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intrufted, to the Speaker in Council.

The Houfe adjourned till To-morrow Morning Nine o'Clock.


( 21 )


Saturday, September 25, 1762.'

The Houle met.
A Meflage from his Excellency, by the Deputy Secretary.

* Gentlemen of the General j^Jjcmbly ;

' T HAVE this Moment received a Letter from his Ejfcellency tlie Governor

* X °f New-7ork, inclolin^ an Ad: to m ike Trefpaffes committed on Sandy-

* Hook, adtionable in that Colony ; whicii 1 have ordered to be laid before

* you. I muft recommend yo' it taking tiiis Matter into immediate Confide-
' ration, and hope \ou will pafs an Ad: in Conformity to that of New-Tork.


September 15, 1762. •'

And the faid Meffage, and Letter therf in referred to, were read ; and on the
Qiieftion, Whether the Koufe will now ao any Thing therein or not .'' It was carried
in the Affirmative.

That Mr. Smith and Mr. Stevens do bring in the Bill.

Mr. Smith accordingly brought in faid Bill ; which was Twice read, and on the
Queftion, agreed to, and ordered to be engrofled.

The engrofled Bill, entitled, An A(5t to prevent Perfcns profecutcd in the Colony of
New- York for Trcfpajjes committed on Sandy-Hook, being again pr&juuted 2« Isiew-
Jerfey, on the fame Irefpe^es ; was read, and compared, and on the Queftion,
That the fame dopafs.

That Mr. Stevens and Mr. R. Laurence, do carry the faid Bill to the Council, for

Mr. Stevens reported, that Mr. Lawrence and himfelf, delivered the Bill with them
intrufted, to the Speaker in Council.

A Meflage from the Council, by Mr. Smith, acquainting the Houfe, that the Council
have this Day pancd ■ ijiil, entitled. An h.Gc to prevent Perjons profecuted in tht-
Colony of New-lork, ^tr Ir^jprjjes ccmmtited c« Sandy- Hook, Qc. without Amend-

That Mr. Fijher and Mr. Doughty do go to the Council, and defire to know
Whether they have any Thing beiore them ; if not, that this Houfe propofes to apply
• to his Excellency for a Difmiirion.

Mr. Fijher reported, that Mr. Doughty and himfelf, performed the Order of the
Houfe ; and that the Council fay, they have Nothing before them.


That Mr. Wetherill and Mr. Miller do wait upon his Excellency, and defire hii
Excellency would be pleafed topafs the Bills before him, and difmifs the Houfe.

Mr. IVetherill reported, that Mr. Miller and himfelf, waited on his Excellency j
who was plealed to fay, the Houle Ihould hear from him immediately.

Mr. John Lav;rence,{iom the Committee on the Publick Accounts, made the follow-
ing Reports. To which the Houfe agreed.

F Dr.

; ( " )

Dr. The Provime of New-Jerfey, to Thomas Rodman^ one of

,,4i Jane t. To the Bounty Money paid to 85 Men, Nine Pounds each, - - - £, 765-00-0

To Cafli paid tor the SiibCftaoce of S5 Men, 161-01-0

To Cafli f^r Levy Money, tor the 85 Men, 20 J. each, ... - 85-00-a

June 2. To Calh forLevy Money for two Men, 40 s. Ca(h for their Subfiftance, 6 s. and

Bounty Money paid to ffilliam Parker and Andrew Cuirj, Nine Pounds each, 18/. iO-o6-o
To Commiffions, - - - lo-ob-jl


tfii, Sept. t^ ToCaQireturngd to.Jcwa^/J«//*, Efq; Treafurer, . - - - 4-06-9^

;f. 1046-00-0

Dr. The Province of New-Jerfey, to Thomas Rodman, one of

1761, April i8. To the Bounty Money paid to 97 Men, Nine pounds each, . - £. 873-00-0*

To Cafh paid for the Sulififtance of 97 Men, . - . . . 194-17-00

To Cafh paid for Levy Money for 97 Men, 20 s., . - - 97-00 00

To Coramiflions, - - - - - - - " - - - 111211

iWay 5. To Cafli returned to Samuel Smith, Efq; Treafurer, - . - - 1436-00-00


1762, ^^/. 44. To Cafh returned to i'«OTw/ to;Vj&, Efq} Treafurer, -"""__ 7-'o-or

£. 2610 00-00

Dr. The Province cf New-Jerfey, to Jofeph HoUinfhead,

To Sundries, as per Account of Particulars and Vouchers examined, - -{,- 17830-08-11
Ballance intheHandjof faid Jofeph HoUinJhead, .... - - 161-00-ot

£. 17991-09-00

A Meflage from his Excellency, by the Deputy Secretary.

