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The Votes and proceedings of the General Assembly of the Province of New-Jersey. 1761-68. 20th Assembly. online

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cntrufted, to the Speaker in Council.

Mr. J. Lawrence reported, that Mr. Borden and himfelf, delivered the Meflage of the
Houfe with them cntrufted, to his Excellency.

The Houfe adjourn'd till Two, P. M.

The Houfe met.
Mr. J. Lawrence had Leave to be abfent on urgent Bufinefs.

The Houfe adjourn'd till To-morrow Morning Nine o'Clock.

Saturday, December 12, 1761.

The Houfe met.

Mr. Stevens, from the Committee appointed laft Spring Sefllon-to fettle the Accounts
of Colonel John Johnjion, deceafed, and Stephen Crane, made the following Report on
faid Colonel John Johnfton'% Accounts. To which the Houfe agreed.


( 20 ^
.Dr. . : The Province of New-Jerfey, General Acccounts

175$. To Sundries for the Provincial Regiment, as /^T Account of Particulars. - {,. 13176-11-4.

To the Coft of 500 Arms in 1756, as ^tt Mofes^r auks' % Account, - - - 1380-15-S

To Cafti paid for quartering Soldiers, ^^r Accounts, - ... 774-01-0

To the Coft of 1000' Arms, per Afo/f/ Fran;^/s Account, - ' - - - 7tt55-j6-f

To fundry OmifTions in the Frontier Accounts for building Block-Houfes,
as per Memorandum Book,

Paid Capt. i?!i/I'o, to pay Men working at one of the Block-Houfes, ^. lo-io-o

Paid jExpencc down, -

Province Money ftoten out of the Cheft at the Head Quarters,

To Omiffion in Major Hunt'% Mufter-Roll,

To Commiflions on {,. 13,176-12-4,31 U\o per Cent.

To Store-Hire for Col. Hale'% Regiment ; the 2000 Stands of Arms,
and for the Province Commiflioncrs, at fundry Times, -






£. »»,6g6.i8-5




£.■ 2»,686-iS-5

" tyr-iaMft* <^ - i-'*j.-.c^»

Mr. Stevens., from faid Comjmittee, alfo reported, that Mr. Stephen Crane had been
noticed to attend and fettle his Accounts, but hath hitherto neglefted.
. Order edy

That faid Stephen Crane, and alfo Jofeph Hollinjhead and Jofeph 2'ard, Efqrs, and all
other Perfons appointed for laying out the publick Money, who have not fettled the
farttCjlay their Accounts before the Houfe on the firft or fecond Day oi' next Sitting of

Mr. R. Lawrence, from a Committee appointed laft Spring Sefficn, made the
foiiowing Keport. Xo which the Houfe agreed.

Dr. Thp^^sijE^t9n, to the Province cf New-Jerfeyj . Cr.

To Ballance of -Accounts, fettled
by Report of Committee, o*
3d December, 1760. £. 0-23-16-3

Ballance due to Thomas
Ealsii, - - £• 0-12-0

By Commiflions on /. 566-4-0 Soldiers Pay, paid by

the CommilTioners Taylor and Harrijoit, in 1757,

which the former Committee for fettling Thomas

Salon's Account would not allow ; but it appear-
ing that the Conimifnonersaforel'aid,chaigeci but

two per Cent. iiXd Thomas Eaten is to be allowed

three per Cent, thereon, which is, - - ■ £. 16 I9-0

By .Commiflions on /. j7i-i6-o, expended by faid

Eaton, for Articlet which fliould hav» been fupplied

by the Commiflicners, for which faid Eaton muft

be allowed iwoper Cent, which is, - - - 7-09-0

£. 24-oS-o I £. ■24-og-o

The Committee appointed in March fc^, Ur fettling the puhlicl Accounts, ha'vini; in Confcquence cf a Kote ci tie fool of
John Tz.^\ox's Accounts ivitb the Prcnjince^ fettled mVl^iXth lafi nfoitfaid,re-exa'nincit the Accoutils 0/ Thomas
Eaton, do find the Sum of I. 371-16-0, thertm mentioned, or the greatcfi Fart oj it, to hale been paid in Confcquence
of a Refol'ue of this Houfe, at their Seffions at Elizabeth-Town, in Auguft, 1757. That the Accounts of ]ohn
Taylor aW Thomas Eaton, releni've to Jaid Sum,betve been juflfy fettled : And dojtirther find, that the Proiincial
Account ivifh faid Thomas Eaton, tofiand as ahoie.

