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Joseph Thorne, Esqtiire. In it he mentions his wife, all his children,
his grandson Joseph, son of his daughter Catherine and her husband,
Joseph Cornell, and his granddaughter, Catherine, daughter of his
deceased son, Richard. His son Stephen gets all his lands, buildings,
orchards, etc., and is to pay all legacies. His negro wench, Hagar, he
leaves to his daughter Margaret, "if she wants her." His executors are
Caleb Cornell, his son-in-law, and his "trusty friend," Richard Thome''
of Great Neck (Richard^, William-'), father of Major Richard Thorne^,
who fought on the Whig side in the Revolution. Witnesses were Samuel
Latham, Henry Sands, and Benjamin Smith.


Margarei", \ baptised in St. George's Parish, Hempstead, 21 Feby.,
Stephen'', [ i7^5-*

* This is among the earliest existing records of the parish. " Capt.'" Joseph
Thorne was a warden and vestryman of the parish from 171S to 1727 ; Richard
Thorne, from 1749 lo 1757 ; William Thorne, from 1765 to 1767.

1 89 1.] Slfphen Thome, the Loyalist, and his Descertdants.

/ :)

Thomas-*, m. in 1738 Mary Dodge, and had nine children, of whom
Thomas^ m. (i) Abigail, daughter of Henry and Martha Cornell Sands,
(2) Sarah Onderdonk.


RICHARD^ m. 10 June, 1738, Mary Hyatt, and had at least one child,
Catherine. Of these daughters, iSIargaret was perhaps never married,
Catherine was m. to Caleb Cornell, and had children : Richardson,
Stephen, Caleb, Catherine, Aspinwall, the latter m. (i) Jane Mitchell, (2)
Priscilla Mitchell. This family is among the richest and most important
of the Thorne families of that period. Thomas Thorne-* left tw slaves.


Stephen-', b. 1717, bap. in St. George's Parish, Hempstead, 21 Feb'y.,
1725 (Joseph', Joseph"", William'), m. (i) in Hempstead, 27 July, 1746,
Sybil Sands-*, ( Edward', John= and Sybil Ray, James'). She was second
cousin once removed to Comfort Sands^, b. 26 Feb'y., 1748 (John-*,
John\ John"", James'), d. 22 Sept., 1834, a rich merchant of New York,
very prominent during the War of the Revolution, a member of the
Provincial Congress, who began his career as a clerk in Stephen Thome's
office. Sybil Sands had a sister Deborah, who was second wife of Edward
Mott, and died Sept. i, 1762, aged 26. Their mother was IMary Cornell,
b. Sept. 3, 1727. Sybil d. at Cow Neck, March i, 1759, "aged iz,''
and is buried in the Sands' burying-ground at Cow Neck. It is possible
that Stephen Thorne did business in New York City, as well as in Long
Island, but of this I am not sure. In a memorial to Sir Guy Carleton,
signed by over six hundred persons some time before the evacuation of
New York, appear the names of four Thornes — Stephen, William,
Joseph and Melancthon.*

These memorialists state that having been deprived of very valuable
landed estates and considerable personal property without the lines, and
being also obliged to abandon their possessions in this city on account of
their loyalty to their sovereign, and attachment to the British Constitution,
and seeing no prospect of their being reinstated, "they have determined
to remove with their families and settle in His .Majesty's Province of Nova
Scotia on the terms which they understood were held out equally to all
His Majesty's subjects." Undoubtedly many, perhaps all of these persons
went to Nova Scotia in 1783. Joseph, William, and, I believe, Melancthon
Thorne became granteesf of Parr Town, now St. John, New Brunswick ;
Stephen Thorne settled in Granville, Annapolis county. Nova Scotia,
not far from the historic fort and the ancient town, known in French
times as P(M-t Royal. A description of his lands will no d'oubt be found
in the Annapolis records.

Children by first Marriage.

