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pay the same from any funds in its control. No sale or mortgage
of the real estate shall be made, except by authority of the Cham-
ber by resolution adopted at a regular meeting or special meeting
called for that purpose. All conveyances, mortgages, leases or
contracts of, or affecting the real estate of the Chamber, shall be
authorized by said Board and the President, or a majority thereof,
and shall, when so authorized, be executed under the seal of the
Corporation, attested by the signatures of the President and Sec-
retary of the Chamber.

The Hall shall be used exclusively for meetings of the Chamber,
unless consent for other temporary use be given by a two-thirds
vote of the Board of Trustees of the Real Estate and the Presi
dent of the Chamber at a regular meeting or special meeting
called for that purpose.

The Board shall annually, and from time to time as it deems
wise, make reports to the Chamber.

The Board is authorized and empowered in the name of the
Chamber to execute, issue and deliver certificates of indebtedness
for subscriptions to the building fund received under letter of
the Building Committee of ^lay 7th, 1891, or under any other plan
for providing funds to erect a building for the use of the Cham-
ber, which certificates shall be of such form and contain siicl
provisions as the Board may from time to time prescribe.

The Board is authorized and empowered to receive from the
Treasurer of the Chamber all .c^ifts and bequests of money or se-
curities given to the Chamber in trust in the way of endowment or
otherwise, for any object connected with the operations of the

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By-Lazvs of the Chamber of Commerce — 1919 27

Chamber, except the Charity Fund, and to invest, control, manage
and disburse the same as provided by the donors thereof.

Duties of Oificers. — The President shall preside at the meetings
of the Board of Trustees when present, and shall perform the
usual duties of that office. The Secretary shall keep true and care-
ful minutes of the meetings, and perform such other duties as shall
be assigned to him by the Board, the Treasurer shall be the cus-
todian of all funds under control of the Board, shall collect and
receive all money arising from rents or otherwise, make such
disbursements and payments as the Board shall direct, and keep
accurate books of account therefor. All cheques against said
funds shall be signed by the Treasurer and President (or, in his
absence, the senior member of the Board,) and appropriate vouch-
ers shall be taken for all disbursements. The Treasurer shall,
under the direction of the Board, be the general manager of the
real estate.


The Standing Committees of the Chamber shall be

An Executive Committee, which shall consist of a Chairman to
be elected by the Chamber at the regular Annual Meeting in May
of each year, the Chairman of the Committee on Finance and
Currency, the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Commerce
and the Revenue Laws, the Chairman of the Committee on In-
ternal Trade and Improvements, the Chairman of the Committee
on the Harbor and Shipping, the Chairman of the Committee on
Insurance, the Chairman of the Committee on State and Municipal
Taxation, the Chairman of the Committee on Arbitration, the
Chairman of the Committee on Commercial Education, the Presi-
dent of the Chamber, the senior Vice-President, the Treasurer and
the Ex- Presidents of the Chamber.

A Committee on Finance and Currency.

A Committee on Foreign Commerce and the Revenue Laws.

A Committee on Internal Trade and Improvements.

A Committee on the Harbor and Shipping.

A Committee on Insurance.

A Committee on State and [Municipal Taxation.

A Committee on the Charity Fund of the Chamber of Commerce.

A Committee on Arbitration.

A Committee on Commercial Education.

Each of these Standing Committees, except the Executive Com-
mittee and the Committee on the Charity Fund of the Chamber of
Commerce, shall consist of a Chairman and six members, who
shall he elected at the regular annual May meeting. The Chair-
man shall continue in office during the pleasure of the Chamber.

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28 Sixty-First A miml Report— Part III

The members shall be elected for a term of three years, except at
the election held in 1902, when six members shall be elected, two
for a term of one year, two for a term of two years, and two for
a term of three years. No member of a Standing Committee,
except the Executive Committee, shall be eligible for re-election
to the same Committee until one year from the expiration of his
term. \'acancies occurring in any Committee may be filled at any
regular meeting of the Chamber.

Three members of any Committee shall constitute a quorum
for the transaction of business.


Of the Executive Committee. — The Executive Committee shall,
under the direction of the Chamber, have a general control of the
property and affairs of the Chamber. It shall act as an advisory
committee to the Secretary, and direct the preparation of the
Annual Report of the Chamber. It shall audit all bills and claims
against the Corporation and direct their payment, if approved,
except bills for salaries and rent, which shall be approved by the
President, and paid upon his order, or that of one of the Vice-
Presidents, in his absence, and except all bills affecting the real
estate or funds under control of the Board of Trustees. It shall
fix the amount of all salaries and compensation for service. The
Executive Committee shall submit at the regidar meeting preced-
ing the annual election the names of seven members for appoint-
ment by the Chamber to nominate Officers and Standing Com-
mittees for election to serve for the ensuing year. It shall have
power to accept resignations and remit fees as hereinbefore
provided by Article V.

