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Flags borne by ships having private commissions, vi, 1'28.

Fletcher, Governor Benjamin, Letter to, from the Proprietors of West
Jersey, ii, ^9; Letters to, from Governor Hamilton of East Jersey,
1U5, 113, 115; William Penn's observations on the proceedings of,
132; Referred to, 265.

Floyd, William, x, 530,

Flypsen, , i, 457, 517.

Folsom, Nathaniel, x, 529.

Foort, Roger, v, 187.

Forbenor, Samuel, ii, 396.

Forbis (Forbes), Arthur, an East Jersey Propi-ietor, i, 460.

Forbes, Brigadier General, ix, 160.

Forbes, John, i, 530.

Ford, Colonel, viii, Part II, 179.

Ford, Jacob, viii, Part II, 229.

Ford, John, iv, 10.

Ford, Robert, ii, 470.

Ford, Samuel, x, 413, 416, 419, 421.

Forman, Alexander, ii, 327, 396— iv, 215.

Foreman, Samuel, ii, 327, 363, 396.

Forman, Thomas, ii, 327.

Forest, Captain James, ix, 227.

Forest, John, i, 269.

Forrester, Major, ix, 228.

Forrester, Mr., viii, Part I, 145— Part II, 245.

Forster, Miles, Commission to, from the East Jersey Proprietors to confer
with the Governor of West Jersey relative to the line between the
two Provinces, ii, 1; Desires to report, 24; Signs as Proprietor, 376,
408, 411; Surrenders the Government of East Jersey. 387; Recom-
mended to be one of the Council, 417; Signs the surrender of the
government, 456, 460; Objected to as a member of Council, 488. —
Proposed for the Council, iii, 51, 95; Referred to, 154; Proposed as a
member of Lord Lovelace's Council,'.299, 302; Notice of, 302; Did
not sign Sonmans' Commission, 314; Grand Juror, 446; Recom-
mended for Council of Governor Hunter, 498.— Referred to, iv. 375;
Dead, 377.
Forster, William, Inspector of the Press, viii. Part II, 70.
Foster, Ezekiel, x, 531.
Foster, John, i, 15— vi, 207.


Foster, William, is, 356.

Fowle, Thomassin, iii. 358.

Fowler, John, ii, 397,

Fox, James, ii, 396.

Fox, George, iii, 418.

Fox. Hon. H., Circular letter from, relative to the appointment of the
Earl of Loudon as Commander-in-Chief, viii, Part II, 309; Letter
to, from Governor Belcher, commenting on the recent proceedings of
Government, 220.

Fox, John, iv, 310.

Fox, Thomas. Deposition of, viii. Part I, 48.

Fox, William, iv, 310.

Fox, Mr., Naval officer for Perth Amboy. vii, 381. 650.

Foxcraft, Mr.. Postmaster-General, x, 657, 663; 669.

Foye, John, vii, 150, 320— viii. Part I, 22.

Francisco, Peter, x, 718.

Franklin. Benjamin, iii, 116: To Governor Belcher relative to an electri-
cal apparatus, viii, Part I, 7; Letter from, relative to Post routes
in New Jersey, ix, 265; Referred to, 369; Commissioner for settling
the boundary Une, 582, 591, 624, 631, 632; Accounts of, x, 29; Re-
ferred to, 48; Appointed agent for New Jersey, 135; Ijetter from,
relative to the appointment of Colonial agents in England, 330; In
relation to the attachment of the property of persons who have never
resided in the Colony. 337; Referred to, 381, 393, 445; Salary of,
450 ; Letter from, to Governor Franklin on American affairs, 494 ;
Referred to, 610, 692, 710.

Franklin. Mrs., ix, 640.

