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Regiment, Sussex ; Ensign, ditto ; Lieutenant, ditto.

Brown, Walter. Lieutenant, Captain Swisher's company^
First Regiment, Sussex.


Buck, Ephraim. Lieutenant, Monmouth.

BuFFE, David. Lieutenant, Bergen; taken prisoner May 13th,

Burnet, John. Lieutenant, Essex; cashiered December 14th,
1 781 — conduct unbecoming an officer.

Burroughs, Zebulon. Ensign, Captain Henry Phillips' com-
pany, First Regiment, Hunterdon, May loth, 1777; Lieu-
tenant, ditto.

Byn, Denice. Lieutenant, Somerset.

Cape, John. Lieutenant, Captain Freeman's company. First
Regiment, Middlesex; Lieutenant, Captain Freeman's com-
pany, State troops.

Carmichael, Alexander. Lieutenant, troop, light dragoons,
Morris, July, 1776.

Carter, John. Lieutenant, Gloucester.

Carter, Thomas. Lieutenant, Captain Cornelius Johnson's
company. Third Regiment, Hunterdon, November 5th,

Catacunch, William. Lieutenant, Captain Edsall's company,
State troops.

Chadwick, Elihu. Ensign, Second Regiment, Hunterdon ;
Lieutenant, ditto.

Chatham, John. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Gloucester.

Clark, Jeremiah. Lieutenant, Essex.

Compton, Job. Lieutenant, Monmouth.

Conger, Samuel. Lieutenant, militia.

Conn, Samuel. Lieutenant, militia; also Lieutenant, Conti-
nental Army.

CoNOVER, Ruleif. Lieutenant, Monmouth.


Cook, George. Lieutenant, Monmouth.

Cook, Thomas. Lieutenant, Captain Hankinson's company,
Colonel Forraan's battalion, "Heard's Brigade," June i6th,
1776; Lieutenant, Monmouth; prisoner September, 1780.

CoRwiNE, Richard. Lieutenant, Captain John Phillips' com-
pany. Third Regiment, Hunterdon.

CouTERMAN, . Lieutenant, Captain Stull's company,

Second Regiment, Sussex.

CovENHOVEN, Ralph. Lieutenant, troop, light-horse, Mon-

CovENHOVEN, RuLEiF. Lieutenant, Monmouth.

Cox, James. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Monmouth; Lieu-
tenant, Colonel Holmes' regiment, State troops.

Crane, Caleb. Lieutenant, Morris.

Crawford, James. Lieutenant, Fourth Regiment, Hunterdon.

Crittenden, Nathaniel. Ensign, militia ; Lieutenant, ditto.

CuTTANCE, William. Lieutenant, Sussex.

Davis, John. Lieutenant, Captain Carhart's company, State

Davis, Moses. Lieutenant, Captain Hankinson's company.
First Regiment, Monmouth.

Dean, Stephen. Lieutenant, " Captain Nixon's Troop, Light-
Horse," Middlesex, January 27th, 1777.

DeGroot, William. Serjeant, First Regiment, Middlesex;
Ensign, ditto j Lieutenant, ditto.

Demont, Abraham. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Somerset.
Denniston, William. Lieutenant, Bergen.

Doremus, David. Lieutenant, Bergen ; Lieutenant, Major
Goetschius' battalion. State troops.


Douglass, John. Lieutenant, State troops.

Drake, John. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Middlesex.

Dunham, Stephen. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Hunterdon.

DuRAND, John. Lieutenant, militia.

Emley, Ezekiel. Lieutenant, Monmouth.

Everett, Abner. Lieutenant, Sussex.

EwiNG, James. Lieutenant, Second Battalion, Cumberland.

Fairchild, William. Lieutenant, Morris.

Farrand, Phineas. Lieutenant, Captain Minard's company,
"Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Ferguson, Jeremiah. Lieutenant, Captain Cole's company.
Second Regiment, Sussex.

Field, Jeremiah. Private, First Regiment, Middlesex; Ser-
jeant, ditto; Lieutenant, ditto.

Fisher, Charles. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Middlesex.

Fisher, Lewis. Lieutenant, Captain Nyce's company. First
Regiment, Sussex.

Fleming, Jacob. Lieutenant, Monmouth.

