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The Votes and proceedings of the General Assembly of the Province of New-Jersey. 1761-68. 20th Assembly. online

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r,j. 5 The Province of New-Jerfey , in Account with Samuel Sarjant, Efq -, as 7 q^^j.^^ q^ "
' l Barrack Mafler, and one of the Commt£ioners Jor Billeling Soldiers. S

To Sundries expended as per Acccounts and By Cafli received of Treafurer JchnJIon and Thcmat

Vouchers to Af<jn/& 1 7, 1763. - - £■ i»9-i-il i'i/B/if'-, ant' Embezzlements, Wood, &:c. £. iz6-i-r

Ballance due to Mr. Sarjant. . - . - . j-o-o»


JfetheSubfcribers, three of the Committee on publick Accounts, do certify, that we have
examined the Vouchers relating to the foregoing Account, and find a Ballance of Three
Pounds and a half Penny, due to faid Samuel Sarjant from the Province, IVitnefs
our Hands y June 3, 1763.


r The Province of New-Jerfey, in Account with Cornelius Hetfield, -j
Dr. 3 Efq J as Barrack Majler and Commiffioner to fay for Billeting \ Contra Cr.'
C Soldiers. j

J76} To Sundries expend ed and paid, as per Ac- 1761. By CaOi^er Andrew JchnJIofi, 'Efq; . ^.300-0.0

Junit, ^^°""V ""'^ ^""Vw.mJ *''%'^""i? or'!!l oi*;. By C^ofStephiu Sim«fr, l^iq;
Commiflioiis on the lame. - £.4.38-05^10 Uii, n. ' ' » t»

To the Ballance - 61-10-01


£. 500-00-00

£. 5000-0


IVe the Committee for fettling the publick Accounts, do certify, that we have examined
the above Account with the Vouchers relating thereto, and find a Ballance of Sixty-one
Pounds, Ten Shillings and Two Pence, due from the above-named Lcrneliuo iler-
field, to the ProviiiiS of New-Jcrfey, as fVitnefs our Hands this Second Day of

June, 1763,




( ^s )

( The Province of New-Jerfey, in Account with Thomas Skinner, 1
Dr. ^ jun. as Barrack Majier, from the 4,th of December 1760, to > Contra Cr^
/ /i?^ 1 6//6 0/ March 1763, inclufive. \

To Sundries expended as per Vouchers and Account By Cath received of Treafurers JohxJIon and
rendered in Proc. Money. - . - £. 5si-'»-3 Skinner. - -.......£, 590-17-;^

Ballance due 39-06-1 .

£■ 590-17-4

£• 59o-'7-4.

fFe the Subfcribers^ three of the Committee on publick Accounts, do report^ that we have
examined the Vouchers relating to the foregoing Account, and find a Ballance cf Thirty-
nine Pounds, fix Shillings and Ont Penny, Proc. Money, due to the Province, as
IVitnefs our Hands, June 3, 1763.


The Petition from the Owners and PofTeflbrs of the Meadows lyino- on the North
fide of RaritoH^\yhr, praying a Law for making Ditches, Bridges and Fences, for the
Prefervation of faid Meadows 5 was read the fecond Time.

That the Petitioners have Leave to bring in a Bill for the Purpofes abovefaid, at the
next Sicting of iiffembly ; provided publick Notice of their Application, ajid this
Order, be given at lead Six Weeks before faid Sicting, and no reafonabie Objections
then appear againft the fame.

The Petition of the Owners of a Trad of Bog Meadow at Roxbury, In the County
of Morris, for an Aft to ditch and drain the fame ; was read the fecond Time.

That the Petitioners have Leave to bring in a Bill for that Purpofe, at the nexc
Sitting of Affembly, provided they give publick Notice as above, and no reafonabie
Objeftions then appear againft the fame.

The Petition from John Phenix, for an Allowance for Neceflaries provided for
Derrick Wortman, a Soldier m his Sicknefs ; was read the fecond Time, and referred
to the Com miflioners appointed for fettling and adjufting the Claims of Perfons againft
the Colony.

