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New-Jerfey, aiid Territories thereon depending tn Ameriea, Chancellor and
Fice-jidinital in the fame, &c.

. 'May it pleafc your Excellency,

TJ/fi- his Mitjefiys dutiful and loyal Subje5ls, the Reprefenfatives of the Province
^ of Ncw-Jerfey, rccolleSiing ivith Gratitude the Favours received, through
his Majeftys paternal Care over us, have now 'without Lofs of lime, gone into the
M'afures propofed, for affiliing the Common Caufe, fo far as to agree upon the
raifmg a Provincial Regiment of Six Huftdred and Sixty-Six effeSiive Men : After
former Exertions of this oort, we are fenfble the Diff.iulties cj raifng them ivill be
great ^butf-cm your Excellency's Abilities in the Service, ive are in Hopes they uill be
eompleated, that the Honour of the Go'cernment, in realizing the ExpeSIatiom they
give, may fuffer no Dimunition, and his Majefys'Service no Injury.

We have already informed your Excellency by Meffage, that it is <with great
ReluStance, lee find our prefent peculiar Circumfance, refpeBing the Scarcity of
Men, to lay us under the Necejfity of not coming into the Requifticn jcr recruiting
the Regular Forces ; and as we cannot go into both the Meafures propofed, we have
ecmplied u^ith the mofi important ; that ihe Province und(r fuch Difccuragements,
is not able to go farther than raifmg the Provincial Regiment, ive hope the Reafcns
ive have bf fere given will evince ; and that cur Necefjitiesivill fiotftiijeSl us to any
Lofs of Reputation, in a Caufe, which thrcughciit the preceeding Campaigns, bath
becn.purfuedby this Province with invariable Zeal and Solicitude.

By Order of the Houfe,
Houfe of Afl-embiy, Manb .», z^6^. S AM UEL NE VILL, Speaker.

To which his Excellency was pleafed to make the following Anfwer ; whereby he
prorogued the Houfe.

" Gentlemen of the General Affembly y

*' T Thank you for this Addrcfs, and for what you have done in Confequchcc
" J[ of His Majcfty's Requilition for the Provincial Regiment : I fhall do every
" Thing in my Power to forward the raifing the Men for this Service : I will
*'• not detain vou any longer at this Seafori from your own Concerns ; but pro-
" rogue this General Aflembly to Tuejday the 6th Day of April, next, then to
" meet at Amhcy ; and they are prorogued accordingly."

Burlington, March lO, i/ei. fOSIAH HARDY".


JDT Virtue of an Order of the Hcufe, I do appoint James Parker, ef Woodbridgc,
to print theft Votes.






General Aflembly


Province of NEW. JERSEY.

At a SESSION of General Assembly held at Perth-
Jmboy ; began ^pril 26, 1762, and continued till the 28th
. Day, of the fame Month.


WooDBRiDGE, in N E W - J E R S E Y ':

Printed by James Parker,. Printer to the King's Moft
Excellent Majefty, for the Province,




f # ® ^®^ ®.# ®<§» @ # f
f ^^ m ^p ^^ @;^ ^# ^-^ ^# @© ## ©•:§> f
I ^ (&^ ® ^# ® ^ -^^ ?§> I

K^/^^ t?/ //^^ General Ajfembly.

PERTH-AMBOY, M?;/%, 45r// 26, 1762.

PURSUANT to his Excellency's feveral Prorogations of the General Aflembly
to this Day, tke Houfe met, and adjourned till To-morrow Morning Nine

^uejday, April 27, 1762..

The Houfe met.
That Mr. Stevens and Mr. Robert Ogdeii, ^o wait on his- Exxfllency, and inform
him, that a . fuiHcient Number of Members to proceed upon Bufinefs are met, and
ready to receive any Thing he may have to lay before them.

Mr. Stevens reported, that Mr. Ogden and hirflelf performed the above Order of
the Houie, and that his Excellency was pleafcd to fay, the Houfe fhould hear from
him in about Half an Hour..

A Meffage from his Exce'.lsncy, by Mr. Secretary ;

Mr. Speaker, His Excellency is in the Council-Chami?erj and requires the Attendance of
the Houfe.

Whereupon Mr. Speaker left the Chair, and with the Houfe, waited on his Excel-
lency ; and being returned, Mr. Speaker refumed the Chair, and reported, that the
Houfe hadwaited on his Excellency, who was pleafed to make a Speech to the Council
and Houfe of Afiembly ; of which Mr. Speaker faid, he had, to prevent Miftakes,
obtained a Copy, which together with the Letter therein referred to, being read, is in
the Words lollowing, viz.