Upon the complaint by any member charging dishonorable con-
duct or dealings on the part of any other member, it may, in its
discretion, report the complaint to the Chamber, with recommenda-
tion to expel the offending member, but not otherwise; always
provided that it give to the member complained of an opportunity
for a hearing, either in person or by proxy, before making such

Of the Committee on the Charity Fund. — This Committee shall
take charge of the moneys and securities received from Mrs. John
C. Green, and from any other source, for benevolent purposes,
and invest and re-invest the same from time to time, and shall
have power to make distribution of the income thereof among
those intended to be benefited. The Committee shall have power
to fill any vacancies that may occur in their number by death,
rc^io^nation or otherwise.

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By-Laws of the Chamber of Commerce — ipip 39

Of the Committee on Arbitration,— This Committee shall have
complete supervision of all matters of arbitration referred to the
Chamber and shall make rules and regulations for the conduct and
disposition of all matters submitted in arbitration ; it shall provide
a form of agreement not inconsistent with existing provisions of
law by which, so far as practicable the decision of the arbitrator
or arbitrators shall become as effective as a judgment of the
Supreme Court.

It shall compile and from time to time revise and keep a list of
qualified persons, not less than fifty, wiUing to act as arbitrators
under these rules, who shall be members of the Chamber. This
list shall be known as — "The List of Official Arbitrators" of
the Chamber of Commerce.

Any matter in controversy may be referred by the disputants
signing the form of agreement provided by the Committee, to-
gether with a stipulation to the effect that they will abide by the
decision of the arbitrator or arbitrators, by them selected, and
waiving any and all right to withdraw from such submission after
the acceptance of their appointment by the arbitrator or arbitrators
selected, and designating at their option either

(a) One of the persons named in said **List of Official Arbi-
trators,'' who shall act as sole arbitrator ; or

(b.) Any two persons to act as arbitrators, who in turn shall
designate from said "List of Official Arbitrators," a third person
to be associated with them as arbitrators ; or

(c.) The Committee on Arbitration of the Chamber of Com-
merce of a quorum thereof.

In any case the Committee on Arbitration may, in its discre-
tion, decline to entertain a matter submitted for arbitration, in
which event the selection of special Arbitrator or Arbitrators
shall be void.

The Committee on Arbitration shall, from time to time, establish
a schedule of moderate fees to be paid in all matters submitted,
which fees shall be chargeable as decided by the arbitrators.

The Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce shall be the Clerk
of the Committee on Arbitration.


Their duties shall be to examine into and make report upon
such subjects as may be referred to them by the Chamber, or

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30 Sixiy-First Annual Report— Part III

they may originate and report to the Chamber such views as they
may deem proper for its consideration.

They shall, respectively, keep regular minutes of their meetings
and proceedings, in which the Secretary shall give them all re-
quired assistance, and they shall make an annual written report
to the Chamber at its regular annual May meeting.


The Chamber shall elect, in conformity with the laws of the
State, the following named officers :

Commissioners of Pilots, — There shall be elected by ballot, to
serve for two years, at a special meeting called for the purpose,
three members of the Chamber to act as Commissioners of Pilots.
Whenever any vacancy shall occur by death, resignation or other-
wise, of either of such Commissioners so elected, the vacancy shall
be filled at a special meeting of the Chamber, and the term of
service of the member so elected shall date from the day of such
election [as by law of the State of New York, passed June 28,
ISo;?, ciud amendments].

Commissioner for Licensing Sailors' Boarding Houses or
Hotels. — There shall be elected by ballot, to serve for one year,
at the annual meeting of the Chamber in May, a member of the
Cham])er to act as Commissioner for Licensing Sailors' Boarding
Houses or Hotels in the Cities of New York and Brooklyn [as by
la^v of the State of New York, passed March 21, 1866].

Whenever any vacancy shall occur in the above named offices
by death, resignation or otherwise, except in that of the Com-
missioners of Pilots, the same shall be filled at the regular meeting

of the Chamber next following.


Twenty-five members of the Chamber, of which number the
President or one of the Vice-Presidents must always be one, shall
be necessary to form a quorum for the transaction of business,
or to ballot for members.

In case a quorum shall not be present at the time fixed for any
regular meeting of the Chamber, the President, or, in his absence.

