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VOLUME XIII— 1814-1817

Edited and Indexed By



MecCrellish & Qui^ey Co

Trenton, New Jersey


F/3 1

This volume was prepared and edited by authority of the
State of New Jersey, at the request of the New Jersey His-
torical Society.






CeJendar of New Jersey Wills

1816, Feb. 3. Aaronson, Hannah, of Mansfleld Twsp., Burlington
Co. Int. Inventory, $100.00; made by Job Shreve, Thomas Aaronson.
Sworn to by Edward Aaronson, Adm'r, Feb. 3, 1816.

1833, Apr. 6. Inventory, $10.00; made by Benjamin HoUoway,
Thomas Forsyth. One item only, "Purse and apparel in hands of
Edward Aaronson at the time of his decease". Sworn to by Joseph
Satterthwaite, Jr., Adm'r, de bonis non, Apr. 6, 1833. File 12851 C.

1816, Apr. 9. Aber, John*, of Newton Twsp., Sussex Co.; will of.
Wife, Anna, all farm containing- 50 acres and personal estate, during
widowhood. Three sons, Philip, Daniel and John, said farm when 21;
but wife, if still my widow, to have possession thereof. Six daugh-
ters [unnamed], each $6 when 18. Executrix — wife, Anna*. Wit-
nesses — Richard Anspeck, Samuel Harden, Daniel Hunt. Proved
Jan. 1, 1817.

1816, Dec. 28. Inventory, $175.87; made by Daniel Hunt, Samuel
Harden*. File 1510 S.

* Signed by mark.

1817, June 17. Acaby, Charles, of Evesham, Burlington Co. Int.
Inventory, $113.05; made by Thomas Hammitt, Jacob H. Lippincott.
Includes small trunk of woman's clothes. Sworn to by Learner
Waterman, Adm'r, Nov. 8, 1817. File 12910 C.

1813, Mar. 11. Ackerman, John J., of Franklin Twsp., Bergen Co.;
will of. Wife, Mary, bed and bedding, cupboard. Rest of estate, real
and personal, to second son, Hallamough, he paying legacies. Eldest
son. Jacobus, £50. Third son, John, £200. Fourth son, Cornelius, £150.
Daughter, Dorike van Blarkom (widow of Daniel van Blarkom), £15.
Executors — son, Hellamough*, Garret Hopper. Witnesses — Henry
Terhune, Henry M. Ackerman, James L. Ackerman. Proved Apr. 11,

1816, Apr. 1. Inventory, $1,585,191^; made by Jno. A. C. Voorhis.
James J. Ackerman. File 3690 B.

* Signed his name as Helmagh.

1817, Mar. 31. Ackerson, Henry. Int. Inventory, $298.00; made by
Thomas O'Kerk, Cornelius Riker. Includes carpenter tools. Sworn
to by Maria Ackerson*. Adm'x, Apr. 3, 1817, before D. Stuart, Surro-
gate of Sussex Co. File 1511 S.

* Signed by mark.

1817, June 13. Ackley, Thomas, of Newton Twsp., Gloucester Co.
Int. Inventory [not totaled]; made by Geo. George, Richardson
Andrews. Sworn to by William Cooper, Jr., James Ackley, Adm'rs,
Sept. 29, 1817. File 3121 H.




1815, July 27. Adams, Benjamin, of Greenwich Twsp., Gloucester
Co. Int. Inventory, $C13.50; made by William Pine, Moses Bradshaw.
Sworn to by Rachel Adams, Adm'x, Aug. 4, 1815. File 3022 H.

1817, Feb. 27. Adams, Kdmon. Int. Inventory [not totaled] ; made
by Peter Souder, Aaron Sparks. Sworn to by William Lawrence,
Feb. 27, 1817, before Dan'l Garrison, Surrogate of Salem Co.

File 3240 Q.

1815, Sept. 23. Adams, John, of Mansfield Twsp., Burlington Co.
Int. Inventory, $267.75; made by Joseph Field, Robert Pearce.
Sworn to by Colin Atkinson, Adm'r, Sept. 25, 1815. File 12789 C.