Mr. Speaker J his Excellency is in the Council-Chamber., and requires the Attendance of
the Houfe.

"Whereupon Mr. Speaker left the Chair, and with the Houfe waited upon His
Excellency ; who was pleaicd to give his Aflcnt to the following Bills, enabling the
lame, viz.

( ^3 )■

the Mupr-Majltrs^ for the Tear 1761. Cr."

1761, iVfoy 4. ByCafh i-eceiveH of Sarniul Smitb, Efq; Treafurer, - - - - ^. i

19. By Ca(h rewivcf' of Do. .-..... - . ic


105 00-0

yjww I. By Cafti receive i ot Do. .-. - . - . 900-00-0

a. By Ca(h received <ji' Do. - -.-. - - 21-00-0

£. 1046 00 o
I ■ I

Errors excepted, per mi Thomas Rodman.

ffTe have examined the ah^ve Accouit, and the feveral Vouchers relating thereto., and
report the fame as abcve fiatad, Sept. 24. 1762.


the Mffer-Mafters^ for the Tear 1762. Cr.

J761, March I-!,. By Cafli recived oi Sarruel Smith, Efq; Treafurer, ... - ^. 66-00-0

17. By Cath received of Do, . - -..... 54 00 o

April i. By CaJi received of Do. ........ j ;03-oo-o

£. i&io CO o

Errors excepted, per me Thomas Rodman.

IVe have examined the above Account, and the feveral Vouch: ^ thereto., and

report the fame as ahove fated. Sept. 24. 1762.

jorr:; _..wren'ce.


Contra Cr.

By fundry Sums of Money received, as /^r Account exhibited, ;£• 17991-09-°

We hai'e examined the feveral Vouchers relating to the Lr. Side, of the above Account.,
and find them agree therewith -, but as fame of the Treafurer s Accounts are faid to be
at Amboy, 'voe recommend the fame to be hereafter further examined \ andij they agree
'with the Credit Side of faid Account, we find a Balknce of I. 161-0-1, due to the
Province of New-Jerfey, from fat d Jofeph Hollinlhead.

September 25,1762. JOHN HART,


1 . An KQa to provide for the Inlifting, Cloathing and Pay of Sixty-fix effefiive Volunteers,
(Officers included) to be employed in his Majejlys Service, from and after the firft Day of
November next ; and for other Purpofes therein mentioned.

2. A Supplementary A& to the Aft, entitled. An A£t to preferve the Navigation of
the Rivers and Creeks within the Colony of NeK;-Jerfey.

3. yin AQ: for laying a Duty upon Negroes and Mulatto Slaves, imported into this

4' ^n

4. A Supplement to the Aft for regulating Roads and Bridges.

5. An Act to prevent Perfons pr of ecu ted in the Colony of New- York for Trefpaffes
committed on Sa-ndy-Hook, hing again profecuted in 'New-Jerky, on the fatne Irefpajfes,

6. An A& to pofipone the Drawing of the Province Lottery,

7. An Aft for rendering void the Lottery lately made by Peter Gordon, for the Sale
of certain Lands lying in the County of Middlefex, and to relieve and fecure the Truflees
and Managers cf ihe faid Lottery , a.gainft any ASlion that is, or may be brought againfi
them, concerning the famt.

8. An Aft to impower the Iruflees of the College of New-Jerley, to raife hy a Lottery, i
a Sum of Money for the Ufe of faid College.

9. An A&.to enable the Owners of the MeadoKvs and Marfbes on the Eafi Side of Great
Manuu Creek, in the County of Gloucefter, to drain the faid Mayflies, and to keep their
Tide hank in proper Repair.

10. An Aft to enable the Owners of Meadows and Marfhes lying on the Wefierly
fide of Raccoon Creek, in the County cf Gloucefter, to keep out the Tide from overfow'

ing tie jcime.

11. An Aft to enable the Owners and Poffeffors of the Marfh and Swamp, lying on a
ffnall Creek called Pumpefly or Walker's Creek, in the Townfkip of Chefter, in the
County of Burlington, to erecl and maintain a Bank, Dam and other H-'ater-lVorks, acrofs
the faid Creek, in Order to prevent the Tide from overflowing the fame.