Edward^ b. 10 August, 1747, bap. 29 July, 175^.
Stephen^, born 1750, bap. 29 July, 1756.
Joseph^, bap. 29 July, 1756.

■* Sabine says that twenty-lhree Tliornes of Queen's Co., N. Y., acknowledged
allegiance to Biitain, in October, 1776.

f I think these men must all have returned to New York, for I liave never been
able to find any trace of their descendants in New Brunswick.

I 76 Stephen Thome, the Loyalist, and his Descendants. [Oct. ,

Philip^ bap. 3 March, 1759.
Richard, bap. 3 March, 1759.

Stephen-*, m. (2) Jannetie (or Jane) Lefterts Rapalje, b. 21 or 25
June, 1729, widow of Jeronemous (or Jeronimus) Rapalje, whoa. 13
March, 1754. Shed. 13 March, 1795, in Granville.

Children by second Marriage.

Sybil^, b. 1762, d. 3 April, 1S07, unmarried. A tombstone in Lower
Granville churchyard.

]ames5, b. 2 July, 1767, bap, 2 August, 1767,

Janes, ? b. 28 Dec, 1767, "d. unmarried."

For the fact o{ Janes^ existence I am indebted solely to the Rapalje
Genealogy. Her father's will mentions his daughter Sybil, but not Jane,
and since her birth is said to have been in the same year as her brother
James', I do not believe there was a Jane. Stephen Thorne died Decem-
ber II, 1800, in his 84th year, and was buried in the Lower Granville
churchyard. His wife, Jane, died January 5, 1S05, in her 76th year, and
is buried beside her husband.

Captain Thorne, as he was called, with two others, were mainly instru-
mental, about 1791, in building the Parish Church at Lower Granville,
in whose churchyard he and his family are buried. This quaint little
wooden church, but slightly altered since it was first built, is still in use.
I am not aware that services have ever been suspended there since the
besinnino-. Mr. Thorne " maintained his vigor to old age."


Family of Edward^, son of Stephen\

Edward'^ (Stephen*, Joseph^ Joseph", William'), b. 10 August, 1747,
bap. 29 July, 1756, licensed to marry, 15 April, 1773, Jannetie f Jane
or jean) Rapalje, who was b. 29 December, 1753, daughter of Jeronimus
and Jane Rapalje. The marriage is recorded in St. George's Parish,
Hempstead. They went to Granville, Nova Scotia, in 1783. Jeronimus
Rapalje, a brother of Jannetie (Rapalje) Thorne, is buried in the Lower
Granville churchyard. He died 13 March, 1795, i^^ ^^e 44th year of his

Edward Thorne was elected a member of the Nova Scotia House of
Assembly for the township of Granville, in the year 1799, and served
until 1806. He died 9 December, 1820, in the 73d year of his age. Stone
in Lower Granville churchyard. His wife, Jane, died 20th August,
1828. Stone in Lower Granville churchyard.


Stephen^ b. 2 July, 1774.

Edward^ b. 18 April, 1781.

Jane', b. 14 July, '^1^^-

Stephen^ (Edward^, Stephen"), b. 2 July, 1774, d. unmarried, 25 May,
1828, in New York City. He early returned to New York, where he be-
came a prominent merchant. His partner in business was his friend

1 89 1.] Stephen Thome, the Loyalist, ajut his Descendants. lyj

Adam Tredwell. Mr. Thome's will was made Sept. 12, 1827, and proved
Sept. 16, 1830. He wills his share in his late father's estate to his mother
during her lifetime, " that she may have the income of it." After her
death it is to go to his brother Edward Thorne, and his sister Jane, wife
of Timothy Riiggles, "both of Granville, in Nova Scotia, to be equally
divided between them, and to their heirs." etc., etc. He gives to his
sister Jane the sum of $25,000, and to his brother Edward a like sum.
He gives to the children: Stephen, William K., and Sally Hatfield, of his
deceased Uncle Stephen, each, $1,500. He remembers also the children
of his late Uncle James of Ciranville, the eldest child of his partner Adam
Tredwell, and the eldest child that shall be living of his friend Leffert
Lefterts, Esquire, of Kings County, N. Y. Adam Tredwell and Leffert
Lef^erts were his executors.