1814, Jan. 11. Adams, Uriah, of Wantage Twsp., Sussex Co.; will
of. After debts are paid, estate to be divided into 7 shares (except
$100). One share to daughters [unnamed] of my daughter, Martha
Force. One share to each of 4 daughters, Catharine Reblele, Anna
Rossell, Sarah Reblele and Elizabeth Dillistin. Two sons [unnamed]
of my son Zephaniah, one part, and one part to two children [un-
named] of my son, Obadiah, the boys having two shares to the girls'
one share. Granddaughter, Charlotte Adams (daughter of my son,
Abraham), $100 when she is 18, or married. The share of any one
who dies without issue to return to my estate. Executor — son-in-
law, George Givens, Jr. and nephew, Robert Adams, Jr., and George
Bockoven. Witnesses — Benjamin Tuttle, John Skillinger. Proved
June 8, 1814.

1814, May 30. Inventory, $3,099.96; made by Elijah Vanaken,
Ebenezer Aber. File 1395 S.

1809, June 13. Addanis, Jonas, of Eggharbour Twsp., Gloucester
Co.; will of. Wife, Dinah, Vz plantation whereon I dwell; Vz of per-
sonal estate, in lieu of dower. Son, Jonas, all land on northeast side
of Noah's road adjoining land of Jesse Addams, John Lake and
others; also % of cedar swamp and meadows. Two sons, Noah and
Solomon, all the plantation where I now dwell with land on south-
west side of Noah's road and % of cedar swamp and marsh, equally.
Remaining i^ of personal estate to 4 daughters, Sarah Green, Hannah
Ireland, Pheba Hawkings, Jane Addams. Executors — 2 sons, Solomon
and Noah. Witnesses — Daniel Lake, Dinah Lake, Joab Risley.
Proved Jan. 12, 1816.

1816, Jan. 8. Inventory, $192. 22i^; made by Thomas Adams, Daniel
Lake. File 3072 H.

1814, Feb. 26. Adler, John, of Upper Alloways Creek Twsp., Salem
Co. Int. Inventory, $1,774.75; made by Isaac Fogg, Howel Powel.
Sworn to by Samuel Peterson, Benjamin Thompson, "executors of the
last will and testament". Mar. 2, 1814. File 3150 Q.

1814, May 27. Agersherf, William*, of Greenwich Twsp., Gloucester
Co.; will of. Nephew, William Butcher, wearing apparel, silver watch
and shoe buckles. All other estate, real and personal to be sold and
proceeds divided between children [unnamed] of my sister, Phebe
Butcher and daughter of my brother [both unnamed]. Executors —
friends, Isaac Pine, William Hollinshead. AVitnesses — Abraham
Haines, Moses Battin, Samuel Gibbs. Proved July 22, 1814.

CALENDAR Of WILLS 1814-1817 7

1814, July 22. Inventory, $376.58; made by Abraham Haines, Abra-
ham Cox. File 2977 H.
* Signed by mark.

1814, Dec. 3. Agnew, Daniel, of Maidenhead Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
"of advanced years"; will of. Daughters, Elizabeth and Mary Agnew.
a bed and bedding each. Rest of personal estate to be sold and debts
paid. Residue to be divided into 8 parts. One part to each of 8
children, James, Martin, William, Daniel, John, George, Elizabeth,
and Mary. Farm on which I live to be rented out "until 3 years
after restoration of Peace to the United States". All real estate to
be sold and proceeds divided between children, equally deducting
from James' share $1,500; from Martin's share $2,057; from John's
share, $311 and from George's share, $344. Executors — Dr. Ebenezer
Stockton of Princeton, Theophilus Phillips, James Hughes of Notting-
ham, Burlington Co. Witnesses — John Phillips, tanner, L. W. K.
Phillips, Henry D. Phillips. Proved Sept. 6, 1817, when Theophilus
Phillips and James Hughes signed as Executors.