And then h.s Excellency prorogued the Houfe, by the following Speech,

* Gentlemen of the General Affmbly ;

' ' I ^HE Rea^dinefs and Expedition with which you have gone through

* J[ the Bufinefs of this Seflion, does Honour to yourfelves, and gives

* me the highefl: Satisfadlion : As there is no Neceflity to detain you any
' longer from your Domeftic Concerns, I do prorogue this General Affembly,
' to Tucjday the 26th Day of OSlobtr next, and they are prorogued accordingly.

'";&.5..75.. JO SI AH HARDT.

^Y Virtue of an Order of the Houfe, I do
appoint yames Parker^ of JVoodbridge^ to print
thefe Votes.









General Affembly


Province of NEW-JERSEY.

At a SESSION of General Assembly, began at Perth-
Amboy, May 25, 1763, and continued till the third Day of June
following. I

Being the Seventh Seffion of the Twentieth AiTembly of New-Jerfey.

WooDBRiDGE, ?« NE W - JE R S E Yj

Printed by James Parker, Printer to the King's Moft

Excellent Majefty, for the Province.



'" -m

F(?/^j- <?/ the General Ajjemhly.



URSUANT to His Excdlcncy'^everal Prorogations of the General Afi-embly,

from T,me to lime, to this Day, a luiiicient Number of Members to proceed

T";/ "£? ' T"' \ ^"^.'^'^'"S '"^0':">ed by Letter from the Honourable ^V«;«./

of RoHv h E'q' Speaker of the Houfe, tnat by Realon of many Indilpofuions

. aHv''"' ''"'^T'^ utterly unable to attend the Service of the Houfe defirino-

tl. Members to excufe him to His Excellency, and obtam his Leave to chuVe anoche?

Whereupon Mr.Vr./W and Mr. John La'.,rence, were deflred to wait on his
Excellency, and acquamc him therewith, and defire Leave to chufe another Speaker

Mr. mtherill informed the Members, that Mr. John Laurence and himfelf had
waited on his Excellency v.uh their Meffage , and th/t his Excellency was pleafed to
fay, the Members might proceed to the Choice of a Speaker 1 o-morrow, to which
1 ime he would prorogue the General AfTembly,

JhurfJay, May 26, 1763.

The Members met J and agreeable to his Excellency's Pleafure fignified Yefterdav
proceeded to the Choice of a Speaker, and unanimoufly chofe Roler^ Ogdm eIo-
who was conduced to, and placed in the Chair accordingly. ^'

That Mr. Stevens and Mr. Borden, do wait on his Excell^nrv o,-,^ a r 1

when he wili bewaited upon by the Houle, to prefenl th^erSpeS fbr'hifl^V^batr

Mr. Stevens reported, that Mr. Borden and himfelf, delivered the above MefTac^e to
hisLxcehency whowaspleafedtoiay, he Ihould be in the Council Chamber in Half
and Hour, and would then lend for the Houfe.

A Meflage f^om his Excellency, by Mr. Secretary, acquainting the Houfe, that his
Excellency is m the Council-Chamber, ready to receive the Prefentation of the Speaker^

Whereupon Mr. Speakerleft the Chair, andwith the Houfe went to wait upon his
f^^frTr- ^/'"S;""'""^^' Mr. Speaker refumed the Chair, and reported, that the
Houfe had prefented him to his Excellency, who was pleafed to approve of the r Choice^
andthathehadrequefted of his Excellency, that the Houfe might at all Times be
protected ,n their ufual Privileges; which his Excellency was plfafed to grant Ld
then h.s Excellency made a Speech to the Council and Houfe of Aflemblf, of wWch
Mr. Speaker fa.d he had to prevent Miftakes, obtained a Copy ; which by Orda^ rf
the Houle was read, and is as follows ; n > y^ i^'* "/ '^raer 01

^ Centkmn

( 4 )

* Gentlemen cf the Conncil, and Gentlemen cf the General /^Jfimbly,

* TT THEN it pleafed his Majefty gracioufly to honour me with his
' VV Commiffion for this Gcverninent, I cor.fidered it as a partimlar
' Felicitv to be placed in that Station among a People thatlkuevv, and whole

* general Character is fo truly eflimable.