December 12, 1761. Bv Order of the Committee,
JOHN 6 (; D E N,


■( 2> )

with Colonel John Johnfton, O.

By Cafli of Mr. i/»Wn/5*<a^, to pay for making of Breeches for the Soldiers. - £, i|.oo-o

By Cafli of Andrruj Jobnfton, Efq; Treifurer, - £. 189+1-15-0

Ditto of Samuel Smith, Efq; Treaftlrer, - - - J400 O"""


£• »i36o-i5-o
Ballance dut to Colonel Johnfton, - - - . - - 326-03-5

PncUimation, £. 21686 18-5

December 12, 1761. We ivhefe Names are hereunto fiAf&ibed, harve inj^taed the Fmuheri to the abwe Account),
and find a Ballance o/Three Hundred and Twenty-fix Pounds Three Shillings and Five Pence, Prtdanuuion
Money, due to the Eftate of Colonel John Johnfton.

J O H N 8 T E V E N- S.



fie folloivin^ Articles are not chargedin Col. Johnfton'j Accounts, but areUft to be inquired into, and ifjoumlrkht, ari
to be paid to his Reprefentati've, by the Province ofHim-lnky. As Witnets our Hands this i»th DaV of
December, 1761.

A Receipt from Col. Oliver De Lancey, for 444 Pieces of t, 'for appprehending in Defertert,
An Article for making Soldiers Cloathi, ~ . £, 63-7-4


Mr. Wetherilh from the Committee appointed to lettk Colonel Schuyler'^ Accounts,
reported, that the faid Accounts and Vouchers never came to their Knowledge till this
Morning, and it being expeded the Houfe will rife this Day, find it impradicabie to
fettle the fame this Seflion.

That the Settlement of faid Accounts* be referred to faid Committee, or any three
of them, to fettle- during the Vacation ; and that they make their Report next Sittino-
of AfTembly. • • • *=

, It appearing to this Houfe, that tbomas Eatou, Commiflary and Paymafter of the
Jerfey Regiment in the Year i j^y, having perform'd the Duty df CdmmifTary and Pay-
mailer to faid Regiment, and accounted for all Monies by him received, agreeable t«

That Mr. Speaker do write to the Secretary, informing him thereof, and order that
he cancel and deliver up faid Ihomas Eaton's Bond, giveh for the faithful Difcharo-e of
his Office. ' °

The Houfe adjourn'd till Two, P. Af.

The Houfe met.

A Meflage from the Council, by Mr. Read, acquainting the Houfe, that the Council
have pafTed the Bill, entitled. An A61 to continue the Support of Government, &c. The
Bill, entided. An Aft to enable the Owners and Pojfejfort of three feveral Tra£ls of Tide
Meadow and Marfh, adjoining on Cohanfey Creek, 6ff. The Bill, entided. An Aft to
impower the Church-War dem and Veflry-Men' of Sx..^QttT's Church, in the City of Vtrtii-
Amboy, te raife by Lottery, ^c. And the Bill, entitled. An hSi for paying fundry incidental

E • - Mr.

a ^2 )

Mr. Leamim, from the Committee appointed to joirt a Committee of the Council, to
infuedl and fettle the Eaftern Treafurer's Accounts ; reported, that faid Committees had
inftiefted and fettled the Time, and that he was ordered by faid Committees to make the
followinc. Report therein to the Houfe of Aflembly. To which Report the Houfe



r/pe Honourable Andrew Johnfton, Efqi 'F.reafurer «/ the

Old Deficiencies.