1817, Sept. 5. Inventory [not totaled]; made by John Phillips,
tanner, Ezekiel Smith. Includes gold scales and weights.

File 2845 J.

1814, Jan. 3. Akers, W^illiam, of Hopewell Twsp., Hunterdon Co.;
will of. Wife, Eleanor, all estate, real and personal, for life, and at
her death, to my son, Richard Akers. Executors — son, Richard Akers
and son-in-law, William Burroughs. Witnesses — Daniel Howell,
Philip Hart, George Muirhead. Proved Aug. 29, 1814, when Richard
Akers signed as Executor.

1814, Aug. 27. Inventory, $95.00; made by George Muirhead, Philip
Hart. File 2634 J.

1815, Jan. 5. Albertson, Nehemiah, of Gloucester Co. Int. Inven-
tory, $444.65; made by James Hurley, John T. Glover. Sworn to by
Jacob Glover, Adm'r, Jan. 6, 1815. File 3023 H.

1815, Apr. 28. Albertson, Rachel, of Newton Twsp., Gloucester Co.;
will of. Sister, Diannah Collins, all wearing apparel. Rest of estate
to be sold and proceeds divided equally between 4 sons, Joseph,
Isaac, Uriah and Samuel Albertson, as they arrive to 21. Executor —
brother, Charles Collins, he to be guardian of children. Witnesses —
Abigail Thackery, John Clement. Proved June 20, 1815.

1815, May 17. Inventory, $303.54; made by John Clement, Joseph
Middleton. Includes note of John Roberts. File 3024 H.

1815, Feb. 0. Allan, Jeremiah, of Hardwick Twsp., Sussex Co.; will
of. Wife, Winefred. All real and personal estate to remain in hands
of executors until youngest son, Jeremiah is 21, then wife to have
her thirds. Of remainder, two sons, George and Jeremiah, each to
have two shares and the girls [unnamed] to have each one share.
Eldest daughter [unnamed] to have her portion one year after time
of division of estate. Second daughter, Elizabeth, to have her por-
tion when 22. Two youngest daughters, Sally and Anna, to be paid
their share when 21. Executors — wife, Winefred, and brother-in-
law, Abraham Newman. Witnesses — Isaac Lanning, Elizabeth Allen*,
Stephen Sergeant. Proved Feb. 25, 1815, when Winefred Allen signed
as Executrix.


1816, Dec. 19. Inventory, $545.66; made by Isaac Lanning, John
Harris. Sworn to by Abraham Newman, Adm'r, de bonis non, Apr.
3, 1817. File 1460 S.

* Signed by mark.

1S08, Jan. 10. Allen, Klijah, of Alexandria Twsp., Hunterdon Co.;
Will of. Wife, Marthan, £200, the black girl named Harriet; also the
goods she brought to me; bureau, cupboard, dining table, 2 cows, 1
horse, 6 sheep, 1 hog, 1 hive of bees, all in lieu of dower, during
widowhood; also the house and lot whereon I live, and provisions for
one year. Son, John B., 1 lot in the Barrens adjoining Fradrick
Jurdin, my wagon, smith tools and farming utensils, he paying to
Keziah Mathis, £100. Son, Moses, a lot in the Barrens adjoining
Samuel Titus; £100. Daughter, "Cozariah Mathis" 10 acres adjoining
the Widow Volvton, and 8 acres adjoining Godfrey Rockefellar and
all residue of moveable estate. Wearing apparel to 2 sons and
brother, David. Executors — 2 sons, John B., and Moses. Witnesses —
John Eckel, John Warne, John Eckel, Jr.

1810, June 27. Codicil. Revoking bequest of money to daughter,
Keziah and son, Moses. Witnesses — Joseph King, Jr., John Warne,
Joseph Menagh. Proved Apr. 18, 1817, when Executors signed as
"J. B. Allin" and "M. B. Allin".

1817, Apr. 17. Inventory, $4,795.69; made by Henry Rockafellar,
John Warne. File 2846 J.