Edivard'^ (Edward^ Stephen''), b. 18 April, 1781, m. 2 January,

1809, Catherine Bogart, who was b. 1790, d. 12 February, i860. Stone in
Lower Granville churchyard. Edward died 8 May, 1837, ^o^d 57 years,
and is buried beside his \vife. His children were :

Stephen Rapalje\ b. 5 May, 18 10, d. at St. John, N. B., 13 June,
1836, m. 28 June, 1832, Maria Sands. He left one child, Elizabeth
Sands* (b. 13 January, 1834), who was m. to G. Sidney Smith, of St.
John, N. B., barrister, and is still living.

Abraham BogarP, b. 29 Nov., 18 12, d. 1876, circa m. Eliza Ann
Dickson {itee Sands), who died 31 January, 1850. Stone in Lower Gran-
ville churchyard ; m. (2) Elizabeth Shaw Kennedy. Children : Richard^
(who married and left two children, Jane, E.°, and one other), Martha,
Edith^ who m. Edward Lefferts? (James Townsend*, James^, Stephen*),
and has two children living — James Townsend and Hilda A. — and John

Jane^, b. at Granville, N. S. , 14 July, 1786, m. at Granville, 3 May,

1810, to Timothy Ruggles, b. in Massachusetts, 7 March, 1776, a grand-
son of General Timothy Ruggles; went to Nova Scotia in 1795, was
elected to House of Assemb.y lor Township of Granville in 18 18, and
served until his death, 21 February, 1831. Their children were:

(a) Jane Rapalje", b. 22 July, 181 2, m. to Abel Sands of St. John,
N. B., merchant.

(b) Harriet', b. 16 Aug., iSi.;, m. a Mr. Bartlett of Halifax, N. S.,
by whom she had one child, Eli;iabeth J., who married (i) William Hazen,
of Loyalist descent, of St. John, N. B, civil engineer, (2) William J.
Starr, of Halifax, N. S. Died at St. John, N. B.

(c) Armanilla'', b. 17 January, 1816, died 23 Oct., 1831, at St. John,
N. B.

(d) Timothy Dwight^ b. 20 Dec, 1818, m. 12 July, 1842, Havilah Jane
Thorne' (Stephen Sneden*, James^, Stephen"). Mr. Ruggles resides at
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, and is a leading lawyer and banker of Annap-
olis County.


Timothy Dwighi^. Stephen Sneden^, Edwin^, Anna^, Harry^, Charles^,
and Fa7vvf. Fanny is dead.

(e) Edward Thorne', b. 19 Oct., 1820. Dead.

(f) Stephen Thorne', b. 18 February, 1833. Dead.

178 Stephen Thome, the Loyalist, and his Descendants. [Oct.,

Fc]?ni/y of Stephefi^, Son of Stephen'^.

Stephen^ (Stepheir', Joseph^, Joseph''), William', b. 1750 (probably),
bap. 29 July, 1756. He did not go to Nova Scotia. There was a Stephen,
Jr., /ro^?(5/)' this Stephen, licensed to marry Sarah Piatt, 14 Oct., 1773.
[A Stephen, Jr., was licensed to marry Sarah Kippin, 23 Feby., 1779.
These may have been the first and second marriages of Stephen^ son of
Stephen**, above.] A Stephen Thorne d. in New York City, 23 Oct.,
1 8 14, aged 64, of typhoid pneumonia, and was buried in Trinity church-
yard. Sarah, his wife, d. in John Street 17 Dec, 1826, "of old age,"
aged 74, and is likewise buried in Trinity churchyard, but whether it is
this Stephen or not I do not certainly know.

Stephen^, son of Stephen", had



William K.

Sally, m. to Richard Hatfield.*

foseph^. Son of Stephen^.

