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of Trade, 156; Instructions to, from the Lords of Trade, 188; Letter
to Lords of Trade, relative to disputes between the people of New York
and New Jersey for want of a dividing line, 190; Memorial of the Pro-
prietors of East Jersey to, 202; Transmits proceedings of Council and
Assembly to the Lords of Trade, 287; Letter to, from Sir Thomas Rob-
inson, 292; Letter to, from the Lords of Trade, relative to the defence
against the French, 294; Requests the aid of Eiichard Partridge, in favor
of Cortland Skinner as Attorney-General, 298. — Letter from, to Colonel
Schuyler, relative to the additional support for his regiment, viii. Part
II, 11; To Sir Thomas Robinson, relative to the Assembly, 24; To
the Lords of Trade, relative to the same, 26; Transmits, to the same,
papers relative to the boundary question, 30, 72; Also bill for making
current £70,000 in bills of credit, 36; Letter from, to Sir Thomas
Robinson, relative to affairs in the Province, 76; Answers certain
questions relative to the present condition of New Jersey, 78; Mes-
sage of, to the Assembly, 93; Transmits paper, to the Lords of Trade,
102, 113; Letter from, to Sir Thomas Robinson, relative to military
matters, 105; Letter from, to Lieutenant-Governor Morris, 116; To
General Braddock. 117; To Secretary Read, relative to the defeat of
General Braddock, 117; Congratulates Lieutenant-Governor Pown all
on his appointment, 118; Message from, to the Council and Assem-
bly, relative to military matters, 119; Letter to Governor Dinwiddie,
on the same subject, 122; Reply of Lords of Trade to several of his
letters, 124; Desires the Council and Assembly to meet him at Eliza-
bethtown, 120; Letter to Governor DeLancy, relative to embargoes,
127; Message from, to Council and Assembly, relative to military
affairs, 128; Letter from, to Mr. Oliver, relative to the condition of
the forces on the frontier, 131 ; To Sir John St. Clair, on the necessity
of driving the French from America, 133; To Richard Partridge, rel-
ative to the appointment of a Lieutenant-Governor, 135; To Sir
Thomas Robinson, relative to raising additional troops, 135; Con-
gratulates Mr. Pownall on his appointment, 139; Letter from, to


Commissioner Yard, on supplies for the troops, 140; Complimentary
letter from, to Governor Hardy, 141 ; To the same, relative to the
boundary line, 142 ; To James Alexander, 142 ; To Governor Dinwiddle,
relative to the movement of the troops, 143: To Rev. George White-
field, relative to the erection of Nassau Hall, 146 ; To Sir Thomas
Robinson, relative to military affairs, 148; To Colonel Allen, rela-
tive to the Invasion of the French, 156; Proclamation of, to the
Colonels of militia, directing them to muster their troops, 157; Let-
ter from, to Governor Morris, relative to the threatened approach of
the French and Indians. 158; To Lieutenant-Governor Pownall rela-
tive to the movement of the troops, 160; To Governor Moriis, relative
to military affairs, 161; Message from, to the Council and Assembly,
162; Letter from, to Lieutenant-Governor Morris, relative to the
enemy, 165; To Rev. Aaron Burr, relative to the College, 166; To
Governor Hopkins, relative to a convention of Commissioners, 167;
To General Shirley, relative to military affairs, 168; To Mr. Pownall,
requesting him to attend the convention of Governors in New York,
170; To Lieutenant-Governor Dinwiddle, relative to military affairs,
172; Directs the Colonels of regiments to muster their troops and
march to the Delawfare river, 174; Letter from, to his nephew, P.
Oliver, 175; To Colonel Anderson, relative to military I'ecjuireiuents,
176; Directions of, to Colonel Andrew Johnston, 178; To Colonel
Joseph Tuttle, relative to the defence of the frontier, 119; To Colonel
Schuyler, relative to marching to Minisink, 180; To Governor Morris,
relative to military affairs, 181 ; Directs a meeting of the Assembly
to be called, 181 ; Proclamation of, relative to the defence of Morris
and Sussex counties, 182; Letter to General Shirley, relative to
councils of war at Oswego, 182; To Governor Hardy, relative to di-
vision line and building of block houses, 183 ; Answers of, to queries
from the Lords of Trade, 185; Letter to the same, relative to New
Jersey affairs, 187; To Lord Hardwicke, relative to the necessity of
capturing Canada, 188; To Richard Partridge, i-elative to the ap-
pointment of Chief-Justice Aislely (Aynsley), 190; To Secretary
Read, relative to the imprisonment of Indians in Pennsylvania, 191:
Message of, to the Council and Assembly, 193; Letter to Governor
Shirley, 194; To Mr. Walley, referring to Rev. Mr. Whitcfield, 195;
To his son, Andrew, 196; To Richard Partridge, 197; To Consul
Dean, relative to the College, 197; Message to the Assembly, 198;
Letter from, to Lord Halifax, relative to Attorney-General Skinner,
200; Message to Assembly, asking for an augmentation of the forces
in New Jersey, 201 ; Letter from, to General Shirley, commenting on
the last catnpaign, 203; Letter to, from the Lords of Trade, com-
mending the services of New Jersey, 206; Announces to the Lords
of Trade, the death of James Alexander, and recommends his son
William as his successor in the Council, 214; To depute Lieutenant-
Governor Pownall to attend meetings of the Governors, 215 ; Referred


