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The Votes and proceedings of the General Assembly of the Province of New-Jersey. 1761-68. 20th Assembly. online

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Mr. J. Lawrence, from the Committee appointed laft Seffion to fettle the Trenton
Barrack Accounts, made the following Report. To which the Houfe agreed.

I Dr.

( 34 )

X5r. '^^e Province of New-Jerfey, to John Allen,

To fundry Disburfements for building the Barracks at Trenton, per Account and

Vouchers examined, ... - . - £. 812:07:04

To Comminions on Ditto, at 5 /?' Cf/?/. 40:12:00

To Commiffions as Barrack Mailer to December 16, 1763, is four Years and nine

I Months, a: 10/. per Annutn

To Ditto from D^ffw^cr 16, 1763, to May I, 1764, at 20/. per Annum. -

To fundry Disburfements as Barrack Mailer, .. - ...
















N. B. We find by Vouchers produced to us, that Theophilus Se-verm, Efq; has received of the publick
Money as Commiffioner for building the Barracks, Three Hundred Eighty-five Pounds Sixteen Shil-
lines, which we find impofiible to fettle at this Time, he having abfconded the Province.

On a Motion made,

Mr. Spicer, by Order of the Houfe, brought in a Bill, entitled, A Supplementary
Aft to the A£t, entitled, An Aft for rejlraining the Burning of the IFocds, Aiarjhes and
Meadows; which was read, and ordered a fecond Reading.

The Petition from John Stevens, Efq; in Behalf of himfelf and others, praying
Leave to Ihorten and ftraiten Part of the Six Rod Road through this Province, was
read the fecond Time.
That the Petitioners have Leave to bring in a Bill for the Purpofes in their Petition


Dr.- Samuel Smith, Efq; Treafurer, to the

In tlie Sinking

1760. To Ballance reported this Day to the Council and Afiembly, j^. 2000: 13:06 i-
J^O'v. zo. To Cafli of Z). 5ct;V>&, on Account of ^tf/7/«^/e» Loan Office

Deficiency, - - 351:16:06 ▼


To Calh payable on the Sinking Funds this Year, •viz.

From. Mcirris anASuJfx, - - 918:09:04

Gloucejler, _ _ . . l292:o?:io

Cumberland, - - - 585:09:05^

Hunterdon, - ... 2343 :04:0s i

Salem, .... 1154:13:04

Burlingtcn .... 2067:00:09
Cape-May, . . - 2-6:04:013;





To Calh received of D. Coeper, being what was reported to

be outdancing in the County of Gloucejler,


- 24



To Cafh of D. Smith, on Account of Burlington Loan Office

Deficiency, - -





176!, To CaHi payable on the Sinking Funds this Year, -i/Zs.

AoT. 20. Alorris and SuJJix,


Gloucejler, ....


Cumberland, . . - -

4q6: 18:06'

Hunterdon, - . ' -


Salem, . . . . -


Burlington, . -' . -


Capt-May, ....



: 10



ToCa(b ofD.Smi/lj, In Part of Burlington Loan Ofiice Deficiency,


To Ditto of Ditto, - - - ...










To Ballance carried to General Account, ' - -








( 35 )

Coiiira Cr."

3y Cafh received of i'izmuir/ 5w//J, Efq; - - - - - . t. • j^. 972:13:00
Balknce due to John Allm, .._.... 68:01 :t32

jr. 1040: 14: oz

We the Committee on puHick AccotnKs,1iave carefully examined the above Account, and Vouchers relat-
ing thereto, and do find a Ballance due to John /^Uen, Efq; of Sixty Eight Pounds, One Shilling
and Two-pence, from the Province of Hcui-Jerfy,

Trenton, April iZ, 1764. HE N D R I C K F I S M E R.


^■Wl^— — ^M^—— I^Lai—BM HUB ■ — — — »— ^— — BM^We^

The Petitions from Bergen and Elizabeth-Toivti, for a Road from Bergen Point along
up the Bay into the Road that leads to Paulus Hook., were read the fecond Time ; and
on the Queftion, whether the Matter of the faid Petitions be referred to further Confi-
deration, or that the ufual Order be entered for a Bill to be brought in at next Seflions
upon Notice ? it was carried for referring.