FoRMAN, Samuel P. Lieutenant, Monmouth.

Foster, Ephraim. Ensign, Captain Ogden's company. Colonel
Enos Seeley's battalion. State troops, January 31st, 1777;
Lieutenant, First Battalion, Cumberland.

Foster, Ephraim. Lieutenant, Monmouth ; also artificer.

Frazer, William. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Somerset.

Gale, James. Lieutenant, Captain Leak's company, Burling-

Gaskill, Samuel. Lieutenant, Burlington.


GiLLiLAND, David. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Middlesex.

GoBLE, Simon. Serjeant, Captain Shaver's company. Second
Regiment, Sussex; Lieutenant, ditto.

Gordon, . Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Hunterdon.

Hair, George. Lieutenant, Burlington.

Hall, George. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Somerset. [See

Halsey, Ezra. Lieutenant, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Hammill, John. Lieutenant, Burlington.

Harring, John D. Lieutenant, Bergen ; wounded.

Harris, Matthias. Lieutenant, "Western Battalion," Morris.

Harrison, Reuben. Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Essex.

Haviland, John. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Essex ; prisoner
of war in August, 1780.

Hay, David. Lieutenant, Monmouth.

Hayman, . Lieutenant, Hunterdon.

Hays, Thomas. Second Lieutenant, Captain Malick's com-
pany. First Regiment, Sussex, May 24th, 1777; also Lieu-
tenant, Continental Army.

Headland, Cornelius. Lieutenant, Sussex.

Heafland, Charles. Lieutenant, militia; prisoner of war
in September, 1780.

Hendrickson, David. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Burlington.

Hendrickson, David. Lieutenant, Monmouth.

Hogeland, Abraham. Lieutenant, Captain Growendyck's com-
pany, Second Regiment, Hunterdon.


HoGELAND, John. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Hunterdon ;

HOLCOMB, Jacob. Lieutenant, Captain Hoppock's company,
Third Regiment, Hunterdon.

Hopkins, Abijah. Lieutenant, Captain Stull's company. Sec-
ond Regiment, Sussex. [See Captains].

Hopkins, Benjamin. Lieutenant, militia.

Hopkins, Caleb. Lieutenant, Sussex; Lieutenant, Captain Bon-
nel's company, State troops.

Hornbeck, Benjamin. Ensign, Captain Shimer's company,.
Third Battalion, Sussex; Lieutenant, Second Regiment

HuTTON, Timothy. Lieutenant, militia; Lieutenant, State-

Imlay, Gilbert. Lieutenant, militia.

Irvine, Andrew. Lieutenant, militia; commanding guard, at

Jarvis, Philip. Lieutenant, militia.

Jay, Joseph. Lieutenant, Burlington ; also private. Continen-
tal Army.

Johnson, Ananias. Lieutenant, militia.

Johnson, Jacob. Private, Third Regiment, Hunterdon ; Lieu-
tenant, ditto.

Johnson, James. Lieutenant, State troops.

Johnson, Thomas. Private, militia; Lieutenant, ditto.

Kayn, John. Lieutenant, Captain Gunterman's company, Sec-
ond Regiment, Sussex.

Keen, Benjamin. Lieutenant, Captain Piatt's company. Second
Battalion, Cumberland, June 4th, 1783.


Kenney, Abraham. Lieutenant, militia.

Knolton, Robert. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Sussex, June
6th, 1777.

Lane, Abraham. Private, Monmouth; Serjeant, ditto; Lieu-
tenant, ditto.

Lane, . Lieutenant, First Battalion, Somerset.

Leary, William. Lieutenant, militia.

Lee, Paul. Lieutenant, Morris ; also Wagonmaster.

Leeds, Enoch. Lieutenant, Gloucester.

Lewis, Edward. Lieutenant, Morris.

LiDDLE, Robert. Lieutenant, militia.

Livingston, Robert. Lieutenant, militia.

LoNGSTREET, GILBERT. Lieutenant, Captain Wikoif 's company.
Second Regiment, Monmouth.

LopER, Abraham. Lieutenant, Captain Thompson's company,
Second Battalion, Salem, January 3d, 1782.

Ludlam, Norton. Lieutenant, Cumberland, June 9th, 1781.