to, 217; Expresses to the Lords of Trade, his gratification that the
course of New Jersey is approved of, 219; Comments on the recent
proceedings of the Government, 220; Letter to the Lords of Trade,
concerning the boundary and inclosing petition of Proprietors, 224,
Nominates Samuel Woodruff for the Council, 23(3; Proclamation, re-
lating to the exportation of provisions, 237; Summons Council and
Assembly to meet, 249; Letter to the Earl of Holderness, relative to
the embargo on grain, and to imprisonment of two captains of pri-
vateers, 254; To the Lords of Trade, relative to the boundary line,
250; Death of, 257. 259-270.— Referred to, ix, 119, 134, 157, 206, 270,
367— X, 131.

Belestre, , x, 610. 611.

Bell, Henry, ii, 397.

Bellamy, Rev. Joseph, ix, 258.

Bellomont, Earl of, ii, 114; Letter to, from the Lords of Trade, relative
to ports in New Jersey, 201 ; Lettei' to, from the Lords of Trade, rela-
tive to the same, 216; Proclamation of, against the establishment of
courts in New Jersey, 218; Letter from, to the Lords of the Treas-
ury, inclosing said proclamation, 221; Letter from, to the Lords of
Trade, relative to his proclamation, 222; Correspondence between,
and Governor Basse, relative to the delivery of two privates to the
former, 229; Letter from, to the Lords of Trade, 234; Letter from,
to the Lords of the Admiralty, relative to taking two supposed
pirates out of the hands of Governor Basse, 236; Referred to, 239;
Letters from to the Lords of Trade, complaining of Governor Basse,
241 , 245 ; Referred to, 244. 247, 252 ; His seizure of the ship Hester,
255; Letter from, to the Lords of Trade, 271; Referred to, 286, 291;
Letter to, from the Lords of Trade, relative to New Jersey matters,
302; Referred to. 312, 321; Letter from, to the Lords of the Treas-
ury, relative to the ship Hester, 341 ; Report to, on the harbor of
New York, 354; Letter to, from the Lords of Ti-ade, relative to the
boundary between New York and New Jersey, 367; Referred to,
434— iii, 115, 493.

Beman. David, x, 717.

Beman, Josiah. x, 718.

Benckes, Jacob, i, 122.

Benedyck. Thomas, i, 15 — vi, 207.

Bennet, H., iii, 302.