A Meflage from the Council, by Mr. Read, acquainting the Houfe, that the
Council have this Day palTed the Bill, entitled. An Ad to provide for the Pay of tb&
New-Jerfey Regiment, &c. And alfo, the Bill, entided, An Ad for fubmitting the
Property of Lands, &c. Alfo the Bill, entitled. An Ad for fubje£ling the Eftates of
the General Proprietors of the Eajtern Divi/ion, &c. And alfo, the Bill, entitled, Aa
Ad: for naturalizing Jzcob Alhright and others, without any Amendments.

That the Committee of Correfpondence, do write to the Agent of this Colony, at
the Court of Great-Britain, acquainting him with the Contents of the Law pafTed this
Seflion, for fettling the Divifion Line between this Colony and the Colony of New-
York, in order that he may be apprized thereof, and give the Agents for that Purpofe
therein appointed, all the Affiftance in his Power, that may be found neceffary.

^r. Smith had Leave to be abfent on an extraordinary Occafion.
The Houfe adjourned till Two, P. M.
TheHoufc met, and adjourned till Four, P. M,

The Houfe met. Ordered,


( ^6 )


That Mr. Fijher and Mr. Miller do wait on the Council, and define to know, if they
have any Bufiners before them ; if not, inform them, that this Houfe purpofes to apply
to his Excellency to pafs the Bills, and difmifs the Houle.

Mr. Fijher reported, that Mr. Miller and himfelf had waited upon the Council with
the Me/iage of the Houfe ; who fay, they have no Bufinefs before them.

That Mr. Stevens and Mr. J. Ogden, do wait upon his Excellency, and defire him to
pafs the Bills now before him, and difmifs the Houfe.

The Houfe adjourned for Half an Hour.

The Houfe met.

Mr. Stevens reported, that Mr. John Ogden and himfelf had waited upon his Excel-
lency J who was pleafed to fay, he fhould be in the Council-Chamber about Six o'Clock,
and would then fend for the Houfe.

John Stevens, Efq-, informed the Houfe, that he had received his Excellency's
Summons, calling him to the Upper Houfe, agreeable to his Majefty's Royal Inftruc-
tions; and that he Ihould immediately take his Seat in Council.

That Mr. Speaker do ifTue his Warrant to the Clerk of the Crown, to make out a
Writ, for electing a Reprefentative to ferve in General Aflembly, for the City of
Perth-Amboy, in the Room of the faid John Stevens, Efq;

A Meflage from his Excellency, by Mr. Secretary, informing the Houfe, that his
Excellency is in the Council Chamber, and requires the Attendance of the Houfe

Whereupon Mr. Speaker left the Chair, and with the Houfe went to wait on his
. Excellency ; who was pleafed to give his Aflent to the following Bills, enafting the
iame, viz. -J^

1. An Aft for the Support of Government of his Majejiy's Colony of New-Jerfey, to
commence the 2i_/? Bay of May, 1763, and to end the 2.\fi Day of May, 1764 -, and to
dif charge the pub lick Debts and contingent Charges thereof; and for other Purpofes therein

2. An A6i to provide for the Pay of the New-Jerfey Regiment, for the Month of
November, 1 762 ; and for other Purpofes therein mentioned.

3. An AGi for fubmitting the Property of Lands -which are held or claimed by any of
his Majejiys Subjehs, as lying within this Colony, and are affe£led by the Controversy
about the Boundary or Partition Line, between this Colony and the Ctlony of New- York,
to fuch a Method of Decifton as his moji Gracious Majejty fhall think proper, by his
Royal Commijfwn, or otherwife, to appoint.

4. An Aft for fubjeEling the Eftaies of the General Proprietors of the Eaftern Divijion
of this Colony, to the Indemnification of this Province, from any Expence in running the
Line between New-Jerfey and New- York.

5. An A(5t to raife a Fund for defraying Damages done by Dogs in the Provinte of

6. An AQifor naturalizing Jacob Albright, Daniel Dorn, Nicholas Angle, Benedift
Yare, Johannes Vos, Gabriel Hymer, Johannes Heylcr, Cornelius Fer^rg, Jofeph
Huppell and John Snyder.


( ^7 )

His Excellency then made the following Speech.

