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The Votes and proceedings of the General Assembly of the Province of New-Jersey. 1761-68. 20th Assembly. online

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drick Fifher, Efq; as Commiffioner, to
pay the New-Jetlcy Regiment in the
Month of November, 1762.

To a Miilake in Capt. Coryell's Mufter- By a Ballance due the Province on

Roll, fettled by a Committee in the billeting Account, as fettled

June, 1765. .... £.05:17:06 by the Committees in Jaa^, 1763, £. 20 : o ; : Vy^

To Ca(h paid feveral Soldiers their „ T^■.. a ^ rx t

Months Pay fince the Settlement in By Ditto on Account as Coramif-

Ju«e, 1765, as per Vouchers. - . 36 : 05 : 00 ^°"^'-' '^"'^d by a Committee m

Ballance due from the Province, - - 10 : 07 : 09

To Commiffions, at two per Ont.






. 4Z








£■ 4»!'7:oai

We three of the Committee on publick Accounts, having carefully examined the above Account, and
Vouchers relative thereto, do find a Ballance due from the Province to Hindrick Fijber, Efq; of
Icn Pounds Seven Sbitlinei and Nine-peace.




L Dr.

(4^ )

Dr. The Pravince of New-Jcrfey, to Timothy Edwards, ont of the Commiffioners

1764. To Amount of Sundries per Vouchers, - - . . . ^.69?: 12:11^

To Commi/Tions at i/i^r C«i/. ..... i3;i9:05j

Juiuij. To C»lh paid .y/(rfAf« Ww»«-, Kfq; Treafurer, per Receipt, - - - 161:07:02^


We the Subfcriberf, three of the Committee on publick Accounts, have examined the above
Account, and the Vouchers relative thereto, and do report the fame as above ftated.


Mr. Fijhtr., from the Committee on publick Accounts, made the following
Report. To which the Houfe agreed.

Dr. The Province of New-Jerfey, in Account -with James Neilfbn, £/j;

1761. To fundrjr Difljurfements as Mufter-Mafter, per Vouchers produced, &c. - - ,f. 2091:03 :oj

17*2, To Ditto, as Ditto, per Ditto, . - . . . 25^5:19:00

To Commiflions at i per Cent. - - - - - - - - - 4.6 .-15: 03


We the Committee on publick Accounts, have carefully examined and infpefted the above Account
and Vouchers, and find a Ballance of fourteen Pournii Six Shillings and Ten-pence, Proclamation
Money, due from the Province of Hevj-Jerjey, to James Neil/on, Efq; as Mufter-Maiter for the
Years 1761 and 1762.




The Houfc adjourned for Half an Hour.

The Houfc met according to Adjournment.

A Meffage from the Council, by Mr. Stevens, acquainting the Houfe,
that the Council concur with the Votes of the Houfe of AfTembly this Day,
relating to the unfigned Money in the Hands of Stephen Skinner, Efq;

A MefTage from his Excellency by the Deputy Secretary, which was read in the
Words following :

' Gentlemen,
' TOEING informed that feme Doubts have lately arifen, whether the
' Y^ Adts of Parliament relative to Wrecks, are in Force within this

* Province; I therefore recommend it to you, to extend hither fuch Provi-
' fions in the faid Ads, as may be necelTary to fecure the Owners the

* Property of thofe VefTels and Cargoes, which may unhappily be wrecked

* on our Coafls.


The Houfe taking the fame into Confideration,

That Mr. J. Lawrence and Mr. Johnpn, do bring in a Bill for the Purpofes
mcntioaed in His Excellency's MefTage.


( 43 )

for Cloaihing the Soldiers i» the Tear ly 64. per Contra Cr.

176^, Mitrch II. By Ciih rectived of Stephen SkinntTi EC^j . . - ;C'SJS = 00:0a

May-]. By Ditto Ditto - - . . 300:00:00

i*«^tf^ 15. By Accountof S»lesof fundry Remnanti, - - - - 18:19:08

£.873: 19:01

per Contra Cr.

1761. May 18. By Cafh received from jf/ri/r^Tu Joknfiott, Efq; Treafurer, - - ^.i2$o: 00:00

16. By Ditto - - - - • - 301:15:00

OSober n. By Ditto - - - - - - 50:05:00

April iz. iy Ditto received from Ditto at fundry Times, ... zj97;i8:oo

BallaHce due from the Province to James NeiJfon, 'Efq; - - - ' 14:06:10

;C. +7*3! '7:10

Mr. 7. Lawrence reported, that Mr. Johnfton and himfelf delivered the Bill to
them cntrufled Ycfterday, to Mr. Stevens, one of the Gentlemen of the Council.