That the Confideration of the fubjed Matter o^ the faid Petitions, be referred to
further ConfideratLon.

The Act, entitled, An Aft for the Relief of Infoh-ent Bebiors, was read the fecond
Time, and committed to Mr. Learning., Mr. J. Ogden, Mr. R. Lanvrence and Mr.

Mr. Wetherill., from the' Committee appoanted to fettle the Weftern Treafurer's
Accounts, made the following Reports. To which the Houfe agreed.


Province of New-Jerfey : Cr.


By current Bil's of "Credit cancelled by the Juftices and Freeholders, as per their

Ceniiicate m May 1761, and burned by the Committees, ~ - • J- 10000:00:00

By Ditto cancelled by Dicto, as per their Certi.Scate May 1762, and burned by the

Committees, .-..-... io'o6:02:03

By Ditto canceled by Ditto, as per Certificate May ij^S' ^^^ burned by the

Committees, -_.._.._ 12079:02:00

^y Ditto cancelled by Ditto, as per Certificate May 176^, and burned by the

Committees ........... 6003:08:0?

By ditto cancelled by Ditto, as per Certificate May 'T^Sr ^^^ burned by the

Committees, . - - ... 7074:16:00

£■ 45463:08:06


■( 5<5 )

;^j, . Samuel Smith, Efq\ Treafurer, to tie

In the War

'760.' To Eallance reported to "the Council and'AfTembly, - - ^- 9335 = '7 ^O)^

No-v.22. To ca(h returned by >/;/«rn> 6, • '12 '06*

To Ditto returned by Reiert Friend Prut, - - " + ■ " ,

To Ditto. Ditto by P. M.</^«^/., - - - \f\\l:'Z

To Ditto. DiuohyHendrici Fijher !o's-o^

To Ditto, Ditto by John HoghlanJ, - - " ' 49 • • J
To Ditto, Dittohy mll-.amSkeehs, - - - £■ S'^-°^-°\
hy Thomas Scattergmd, - - - 2t:ig:ot>

by Hugh Hartjhorne, - - - H^-O^^oj

' ^ ^ 216:03:02

*ToI>lttO, mtohy John Stevfnt, 'i6°,V-7q*

To ]5mo, Bhto hy Rohert Ogden ' , ' ' ' ' ig'o-'oi'

,. ToDkto, Dittoby'felfand^^r«/.-».C/<2ri. - - - '3:°^.:°,'

To Ditto, Ditto by 7s*« S/^-^'"^, , " „ ' r v ' r j- ' ' ^ • 3 • J <•

To Ditto, Ditto by Charhs Read the B/ll^nce of the ,, ■ oc • 02

Purchafe, and Part of the Ballance of the Indian Treaty, - - 1 7 . 05 . 02
mIvz's.' To new Money of Thama! Rodman, a Signer, - - <)■] \9.oi:oo
'Yuneit To Ditto of Ditto, the Remainder of one Moiety of the

^""''- /. 25000, and /.,:a over. - - - _^754-o^ ,2503 = 02:00

1762. ,, rr,, -n J - - 1436:00:00

Mavc. To Ca(h returned by r-«.ofe<wJ?<;afefl«, - 'fJ
^uilZ, To new Money of Thomas Rodnu.n, a Signer of the hft _^^^^_^^

^ ^J-i°'°°°- ' ' ' . ' 8. '39:00:00

19. ToD.tto, Dmo. - ',05:00:00

To Ditto, Ditto. - - __5_ j^^^^^

00: 00

Sept. 22, To C2.^Tetnyne&hy Hugh Hartjhorne, - - - ,^9-j6:o0z

2 J, To Ditto. T>Mto hy Jojeph HolhnJheaJ, - .r^ic-o?

24, To Ditto, Ditto by Ditto, - - - - ,r,6-ioi.