* Gentlemen of the Council, and Gentlemen of the General Jffembly j

TH E Harmony and Difpatch with which you have gone through the
Bufinefs of this Seffion, is extremely commendable. I have now
only to recommend to you, to promote in your feveral Counties, fuch Prin-
ciples and Difpofitions as may be moft conducive to the Interefl and Happinefs
of the People.

* I do by Virtue of the Powers and Authorities to me given, prorogue this
General AlTembly, to meet at Burlington^ on Tuefday the fifth Day of Juh
next, and you are accordingly prorogued.


Y Virtue of an Order of the Houfe, I do
appoint yames Parker^ of Woodbridge^ to print
thefe Votes.








General Af


Province oi

;Ata SESSION of Ge Assembly, began

2it BURLINGTON, N ovember \ <^, 1763, and
continued till the 7th D- ' December following.

Being the Eighth Se.

. wentieth Aflembly of


Printed by James Parker, Printer to the King's Moft
Excellent Majefly, for the Province.


' ^j^*:*" "-isjiij^'.


Kf)/^^ of the General Affembly.


BURLlNGrON, TUESDAr, No'-^embtr

URSU ANT to His Excellency's feveral Prorogations o ill AG^mbly,"

fc §-/ to this Day, the Houfe mec, and adjourn'd till To-n- " '("Jine


Wednefday, November i6, r i

The Houfe met. .^IH^B'

Ordered, ^WSKr

That Mr. Wetherill and Mr. John Lawrence, dc - -llency, and

acquaint him, that a fufficient Number of A.embpi - .^i«j>.v.^u iSufmels are met,
and ready to receive any Thing he may have to lay i ..«^re them.

Mr. Wetherill reported, tKat Mr. Lawrence ^->^\ ' '.mfelf, had waited upon his Excel-
lency, who was pleafed to fay, the Houfe i^- dilu luar from him in about an Hour.

Edivard Keajley, Efq; being returned a Reprefentative, to ferve in the General
Aflembly, for the Counties oi Sckm and Cumberland, in the Room and Stead of
William Hancock, Efq-, late deceafed, attending, was admitted into the Houfe, and
duly qualified, before the Honourable Iharles Read., Efq; thereto authorized, by
Dedimus potcjiatem.

That Mr. Kealley, do take his Seat in the Houfe.

A Meflage from his Excellency, by Mr. Secretary ;

Mr. Speaker, his Excellency is in' the Council-Chamber, and requires the Attendahce of
the Houfe.

Whereupon Mr. Speaker left the Chair, and with the Houfe waited upon hi?"
Excellency : And being returned, Mr. Speaker refumed the Chair, and reported, that
the Houie had waited upon his Excellency, v/ho was pleafed to make a Speech to the
Council and General AlTembl/; of which Mr. Speaker faid he had, to prevent Miftakes,
obtained a Copy ; which by Order of the Houfe was read, and is as follows, viz.

' Gentlemen of the Council, mid Gentlemen of the General Aeffmbly ;

' T)^ ^^ Papers which I fhall order to be laid before you, you will find
' X3 that, fince your laft SeiTions, the Indians have commenced frefh

* Hoftllities againft the Englifh, and even extended their Incurfions to the

* Borders of this Province. Soon after the firft Intelligence of their Depreda-
' tions on the Frontiers of the neighbouring Governments, I direded the
' Commanding Officer of the Militia in Siiffex, being the County moft expofed,

* to have his Regiment fitted for Service, fo that he might either march the
I Whole, or fend Detachments, to any Part that fhould be attacked, or in

B * Danger:

( 4 )

' Danger : He was likewife ordered, in Cafe of Neceffity, to call upon the
' Militia of the other Counties for Affiftance. Accordingly, when the Indians
' had begun to ravage the adjacent Part of Pennfyhania, he fent a Detach-

* ment to occupy the feveral Pofts which had been fortified on our Frontier
' during the late War. But as a I^rty of the Enemy did notwithftanding
' come over, and deflroy fome of -fhe Settlers within the Limits of this

* Province j and as the reft of the Inhabitants of that County were thereby

* greatly alarmed, and apprehenfive of Danger ; I ordered Ninety Men from

* the Militia of Morris County to their Relief : And foon after, by the Advice

* of the C " reinforced them with Forty-five Men from the Regiment

* of Some. reded the Fortifications at the feveral Pofts to be repaired.
' Had not e been granted, there is great Rcafon to believe the
' Inhabitant .ve abandoned their Setdements, and that Part of the
' Cor ' ' ^ rely depopulated, the Confequences of which are too

* ob^ ning. 1 have alfo empowered 'Jonathan Hampton^

* Efc^ -a which are nov/, or may hereafter be fent up to
' the I ons, and other Neceflaries. Both he, and they,
' place ^,. e Honour and Juftice of the Legillature of this
' Province, et with a proper Compenfation for their Services.