Mr. Learning reported that Mr. IVetherill and hinnfelf delivered the Bill to them
entrufted, to his Excellency.

Mr. Runyon reported, that Mr. Clement and himfelf delivered the Bill to them
entrufted, to Lord Stirling, one of the Gentlemen of the Council.

Mr. Fijher from the Committee, to whom was referred the Account of Stephen
Crane, Efq; reported the fame as follows.

The Province of New-Jerfey, on the Frontiers, to Stephen Crane, Efq;

Dr. per Contra Cr.

1758 and 1759. By Mufter. Rolls and '"*""^ ^Vl f' ^^^ f '""JP/'^ .

'^ Voucher.. xamined and allowed, £. 37?« - 10: i, ,7.'"^'° R™.?1"-^''^V^'3' £.i5":i«:oo

To BalW due to the Province, -^o^ ''iime^o7IL^.^S E% ':'_^6oo: oo-co

£. +12l:iz:00 ~

£. +121: It: 00

Mr. Crane chargei ^. 135 : 18 : 9 for Damages fuftained in Lofs of PoviCon* on the Frontiers, on
Account of the Soldiers being difbanded before the Time appointed by Law, which the Commit-
tee refers t» the Houfe, and if allowed by the Houfe in that Cafe, to be deduced from the afor*-
faid Ballanc* of £. 334 : i : i.

June the z6th, \-;66. JOHN OGDEN,



( 44 )

Mr. Hart reported, that Mr. Crane and himfelf delivered the Bill to them entrufled,
to the Sp eaker in Council.

Mr. 7. Lawrence from the Committee, brought in a Bill, entitled. An Adt te
extend certain Alls of Parliament of Great-Britain, pa(fed in the i2th 2'ear of Her
late Majefiy ^een Ann, and the Tear of His late Majefly King George the Firfl,
for preferving all Juch Ships and Goods thereof^ which fhall happen to be forced cnfhore
x)r flranded ; which was read, and ordered a fccond Reading.

The Houfc adjourned 'till To-morrow Morning Nine o'Clock.

£)r. Stephen Skinner, Efq; Treafurer of the Eajlern Divijion of

17<6, y«»«»i. To the old Deficiencies outftanding in Middlefex, as per

Report in 1760, - - - £.18:18:05'^

To another Arrearage in Middlefex, as per Ditto, - 15 : 00 : 00

£. 43:18:05^

To Arrears in the Intereft, as per the fame Report, i/fc.

Bergen, £. 21: 04.: 091:

EJJex, 71:06:05!;

MiddUfex, 38:12:07^

To a Deficiency in Somerfet, «s per Ditto, - - - - - 1:05 :.oo

;f. 177:0703^

Loan Office

1746, yum 11, To I. I :tio3j which the Loan Officeis of Mo»/Kott/A have cancelled more
than their Quota, and ought to be repaid them by the Treafurer out of
the I. 41 : 16 : 00 that yet remains to be funk in EJex ; See the Report,
December It, 1761, page jo, - - - - - £.01:12

To Part of the /. 109:03:06 that EJex was deficient on the /. 40,000,
and /. 20,000, Principal Money, as per Report June 1754, and
December 1761, - . . -



Dr. Stephen Skinner, Efq-, Treafurer of the Eoftern

Support of

1761. To the Ballance of the late Treafurer JohnflorC% Accounts, reported by the
Committee Mijjr the 17th, 1763, including the £. 9136 : 17 : 10, the Ballance
that was reported on the Parliamentary Donations, ... £• J3602: 19: ii|

To Ca(h received of John Longftreet, for the Deficiency in the County of M)«-
OToaM, when the Accounts of Mr. yo^H^oAz's were fettled, . . . 250:09:09

To Ca(h received of /«(3rMA Z)««Aa/«, for a Deficiency in A/icAj'/'i?/f;f, - - 344:14:06

1764. To Ballance received of Jo*" fi/^Bf^ar^ as per Report ftAcaary 22, 1764, - - 38:19:02
March 19. To Ca(h received of John Stevens, Efq; on the Account of Subfiftence of

the Troops 1761, 1762, York Currency, /. 1000:16:08, deduft ^, remains 913:16:11

Jhiguft IX. To new Money received of John Johnflon, Efq; one of the

Signers of the /. 10,000 Emiflion, May 25, 176}, - £. 5000:00:00

To Ditto of Ditto, one Half of the /. 25,000 Emiflion

February \if, i-jd^, . - . - 12,500: 00 « 00

£>■ '7>500: 00:00

Ballance in Favour of the Treafurer, to be allowed him in the Accounts of
the Parliamentary Donation, when the fame is fettled, ... 8575: '8: oo^

£. 61, 236 :lS: 04

( 45 )

Friday, June 27, 1766.
The Houfe met.