To Ditto, Ditto by Thomas Rodman, - - • »

1763. ^. t > r • - .38:00:00

7a« 6. To Ditto, Ditto by Jaron Learning, - J

-yL'/t. TonewMoneyof^.5/«iV-?', inPartofthelaftEmiffion, - 3135:00:00

iftriut To Ditto of Ditto, oftheEmiflionofZ).««*^'-, 1763, 1500:00:00

■^ ^' To Ditto Ditto, of the Emiffion in ^/r/A 1764, - 2748:00:00

ao-/7«ic To Ditto, Ditto, Remainder of the Emiffion of Z)^f£/»(5<r 365:00:00

>». 18. To Ditto, Ditto. Part of the Emiffion of 1764, - - 1200:00:00

'/Jn l\ To Ditto, Ditto, the Remainder of one Moiety of the laft

-^ ^' /. 25000 Emiffion, - - - 8552:02:00


Fei. 0. To Ca(h returned by James Parker, Efq; on Account of the

Province Lotteries, - - - ■

lkay2X, To Ditto returned by John Arifon, CommiiTary on the

17500:02 :0O
118 : CO : 00

Frontier Service,

00: 00

£. 57730: 15: 09i

Uj. Samuel Smith, Efi; Treafurer, to the

Support of

iVelL°zo. To BaUance reported to the Council and AfTembly, - - ^.2130:11:105

Ballance carried to the General Account - - - Ii62:i4:icj

( 3? )

Province of New- Jerfcy :

,1" 5" ByfundryVouchen from No. 149 to No. 309 all examined, allowed
^^■^9' and endorfed this Day - -

Balkace cairied to General Account, . _ _


j^, 40049:16:06

17680: 19 :o3i


Province of New-Jerfey:

Government. ^

By fuhdry Vouchers from No i, to No. 148, allowed andendorfed by the
Committees, ...


£. 3295:06:095



{ 38 )

|>R Samuel Smkh, £yjv Trtajuttr^ to tit


To Bal'ance brought fern the War Fun<ls, ., - - • ^^..17^80 : J•9:-03I■

To Ballanccux-Uie TieaLrer's Favour, and for wl>ich he is tobe credited in the ,^. ,. .

ParlJamciitary Donation Money, when the fame ihall be fettled, - - - 99 1 5 : 1 8 : 09 '


■Memerandum. The following Arrears, as reported in 1760, appear to be flill outftanding ;

In BurliKgton County, an ok! Arrear in the Loan Ofcce, as per Report in 1753, ^. 18 : 08 : 1 1

Ditto in Ditto, as per Ditto . . - - - 13:07:02^.

Ditto Ca/i;-Ma)', in J 738, - - - - - - 04:07'

An ArreiT in BurlJngloa, as per Report in 175!?, - - » 1:13:03

Ditto in .S«Ava, as per Ditto, - - - - - - - - 3:00:06

An Arrear outltanding in Sak/» Loan Office Money, - - . . ^(,^ : 04 : 06

Deliciency in tt^s/^ri/ca in the /. 6000 Tax in June, 1752, as py Report in 1758, 6:00:00

Ditto in Ditto, as per Ditto, - - - - - - - - i:ii:09j.

By Order of the Gommittes,
Errors excepted, June 5, 1765 . JOHN ST EFE N$,


A Petition was prefented to the Houfefrom Edmond Milne, of Philadelphia, one of
Ihc Creditors of Roniand Ellis, fetting forth Reafons why the faid Ellis (hould not have
any Benefic from the Aft of Infolvency now before the Hoiifej which Petition was
read, and ordered a fecond Reading.

The Houfe adjourn'd till Three P. M.
The Houfe met.

Mr. Doughty, from the Committee to whom was committed the Bill, entitled, An
A(5t to enable the Oivners and Pojfejfors of the Meadows hing on Newtown Creek, near
the Head thereof, in the County of Gloucefter, to repair and maintain a Bank and ether
Water IFcrks, heretofore erelied and made acrofs the faid Creek, and to keep the former
Water Courfe of the faid Creek open and clear, reported the fame with fevcral Amend-
ments thereto ; and the faid Bill was read, and the Amendments in their Places ; and
on the Queftion, whether the faid Bill as amended be engroffed, or not? itpafled in
the AfRrmative.