' Gentlemen of the Council, and Gentlemen of the General AJfemblj •

* "VT'O U R being called together lb foon after your late Seflions, is occafioncd

* JL by a Letter I have received froip Sir Jeffery Ambcrll, wherein he re-
' quefts me, once more to rcprefcnt to you the Neceffity of complying with
' His Majefty's Requifitipn for your Quota of Men, for filling up the Regular
' Troops : This Meafure, from our being engaged in a War with Spain, becomes
' more neccflary that ever, and if not complied with, muft be attended with
' very bad Confequences, more efpecially at this Critical Jundlurc, when your

* Duty to His Majefty calls for the utmoft Exertion of your Power, not only foj

' fupporting the Honour and Dignity " of His Crown, but to render incfFedual .^^

' the perfidious Defigns of our Enemies ; whofe \'iews evidently tend to the ""^

' Deftrudion of your Liberty, Property, and every Thing that ought to be

* dear 19 you.. I muft therefore, carneftly recommend your giving, this
' Matter aferious Confideration ; when I make no doubt, bnt it will appear to

* you in fuch a Li?ht, that your RftfoluLioriS thereon will be perfcdly confiftent
' with that Zeal for His Majefty's Service^ which has hitherto been manifcftei

* in this Province. Ir


. (4)

' It is with the grcateft Pleafure, that I congratulate you, on the Succefs
' of His Majefty's Arms, in the iptire Redudion of the Iflandof Martinique,
' and its Deocndencits ; a Ccnqueft of the more Importance, as it has been
' accomplifhed with the Lofs of fo few of our fellow Subjedls : We cannot be
' fufficiently thankful to Divine Providence, Vho has hitherto fo remarkably
' funported the Jufhice of our Caufe ; let us hope He will continue hie '
' Blcffing on our future Endeavours ; and that he will in his oWn good Time
' difpofe our Enemies to accept fuch juftand reafonable Terms of Peace, as

* may be confiftent with the Safety of all His Majefty's Domiaions.

' Gentlemen of the Gentral Jffembly.

' I HAVE thq *Satisfa<5liGn to acquaint you, that the Levies for the Provincial
■' Jlc^iment, are compleated ; but as the Service on which they are to be em-

* ployed, -will require another Field O'thcer ; I muft requeft you will provide
' the neceffary Pay on this Occafion : I have ordered Sir Jefery'Amkerjr^ Letter
' tobe laid before you > and as I now cannot fuppofc, you will make any D'ffi-
' culty of complying with the King's Requifiton, I fl:iall only recommend

* your being as expeditious as poffible, .in granting the proper Encouragement,
' for raifing the Number of Men demanded ; that His Majefty's Service may
' meet with no unncceflary Delay.

PERTH-AME0Y,.37/*y</>W/, 1762. Jv^olAli X1/xIvJLJY«

That his Excellency's Speech have a fecond Reading, in the Afternoon.

A Pefirion was prefcnted to the Houfe, from ChrifiLin Syberberg^ fetting forth, that-
he is by Education anci Frofefflon a Proieftant, but of Foreign Ba th j that he is very
d.-firous of becoming His Majefty's Liege Subjeft in this Colony j and prays Leave
to bring in a Bill for that Purpofc ; which was read, and ordered a fecond Rtading.

. *

The Houfe adjourn'd till Two o 'Clock, P. M.
The Houfe met.

Hl> Excellency's Speech, together with the Letter therein referred to, was read the
fecond Time, and committed to a Committee ot the whole Houfe.

The Houfe accordingly rcfolved itfelf into a Committee of the whole Houfe, on
his Excellency's Speech : And after fome Time fpent therein, Mr. Speaker refumcd
the Chair, and Mr. F//*^r, Chairman of the Committee, reported, that the Committee
had refolyed, that an humble Addrefs be prefented to his Excellency, in Anfwer to
his Speech. To which the Houfe agreed. Mr. Fifiier-, further reported, that the
Committee had agreed upon a Bill, to advance His Majefty .the Su.m o^ £. 1602, to
' be repaid v/hen His Majefty thinks proper -, which Bill, he accordingly reported ; and
the fiine was read ; and on the Qu;flion agreed to, and ordered to be cngrofled.


