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1775 ; d. June 9, 1859 ! ^n. Aug. 12, 1802, Susan Harris. ''Abel ; b.

IA.O Archibald Thomson and Jacoba Schinirman. [J^b'*

Aug. 14, 1777 ; d. Nov. 20, 1 80S. 30 Martha ; b. Oct. 20, — ; d. May
15, 1813, killed in church with lightning, ^i ]3avi,j • 5_ Yitc. 10, 1782 ;
d. Dec. 20, 1831. 32Rufus; b. Mch. 29, 1785; d. Nov. 18, 1818.
33 Nancy ; b. June 7, 1788 ; d. Jan. i, 1792. 34 phg^g • ^ Oct. 11, 1790.

Sixth Generation.


35 Stephen Ogden Thompson, son of Jacob Thompson and Hannah
Beach, b. Dec. 17, 1775, d. May 31, 1856, was named for his grand-
father, and for Joseph Ogden, second husband of his grandmother. Was
graduated at the College of New Jersey, 1797 ; installed pastor at Con-
necticut Farms, Nov. 16, 1802 ; m. Feb. 24, 1803, Henrietta Beach, dau.
of Major Nathaniel Beach, of Newark, N. J. In 1834 he removed to
northeastern Indiana, and there he died.

Tne children of Daniel Thompson and Penelope Carnes were :
^* Joseph, the oldest, who was never married, but died aged about 80, at

the homestead. 37]sjeiiy^ ^^g next, who was married in 1780 to

Schenck, and had two sons and one daughter, who married and settled
in Mendham ; also ^^ Sarah, who was married, late in life, to John Smith,
and lived near Mendham, and ^^ Abigail, who lived with their father as a
single woman. Another child, "*" Calvin, married Nelly Byram. He
bought a farm at Tuckerman's Plains, and built a tannery ; there he and
his wife died. •*' Luther, another child, b. 1760, d. 1855, m. in 1807
Rhuhama Chedister. It seems that there was also a '•-Daniel among the
children i^f Daniel and Penelope.

The children of Stephen Thompson and Susan Harris were : ''^ George
Harris ; b. Oct. 9, 1803. "''Nancy Isabel ; b. April 10, 1806 ; d. July
15, 1889. "5 David ; b. Oct. 26, 1808. '•^Robert; b. April 22, 1811 ;
lives at Mendham. ■'^Alexander; b. Feb. 6, ; d. 1S35, at Charles-

Seventh Generation.

There were two children of Calvin Thompson and Nelly Byram ; one
of them, ""^ William, married Rebecca Voorhees.

The children of Luther Thompson and Rhuhama Chedister were :
"'Lewis A. ; b. 1809 ; m. Feb. 25, 1832, Jane Mase ( ) ; lives at
Kendallville, Ind. ; had a son, D. Headley, who volunteered for 3 years
in the War for the Union, was shot in the hip at the battle of Williams-
burg, and taken to Libby prison, and thence to Belle Isle and Salisbury ;
and at the last place he was nearly starved, and was reduced to 90 lbs.,
although he had weighed 190 when he enlisted ; he was nursed at
Trenton four weeks by his mother, and died a year after he had returned
home. Another child of Luther and Rhuhama, 5° John Byram, was born
181 1 ; m. Susan Brastow. A third was s' Emily ; b. 1814 ; m. to Aaron
Losey. 52,\ibert, another child ; deceased. Another child, 53 Rebecca
Ann, was born 182 1. ^'■C'a.Wxw, another child, b. Dec. 3, 1823, lives at
Basking Ridge, N. J. ; hem. Sept. 14, 1844, Margaret Voorhies ; their
son, Lewis A., was sheriff of Somerset Co., and afterwards State senator ;
their daughter, Fannie E. , d. July 7, 1890. It seems that there was also a
son, 55 Joseph, who at last account was keeping a store in New York City.

[Note. — The facts above stated were derived from Rev. Dr. John B. Thompson,
now of Trenton ; Lewis A. Thompson, of Kendallville, Ind. ; Calvin Thompson, of
Basking Ridge ; and Robert Thompson, of Mendham, N. J. 1

1 89 1.] Records of the Reformed Dutch Churcti in Ntw Fork, ia\

CITY OF NEW YORK.— Baptisms.

A° 1734-
Mar. 3 1 .

April 7.