Franklin. William. Appointed Governor of New Jersey, ix, 368; Com-
mission of, 368; Notice of, 369; Commission of, as Vice-Admiral, 372;
Announces to the Lords of Trade his arrival in New Jersey, and noti-
fies them of vacancies in the Council, 383; Incloses to the same min-
utes of Council and six acts of the Assembly, 388; Announces to the
Lords of Trade, and to the Earl of Egi-emont that he will appoint a
day of thanksgiving; that the Indians had re-commenced hostilities,
and measures taken for protection against them, 391, 392; A house
to be provided for, 396 ; Gives an account to the Lords of Trade of
bis proceedings with the Assembly in respect to the means of repell-
ing the hostilities of the Indians. 398; To the same, relative to an act
for raising levies for the defence of the Provinces, 400; To the same,
relative to the revenue, and to issuing money in paper bills for erect-
ing public buildings, 402; Announces to the Lords of Trade the death
of Chief-Justice Morris, and the appointment of Charles Read to suc-
ceed him; also recommends Richard Stockton for the Council, 426;
Writes to the Lords of Trade, relative to raising levies: also to some
acts passed by the Assembly, and to Mr. Ashfield's claim to precedence
in the Council, 428; Letter from, to the Earl of Halifax relative to rais-


iiig troops, 431 ; Informs the Lords of Trade in relation to the friendly
aid of the Six Nations of Indians, 433; Is complimented by Lord
Halifax for his zeal in protecting the frontier of New Jersey, 439;
Conduct of, approved by the Lords of Trade, 444 ; Named as Com-
missioner for running the boundaries between New Jersey and New
York, 447; Expresses his thanks to the Earl of Halifax, 453; Eeplies-
to a letter from the Lords of Trade, relative to certain acts of the
Assembly, 458; Writes to the Lords of Trade, transmitting copies of
letters and papers relating to the complaint of Capt. Kennedy in the
matter of the common-lands of Bergen and enclosures, 4i]{'-4'i5, 478:
Sends to the Earl of Halifax list of instruments nsed in the Province,,
marking such as will bear the highest stamp duty, 4'Jl); Writes to the
same in relation to illicit trade in New Jersey, 484 ; To the same rel-
ative to measures for improving the correspondence between the Col-
onies, 485; Has commissioned Frederick Smyth Chief Justice, 486;
Transmits petition from owners of islands in the Delaware, to te an-
nexed to the Province of New Jersey, 488; To the Lords of Trade in
relation to bounties for raising hemp and silk, 490; Letters from,
relative to the Stamp Act, 495. 494, 497, 499; Authorized to call for
land and naval forces to quell the disturbances in the Colony, 501 :
Informs the Lords of Trade of the seditious spirit aroused in New
Jersey, 505, 507, 524; Letter from, to Captain James Hawker, 519:
To his father, Benj. Franklin, relative to the success of Col. Croghan
in his negotiations with the Indians, 521 ; Congratulations from, on
the repeal of the Stamp Act, 555; Transmits votes of the Assembly to
the Lords of Trade, 567; Acknowledges receipt of acts of Parliament,
568; Conduct of, approved by the King, 570; Writes to the Earl of
Shelburn concerning outrages committed on the Indians, also rc-
specthig barracks, 574 ; Announces to the same the trial and execution
of one Seymour for the murder of an Oneida Indian, 578; Gives a
statement cf the salaries annually granted to the officers of the Gov-
ernment of New Jersey, 579; Information from, relative to annual
expenses of the Government and to quit-rents, 586; Fees taken in
the different offices, 592; Vice-Admiral, 621; Letter from, to his
father, 025; Notified of the King's displeasure with the Assembly for
not obeying the act of Parliament, in regard to nuitinyand desertion,
636; Acknowledges receipt of new seal for New Jersey, 640; Letter
from, to his father in relation to rumors of an attempt to remove the
Governor, 640; Writes to Secretary Shelburn relative to inequality
of the expense of quartering troops in the Colonies, 642. — Commis-
sions Joseph Eeed as Surrogate, x, 8; In relation to the case of John
Wilkes, 28; Gives an account of the manufactures, produce and trade
of New Jersey, 29 ; In relation to an act for quartering the troops,
32; In relation to the Massachusetts Assembly circular, 34; Recom-
mends Richard Stockton for the Council, 44; Rebuked for assenting
to a law contrary to an act of Parliament, 45; "Writes to Secretary