' Not having received any Commands from the King or his Minifters, which
' required your immediate Confideratiun, I poftpon'd the Heafuic ot meeting
' you in your Legiflativc Capacity, till a Time, that fiomthe beft Intornation

* I could procure, was Icail likely to interfere with your private Afiairs.

* Two Events have lately occurred of great Import to the Welfare
'' of the Britifli Nation, on which you have niy moil fincere and hearty

* Congratulations.—

* — The aufpicious Birth of a Prince, bn aDay ever farred toLiberty and the
' Proteftant Caufe, cannot but difFufe Joy throughout the King's Dominions,

* as it gives us the plcafing Profped of a Continuation to our F' fteiity, of thcfe

* ineftimable Bieflings of civil and religious Liberty, which \^c have enio)ed

* without Interruption, under the prefent Royal Family. —

' — The Termination of a long and burthenfomeWar, by the late Definitive

* Treaty, is an Event as happy as it is glorious. A Peace is obtained for us

* by the Succefs of his Majefiy's Arms, and the Wifdom and Firmnefs of his

* Councils, that cannot be parallel'd for .folid national Advantages, by any

* recorded in the Britifh Annals, if in thofe of any other Nation: For indeed

* how rarely does it happen, that thofe Powers who have been long engaged

* in War, find themfelves ultimately benefited bv it? Who of all the Princes

* of Europe, concerned in the late War, in which many of them had almoil:

* exhaufted their laft Refources, has acquired any Addirion of Territory, or

* any Compenfation for Loffes fuftained,fave only our moft illuftrious Sovereign?

* As in every Quarter of the Globe he was vidorious ; fo in every Q^iarter he

* has retained fome important Advantage, which the Nation was not in

* Poffeflion of before. But in this Part of the World, how great and glonous

* are our national Acquifitions! Inftead of confining us to a narrow Sea-Coafi:,
' which the French vainly attempted evenbefore the War, we fee that powerful
' Nation not only difpoflefiTed of their Encroachments, but of the veiy Country
' from whence they encroached: A Country of immenfe Extent, and which, ia

* our Poffeffion, not only gives eflfedual Security to thefe Colonies, but muil in

* a fhort Time occafion a vaft Increafe of the Commerce and Power of the

* Britifh Empire. The fteady Condudl of this Province during the Couife of

* the War, and its conftant Readinefsin complying chearfuliy according to its

* Abilities, with every Requifition of the Crown, for promoting the common

* Service, muft now afford you great Satisfadion in the Refledion, and will

* ever be reniembred highly to your Honour.

♦ Gentlemen of the General j^Jfembly,

' The Ad for the Support of Government being expired, you will of Courfs
' take that Matter into Confideration. In the doing of which, 1 flatter myftlF,

* that you will let the Royal Inftiudion my Predeceflbrs have fo often recom-

' nacndtd

•^ %

( s )

* mended to you on this Head, and which is entered on your Journals, have

* its proper Weight. And I have nottheleaft Doubt, but that you will likewife

* do therein what Juftice (hall appear to you to require, and what is becoming
' the Honour of the Province you reprefent.

* As you refide in different Parts of the Country,' you have the befl Oppor-
' tunities of being acquainted with its prefent Circumftances and Occaiions.
' If any new Laws, or Amendments of old Ones, appear to you to be neceffary,
' you may be affured of my ready Concurrence in every Thing confiilent with
' my Duty to the Crown, which I can never depart from, as I am perfuaded

* you would not wifh to deviate from yours j fince you muftbe convinced, that
' one of the fureft Means of promoting the Profperity and Happinefs of the

* People in any Colony, is to obtain and fecure, by a truly dutiful Behaviour,
' the Favour of their Sovereign, from whom they derive Protection in the
'Enjoyment of their Liberties, Properties, Religion, and every Thing that

* is valuable.

* Gentlemen of the Ceuncil, and Gentlemen of the General Ajfemhly,

* Let me recommend it to you, now the publick Tranquility is happily

* re-eftablilhed, to pay an earned Attention to the Arts of Peace. There are

* probably fome Kinds of valuable Produce, hitherto but flightly if at all

* attempted, that might with proper Encouragement be raifed in this Province,

* and tend much to the Advantage of the Inhabitants. Some Improvement

* mi.^ht no doubt be likewife made in the Navigation of Creeks and Rivers,

* and in the publick Roads By turning your Thoughts to thefe Matters, it

* may be reafonably expedted, that many Things will occur, which, if carried

* into Execution, would prove greatly beneficial nofonly to the Province, but

* to the Mother Country.