LusE, Eleazer. Lieutenant, " Western Battalion," Morris.

LusE, Israel. Ensign, Second Regiment, Sussex; Lieutenant,

Marsh, Abraham. Lieutenant, First Regiinent, Essex.

Marsh, Noah. Lieutenant, " Captain Meeker's Troop, Light-
Horse,"- Essex, October 29th, 1782.

Marsh, . Lieutenant, Third Battalion, Sussex.

Matthews, John. Lieutenant, Burlington; Lieutenant, Cap-
tain Harrison's company, Hunterdon.

Mattison, Joseph. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Hunterdon.


Maxwell, Robert. Lieutenant, Captain Maxwell's company.
Second Regiment, Hunterdon.

McCoy, Charles. Lieutenant, Captain Bruere's company,

McCuLLOUGH, Joseph. Lieutenant, Third Battalion, Gloucester.

McDowell, Andrew. Private, Middlesex; Serjeant, ditto;
Lieutenant, ditto ; Lieutenant, State troops.

Meeker, Samuel. Cornet, " Captain Blanchard's Troop, Light-
Horse," Essex; Lieutenant, "Captain Marsh's Troop,"

MiDDAUGH, Solomon. Ensign, Captain Cole's company. Sec-
ond Regiment, Sussex ; Lieutenant, ditto.

Mills, Jedediah. Lieutenant, militia.

Misner, Luke. Lieutenant, Captain Longstreet's company,
Second Regiment, Sussex.

Montgomery, Alexander. Lieutenant, " Captain Borden's
Troop, Light-Horse,'! Burlington, October 6th, 1777.

Montgomery, James. Lieutenant, militia)

Morgan, Nicholas. First Lieutenant, Captain Morgan's com-
pany. Second Regiment, Middlesex ; Lieutenant Command-
ing company. Major Hayes' battalion. State troops; mor-
tally wounded December 9th, 1782.

Mount, John. Lieutenant, Middlesex.

Mulford, David. Lieutenant, Second Battalion, Cumberland ;
killed November 25th, 1777.

Mulford, Isaac. Lieutenant, Cumberland ; Lieutenant, Cap-
tain Fithian's company. Colonel Enos Seeley's battalion,
State troops.

NoRRis, George. Lieutenant, Burlington.

Orr, Alexander. Lieutenant, Cumberland.


OsBORN, Abraham. Private, Monmouth j Lieutenant, ditto.

OsBORN, Howell. Lieutenant, "Western Battalion," Morris.

OsBORN, J . Lieutenant, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

OsBORN, Thomas. Lieutenant, Captain Baldwin's company,
"Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Parker, Daniel. Lieutenant, company, artillery, militia.

Parsons, John. Lieutenant, Gloucester; prisoner of war in
September, 1780.

Patton, James. Lieutenant, "Captain Samuel Meeker's Troop,
Light-Horse," Sussex; discharged June 8th, 1780 — wounds.

Peirce, Ward. Lieutenant, Captain Stonebank's company,
First Battalion, Gloucester, October 5th, 1778.

Persall, John. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Middlesex.

Peterson, William. Lieutenant, Captain McGIaughlin's com-
pany, First Battalion, Cumberland, January 17th, 1780.

Plahames, Cornelius. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Hunter-

Platt, John. Lieutenant, militia.

Post, Abraham. Lieutenant, "Eastern Battalion," Morris;
Lieutenant, State troops.

Post, Abram. Lieutenant, Hunterdon.

Prall, John. Lieutenant, Captain Stout's company. Third
Regiment, Hunterdon.

Price, Anthony. Lieutenant, Essex.

Quay, John. Lieutenant, Monmouth.

Ray'nor, Matthew. Private, "Eastern Battalion," Morris;
Serjeant, ditto; Lieutenant, ditto.


E.HEA, David. Lieutenant, " Captain John Walton's Troop,
Light Dragoons," Monmouth; Lieutenant, Captain Wal-
ton's company, State troops, (horsemen) ; Lieutenant,
"Captain Nixon's Troop, Light-Horse," Middlesex; also
Quartermaster, militia.