To the old Deficiencies outftanding in Middle/ex, as per Report

in No'X'emher, 1760. - - - - "

To .mother Arreai' in Mi</(//f/i'jf, as/>f»Ditt6.

To Arrears in thelntereft as />«>• the fame Report. "vix.

Bergen, - . .

Efex, . - -

Middlefex, - t

To a Deficiency' in 5owf)/^V, as/iw Ditto. . - .

£• i8-i8-si



- 131-03-10'

g. 1 77.07-03 1


'The Honourable Andrew Johnfton, Eff, Treafurer^

Support df Government.

To the Ballance reported in Aoi^^nAfr, 1760.
To the Taxes payable on the Support Aft, November 21, 1759.
From Middlefex,

Monmouth, . . .

EJfex, - -

Somerfet, ...

Bergen, ...

To Ballance due to the^Treafuref Airried to War Funds.

107-14 o

;£. 2074..oo-o6|


£• 3865-00-03I

M ^ I ■ rf II


The Honourable Andrev/ Johnftbn, £/^; Treafurer of the

*759- J""^ *9-
OQoher 23.





•July I:


By Ballance brought from Report in No-vember, 1760.

To Cafli received at Timejftom the Signers of th« laft Emifiion of
/. 50,000. - - -

To Cafli returned by John Hoghhnd, MufterrMafter.

To General Anihaji'% Warrant for the Amount of an Account of ^d: per
D.iy, in lieu of Provifions to the 5"''yc>' Regiment, from their Inlift-
jnciit to their receiving the King's Provifion, /. 710-15-0 Sterling,
which at the Exchange of 4/8 per Dollar, is 1. 1218-8-7 Tori Currency,
pr -' - - - - - . - -

To Cadi returned by Jacob Dchart, one of the Commiilioners in 1755.

To Cafli received of the Signers of the /. 45,000. - - .

To Ditto returned by Samuel Sarjeant, :inA AnJreiu Smyth.

To Ditto by Henry Fiflier, Ballance reported in November, 1760.

To Ditto of Mr. Nivill, a Signer of the /. 15,000. - -

To Ditto of Col. Schiyler, being the Amount of the 4d. per Day, in Lieu
sfProvifions to the Provincial Regiment for the Campaign in J760,
after deducting I- 67-18 9 Sterling, paid by Col. Robert/on, to the
Direflor of the Hofpitpl, /. 628-14-11 Sterling, which at the Exchange
of 4yS /^r Dollar, makes /. 1077 17-11 T'or* Currency ; in Proclama-
tion, r-. ■- - ...

By Colonel Skuyhr'% Letter the Officers are included, and are to be paid
from thi» Sum.


the Forces.

'■ i5+3-'4o8









£. 65,203-09-4.

( ^3 )

Eajkrn Divifion^to the Colony of New- Jerky, per Contray Cr.

By feveial old Deficiencies mentioned on the Debtor Side, which are fully
explained in the Report of A'ewOT^f/*, J 760 J amounting to - - -» - )£• 177-7-3?

per Qontra, * Cr.

By fundry Vouchers examined, allowed and endorfed by the Committees, the

ith of Decemier, 1 761, from Morri 20th, 1759, to November 23, lyit. ■■ - • £■ 3*65-^3^

By Order of the Committees^


Eafiern Bivifion of New-Jerfey, Cr.

By Ballance brought from th« Account of Support of Government. - - jC* ss^-io-ii^

By a Deficiency of one Sheet in the Article of/. 24,999-18-0, which is ... 15-12-00

By fundry Vouchers allowed and endorfed by the«Coramittees, December 8, 1761,

froraMarr* 14, 1759, to 0(Soi«-25, 1760. - - - - - 36,861-08-02

By fundry other Vouchers from November zi, 1760, to OSober 30, 1 761, allowed

and endorfed by the Committees, Z)««w4«- 8, 1761. - - - 16,094-03-n

Ballancedue. - - - - - 11,873.14,03!