That the faid Bill as amended, be engroffed.

The Houfe again refolved itfelf into a Committee of the whole Houfe on the Bill for
Support of Government : After fome Time fpent therein, Mr. Speaker refiimed the
Chair, and Mr. Fifher, Chairman of the Committee, reported, that the Committee
had gone through the faid Bill, and had come toieveral Rcfolutionsj which, by Leave
of the Houfe, He reported .Tsfollows :
I. Refolved,
That in and by faid Bill, when pafled into a Law, there be' paid to his Excellency
William Franklin^ Efq ; T'oiehe Hundred Pounds per Anmirn, to commence the
2iftDayof Mayhii; an(i on the"Qoeftion, wli^ther thc HQuie agrees tg laid «•
■not.' itpaifedin the Affirmative, as follows, viz. ■. ^■

Mr. Siimier, Mr. Smith, Mr. Wetherill,
Mr. Johnfton, Mr. J. Laixrence, Mr. R. Laivrence,
Mr. Anderfon, Mr. 'Bordtn, Mr. Doughy,

Mr. 7.0^<fifl, ~vr^, 'Mr, Co«/i:<-, ■ Mi-l4«fmg% "."'

Mr. fij/^er, Mr. ^M^l■, Mr. Sficer,

Mr. Hoghland, Mr. Keajhcy, Who voted for ^. J 000.

Mr. I'an Giefon, Mr. Rcaaftri,

Mr. Dij, ' Mr. Han. ■ %. To

( Z9 )

province of New- Jerfcy : ^ . ^^.^

^) Ballance brought from the Sinking Funds, - « » /. 26434: 03 02*

By Eallance brought from Support of Government, k . . . . . 1162:14-10*

^.27596: 18: 01 J

Lv2. To the Honnurable Fredenck Smyth, t^^'Qlmti Juffice of this Colony, Ont
Hundred and Fifty Pounds per Annum. To which the Houfe agreed.
- 3. Ta theWoiiburabie Cbmles Read, Efq-, Second Juftice of the Supreme Court
of this Colony,. F^fty Pounds per Annum. To which the Houfe aojreed.

4. To the-^Hwqurable John, Berrien, Efq-,- Third Juftice of the Supreme Court
of this Colony, Fifty Pounds per Annum. To which the Houfe ao^reed.

5. To Cortland Skinner, Elq;- Attorney General of this Colonyf Thirty Pounds per
Annum. To which the Houle agreed.

6. To Samuel Smith anci Sitphen Skinner, Efqrs, Treafurers of this Colony, each
Forty Pounds per Annum. To vvnich the Houfe agreed. . . -.

7. To Charles Read, Efqv Clerk of the Council, Thirty Pounds per Annum. To
which the Houfe agreed.

8. To Jofeph Sherwood, Efq;' Agent of tliis Colony, or to the A^ent for the Time
bej'pig, appointed tvy the Houfe of Reprefentatives, the Sum of O J Hundred Pounds:,
per Annum. To which the Houfe agreed. ' '

9. To Jofeph Warrell, Efq-, Clerk of the Circpits of this Colony, Twentv Fom^a.
per Annurii. To which the Houfe agreed. /^ ^'",! ' .,' *" ' ' .

10. To the Door-keeper oi-xht Coiincii, TVn Tottnds per Anmm.\ To vvhicH the
Houfe agreed. . w. 1 ,,

11. To his Excellency IVilUmi Franklin, Efq-, Sixty Pounds per Annum, for B-Ouk.
Rent ; provided he makes Perth- Amhoy or Burlington the Place of his Refidence. Ta
which the Houfe agreed. . ' ■ -

12. To the Honourable Frederick Smyth, Efq; Chief Juftice, the Sum of ;^. 87',^,
in full of his Salary, from the Date of iiis Commiffion, to the i'lft of May laft;. To,
which the Houfe agreed. •' •

13. To the Honourable Charles kead, Efq; Second Juftice of the Supreme Court,
of this Colony, £. 27-1-8, in full of his Salary from the Sixth Day of November laft,,
to the Twen{y-fidl: Day of May laft. To which the Houfe agreed.