Bennet (Banet), Jeremiah, ii, 327, 396.

Bennet, John, ii, 456-460, 470.

Bennet, Peter, i, 183.

Bennett, Joseph, A West Jersey Proprietor, iii, 95, 498.

Bennit, Arie, ii, 325, 332.

Benson. Thomas, i, 269.

Benthall, Walter, An East Jersey Proprietor, i, 442, 454, 457, 462, 474,
482, 483, 490, 504, 530— ii, 26, 164, 165, 171, 177, 186-193, 198; Dis-


bursements by, on account of East Jersey, 203; Signs instructions to
Governor Basse, 213; As Proprietor, 257, 263, 376, 4(:8, 411—
iii, 314.

Bergen, Oath of Allegiance at, 1665-1668, i, 48; Order prohibiting the
exercise of authority in, not sanctioned by the Governor. 92; Rela-
tions Vith the Council of New Netherlands. 123, 125, 127, 129. 135,
140, 145, 146, 151, 320; Schoolmaster and Precentor to be sttpported,
141. — Inhabitants of, ask for trees to construct stockades, iii, 149.

Bergen County, Taxes, iv, 368, 369; Fees of representatives, 370. — Com-
mon lands of, ix, 451, 454, 459-475. 478. — Act relating to the com-
mon lands in, x, 153; Petition of William Bayard in relation to his
claims to said lands, 168; Loi'ds of Trade recommend the disallow-
ance of the act relative to the common lands in, 188; Act disallowed
in the Privy Council, 196.

Berkeley and Carteret, Lease to, from the Duke of York, for New Jersey,
i, 8; Release to the same, for the same, 10; Commission of Philip
Carteret, as Governor of New Jersey, 20; Instructions to Governor
Carteret, 21 ; Commission to Robert Vauquillin as Surveyor-General,
26; Seal of, 27; Concessions and agreements to and with all who
shall settle and plant in New Jersey, 28; Address to, from the New
Jersey Council, 94; Declaration from, of the true intent and meaning
of their concessions, 99, 101; Letter from, to the Governor and Coun-
cil of New Jersey, relative to the injuries done by William Meaker to
William Pardon, 104; Grant from, to the Officers and Freeholders of
Woodbridge, and to Samuel Moore, 104; Directions from, to the Gov-
ernor and Council of New Jersey, and agreement to build a jarison
and send over guns, ammunition, etc., 105; Letter from, to Deputy-
Governor Berry, relative to the disturbances in the Province, 108;
Letter fi'om, to the pretended representatives of Elizabethtown, New-
ark and New Piscataway, 109.

Berkeley, Lord, ii, 126, 388, 421.

Berkeley, Maurice, i, 25.

Berkeley. Sir John, Notice of, i, 25.

Berkstead, Joshua, i, 414.

Bernard, Francis, Approved of as Governor of New Jersey, ix, 21 ; Notice
of, 21; Commission of, 23; Instructions to, 40, 77; Gives to the
Lords of Trade an account of his arrival in his Government, 116;
Visits different parts of his Government, and informs the Lords of
Trade respecting the invasions of the Indians, 120; Gives an account
of the death of Chief Justice Ainsley, 124; Message of, to the Mini-
sink Indians, 125; Prorogues the Assembly, and reports vacancies in
the Council, 126; Receives message from the Assembly, 129; Obser-
vations of, respecting bills of credit, and the necessity of special in-
structions empowering him to pass acts of Assembly relative thereto,
131 ; Represents to the Lords of Trade the necessity of raising money
to continue the war, 137; Gives an account of the conferences held