Hillsborough respecting an act for striking £100,000 in bills of
credit, 48; To the same, relative to the complaint by the Commis-
sioner of Customs in America to the King, 53 ; Commissions
Charles Read, John Smith and Samuel Smith to take charge of the
the seals dunng his absence, 54; Writes to Secretary Hillsborough
relative to a treaty with the Indians, 55; Defends his conduct against
the censures of the Earl of Hillsborough, 64; In relation to the treaty
with the Indians for settling the boundary lines between them and
the British Colonies. 95; Letter from, to Cortlandt Skinner, 97:
Gives further reasons for issuing £100,000 in bills of credit. 09:
Writes to his father respecting his farming operations and other
matters. 111; Letters of acknowledgement from, to Earl of Hills-
borough, 118, 130; Announces the death of Mr. Ashfield, a member of
the Council, 131 ; Writes to Secretary Pownall relative to the provis-
ion for the Iving's troops, 141; Transmits Chief Justice Smyth's
memorial respecting his salary, 144; Writes in relation to the riotous
proceedings in Monmouth County, 148: Observations of, on the act
for striking £105,000 in bills of credit and on the act relating to the
common-lands in the township of Bergen, 150; Speech of, in relation
to the riots in Monmouth and Essex Counties, 172; Offers a reward
for the discovery of the persons who set fire to the stables, etc., of
David Ogden, 183; Writes to the Earl of Hillsborough relative to
matters of public interest, 191; Complimented by the Earl of Hills-
borough, 198; Informs the Earl of Hillsborough of the displeasure
of the Assembly at the disallowance of the Paper Money Act. 200 ;
Announces to the Earl of Hillsborough the action of the Assembly in
the matter of supplies for the troops, and the appointment of Barrack
Masters, 201 : Message from, to the Assembly, relative to supplies for
the troops. 203 ; Answer to the same, 204 ; Proclamation of, in rela-
tion to assault on John Hatton, 205; Writes to Secretary Hillsbor-
ough in regard to the war with Spain, and Indian affairs, also
announces the death of John Ladd, 221; Letter to Major Will-
iam Trent, relative to private matters, 227 ; To the Earl of
Hillsborough relative to recruiting parties, also to making pro-
visions for the King's troops, 230; Promises assistance in re-
cruiting men, 233; Writes to his father relative to the Ohio
affair, also the Assembly's insolvent laws, 236; Announces the
refusal of the Assembl.v to provide for the King's troops, 237; Speech
of, to the Assembly and Council, 238; Answer to the same, 242;
Message of, to the Assembly, 243; Reply to, 251: Rejoinder. 250:
Writes to the Earl of Hillsborough in relation to tlie complaint of
.lohn Hatton, 275; Writes to the Commissioners of Customs at Bos-
ton, relative to the Hatton difficulty, 287; Informs the Earl of Hills-
borough of the continued refusal of the Assembly to grant supplies
for the troops, 297, 304; Complimented by the Earl of Hillsborough
for his efficiency in recruiting the King's troops. 301; Disputes with


