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Dinwiddie, Robert, On the Trade of the British Empire in America, vi, 83.
— Governor of Virginia, viii. Part II, 121; Letters to, from Governor
Belcher, relative to military proceedings, 122, 143. 172.

Disbanded Courtier, Character of a, viii. Part I, 120.

Division Line, See Boundary Line.

Divorces, x, 410, 411.

Doane, Jonathan, Surrogate, ix, 360.

Dobie, John, ii, 35.

Dockminique, Paul, See Docminique. Paul.

Doekwra, William, Notice of, i, 378; An East Jersey Proprietor. 424,
433, 434, 437, 442, 446, 448, 451, 454, 457, 462; Interested in goods
shipped to East Jersey, 464, 465, 467; Signs as Proprietor and as
proxy, 474, 482, 483; Letter from, to Governor Lawrie, 486; Signs,
etc., as Proprietor, 490, 499; Appointed agent for the Proprietors
residing in Europe, 506; Signs as a Proprietor, 513: Letter
from Proprietors in England to the Governor and Council of
East Jersey, 514; Referred to, 527, 529; Revocation of all Governor
Lawrie's powers in East Jersey, 531; Signs for Proprietors, 542. —
Anonymous letter addressed to, relative to the division line between
East and West Jersey, ii, 18; Letter to, from Andrew Hamilton. 27;
Certificate as Seci'etary and Register, 30; Signature of, 83; Signs as
agent of Proprietors, 84; Letter from, to Governor Hamilton, 101;
Referred to, 113, 217; Petition from, as one of the Proprietors, to the
Commissioners of the Treasury, 164, 165; The same to Lords Justices,
171; Named as a Proprietor, 186-103, 198; Disbursements by. on ac-
count of East Jersey, 205; Signs instructions, 213; Signs petition as
Secretary, etc., 249; Signs as Proprietor, 257; As Secretary. 266:
Letter to, from Secretary Popple, relative to the testing of the Pro-
prietors' claims to the port of Perth Amboy at Westminster. 266 ;
Signs as Secretary, etc., 297; Letter to, from Secretary Popple, in-
quiring as to the operation of the act against fraud in East and West
Jersey, 306; His answer to the same, 306; Signs as Secretary, etc.,
310 ; Referred to, 322 ; Letter to, from Secretary Popple. 340 : Letter
from, to Secretary Popple, relative to the state of the Jerseys, 343;
Letter to, from the same, asking for the transmission of the proposed
surrender of the Government of East Jersey^ 353; Signs as Propri-
etor, 408; Referred to, 416; Signs, 431 ; Objections of, to the appoint-
ment of Andrew Hamilton as Governor of New Jersey, 432: His ob-
jections replied to by Lewis Morris, 442 ; Referred to, 448 ; Signs the
surrender of the Government, 456, 460; Petition of, to the Queen,
466; Memorial from, to the Lords of Trade, transmitting objections


to Andrew Hamilton as Governor of New Jersey, 470; PI is papers
transmitted to Sir Thomas Lane, 473; Reply of the Proprietors to his
complaints against Mr, Hamilton, 475. — Referred to, iii, 36; His
answer to the objections made to the appointment of Daniel Cos and
Peter Sonmans as members of the Council, 39; His petition relative
to the title to Staten Island referred to the Lords of Trade, 61 ; Me-
morial of, witli others, to the Lords of Trade, relative to New Jersey
aifairs, 83; Memorial from, to the same, proposing Peter Sonmans to
be one of the Council, 101; Reference to said memorial, 12."); Signs
as Secretary and Register, 133; Referred to, 141, 312-315; Memorial
from, to the Lords of Trade, transmitting documents relative to
Lewis Morris, George Willocks and others, 475 — iv, 115 ; Letter
from, to Secretary Popple, 116; Extract from a letter to, relating to
Governor Hunter's administration, 118; Referred to, 127, 298 — vi,
428, 431,

Doeminique (Dominique, Dockminique), Paul, ii, 164, 165, 186-194, 199,
258, 276, 376, 408, 410, 416; Signs surrender of the government,
45C-460; Recommends Andrew Hamilton for Governor, 470. — Signs
as a Proprietor, iii, 38; Referred to, 49; Memorial from, with others,
to the Lords of Trade, relating to New Jersey affairs, 50; Notice of,
51; Signs as a Proprietor, 82, 95, 302; Did not sign Peter Sonmans'
commission, 314. — Referred to, iv, 115, 141, 169 — v, 432,

Dod (Dodd), David, x, 187,

Dod (Dodd), John, vi, 351— vii. 457— x, 187.