RoBARTS, John. Private, Captain Jonas Ward's company,
"Eastern Battalion," Morris; Serjeant, State troops; En-
sign, ditto ; Lieutenant, ditto ; Lieutenant, Captain Carter's
company, "Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Roberts, Palmer. Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Hunterdon.

RosECRANTZ, Jacob. Second Lieutenant, Captain Manuel
Hover's company. Third Battalion, Sussex; Lieutenant,
Captain Bonnel's company. State troops.

Row, Philip. Lieutenant, Hunterdon.

S.«RE, EzEKiEL. Lieutenant, Monmouth.

Sayre, Range. Private, militia ; Lieutenant, ditto.

SCHANCK, Garret. Serjeant, Captain Stout's company. Third
Regiment, Hunterdon ; Lieutenant, ditto ; discharged April
6th, 1777.

ScHENCK, Joseph. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Middlesex.

Sears, Peter. Lieutenant, militia ; in the service until close
of the war.

Serviss, Philip. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Hunterdon.

■Sexton, Samuel. Lieutenant, Monmouth, 1778.

Shaw, John. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Middlesex.

Shaw, Nathan. Lieutenant, militia.

Sheppard, Nathan. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Cumberland.

■Sheppard, Sajiuel. Lieutenant, militia.


SiTHENS, David. Lieutenant, Captain Newkirk's company,
Second Battalion, Salem.

Skillman, . Lieutenant, Hunterdon.

Smith, Elias. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Cumberland.

Smock, Henry. Lieutenant, Monmouth ; prisoner of war Sep-
tember, 1780.

Solomon, Nathaniel. Lieutenant, Captain Harker's company,
Second Regiment, Sussex.

Spear, Herman. Private, troop, light-horse, Essex; Lieutenant,
company, artillery, militia.

Speer, Garret. Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Essex.
Speer, John. Lieutenant, Bergen ; Lieutenant, State troops.

Speer, John. Lieutenant, Essex ; Lieutenant, Captain Craige's
company. State troops.

Stryker, Henry. Serjeant, "Captain Smock's Troop, Light
Dragoons," Monmouth; Ensign, ditto; Lieutenant, ditto.

Studson, Joshua. Lieutenant, Monmouth ; Lieutenant, Cap-
tain Jenkins' company. Colonel Holmes' battalion, State
troops, June 14th, 1780; killed December, 1780, while
boarding an enemy's vessel on the coast.

Svi^AiN, John. Serjeant, Captain Duryea's company, First Bat-
talion, Somerset ; Lieutenant, ditto.

Swartwood, John. Lieutenant, militia.

Taylor, Robert. Lieutenant, Hunterdon.

Ten Eyck, Jacob. Lieutenant, Captain Carhart's company.
First Regiment, Monmouth.

Ten Eyck, John. Lieutenant, Somerset; killed June 17th,
1777, at Millstone, New Jersey.


Tharp, John. Lieutenant, Somerset ; in the service until close
of the war.

Thomson, Thomas. Lieutenant, Fourth Regiment, Hunterdon.

TiCHENER, Daniel. Lieutenant, militia.

TiCHENER, David. Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Essex.

TiCE, Elias. Lieutenant, Captain Baird's company, First Regi-
ment, Monmouth.

ToBiN, Thomas. Lieutenant, " Captain Carle's Troop, Light-
Horse," Hunterdon, October 6th, 1777.

Todd, John. Lieutenant, Somerset.

Vanatta, John. Ensign, Captain James Anderson's company.
First Regiment, Sussex, June 6th, 1777 ; Lieutenant, ditto.

Van Brunt, Hendrick, Jr. Lieutenant, Third Regiment,

Van Busse, David. Lieutenant, Bergen.

Vanderbelt, Jacob. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Hunterdon.

Vanderbelt, John. Lieutenant, Third Regiment, Hunterdon.

Vanderveer, Hendrick. Serjeant, Monmouth; Lieutenant,

Vaness, Simon. Lieutenant, Captain DeBow's company,
"Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Van Horne, James. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Somerset.

Van Neste, John. Ensign, Captain Henry Hover's company,
Second Regiment, Sussex ; Lieutenant, ditto.

Van Order, Peter S. Private, Bergen ; Corporal, ditto. ; Lieu-
tenant, ditto.