1816, Mar. 8. Allen, Elizabeth*, of Hardwick, Sussex Co.; will of.
To Elizabeth Stilwell (now wife of Richard Stilwell), bed and bed-
ding, large pewter platter. To Charlotte Howell (wife of Ase
Howell), pewter platter. Sister, Mary "Willets, 8 pewter plates, to
be kept by her for her granddaughter, Abida Betsey Allen. Executors
are not to collect a note I hold against Jeremy Willets. My black
girl named Sarah to be freed at my death for her kindness to me,
her aged mistress; also she is to have 2 beds and bedding and
articles known to be called hers; also a table, cupboard, 2 small pots
and $60. To Ananias Collins Willets, $100, when 21. First Congre-
gational Church in Hardwick, $3 annually as long as Mr. Stephen
Sergeant remains preacher, and to Mr. Sergeant, all my books on
divinity. Residue of estate to be sold and interest of proceeds for
maintenance and education of Abida Betsey Allen Belcher, until she
is 21. My brother, William, $100, if living and if not, said sum for
use of Abida. My black boy named Henry to be bound out until he
is 21. Executors — Stephen Sergeant, Isaac Lanning. Witnesses —
Daniel Cooke, Issac Lanning, George Allen. Proved Sept. 17, 1816.

1816, Sept. 16. Inventory, $860.66 and another for $161.70; made by
Daniel Cook, John Harris. File 1491 S.

* Signed by mark.

1815, Feb. 18. Allen, Gilbert, of Morris Twsp., and Co.; will of.
Wife, Elizabeth, for life, use of part of real estate on east side of
road that runs through my lands to Morristown; also use of per-
sonal estate as she chooses. Residue of personal estate to be divided
between daughters [unnamed]. Son, Silas, having had his portion
and being paid in full for his services, I now give him only $25.
Son, Timothy, $25, and use of land west of aforesaid road, for life
and also use of other land, after death of my wife, he paying all
legacies. Daughters, Abigail Munson, Keziah Saxon, Sarah Wade,


Hannah Gardner, Anna Laton, $600. To Jabez (son of Timothy
Allen), % of all real estate, and to Harriet Allen (daughter of same),
14 of real estate. If either should die, leaving- no issue, survivor to
have all. Executors — Zophar Freeman, David Mills, Ebenezer H.
Pierson. Witnesses — Uzal Tomkins, John Lindley, Jr., Martha Lind-
ley. Proved Nov. 23, 1816, when Zophar Freeman signed as Executor.

File 1625 N.

1814, July 30. Allen, Jediah, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.; will of.
Wife, Ann, $50; 2 hogs, grains, fruits and all privileges belonging to
my preinises where we live, for maintenance of herself and our
under age children; use of all estate, real and personal as she
chooses, until sold and all interest of money for life but not to be
paid to any husband she might have; the sum of $750, all in lieu of
dower. All other estate to be sold. Sons to be put to good trades
as they arrive to suitable age. Rest of money to be collected and
paid to children, George, John, Phebe Allen, Samuel, Joseph, Charles,
Elihu, Mary Allen and William. To each that may be of age on
April 1, 1823, their equal share of my estate, the younger children
to have shares as they come of age. The share of any child who
might die before that date, leaving no issue, to my surviving chil-
dren. Executor — Joseph Lafetra. Witnesses — Charles Little, Joseph
Lafetra, George A. White. Proved Feb. 7, 1815.

1815, Jan. 21. Inventory, $3,507.92; made by Manuel Pearce, Charles
Little. A few names in accounts. File 9124 M.

1815, May 31. Allen, Jeremiah, of Upper Penns Neck Twsp., Salem
Co. Int. Inventory, $284.96i/^; made by Joel Haines, John Somers.
Sworn to by George Hancock, Adm'r, June 1, 1815. File 3237 Q.

1814, Deo. 9. Allen, Rlary, of Howell Twsp., Monmouth Co., widow.
Int. Inventory, $460.25; made by Samuel I. Forman, Samuel Allen.
Sworn to by Tunis Covert, Adm'r, Dec. 15, 1814. File 9084 M.