Doequet, Paul, i, 269.

Donaldson, William, ix, 463 ; Sketch of the reasons why Captain Kennedy's
claim to a share of the Bergen Commons was not admitted, 474. —
Referred to, x, 137.

Dongan, Thomas, 1, 158; Letter from, to Governor Penn, 437; Letter to,
from Sir .John Werden, 457; Letter to, from East Jersey Proprietors,
463 ; Letter to, from the Duke of York, 475 ; Letter to, from Sir John
Werden, 476; Letter from, to the Earl of Perth, 483; To Sir John
Werden, 485; Referred to, 517, 521; Report of, on the state of the
Province of New York, 524; Referred to, 533. 534; Order to, erecting
New Perth (Perth Amboy) into a jjort of entry, n40, — Referred to,
ii, 105, 232, 271— vii, 37— viii. Part I, 204, 249, 250, 256— ix. 330,

Donham, Benjamin, iv, 190.

Donnell, , i, 310.

Donop, Col., s, 302.

Doremus, John, x, 718.

Dorman, Philip, x, 718.

Dorset, James, ii, 396,

Dotey, Samuel, ii, 397.

Doud, Aaron, Surrogate, ix, 359.

Doughty, Daniel, vi, 202.

Doughty, Jacob, iv, 253. 283, 370— v, 135.


Douglass, William, i, 66, 82. 305, 806, 310.

Douglass, William, Captain, ix, 184, 186.

Dowes, Thomas, iv, 310.

Dowes, William, iv, 310.

Downes, Richard, v, 132, 134, 136, 140.

Downes, Samuel, ii, 541.

Downham, Edmond, ii, 326, 397.

Drake, Andrew, iv, 189.

Drake, Francis, i, 177— ii, 326, 396.

Drake, George, ii, 326, 396. — Petition of, in relation to the supposed Corn-
bury Fund, iii, 214.

Drake (Dreake). John, ii, 326, 396, 397.

Drake, John, Contributes to a supposed Cornbury Fund, iii, 200; Affidavit
in relation thereto, 218; Referred to, 4'55— iv, 111, 328.

Drayton, William, ix. 621.

Drummon, William, x, 717.

Drummond, Andrew, ix, 445.

Drummond, Gaven, ii, 333, 364, 366.

Drummond, John, An East Jersey Proprietor, i, 383, 412, 433, 434, 439,
441, 440, 451. 454, 457, 460. 463; Interested in goods shipped to East
Jersey, 467; Signs as Proprietor, 474; Referred to, 528 — ii, 389.

Drummond, Robert, x, 422.

Duake, Anthony, v, 153.

Duane, James, x, 530.

Dudington, William, Captain of the Gaspt'e schooner, x, 375, 397, 398.

Dudley, John, i, 509.

Dudley, Col. Joseph, ii, 840, 417.

Douglass, John, ii, 339.

Dun, Hugh, ii, 326, 396.

Dun, Samuel, iv, 188.

Dunbar, Col. Thomas, viii. Part II, 17, 92, 140, 143, 172, 202.

Duncan. Alexander, ix, 622.

Duncan, Charles, Recommended for the Council, iv, 133.

Duncan, Thomas, Deposition of, viii. Part I, 42.

Dunch, William, ii, 42-62, 66-74, 76, 79.

Dundasse, James, ii, 35.

Dungan, Thomas, iv, 414, 415.

Dunham, Az, x, 587, 588.

Dunham, Benajah, i, 134 — iv, 188.