Mr. Learning, from the Committee appointed to join a Committee of the Council,
to infpedt and fettle the Eaftern Treafurer's Accounts, reported the fame, as follows :
To which the Houfe agreed.

New-Jerfey, Cr

1766. June zi. By fereral old Deficiencies mentioned on the Debtor Side, which are

fully explained in the Report of N(rjember 1760. amounting to - {,• «77:07:o3t,


1766. June 21. By the Overpjui funk in Monmouth, mentioned on the Dr. Side of thit

Account, - - - ... /. 01 : ii; 034

By Deficiences in EJJix, mentioned on the Dr. Side and reported in

December iz, 1761, page 51, .... 41:16:00

£■4 4 ■■ 08 ■■°}^
J:ir.e 2^, 1 766. Errors Excepted, SSS^mamamma^^


Divijion of New-Jerfey, per Contra Cr.


1766. June 11. By fundry Vouchers allowed and indorfed by the Committees, from September

9, iv6z, to Mfy 16, >7()6, difcharged out of the War Fund, amounting to £• 3**7 : o< : 00

For recruiting the Regulars.

By fundry Receipts from Ja^ 6, lyti, to December zi, zy6x, allowed and endorf^d

by the Committees, and difcharged out of the War Funds, amounting to jo:oo:oo

On the War Fund.

By fundry Vouchers from June 23, i-6i, to May 31, 176S, allowed and endorfed
by the Corair.ittses, amounting to ..... 14,931:11:10

By the Sum of/. 33.691 : 1: 8, which has been cancelled by the Juftices and (ree-
bo'deis of MuiJ/e/ex, being the Amount of all the Eaftern Counties, on the
Sinking FuiiJs, for 1761, 1763, 1764, 1765 and 1766, which was burned by
th-(e Committees. - .... . - 33,691:01:0!

By the Parliamentary Donation for /. 9136 : 17:10, v\hicb altho" Stepten Siin>:er
received the fame frooi the Executors of Ardre'w J ohiijlon, Efq; deceafed:
yet he takes Credit for that Sum in this Account, and charges himfelf for fo
much in faiJ Parliamentary Account, hereafter to be fettled. - 9,»3<:i7:io

,C.6-,236: 18:04 .
Errors Excepted, by -


The Committees alfo examined the feveral Certificate? of the Juftices and Freeholaers of the County
of MUdlij'ex. tor the Monies cancelled by them for the Years 1762, 1763, 1764, 1765 ar.d 176S,
aimunting m the who.e to Thirty-three Thoufand Six Himr'ied and Ninety-one Pounds Two Shil-
lings and Four Pence ; which Sum the Committees burned the 15th of June, 1766.
June i6, 1766. The Committees alfo burned the Bills that Mr. Skinner received of the Executors of Mr.
N'-'-jill. according to the Order of both Houfes of this Day, amounting to the Sum of
f. 996 : 5 : O.


r- . ' ^ ' VU - M^ ^nr


( 46^)

A Mcflkge from the Council by Mr. Parker, acquainting the Houfe, that the Bill,
entitled, yf Supplementary Adt to an Aft for laying out a Road from Newark, (Jc.
And alfo the Bill, entitled, An k.&.for building a Court Houfe and Gaol for the County
of Middlefex, have paffed the Council, without Amendment.


Dr. The Province of 'Nevz-Jerky, /<? John Smyth, Efq; one of the Commiffioners for

To Ca(h paJd for the Lot, - - - £• 75:00:00

Te the Amount of fundry Difburferaents, for Materials and Work at the Office, per

Vouchers. -... - . 450:10:06^

To the Amount of fundry Dlfcurfements for Materials and Work for the Office Fence, paid

hv Johnfirril. ....... i6:oj:os^

To Coraminions on £. 555 : 10 :o6'j expended by Jihn Smyth, at 5 per Cent. - - '■7-"i- °^t

£. 609:ti:esf

That this Houfe will provide for the Payment of the faid Ballance, at the next
Seffions. The