Mr. Ste-vens, Mr. yangefin, Mr. WelberUl,

Mx. R. OgiUn, Mr. Dey, Mr. Hclmei,

Mr. J. Oeden, Mr. Borden, Mr. R. Laivrencei

Mr. Fijher, Mr. Reading, ■ Mr. Dcughy,

Mr. Hogbland, Mr. Hart. Mr. CUmcnt.

Two Members in the Houfe, were excufed from Voting.


(5 )

That it is the Opinion of the Houie, that this re(pe£tive Treafurers fliould, on the
fecond JVednefday of nexC Month, (or as foon afterwards, as they can get the refpedive
Juftices and Freeholders of Burlington and Middlefex together) fink fo much of His
Majefty's Allowance, out of the Parliamentary Donation, as will prevent the feveral
Sinking Fund Taxes, payable the 2 1 ft of iVo-y^w^^r next, if they can provide fufficient
Bills ot Credit of this Province, for that Purpoie.

Refolved., Nemine Contrtfdicente,
That the Houfe will not do any other Bufinels at this Sitting, than what Is nov/ before
the Houfe.

That ail former Orders of the Houfe be continued.


That Mr. Samuel Smith, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Fijher, Mr, Borden, and Mr. Miller, be
a CoiriiTiittee, to prepare *a Draught of an Addrefs to his Eiceilency, in Anfwerio ais

The Petition of Cbriftian Syberber^, was read the fecond Time : And alfb a Petition
from Cbrijiopber HufoM, Haits Jacob Prettiker, Jacob Stucky, Henry Cook, Mti,.ad
Maps, Charles Martin Roan, Henry Diffidaffy, Henry Swink, Nicholas Philips, fhiup
Mark*, Leonard Fox, Cafpar Gritii, and John Rcufe, to the fame Purpofe.
. That they have Leave to bring in a Bill, purfuant to the Prayer of their Petitions.
"Wher-upon Mr. ^tevtns, on their Behalf, brought in a Bill, entitled, Jn Ad for
•naturalizing Chnllian Syberberg, ^c. which was read, and ordered a fecond Reading,

The engroflTed Bill, entided. An Ad diretting the Treafurers of this Colony, to pay the
Commander in Chief nf all his Majeflfs Forces in North-America, ihe Sum of One 1 hou-
fand Six Hundred and Two Pounds, for His Majefty's Service -, to be repaid when Hts
Majefty fhall think proper ; and for other Purfofes therein mentioned ^ was read and com-
pared : And on the Queftion j

That the faid Bill do pafs.

That Mr. John Ogden and Mr. Borden, do carry the laid Bill to the Council, for

The Bill, entitled. An Ad for naturalizing Chriftian Syberberg, i3c. was read th«
fecond Time, and committed to Mr. Fifher and Mr. Bey.

Ordered, ,

That Bizzard tVeeks, be appointed Door-Keeper to this Houfe. *

The Houfe adjourn'd till Nine o'Clock To-morrow Morning.

Wednefdaj, April 28, 1-762.

The Houfe met. . ^ •' ,

Mr. Samuel Smith, from the Committee appointed for that Purpofe, brought in a
Draught of an Addrefs to his Excellency -, which was twice read, agreed. to, and ordered
to be engrofled.

B Mr.

( 6 )

Mr. Fijher, from the Committee to whom was committed the Bill, entitled, ^n kSt
for naturalizing Chriftian Syberberg, and others ; reported the fame without any AmcnJ-
ment ; and the fame biing again read, was agreed to, and ordered to be engroflcd.

Mr. John Ogden reported, that Mr. Borden and himfelf delivered the Bill with thenx
cntrufted, to Mr. Read, one of the Gentlemen of the Council.

The engrofled Bill, entitled, An A61 for naturalizing Chriftian Syberberg, and
others, was read and compared : And on the Queftion j
That the fame do pals.

That Mr. Hart and Mr. John Lawrence, do carry the faid Bill to the Council, for

A Meflage from his Excellency, Jby Mr. Secretary ; in the Words following.

" Gaitktnen of the General AJfembly.

HAVING received His Majelly Royal Difallowancc of the Bill, entitled.
An Adl jcr otroiating Doubts refpe&ing the A5ls of Ajjembly pajjcd '.ajl
Sefjion ; and for confirming the Proceedings of the Courts of fujiice in tijis
Province, fnce tie Detnife of his late Mfefiy, and alfo of the Bill, entitled.
An Act Jcr the Relief of Francis Goelet : As it is a Matter of publick Con-
cern, I think it proper to acquaint you with it.