Dunham, David, iv, 186, 189.

Dunham, Edmond, Contributes to the supposed Cornbury Fund, iii, 200;
Affidavit, relative to the same, 217.— Petition, iv, 186, 188.

Dnnham, Jonathan, i, 66, 82, 87.

Dunham, Robei't, i, 288.

Dunken, John, Affidavit of, against Lewis Morris Ashfield, vii, 619.

Dunn, Hugh, iv, 186, 188.


Dunster, Charles, iii, 314, 31o-iv, 141, 241.-Letter from, to one of the
Proprietors in Endand, V, 100; Notice of, 100; Signs certificate, 155.

Dunster, Dan. Donaldson, vi, 139-vii, 128, 129, 41G, 426, 427.

Dunzoy, Louis Demarest, x, 717.

Durreli. Commodore Philip, ix, 110.

Dutch Reformed Churches. Charter for in Middlesex, Somerset and Hun-
terdon counties, considered by the Council, viii, Part I, 108.

Du Trudle, Jacob, ii, 326.

Dyckman, Hugh, i, 128.

Dyer, Eliphalet, x, 529.

Dyre, William, i, 186, 318.


Earl, Edward, ii, 270: Recommended to be one of the Council, 417.—

Referred to, ix, 451, 454.
Earsken (Ersken) John, ii, 129, S26.
Easom, Captain John, yi, 380, 382, 383; Examination of, relative to the

sloop St. Migel, 390.
East Jersey, Warrant to prepare a patent for, to Sir George Carteret, i.
160; Release of, to the same, 163; Directions, instructions, etc., to
the inhabitants of, by Sir George Carteret, 167; A General Court con-
vened in, 176; Lease for, from the Trustees of Sir George Carteret,
366; Appointment of Secretary and Register, also of Receiver-Gen-
eral' for, 376; Proposal to hold the government directly from the
Duke of York, 380; Release from the Duke of York to the twenty-
four Proprietors, 383; Fundamental Constitution of. 395; Letter
from the Proprietors of, to the Planters, 411 ; Gawen Lawrie's com-
mission as Deputy- Governor of, 423; His instructions, 426; Letter
to, from Charles II, 438 ; Additional provisions to the Constitution of,
443; Letter from the Proprietors of, to Governor Lawrie and Coun-
cil, 446 ; Agreement, respecting the taking up of lands in, 452 ; Letter
from the Proprietors of, to the Planters, 454; Letter from the same, to
Governor Dongan, 463; Account of shipment to, by some of the Pro-
prietors, 464, 466; Instructions, relative to the setting out of land
in, 470; Confirmation of former orders respecting, 488 ; Order of
Proprietors of, for laying out lands, and censuring Deputy-Governor
Lawrie and Thomas Rudyard, 492; Quo warranto against, 501;
Order to examine into the affairs of, 502; Letter to the Governor and
Council of, from the Proprietors in England, 514; Minutes of New
York Council, relative to line between, and West Jersey, 517; Agree-
ment to submit the dividing line between the Provinces to arbitra-
tion, 519; Award, respecting the division line, 523; List of Proprie-
tors' of in 1687, 528 ; Revocation of all Governor Lawrie's powers
in, 531; Petition of the Proprietors to the King, relative to the
entering of their vessels at New York, 533; Representations and