' Afte: am far from thinking that even if the whole

' Militia of the .<^- w^ * nt to our Borders, they would be fufficient to

' fecure eiTectually fo extenac^ a Frontier againft the Inroads of Savages. A
' fkulking Party of them will always have it in their Power, notwithftanding
' all our Care, to fteal in unperceived, commit their Outrages, and retire with

* Impunity. Would you keep the War from your own Country, there is
' no Way fo effedual as to carry it into that of the Enemy. By adling on

* the Defenfive only, you give them almoft every Advantage they could defire.

* They may uninterrupted aflemble together fromdiftant Quarters, fettle their

* Plans of Operation, and take their owii Time for carrying them into Execu-

* tion. But if we were to fend Parties of Rangers into their Country, to cut
' off the Communication between their feveral Places of Refidence, furprize
' them in their Hunting and Filhing, deftroy their Corn Fields, bring off

* their Women and Children, and burn their Habitations, we fliould, in a

* little Time, be able' to oblige them to accept whatever Terms we might think

* proper to didate. In fliort, if we would fight them in their own Way, we

* fliould find that an Indian War would foon be ftripped of all its Terrors :

* And this, were the Colonies united in their Meafures, would be a Matter of

* no Difficulty, as we could then with Eafe furnifli ten Parties for one that

* could be furniftied by the Enemy.

* Thefe having been long my Sentiments with regard to the Method 'of

* conduding a War againft Indians, it affords me particular Pleafure to have it

* now in my Power to lay before you a Plan of Sir Jeffery Amherst's, for
" putting in Execution fuch offenfvve Operations as may be moft effedual for
" reducing the Savages, and fecuring Peace and Quiet to the Englifh Settlem.ents
" hereafter." ' For this defirable Purpofe, the General makes a Requifition
'of Six Hundred Men, to be raifed, cloatheH, and paid by this Province:
' Arms, Tents, and Provifions he undertakes to fupply on the Part of the
' Crown. They, with the Troops that are to be raifed in New-Tcrk, and fuch
' Regulars as can be colleded, are to be employed in puniftiing the Savages to

* the Northward, while the Forces raifed in the Southern Colonies are carrying
! on their Operations againft the Enemy in that Quarter, - - , -pj^g

{ s )

' The Plan propofed, Gentlemen, appears extremely judicious, and will
' probably, if well executed, be produftive of the moft falutary Effeds. It
' will too, I am convinced, be a coniaderable Saving to the Province : For the
' frequent taking the Inhabitants from their feveral Employs, marching them

* to the Fronriers, and maintaining therh while there, is attended not only with

* a great Expence to the Publick, but a heavy Lofs to Individuals, who being
' many of them Maflers of Families, their private Af^rs mufl fuffer greatly

* in their Abfence.

' Although the People of this Province have had but very li*"*'', if any,

' Commerce with Indians, yet I think it advifeable, on the prf pccafion,

' that a Law fhould be palled forthwith, for making it highly 'o fupply
' them with any military Stores whatever.

' I have but little more, Gentlemen, to add on this Hea' '^i.m.ufl: be

' as fully convinced as myfelf, that unlefs during the ^ lefe

' Barbarians feel very fenlibly the Weight of our Reft .^^ we

' may hereafter conclude with them, will be but of Their

' feizing upon the Effedts, and maffacring the Ferfc ' who

' came among them, upon their own Invitation; g, in cold

* Blood, the Garrifons who had furrendered on Pr" y and Pro-
' teiflion ; and their butchering Women and Chi' .*- - 'Cn Perfons who
' had done them fignal Favours ; are fuch ftron; .tances of their Breach of
' Faith, Treachery, and Inhumanity, that the;, no longer deferve to be con-
' iidcred as in the Scale of human Beings, or indeed upon a Level with the
' ravenous Beafts of the Wildernefs.