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By-Laws of the Chamber of Commerec — 1919 * 31

the senior Vice-President present, may adjourn the meeting to
such other day in the same month as he may judge proper; but
in case there be no quorum present at the time fixed for any
special meeting, such adjournment shall not be made, except by
consent of two-thirds of the members present.

If there fail to be a quorum from the absence of the prescribed
oflRcers, it shall be the duty of the Secretary to declare the meeting
adjourned sine die.


At all regular meetings of the Chamber, the regular order of
business shall be:

1. Reading of the minutes.

'^. Report of the Executive Committee on nominations for

'J. Ballot for members.

4. Report of the Executive Committee.

T). Reports of vStanding Committees, in their order.

G. Report of Trustees of Real Estate.

7. Reports of Special Committees.

8. Unfinished business.

9. New business.

Members having any motion or remarks to make shall rise and
address the Chair. All resolutions or propositions, of whatever
nature, must be reduced to writing before they can be entertained.
The time to be taken by any member in debate may be limited by
the presiding officer at the request of the Chamber. Each member
shall be entitled to the floor, without interruption, for such time
as may be allowed to him. Where reports of Committees are
submitted to debate, the Chairman of the Committee introducing
such report may open and close the debate.

At special meetings called to hear and consider reports of Com-
mittees ordered by the Chamber, no new propositions or resolu-
tions in the nature of substitutes (except the report of the
minority of the Committee, if any), shall be introduced or de-
bated until after final action shall have been taken upon the report
of such Committee; when, if it be rejected, such new proposi-
tions or resolutions may be entertained, but no business other than
that named in the requistion and call for the special meeting shall
be entertained, even though unanimous consent be had.

Members having appeared in the Chamber shall not withdraw
previous to adjournment, except by permission from the President.

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32 Sixty- First Avnual Report— Part III

Whenever an)^ resolution shall be proposed in the Chamber
which calls for the immediate expression of its opinion or action
touching any public matter, and if the same be objected to by any
member present, it shall be the duty of the President to state the
objection, and to call upon those who sustain the same to rise,
and if one-fourth of the members present rise in support of such
objection, then such resolution shall be referred to a Standing or
Special Committee, who shall report thereon at the next meeting
of the Chamber; and upon the presentation of such report, the
same, and the original resolution, and the subject referred to, may
then be acted upon without further right of such objection.


Members may, by ticket, introduce to the Rooms of the Qiam-
ber and the use of the Library, Newspapers and Magazines, any
stranger, and such ticket shall be available for one month
from date.


Delegations or Committees, which may be appointed by this
Chamber at any time to represent it at any meeting of Chambers
of Commerce or Boards of Trade, or at any other Convention,
meeting or Assembly whatever, shall have no authority, by virtue
of such appointment, to bind this Corporation to concur in the
action of any such body ; but such Delegations or Committees shall
report to the Chamber all propositions or actions of such body
for its concurrence or dissent.


All proposed amendments to the By-Laws shall be submitted in
writing, at a regular meeting of the Chamber ; but no such amend-
ments shall be acted upon before the next regular meeting.

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Members of the Chamber of Commerce — 1919 33



dhnmhtx tii (dixmmtxtt xtf ike ^ttdt xtf ^t)ca ^tttk



Name Date of Election

Carnegie, Andrew February 2, 1911

Edison, Thomas A November 7, 1889

GoETHALs, George W April 5, 1917

Hanna, Hugh H., April 5, 1900

Morton, Levi P October 4, 1917

Peary, Robert E January 6, 1910

Porter, Horace. May 4, 1905

Root, Elihu March 4, 1915



Name Date of Election

Abercrombie, David T March 4, 1915

AcHELis, Fritz April 5, 1894

Acheson, E. G April 3, 1902

Ackerman, Ernest R April 6, 1899

AcKERMAN, Marion S. . . : June 4, 1903

AcKERSON, Garret G May 2, 1918

Adams, Edward D February 6,1902

Adams, George D., Cleveland, O October 3, 1918

Adams, James W November 3, 1910

Adams, Robert Franklin January 7, 1915

Adams, Thomas May 1, 1919

Adler, Jerome C March 4, 1915

Adsit, Charles, Hornell, N. Y October 3, 1901

Agar, John G April 5, 1906

Agnew, Cornelius R January 7, 1915

Agnew, George Bliss January 7, 1909

Ahlstrom, Carl F June 5, 1913

Aldred, John E June 6, 1918


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34 Sixty-First Annual Report—Part III