* The Affemblies of this Province have of late Years fo diflinguifhed them-

* felves for their general Unanimity, that it feems unneceffary to recommend it
' to them in their future Proceedings. I fliall only obferve, that its good

* Effedts have been confpicuous and evident to all, and therefore I hope it will
' always continue.

* As to myfelf, I am fully fenfible, it is not what is promifed, but what is
' done, in any Adminiflration, that muft finally fetde its Charadter. I (hall not

* therefore begin mine among you by making great Profeffions : But I hope in

* theCourfe of it, to demonftrate, by Adtions, that I think the moft effedlual

* Means of approving myfelf a faithful Servant to my Royal Mafter, is to
' promote the true Interefts of the Province, over which he has done me the

* Honour to place me, and to increafe by every Means in my Power, the general

* Welfare and Happinefs of its People.

That his Excellency's Speech, have a fccond Reading.

Mr. Miller acquainted the Houfe, that fVilliam Hancock, Efq; one of the Members
of this Houfe, for the Counties of Salm and Cumberland, lately deceafed.


( 6 )


That Mr. Speaker do iffue his Warrant to the Clerk of the Crown, to make out ±
Writ, tor the Election of a Reprefentative for the faid Counties of SaUm and Cuhiber-
land, in the Room of IViiUam Hancock, £fq-, deccaled.

\ Mr. Sievens likewife informed the Houfe, that Andrew Smyth, Efq-, one of the
Members of this Houfe, for the City of Pinh-Am'ooy, is utceafed.
That Mr. Speaker do iffue his Warrant to the Clerk of the Crown, to make out a
Writ, for Eleding a Reprefentacive tor the City of 'P^;V>&-^/«^£)', in the Ivoom of
the laid Andrew Smyth, Elqj decealed.

That Mr. Miller be continued to bring in the Bill ordered lafl SefTion, for fettling the
Matters refpeftmg the laying out a Road, and eftablilhing a f'erry acrois Cohunjie
Creek, at next Selfion.

The Houfe adjourn'd till To-morrow Morning, Eight o'CIock.

Friday, May 2-j, 1763.

The Houfe met.

A Petition was prefented to the Houfe, from a Number of the Inhabitants of ;he
County of Burlington, complaining of the Cburudlon of the Navigation of Ancocas
Creek, in faid County ; occafioned by Fiood-Gates and VVater-V'Noiks credtcd on iaid
Creek, not being kept in Repair, and under proper Rcguiations lor palfing through
the lame; praying Rclici in the Freniifles ; which was read, and ordcied a lecond

A Petition was prelented to the Houfe, from llindry of the Inhabitants of the
County of Eurlington, compL-iiiing of the Lofics frequently happening by Dogs kiilinj^
Sheep •, praying a Eaw for preventing the fame, as much as may be rorthe luture, and
providing for the Indemnihcation of fuch Sufferers ; which was read, and ordered a
lecond Reading.

A Petition was prefented to the Houfe, from a Number of the Inhabitants of
North Hampton, in the County of Burlington, letting forth, that a Ktinon was prefented
totheHoule about the 20th of .Sf/)/^»»t'<?r lafl, by Peter Bard and others. Owners of
the Water- Works ereded on the 2^ crth-Branch of yincccas Creek, and a Canal cut ouc
of the fame, praying an A6b of AlfemDJy to prohibit tiie Cbftrudion or Diverfion of
the faid Streams ; which Pedtion the prefent Ictitioners conceive lo be without:
Foundation, as the Building mere Milis en a rartof laid Stream, may in '1 ime be of
publick Utility -, the Prevention whereot, would be invading liie Property, and become
injurious to ihe faid Inhabitants ; praying for the Realor.s therein •contained, thai the
former Petition may be rejedted ; which was read, and oidereda lecond Reading.

Mr. Samuel Smith, one of the Committee appointed to correfpond with the / gent
of this Colony, at the Court of Great Britain, laid before the Fiouicr, levtral Letters
he had received ttom the faid Agen^j which were read.

,-. . .->, '.»>■. . ...

Mr. Smith laid before the Houfe, a Letter he had received from Jofeph Tard, Efcj;
defiring to be excufed from attending the Houie this Seflion, to fctue his accounts
with the Colony, by Rea'on ot his prdent Indilpofition of Body -, and defiring to
kno>'.', whether any additional Draughts for ti»e barracks could oe aliowcd, the
Coadufionot the Peace.