the Assembly in regard to the resignation of Mr. Ogden as a member
of the House, 300; Writes to the Lords of Trade relative to the pro-
jjosed repeal of the act authorizing the emission of paper bills, 315:
His position in the matter approved, 318; Informs the Lords of
Trade that an agent for New Jersey had been appointed, 320; An-
nounces that the Assembly had consented to pay arrears due to
the troops, and debt of the Colony incurred during the late war, 321 ;
Transmits public papers, 333; Writes in relation to the dispute con-
cerning the i-esignation of Mr. Ogden as a member of the Assembly,
334 ; Tn relation to the act concerning the property of non-residents,
337; Transmits the petition of the Presbyterian Clergy of New Jer-
sey, 33!); Proclamation of, dissolving the Assembly, 3o6; Informs
the Earl of Hillsborough that the Assembly had granted money for the
support of the King's troops, 378; Writes to the same in relation to
care and custody of idiots and lunatics. 382 : Transmits minutes of
Council and Assembly with observations on the Boundary Act, the
act to enable all subjects to inherit real estate, and the Lottery Act,
385; To the Earl of Dartmouth in regard to papers relative to the
Gaspee schooner, 389 ; To the same, relative to memorial from Attor-
ney-General Skinner, with observations on the fees of the Governor
and other oflR.eers, 389 ; To the same, relative to the petition of the
Presbyterian Clergy, 400; To the same, relative to the pay of
Government officers. 40.-) ; To the same, in relation to the boundary
line, 407: Message of. to the Assembly relative to the resignation of
the Treasurer, Stephen Skinner. 420; Writes to the Earl of Dart-
mouth on the same subject, and recommends Francis Hopkinson for
the Council in place of Charles Read, 425; Answers from, to inquiries
relative to the condition of the Province of New Jersey, 433, 451 ;
Salary of, 450; Writes in relation to the Boston Port Act, a Congress
of the several Houses of Assembly, and removal of the seat of Govern-
ment from Burlington to Perth Amboy. 457; Transmits Acts of the
Assembly to the Earl of Daitmouth, 4G1; Transmits to the same,-
resolutions of the freeholders of Essex Coiinty. 464; Writes to the
same, in respect to the first Congress in Philadelphia, and gives
"secret intelligence,'" 473-478; Sends to the same a immphlet pub-
lished by the Continental Congress, 500; Is complimented by the
same, 501 ; To the same, in relation to the Congress and transmitting
a plan of a proposed union between Great Britain and the Colonies,
503: Speech of the Council and Assembly, 538; Replies to, 541-545;
Letter from, in relation to the seizure of arms and ammunition im-
ported without license, 548; Gives a list of the names of the mem-
bers of the Council of New Jersey, 560, 561 ; Gives to the Earl of
Dartmouth secret intelligence, 570; Gives to the same an account of
the proceedings of the King's troops at Concord, 590; Also an ac-
count of pi'oceedings, and the effect of the affair at Lexington. 601;
Speech of, to the Assembly. 620; Reply thereto, 633; Rejoinder, 638;


Informs the Earl of Dartmouth as to the movement of troops in
New Jersey and Philadelphia, 644: Gives to the same intelligence of
the arrest of Major Philip Skeene, 648; His speech to the Assembly-
approved by the Earl of Dartmouth. 651 ; Announces that Congress
has declared war, 652 ; Complains that his disiaatches are opened at
the Post Office, and gives notice that the Congress of New Jersey had
assumed eonuuand of the militia, 656; Writes that Lord Stirling had
accepted a Colonel's commission from the Provincial Congress, and
no gentleman would consent to be nominated for the Council, 663;
Announces to the Earl of Dartmouth the raising of troops in New
Jersey, 669; Transmits to the same his speech to the Assembly, 674;
Writes to the same, relative to the sentiments of the people, the pro-
ceedings of the Assembly, etc., 676: Gives an account of his arrest,
698. 702; Note on, 710: Message to the Legislature of New Jersey,

Franklin, William Temple, ix, 371.

Frasier, IMr.. Collector for the Port of Salem, vii, 381: Returns of, 587,

Frazer, William, vi, 98.

Frazey. Eliphaiet, vii, 180.

Frederick, Martin, Sr., x, 718.

Fredricksen (Fredericks), Thomas, i, 49, 125— ii, 320.

Freehold. Letter from the town of, condemning Governor Basse, ii, 373.
— Letter from the Committee of Inspection to the inhabitants of
Shrewsbury, x, 559.