. £■ 65,203-09-04

By Order of the Committees^




( M )

The Honourable Andrew Johnfton, Efq; Treasurer of the

To a Deficiency in the Principal Monejr of the /., and /. 4.0,000, Loan Office
Emiflions^ at fer Report the iift June, I754, then outftanding in Mormtuih.

To an Overplus of /. i-it-03 J^ which the Loan Officers of Monmouth cancelled too
much, and which we advife that the Loan Office of Effex, ftiould repaj; to Mon-
mouth, and cancel fo much lefs in their Deficiency of /. 41-16-0, mentioned on
the Credit Side of this Account! - - - - -

To a Deficiency in the Principal Money of the /. 20,000, and /. 40,000 Loan Office
Einiffion»,as/frReport theiiftof7«w,x754. JnJ^TwCounty.

Loan Offici

£. 46207-11

The faid Treafurer alfo laid before the Committees, one Bundle of ragged and torn
Bills, No. I. cancelled by the JuKces and Freeholders of Middlefex, May 8,
175 1, containing, . - - . -

One other Bundle of like Bills, No. ». cancelled as above, May u, 1757, containing.

£. »o6-oi-oS

£. s6«-i5-o*

Which two Bundles wererburned by the Committee*.



The Honourable Andrew Johnfton, £/^; Treafurer of the

To a Tax payable from the feveral Eaftern Counties,

, Middlefex, on the firft Sinking Fund.

Monmouth, Ditto. . . -

EJfex, Ditto. . . -

Somerfet, Ditto. - -

Bergen Ditto. . . -

To Ditto payable aift of November, 1755.

Ditto, i^& November, 1756.

To the Tax payable the 2ift No'vember, 1757, «j«.

Middlefex, on the firft Sinking Fund.
Ditto, ift /. 15,000.

Monmouih, on the firft Sinking Fund.

Ditto, ift /. 15,000. - ...

Efex, on the firft Sinking Fund.
Ditto, ift /. 15,000. ...

Somerfet, on the firft Sinking Fund.
Ditto, ift /. 15,000. - - -

Bergen, on the firft Sinking Fund.
Ditto, ift /. 15,000.

To the Tax payable the tift November, 17 58, viz.
MiddlfjeX, on the firft Sinking Fund.
Ditto, ift /. 15,000. - . -

Ditto, 2d 7.15,000. . . - .

Menmourh, on the firft Sinking Fund. -
Ditto, ift /. 15,000. -

Ditto, id Ditto. ...

EJex, on the firft Sinking Fund. - _ -

Ditto, ift / 15,000.
Ditto, «d Ditto. . . -

Somerfet, on the firft Sinking Fund.
Ditto, ift 15,000.
Ditto, zd Ditto,

the »ift of November, 1754, t/iz.
I. 138-13-10;!
119-0% 03i

On Account of the

I. 138-13-iOi


/. 200-14-oif

/. 119-02-03A

/. 171-04-03

/. lOO-lg-OI

/. i38-i3~ioi


/. 200-14-01 i


/. U9-02-03J

/. 171-04-03

- /. 591.I7-05I


- 508-07-11 i




- 1515-00-ioi

- 89r-iJ-075

£. 730-ii-07i


- 1287-15-01

£. 474S-'o-07i

£. 5309-i8-o6'

Brought over.

( ^5 ) .

Eajiern Dhifion, to the Colony o/" New- Jerfey, CVV


By one Bundle of Bills cancelled by the Juftices and Freeholders o€ Monmouti,'
the 31ft of Augul}, 1751, delivered to Mr. JobnJIon, July 25, 1754, faiJ jo'
contain (and which thefe Committees burned) - - -

By one Bundle of Loan Office Money, cancelled by the Juftices and Freehol-
ders of JS^x, faid to contain /. 66-07-06, delivered to Mi. Johnfton, March
1759; which thefe Committees burned. - .