Dr. Co/. Peter Schuyler, Pay-Mafler of // - « New-Jerfey Regiment,

175;. To Sundriei, 3S per Account, No. 3. - - - ■ £• i>:oi:oJj

1756. ToDitto asper Ditto, No. 1. - - - 7116:09:04^

To aMiftakeincaftingthe Accounts, N0.4. - - - 5:10:00

1758. To Sundries per new Account, - - ... 34:08:07

1758. To Calh of iflflia?/ i'OTfVA, Efq; Treafurer, as per Aft of Affembly, - - 6000:00:00

N. B. In the two Articles No. i and 4 on the Creditor Side of this Account, there it
included an Article of /. 1 3 33:9 ••oj which Col. i'riayfc'- chnrged againft the
Province for his Expences while in Canada, the Particulars whereof were not
fpecified, that Article not being provided for by Law, the Committee fub-
mitted it to the -loufe; and ai no Proof was produced to (hew that thatbnm
had been expended for the Service of the Colony; the Houfe delayed the
Determination thereof till June 14, 1766, at which Time, on the Vote, the
Houfe allowed only /. zoo ot it, and ftruck off the reft; on that Account the
Colony muft be credited with the Refidue, being - - - 1135:09:00^

To a Ballance due to the Colony on a. form«r Settlement, as per Report, March 6,

1761. 258:0s: II

£• '4>fi*9 : 07 : 00|;

That upon Payment of the Ballance as above reported, by the Executors or Repre-
fentatives of the faid Col. Schuyler, to Samuel Smith, Efq-, the Weftcrn Treafurer of
this Colony, that the faid Samuel Smith, Efq; do deliver up to them, or either of
them, the Bond given to the faid Samuel Smith by the faid Col. Schuyler, for Six Thsu-
fand Pounds, by Virtue and in Purfuance of the Law of this Colony pafled in 1758.


( 47 )

The Bill, entitled, An Aft to exttnd certain J£!s of Parliament of Great-Britain,
^c. was read the iecond Time, on the Qiieftion ;
That the fame be cngrofTed.

Mr. Johfifon, from the Committee on public Accounts, reported the Account of
John Smyth, Efq; for building the Secretary's Office, as follows.

Building the Secretary's Office, at Perth- Am boy, -per Contra CrJ

J 761. OBohert, By Cafh received of ^Bireav 5'<''^^'"'> Efq; - - - £.300:00:00

ij6i, Decetnber I. By CiOi of Stef tin Siinner, Eiqi - . . 100:00:00

2)fifCT*rr 23. Bjr fundry Materials fold, - - . - »: 16:04.

By Cafh of Stepbtn Skinner, for the Lot, - - . 75 .- 00 : 00

Ballance due to John Smyii, i - .







II :


- ■

We the Subfcribers, three of the Committee on publick Accounts, have examined the above Account
and Vouchers relative thereto, and report the fame as above ftated ; but as Mr. Smyth has expended
more Money than allowed by Aft of AiTembly, the Committee fubmlt it to the Houfe.


The Committee appointed to fettle the Accounts of Col. Peter Schuyler, deceafed,
reported the fame, as follows. To which the Houie agreed.

^» i755> ^756' ^'^- per Contra Cr.

1755. J By Sundries as per Account, No. I. ... jC- 6799:03:0
and C

1756.) By Ditto, as per Ditto, No. 4. - . - - 5406:01:9

1758, By Ditto, a5 pernew Account, .... 967:06:3^

Ballance due to the Colony, - - ... 1496:14:3

£. 14,669 : 07:0 J-

Mr. Borden, from the Committee to prepare and bring in a Draught of a Mcflage
to his Excellency, in Anfwer to his Meflage of Thtirfday laft, delivered a Draught,
which was read ; and being amended in the Houfe,
That the fame be engroflfed.


( 48 )

A Meffage from the Council, by Mr. Woodruff, acquainting the Houfe of Aflembly,
that the Council have made feveral Amendments to the Bill, entitled, An Adt for
invefting a Fee in the "toll Bridge lately ereSfed over NewEon Creek, i^c. and he
delivered the faid Bill and Amendments in at the Table ; which being read in their
Places, the Houfe difagreed to all the Amendments, and adhere to the BUI.
Ordered thereupon.

That Mr. Miller and Mr. Keajhey do carry the faid Bill to the Council, and inform
them, that this Houfe difagrees to all the Amendments, and adhere to the Bill.

The Houfe adjourn'd till Three o*,Clock, P. M.

The Houfe met according to Adjournment.