with the Indians at East on, 139; Answer to several of his communi-
cations, from the Lords of Trade, 153; Instructions to, relative to
bills of credit, 156; Speech of, to the Legislature, 159; Answer to the
same, 162; Address of, to the Legislature, March 15th, 1759, 163;
Commends to Secretary Pitt, the unanimity and dispatch of the As-
sembly, 166; Informs the Lords of Trade that the Assembly had
passed a bill for raising 1,000 men, and a bill for their support, 168;
Observations of, upon the money bills, 170; Informs the Lords of
Trade that the New Jersey regiment had arrived in Albany, and that
he had laid out a town for the Indians in Burlington County, 174;
Informs the Lords of Trade, concerning the pretensions of Robert
Hunter Morris to the office of Chief -Justice of New Jersey, 176; Is
appointed Governor of Massachusetts, 188; Thanks the Lords of
Trade for this appointment, and sends to them Mr. Morris's patent,
209; Gives an account to the Lords of Trade, of the proceedings of
the Supreme Court in relation to the claims of Mr. Morris, 212;
Speech of, to the Assembly, 219; Reply to the same, 222; Comments
of, on the bill for raising troops in the Province, 224 ; Referred to,
232, 233, 236, 239, 248, 270, 343; List of papers from, relating to the
Stamp Act, 527-530; Vice-Admiral, 622.— Referred to, x, 114.

Bernard, Fran., Captain, ix, 186.

Berrien, John, ix, 463; Writes to Governor Franklin, relative to Captain
Kennedy's complaint, 470. — Referred to, x, 357.

Berry, Henry, x, 718.

Berry, John, i, 66, 76; President of the Special Court held at Elizabeth-
town, February, 1672, 81; Member of Council, 89; Letter to, as
Deputy- Govern or, from Charles II, relative to the authority of the
Lords Proprietors, 107; Letter to, from the Lords Proprietors, rela-
tive to the turbulent spirits in the Province, 108; Grant from, as
Deputy-Governor, to James Bollen, 110; Note on, 110; Orders from,
to the inhabitants of several towns to take out their warrants, 119;
Note on, 122; Affairs with the Council of New Netherlands, 125, 131,
145, 149, 150; To swear in oflKcers, 177; Commissioned by Governor
Carteret to be his successor, 295; Referred to, 301, 303, 499— ii, 327,
486, 502.

Besborough, Lord, ix, 249.

Beswick, Francis, i, 270.

Betten, Daniel, iv, 188.

Betts, Richard, i, 150.

Betdah, Ship, x, 562-569. ^

Beune, Aty, ii, S96.

Beversham, William, i, 183.

Beys, Henricus, iv, 174.

Biard, John, x, 717.

Bibby, Richard, ii, 461.

Bickley, Abraham, Proposed for the Council, iii. 51.


Bickley, May, iii, 354.— Indicted, iv, 88; Attorney. 93, 97, 103.

Bickly, Mrs., Contributes to the supposed Cornbury Fund, iii, 213.

Biddle, E., x, 529.

Biddle, William, i, 268— ii, 148, 880.— An agent of the West Jersey Pro-
prietors, iii, 221. — Referred to, ix, 4.

Biddies or Peusbury Island, v, 42, 44.

Biglow, Aaron, x, 718.

Biglow, Daniel, x, 718.

Biglow, Jabez, x, 718.

Bigelow, Jon, x, 717.

Biglow, Josiah, x, 718.

Biles, Benjamin, vii, 606 — viii, Part II, 234.

Biles, William, iii, 165.

Billing, Edward, i, 158— iv, 127.

BDlop, Christopher, i, 195, 196, 197, 201, 202, 203; Letter to, from Gov-
ernor Andros, 270; Referred to, 281, 476, 485— ii, 417— iv, 344, 345.

Billop, Joseph, Escheator-Genera], iv, 129, 132.