By Part of the Deficiency in the Loan Office Principal, ftiil outftanding in
Effex. - - • ■ -

John Ogden, E/q; a Ltan Officer of Effex, being prefint,t<ys, he can produce Accounts to prove that the Quotas e^ElTex
arefSfy canceue^ therefore the Committees recommend, that the faid Account be re-examined at fome future Sitting.

By Order of the Committe«s,

I-. M. A S H F I E L D.


£• 3S3-o*-i



• *'


£. 46Z-07-11


Eaftem Divifion of New-Jerfey, Cr.

Siiiihig Funds.

Mr fioadry Parcds rf Bills laid before the Juftices and Freeholders, and cancelled
Dy them, -vix.

1755 - J Bundle - No. !.'-£• «S2-03'-oo
3jifi - J Ditto, - ». - - 5S6-00-00

»757 - 1 Ktto^ * 3- - " 846-17-06

£. 1615-00-06

Brought over.


tfr. the Homurahle Andrew Johnfton, EJq^; Treafurer of the

On Aicount of the

Brought over. -.......-. - ^. 4745.xo-07-^ - £. 5309-18-061

£fr^£», on the firfl; Sinking Fund. - - ^. 100-18-ot

Ditto, on ift/. 15,000. - - 329-09-115

Ditto, 2d pitto. - - - 329-09-115-

- (,- 7S9-i7-Jii


To theTax paj'able 2ift Wjiw^/aifr, 1759, in the fame

Proportions. -•- - .-■- ... . . 5SO5-08-06I

To Cafli from Daniel Smith, and William Cook, by the

Hands of John Stc-uens and John Johnfion, omitted. - - - - - i340-«o-o»

To the Tax payable 2i(t November, 1760, "viz.
MiMefex County.
Payment of fidl Sinking Fund. - - ;£. 138-13-104.

.Third Pay.ment of id /. 15,000. - - 433-03-o6|

Quota of 3d /. 10,000. - - - 906-07-01-^

Monmouth. 4
P.^yment of firft Sinking Fund. - - 200-1401'=

Third Payment of 2d /. 15,000. - ' - ''S7-03-O4-J

Quota of 3d A 10,000. . . - 1314.-06-09

- /. 1478-04-07


Payment of firft Sinking Fund. -. - 119-02-03^

T-hird Payment of 2d /. 15,000. - ^ 389-05-08

Quota of 3d /. 10,000. - . . 77S-11-04

- 2172-04-03


Payment of firft Sinking Fund.- - - 171-04-03

Third Payment of 2d /. 15,000. - - 558-05-05

Quota of 3d /. io,00D. - ■ - - I'l 16-10-10


Payment of firft Sinking Fund. - - loo-iS-oi

Third Payment of 2d /, 15,000, . . 329-09- n-J

Quota of 3d /. 10,000. ... 65X-i9-io^



i«89-07-io ;

7872-1 fi-o6i
£. 25,^33-12-02!

. That Mr. Leanimg and Mr. Hart., do wait on tlie Council, and defire. to know,
whetlier they have ayy Bufineis before thepi ; if" not, inform them, that this Hcufe-pur-
pofes to apply to his Excellency to pafs the Bills before him, and difmifs the Houfe.

Mr, Learning reported, that Mr. Hart and himfelf, delivered the above MeiTage
to the Speaker in Council, who fay, they will inform the Houfe by a Meilenger of their
own.. '

A MciTage from the Council, by Mr. AJhfeld, informing the Houfe, that the Council
have. gone through the Bufinefj before them., ■ '

That Mr. Stevens and Mr. jf. Siiiyih, do wait on his Excellency, and defire him' to
give his AfTent to the Bills paflkl both Houfcs this SefTion, and diliiiifs the Houfe, as
they have no further Bufinefs before them.-

Mr. Stevens reported, that Mr. A. Smyth and himfelf, had waited upon his Excellency
,WitU the. the above Mefiage, who was pleafed to fay, the Houfe fhould hear from him
immediately. *■

• A


( ^



Eaftern Divifion df New-Jerfey,


Sinking Funds.