4fW/.8. .76.. JOSIAH HARDT.

'^ At the Court at St. Jambs^s, tlie Second Day of January, 1762.

P R E S E N T.
The KING'S Moft Excellent Majesty.

His Royal Highnefs the Duke of York, Earl of Hardwicke,

Arch-Bifhop of York, Earl of Thomond,

Lord Pfefidenr, Vifcount Falmouth,

Lord Privy Seal, Vifcount Barrington,

Lord Chamberain, Vifcount Ligonier,

Duke of Argyll, Bifhop of London,

M Duke of Newcaftle, Lord Berkeley pt Sciatton,

Lord Steward', Lord Bathurft,

Earl of Huntingdon, Lord Sandys,

Earl of Albemarle, . • Lord Anfon,

Earl of Cholmondely, Lord Mclcombe,

Earl of Kinnoul, Lord Grantham,

Earl of Bute, James Stewart Mackenzie, Elq;

EarlofPowis, . George Grenville, Eiq-,

Earl of Egremonf, Charles Townfliend, Elq;

" "W^HEREAS by Commiffion under the Great Seal of Gr^«/-jBrrV<i?V, the Governor,
" Council, and Aiiembly, of Hife Majcily's Province of Ne'iv-Jerfey, areautho-

" rife and impowered, to nxikc, conftitute, and ordain Laws, Statutes, and Ordi-
*' nances, for the publick Peace, Welfare and good Government of the faid Province,
" which Laws, Statutes and Ordinances, are to be, as near as conveniently may be,
" agreeable to the Laws and Statutes of this Kingdom, and to be tranfmitted for His
" Majefty's Royal Approbation or Difallowance. AND ■it'i'frftf; in Purluance of the
" faid Powers, two Ad:s have been pafled in the faid Province, in April, ij6i, and
•^ tranfmitted, entitled as follows, viz.

« ^ J*

( 7 )

« An A(5t for obviating Doubts refpeSiing the JBs of AffemUy faffed lajl Sejficn;
" and for confirming the Proceedings of the Courts of Jujlice in this Province^
' " ftnce the Dentife of his late Majefiy.

«• An Ad for the Relief tf Francis Goelet."
" Which Afts having been perufed and confidered by the Lords Commiflloncrs for
" Trade and f lantations, and by them prelcnted to his Majefty, at this Board, lor his
*' Royal Dilallowance ; His Majefty. was this Day pleafed, with the Advice of his Privy
*' Council, to declare his Difailowance of both the faid Afts ; and purfuant to His
" Majefty's Royal Pleafure thereupon exprefled, the faid Ads are hereby repealed,
*' declared void, and of none Effecl, whereof the Governor or Commander in Chieior
*' His Majefty's Province of New-Jerfey, for the fime being, and all others whom ic
«''may concern, are to take Notice, and govern themfelves accordingly."


That Mr. Hart and Mr. John Lawrence, do wait on his Excellency, and defire to
know, when his Excellency will be waited upon by the Houfe, with their Addreis.

The engrofled Addrefs to his Excellency, was read and compared.

Orde^ ed.
That Mr. Speaker -do fign the fame.

Mr. Hart reported, that Mr. J. Lawrence and himfelf delivered the Bill with theni
entruftcd, to the Speaker in Council.

Mr. J. Lawrence reported, that Mr. Hart and himfelf had waited on his Excellency
^ith the Mclfagc ; who was pleafed to fay, the Houle ftiould hear from him.

A Meflage from the Council, by Mr. Read, informing the Houle, that the Council
have pafica the Bill, entitled, An Ad dire£iing the treafurers of this Colony, &c. and
the Bill, entitled, An Mx. for naturalizing Chriftian Syber^^crg, and others -, wichout any

A Meflage from his Excellency, by Mr. Secretary j

Mr. Speaker^ his Excellency is in the Council-Chamber^ ready to receive the Addrefs of
the Houfe.

Whereupon, Mr. Speaker left the Chair, and with the Houfe waited on his Excel-
lency, with their Addrefs, in the Words toliowing, viz.

To His Excellency J O S I A H H A R D Y, %; Captain General and Com-
mander in Chief in and over His Majedy's Province of Nova-Cefarea, or
New-Jerfcy, and Territories thereon defending in America, Chancellor and
Vice-Admiral in the fame, &c.