Mr. Miller reported, that Mr. Keafbey and himfelf delivered the Bill with them
entruftcd, to Mr. Parker, one of the Gentlemen of the Council,


The engroffed Bill, entitled. An Adl to extend certain AEls of Parliament of Great-
Britain, &c being read and compared J on the Queftion,
That the fame do pafs.

That Mr. Johnfton and Mr. Stilwell, do carry the fame to the Council for

A Meffage from the Council by Mr. Woodruff, acquainting the Houfe, that they
do adhere to the Amendments to the Bill, entitled. An Ad: for invefting a bee in the
Toll Bridge lately trebled over Newton Creek, &c.

That Mr. Miller, Mr. J. Lawrence, Mr. Keafbey, and Mr. miizell, be a Com-
mittee to confer with a Committee of the Council, on the Subjeft Matter of the faid
Bill ; and that Mr. Borden and Mr. R. Lawrence do wait upon the Council, and defire
a free Concurrence thereupon, and that they will appoint a Committee to confer with
a Committee of this Hoale, and appoint the Time and Place ot faid free Conference.

Mr. Johnfton reported, that Mr. Siillwell and himfelf, delivered the Bill to them
entrufted, to the Speaker in Council.

Mr. Borden reported, that Mr. R. Lawrence snd himfelf, delivered the MeiTage to
them entrufted, to the Speaker in Council.

A Meflage from the Council, by Mr. Parker, acquainting the Houfe, that the
Bill entitled. An Act to lay out a Read on the Southerly Side of Cohanfey Creek, in the
County o/Cumberland, and to eftablifh a Ferry act of the faid Creek, &c. Alfo the Bill,
entitled, An hSifor more effectually preventing the counter ftitmg the Bills of Credit, of
the neighbouring Governments, &c. Alfo the Bill, entitled. An Adi appointing Commtf-
fionersfor fupplying the feveral Barracks in this Colony, Uc. a:;d for defraying cher
incidental Charges : Alfo the Bill, entitled. An AG. to repair the publick Roads in the
Townfhip <?/ Hanover, in the County of Morris, by a Tax on the Inhabitants of the feme,
have palfed the Council without Amendment. And that Mr. Stevens and Mr.
Parker, are appointed a Committee of the Council, to comer with a Committee of
this Houfe, on the Bill, entitled. An Aft for invefting a Fee in the Toll Bridge lately
ereSled over Newton Creek, &c.

The engrolTcd Meffage to his Excellency, in Anfwer to his Mefllige of the 25th,
being read and compared, was agreed to by the Houie, and is as ioUovvs ;

' Ordered,

( 49 )

' Ordered^
' That Mr. Ogden and Mr. Anderfon, do wait on his Excellency, and inform him,
' in Anfwer to his MefTage of the 25th, That this Houfe fincerely wifli with him
' that every Irregularity in the Colony was forgot ; and if his Excellency had fhewn

* any Difpofition to forget, he would have found that this Houfe had no Inclination
' to enter into Controverfy. The clofing the laft Sitting at Burlingtony in the Manner

* he thought proper to do it, occafioned the Meflage this Seflion from the Houfe ;

* and his Excellency's extraordinary Reply, compels an Anfwer -, not that it contains
' any Arguments that carry the leaft Proof of Irregularity in this Houfe, b'ut that it is

* replete with Arguments foreign to the Matter ; a Detail of Reports that have no
'Foundation, and carries a Charge agiinA this Houfe of" unfair Reprefentation."

' The " SuccinSl Detail of the Matter in Difpute between us" as his Excellency ig
' pleafed to give it, this Houfe begs l^eave to inform his Excellency has been untruly

* reprefented to him ; for this Houfe will not prefume to fay, that his Excellency
' Ipeaks from any Thing but Information.

' This Houfe acknowledges the Letter from the Maffachufet'' s-Uay ; that it was on

* the laft Day of the Scffion, Ibme Members gone, others uneafy to be at their Homes ;

* and do affert that the then Speaker agreed to iend, nay urged, that Members

* fhould be fent to the intended Congrpfs, but changed his Opinion upon fome Advice

* that was given him ; that this fudden Change of his Opinion, diipleafed many of

* the Houfe, who feeing the Matter drop't, were indifferent about it ( and as no

* Minute was made, and no further Notice taken of it, the Houfe is at a Lofs to

* determine, whence his Excellency could get the Information that the Houfe took
'the fame into " deliberate Confideration" detei'mimd (as his Excellency fa.y%from their
' own Words) " unanimoufly againjl comieWng on that Occafion ; they have recollcdled
' the whole Tranfaftion, carefully examined their Minutes, and can find nothing
' like it inferted therein ; an Anfwer to the Ala£achu/et's Letter was written ; and if