Brought oyer.
'7S8 -

1 Bundle Billi, - No. 4.
1 Ditto, - - 5.
1 Ditto, - - 6.
I Ditto, - - 7.

£. 4953-06-06

- 739»-05-03

Ballance due to the Province.






4382 02







£y Or^^r 0/ th Committees,


A Meflage from his Excellency, by the Deputy Clerk of the Council, requiring the
Attendance of the Houfe in the Council-Chamber immediately : Whereupon Mr.
Speaker left the Chair, and with the Houfe went to wait on his Excellency, who was
pleafed to give his AJTent to the following Bills, enabling the fame, viz.

1 . 4n A6t to continue the Support of Govei-nnient, till the 'Twenty-fir ft Day of May,
One Thoufand Seven Hundred and Sixty-three.

2. An A61' to amend and revive an A£i, entitled. An Aft for the Relief of poor
diftreffed Prifoners for Debt.

3. An A&: for paying fundry incidental Charges.

4. AnnA^ for building a Court-Houfe and Goal in the. County o/"Suflex-.

5. An A&. effeSiually to prevent Horfe-Racing and Gaming in the Province <j/Ncw-
Jerfey. '




6. 'An Act to impcSer the Church-V/drdens and Vejlry-Men of St. Peler'j Church, in
the City o/Ferth-7\mboy, to raife by Lottery a Sum of Money for repairing the Church,
Parfendge, Schccl-Hcufe and Ferry-Houfe, infaid City.

■ ■•]. An Aft to enable the-0'<i)}iers and Voffeffors of three federal TraSls of Tide Meadow
and Marfo, lying and adjoining en the North Side cf Cohanl'ey Creek, alias Casfarea River,
in the County o/CuniUerland, in the lownfhip o/.Hopev/ell, to keep out the Tide from over-
flotviiig the fame

His Excellency tlien made the following Speech to the Council and Houfe of

" Gentlemen of tbe Council, and Gentlemen of the General Affembly, .

T gives rhe great Pleafure, to fee the Bufinefs of this Sefiion carried
^ throudh with fo much Spirit and Difpatch. I will not at this Seafon
detain you any l(Jfiger from your domeftick Concerns, but do prorogue this
General Aflcmbly to the 20th Day of fanuary next, then to meet at
Burlington ; and they ^re accordingly prorogued."

J S I A H H A R D r.

Perth-Amboy, December jz, 17S1. .


Y Virtue of an Order of the Houfe, I do
appoint yames Parker^ of Woodbridge^ to
print thefe Votes.










General Affemblv


i Province oi N EW-J ERS EY.



?i ■

I" At a SESSION of General Aflembly held at Burlington-, began

March 3, 1762, and continued till the 10th Day of the lame Month.



Printed by James Parker, Printer to the King's Moft Excellent

Majefty, for the Povince.


-^^ '

v>.* 1

I ^^ mm mm .rM ^^ ^m I

I i^s Mm ^M ^s^ ^£i ^id I

F^/^^- (?/ //'^ Gejteral Ajemt/y.

BURLIN GTON, ^<'^«^/%, Mzrc/^ 3, 1762.

lURSUANT to his Excellency's feveral Prorogations of f lie General Aflinv' ly
t» this" Day, the Houie met.

■ That Mr. Samnel Smith and Mr. Stevens do w lit upon his Excellency, and
inform him, that a lu.iicienc Nmnber oi iVl^mbCFs to^ apua 3uaii=i"s ac met,
ana reaa^j to receive any T-iini^ he may "have to lay before theiii.

