

Sutton, Uriah. Lieutenant, Morris ; Captain, ditto.

Swan, Jedediah. Captain, militia.

Sweetman, Michael. Captain, First Regiment, Monmouth,.

SwEETwooD, . Captain, First Regiment, Monmouth.

Swisher, Abram. Captain, First Regiment, Sussex.


Tallman, James. Captain, troop, light-horse, Gloucester, May
3d, 1777-

Tallman, Peter. Captain, "Western Battalion," Morris.

Taylor, Robert. Captain, First Battalion, Cumberland, Feb-
ruary ist, 1777.

Taylor, . Captain, Middlesex.

Ten Eyck, Coonrad. Serjeant, Second Battalion, Somerset ;
Captain, ditto.

Ten Eyck, Jacob. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Somerset; Cap-
tain, ditto.

Ten Eyck, Jeremiah. First Lieutenant, First Regiment, Mid-
dlesex; Captain, ditto.

Terhune, Jacob. Captain, Bergen, February 28th, 1776.

Terhune, Nicausa. Captain, Bergen, February 28th, 1776.

Terry, Nathaniel. Lieutenant, "Western Battalion," Morris;
Captain, ditto.

Thatcher, Joseph. Captain, Second Regiment, Hunterdon.

Theilar, Jacob. Captain, Morris.

Thomas, Edward. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Burlington;
Captain, ditto ; Captain, troop, light dragoons, ditto.

Thompson, Benajah. Captain, First Battalion, Cumberland;
Captain, Colonel Enos Seeley's battalion. State troops.

Thompson, Newcomb. Second Lieutenant, Captain Jacob Du-
bois' company, Second Battalion, Salem ; Captain, ditto,
January 3d, 1782.

Thompson, Thomas. Captain, Second Battalion, Salem.

Thorne, Joseph. Captain, Second Battalion, Gloucester, Au-
gust loth, 1776.


Till, John. Captain, First Battalion, Salem.

Titus, Timothy. Second Lieutenant, Captain Henry Phillips'
company, First Regiment, Hunterdon, May loth, 1777;
Captain, ditto.

TowNSEND, Henry Y. Captain, Cape May, June 7th, 1777.

Trenchard, George. Captain, First Battalion, Salem.

Tucker, William. Captain, First Regiment, Hunterdon, June
19th, 1776; also Captain, Second Regiment, ditto.

TuNisoN, Cornelius. Private, Captain Jacob Ten Eyck's com-
pany. First Battalion, Somerset ; Serjeant, ditto ; Lieuten-
ant, ditto ; Captain, ditto.

Tuttle, Timothy. Serjeant, Morris ; Ensign, ditto ; Lieuten-
ant, ditto ; Captain, ditto.

Updike, Albert. Captain, Second Regiment, Hunterdon.

Van Arsdalen, Philip. Captain, First Battalion, Somerset.

Van Bassum, David. Lieutenant, Captain Marinus' company,
Bergen ; Captain, ditto ; Captain, Colonel Van Cortland's
battalion, "Heard's Brigade," June 14th, 1776.

Van Blarcom, Henry. Captain, Second Regiment, Essex.

Van Brunt, Nicholas. Captain, Third Regiment, Monmouth.

Van Cleaf, John. Captain, Monmouth.

Van Cleaf, William. Serjeant, First Regiment, Monmouth ;
Lieutenant, ditto j Captain, ditto ; also Lieutenant, Conti-
nental Army.

Van Cleve, (or Cleaf), Benjamin. Ensign, Captain Hendrick
Smock's company. First Regiment, Monmouth, September
1st, 1777; Lieutenant, ditto J Captain, ditto, 1780.

Van Cleve, William. First Lieutenant, Captain Hendrick
Smock's company, First Regiment, Monmouth; Captain,
ditto, 1778,


Vandeventer, Jacob. Captain, First Regiment, Middlesex,
July 24th, 1776.

Vandike, Joseph. Captain, Monmouth.

Vandyke, Joseph. Captain, First Regiment, Burlington.

Van Hook, Lawrence. First Lieutenant, Captain Hollings-
head's company, First Battalion, Cumberland, February
4th, 1777; Captain, ditto; Captain, State troops.

Van Houten, Cornelius. Captain, militia.

Van Houten, Coriner. Captain, Bergen.

Van Huysen, Hermanis. Private, Bergen ; Captain, ditto.

Van Mater, Cornelius. Captain, Monmouth.

Van Nest, Abraham. Ensign, Second Battalion, Somerset;
Captain, ditto.

Van Nest, Peter. Captain, Middlesex.

Van Riper, Richard. Captain, Colonel Thomas' battalion,
"Detached Militia," July i8th, 1776.

Van Winkle, Simeon. Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Middle-
sex ; Captain, ditto ; Lieutenant, State troops ; Captain,

Veghte, Rynear. Lieutenant, Second Battalion, Somerset;
Captain, ditto.