Joseph'"^ (Stephen'', Joseph^, Joseph% William'). Like his brother
Stephen, Joseph remained in New York. It is said that he was a
physician, and that he died unmarried.

Faynily of Philip'^, Sort of Stephen\

Philip^ (Stephen'', Joseph^ Joseph-, William'), bap. 3 March, 1759,
m. in Wilmot, Nova Scotia, Miss Woodberry, and was buried at Wilmot,
N. S. Children, Edward^, Richard^ Woodberry*, and others. Wood-
berry was a physician.

Family of Richat-d", Son of Stephen"".

Richard'', bap. 3 March, 1759 (Stephen-', Joseph', Joseph^, William'),
m. Ann Williams of Digby, Nova Scotia, and died at the age of 71, cii'ca.
The stone in the Lower Granville churchyard is weather-worn and indis-
tinct. He left one son, William*, who married and had four children :
Richard^ Eugenia^, Eliza'', and Frederick Williams'.

Fa?nil\> of [ames^. Son of Stephen^.

James^ (Stephen'', Josephs. Joseph^ William', ), b. 2 July, 1767, bap.
2 August, 1767, died 15 July, 1819, aged 52 years. Stone in Lower
Granville churchyard. He m. in Nova Scotia, 22 INIarch, 1792, Anna
Sneden, daughter of Stephen Sneden, a Loyalist, and his wife Margaret
(Townsend), b. 22 August, 1774, d. 21 Sept., 1855, i" her 8ist year.
Stone in Lower Granville churchyard. Stephen Sneden's mother was a
Ward, of Ward's Island. Margaret Townsend, daughter of John, first
of East Chester, then of West Chester (b. 171 2, m. in 1739, Anne
Gedney, d. in 1787, and is buried in St. Paul's churchyard, East Chester),

* In April, iSio, in Flusliint^, Ricli.aril Hatfield receivec' 65 votes for the Legislature.

1891.] Stephen Thome, the Loyalist, and his Descendants. 170

was one of eight children. She had a sister Martha, m. to Isaac Ward in
1773, and d. in 1825. Her nephew was John, son of Daniel Townsend,
b. 1779, for 43 years a warden of St. Paul's Church, East Chester ; elect-
ed in 18 16 a member of the Assembly, a member of the last Council of
Appointment that sat in the State, later Sheriff, and d. in 1849. Margaret
herself was m. to Stephen Sneden of West Chester in 1763. Hetty, a
daughter of Stephen and Margaret Sneden, was m. in West Chester to
Stephen Pell of Pelharii Manor, a descendant of Sir John Pell, second Lord
of the Manor. They did not go to Nova Scotia. ( This Townsend family
is descended from John, one of the three brothers who came from Eng-
land to Long IslantJ.)


Margaret Anna^ b. 20 May, 1793,
Stephen Sneden*, b. 28 June, 1795.
Jane®, b. 9 August, 1797.
James*, b. 28 Mav, 1800, d. in infancy.
Mary*, b. 21 Sept'., 1801.
Sybil*, b, 25 April, 1804.
Edward Lefferts*, b. 9 Sept., 1807.
Sarah Hester*, b. 10 Feby., iSio.
Richard Ward*, b. 10. Feby., 18 12.
James Townsend', b. 30 May, 16 15.

Of these daughters Margaret Anna'' was m. in Granville to John Mc-
Call, to whom she bore several children. She lived in Lower Granville.
Jane^ was m. 21 January, 1820, to James Hall,b. Feby., 1795, d. 19 Sept.,
1834, brother of Mehitable, wife of Stephen Sneden Thorne*. She d. in
St. John, N. B., 24 Nov., 1885. Her children were : (a) James Thorne,
m. 29 August, 1850, Anna de Forest, of St. John, and d. in St. John, 5
Jany., 1867 ; (b) David Harris, b. 5 March, 1824, m. 11 May, 1848, Susan
Mary Gove, daughter of Jeremiah, of St. John ; (c) Stephen Sneden,
m. IT Sept., 1851, Havilah Shaw Fellows; (d) Anna Maria, m. 11 Sept.,
1850, to George Sylvester de Forest, of St. John. Mary* was m. to Joseph
Shaw of Granville, and had children : (a) Joseph, (b) Moses, (c) Phebe,
m. to John J. James of Richibucto, N. B., barrister, (d) Sarah Jane, m.

to Mathewson of Halifax, N. S., (e) Mary, m. first to Dr. T. A. D.