■ 14. To any one of the Juftices of the Supreme Court, for attending Circuit Courts, and

Courts of Oyer and Terminer, in the Manner prefcribed by faid Aft, ,the Sum of Ten,

P(?«Wj for each Time. To which the Houfe agreed. ,

15. To each- of the Council for the Time they may attend at any Sitting of General

Affembly, within-the Time, Six Shillings per Diem. To which the Houfe agreed. ,, ,

16. To^

( 4<> )

,^6. To Richard Smith, one of the Clerks of the iHoufe of R^prefentatives, or any
"other Clerk for his Attendance, the Sum of 'Ten Shillings per Diem-, alfo Four Pence
per Sheet, reckoning 90 Words to the Sheet, for entering the Minutes fair in the
Journal, and Copying the Laws and Minutes for the Printer ; and to the faid Richard
Smith, theSumof Fifteen Pounds, for Pen, Ink and Paper, and hiring Clerks to for-
ward the Bufinefs of this Seflion. To which the Houfe agreed.

1 7. To the Secretary, for copying the publick Laws to fend home to England, during
the Continuance of faid Aft, Four Pence ^cv S\\&&z, reckoning 90 Words to the Sheet.
To which the Houfe agreed.

18. To each of the Treafurers of this Colony, 5/x P^wc? per Pound, for exchanging
rao-ged and torn Bills of Credit ; alfo to each of the faid Treafurers ^. 15, for their
extraordinary Services. To which the Houfe agreed.

19. To James Parker, or any other Printer, for printing the Laws and Minutes,
fuch Sums as John Johnjlon, Hehdrick Fijher, John JVetherill, John Hoghland, John
Ogden, Daniel Doughty, and John Lawrence, Efqrs, or any two of them, Ihall agree
to be paid for the fame. To which the Houfe agreed.

20. To the Serjeant at Arms for the Time being, who fhall attend the Council,
the Sum of Three Shillings per Diem. To which the Houfe agreed.

21. ITo the Serjeant at Arms, who fhall attend the Houfe of Reprefentatives, the
Sum of Three Shillings per Diem. To which the Houfe agreed.

22. To the Door-Keeper of the Houfe of Reprefentatives, for the Time being,
who fhall attend in Manner aforefaid, the Sum of Three Shillings and Six Pence per
Diem. To which the Houfe agreed.

23. To Samuel Smith, Efq-, to i^vf J ofeph Sherwood., Efxj; Agent of this Colony,
thirty Pounds ^ttrWng per Year, for petty Expences, for each of the Years 1761,

1762, 1763, 1764, and 1765; what he has already received thereof to be reckoned
in Part of the fame. To which the Houfe agreed.

24. To the Secretary, for Expences to this Time, in full of his Account, Thirty
Seven Pounds Fifteen Shillings and Two Pence. To which the Houfe agreed.

The Houfe adjourn'd till Nine b'Clock T6-Morrow Morning.

Thurfday, June 6, 1765'.

The Houfe met.

A MelTage from the Governor.

* Gentlemen,
< TN all of His Majefty's Governments in America, which have been fettled fbr any
Length of Time, a Houfe is provided at the publick Expence for the Refidence

• bf the Governor, except in this Colony. And though no Building has been yet

• ere<5led here for that Purpofe, it feems plain by the Words Of the annual Support Ads,

• that it was never the Intention of the AfTembly of this Province to let the Governor

• be put to any Expence for the Want of fuch Building. . The Words I allude to are

• thefe, viz. " And whereas it is neceffary that the prefent Governor fhould be provided
'* with a Houfe to live in until one fhall be provided for that Purpofe, Be it enafted by the
*' Authority aforefaid. That there fhall be paid to His Excellency, 6cc. Sixty Pounds
•' per Annum for Houfe Rent, provided he makes Amboy or Burlington the Place of his,
•' Refidence."