Bills of Credit, Acts relating to, v, 3, 84, 94; Scheme for issuing and
sinking £40,000 of, 98; Opinion of the Lords of Trade respecting,
129; Interest on canvassed by Governor Burnet, 129, 163, 165; Gov-
ernor Montgomerie's views respecting the payment of interest money
for incidental expenses, 249-260 ; Answer to the same, from the Lords
of Trade, 266; Reference to, 305, 365; Reasons of John Sharpe,
Solicitor, for the non-approval of an act of the New Jersey Assembly
for making £40,000 in bills of credit, 410; Reply of Richard Part-
ridge, to the reasons of John Sharpe, 416 — Assent of Governor Mor-
ris to, how given, vi, 22; Scheme of Captain John Thomlinson, relat-
ing to, 111-116; Report of the Lords of Trade, relative to, 122; Let-
ter fi'om Governor Morris, relative to, 131-137; Observations upon,
in the Governor's message, 259-263; Order in Council, relative to the
emission of £40,000 in bills of credit, 361; Representation of the
Lords of Trade respecting, 433. See also Paper Money.

Bingley, William, i, 530 — ii, 187-193, 198; Disbursements by, on account
of East Jersey, 204; Signs name, 213, 257— Grand Juror, iii, 486, 487.

Bird, John, vii, 182.

Bird, William, vii, 377.

Bishop, John, Sr., i, 66, 67; Juror, 82; Member of Council, 89, 91, 93,
97, 110, 134— u, 226, 255, 270, 315-317, 373, 386, 488, 541— iii, 454,
479, 482, 484, 485— iv, 10, 190.

Bishop, John, Jr., i, 50, 307,

Bishop, Noah, iv, 188.

Bishop of London, Desires that marriage licenses may be directed only to
a Protestant minister of the Gospel, ix, 504, 520.

Bispham, Josliua. vii, 99 — viii, Part I, 73. — Inspector of the press, -viii.
Part II, 70, 234.

Black, William, i, 269, 288.


Blackall, John, ii, 461.
Blackamore, Mr., iv, 225.
BlackfieJds, Peter, iii, 358— iv, 42, 45.

Blackwood, Robert, i, 529.— Disbursements by, on account of East Jer-
sey, ii, 204.
Blackwood, Samuel, x, 351.
Blair, Samuel, x, 717.
Blakeney, Colonel, vi, 103.

Blakiston, N., On the irregularities in the Province of New Jersey, ii, 462.
Blanchard, John, x, 588.
Bland, Richard, x, 530.

Blane, William, Affidavit of, against Lewis M. Ashfield. vii, 621.
Bloemraaert, Samuel, Patent to, for the east side of Delaware river, now

Cape May County, i, 1.
Blond, Gabriel, Surrogate, ix, 359.

Bloomfleld (Blumfield), John, i, 83, 177.— Petitions the Assembly in rela-
tion to the East Jersey records, iii, 230; Grand Juror on Woodbridge
riot, 486, 487.
Bloomfield, Moses, x, 345.
Blumfield, Thomas, i, 50— iii, 446.
Board of Trade. See Lords of Trade.

Boddington, James, ii, 42-61, 65-73, 76, 79, 95, 99, 276, 302, 470.
Bodine, Jacob, Indicted, vi, 456, 465— vii, 458.
Boelen, Abram, v, 153.
Boerum, S., x, 530.
Boes, Captain Nieolaes, i, 122.
Bogert, Jan., ii, 326.
Boinell (Bonnell), Isaac, ii, 129, 334.
Boinel (Bonnell, Bunnell), Nathaniel, ii, 129, 334.

Bollen, James, i, 108; Grant of land to, 110; Ordered to give up to the
Dutch authorities records and papers belonging to the late Province
of New Jersey, 131; Appointed to swear in oflBcers, 177; Letter to,
from Governor Carteret, 316; Referred to, 350; Secretary to the
Council, 355 to 365— ii, 363, 364, 397— iii, 485.
Boragat, Roeloff, ii, 326.
Bond, Benjamin, ii, 396.
Bond, Captain, iv, 89.
Bond, Elijah, vii, 544.
Bond, Joseph, i, 50.