proposals of the Proprietors of, respecting their rights to a port,
and a government distinct from that of New York, 535; Letter from
Governor Barclay and the Proprietors in England, to the Deputy-
Governor and Council of, 541. — Commission from the Proprietoi-s of,
to Samuel Winder, John Campbell and Miles Forster to confer with
the Governor of West Jersey, relative to running the line between
the two Provinces, ii, I; Part of a letter without signature to the
Proprietors in England, relative to the division line, 18; Agreement
between the Governor of and the Governor of West Jersey, in regard
to the partition line, 34; Accounts of the several rates of assessments
laid upon the Proprietors of, 37; Instructions from the Proprietors
in London, to Governor Andrew Hamilton, 84; Communication of
the Proprietors of, to the Board of Trade, 90; Letter from the Pro-
prietors of. to Governor Hamilton, 101 ; Instructions from the Pro-
prietors of, to Thomas Gordon, 106 ; Petition of the Elizabeth-
town people against the Proprietors of, 134; Letter to the Pro-
prietors of, from the Lords of Trade, 134; Opinion of Sir Cress-
well Lewinz, on the liability of, to New York for customs, 136;
Letter to the Proprietors of, from the King, relating to the
Plantation trade, 140; Memorial of the Proprietors of, asking the
appointment of Jeremiah Basse as Governor, 149; Petition of the
Proprietors of, relative to customs, 163, 165, 169 ; Order in
Council, relative thereto, 169; State of the case of the Proprietors,
submitted to the Lords of Trade, 171; Communication from Proprie-
tors in England, to the Governor and Council of, announcing the
dismissal of Andrew Hamilton as Governor, and the appointment of
Jeremiah Basse in his stead, 176; Opinion of the Attorney General
and the Solicitor-General as to the rights of the Province to establish
Ports of Entry, 177; Representation from the Lords of Trade, against
the rights of the Proprietors of, to establish ports, ISO; George Wil-
locks authorized by the Proprietors to receive quit rents. 186; Rip
Van Dam likewise so authorized, 194; Disbursements by the Propri-
etors of, 202, 205; Petition of the Proprietors of, that Andrew Ham-
ilton be approved of as Governor, 249; Order of Council, referring a
petition from the Proprietors, to the Lords of Trade. 254; Memorial
of the Proprietors of, to the Lords, relative to the seizure of the sliip
Hester, 259; The same to the same, asking for speedy re])ort upon
their petitions. 263; Claims of, to a port in, to be tried in Westminster
Hall, 267: Memorial to the Lords of Trade, relative thereto, 268;
Memorial of the Proprietors of, to the Lords of Trade, relative to a
surrender of their government, 294; Memorial of the Proprietors of,
insisting upon establishing Perth Amboy as a Port of Entry, 308;
Remonstrance of the inhabitants of, to the King, against the Pro-
prietors in asking for the appointment of a competent Governor, 322 :
Disturbances in, 329; Answer from the Proprietors of, to the Re-
monstrance of the inhabitants of, 344; The transmission of the pro-


posed surrender of the government of asked for by the Lords of
Trade, 3o3; Memorial of Jeremiali Basse to the Lords of Trade, ask-
ing for a consideration of tlie remonstrance of the inhabitants of. 357;
A retreat for pirates as charged by Edward Randolph, 360: Petition
of the Governor and Council of, to the King, asking that the authority
of Governor Hamilton might be upheld, 309; Memorial from the Pro-
prietors of, to the Lords Justices, asking for the approval of Andrew
Hamilton as Governor of East Jersey, 374; Letter from the Council
of East Jersey, to the Proprietors in England, objecting to Andrew
Bowne as Governor, 385; Surrender of the government of, by certain
Proprietors. 387; Petition of the inhabitants of, to be taken under
the government of the King, should the Proprietors not appoint a
suitable person as Governor, 394; Memorial of the Proprietors of,
relative to the surrender of their government of, 404, 415; Surrender
of the government of, to the Crown, 452, Reply of Proprietors of, to
the complaints of Mr. Dockwra and Mr. Son mans against Andrew
Hamilton, 475; Letter from the Council of, announcing the death of
Governor Andrew Hamilton, 540; Memorial of the Proprietors of, to
the Lords of Trade, asking that Peter Sonmans be appointed a mem-
l^er of the Council, iii, 129. — Account of money received and paid by
the Treasurer of, v, 142-151. — Quota of assistance to tlie defence of
New York, viii. Part T, 195. See also New Jersey.

Eastell, William, ii, 396.

Eaton, .John, vi, 203; Prepares draft of message to the Governor, 246.

Eaton, Michael, i, 186.

Eaton, Robert, v, 139.

Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in the Plantations; Order in Council, relative
to, V, 126; Instruction relating to, 2G4, 265.

