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Online LibraryNew Jersey. Dept. of stateIndex of wills, inventories, etc. in the office of the secretary of state prior to 1901 .. (Volume 1) → online text (page 68 of 88)
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Crane, Jonathan S., 920T. Inv. 1872.
Crane, Jonathan T.. 2693T. W. 1888.
Crane, Toseph M., 2306T. W. 1885. Inv.

Crane, Tosiah, Sr., 1022T. W. 1873. Inv.

Crane, Kesiali, 1729T. Inv. 1880.

Crane. Martha, 206T. W. 1862. Inv. 1864.

Crane, Marv C. 921 T. W. 1872.

Crane, Marv M., 3138T. W. 1891.

Crane. Mary W., 2418T. W. 1886. Inv. 1886.

Crane. Milton B.. 3801 T. W. i895-

Crane. Moses M.. ]ii6T. W. & Cod. 1874-

Inv. 187^.
Crane, Natlianiel M., 746T. W. 1S70. Inv.

Crane, Noah. 308T. Inv. 1865.
Crane, Oliver, 3139T. W. 1891.
Crane, Phebe, 1117T. W. 1874. Inv. 1875.
Crane, Sarah, 5giT, W. 1868. Inv. 1868.
Crane, Sarah, 1219T. Inv. 1875.
Crane, Sarah, 1975T, W. 1882. Inv. 1882,



Craiif, Sarah M.. JigjT. \V. 1S.S4.

Crane, llioinas S., 1023T. VV. 187;. Inv,

Crane. William, 386T. \V. 1864. Inv. 1864.

Crane. William, QJ2T. Inv. 1872.

Crane, William. 1976T. W. 1882.

Crane, VXilliani W., 2307T. W. 1885.

Crate. |i)hn, 1024T. Inv. 187J.

Creasv, John C, 449T. W. 1866. Inv. 1S66,

Cree, Hannah B., 510T. \X. 1867. Inv. 1867.
Cree, James, 35T. Inv. i8s8.
Cree, John P., 674T. W. 1869. Inv. 1869.
Cree, William J., 747T. W. 1870.
Creed, luigene. 1977'r. W. 1882.
Creter. Christina E., 3802T. W. 189s.
Creter. I'hilip, 3974T." W. 1896.
CrevelinR. Elisha W., 1118T. W. & Cod. 1874.

Inv. 1875.
Crittenden, Catharine. 1 1 i()T. W. 1S74. Inv.

Crittenlon, Laura, 2552T. W. 1887. Inv. 1889.
Crittentiin, Sophia. 51 iT. W. 1867. Inv. 1876.
Crittenton, Sophia, 2I9?T. Inv. 1884.
Croak, John. 3464T. W. 1893.
Croaker, John. 1730T. W. 1880.
Croker. Patrick I.. 4447T. W. 1899.
Cnvlins, .Mice J., 1&42T. W. 1881.
Cromhie. Charlotte .\., 2071 T. Inv. 1883.
Cromwell, lohn. 1140T. W. l8(>i. Inv. 1891.
Cron. John S., 2^;3T. W. 1887. Inv. 1887.
Cron, Phillip. 2072T. W. 1883. Inv. 1883.
Cronin. Michael. ?ioiT. W. 1892.
Crosbie. John. 1843T. Inv. 1881.
Cross, Joseph. !i2oT. W. 1874. Inv. 1874.
Cross, Mary R.. S92T. VV. 1868.
Croiisc, Evelina L., 28^8T. Inv. 1889.
Crowell, .-\nn U,. 26947. Inv. 1S88.
'■■•owell. Edward. ■i8=,T. Inv. 1864.

•well, Stewart, 207T. W. i8'S2. Inv. l8'i2.
• well. Thomas L., 2554T. VV. 1887. Inv.

Crowley, John, 450T. W. i866. Inv. 1867.
Crozier. John. 77T. W. i8:;9. Inv. 1859, 1877.
Cuff, lohn. 3302T." W. 1802.
Cnllen. Ri.hard. 2Q82T. \V. 1890. Inv. 1891.
CnHcn, Susan, 3141T. Inv. 1891.
Cnllity. Mary, 3465T. W. 1893.
Cumming, Frederic C. 14S7T. W. 1871 Inv.

Cnminings. Bridget. 4448T. W. 1899.
Cunningham, Elizabeth S.. 4129T. W. 1897.
Curran, James J.. 2r)83T. VV. i8q«. Inv. 1891.
Curran, Michael, 1731T. Inv. 1880.
Currid. William. 3142T. Inv. i8r;i.
Currie. John L.. 3O33T. VV. & Cod. 1894. Int.