Van Pelt, . Lieutenant, Middlesex.

Vermule, Eder. Lieutenant, Essex.



VooRHEES, Daniel. Lieutenant, Captain Chambers' company,
Third Regiment, Middlesex.

Wade, Robert. Lieutenant, militia.

Wall, James. Ensign, "Captain Smock's Troop, Light Dra-
goons," Monmouth; Lieutenant, ditto.

Walling, Joseph. Lieutenant, Monmouth.

AValmsley, Christopher. Lieutenant, "Eastern Battalion,"

Ward, Timothy C. Lieutenant, Captain Bates' company,
"Eastern Battalion," Morris.

Weatherby, Benjamin. Lieutenant, Third Battalion, Glouces-
ter ; Lieutenant, Colonel Somers' battalion. State troops.

Welch, Peter. Lieutenant, Somerset.

Westbrook, Onee. Lieutenant, Sussex.

Westervelt, . Lieutenant, Captain Ward's company,


AVhalen, James. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Somerset.

Whitaker, Stephen. Lieutenant, Captain Jacob Ten Eyck's
company. First Battalion, Somerset.

Whitecar, Thomas. Lieutenant, First Battalion, Cumberland,
October 12th, 1782.

Whitlock, John. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Monmouth;
killed February 13th, 1777, at Middletown, New Jersey.

AVilliamson, John. Ensign, Captain Stout's company, Third
Regiment, Hunterdon ; Lieutenant, ditto.

AVilson, D . Lieutenant, Morris.

AA^ilson, Robert. Lieutenant, militia.

AA'iNANS, Elias. Lieutenant, Essex.


WooDHOUSE, Mansfield. Lieutenant, First Regiment, Sussex,
June 6th, 1777.

AVooDRUFF, David. Lieutenant, Essex ; Lieutenant, Captain
Scudder's company. State troops.

Woodruff, Ephraim. Lieutenant, Sussex.
Yard, Josiah, Serjeant, Morris ; Lieutenant, ditto.
Young, Henry. Lieutenant, Salem.
Zaeriskie, Yost. Lieutenant, Bergen.


Bishop, John. First Lieutenant, Captain Piatt's company.
Second Battalion, Cumberland.

Blauvelt, Cornelius D. First Lieutenant, "Captain Abraham
J. Blauvelt's company, Bergen, August 6th, 1776.

Bowman, Edward. First Lieutenant, Captain Abraham John-
ston's company, First Regiment, Sussex, June 6th, 1777.

Brinkerhoff, George. First Lieutenant, Captain Jacob Ter-
hune's company, Bergen, February 28th, 1776.

Brink, James. First Lieutenant, Captain Cortwright's com-
pany, Third Battalion, Sussex.

Brower, John. First Lieutenant, Captain Cornelius Speer's
company. Second Regiment, Essex, May 28th, 1777.

Brown, Anthony. First Lieutenant, Captain Abraham Speer's
company. Second Regiment, Essex, May 28th, 1777; Lieu-
tenant, Captain Neil's company. State troops.

Brown, Thomas. First Lieutenant, Captain Azel Peirson's
company. Second Battalion, Cumberland.

BuNN, Thomas. First Lieutenant, Captain Heathcote John-
ston's company, Middlesex.


Catterlin, Joseph. First Lieutenant, Captain Smalley's com-
pany, First Battalion, Somerset; Lieutenant, Captain Out-
water's company, State troops ; Lieutenant, Captain Peter
Ward's company, ditto.

C.-VTHERLAND, JoiEPH. First Lieutenant, Captain Jacob Ten
Eyck's company. First Battalion, Somerset, November nth,


Chadwick, Jeremiah. First Lieutenant, Captain Chadwick's
company. Third Regiment, Monmouth.

Clh'ford, John. First Lieutenant, Cjptain Carhart's compaii)',
Second Regiment, Hunterdon.

Cline, Herm.inus. First Lieutenant, Captain Betty's com-
pany. First Regiment, Susse.x, June 6th, 1777.

Craig, John. First Lieutenant, Captain Elisha Walton's com-
pany. First Regiment, Monmouth, May 7th, 1777.

Crane, John. First Lieutenant, Captain Beach's company,
" EasDern Battalion," Morris, Ajril 19th, 1777.