Foster of St. John, second, to Geo. H . 'IVueman, of St. John, (( ) Sybil, m.

to Capt. Vibert, (g) Margaret, m. to Joseph Salter, (h) Letitia, m. to

Bowles, of Ottawa ; (i) James. Sybtl^ was m. first to Capt. Moses Hall,
of Granville, and had one child, Elizabeth Prichard, b. 5 Feby., 1831, m.
to John H. Foster, of St. John. Sybil* was m. second, 23 April, 1834, in
Granville, to Edward Thomas Knowles, b. 5 Jany., 1804', at Windsor,
N. S., to whom she bore : (a) Joseph Shaw, b. 11 Aug., 1835, m. 28
Feby., 1SS7, Emma Mary Noble, of Halifax, (b) Edward Thorne,
b. 14 July, 1837, d. 8 Sept., 1837, (c) Anna Sneden, b. 17 Nov. 1838,
m. 8 Jany., 1S63, to Stephen James King, of St. John. Sarah Hester'^
was m. first, 4 Oct., 1838, to Shadrach Ricketson, of Granville, to whom
she bore one child : Harriet Anna, b. 8 July, 1839, m. 29 July, 1863, to
Rev. Fletcher Hayward Wilson Pickles. Shadrach Ricketson, d. 7 June,
1840, and Sarah Hester was m. second, 12 Oct., 1S56, to Henry Blakslee,
of Bear River, N. S., where she is buried.

.^^ ^. ' '^

l8o Stephett Thome, the Loyalist, and his Descendants. [Oct.,


Family of Stephen Sneden*, son of fames'^, son of Stephen*.

Stephen Sneden', b.28 June, 1795, "^' ^i December, 1818, Mehitable
Paton Hall, b, 11 June, 1797, d. 13 November, 1882, daughter of James
and Mary Hall, of Granville. He died 29 December, 1874. Both are
buried in Halifax.


James Hall^, 28 Sept., 1818.
Stephen?, b. 18 July, 1821.
Havilah Jane% b. 18 April, 1823.
Anna Sneden?, b. 15 July, 1825.

Of these four children, James Hall'', m. 13 October, 1847, Mary
Piper Robinson, daughter of Dr. Silas and Rhoda (Burgess) Piper, and d.
8 May, 18S7. Children : Lydia Ann, b. 1847, "^- John B. Gray, and d.
8 August, 1877, leaving one daughter. James Hall, b. 6 Feby., 1850,
m. Jessie, daughter of Charles Robson, and d. 23 Oct., 1887. Stephen
Sneden, b. 31 Dec, 1851, m. 28 April, 1891, Ada Sayre Harrison.
Edward Lefferts, b. — , m. Jessie, daughter of James McNab. Living-
ston Morse, d. young. Sancton, d. }'Oung. Sarah Fra?tces Almon, b.
10 3»Iarch, 1863. Augusta Billing, b. 26 January, 1866, m. 16 June,
1887, to Leslie Seymour Eaton. Stephen^, m. 18 Sept., 1843, Lydia
Ann, b. Nov. 10, 1823, daughter of George A. and Ann (Shaw) Lockhart.
Children : Annie Lockhart, b. 18 July, 1844. Charles Sturgis, b, 13 Oct.,
1S45. Stephen Sneden, b. 11 June, 1847, Gcorgina, b. 21 Sept., 1849.
fames Edward, h. 6 May, 185 1. Cordelia Swinburne, b. 5 April, 1853.
Grace Irene, b. 14 Oct., 1855. Frances Lavinia Sanford, b. 3 July, 1858.
George A., b. 19 Feby., i860. Albion Farris,h. 17 Dec, 1861. Rich-
ard Hamilton, b. — . Havilah Jane', m. 12 July, 1842, to Timothy Dwight
Ruggles, son of Timothy Dwight and Jane" (Thorne) Ruggles. Chil-
dren : Timothy Dwight, m. Emma Morse. Stephen Sneden. Edwin, m.
(i) Annie Wheelocu, daughter of Joseph, (2) Minnie Fitz Randolph, dau.
of Charles. Anna, m. Arthur Johnston, son of Judge James Johnston.