Name Date of Election

Aldrich, Spencer January 7, 1909

Aldridge, Darwin R. June 2, 1898

Alexander, Charles B January 7, 1915

Alexander, James S June 6, 1912

Allen, Frederic Wintrop January 8, 1914

Allerton, David D January 4, 1906

Allison, William O April 6, 1905

Alvord, Andrew P January 7, 1915

Ambrose, Harry T May 7, 1891

Ames, Edwin A June 6, 1912

Ames, Louis Annin January 2, 1913

Anderson, Abraham A October 1, 1903

Anderson, Benjamin M., Jr April 3,1919

Anderson, Charles W March 6, 1890

Anderson, George A June 6, 1918

Anderson, John January - 2, 1908

Anderson, Nils November 7, 1918

Andrews, James K March 5, 1914

Andrews, William H., BuflFalo, N. Y February 4, 1897

Appleton, Francis R April 5,1894

Arai, Rioichiro January 3, 1918

Arents, George, Jr February 4, 1915

Armstrong, Collin May 2, 1912

Armstrong, James Sinclair April 7,1892

Aron, Jacob December 4, 1913

AscHE, Frederick D June 5, 1919

Ashforth, Albert B April 6, 1911

AsPEGREN, John March 6,1913

Aspinwall, John, Newburgh, N. Y April 3,1919

AsTOR, Vincent January 7, 1915

AsTOR, William Waldorf October 2,1890

Atterbury, William W., Philadelphia, Pa January 7, 1915

Atwater, Theron S January^ 7, 1909

Atwater, William C February 4, 1909

Austin, Chellis A October 4, 1917

Ayres, Howard April 6, 1905

Babb, George W January 2, 1908

Babbott, Frank L May 2, 1918

B ache, Jules S March 5, 1903

Bacon, Francis M., Jr May 2, 1918

Bacon, George W June 3,1915

Bacon, Robert Low , March 6, 1913

Bailey, Benjamin F October 4, 1917

Bailey, Frank January 3. 1901

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Members of the Chamber of Commerce — 1919



Date of Election

Baker, Edwin H October 2,

Baker, George F March 4,

Baker, George F., Jr January 2,

Baldwin, George J April 4,

Baldwin, Leroy W March 2,

Baldwin, William D February 4,

Baldwin, William H October 4,

Baldwin, William M February 4,

Balfe, Harry June 6,

Balfe, Thomas F., Newburgh, N. Y.» June 7,

Ball, Alwyn, Jr October 3,

Ball, Ancell H November 4,

Ball, T. Arthur January 2,

Ballard, Charles W January 6,

Ballard, Edward L January 6,

Ballard, Seymour M January 8,

Bancroft, Joseph January 2,

Bangs, Francis Sedgwick January 3,

Banks, Theodore H April 5,

Bannard, Otto T October 3,

Barber, James April 7,

Barbour, W. Warren November 1

Barker, Harold O November 4,

Barlow, DeWitt D June 1

BarnuM, William M January 7,

Barr, Edward February 3,

Barrett, John D October 3,

Barrett, William M November 4,

Barron, George Davis, Rye, N. Y June 1

Barrows, Ira December 7,

Barry, Charles D January 7,

Barry, John T December 7,

Bartow, Charles S • February 4,

Bartram, Joseph P April 4,

Baruch, Herman B February 6,

Bates, Edgar A April 5,

Bates, Lindon W June 3,

Battie, William Whittingham April 4,

B ausher, Charles L June 3,

Baylies, Edmund L May 1

Bayne, Howard December 2,

Beall, Turner A March 6,

Beatty, a. Chester April 4,

Bechstein, Augustus C May 2,

Bedford, Alfred C February 1

Belding, Milo M February 5,

Belmont, August March 5,

Benedict, Henry H January 6,


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36 Sixty-First Annual Report — Part III