Eckley. John, x, 325,

Eden, Governor, x, 596.

Edmonds. John, ii. 396,

Edridge, John, ii, 50,

Edsall, John, ii, 327, — Affidavit of, against Morris and Willock, iii, 477_

Edsall, Samuel, 1, 81, 82, 89, 91, 93. 97; Affairs with the Comicil of New
Netherlands, 125, 131, 146; Interpretor with the Indians. 182.

Edwards, Abiah, ii, 332.

Edwards, Esther, viii. Part I, 89.

Edwards, Herman, i, 49.

Edwards. Rev. Jonathan, rai. Part I, 89.

Edwards, William, x. 717,

Egburtse, Lawrence, Newark rioter, vii, 179,

Egremart, Earl of. Secretary of State, ix, 125; Circular letter from, rela-
tive to military affairs, 330; Annotinces to the Lords of Trade the
appointment of William Franklin as Governor of New Jersey, 368;
Informs Governor Hardy of his removal, 374; Letters to, 379, 393,

Eires (Eiers), William, iv, 370, — Recommended for the Council, v, 34;
Referred to, 61; Money paid to, 146.


Eistell, Thomas, ii, 397.

Eldridge, John, i, 200, 220, 225, 23:3.

Elections. Instructions respecting, iv, 3: Act regnlating, rejected, 55.

Elizabethtown, Application for grant of, i, 14; Indian deed for, 15: Con-
iirmation of the purchase of, 17; Oath of Allegiance of the inhab-
itants, 49; Special Court held at, G5-80; The Duke of York respecting
the grant, 97; Directions of Berkely and Carteret respecting quit
rents, 106; Notice to the inhabitants to take out their patents. 120;
Relations with Council of New Netherlands, 122, 124, 126-129, 133,
135, 149; Petition of the inhabitants of, to the Council of New
Netherlands, 155; Opinions of certain English lawyers on Governor
Nicoll's patent for, 272; Visit to, by Governor Andros, 305; Officers
at, 321; Court held at, 334, 354; Controversy with Neversink. 477;
Affidavits relative to the grant, 504. — Petition of the people of,
against the East Jersey Proprietors, ii, 124; Letter from, condemning
Governor Basse, 270, 273; Sundry inhabitants of, indicted, 339;
Soundings between, and Araboy, 355. — Grant to the people of. iii. 30.
— Petition of, relative to the controversy with the Propi'ietors. vi, 205.
— Address of the corporation of, to Governor Belcher, vii, 17. — Peti-
tion to have the charter altered, viii, Part I, 104. — Proceedings of
the Committee of Observation, x. 536.

Elkinton, Edward, iii, 165.

Elkinton, George, i, 288.

EUeot, William, i, 223, 224.

Ellis, Daniel, x, 15, 17, 202.

Ellis Joseph, viii. Part ii, 151— ix, 184.

Ellis, Simeon, ii, 380. _

Elliott, Andrew, ix, 582, 591, 624, 831, 632.

Elliot, John, ix, 622.

Elmore, Daniel, x, 531.

Elsby, .John, i, 355.

Else, John, iv, 189.

Elsley, Elisha, i, 50.

Elston (Alston), John; Deposition of, relative to piracies, ii, 223; Referred
to, 235, 313.

Elton, Anthony, ii, 384.

Elton, Anthony, viii. Part I, 107— viii. Part II, 151, 152, 232, 233.

Ely, Sarah, x, 512.

Embargo, viii. Part II, 127, 248, 254.

Emet, Mr., iv, 93.

Emley, Peter, ii, 332.

Emley, William, i, 268, 523— ii. 17, 24.

Emly, William, One of the first Commissioners to buy and lay out lands,
iii, 221.

Emmons, Nicholas, ix. 251.

Emott, James, Secretary of East Jereey Council, Signature of, 3.



Englie. William, ii, 31(5.

Ennis, Dr., iii, "'•'J-

Epke, neiulrick, ii, 320.

Epke, Seba. ii, 326.

Erickson, John, i, 236.