The ADDRESS of the Representatives of the faid Province, in General

Affembly convened.

May it pleafc your Excellency,

7J7£ His Majefty s dutiful and loyal Subjects, the Reprefentatives of the
•^ Colony of New-Jerfey, in General yljjcmbly met, ejieem^ it a Happinefs,
that we have it in cur Power to promote His Majefiy s Service ; and have now
come up to the necejfary Requifition for that Purpofe : Atid are -well pleafed to
bear, that your Excellency's Endeavours have been attended with fucb remarkable
Si*ccefs, as to have already comj^leated our Regiment, Ihe


The frcjio In/Iance of Succefs attendhtg His Majejiy's Arms^ in the ReduSlion
ef Martinique, nviih fo Little lofs, calls Jor Gratitude to the Supreme Gii-er of
Vidlory ; and we are perjuaded, will have the beji EfeSl on His Majefy's future
. Meajuresfor the Refioration of a General Peace.

By Order of the Houfe,


After which his Excellency was plcafed to give his Afient to the two following Bills,
enadting the fame, viz.


1 . An Aft dir effing the Treafurers of this Colorty to fay the Conmander in Chief of aH
His Majejlfs Forces in North-America, the Sum of One 1 houfand Six Hundred and
Two Pounds, for his Afajejl/s Service ; to be repaid when His Majejly jhall tLnk
proper ; and for other Purpofes therein mentioned.

2. ^» Adt for naturalizing Chriflian Syberberg, tmd others.

And then his Excellency "was plealed to make the following Anfwcr to the Addrels
of the AJTembly j whereby he prorogued the Houfe.

' Gentlemen of the General Ajfemlly.

* ' I ^ H E Chearfulncfs and Unanimity with which you have gone through

* X th^ Bufinefs, which I, hy His Majefty's Cominand, recommended to
' you, cannot fail of placing you in- a very favourable Light with Kis Majefty
' and His Miniftcrs; and it is particularly agreeable to fnc. As the Scafon calls
' you to your feveral Homes, T heartily wilh you a good Journey; and do

* prorogue this General Aflembly, to meet at Burlington, on 'Jucfdaj the 25th
' Day oi May next : And they arc prorogued accordingly.*

J S I A H n A R D r.

PiKTH-AmBoV, iS/4 jfyril, ij6l.


Y Virtue of an Order of the Houfe, I do
appoint yames Parker^ of TFoodbridgey io
print thele Votes.

S A M U E L N E V I L L,



V o




\L S

P R O C F,






n T


yj 1

Province of

' 1 Jn li



At aSESSION of General Assembly, began at Bkrlington,
j September 14, 1762, and continued till the 25th of the lame
1! Month, and then prorogu'd to the 26th Day of OSiober next.

i Being the Sixth Scffion of the Twentieth Aflembly of New-Jerfey.



£1% ./:r^-•■,r'*'*^^^<^^^<^ O




Printed by James Parker, Printer to the King's Moft
Excellent Majefty, for the Province.

\ ':


Fous of the General AJfemhly:

BURLINGTON, rUESDAT, September 14, 1762.

URSUANT to His Excellency's levcral Prorogation! of the General Aflembly,'
to this Day, the Houfc met.

That Mr. Samuel Smith and Mr. Rohert Ogden, wait upon his Excellency, and acquaint
him, that a fufficient Number of the Members are, and ready to receive any Thing
he may plsafe to lay before them.

Mr. 5w;V/& reported, that Mf. Og-</f« and himfelf delirered the MefTage with them
intrufted, to his Excellency, who was pleafed to fay, the Houfc ihould hear from him
in Half .an Hour.

A Meflage from his Excellency by the Deputy Secretary ;

Mr. Speaker, his Excellency is in tht Council-Ck.mbery and requires the Attendance of
the Houfe,

"Whereupon Mr. Speaker left the Chair, and ^7i\'c.\ the Houfe waited on bi« Excellency 1
And being returned, Mr. Speaker refumed the Chair, and reported, that the Houfc
had waited on his Excellency, who was plealed to make a Speech to the Council and
Houfe of Affembly ; of which Mr. Speaker faid he had, to prevent Miilakes, obtained
a Copy ; which was read» and is at follows, i-ir:.