Delatush, Henry. First Lieutenant, Captain Fancoast's com-
pany, First Regiment, Burlington, July 3d, 1776.

Depue, Daniel. First Lieutenant, Captain Manuel Hover's
company. Third Battalion, Susse.x.

Dobbins, William. First Lieutenant, Captain Weaver's com-
pany. Second Regiment, Burlington, April 15th, 1777-

Dow, Andrew. First Lieutenant, Captain Mackay's company,
First Regiment, Susse.x, June 6th, 1777.

DuMONT, Abram. First Lieutenant, Captain Jacob Ten Eyck's
company. First Battalion, Somerset, July 8th, 1776.

Dunn, Jeremiah. First Lieutenant, Colonel Hunt's battalion,
"Heard's Brigade,'' July 5th, 1776; First Lieutenant,
Colonel Thompson's battalion, "Detached Militia," July
i8th, 1776.


Eaton, Gideon. First Lieutenant, Captain Peterson's com-
pany, First Battalion, Cumberland, January 31st, 1777.

Edgar, David. First Lieutenant, Middlesex; First Lieutenant,
"Heard's Brigade;" also Captain, Continental Army.

Edwards, David. First Lieutenant, Captain Willets' company,
Cape May, April i6th, 1777.

Fitch, John. First Lieutenant, Captain Tucker's company.
First Regiment, Hunterdon, June igtb, 1776.

H.AYWOOD, Eton. First Lieutenant, Captain Penton's company,
Second Battalion, Salem, August 19th, 1776.

Hendrickson, AuKE. First Lieutenant, Captain Wikoff's com-
pany, Second Regiment, Monmouth, November 12th, 1777.

Hendrickson, Garret. First Lieutenant, Captain William
Schanck's company. First Regiment, Monmouth, Septem-
ber 25th, 1777; wounded at ^liddletown, June 12th, 1 7S0.

HoLcojiB, George. Fir^t Lieutenant, Captain John Phillips'
company. Third Regiment, Hunterdon, October 20th,

Howell, James. First Lieutenant, Cumberland ; Firbt Lieu-
tenant, Captain Sayre's company. Colonel Enos Seeley's
battalion. State troops.

Hunt, Nathaniel. First Lieutenant, Captain Henry Phillips'
company. First Regiment, Hunterdon, May loth, 1777.

Imlay, Isaac Private, Monmouth ; First Lieutenant, ditto.

Ingersoll, Joseph. First Lieutenant, Captain Jeremiah Smith's
company, Third Battalion, Gloucester, November 14th,

Ireland, Edward. First Lieutenant, Third Battalion, Glou-
cester, November 14th, 1777.

Johnson, Andrew. First Lieutenant, Captain Philip Phillips'
company, First Regiment, Hunterdon.


Jones, Ralph. First Lieutenant, Captain Mott's company,
First Regiment, Hunterdon, May loth, 1777.

Kidney, John. First Lieutenant, Captain Henry Jaraloman's
company. Second Regiment, Essex, May 28th, 1777.

Kinney, Peter. First Lieutenant, Captain Jacob Winter's
company, First Regiment, Sussex.

KiRKHOFF, Bernice. First Lieutenant, Fourth Regiment, Hun-
terdon, February 14th, 1778.

Lee, Giles. First Lieutenant, Morris.

Leeds, Jeremiah. First Lieutenant, Captain Covenover's com-
pany, Third Battalion, Gloucester, September i8th, 1777.

Longstreet, Aaron. First Lieutenant, Captain Houston's
company. Second Battalion, Somerset, February 28th, 1776.

Low, Peter. Private, Captain Jacob Ten Eyck's company,
First Battalion, Somerset; First Lieutenant, ditto; First
Lieutenant, Captain Stites' company, Colonel Hunt's bat-
talion, "Heard's Brigade," July 5th, 1776; First Lieuten-
ant, Colonel Thompson's battalion, " Detached Militia,"
July i8th, 1776; also First Lieutenant, Continental Array.

Ludlam, Henry. First Lieutenant, Captain Townsend's com-
pany. Cape May, June 7th, 1777.

Manning, James. First Lieutenant, Captain Bonny's company,
Middlesex, January loth, 1776.