( 7 )

Tliat it is the Opinion of this Houfe, that no further Draughts for that Purpofe^
can by Law be allowed ; and that no futher Provifion be made for that Purpofe, till
the prefent Barrack Mafters fettle all their former Accounts.

A Petition was prefented to the Houfe, from the Mayor, Recorder and Commonalty
of the City of New-Brunf'cuick, and fundry others, the Freeholders and Inhabitants
thereof; fetting forth, that the Court Houfe and Gaol in the City of New-Brimfwick
is gone fo much to decay, as to render it unfit for holding Prifoners, which occafioned
the Sheriff that was appointed, to refuft being qualified as the Law required ; in
Confequence whereof, the Courts of Juftice and legal Proceedings, have been obftrufted
and delayed; praying a Law to enable the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen and Com-
monalty, from Time to Time, as Occafion fhall require, to build and repair the
faid Court Houfe and Gaol, and to raife Money on the faid Inhabitants for that Pur-
pole ; which was read, and ordered a fecond Reading.

A Petition was prefented to the Houfe, from Thomas Pryer, Junr. Jofeph Pryer^
and Samuel Pryer, Grandfons of Ebene-zer Large, late of Burlington, deceafed ;
praying a Law for confirming and rendririg firm and effeftual, certain Parts of the
laft Will and Teftament of &id Ebenezer Large, deceafed ; which was read, and
ordered a fecond Reading.

A Memorial was prefented to the Houfe, from the Honourable Samuel Nevill, Efq;
Second Juftice of the Supreme Court of this Colony ; fetting forth, that for feveral
Years paft the Honourable i?o,5'^r/ Hunter Morris, Efq; Chief Juftice of this Province
was abient, at which Time the Bufinefs was done by the Memorialift ; for which
Services, in .the Year 1760, an Addition of Twenty Fhe Pounds, per Annum, was
made to his Salary ; which additional Sum to his Salary, he hopes, for the Reafoqs
therein given, may be continued ; which was read, and ordered a fecond Reading.

Mr. Stevens, from the Committee appointed to join a Committee of the Council,
to inljied: and fettle the Eaftern Treafurer's Accounts during the Vacation, reported,
that faid Committees had gone through the fame, and ordered him to make the
following Report. To which the Houle agreed.

£1^ 5 General Account of the Province cf Eaft-New-Jerfey, with the Executors ^ .
I cf Andrew Johnfton, late Treafurer. ' S '^'

To Balance of the Accounts of raggtJ arta torn By Ballance of the Accounts above

Money. No. 3. - - - Z- 9«7-"-04 .^ No- s A 11081-04.-07

To Balance of the Acceunts of Support By Ballance of Accounts of War

of Government. No. i. - - - 1411-16-11 Fund. No. 2. . i*ic6-oq-04^

To figning 8501/. 14..?. of the laft 30000/. By Ballance of Accounts of Monies ^i i* *5

per Aft, at 20/. for a 1000/. - - - 8-06-00 granted by Parliament. No. 4. . oi-e-iy-io

To a Deficiency of the Middlefex

County CoUeftor, of the Tax 36674-11-0 gi

payable A'^S'u. 1761. - £.'344-14-6? T , ■■ i n >-»— m^— ^

To ditto of the Ma»ff7W/i6 ^ 59J-04-04 oMMi^aMa^^^^H^^M

County Colleftor. - 250-09-9;^ J
To I per Cent Comraiflion on £. 6866-

13-6 cancelled as per Certificate We the Comimttee afpointed to infpea the Accounts of tkt

No. I. not yet burned 68-13-03 * Hon. Andrew Johnfton, Efy, deceafed, late Treafurer

of the Eaffrn Dififion, ha've gone through the fame,

3071-11-10 • and carifully examined all the Vouchers thereto, and

Ballance - 33602-19-11I; /»/« Ba//a?i« 0/ Thirty-three Thoufand Six Hun-

— — .— dred ast^Two Pounds Ninteen Shillings aa^ Eleven

36674-11-9I pence Three farthings, remaining in the Hands of

•■■^—•■■iB ■■■— wwa^Mi the Executors c/" yaz'i Andrev? Johnftan, as tvitnefs

*mmimmmimm'mmm»mmmmmm tur Hands this i^th Diiy of OStoher, 1762.

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