(Continued from Vol.

G y s b e r t Uitten-


Johan nes
Aaltje Bass.


P e t r u s Rutgers,
Helena Hooge-

Simon VanSys,
Geertruy Pel.

Johannes Minthorn,
Jannetje Elsworth.
14. Johannes Roorbach,
Sophia Grauw

Jacobus Stoii ten-
burg, Margrietje
21. Aarnoiit Webbers,
Sara Minthorn.


28. Alexander Fetchet,
Maria Selover.
Hendrik PduMsse,

Susanna Bedlo.
Isaak Van Hoek,
Aagje Van Schayk.
Laurens Louer,
Jannetje Van Vlek-
Johannes Burger,
Jannetje Brouwer.
May 5. David Abeel, Maria

N i c o 1 a a s Antony,
Hester Roome.
8. Henry Fouler, Sara

12. Richard Van Dam,
Cornelia Beekman.

XXII., p. 88, of The Record.)


Elisabet. Isaak Stoatenburg, An-

n e k e Dayle, s. h. v.

Johannes. Jan Bass, and Tanneke

Waldron, h. v. v., Jan

Anna. Abraham Lynsen,

C a t h a r i n a Rutgers,

s. h. V.
Johannes. Johannes Van Sys,

Jiidikje Wed. v, Joh.

Van Sys.
Hillegond. Joris Elsworth, Jan-
netje Miserol, s. h, v.
Frederik. Gerardus Beekman, Cor-

n e li a Varik, h. v. van

Thomas Jeffers.
Margrietje. Tobias Stoutenburg,

Marytje Ten Broek,

s. h. V.
Margrietje. Wolphert Webbers,

Ariaantje Webbers, h.v.

van Johannes Van

Abraham. Johannes Montague,

Judith Selover, j. d.
Isaak. William Bond, Elisabeth

Bedlo, Wed^
Neeltje. Evert Pels, Jannetje Sam-

mon, s. h. v.
Marinus. S a m li e 1 Bayard, Mar-

gareta Van Kortland,

s. h. V.
Abraham. Abraham Brouwer, Sara

Kimber, syn h. v.
Gerrit. Vincent Mattheiis, Johan-

na Sinclaar, h. v. van

Charles Crommelyn.
Rebecca. Willem Roome, Sara

Turk, syn li. v.
Geeschasana. Albertus Coenradus Bosch,

Anna Maria Bosch,

s. h. v.
Cornelia. William Walton Junior,

Cornelia Beekmaji,

s. h. V.

142 Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. [July,

A" 1734. OUDERS.

Gerrit Van Wagenen,
Teuntje Vanden-

15. John Thomson, Anna


23. Jacobus Rozeveldt,
Catharina Harden-
Adam Koning,
Maria Spier.

26. Andries Brestede,

Debora Wessels,
Johannes Hoppe,

IMaria Van Orden.
Juny 2. Rei.nier Burger,

Dina V^an Gelder.
Adolf Bras, Maria

Cornelis Webbers,

Cornelia Waldron.

3. P h i 1 i p u s Goelet,
Catharina Boele.
12. Isaac Somerendyk,
Sara V. Norden.

16. Samuel Jansse,

Maria Van Pelt.

19. Joseph Waldron,
Aagje Heitaker.
Philip Minthorn,
Johanna Ral.


Robert Provoost,
Adriaantje Paulse.

26. Cqrnelis Van Hoek,
Jenneke B6sch.
July 3. Jan Goelet, Jannetje

7. Caspariis Blank, Mar-
retje Andriesze.
10. Pieter de Groof, Re-
becca Goederis.
John Mak P2verds,
Catharina v. Home.


Marytje. Gerrit Harssin, Engeltje

Burger, s. h. v.

Elisabet. Pieter Hibon, Elisabet

Rook, h. V. van Wil-

lem Cambel.
Adolphus. Nicolas Rozeveldt Jan

zoon, Maria Brestede,

j. d.
Titje. Johannes Poel, j. m.,

Maria Koning, h. v.

van Bejam" Jerris.
Elisabeth. John Varik, j. m., Elisa-
beth Wessels, j. d.
Johannes. Joh^ Webbers & z. h. v.,

Annatje Van Orden.
Teuntje. Victoor Heyer & h. v.,

Jannetje Van Gelder.
Adolf. Gideon Carsten, tt h. v.,

Catharina Kokkever.
Samiiel. Samuel Waldron Junior,

Cornelia La Maetere,

Catharina. Jacob Goelet, & h. v.,

Catharina Boele.
Coenraad. Coenraad Ten Eyk, & h.