* On my Arrival I was obliged to remain a confiderable Time in very iriconvenienC

• Lodgings. There was no Houfe any ways fuitable to be hired at Amboy; and at Bur-.

• lington there was none other than the one wherein I no\y re.fide -, which I with Difficulty

• (as is well known to fome of the Members of your Houfe) obtain'd for the Rent

• allowed by the Province, and on Condition that I would moreover be at the Expence

• of all Repairs. It is true, 1 was offered, by private Perfons, in cafe I would refide in

• another Place, to be furnifhed with a handfome Houfe in compleat Order, with many

• bther NecefTaries, clear of all Expence; but as it appeared, by the. Ads beforemen-

• tioned, to be the Inclination of the AfTembly, that the Governor fhould dwell in one

• br other of the Capitals, I would not confent to the Propofal, nor to feveral other of

• the like Kind which were made to me. I therefore agreed to pay the Rent demanded ;

* but

■ ( 41 ) ,

■« but before I could move into the Hoiife, and afterwards, I was under the Ncceffity of

* cxpendi-ny a coniiderable Sum in Repairs. I have not, however, made any that were
' unneceflaTy, nor indeed all thac 1 ihould have thought requifue for the Accommoda-
' tion of my'Famiiy, if the Houle hau been my own, or if it had been let to me on a

' longer Leafe. ■ i • i

' Now, as I had not the ufual 3lim allowed to a Governor on his Arrival, which was
« o-snera!!v fj He. en: to defray njtonly thi Expence of his Vojage, but to repair a

* HoiiieforhisRefidence; and as no Governor in any of the King's Colonies where a
' Houle is provided by the Publick, is ever put to the Expence of keeping fuch Houfe
' in Repair, I hope it will not be thought improper to lay before you an Account of

* die Money I have expended in repairmg the Houfi in which I now refide.

' If it fnould be urged, that iho' 1 did not receive the ufual Sum on my Arrival, yet
' an Addition was m.ade to my Salary ; I would juft obferve, that it will be upwards of
' Three Years from, my firft coming into the Province befdre that Addidon will put me

* on an equal Fooung with form,er Governor? ; and that itishkewife no Ways propor-
' tioned to the encreafed Expence of Living as Governor in this Province, nor to the
' encreafed Abilities of the People, Ilnce the original Salary was firft eftablifiied.

' After all. Gentlemen, as it is my fix'd Intention never to afk any Thing of you but
' whnt, if I was myfelf one of the Reprefcntatives of the People, 1 Ihould think it my
« Duty to orant ; fo' if upon due Confideration of the Matter you fhould be of Opinion,
'that the "province can, confiftent with Honour, refufe to pay the Account now.

* exhibited, I am, far from defiring it. -

BurUngtcn, June i, 1765. W. FRANKLIN.^ ,

And die laid Meflage arid Account therein mentioned, were read ; and on the
Queftion, whether the faid Account or any Part thereof, be allowed ornot ? it paffed
in the Negative.

That the Biil'for Support of Government, as reported and agreed to, be engrofled.

Mr. Reading, in Purfuance of Leave, brought in a Bill, entitled. An Aft to enable
the Jujikes and chofen Freeholders of the County of Hunterdon, to erea a neiij and con-
venient Court-Houfe and Gaol in faid County; which was read, and ordered a fecond
Reading. ' '

It appearing by the Teftimoriy of Jacob Stohs, that he had ferved Ifaac Coopir
with Notice to appear and make his Objeaions, according to. the Order of the Houfe j

and no Obiedions being made,

Mr Cooper by Order of the Houfe, brought in a Bill, entided, A Supplement to an
Aa paffed in ]he Firfi Tear of Ktng George the nird, intitled. An A<et for budding
and mnintainin'^ a Bridge over Cooper'i Creek, and rebuilding and maintaimng other
Brid-res on the 9reat Roads from Burhngton County to Qoo^tx's Ferries ; and keeping the
ne'v/Rcad from Bmhngwn to the faid Ferries in Repair; which was read, and ordered
a fecond Reading.