' Mr. Smith reported, that Mr. Stez-ens and iiimfelf waited upon his Excellency,'
wirh th? .4 -fi^eot^ tne Hould,* wl^.o was pleuicci to lay, niwouiU icnO lor the i^oulc
in a^ouc riaii an xioUr. 1

A Melfage fro.n ais EKcelibncy, by Mr. Secretary j

Mr. 'ipe'aker. His Excellency is in the Coundl-Chamber., and requires the Attendance of
th; Hoaje. .

Whereupon Mr. Speaker left the Chair, and with the Hou|e, waited on his Excel-.
ien-y ; an beni^ recur.wd, Mr. Spealcer reiijmed tue Chair, ana reported, that the
H J 1.": nVj -A'tKcu on us clxcehency, who was pleaied to make a Speech to the Council
ani General Afiembiy ; of which Mr. Speaker faid he had, to -prevent Miftakes,
obtained a Copy •, which being read, is in tne Words following, wz.

' Gentlemen cf the Council^ and Gentlemen of the General Ajfcmbly ;

' TTAVING His Majtfty's Ccmmardi fignified to rrc, by the Earl
. ' JTa of Egremont, to ufe my u'tmoft Endeavours and Influence, to induce
' yon to raife th.t fame Number of Men, which was required of you tor thq
' laft Csmpaign, to be formed into a Regiment, and to act m Nvn.h- America
' under the Orders of the Commander in Chief of His Mijeftv's Forces ; I have
' loft . no Time in calling you together, to recommend this Matter to your
' fcrious Confiderations. ' ' '

* His Majefty's good Difpolitions for reftoring the Public Tranquility, have
' been manifelted to all Emcpe; but through the Infmcciity arid Chicane of
' our inveterate Enemies, a Negociation, which it was hoped v.'ould have ended
' in a Peace, glorious and advantagousto the £r/V//?) Crown and Dominions is
' now broken off; and that Event, fo much tobedelired, fctms for th;- Prefent at
* aDillance. His Majefty therefore finds Himfcjfii.nder the NecefTity of mai^^jn?
' Ufe of the Means Divine Providence has put into His Hanps, to m^iin-
' tain and fupport the Dignity of His Crov^n, and to purfue fuch vigorous
' Meafures, in the Profecution o^ the War, as may be productive of thofe
' BlelFings to His People, which His Majefly has fo much at Heart.

« In


' In order to accomplish the great Defigns that are to be put in Execution,

' this Year, it is effential to provide for the Safety of His Majefty's Domi-
'' nlons, as liicevvife of thofc acquired 'by Conqueft m North- America ; His
' M.ijefty has therefore thought it proper, to require the Affiftance of His
' feveral Provinces, for this important Service : I cannot think it neceflary to

* ufc any Arguments, . to animate your Zeal on this Occafion, as I am per-
' fuaded your Duty to the-Befl: of Kings, and the Regard you owe to yourfclves,
' in the Prgfervatjon of your prefent, as well as future Security, will be fuffi-
' cient Incitements, to Influence you to an immediate Compliance with His
' Mijefty's Commands..

' Gentlemen of the General /Ijfembly -,

'.I have ordered the Earl of Egremonf's Letters to be laid before you,

* which I hope you will confider with due Attention : You will therein fee
' on v.'hat Conditions His Majefty expeds your Affiftance ; and that ftrong

* Recommendations will be made to Parliament, to grant a proper Compen-

* fation for fuch Expences incurred by the refpedlivc Provinces, according as
' their adive Vigour and firenuous Efforts fhall juftly appear to merit: You will

* likewife ohferve, in* one of the Letters from the Secretary of State, that I •
' have His Mnj.efty's Commands, to l^y before yOu, the abfolute Ncceffity

' there is, at this critical Time, of recruiting the regular Regiments, wjth all

* convenient Expedition, in the feveral Provinces, in fuch Proportions Irom
' each, as {hall he demanded by his Commander in Chief 'of his Forces. I

* have received two Letters from Sir 'jefftry Amherfl, which fliall be com-

* municated to vcu :■ He therein fo clearly explains every Circumftanct relative
' to this Meafurc, that it muft be needlefs for me to add any Thing more on

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