Bond, Robert, i, 50, 81, 82, 128— vii, 425.
Bondet, Daniel, iv, 174.
Bonham, Jeremiah, x, 667.
Bonnel, Abraham, Lieutenant, ix, 185.
Bonnell, Isaac, ii, 327.
Bonnel. Jacob, Ensign, ix, 187.
Bonnell, Joseph, iv, 253-v, 142, 144, 147, 149, 150. -Speaker of the


House of Assembly, vi, 59; Vote on the Militia Act, 202, 203; Affi-
davits before, 427-432.— Dead, vii, 253, 259.
Bonnet, Joseph, v, 155.
Bonney, Joseph, viii. Part I, 104.

Booker, John, Signs surrender of the Government, ii, 45C-460; Recom-
mends Andrew Hamilton for Governor, 470.
Bools, Thomas, ii, 113.
Boone, Charles, Asks permission of the Lords for his brother, Governor

Boone, to visit England, ix, 263.
Boone, Thomas, Ai^pointed Governor of New Jersey, ix, 1^8, 189; Com-
mission for, 190; Instructions to, 193, 194; Commission to, as Vice-
Admiral, 195; Acknowledges his appointment, 205; Referred to,
211; Sets out for his Government in New Jersey, 218; Arrival of.
234 ; Notice of, 234 ; Informed by Mr. Morris, of the dispute between
him and Mr. Jones for the office of Chief-Justice, 235; Transmits
Mr. Morris's letter to the Lords of Trade, 238; Writes to Secretary
Pitt, in regard to the imputed illegal trade in New Jersey. 240; In-
forms the Lords of Trade of the amicable proceedings of the Assem-
bly, 248; Writes, relative to the defective Post arrangements in the
Province, 219; Letter to, from President Colden, relative to the
northern boundary dispute, 253; Informs the Lords of Trade as to
what had been done in raising additional troops, 2G0; Informs Secre-
tary Pitt as to the same, 261 ; Desires to visit England, 263; Refeired.
to, 265; Transmits to the Lords of Trade acts of the Assembly, 270;
Address of the Assembly to, 287; Answer of, to the same, 288; In-
forms the Lords of Trade of the passage of an act for continuing a
part of the New Jersey regiments, and of the suspension of Mr. An-
till from the Council, 299 : Gives an account to the same of the seizure
of a vessel engaged in illicit trade, 300; Congratulations from, on the
intended marriage of the King, 304; To the Lords of Trade, relative
to his leave of absence, 305 ; Referred to, 307, 335.

Borden, Benjamin, ii, 363, 396.

Borden, James, ii, 396— vii, 542.

Borden, Jean, Contributes to the supposed Cornbury Fund, iii, 214;
Moneys paid by, to the Receivei'-General, 351, 352.

Borden, Joseph, x, 427.

Borden, Richard, ii, 363— vii, 542, 543; Affidavit of, against John Coxe,

Bore, Joshua, i, 288.

Borten, John, i, 270.

Boscawen, Admiral, viii, Part II, 123, 135, 163, 254.

Boston Port Act, x, 457, 460, 532.

Bostwick, Rev. David, Informs Rev. Joseph Bellamy of the death of Rev.
Samuel Davies, fourth President of the College of New Jersey, ix, 258.

Bond, Adlord, iii, 223.

Boude, Grimston, Affidavit of, against Lewis Morris and George Wil-
locks, iii, 477.


Boudinot, Elias. x, 345, 430. 467, 575.