Vincent, . Captain, Salem.

Vliet, David. Ensign, Captain Petty's company. First Regi-
ment, Sussex, June 6th, 1777; Captain, ditto.

Voorhees, John. Ensign, Captain Duryea's company, First
Regiment, Somerset; Captain, ditto.

Voorhees, John, Jr. Ensign, Captain Taylor's company,.
Colonel Neilson's battalion, "Minute Men," January loth,.


1776; First Lieutenant, Captain Lyle's company, Third
Regiment, Middlesex; Captain, ditto, September 8th, 1777.

Vreeland, John. Captain, Bergen.

Waddell, Henry. Captain, Monmouth ; resigned July 2d,
1776 — disability.

Waglum, John. Captain, Second Regiment, Middlesex.

Wainright, Thomas. Captain, Monmouth.

Walling, Louis. Captain, Monmouth.

Walling, Thomas. Ensign, Captain William Schanck's com-
pany, First Regiment, Monmouth, September 25th, 1777;
Captain, ditto.

Walton, John. Serjeant, troop, light dragoons, Monmouth ;
Ensign, ditto ; Lieutenant, ditto ; Captain, ditto ; Captain,
troop, horsemen. Major Hayes' battalion. State troops.

Ward, Israel. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Ward, Jonas. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris; Captain,
Essex ; Captain, State troops.

Ward, Jonathan. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Ward, Peter. Captain, troop, light-horse, Bergen ; Captain,
Major Hayes' battalion, State troops.

Watson, William. First Lieutenant, First Battalion, Glouces-
ter; Captain, ditto.

Weatherby, David. Captain, Third Battalion, Gloucester.

Weaver, Joseph. Captain, Second Regiment, Burlington,
April 15th, 1777.

Welch, William. Captain, "Western Battalion," Morris.

Wentzel, Daniel. Lieutenant, Second Battalion, Salem ; Cap-
tain, ditto.



Wentzel, Daniel. Ensign, State troops ; Captain, ditto ; Cap-
tain, First Battalion, Somerset.

Wentzel, David. Ensign, State troops; Captain, Somerset.

Wentzel, . Captain, Middlesex.

Westbrook, Peter. Captain, Third Battalion, Sussex ; died
April 19th, 1780.

Westcott, John. First Lieutenant, " Captain Samuel Hugg's
Western Company, Artillery," State troops, March ist,
1776; Captain-Lieutenant, ditto ; Captain, ditto.

Westcott, Samuel. Captain, First Battalion, Cumberland;
resigned May 3d, 1779.

Westfall, Wilhelm. Private, Sussex; Captain, ditto.

Wetherill, — ■ -. Captain, First Regiment, Middlesex.

Wetherill, . Captain, Second Regiment, Middlesex;

Captain, Third Regiment, ditto.

Wheaton, J . Captain, Second Battalion, Cumberland.

Wheeler, James. Ensign, Captain Coonrad Ten Eyck's com-
pany, Second Battalion, Somerset ; Captain, ditto.

Wheeler, Joseph. First Lieutenant, Captain Alling's com-
pany, "Minute Men," Essex, February 21st, 1776; Cap-
tain, ditto.

Whilden, Seth. Captain, First Battalion, Cumberland ; Cap-
tain, Colonel Somers' battalion. State troops, December
2Sth, 1776.

Whittall, Benjamin. Second Lieutenant, " Captain Samuel
Hugg's Western Company, Artillery," State troops; First
Lieutenant, ditto ; Captain-Lieutenant, ditto ; Captain,
Colonel Newcomb's battalion, State troops.

WiKOFF, Peter. Captain, Second Regiment, Monmouth; Cap-
tain, State troops.


Wilkinson, John. Adjutant, First Regiment, Burlington ; Cap-
tain, ditto.

WiLLETS, James, Jr. Captain, Cape May, April i6th, 1777.

Williams, Cornelius. Lieutenant, Captain Craig's company,
State troops ; Captain, Second Regiment, Essex ; Captain,
Colonel Van Cortland's battalion, "Heard's Brigade,"
June 14th, 1776.

Williams, Thomas. Captain, Second Regiment, Essex.

Williamson, William. Captain, Second Regiment, Middle-
sex; Captain, Colonel Neilson's regiment. State troops.

Willis, John. Captain, Bergen.

WiLMOT, Edward, Jr. Captain, Fourth Regiment, Hunterdon,
February 14th, 1778.

WiNANS, Benjamin. Captain, First Regiment, Essex.

Winter, Isaac. Captain, First Regiment, Sussex.

Winter, Jacob. Captain, First Regiment, Sussex.

Wood, . Captain, Middlesex.

Wood, Daniel S* Captain, First Regiment, Essex,

Wood, Jehu. Captain, Colonel Holmes' regiment. State
troops ; Captain, First Battalion, Gloucester.

Wood, John. Captain, Gloucester.