' v., Sara Van Vorst.

Jan. Jan Ten Broek, Christina

Van Pera, h. v., David

Joseph. Benjamin Waldron, & h.

v., Marvtje Bory.
Geertje. Arenout Webbers, & h. v.

Francyntje. Sara Minthorn, Jan

Ma'n Ji'inior, & h. v.

Anna Minthorn.
Annatje. Cornelis Tiboiit, Annatje

Paiilse, h. v. van Wil-

lem Dyks.
Jenneke. Pieter Bosch, Sara Bosch,

h. V. V. Gerrit Hyer.
Jannetje. Evert Byvank, & Catha-

ri-na ,Boelen, h. v. v.

Philip Goelet.
Caspariis. Harmen Bdssing, Caatje

Blank, j. d.
Rebecca. Barendt Tienhoven,

Nelli Bisset, j. d.
Maria. Jo'?" v. Home, Catharina

de Hardt Wed^ van

Cap" Sims.

1 89 1.] Records of the Reforjned Dutch Church in Ntw York. IAT.


17. Jan Blom, Rebecca Johannes.


21. Cornelis VoUeman, Frans.
Maria Wessels,

Albartiis Tiboiiwt, Margrietje.
Cornelia Bogaart.

24. John Sjoet, Margare- Alida.

ta de Riemer.

William Beekman, Adrianus.
C a t h a r i n a de
/^ 31. Johannes Paiilusse, Johannes.

Catharina Van
Aug. 4. Will em S i k k el s , Robert.
Elisabeth Kiiiper.
7. Johannes Blank, Rachel.
Rachel Andries-
14. Matthew Clarkson, Leviniis.
Cornelia de Peyster.

18. Hermaniis Aalstyn, Abraham.

Jannetje Willes.
Jan Hereman, Hit- Johannes,
tebel Noten.

25. Isaac Stoutenburg, Neeltje.

Anneke Dally.
David Provoost, Joh- John,
anna Reynders.

30. Hendrik Van Nes, Catlyntje.
Johanna Berk.

(^ "Francis Meyers, James.

Aaltje Van Deiir-

Sept. I. Hendrik Van der Petriis.
Hoef, Eva Slot.
Johannes Meyer, Pieter.
Elisabet Pel.

William Lee, En- William,
geltje Burger.


8. Jan Bogaerd, Antje Jacobiis.


Fredrik Blom & Jenneke
Blom, h. V. V. Ben-
jam" Kierstede.

Pieter Mesier, Margrietje
Wessels, h. v. v. Sam

Elbert Haring, Elisa-
beth Bogaart.

Benjamin Sjoet, Maria
Sjoet, h. V. V. J. Bern''-
V. Deiirsen.

Joh^ de Lancy, Catharina
Beekman j. d.

Francois Mynar, Aaltje

Hendrik Sikkels, & z. h.

V. Sara Akkermans.
Pieter Loosje, & z. h. v.

Antje Andriesse.'

Hendrik Rutgers & Mar-
grietje Rozevelt, h. v.
V. W" de Peyster.

Abraham Aalslvn & h. v.,
Margrietje Jansse.

Egbert Hereman, A n -
natje Hereman j. d.

Phillip Dally, Cornelia
Van Gelder, s. h. v.

Barenl Reynders & Ca-
tharina Provoost, h. V.
V. Abr"" Van Wyk.

Cornelis Van Nes, j. m.,
Anna Catharina Nagel,
Wed* Van Johannes

Daniel Meyers, Elisabet
Van Sent, s. h. v.

Cornelis Jurriansz, Aaltje
Van Winckel, s. h. v.

Pieter Meyer & Cornelia
Ham, u. V. V. Antony

Carsten Burger, Geertruy
C o r s e n , Wed* van
Thomas Richards.

Jacobus Peek & Elisabet
Bogaerd, h. v. van El-
bert Haerins:.

144 Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. [July,


Nicolaas Burger, De- Joseph.

bora Blydenbiirg.
Henricus Haneraet, Christiaan.

Elisabet Wickerd.