Name Date of Electicn

Benedict, James January 5, 1893

Benedict, Theodore Hudson June 5, 1902

Benedict, Seelye January 6.1910

Benedict, William L October 3, 1912

Benjamin, Eugene S May 2, 1918

Benjamin, George P February 5, 1891

Benjamin, William Evarts April 6, 1916

Bennett, Walter H December 1, 1910

Bennet, Walter Mills October 4, 1917

Bensel, John A October 1. 1903

Benson, Robert D April 3,1919

Beresford, Percival October 3.1918

Berlin, Henry C June 4. 1891

Bermingham, John F April 4.1918

Bernheim, Eli H May 5. 1910

Bernheim, Isaac J January 2. 1913

Bernheim. Julius C April 4, 1907

Bernheimer, Charles L February 6. 1902

Berolzheimer, Emil January 3, 1901

Bertram, H. Henry January 8, 1914

Bertron, Samuel R April 4.1901

Berwind, Edward J February 4. 1897

Bethell, Frank H April 3. 1919

Bethell, Union N February 3, 1910

Bettle, Samuel March 6. 1902

Bigelow, Clarence O May 1. 1919

BiLLQvisT, C. Edward June 4, 1891

Bird, John W October 5. 1911

Birdsall, Daniel June 3, 1909

BissELL, Arthur D., Buffalo, N. Y October 3. 1901

Black, Harry S January 7, 1915

Blackiston, Harry C November 1, 1917

Blagden, George December 7. 1911

Blanchard, Isaac H November 2. 1916

Bliss, Cornelius N., Jr October 5. 1899

Blood, Samuel S January 3, 1901

Bloomingdale; Samuel J June 6,1918

Blum, Edward C January 7, 1909

Blumenthal, George December 5.1918

Bogert, Henry Myers January 7. 1909

BoissEVAiN, G. Louis June 6. 1918

Boker, John R February 3. 1916

BoNDv, Maurice S April 5, 1906

Bonner. Paul E May 2. 1918

BoNTiES, Harry P May 4. 1916

Boodv. David A October 6, 1887

Borden, Bertram H December 1, 1910

Borden, Spencer, Jr., Fall River, Mass April 2, 1908

Boskowitz, Adolph June 4, 1891

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Members of the Chamber of Commerce — 1919



Date of Election

BouLTON, Frank F October 3

BouviER, Maurice May 6,

BowEN. Clarence Winthrop February 3,

BowKER, Richard R June 6,

BowNE, Samuel W January 8,

Bowring, Charles Warren April 4,

Bradlee, John R December 5,

Brady, Nicholas F December 4,

Brainard, Frank April 5,

Brainerd, Frederick A January 8,

Braman, Willard January 4,

Brett, George P • January 2,

Brewer, William A., Jr., South Orange, N. J February 6,

Brewster, Henry C, Rochester, N. Y January 5

Brewster, John W May 2,

Briesen, Arthur v January 7,

Briesen, Richard v May 6,

Bright. Osborn W January 2,

Brinckerhoff, Elbert A., Jr December 7,

Broadway, William G January 6,

Broenniman, Edward G November 7

Brokaw, Clifford V April 4,

Bronner, Harry. January 7

Brooker, Charles F January 7

Brooks, Charles M May 3,

Brown, Charles S April 4,

Brown, Edward W February 3,

Brown, Elmer E March 7,

Brown, Franklin Q October 1

Brown, James January 2,

Brown, James Crosby, Philadelphia, Pa June 7,

Brown, Samuel T April .6,

Brown, Thatcher Magoun May 6,

Brown, Vernon Carleton January 7,

Brown, Walston H October 3,

Brown, Willard Stanbury June 4,

Browning, John Scott March 6,

Bruere, Henry June 1

Brundrett, Hart B April 3,

Bruxing, Henry F November 6,

Brush, Edward June 6,

Bucknall, Henry W. J November 2,

BucKNER, Thomas A January 6,

Buckner, Mortimer Norton June 7

Budge, Henry, Hamburg, Germany January 6,

Bulkley, Edwin M October 5

BuLKLEY, Jonathan October 4


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38 Sixty-First Annual Report— Part III

Name Date of Election

BuRCHARD, Anson W April 7.1910

Burns, Walter F March 7, 1918

Burr, WiNTHROP October 6,1904

Burroughs, James S November 7. 1912

Burton, Theodore E April 5. 1917

Bush, D. Fairfax April 5. 1917

Bush, Irving T June 2, 1904

BuswELL, Frederic C May 1. 1913

Butler, Charles Stewart January 4. 1917

Butler, Nicholas Murray November 5. 1908

Buttenwieser, Joseph L March 7, 1912

Cabot, Francis H May 6, 1897

Caesar, Harry I April 5, 1917

Caesar, Henry A October 2. 1890

Calder, William M June 3. 1915

Caldwell, Burns D January 2. 1913

Caldwell, George B December 6, 1917

Caldwell, Robert J April 5. 1906

Cammann, Edward C May 4. 1916

Cammann, Henry L January 5. 1899

Cammann, Hermann H January 4. 1894

Camp, Hugh N., Jr June 4, 1908

Campbell, Hugh H June 6. 1918

Campbell, Palmer March 2. 1911

Campbell, Peter, Kearny, N. J May 6, 1915

Campbell, Samuel S November 3. 1910

Cannon, Henry W March 4. 1886

Carey, Stephen W October 6, 1859

Carhart, Edward R May 3,1917

Carlebach, Emil January 8, 1903

Carleton, I. Osgood January 7. 1897

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