Mr R Ld-Ji^renc', from the Cbmriiittee to whom was committed the Bill, entitled.
An m to explain and amend an A£f, entitled, A Supplementary AH toih^ AA, entitled.
An ^7 to regulate the Size of Traps, ^c. .and to prohibit the Watching -xith a Gun
in the Nivht 'Time, and other Purpofes therein mentioned ; reported the faid Bill with
fcveral Amendments ther^ov and the faid Bill was read, and the Amendments in their
Places and the Bill further amehded in the Houfe -, and on the Queftion, whether the
faid Bill as amended be engrofled or not ? it paffed in the Affirmative.

That the faid Bill as amended, be engroffea.

The Bill, entitled, An Acl to enable the Rev. Mr. Colih Campbell, /^^ prefent lienor
of Saint Nhrfs Chnrch in Burlington, with the Church -Wardens and Veftry-Menvf faid
Church, or the major Part cfthcm, to fell ^Ttvo Hundred and Si:c^ Acres of Lc^d in
Somerfet C.««/v, devifed to the Miniftry of faid Church- and to enable rruflees to put the
fame to Inter eji: until a convenient Glebe can be pur chafed near the fatd Church , and .other
Purpofes therein mentioned; was read the fecond Time, and committed to Mr. Fijher^^nd
Mr. Bcrdcn. L

( 42. )

. 'the fevei-al Petitions oiThomas Powell, and his Creditors, Asrcre tead the fecond


That the Parties be heard before the Houfe, on the fubjeft Matter of their Petitions,

To-morrow Mor;iing. ,

- The Bill, entitled. An Aft appointing Ccnmmiff.cmrs to take Care cf, and Let the
Barracks ereacd intbis Colony oj New-Jertey, at fuch Times as the fame fball net bt
needed for the Ufe of Soldiers ; and to fell fuch Articles therein contained as are perifkable,
md have been pnrchafed at the Expence of the fcid Colony ; was read the fecond Time,
and committed to Mr. IVetberiil and Mr. Fifl:icr.

The Bill, entitled, An Aft to repair the puklick Roads in the Townfoip cf Chefter-
field, by a Tax on the hihalitants of the fame ; was read the fecond Time, and
committed to Mr. Cooper and Mr. Keaficy.

The Petition from Robert Pearfcn, and others, for making a Part of Delaware
River a lawful Fence i was read the fecond Time.
That the Petitioners have Leave to bring in a Bill at the next Seffion of General
A^flembly ; provided Notice of their Application and this Order, be inferted in the
\- ,Pe?2!!fylvania Gazettee, at leall Six Weeks before the faid Seffion, and no reafonable
Objections fl-iall then be made againft the fame.

Mr. Skinner, from the Committee appointed to confer with a Committee of the
Council, on the Expediency and Means of fliorcning the Poft Roads in this Province i
reported, that the faid joint Committees had met fcveral Times in free Conference,
and had mutually agreed to make the following Report, viz.

* The Committees appointed by both Houfes, to confer on the Expediency and

' Means of fliortning the Poft Roads' of this Province, after feveral Conferrences,

' agreed to the following Report, viz.

,,' The joint Committees are unanimoufly of Opinion, that it will be highly bene-

/* ficial to this Province, to ftraiten the Great Roads through it; and particulary that

' there be a ftrait Road from Burlington to Borden-Tcwn ; from thence a ftrait Road

* to Cr anbury ; and from thence a ftrait Road to the Ferry-Houle oppofite to Perth-

* Amboy ; alfo that the Road be made ftrait from Trenton to Prince-To'xn ; thence to

* Kingftcn ; thence to Brunfaick, and thence ftrait to Elizabeth-Town : Alfo that the
' Road be made ftrait trom Borden-Town to Trenton, and from Borden-Tcwn to

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