Freeman. Edward, iv. 189.

Freeman, Oilman, Ensign, ix. 187.

Freeman, Henry, iv, 188 — x, 351.

Freeman, John, i, 50 — iv, 10.

French, Information concerning the state of the Plantations conveyed
through their vessels, iii, 60; Report of an attack by, on New York,
149, 163; Strength of, in Canada, 271. — Hostile attempts of the, on
the river Ohio, viii, Part I, 293; The Lords of Trade, in relation to
said attempts. 294. — The necessity of driving them from America,
viii, Part II, 133: Threatened invasion of, 158. 163, 174.— Defeat of,
in Canada, ix, 183.

French, Philip, vi. 368.

French. Thomas, i, 269.

Frettwell, Peter, ii, 148; Recommended to be one of the Council. 417.

Fretwell. Peter, iv, 31, 136; Member of the Council of the West Jersey
Proprietors, 153; Referred to, 383; Recommended for the Council,
326. 334: Appointed a Councillor. 331; Notice of. 333: One of the
Commissioners to try pirates, 340; Referred to, 373, 374.

Frost, William, iii, 447. '

Fullerton, James, vi. 312— ^ii. 268.

Fullerton. Robert. An East .lersey Proprietor, i. 460, 4!l9. 529— ii. 3.


Fullerton, Thomas. An East Jersey Proprietor, i. 4fi0. 4Sn. 52S.
Fureh, William, ii. ^96.
Furins, Samuel, v, 139.
Furman, Mr., viii. Part I, lo4.
Furniss, Samuel, iv, 276-282,


Gadsden (Gadson), Ciu-ist.. x, 5:30, G49.

Gage, Thomas, vi, 465, 466.

Gage, General Thomas, ix, 399; Letter from, to Governor Franklin, rela-
tive to military operations, 432; Places troops at the command of
Governor Franklin, 4!I5.— Referred to, x, 592, 593, 613, 645, 654.

Gales, Samuel, x, 502.

Galloway, Andrew, 1, 529.

Galloway, John, x, 717.

Galloway, Joseph, x. 48: Notice of. Ill, 197; Referred to, 227. 378, 492,
529, 585, 571 ; Extracts from letters of, 572, 579.

Gam, Hananiah, ii, 148.

Gannet, Reheboth, ii, 397.

Gardner, Benjamin, Newark rioter, vii. 179.

Gardner, Captain, ix, 122, 123.

Gardner, John, ii, 338 — vii, 458.

Gardner, Richard, Complains of Dekey and others of New York, viii,
Part T, 220; Intrusted with money to relieve persons distrained, 221,
222 : Beaten and robbed by Thomas Dekey, 226 ; Referred to, 283 :
AflBdavit of. against Dekey and sons, 285. — Complained of, viii. Part
II, 13.

Gardner, Thomas, i, 270 — ii, 148, 380; Recommended to be one, of the
Council, 417. — Objected to as a member of the Assembly, iii, 151;
Summoned by Lord Cornbury to show his authority for acting as one
of the Council of West Jersey, 158; One of the agents of the Pro-
prietors, 221; Referred to, 415; Recommended for Council of Gov-
ernor Hunter, 498, 499.— Referred to, iv, 13, 119, 120, 128; Notice
of, 128, 132, 133, 142; Letter from, to Governor Hunter, respecting
Jeremiah Basse, 144; Forbidding surveys, 147; Refuses to take his
affirmation in.stead of oath of office, 148; Referred to. 152, 164:
Dead, 175.— Referred to, vi, 245.

Gardner, Thomas, Jr., Newark rioter, vii, 179, 457.

Gamer, John, vi, 351.

Garretsen, Garrett, i, 49.

Garretsen, Geart, i, 49.

Garrett, John, iv, 310.

Garrison, John, vii, 606.

Garritse, Henry, x, 467.

Gaspee, Schooner. The plundering and burning of, x. 375, 389. 306.