* the Expreffions his Excellency mentions, were made ufe of in it, this Houfe is at a
' Lofs to know how they are accountable for it, when it does not appear to be an Aft
' of the Houfe, but Refleftion upon this Paflage, convinces the Houfe, that his

* Excellency has more Knowledge of the Contents of the Letter in Anfwer, than the
♦Members of the Houfe themfelves. Before his Excellency gave a Detail of the
' Matter, and indulg'd himfelf in the fancyful Reprefentatioa of the Meeting at

* Sproull'sy he fhould hare known, that the Speaker had altered the Letter he had

* taken the Liberty to write ; that finding his Conduit cenfured by his Conftitucnts,
' he was willing to repair it, even at his Excellency's Expence. That the Letter was
' lb written, as well as thai he again altered it, without the Knowledge of the Houfe,
« are Fads his Excellency fliould hare known, before he charged the Members with
' fttting afide an " unanimous R^olution" never made after " deliberate Confideration,'*

* never entered into: For his Excellency's Satisfaftion, they will admit, that the late
« Speaker wrote to, and convened a Majority of the Houfe ; but alfo aflert, by far
' the greateft Part of them came to the Meeting, pcrfwaded that his Excellency had
' declined calling the Houfe ; that thofe met, although then a Majority of the Houfe,

* did not meet in any Legiflative Capacity, their Bufineis was to prevent Diforder, and
' to preferve the Peace of the Government, upon this Bufinefs they proceeded ; and
' we fuppofe the Speaker took a Chair, and one of them took the Pen, and the reft,
' as it was in a Tavern, fat down alfo ; which has given his Excellency an Opportu-

* nity to fwell his Meflage, and fhew to the World the Order and Regularity of the

* Members of this Houfe. This Houfe will acknowledge, that thus feated, they
' determined, for the Peace, Quiet, and good Order of this Government, to fee
' afide a Refolution of the Speaker's, broken by himfelf upon " deliberate Confideration^
' and in dire£i Oppqftion" to his firft concerted Meafures, fent him, and two others
' to New-Tork, to join in a Petition to his Majefty -, and in doing this, they conceived
' they did an eflential Service to the Colony. The Conduft of two of thefe Members
' was approved of by the Houfe at their Meeting at Burlington ; this Approbation of

* their Conduft his Excellency cenfures feverely, and Ihews furprize that the Houfe

N * fhould

( s° )

* fhould not only approve of thtir Conduifl:, but ofthe Appointment of the Committee,
' and Charges it as " unprecedented, irregular, &c." This Houfe deny they were
' lb, and have ftated the Fads as they truly were, and have not the Icaft Doubt, but
« that their Conduct in this Matter will bejuftified by the cool and difpcjj.onate. But
' fuppofe the Meeting irregular; why fuch Warmth on the Occafion? It has not,
« nor could it be injurious to his Excellency, and he acknowledges they did not
' intend any Injury : But if every Step taken by Men in publick Charafter, was to
' be minutely examined, remembred, and warmly refented, we apprehend few
' would elcaps Cenfure, however exalted their Stanon may be —What may have
' paffed between his Excellency and two Members of this Houfe, they have little
< Concern about ; but this they cannot Ijielp faying, that the Manner in which liis
« Excellency introduced it to this Houfe, ought to make them, whoever they be,
' cautious in what they (hall hereafter fay to his Excellency on Matters relative to
' the Houfe. This Houfe juftifies their Condudl, in not menrioning what palled

* between his Excellency and them to this Houfe; it was highly improper for them
' to report what his Excellency intended, as his Excellency might from different
' Circumftances change his Opinion, and the Houfe could not without Irregularity

* take Notice of any Thing fent through fuch a Channel. His Excellency clofes this
' Part of his Meffage, v/ith a Declaration of fame Paufe after his Speech, by which
' he intended, that if the Houfe defired it, they might have had an Cpportunity to
' Anfwer."-Of what Duration a Paufe is fuffitient with his Excellency to make a
' Reply, this Houfe cannot take upon them to fay; but that made by his Excel-

Online LibraryNew Jersey. Legislature. General AssemblyThe Votes and proceedings of the General Assembly of the Province of New-Jersey. 1761-68. 20th Assembly. → online text (page 37 of 48)