' The Company in the Pay of this Province, which has been long ftationed

* at Niagara, is, as you will fee by the Papers communicated to you, greatly

* reduced. Part of them are now on their Return to the Province, and the
' General has promifed to difcharge the Remainder as foon as the Service will
' admit of it. Some additional Provilion there will be a Neceffity of making
' on their Account.

' The Re-enading (and amending, if requifite) the Law for regulating the
' Militia, is another Matter that I muil recommend to your Conlideration.

* Gentlemen of the General Ajfemhly ;

' As I form my Expedations of your future from your paft Condudl, I

* of a Doubt that you will moft chearfully raife the Supplies now
' required. — It would I affure you, be with Reludlance that I (hould confent
' to lay any additional Taxes on a People, who have borne fo large a Share
' of the Burthen of the late War, did I not know that their immediate
' Prefervation made it a Matter of Neceffity.

* Gentlemen of the Council, and Gentlemen of the General Affembly j

* Yqu wjll, perhaps, when you have gone through the feveral Matters I

* have now recommended to you, think it a convenient Seafon for engaging

* in the other Bulinefs of the Province. If this llaould be the Cafe, you

* may depend on finding me ready to co-operate with you in whatever may be

* neceflary for the Publick Service.'

That his Excellency's Speech have a fecond Reading.

The Houfe adjourn'd till Two, P. Mi

(6 )

The Houle met.

Cortland Skinner and John Johnjion, Efquires, being returned Reprefentatives to
ferve in General Afiembly for the City of Perth- Amboy^ in the Room and Stead
of John Stevens and Andrew Smyth, Efquires ; and now attending, were admitted
into the Houfe, and duly qualified before the Honourable Charles Read, Efq; thereto
authorized by Dedimus potefiatem.

That Mr. Skinner and Mr. Johnjion, do take their Seats in the Houfe.

His E. 'y's Speech was read the lecond Time, and all the Papers fent therewith

were ailc and committed to a Committee of the whole Houfe.

■ A Petiti -refented to the Houfe from Jofeph Cathcart and Samuel Goodcncughy

PrK ■ ■ ^ ^ Monmouth Gsiol, fetcingforch their diftreifed Circumfliinces, and

pra \cl ; which was read, and ordered a fecond Reading.

A P ^ to the Houfe, and read^ from 49 Inhabitants of Sujfex

County this Province ; fetting forth their Danger and Diitrels on

Account V -jf the Indians; and praying from the Legiflature iuck

Relief in the • be thought proper.

That the faid Petition ... "-cond Reading.

A Petition was prefented to tne Houfe, from John Vail, jun. a poor Pfifoner for
Debt in Amboy Gm\; informing the Houfe of his untoiLunace Circumftances, and
utter Inability to fatisty his Creditors, and praying Relief froin his Confinement, in
fuch Manner as the Houfe in their Vv'iidomfliall tnuik jull and expedient; which was
read, and ordered a fecond Reading.

A Memorial was prefented to the Houie, and read, from William Ouke, of the
City of New-Brunfwick, relating the Manner and Rcafons of his engaging as a
Manager of Peter Gordoti's Lottery, and \.hy he thought himfelf difchargcd irom
that Truft; and fecting forth, that he obferves on the Votes of the Houfe, that a Bill
is to be brought in at this Sitting of Aflembly, to amend and explain the lormer
Law for vacating faid Peter Gordon's Lottery ; and praying, that by faid Bill he the
Memorialift may be prevented from fuffenng any Ii:jury, or by any Means be unjultly
called in queftion, touching or concerning the faia Peter Gordon's Lottery.

That faid Memorial be read a fecond Time.