Harry, m. Augusta Taylor. Charles, m. Gibson. Fannie. Anna

Sneden', m. 6 June, 1S50, to Dr. Lewis Johnston, son of Dr. Lewis, and
nephew of Judge James William Johnston. Children : Florence, m. Ed-
win Gilpin. Fannie, m. Partridge. Minnie.

Stepiien Sneden Thorne" resided in Bridgetown. He was elected to
the House of Assembly for Granville, in 1836, and served until 1854 when
he resigned. During a portion of his 18 years of public service as a
Representative, he was a member of the Government as Chairman of the
Board of Public Works. He died at Bridgetown, but was buried at
Camp Hill Cemetery in Halifax, where there are grave-stones for both
him and his wife. From the election of Edward' in 1799 until the res-
ignation of Stephen Sneden" in 1854, with only short intermissions,
members of the Thorne family were continually acting as Representatives
to the Legislature. James Hall' (Stephen Sneden') was graduated B.A.
at Kings College, Windsor, in 1840, admitted to the Bar in 1844, and

1 89 1.] Stephen Thome, the Loyalist, a7id his Descendants. \%\

became Master of the Supreme Court, and Registrar of the Divorce Court.
At the time of Confederation, he held the position of Deputy Provincial
Secretary, and for many years was Chief of the Money-Order Office in
Halifax. Stephen", brother of James Hall,^ lives in Chicago.

Family 0/ Edward Lefferts*, son of James^, son 0/ Stephen*.

Edward Lefferts*, b, 9 Sept., 1807, m. 5 July, 1835, Susan Scovil,
(of Loyalist descent), b. 3 Nov., 1816 ; still living in 18S9. He was for
many years Chai/man of the Customs' Appraisers in St. John. He died


Mary Lucretia^, b. 20 April, 1836.
William Henry?, b. 12 Sept., 1844.
Daniel Scovil?, b. 26 Feby., 1848.
Susan Louise?, b. 15 March, 1854.
Arthur Townsend?, b. 19 April, 1859.

Of these daughters : Susan Louise was m. to Legh Richmond Harri-
son, lawyer, of St. John, of Lo\alist descent.

Family 0/ Richard Ward^, son o/James^, son of Stephen''.

Richard Ward*, b. 10 February, 181 2, removed in 1833 from Gran-
ville, N. S. , to St. John, N. B., where he was for many years engaged
in a wholesale and retail flour business, in partnership with Edward T.
Knowles, the firm being known as " Knowles & Thorne. " He is at
present Clerk of the Board of Health of St. John. He m. 4 IMay, 1842,
Catherine Alder Hennigar, b. 25 April, 1823, daughter of Henry Henni-
gar, late of the Ordnance Department of Her Majesty's Forces at St.
John, and his wife Ann Spurr, daughter of Abraham Spurr of Annapolis,
N. S. [He d. 16 ^lay, 1891, while this article was going through the
press, it is by his careful research that many of the facts here given
have been obtained.]


Richard Ward?, Jr., b. 6 July, 1843, m. 14 Sept., 1881, Mary Ada
Chapman, daughter of IMartin Chapman, of Point de Bute, N. B. They
have one child, Nellie Keilor, b. 23 August. 1882. He is with Clarke,
Kerr k Thorne, hardware dealers, St. John, N. B.