1817, Oct. 31. Allen, Ner, of Pittsgrove Twsp., Salem Co. Int. In-
ventory, $396.22; made by David Davis, Joseph Allen. Sworn to by
John Pimm, Adm'r, Sept. 13, 1817. File 3328 Q.

1814, May 3. Allen, Rebecca, of Salem Co. AVard. "By virtue of
a law entitled 'An Act relative to the Surrogate's Office, of Salem
Co., passed Jan. 21, 1814.' Letters of Guardianship were issued on
3rd day of May same year unto Isaac Fogg, Guardian of the person
and estate of Rebecca Allen, Child of Ralph Allen, late of Salem Co.,
dec'd; to take effect from Nov. 4, 1799; he having first given security."

Lib. 40, p. 549.

[Not listed in Index of Wills; no paper on file. Neither does the
name of Ralph Allen appear in the Index for Salem Co.]

1817, Feb. 25. Allen, William, of Greenwich Twsp., Gloucester Co.
Int. Inventory, $1,635.15: made by Thomas Reeves, Matthew Gill, Jr.
Includes carpenter tools, a few names in accounts. Sworn to by
Joseph Allen, Joseph V. Clark, Adm'rs, June 16, 1817. File 3122 H.

1813, Aug. 25. Aller, John, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
Wife, Coziah, 1 horse, cow, heifer, 4 sheep, 6 chairs, table, 2 brass
kettles, 2 iron pots, set tea cups and saucers, 2 tea pots, cream cup.


bed and bedding, cupboard, trammels. Are tongs and shovel, grains,
meats; also use and profit of plantation and maintenance during
widowhood, all in lieu of dower. If said plantation is sold, she is to
have interest of proceeds during life but said interest not to be pay-
able to any husband she may have. After her death, same to be
divided between children, Peter, Mary Woolverton, Elizabeth Rocka-
fellar, Rachel Woolverton. Rest of moveable estate to daughters,
equally. Executors — son, Peter, and son-in-law, Peter Rockafellar.
Witnesses — Peter Dilts, Paul Kuhl, Grover S. Deats. Proved July 2,

1817, July 1. Inventory, $825.95; made by John Moore, Jeptha
Arrison. File 2847 J.

1814, Mar. 8. Allin, Jacob, of Livingston Twsp., Essex Co.; will of.
Wife, Hannah, use of estate, real and personal, during widowhood.
Residue to be divided between children [unnamed] if any should re-
main after expenses of their education. Executrix — wife, Hannah.
Witnesses — Moses Edwards, Jr., David Peffers, Abner Whitehead.
Proved Apr. 12, 1814.

1814, Mar. 21. Inventory [not totaled]; made by John Watson,
Moses Edwards, Jr. Includes carpenter's tools, accounts of Daniel
Douglass, Moses D. Camp, Philip C. Whitehead, Silas Whitehead.

File 10822 G.

1815, June 1. Ailing, Isaac, of Hanover Twsp., Morris Co. Int.
Inventory, $1,477.38; made by Jacob Ward, William Miller. Sworn
to by Stephen Hays, Jr., David Thorp, Adm'rs, July 8, 1815.

File 1579 N.

1817, Feb. 15. Ailing, Samuel*, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of.
Wife, Mary, all real and personal estate. Executrix — wife, Mary.
Witnesses — Stephen Hays, Jr., Jediah Crane, Isaac Ailing. Proved
Mar. 31, 1817. File 11032 G.

* Signed by mark.

1816, Aug. 23. Alloways, Jacob, of Mansfield Twsp., Burlington Co.
Int. Inventory, $138.55; made by John Aaronson, Abner Page. In-
cludes wheelwright tools. Sworn to by Thomas Starkey, Adm'r,
Feb. 11. 1817. File 12911 C.

1817, Apr. 16. Alpaugb, William, of Lebanon, Hunterdon Co. Int.
Inventory, $3,315.54; made by William Shannon, Harbert Apgar.
Sworn to by John and William Alpaugh, Adm'rs, Apr. 18, 1817.