A Petition was prefented to the Houfe, from Chrijlopher Beehnan, of the Townfhip
of Tevukjlury, in the Countyof Hunterdon, importing, that the Petitioner is poifefled
in Fee of 335 Acres of Land, fituate in Teixkjhury aforefaid, and that til! of late he
was in eafy Circumftances ; but unfortunately in the Year 1759 (on the Encourage-
ment and lair Promifes of a Perfon of affluent Fortune to be concerned, who afterwards
fell off and deceived him-,) he was induced loercft a Forge on the Preniifles; which
run him much in Debt; by Reafon whereof, together with another heavy Misfortune
which fuccecded in March laft, when his Barn was burnt, wherein v/as a Quantity of
Hay, and other Things of VaJile entirely coniumed, and alio fome Horles perifhed
-in the Flames, the Petiuoner is lb much reduced, that he has but one Profpedt left
to relieve him out of his DJflkulties ; which is, by praying the Houie, ?nd the other
Branches of the Legiflature, to grant him Liberty by Law to ercdta Lottery for the
Sale of his faid L.and, and a Lot of Land lying in Brunftviek ; as he has made fcveral
Attempts to difpofe of his Eftate at publick and private Sale, butcoulu not etfedl it ;
and aCerdficate from a Number of his Neighbours, of the Truth of the Facts fet
forth by him, was alfo prefented; which Petition and Certificate were read, and
ordered a fecond Reading.


( 7 )

Five Petitions were prefcnted to the Houfe, from the County of Cape-May ; the
Firfl from the Juftices and Freeholders ; the Second from the chofen Freeholders j
and the Third, Fourth and Fifth, from the Upper, Middle and Lower Precinfts -, all
letting forth, that the Court-Houle and Gaol of faid County are not only too fmall,
much out of Repair, but likewife not commodioufly fityated ; and craving to be
enabled by Law, to ereft in Lieu thereof another Court Houfe and Gaol upon luch Part
of the Plantation of Daniel Hand, of the iMiddle Precinft, near his Dwelling-Houfe
there, as he the laid Daniel, and the JuHices and Freeholders fhall agree upon, as being
a more centrical Part of the -County than where the prefent decayed and incommodious
Court Houle and Gaol now ftand; which Petitions were read, and ordered fecond

The Houfe adiourn'd till Nine o'clock To-morrow Morni

Ihurfday, November 17, 1763.
The Houfe met.


Mr. Treallirer Smith laid before the Houie, feveral Lc ved from

Stephen Skinner, Efq; the other Treafurer; which with r 1 therein,

were referred to the Committee of the whole Houfe on ♦' peech.

Mr, Reading, in Behalf of the Owners of a Tra^ idow at Roxbury,

in the Couiity oi Morris, according to the Leave j -■ ^it ^^elTion, brought in a
Eili, entitled, An Adt to eiabte the Owners and Pojfcjjors of the Bog Meado-ivs lying on
tach Side of Black River, in the Town/hip of Roxbury, in the County of Morris, to
drain the fame; which was read, and ordered a fecond Reading.

Mr. Smith, from the Committee appointed laft Sefllon for that Purpofe, brought
in a 3' 11, entitled, An Ace for the Rdief of poor difireffed Prifoners for Debt; which
was read, and ordered a fecond Reading.

The Petition prefented to the Houfe laft Tefnon, from John R.eeker, was read the
firft'l'me, fetting forth. That in the Year ij 61, he iniifted himfelf a Soldier under
Co\. Hfint; that being taken fick at Fort Schuyler, he was fent to the Hofpital, and
being difcharged from thence before recovered, met with a Relapfe; he was then taken
Care of by a charitable Vvoman, for which he could raife no Money to make Relli-
tution otherwife than by indenting himfelf a Servant to Col. Hunt for three Years,
akho' all th^ Money he wanted ' for the above Purpofe was no more than Five Pounds
inore than due to him from faid Hunt for Wages ; That the next Year he went on
another Campaign with faid Col. //««/, upon his Promiie to difcharge him from his
Indenture at the End of the Campaign : That faid Hunt notwithftanding fold
the Petitioner to a Suttler at Ofwego, and continued to receive his Wages, as he before
had his Bounty : That the Suttler fold the Petitioner to Lieut. Shute, to whom (in
order to induce him to ma';e the Purchafe, that the Petitioner might once more return
to New-Jerfey,) he gave a new Indenture for four Years ; fince which he hath been
fold for upwards of Thirty Pounds, and ftill remains under Servitude, having a Wife
and Family in needy Circumftances ; and complaining of other Grievances ; praying
Relief in the Premifes.

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