Boundary Line between East and West Jersey — Instructions to Governor
Lawrie, relative to, 1, 428; Minutes of New York Council, relative to,
517; Agreement between the Governors to submit it to arbitration,
519; Obligation of the authorities of West Jersey to abide by the de-
termination of the arbitrators, 523; Award of JohnEeid and William
Emley, respecting it, 523. — Commissioners appointed by the East
Jersey Proprietors to confer with the Governor of West Jersey, rela-
tive thereto, ii. 1; Narrative of Governor Coxe, relative thereto, 10;
Letter without signature, to the Proprietors in England, I'elative to,
18; Minutes of the West Jersey Proprietors, relative to running it in
accordance with the award of Reid and Emley, 24; Agreement be-
tween the Governors in regard to, 34. — Letters from James Logan,
relative to, iv, 377, 388; Instructions to John Harrison, from the
Commissioners on, 391; Caveat of Daniel Coxe, relating thereto,
444; Proceedings of the Council of the West Jersey Proprietors, re-
lating thereto, 452. — Representations from the Lords of Trade to the
King, relative to, v, 213; Order in Council aproving the act respect-
ing, 243. — Instructions from John Hamilton and Andrew Johnston,
to John Lawrence, relative to, vi, 154; Conimissionei's appointed to
run, 352.

Boundary Line between New York and New Jersey — Agreement relative
to the powers of the surveyors of the lines of the three Governments,
i, 517; Instructions from the Council, at New York, to their surveyor,
relative thereto, 518; Position of the 41st degree of north latitude on
Hudsons river. 520; Certificate of Governor Moriis, relative thereto,
521. — Letter from Governor Hamilton, to Governor Fletcher, respect-
ing, ii, 105; Letter from the Lords of Trade concerning. 307. — Mem-
orial from Peter Fauconnier, recommending the adjustment of, iii,
388. — Proper persons to be empowered to run it, iv, 3G5; Appoint-
ment of Commissioners, 383; Tripartite indenture, 394; Petition of
Allane Jarratt, respecting, 403 ; Report of New York Council on his
petition, 406; Memorial of the Proprietors of New Jersey, relative to,
408; Petition of the inhabitants of New York, relating thereto, 433;
Letter from Lewis Morris, to the Lords of Trade, relating thereto,
439; Letter from the same, to Peter Schuyler, relating thereto, 446;
Proceedings of the Council of West Jersey Proprietors, relating
thereto, 452. — Memorial of the Proprietors, relative to, vi, 138 ; Ad-
dress to Governor Morris, relative to, 144; Affidavit of James Alex-
ander, relative to, 145; Letter from Governor Morris, relative to,
162; Report of Robert Hunter Morris, concerning, 168; Memorial of
the East Jersey Proprietors, respecting, 216. — Letters relative to,
from James Alexander, vii, 119, 125, 152; Address relative to, 142;
Letter from F. J. Paris, relative to, 156; Letter from Governor
Clinton, relative to, 159; Speech of Colonel Lewis Morris, in the
New York Assembly, relative to, 163; Letters from, F. J. Paris,


relative to, 167, 176; Petition of F. J. Paris to the Lords of Trade,
relative to, 226; Letter from J. Alexander and R. F. Morris, relative
to, 262; From F. J. Paris, relative to, 297. — Opinion on, by the liords
of Trade, viii. Part I, 128; Letter from Robert Charles, relating to,
135; Argument that the forks of Delaware are the true limits of New
Jersey on the North, 139; Question referring to, answered, 141;
Representation of the Lords of Trade, relative to the repeal of the
act of 1747, concerning, 144; Letter from Ferdinand J. Paris, rela-
tive to, 152; Reply to the same, 157; Petition of the Proprietors of
East Jersey, relative to the Boundary Act of 1747, 160; Disputes
concerning, 190, 192; Memorial of Proprietors of East Jersey, con-
cerning, 202, 232; Documents relating to, 233-286; Letters from
Governor DeLancey, to the Lords of Trade, I'elative to, 288. 297.
— Disturbances arising from tlie non-adjustment of, viii. Part II, 13,
20, 27, 28; Papers relative to, transmitted to the Lords of Trade, SO-
BS, 72; Letter from Lieutenant-Governor DeLancey, referring to,
74; The action of the Council of New York, in respect to, 89; Com-

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