A n d r i e s Barkeyd, Calharina,
Rachel Hoist.

II. Johannes Verber, Ele Johan

Maria Alsdorph, Christian.

Johannes Simon, Adam.
Maryke Loiirens,

15. Pyramiis Green, Elsiabet.
Maria Ellem.
Hendricus ;Cavelier, Aaltje.
Helena Burger.

P i e t e r Broiiwer, Elisabet.

Elisabet Qiiacken-

Johan Caspariis Willem.

Schiilt, Eva

Catrina Streder.

18. Johannes Roome, Judith.
Susanna Shavelje.
Samuel Ten Eyck, Coenraad.
Maria Gorny.

22, Evert Pels, Catharina Theophiliis.
de Graiiw.

25, Alexander Biilsing, Cornells.
Sara de Mildt.

Oct. 6. Johan Daniel Smit, Maria.
Maria Elisabet Hit-

9. Isaac Bradt, Magda- Isaac,
lena Smit.

Abraham Lynssen, Abraham.
Catharina Rutgers.

Jan Heyer, Margrietje Elisabet.

Jan Willemse, Jan- Aafje.
netje Vandewater.


Johannes Turk & Antje
Kiiyper, syn h. v.

Christiaan Stoiiber & Ver-
onica Corcelius, u. v.
V. Willem Carolins.

Ldcas Tienhoven jong-
man, Margrietje Bar-
keyd j. dochter.

Johan Deel, Elsje Hen-

Adam Lourens & Elisa-
b e t Lot, h. v. v.
Jacobus Pieter Snyder.

John Ellem, Elisabet El-
lem, j. d.

Paulus Burger and Hele-
na Turk, Wed' van
Joh^ Burger.

Jacob Brouwer& Ariaantje
Webbers, h. v. van
Johannes Van Orden.

Willem Corcelius &
Anna Maria Eerensteyn,
u, V. V. Johan Willem

Nicnlaas Antony, Judith
Shavelje, j. d.

John Ten Eyck & Elisabet
Gorny, h. v. van Ed-
ward Tittle.

Hendrik Bogaerd & Elisa-
bet Blauwveld, Wed: V.
Christoff: Pels.

Cornells Biilsing & Mar-
ritje Jansen u. v. van
Abraham Aalteyn.

Pieter Bacchus & Maria
Pauliis h. V. v. Matthys

Frans Bradt & Diewertje
Wessels, Wed' van Isaac

Joost Lynssen & Ange-
nietje Lynssen, h. v.
van Thomas Vater.

G e r r i t Heyer & Aagje
Bruyn, h. v. v. Barent

Willem Vande Water,
Aafje Ringo, syn h. v.

1 89 1. J Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. \ac

A° 1734. OUDERS.

C o r n e 1 i s Flamen
Aaltje Gerbrands.

13. Abraham Keteltas,
Jenneke D^ Hon-

Johannes Abrahamse,
Elisabet Bosch.
16. William Seckerley,
Antje Bradt.


Steenwyk de Riemer,
Catharina Roose-

Samuel Giilek,
Bensje Van Sichele.

20. Isaac Bocke, Bregje

23. John Elner, Apolony

Van Arnhem.
27. Evert Byvank, Maria
Cornells Van Ranst,
Geertruy Sebring.
Nov. 3, Christoffel Bancker,
Elisabet Hoog-
Francis Manny, An-
natje Kip.
6. Pieter Van Benlhuy-
s e n , Margrietje
Henry Braisier, Abi-
gael Parcel.

10. Joris Walgraaf, Mag-
dalena Lesjer.

Gysbert Uyttenbog-
aert Junior, Catha-
rina Paalding.

Abraham Kip, Sara
13. Jacob Lory, Maria
Vander Grist.




2 Linger.















Sylvester Maris, Marytje
Maris, Wed* van An-
dries Teller.

Abraham Boelen, Elisa-
bet De Peyster, s. h. v.,

Johannes Keteltas & Elisa-
bet Van Dyk, h. v. van
Gerrit Keteltas.

Caspariis Bosch, Jannetje
Mayden, s. h. v.

Petrus Rutgers, Maria
Bradt h. v. van Jere-
mia Pamerton.