1894. Inv. 1894.
Cnrrv, Daniel. 2419T. W. 1886.
Cnrtin. Sarah I,. 1220T. W. 187s. Inv. 1876.
Curtis. John, 2194T. VV. i..
Cushman. Sarah C, .VW3T. VV. 1892.
Cusick. Michael. 1121T. Inv. 1874.
Cuthhert. Margaret .\.. 2^o8T. VV. i88i.
Cutter. Joseph\S.. 3634T.' Inv. 1894.
Cutter. Mar>- J.. 4130T. W. & Cod. 1837.
Cutter. Phehe C. 4440T. VV. 1S09.
Cutting. William C... 1221T. VV. 187;. Inv.


Dahh. .Vll.erl N.. 1222T. VV. \S-^. Inv. 187:;.
Dahb, Mary. 2073T. VV. 1.S83. Inv. 1884.
D.ickernian, Andrew. I02.^T. VV. 1873.
Dackermann, Adolph A.. 3304T. W. 1892.

22 vol .;

Daily, Marv, 1122T. VV. 1874. Inv. 1874.

Dalv, Catharine, 25S5T. Inv. 1887.

Dalv. lohn J., 397(>T. W. i89().

Dana, Julia B., 4131T. VV. 1897.

Dandy, James H., 1978T. VV. 1882. Inv. 1882.

Danner, George, 2195T. Inv. 1884. 1895.

Danner, Margaret, 363ST. W. 1894. Inv. 1894.

Darby, Catherine, S9.lT. VV. 1868. Inv. I&)9.

Darbv, Elias, 1623T. VV. 1879. I"v. 1880.

Darby, Hannah, S29T. VV. 1871. Inv. 1871.

Darbv, Phehe, m2T. W. iSliy. Inv. 1867.

Darby, Rachel, 309'r. VV. i8()S.

Darbv. William H., 1844T. VV. 1881. Inv.

Darcy, Eliza A., 2309T. VV. 1885. Inv. 1886.
Darey, John. Sr., 3977T. VV. 1896. Inv. 189O.
Darlmg, Charles VV., 451T. W. 1866. Inv.

Davenport, Sarah E., 1123T. VV. 1874.
Davi.s, Ann, 4450T. VV. 1899.
Davis, Catharine, 346;iT. Inv. 1893.
Davis, Edward J., ii45T. Inv. 1878.
Davis, Ellen J., 1845T. VV. 1881. Inv. 1881.
Davis, C.eorge, 675T. VV. 1869. Inv. 1869.
Davis. C.eorge, 3803T. VV. 1895.
Davis, C.eorge VV. P., 2695T. Inv. 1888.
Davis, Isaac, 3467T. \V. 1893.
Davis, Jacob, 3636T. VV. & Cod. 1894. Inv.

Davis, James, 2984T. W. 1890.
Davis, Jane, 1846T. Inv. 1881.
Davis, Joanna A.. i?osT. Inv. 1892.
Davis, John Clark, 316T. W. 1865.
Davis, Joseph A., 3143T. Inv. 1891.
Davis, Lester, .W/t^T. VV. 1896. Inv. 1897.
Davis, Sarah, 4J98T. VV. 1898.
Davis, Thomas C, 3306T. W. 1892. Inv.

Davis, William, 923T. W. 1872.
Dav. Charles, 6T. VV. 1857. Inv. 1857.
Dav, Helen P., 3144T. VV. 1891.
Day, Jane V., 2985T. W. 1890.
Day. Martha, 272T. Inv. 1863.
Day, Marv A., 1624T. VV. & Cod, 1879.
Day, .\athanicl R.. 462iT. VV. 1900.
Dav. Patrick, 314ST. Inv. 1891.
Dav, Phehe. 830T. VV. 1871. Inv. 1873.
Dav, Samuel A.. 78T. W. i8i9. Inv. 1859.
Dav. William F.. 748T. VV. 1870. Inv. 1870.
Dayton, Sarah O., 2420T. VV. 1886. Inv.

Davton, Thomas B. C, 31 iT. VV. 1865. Inv.

Deacon, Edward D.. 2421 T. VV. 1886.
Dealaman, Henrv, 3804T. VV. 1895. Inv. 1895.
I) Elber B., '445 iT. Inv. 1899.
Dean. Jhhn. .1637'?. Inv. 1894.
Dean. Lucinda E. C, 3146T. VV. 1891.
Dean, Phehe. 4626T. VV. 1900.
Dcane, Elizabeth A.. i8osT. VV. 1895.
DeMand, Antoine. 2839T. VV. 1889. 'inv. 1889.
DeBow, Cornelius S., lt;3T. Inv. 1861.
DeCamp. Benjamin. 2696T. VV. 1888.
DeCamp, Mercv L., 429 Inv. 187^.

Field, James, 2316T. W. 1885.

Field, Mary A., 3156T. Inv. 1891.

Field, Marv L, 2846T. W. 1889. Inv. 1891.

Field, Peter W., 4466T. W. i8gg.

Field, Uriah, 600T. W. 1868. Inv. 1869.

Field, Uriah, 3319T. Inv. 1892.

Fielding, Thomas, 2564T. Inv. 1887.