Ersken. John, See Earsken, John,

Erwing, Neheuiiah, ii, 42-G2, 66-74, 79.

Eslev, Conrad, x, 718. , . . „

Espinosa, Captain Joseph, Letter to Governor Cinilon, complaming ot
his imprisonment, vi, 380; Petition of, 381 ; Affidavits of, relative to
the seizure of the sloop St. Migel, 381, 385.

Essex County, Proceedings of the Court in relative ^^ ^^^l [ ^^^^^
ii 313- Minutes of a Court of Sessions held September 10, 1-00, 333.
Proceedings against sundry persons connected with Newark riots,
S36-339 -Taxes, iv, 368, 369.-List of rioters in, vi, 234, 351.— Kiots
in vii 382, 4o7 (See also Rioters of Essex County and Newark).-
Petition of the possessors of lands in, viii. Part T, 54-56; Justices
of the Peace for, I05.-Riots m, x, 172, 180, 192, 198 ; Letter from
the committee of the people of, to the inhabitants of Monmouth
County, commenting on the events in Boston, and recommending a
meeting in New Brunswick, 459; Resolves of the freeholders of, 465.
Essler, John, x, 718.

Estell (Estal, Eistell), Thomas, ii, 326, 332.

Euertson, Admiral, i, 152. _.. ^^.^,,

Evans, Colonel, Begins to erect a fort at New Castle, lu, 2o0, ,^1, ~o,.

Evans, Peter, v, 187.
Evens, Thomas, v. 187.

Evens, William, iii, 165. a- • iqi

Everett, Daniel, Sherilf of Orange County, N. ^.. ix, 1»,.
Evers, John M,, v, 153.
Everson, Hcndrick, i, 269.
Everson, Nicholas, vi, 465, 466.
Evertse, Cornelius, Jr., i, 123.
Every, the pirate; See Avery.
Eves, Thomas, i, 270, 288— iii. 165.
Evillman, William, iv, 310.
Evrington, Jeremiah, ii, 363.
Ewbank, George, iv, 189, 190.
Ewing, Joshua, x, 531.
Ewing, Haskell, Surrogate, ix, 3r)9.

Ewing, Thomas, X, 531. ^ -r ■ . ^ irqq w

Exchange, Ship, Account of shipment to East Jersey m August, 1688, bv
some of the Proprietors, i, 464-469.



Pairchild, Benjamin, x, 717.

Fairehild, Caleb, Sheriff of Morris County, vii, 25G.

Fairrnan's Island, v. 42. 44,

Falconer, David, i, 407, 50H, r^W.

Falconer, Gilbert, ii, 4G0.

Falkner, William. Lieutenant, ix, 1^7.

Fane, Francis, Report of, on the act for enforcing an ordinance made for
establishing fees, and regulating tlie practice of the law, v, 377;
Referred to, 406. — Acts submitted to, for opinion, vi. 150.

Farmer, Christopher, i, 195.

Farmer, Capt, Robert, vi, 103, 388. 391.

Fanner, Thomas, iv, 9; Statement of, respecting Peter Sonmans, 15;
Removal of, from the Collectorsliip of Perth Amboy, 49; Referred
to, G8; AfBdavit of, relative to maladministration in the Courts of
Justice in New Jersey, 74; Referred to, 77, 119, 123; Notice of, 123;
Referred to, 124; Judge of the Middlesex and Somerset Courts, 129,
132; Letter from, to Governor Hunter, relative to supplies for troops.
135; Letter to, relative to the movement of his troops, 137; Appoint-
ed Judge of the Supreme Court, 139; Candidate for High Sheriff,
18(5; Member of the Council, 253; Salary as Second Judge, 368,
369-371.— Referred to, v, 187, 344. 366, 374, 402, 443, 454. 456, 469,
478— vi, 14. 15, 202, 203.

Farrall, Garrett, x, 718.

Farrand, Ebenezer, vi, 245 — vii, 457.

Farrand, Phineas, x, 718.

Farrand, Samuel, x, 718.