File 2848 J.

1814, Feb. 5. Animerman, Albert, Sr., of Montgomery Twsp., Som-
erset Co. Int. Inventory [not totaled]; made by Abraham Skillman,
Alexander Van Pelt. Includes English Bible, V2 pew No. 3 in Har-
lingen Church, and Ys of gallery pew No. 3. Sworn to by Paul Amer-
men, and Albert Amerman, Adm'rs, Feb. 2, 1814. File 1570 R.

1810, Feb. 9. Anderson, Anna, of South Amboy Twsp., Middlesex
Co.; will of. To all my children, my part of a pew in Freehold Meet-
ing house. All landed estate to be sold. Son, James, £300, his pres-
ent wife to have no share therein. To John (son of my son, James),
large Bible, £400, having his maintenance and education; but if he


should die before 21, leaving no issue, said sum to be divided
equally among- said grandson, John's mother, and my daughters [un-
named]; or if his mother should also be deceased, then the entire
sum to my daughters equally. Daughter, Catharine, my clock, satin
cloak, deducting a sum of $80. Daughter, Elizabeth, bed and bed-
ding. Daughter, Anna, large looking glass, gold ring, bed and bed-
ding. Daughter, Peggy, bed and bedding. To Anna (daughter of
my son, John), silver teaspoon and silver tongs. To Hannah (daugh-
ter of my daughter, Elizabeth), my wardrobe. To Anna (daughter of
Lewis Anderson), £5. Son, John, one of the Executors of estate of
my late husband, John Anderson, all the monies in his hands due
me as a legatee. Rest of wearing apparel, linen and books, to
daughters, Catherine, Elizabeth, Anna, Peggy and to Peggy Ann
(daughter of my daughter, Ursula). All residue, after debts are paid,
and a headstone erected, to daughters [as named] and children of
my daughter, Ursula. My wench, Phillis, to be freed. Executors —
son-in-law, Robert Perrine, and Robert McChesney. Witnesses —
Paul Miller, Vincent Miller, William Davison. Proved Mar. 6, 1815.

1815, Mar. 23. Inventory, $294.38; made by Samuel Wetherill, Lewis
Riggs. Includes "Freneau's Poems" and a bond against John L.
Anderson. File 10524 L.

[Symmes History of Old Tennent Church, p. 458: Anna Anderson was
daughter of John Lloyd and his wife, Catharine Craig. She was
born, Apr. 12, 1746 and died Feb. 17, 1815. She and John were parents
of 10 children, Lewis, b. Sept. 22, 1763, John Lloyd, b. Mar. 2, 1766,
d. 1852, Lewis, b. Oct. 6, 1768, Catharine, b. July 27, 1771, d. 1854 at
Rochester, N. T., Elizabeth, b. May 3, 1774, d. Jan. 20, 1852, Anna,
b. Oct. 14, 1775, d. Sept. 24, 1849, md. John Perrine, James, b. Sept.
24, 1778, Ursula, b. Jan. 14, 1781, Margaret b. Apr. 9, 1782, Peggy, b.
Sept. 15, 1787. Some of these children appear in baptismal records
of Old Tennent Church.

Compiler's note.]

1814, May 31. Anderison, George, of Readington Twsp., Hunterdon
Co. Int. Inventory, $5,544.31; made by Peter Quick, John Sutphin.
Includes Dutch Bible. Sworn to by William Ditmars, Adm'r, Aug.
3, 1814. File 2635 J.

1817, Apr. 4. Angus, John, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., captain.
Int. Inventory, $12,852.51; made by Benjamin Maurice, James Edgar.
Sworn to by Margaretta Angus, Samuel Angus, Adm'rs, May 26, 1817.

File 10617 L.

1815, Apr. 12. Annan, Robert. Int. Inventory, $999.50; made by
John H. Fenimore, George Deacon. Includes cash in Camden Bank.
Sworn to by Mary Annan, Adm'x, Apr. 13, 1815, before Abram Brown,
Surrogate of Burlington Co. File 12790 C.