Finch. Lucius R., 43r4T. W. i8g8.

Finck, Nicholas. 3818T. W. 1895.

Fink. Joseph. 4467T. W. 1899.

Finnigan, Robert, 456T. Inv. 1866.

Firstbrook. William. 3ggsT. W. 1896.

Fischer. August. 1855T. W. 18S1. Inv. 1881.

Fischer. Claudine. ig86T. W. 1882.

Fish. Tane Eliza, 9^2T. W. 1872.

Fish, Paul J., 840T. W. 1871.

Fisher. Abram, 2203T. W. 1884. Inv. 1884.

Fisher, Charles W., 3gg6T. W. i8g6.

Fisher, Edwin S., 2847T. Inv. 1889.

Fisher, James W., 1854T. W. 1881.

Fisher, Jeremiah, 1630T. Inv. i87g. •

Fiske, Celestina W., ii2gT. Inv. 1874.

Fitzgerald, Catherine, 2707T. W. 1888.

Fitzgerald, Mary, 4312T. W. i8g8. Inv. rSgg.

Fitzgerald, Mary, 4641OT, W. 1900.

FitzGerald, Thomas, 256ST. W. 1887.
Fitzgerald, Thomas, 4313T. W. l8g8. Inv.

Fitzpatrick. Peter. 93 ^T. Inv. 1S72.
Flagg. Ellen, 841T. W. 1871. Inv. 1S71.
Flaig, Solomon, 3004T. W. i8go.
Flanagan. Patrick, 1463T. W. 1877.
Flanders, Caroline P., 3659T. W. 1894.

Flanders, William, i8:;6T. W. 1881. Inv.

Flanigan, Tohn, 18S7T. W. 18S1.
Flatt, Catliarine A., 1462T. W. 1877. '"v.

Flatt. William H.. Tt^48T. Inv. 1878.
Flecke. William, 679t. W. & Cod. T86g. Inv.

Fleischman, George R.. 4I4()T. Inv. 1897.
Fleming, Susan S.. 1464T. W. & Cod. 1877.

Inv, 1877.
Fleming, William H., 3819T. W. 1895.
Flick, Charles, 3i=;7T. Inv. 1891.
Flock. ..\lfred, Sr., IS40T. W. & Cod. 1878.
Flood. Edward. 2708T. W. 1888. Inv. 1888.
Flood, Tohn, 2432T. W. i88f). Inv. 1886.
Flood, Marv L., 44e8T. W. 1899.
Floy, James. 3820T. W. 1895.
Fluegel, John, 2848T. W. 1889.
Folsom, Marietta E., 3475T. Inv. 1S93.
Foote. Frederick W.. 1631T. W. 1879.
Forbes. Jane. iS5oT. Tnv. 1878.
Forbes. John M., 2317T. W. & Cod. 188=;.

Inv. 18S6.
Forbes, William. 2700T. W. & Cods. t88S.

Tnv. 1S88.
Force, Edward A., 5ujT. Inv. 1867.
Force, Georgia, 3005T. Inv. i8go.
Force, Thomas H., 392T. Inv. 1864.



Force, William L., 3476T. \V. 1893.

Ford, Margarott, M65T. W. 1877.

l'"orrcster, Elkn. 4O41T. \V, i(>x).

I'orsytli, Mary T., 4U7T- W. 1897. Inv. 1897.

l"orsytli. Samuel, 1234T. Inv. 1875., William, 431 iT. W. iSg8.

I'ortime, David J., 2433T. Inv. 1886.

I-'ortime. Janus W., 2710T. W. 1888

Foss, Inlm II.. 3821T. Inv. 180s.

{•"ostcr, .Amo.s C, 1740T. Inv. i8«o.

Foster, Ccorne, 38T. W. 1858.

I'oster, Janus, 977T. W. 1878.

Foster, Marsh M., 1858T. W. 1881.

Foster, Samuel M.. 163JT. W. 1871;. Inv.

Fonralt, Esther, ?oo(>T. W. 1890.
Fowler. .Mice M.. mVjT. W. & Cod. 1893.

Inv. 1893.
Fowler, Matthew V. B., 1859T. W. 1881. Inv.

Fox, .Ann, i66oT. W. iSc)4.
Fo.x, Charles I., 7^8T. W. 1870. Inv. 1872.
Fox, John, 6o'iT. 'W. 1868. Inv. i868.
Fox, Lawrence. -'081T. W. 1&83.
Fox, Mary, .'566T. W. 1887. Inv. 1887.
F"ox, I'etcr, I34l'l'- '"v. 1876.
Fo/ard. Leonard, 1741T. W. 1880.

■.mcis, lillen. 3907T. W. i8')8T. W. 1896.
I'rank, David, 464JT. W. !900.
Frank. Louis. -'84

Online LibraryNew Jersey. Dept. of stateIndex of wills, inventories, etc. in the office of the secretary of state prior to 1901 .. (Volume 1) → online text (page 68 of 88)