Farrington, John, i, 268.

Farris, William, ix, 622.

Fauconier's Patent, viii. Part I, 275.

Fauconier, Peter, Receiver-General, refused to furwish vouchers, iii, 283;
Accounts of, 350-356; Report on papers retained by Lord Cornbury,
357; His accounts and vouchers demanded by the Assembly, 379:
Recommends the adjustment of the line between New York and New
Jersey, 388.

Fauquier, Francis, Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia, ix, 531,

Fawkener, Everard, Postmaster-General, informs the Lords of Trade of
the establishment of packets to the Colonies, viii. Part II, 144.

Fees taken in the different offices of the Province of New Jersey, ix, 593;
See also Law.

Fell, John, ix, 446,

Felt Makers' Company, Memorial of, to the Lords of Trade, asking that
the inhabitants of the plantations be required to wear hats made in
Great Britain, v, 306,

Fenimore, Richard, i. 270— ii, 384— iii, 165.


PenLx, John, vii, 218.

Fenton, Eleazer, i, 2G9.

Pcnwieke, John, i, 118; Note of tlie arrival of, and family, in West Jer-
sey, in 1675, 185; Before New York Council, 186; Presentment of
Samuel Leete against, 186; Special warrant against, from Governor
Andros, 187; Proceedings against in New York, 188; Ordered to be
arrested by the authorities of New Castle, 191; Letter from New
York Council, relating to, 196; Order of the same, relating to the
same, 197; Letter to, inclosing said order, 198; Reply from, thereto,
199; Letter to, from the authorities of New Castle, 203; Reference
to in Quintipartite deed. 20.9; Instructions to Commissioners con-
cerning, 220, 228; Minutes of New York Council relative to his
granting patents in New Jersey, 235; Proceedings at a Court for the
trial of, 236; Proceedings against, under presentment of Samuel Leete,
238; Depositions relating to the conduct of, 274; Proclamation of, to
claimants of land, 276; Order of New York Council against, 278;
Letter from the same to the Court at New Castle, relative to, 280 ;
Letter to, from authorities at New Castle, 281 ; Deed from, to Will-
iam Penn, for half of New Jersey, 370; Referred to, 331, 382;
Lands sold by, 413; Agreement between the Executors of, and Will-
iam Penn, 507; Referred to, ii, 50 — iv, 127.

Ferris, Samuel, iii, 165.

Fessenden, Thomas' x, 612.

Field, Jeremiah, iv, 9.

Field (Fell), John, ix, 339.

Field, John, iv, 10. :)():!.

Filhing, Josiah, iv, 215.

Finch, Samuel, Complains of being wrongfully taken prisoner, viii, Pait
11, 13.

Fines and Recoveries. Opinions of the Attorney and Solicitor Generals in
relation to, v, 291.

Finlay, Hugh, s. 610.

Finns-pointe, Lands at, sold by John Fenwick. i. 413.

Fisher, Hendrick, vii, 336— x, 202, 458, 640.

Fisher, Henry, Inspector of the Press, viii. Part II, 70, 229.

Fisher, Thomas, ii, 122.

Fisher, William, iii, 152, 153, 154— i v. 98.

Fisher, William, x, 718.

Fisher's Island, v, 43, 44. 46.

Fithian, Joel, x, 531.

Fithian, Philip V., v, 532.

Fitzrandolph, Christian, iv, 215.

Fitz Randolph. John, ii, 396— iv, 189.

Fjcz Randolph, Joseph, ii, 397; Affidavit against Lard Cornbury, iii.
198; Contributes to supposed Lord Cornbury Fund, 200; Grand
Juror. 446.


Fitzrandolph, Nathaniel, GrandJuror on Woodbridge riot, iii. 486, 487.
—Referred to, iv, 186, 189.

Fitzrandolph, Peter, iv, 315.

Fitz Randolph, Richard, Affirmation of, relative to I'iot at Perth Aniboy,
vi, 466.

Fitz Randolph, Thomas, ii, 395.

Fitzroy, Mr., ix, 15-17, 641.

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