* Gentlemen of the Council, and Gentlemen of the General A[fembly;

* T HAVE called you together rather earlier tliaa I intended, to communicate
« JL to you, tlic CcntentJ of a Letter I havw received from his Excellency Sit

* J^ff^^y Amherji, dated the fourth of la^ Mon*,a, wherein he obfcrves, that

* the important Services on waich his Majcfty's Regular Forces are now em-

* ployed, and the Uncertainty of the Return, renders it abfolutely ncceffary^

* that Provifion fhould be made for Garrifoning the feveral Pofts on this

* Continent, during 'Ja^ Winter. This Provilion muft be made by the feveral
"* Colonies : And it is indeed the more ncceflary no«.-, as the greateft Part of the

* Troops that are returned into this Country, arc by hard Service and Sicknefs,

* very unfit for Duty ; and i: .iiuft be fome Time before they are recovered. I

* muft therefore, Gentlemen, earn oftly recommend your continuing in Pay

* one Company, coniiiling of a Captain, a Subaltern, and Sixty-four Men ;

* being the fame Number you provided for laft Year. I fhall not attempt to
■* make Ufe of any pcrfuafive Argum-ents, to convince you of the Neceflity of
■• this Meafure ; the Rcadincfs you have hitherto manifefted in aflifting the

* Common Caufe, gives me the ftrong^eft Aflurance of your Compliance with
! it.


■( 4 )

* It would have been a great Satisfadion to me, if I could have informed

* you, that the Provifion you made at your laft Scflions, for recruiting the Re-

* gular Corps, had been attended with better Succefs ; but I am forry to fay,

* very few Men have been raifed : I widi fome eftedtual Method could be

* fallen upon, and heartily entered into, in order to furnifli the Quota demanded

* of this Province. It is apparently more neccflary now, than when firfl de-

* manded, as the Regime nti on adtual Service muftbe thinned by the Chance

* of War, and Change of Climate, whe»e they arc employed ; and if they are

* not recruited, the future intended Operations for diftreffing the Enemy on this

* Continent, muft be not only retarded, but intirely obftrufted ; which will in
' the End, greatly prejudice his Majefty's Service, and turn out to \he future
' Difad vantage of the Colonies in general.

' It is with the higheil Joy and Satis fadion, that I congratulate j'ou on the

* Succefs of his Majefty's Arms, in the Redudtlon oi i\\& Havanna'j and its

* Dependencies ; and I have no fmall Plcafurc in acquainting you, that the

* Detachment of our Provincial Troops arrived therein Time to partake of the

* Honours reaped by this noble Conqucft ; and I am informed by a Lettci:
' from their commanding Officer, that he has not loll a fingle Man.

* Gentlemen of the Gcjieral j4jfe7nbly j

* As the Time limited for the Service of your Regiment, will very foon

* expire ; I hope you will be as expeditions as poffible, in making the proper

* Provifion for inlillingthe Men demanded for the Winter Duty : Ai:dl leave it

* to your Ccnhderation, what Allowance ihould be made for that Part of the

* Regiment, now on Duty at Niagara, as they are at a much greater Diftancc

* from Home than they were laft Year.

the Mtl' Scpiembir, 176*. J O O 1 XX XL X± XX JK. JlJ X m

That his Excellency's Speech, have a lecond Reading.

Mr. Richard Lawrence informed the Houfe, that James Holmes, Efq-, one of the
Members for the County of Monmouth, is deceafed.

That Mr. Speaker do iflue his Warrant to the Clerk of the Crown, to make out a
Writ, for the Eledion of a Rcprcfentative for the faid County of Monmouth, in the
Sttad and Place of the faid James Holmes, Efq;

The Houfe adjourn'd till To-morrow Morning, Nine o'Clock.

Wednefday, September 15, 1762.

The Houfe met.

His Excellency's Speech was read the fecond Time, and committed to a Committee
of the whole Houfe.

In Purfuance of the Leave formerly granted, Mr. Samuel Smith, in Behalf of
Michael Branin, brought in a Bill, entitled. An Aft to enable Michael Branin, to ere£l
a Mill on the South-Branch of Ancocas Creek, in thi County of Burlington j which
was read, and ordered a fecond Reading.


( 5 )

Five Petitions were prea'cnted to the Houfe, and read, from feveral Prifoners for
Deb'tj in the Goals of Morris, MiUftone, and Hackinfack ; fetting forth their feveral
dillrelfed Circumlunces ; and praying tor an Infolvent Ad:.

That the faid Petitions have a fecond Reading.

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