Gaston, Eobert, x, 717.

Gateau, Nicholas, iv, 310, 313.

Gates, Horatio, ix, 427— x, 672.

Gautier, Andrew, x, 365, 366.

Gee, Joshua, v, 6.

Geedes, Jo., iv, 371.

Geere, Elinor, i, 186.

Geere, Ruth, i, 186.

Geere, Zachariah, 1, 186.

Gellebrand, Samuel, Deputy Secretary, Letter fiom. relative to the claim

of Lewis Morris for salary, vi, 153.
Geraoenepa, Relations with Bergen, i, 145.

Germaiu, Lord George, Announces to Governor Franklin the Iving's con-
cern that New Jersey had submitted to the Continental Congress,
X, 675.
Gerrard, William, i, 529.
Gerrdtsden, Hendrick, ii. 326.
Gerrish, Col., x, 671.
Gerritse, Derk, i, 151.
Gerrits (Gerretze), Gerret, i, 125, 320.
Gibbins, Mardia (Mordecai), ii, 326, 366.
Gibbon, Edmund, i, 414.
Gibbon, Grant, x, 471.
Gibbon, John, x, 531.

Gibbon, Nicholas, viii. Part IL 158, 230. 231.
Gibbons, Richard, i, 44.
Gibson, Captain, ii, 323,
Gibson, Bartholomew, i, 468.

Gibson, Elizabeth, An East Jersey Proprietor, i. 490, 500, 507— ii, 32.
Gibson, William, i, 376; An East Jersey Proprietor, 383,412,424. 433,

434, 437, 442, 446, 451, 454, 457, 474— ii. 205.
Giljansen, Gillis, i, 194, 276.
Gill. Michael, ix, 622.
Gillmann, Charles, iv, 186.
Gillmau, Joseph, iv, 189.
Gilman, Freeman, ix, 187.
Gilman, John, i, 147, 149, 307, 319, 320.

Gilman, William, Affidavit of. relative to the New Jersey rioters, vii. 231.
Ginnins, John, ii, 326.

Glass Manufacturers in New Jersey, vi. 98— viii. Part I, 108, 109-x, 31.
Glen, William, viii. Part T, 27.

Ciloucester (Gloster) County, Population of. in 1699, ii, 305,-The magis-
trates of, commended by Governor Hunter, iv, 158; Taxes, 368, 369
— v 132, 133.— jNloney received from collector of, viii. Part T, 66-68;
From commissions, 71 ; Interest money from, 73, 74.
Godbolt, Anne, iv, 81-85.


Godbolt, Francis, iv, 81-85.

Godolphin, Charles, ii, 254.

Godyn, Samuel, Patent to, for the east side of Delaware river, now Cape
May County, i, 1.

Goelet, Francis, ix, 334.

Goff, Captain, ii, 97.

Gold, John, ii, 397.

Gold, Lieutenant, x, 607.

Gold and Silver Coins, ix, 135.

Goldsmith, Josias, x, 717.

Gomar, Peter, vi, 166 — ix, 179.

Goodman, Charles, Collector at Peilh Amboy, letter from, to the Com-
missioners of Customs, relative to goods seized by him, and rescued
by armed men, ii, 291.

Goodson, John, i, 416— ii, 120, 187-193.

Gooldy, Jacob, iv, 147.

Gookin, Charles, Governor of Pennsylvania, letter to him from Governor
Hunter, complaining of his proceedings, iv, 160; Going to England
as Coxe's ambassador, 255. — Petition for grant of islands in the Dela-
ware, V, 6; Representation of the Lords of Trade, respecting his
petition, 18 ; Order in Council, relative to, 28 ; Referred to, 447.

Gordon, Andrew, viii. Part I, 42.

Gordon, Augustin, ii, 26.

Gordon, Charles, i, 529.

Gordon, John, i, 529, 530.

Gordon, Peter, Lottery made by, ix, 443, 446, 458; Act to make void,
repealed, 487.