1816, July 8. Apelgate, Nickolas, of Bordentown, Chesterfield Twsp.,
Burlington Co.; will of. Wife, Elizabeth, all house and lot where I
live; also all household goods and moveable estate. Executors — wife,
Elizabeth, brother-in-law, Abraham Thorn. Witnesses — John Sager,
John Apelgate, Jno. Allen. Proved Jan. 24, 1817.

1817, Jan. 21. Inventory, $305,26; made by John Sager, Isaac Thorn.
Includes shoemaker's tools and benches. File 12912 C.


1815, Apr. 11. Apgrar, Adam, of Tuexbury Twsp., Hunterdon Co.
Int. Inventory, $600.00; made by John Hoffman, David Helmsley.
Sworn to by George Apgar, Nickolas Wyckoff, Adm'rs, Apr. 18, 1815.

File 2714 J.

1814, Apr. 21. Apgrer, Jacob, of Lebanon Twsp., Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Hannah Charity, all real and personal estate,
during- widowhood. All estate to be divided equally between twelve
lawful children, Anna, Henry, Frederick, Catherine Kreamer, Conrad,
Nickolas, Sophia Kegin, Matthias S., Sarah Apgar, Eve Elizabeth
Apgar, John Casper Apgar, Jacob A. Adam Apgar. Share of any
child dying without issue to survivors. Any accounts against chil-
dren to be part of their share. Daughter, Sarah, to have $8 and set
of curtains, and Eve to have $6, besides their clothes for their labor.
Executors — sons, Frederic and Conrad Apgar. Witnesses — Conrad
Apgar, Jacob Lindaberry, John Matthias Kreamer. Proved [no date
thereon, but jurat of appraisers signed June 4, 1814.]

1814, May 11. Inventory, $6,808.59; made by Conrad Apgar, John
Hoffman. A number of names in accounts. File 2630 J.

1814, Mar. 15. Aplegate, Sarah, of Bordentown, Burlington Co.,
daughter of George Aplegate, late of same place, dec'd; will of.
Sister, Elizabeth Aplegate, Vz of all estate as devised to me by my
father. Other i/^ thereof to said sister, in trust, that she will use
the interest thereof for my sister, Mary Graham, during her present
coverture. If said Mary outlives her husband, Robert Graham, she is
to have her half of estate in full; but if she does not outlive her
husband, her portion of my estate to her daughter, Jane Graham.
Executrix — sister, Elizabeth. Witnesses — Isaac Thorpe, Deborah
Apelgate, John Oliver. Proved May 24, 1814.

1814, May 23. Inventory, $331.55; made by Charles Burton, Isaac
Thorn. File 12691 C.

1817, May 6. Applegrate, Charles [Carles], of West Windsor Twsp.,
Middlesex Co. Int. Inventory, $096.07; made by Joseph Stout, David
Schenck. Includes several names in accounts. Sworn to by Charles
Applegate, Adm'r, Oct. 21, 1817. File 10618 L.

1816, June 6. Applegate, Isaac, of South Amboy Twsp., Middlesex
Co. Int. Inventory, $283.40; made by William Barriclo, William
Jamison. Sworn to by Mary Applegate*, Robert McChesney, Adm'rs,
June 11, 1816. File 10568 L.

* Signed by mark.

1817, Nov. 1. Applegate, Wtlllain, of New Brunswick, Middlesex
Co.; will of. "Wife, Deborah, all goods that are in my store; all per-
sonal property including household furniture, after debts are paid.
Nieces, Elizabeth and Sarah Evans, Catharine Voorhees and Margaret
Morris, the and lot in Church Street which I occupy, to be
divided equally after death of my vs^ife, who is to have full posses-
sion or rents thereof during life. Brother, John, to have home in the
family as he has heretofore had, during his life. Executors — friends,
Augustus R. Ta.ylor, John Morris. Witnesses — Peter Wyckoff, John
Priestley, James A. Priestley. Proved Dec. 2, 1817.

1817, Dec. 4. Inventory, $1,514.93; made by James R. Voorhees,

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