N i c o 1 a a s Roosevelt,

Rachel Roosevelt, h. v.

van Petrus Low.
Minne Van Sichele &

Jannetje Van Sichele,

u. v. v., Ch r i s t o ff :

Johannes Roome, Elisa-
bet Bensing, s. h. v.
Nicolaas Burger, Nelly

Potter, joijge dochter.
Cornelis Cortregt, Hester

Cannon, s. h. v.
Pieter Van Ranst, Sara

Kierstede, s. h. v.
Abraham Lefferts &

Helena Hooglandt, h.

V. V. Peter Rutgers.
Petrus Kip & Anna Mag-

dalena Manny, j. d.
Ahasiieriis Turk, H i 1 -

legond Cuyper, s. h. v.

Willem Rooseboom &
Sara Rooseboom, h. v.
V. Jacobus Qiiik.

Hendrik Labach & Catha-
rina Lesjer, Wed. van
James Makbrok.

Abraham Paalding,
Neeltje Potter, j. d.

Samuel Kip, Margrietje
Byckman, s. h. v.

John Bartel, Margrietje
Ryke, Wed' van Otto

146 Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. [July,

A 1734. OUDERS.

17. Johannes Grdesbeek,
Anna Bayeux,
Jacob Van Deiirsen.
^ Helena Van Deiir-

24, Petriis de Milt, Fem-
metje Valentyn,
Daniel Dyks, Ma r -
grietje Poiilusse.

Johannes Dally, Mar-
grietje Van Syse.
Dec. I. Johannes Vreden-
b u rg , Jannetje
Cornells Van Vech-
t e n , Neeltje Biil-
4. Joris Lamb, Hen-
drlkje Meyer.


L 11 c a s B r a i s i e r ,
Judith Gacherle.

Frans Walter, Marllls

Petrus Lachier, Fytje

Frenk, Knegt Van
Harm : v, Gelder,
Elisabet Bicker
Mydt Van, Wed
Ver Plank.











Johannes Ten Broek,
Annatje Smith.



Pieter Canon, Ma-
rytje Schermer-


Marten Bandt, Jen-


neke Biiys.

Wlllem Vredenburgh,


Willemyntje Nack.


Johannes Symons,
Siister Korssen.


Wilhelmus Beekman,


Martha Mott.


James Favier, Charlotta
Bneje, s. h. v,

Francis Myners & Cath-
a r i n a Pouwels, u. v,
V. Job'' Pouwe'se.

Johannes Van Syse, En-
geltje Appel, s. h. v,

R o b b e r t Provoost &
Annatje Poalusse, h. v.
V, William Dyks,

Abraham Braisier, Elisa-
bet Dally, s. h, V.

Willem Vredenburg,
CatharinaSchot, s. h. v.

Gysbart Gerritse, Marga-
reta Lesjer, s. h. v.

Alexander Lam & Elisa-
bet Koning, Wed. van
Alexander Lam.
Abraham Braisier, Elisa-
bet Dally, s. h. V.

Wilhelmus Poppelsdorf,
j. m., Catharina Hol-
sapel, j. d.

Albert Sabrisco, Rachel
Sabrisco, j. d.

York Richt, Knegt v. a.
c. : Van Wyk, Prymis
Knegt, Van Abr. Van

Matthys B o r e 1 & A n -
natje Roolevelt, h. v.
Bernardus Smit.

Jan Goelet, Jannetje
Canon, s, h. v.

Pieter Buys, Geertje Hop-
per, syn h. V.

Reynier Nack, Apolonia
Vredenburgh, h. v.
van Frederik Blom.

Johannes Broiiwer, Jen-
neke Bosch, h. v, van
Corn^ Van Hnek.

Johannes Beekman,
Abigael Bill, Wed. v.
Jan Stout.

1 89 1. J Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. 147


Simon Cregier, Antje Hester.
Van Oort.

C o rn e 1 i s Bogaert, Nicolaas.
Cornelia Verduyn.

25. Abraham Ten Eyck, Elisabet.

Jelyntje Berkels,
29. JohnThurman.Elisa- Sara,
bet Wessels.
Johannes Webbers, Jacomyntje.
Annatje Van Or-

A' 1735-
Jan: i. Hendrik Riitgers, Johannes.
Catharina de Pey-
Johannes Lashly, Maria.
Maria Olders.
12. Francois IMarschalk, Andries.
Anneke Lynsen.

15. John Dobs, Annatje John.

19. Daniel Gaiitier, Hillegond.

Maria Bogart.