Marsh, Ralph. First Lieutenant, Captain Barron's company.
First Regiment, Middlesex, January loth, 1776.

Martin, John. First Lieutenant, Sussex; First Lieutenant,
"Heard's Brigade," June 14th, 1776; also First Lieuten-
ant, Continental Army.

Matlack, Samuel. First Lieutenant, Captain Thome's com-
pany. Second Battalion, Gloucester, August loth, 1776-


McClanin, William. First Lieutenant, Captain Benjamin
Kirkendall's company, Second Regiment, Sussex.

Mershon, Henry. First Lieutenant, Captain Hunt's company.
First Regiment, Hunterdon, June 17th, 1776.

Mersural, Jacob. First Lieutenant, Captain Taylor's com-
pany, Colonel Neilson's battalion, "Minute Men," Janu-
ary loth, 1776.

Mitchell, Alexander. First Lieutenant, Gloucester ; First
Lieutenant, "Heard's Brigade," June 14th, 1776; also
Captain, Continental Army.

Moore, Moses. First Lieutenant, Captain Hunt's company.
First Regiment, Hunterdon, May lotli, 1777.

Morse, Nehemiah. First Lieutenant, Captain Payne's com-
pany, Third Battalion, Gloucester, November 14th, 1777.

Parke, William. First Lieutenant, Captain Guild's company.
First Regiment, Hunterdon, May loth, 1777.

Parsons, Robert, Jr. First Lieutenant, Captain Foster' com-
pany. Cape May, May 23d, 1777.

Pipes, John. First Lieutenant, Morris; First Lieutenant,
"Heard's Brigade," June 14th, 1776; also Second Lieu-
tenant, Continental Army.

Reed, Daniel. First Lieutenant, Captain David Peirson's
company. Colonel Enos Seeley's battalion. State troops,
January 31st, 1777.

Sandford, Peter. First Lieutenant, Captain Jaraloman's com-
pany, Bergen, February 28th, 1776.

ScHOOLEY, Samuel. Second Lieutenant, "Heard's Brigade,"
June 24th, 1776; Second Lieutenant, First Regiment,
Sussex; First Lieutenant, ditto. May 24th, 1777; also
Second Lieutenant, Continental Army.

SKiELTON, Joseph. First Lieutenant, Middlesex ; First Lieuten-


ant, "Heard's Brigade," June 14th, 1776; also First Lieu-
tenant, Continental Army.

Smyth, Eleazer. First Lieutenant, Captain Ogden's company,
Colonel Enos Seeley's battalion. State troops, January 31st,


Springer, Samuel. First Lieutenant, Captain Rape's company,
Third Battalion, Gloucester, September i8th, 1777.

Stockton, James. Ensign, Captain Houston's company. Sec-
ond Battalion, Somerset, February 2Sth, 1776; First Lieu-
tenant, Captain Moore's company, ditto, April 28th, 1777.

Strowder, Matthias. First Lieutenant, Captain Bockhover's
company, Second Regiment, Sussex.

Stull, Henry. First Lieutenant, Captain Ribble's company.
First Regiment, Sussex, June 6th, 1777.

Taylor, Lawrence. First Lieutenant, Monmouth.

Terhune, Abraham. First Lieutenant, Captain Vandeventer's
company. First Regiment, Middlesex, July 24th, 1776.

Tice, Jacob. Second Lieutenant, Captain Hunn's company.
First Regiment, Monmouth, October 12th, 1775; First
Lieutenant, Captain John Schenck's company, ditto; First
Lieutenant, Middlesex.

ToMLiNSON, James. First Lieutenant, Cumberland ; First Lieu-
tenant, Captain Bennett's company. Colonel Enos Seeley's
battalion. State troops.

Tompson, George. Second Lieutenant, Captain John Lyle's
company. Third Regiment, Middlesex; First Lieutenant,
Captain John Voorhees, Jr. 's, company, ditto; First Lieu-
tenant, Colonel Neilson's battalion. State troops.

Tompson, John. First Lieutenant, Captain John Lyle's com-
pany. Third Regiment, Middlesex; resigned.

Toms, John. First Lieutenant, Colonel Phillips' battalion,

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