Gordon, Sir Robert, One of the East Jersey Proprietors, i, 383, 412, 425.
433, 434, 437, 439, 442, 446, 448, 451, 454, 457, 460, 462; Interested
in goods shipped to East Jersey, 467; Signs as Proprietor, 482, 483,
500, 513; Referred to, 528, 529, 530; Disbursements by, on account
of East Jersey, ii, 204.

Gordon, Thomas, An East Jersey Proprietor, i, 460, 529— ii, 2, 101. —
Instructions to, from the East Jersey Proj^rietors, 106; Notice of,
106; Referred to, 113; Named as a Proprietor, 187-193, 198; Disburse-
ments by, on account of East Jersey, 204: Signs instructions to
Governor Basse, 213; Deputy Secretary, 317, 335; Surrenders the
government of East Jersey, 387; Signs the surrender, 456-460;
Objected to as a member of Council, 488 ; Appointed High Sheriff,
iii, 15, 16; Complained of, 135; Referred to, 141, 185, 189, 214, 210,
219, 253, 254, 263; Elected Speaker of the Assembly, 292, 359; Signs
as such, 298, 372, 378; Complained of by the Council, to Lord Love-
lace. 393, 394, 398, 400, 403, 405; Referred to, 414, 415, 431, 433.
448,453, 479; Indicted, 481; Referred to, 489; Keconimended for
the Council by the Lords of Trade, 499; Letter from, to the Secretary
of State asking for restoration to the office of Chief Justice, 500 —
iv, 15, 40, 74; The case of, 76; Referred to, 106, 119-121, 128, 129,


133; The opinion of Kev. Jacob Henderson respecting, 157; Further
reference to, 1G4; Letter from, to Eev. Jacob Henderson, inclosing
certificates relating to Ms own and Colonel Anderson's characters,
176, 180, 181; Accounts of, as Receiver-General of New Jersey, 185;
Referred to, 200; Attorney-General in place of Mr. Griffith, removed,
209; Certain payments by him sanctioned, 217, 228; Member of
Council, 253; Indictment of, 258; Referred to, 266, 267; Signs as
member of Council, 310; Referred to, 334; One of the Commission-
ers to try pirates, 340; Referred to, 363; Account of, as Receiver-
General, 368, 369; Referred to, 373, 394.— In Governor Burnet's
Council, V, 3; Dead, 33; Money to, 147.
Gorham, Joseph, is, 590, 591.
Gosling, John, i, 269— iii, 164— iv. 147— v, 36.
Gosnell, John, i. 419.
Gould, Edward T., x. 613.
Gould, James, v, 187.
Gould, John, ii, 327.
Gould, John, x, 717.
Gould, Nathan, Account of the circumstances leading to the capture of

New York by the Dutch, i, 121.
Gould, Thomas, Affidavit of, respecting the state of the Province, vii,

375; Affidavit of, relative to the riots, 446.
Gqulding (Golding), William, i, 44, 98.
Gouldy, Samuel, iv, 238.

Governors of Colonies, See Colonies and Plantations.
Grachoise, Robert, iv, 9.
Grafton, Duke of, ix, 9, 15, 626, 641.
Graham, Augustus, ii, 461.
Graham, James, i, 299.— In relation to Perth Amboy as a free port, ii,

Grant, James, Jr., ix, 621.
Grant, William, \i, 296.

Granville, Earl of, viii. Part I, 27; Letter to, from Governor Belcher, 97.
Graves, Admiral, x. 645.
Graves, Zackery, i, 50.
Gray, Galfredus, Letter from, on the encroachments of the Indians, v,


Gray, John, i, 50.

Grear, James, Grand Juror on Woodbridge riot, iii, 486.

Gregory, Alexander, Affidavit of, against Lewis Morris Ashfield, vii, 619.

Gregory, Mr., i, 52.

Green, Enoch, x, 345.

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