22. Louwrens Wessels, Diewertje.
Susanna Brat.
Jacob Miller, Catha- Paiilus.
lyntje Kip.

Pelriis Kip, Mar- Maria,
grietje Blom.


26. Hendrikus Bensing, Dirk
Catharina Van
, Josiia Slidel, Elisabet Michiel.

Jacob Slover, Sara Isaak..
Vander Linde.
29. GysbertVan Deiirsen, Annetje.
\/^ A n n a t j e T e n


John Galloway, An- Thomas,
natje Lam.


Hendrik Rycke, Antje
Peek, u. V. V. Jan

Jasper Farmer, Elisabet
Van Veurden, Wed
van Aarnout Shile.

John Tevo, Bregje Pels,
syn h. V.

Frans Brat, Tryntje Wes-
sels, jonge d.

Johannes Hoppe, Maria
Van Orden, syn u. v.

Willem de Peyster, Anna
Bancker W e d^ van
Johannes de Peyster.

Alexander Lam, Elisabet
Staf, j. d.

Johannes Marschalk,
Marvtje Marschalk,
j. d.

Jan Nieiiwkerk, Jenneke
Brestede, s. h. v.

Willem Bogart, Hil-
legond Van Home,
s. h. V.

Isaak Brat, Catharina
Brat, j. d.

Simon Janssen, Annatje
Vander Heyde Wed^
van Pauliis Miller.

Frederik Blom, Engeltje
Pels, h. V. Van Jacob

John Lake, Catharina
Bensing, s. h. v.

x\braham Aaistyn Senior,
Alarritje jansen, syn
h. v.

Isaak Bussing, Judith
Slover, j. d.

Jacob Van Deursen,
Marytje l^en Broek
Wed^ van Charles

Ale.xander Lam & Elisa-
be t Koning, Wed:
van Ale.xander Lam.

148 Records of the Rtformed Dutch Church vi New Vork. [July,

A" 1735. OUDERS.

Johannes Linde,
Rachel Nights.

Hero Elles, Anna de

Febr : 2. Pieter Pra Van Zant,

Sara Willemse.
N i c o 1 a a s Bayard,

Elisabet Rynders.

Jacobus Van Norden,

Christyntje S a b-

^ JohanWillem Altgelt,
. Anna Maria Eren-

Ahassueriis Elsworth,

Maria Van Gelder.
Sim son Pels,

Marytje Ben sing.
Abraham Paalding,

Maria Cosyn.
Matthys Ot, Maria

Philebene Poiiliis.
Will em de Peyster,

Margrietje Roose-
Jan Van Pelt, Hil-

1 eg o n d Boeken-

21. Johannes Aalstyn,

Cathaljna Rapalje.
23. Willem Peek, Fem-

metje Doiiwe.

Maert 2. D° Henricus Boel,
Elisabet Va n

Isaac d e M i 1 1 1 ,

Michieltje Van der

5, Cornelis Terp, Ap-

1 o n i a n i t den

Mar : 5. Jacobus Volwyler,

Aaltje Roome.
W i 1 1 e m G i 1 b e r t,

Maria Van Sant.




Jacob Brouwer Junior,

Sara Brouwer, h. v.

van Samuel Broek.


Abraham Boelen, Elisabet

de Peyster, s. h. v.

Pieter Pra.

Johannes Van Zant,

Tryntje Bensing, s. h. v.


Barent Rynders, Judith

Bayard, Wed^ van Rip

Van Dam Junior.


Jan Sabrisco, Margrietje

Dorrie, s. h. v.


Johannes Jongbloet,

Maria G e e r t li r y d

Abereshin, s. h. v.


Joris Elsworth, Jannetje

Miserol, s. h. v.


Johannes Bensing, Bregje

Pels, u. V. v. Jan Tero.


Joost Paalding, Susanna

White, syn h. v.


J h a n Jonas Bachiis,

Marytje Corcelius, j. d.


Mattheus Clarkson, Cor-

nelia de Peyster, s. h. v.


Johannes Boekenhoven,

Catharina B e k e n-

hoven, j. d.


Abraham Alstyn, Mar-

retje jansse, z. h. v.


Joh= Doiiwe & Elisabet

Peek, h. v. v. Hendrik



Gerrit Van Home, Mar-

geboren den

garita Van Home.