Wood, Jonathan. Captain, militia.

Woodruff, Amos. Captain, Cumberland.

Wooley, . Captain, militia.

WooLSEY, . Captain, Colonel Forman's battalion,

"Heard's Brigade," June 14th, 1776.

WooLSTON, Joseph. Captain, Second Regiment, Burlington.


WooLVERTON, Thomas. Captain, "Minute Men;." Captai%

Wright, James. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Salem ; Captain*^

Wright, Joseph. Captain, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Wyckoff, Peter. Captain, First Battalion, Somerset.

Yard, Isaiah. Second Lieutenant, Captain Tucker's company,.
First Regiment, Hunterdon, June 19th, 1776; First Lieu-
tenant, ditto, May loth, 1777; Captain, ditto.


Bowen, Seth. First Lieutenant, " Captain Samuel Hugg''s
Western Company, Artillery," State troops; Captain-Lieu-
tenant, ditto ; resigned ; First Lieutenant, Continental
Army; also Quartermaster in Quartermaster General's De-

Denise, Jaques. Cornet, " Captain Walton's Troop, Light Dra-
goons," Monmouth; Lieutenant Commanding company,.
Major Hayes' battalion. State troops ; Lieutenant, " Captain
Barnes Smock's Company, Artillery," Monmouth; Captaini-
Lieutenant, ditto.

Doughty, John. Captain-Lieutenant, "Captain Frelinghuy-
sen's Eastern Company, Artillery," State troops; resigned.

Newark, Thomas. Captain-Lieutenant, " Captain Samuel Hugg's
Western Company, Artillery," State troops, March ist, i776>

Van Dyke, John. Second Lieutenant, " Captain Frelinghuy-
sen's Eastern Company, Artillery," State troops, Marcli'
ist, 1776; First Lieutenant, ditto, December 4th, 1776;
Captain-Lieutenant, ditto.




All, Nathan. Lieutenant, Captain Duryea's company, First
Battalion, Somerset.

Allen, Peter. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Somerset.

Anderson, Thomas. Lieutenant and Acting Adjutant, Mon-

Annin, Samuel. Private, Somerset ; Lieutenant, ditto.

Appleton, Peter. Lieutenant, Sussex.

Armstrong, Thomas. Lieutenant, militia; also Wagonmaster.

AsHTON, James. Lieutenant, militia.

Austin, . Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Sussex.

Bailey, H . Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Hunterdon.

Baker, David. Private, Gloucester ; Lieutenant, ditto.

Baldwin, Elias. Lieutenant, militia.

Baldwin, Jesse. Ensign, Essex; Lieutenant and Quartermas-
ter, ditto ; also Quartermaster, Continental Army.

Bamber, Jacob. Corporal, militia; Lieutenant, ditto.

Bardan, Henry. Lieutenant, Bergen.

Barricklo, Farrington. Lieutenant, Captain Gulick's com-
pany, Third Regiment, Middlesex, November ist, 1780.

Barton, . Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Hunterdon.

Basset, Isaac. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Hunterdon.

Bennet, Barnes. Ensign, Monmouth; Lieutenant, ditto;
cashiered February 21st, 1781 — ^neglect of duty.

Berdan, Henry. Lieutenant, Captain Stagg's company, Col-
onel Thompson'^ battalion, " Minute Men."


Bergen, Jacob G. Lieutenant, Somerset ; Lieutenant Cons-
manding guard, at Princeton.

Bier, Denice. Lieutenant, Somerset.

BiGLOw, Aaron. Lieutenant, "Western Battalion," Morris.

BiLDERBACK, JONATHAN. Lieutenant, Captain Thomas Sinict-
son's company. Second Battalion, Salem ; prisoner of war..

Blackford, Manning. Serjeant, Captain Gunterman's com-
pany, Second Regiment, Sussex ; Lieutenant, ditto.

Blain, Thomas. Lieutenant, militia.

Blair, Thomas. Private, Bergen ; Serjeant, ditto ; Lieutenanty

Blake, John. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Monmouth ; Lieu-
tenant, Colonel Holmes' regiment. State troops.

Bockhover, George. Lieutenant, "Eastern Battalion," Mor-
ris; Lieutenant, Captain Jacob Bockhover' s company. Sec-
ond Regiment, Sussex.

BoLMER, Robert. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Somerset.

Brees, James. Lieutenant, militia.

Brinley, John. Lieutenant, Monmouth ; Lieutenant, Colonel
Forman's battalion, " Heard's Brigade," June 14th, 1776;-
also Issuing Foragemaster,

Brocaw, John. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Somerset; killed,
October 4th, 1777, at Germantown, Pennsylvania.

Brokaw, John. Lieutenant, Captain Henry Hover's company,.
Second Regiment, Sussex.

Brown, Benjamin. Lieutenant, company, artillery, Burlington.

Brown, Obadiah. Serjeant, Captain Swisher's company. First

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