14 February,

gestorven den

7 Maert.


Cornelis Vander Hoeven-

den, Styntje Schamp,
z. h. V
Abigail. Isaac Stoiitenburg, Nelly

Potter, j. d.

Willem. Willem Roome, Marytje

Roome, j. d.

Arent. Johannes Gilbert, Mar-

grietje Gibert, j. d.

189 I.J Two Letters from George Washmgton. ij^n


Communicated by Rufus King, Esq., of Yonkers, N. V

Through the courtesy of H. E. H. Brereton, Esq., of Vonkers, the following
letters from George Washington are now published for the first time :

10"' Oct., 1783.

Your favor of the 25* ulto came to me by Thursday's Post. It
meets my thanks for the obliging expressions with which the information
respecting the deceased Mrs. Savage is conveyed. I think you judged
very properly in not sending the original Will of that Lady, whose death,
with the circumstances attending it, is much to be regretted.

She certainly merited very different treatment from her husband,
Docf Savage.

If the Will is not lengthy, you would do me a favor by transmitting
me a copy of it.

The Original, you will be so good as to retain in your hands, or de-
liver it to Mrs. Washington as she passes through Baltimore on her way
to Virginia.

I am Sir,

Y' Most Ob* & H*^' Serv*'

(Signed) G. Washington.
Mr. Fran= Moore,

Baltimore, Md.

Mount Vernon,
April 20, 1786.

Within these few days, I have received your letter of the 12*'', and
sometime ago, 1 recollect to have been favoured with another letter from
you, which, in the hurry of Business, got overlooked.

It is now more than Two years since, indirectly, I obtained a sight
of the deceased Mrs. Savage's Will. I then thought and still do think it
strange, that the Executors of this Will should never have made any offi-
cial communication thereof to the Trustees of that Lady in this country,
nor have made any direct enquiry concerning the situation of her affairs
here. These may be summed up in a few Words and will be found to
be as follows. When matters came to extremity between Docf Savage
and his Wife, and Mr. Fairfax and myself were obliged to put the trust
bond in suit to recover her annuity, the Docf made use of all the chican-
ery of Law and Lawyers to procrastinate the Suit, which the tardiness of
our LOurts (and during one period of the revolution the suspension of
Justice) but too well enabled him to effect.

It was, therefore, long before a Judgement at common law could be
obtained, and this was no sooner done than he threw the matter into
Chancery, where I am told (for 1 have had no share in the management
of this Business for the last Ten years, that is since I took the Command
of the American Forces) it has been ever since.

J CQ Sketch of James DePeyster Ogden. [July,

I believe Mr. Fairfax has done everything in his power to bring the
matter to issue, and I have heard, I thinlc from himself, that there is now
a probability of its happening soon. With great Truth, I can assure you
that not One Farthing of Mrs. Savage's annuity was ever paid to the
Trustees, whilst we have been obliged to advance Money out of our
own pocketts to carry on the prosecution, and whilst, moreover, from a
representation of the distress that Lady was involved in, I gave her a Bill
to the amount of f^^l. sterling on James Gildart of Liverpool, which is
still due to me.

This is the best Account I am able to give you of the Trust, and you
are at full liberty to communicate the purport of it to Mrs. Innis.

I am Sir, Your Most Obed' Serv',
, (Signed) G. Washington.

Mr. Tho^ Brereton,


By W. Abbatt, of the New York Life Insurance Company.

James DePeyster Ogden, born in Jamaica, L. L, in 1790, was de-
scended from John Ogden, the first of his name in this country, who
resided in Stamford, Conn., about the time of its settlement. A few
years afterwards he removed to Long Island, where he acquired large
landed possessions at Hempstead, through patents, and at Southampton,
through purchase from the Indian sachem. He afterwards removed to
New Jersey, and was one of the founders of the town of Elizabeth.

In New Jersey the greater part of his descendants are to be found,
though there are others in New York and in Louisiana. Jacob Ogden,
M.D. , of the fifth generation in descent from John Ogden, resided in
Jamaica, L. I., to which place his father removed in 1746. Jacob married
Mary Reade DePeyster, daughter of James DeP. and Sarah Reade, and
their only child was James DePeyster Ogden, the subject of this sketch.

He entered business life as a clerk for Van Horn & Clarkson, of 129
Pearl Street, in 1805. Later he went to Europe for three years, as agent

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