Henry Hennigar?, b. 16 Nov., 1844, d. — Aug., 1845.

Stephen Sneden?, b. 11 May, 1846, m. 4 Sept., 1883, Alice Bertha
Lowenspn, daughter of Captain Richard Lowenson, ship-owner, of Am-
herst, Nova Scotia. He is of the firm of Thorne Brothers, hatters, St.
John, N. B.

James LefFerts?. b. 5 December, 1847, m. 17 June, 1878, Amelia
Fieelove Capers, daughter of Judge Le Grand G. Capers, of the Florida
Courts (b. 15 Sept., 1808, d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., 29 January, 1868).
They have one child, Githerine Thorne Capers, b. 9 May, 1884. He
is also of the firm of Thorne Bros.

1 82 Stephen Thortie, the Loyalist, and his Descendants. [Oct.,

. Kate Ellen% b. 29 Ma_v, 1849, m. — Sept., 1879, William F. Flem-
ing, now of Boston, Mass.

Anna Sibell', b. 11 December, 185 1, m. 21 May, 1874, Robert
Chestnut Thorne, son of Henry John Thorne, late of Fredericton, N.B.,
postmaster, Mayor of St. John, (formerly of Plymouth, England), and
his wife, Agnes (Chestnut). Children : Robert Burpee, b. 3 April, 1875.
Edna Louise, b. 24 August, 1876. Helen Capers, b. 15 March, 1878.
Henry John, b. 23 November, 1879. Jatiet Lowenson, b. 27 June, 1881.
Percy Chestnut, b. 28 August, 1882. Anna Maud, b. 10 September,
1884, Richard Ward, b. 13 January, 1887.

Mary Hennigar", b. 30 September, 1S53, m. 3 July, 188S, Edward
Thomas Chesley Knowles*, b. 26 January, 1850 ; son of Edward Thomas
Knowles-"" (Henry-, Henry'), and his wife, Phoebe Jane^ (Chesley), b.
21 April, 1821 ; daughter of Samuel Chesley^ ( b. 4 April, 1762, d. 17
November, 1853) ; the first English male child born in the township of
Granville, N. S. His father, Sam.uel Chesley', fought at the siege of
Louisburg, and after the war was granted lands in Granville, N. S. Mr.
E. T. C. Knowles practices law in St. John, N. B.

Ada Louise Sancton^ b. 31 ^August, 1859, ™- 7 J"ne, 1881, Peter
Wellington Snider, b. 14 July, 1854 ; son of Samuel Snider, of Brantford,
Ontario. Mr. P. W. Snider is Superintendent of the Canada Pacific Rail-
way Telegraph Service at St. John, N. B.

Harriet Prichard', b. 17 February, 1861.

Family of James Townsend^, son of James'^, son 0/ Stephen''.

James Towksend*, b. 30 May, 1815, m. 11 April, 1839, Eliza Rob-
blee, b. 9 July, 18 19.


James Hall', b. 14 February, 1841, m. Lydia Worster, daughter of
John Worster, of Granville, N. S,

Mary Emily7, b. 10 March, 1843.

Anna Sneden', b. 12 May, 1845, "^^ Benjamin Condon, of Berwick,
King's Co., Nova Scotia, and has several children.

Joseph Reed', b. 3 October, 1847, m. Blanche Pickup, daughter of
Samuel Pickup, of Granville, N. S., d. 15 July, i860.

Frederick Williams'', b. 26 August, 1851, m. Emma Croscup, and has
one child.

Edward Leff"erts', b. 31 December, 1853, m. Martha Edith^ daugh-
ter of Abraham Bogart Thome' (Edward*, James"^, Stephen-*), and has
two children : James Townsend 2iW^ Hilda A.

Sybil Shaw', b. 18 January, 1855, d. 15 July, i860.
. Stephen Ernest', b. 2 July, i860.

1 89 1.] Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. 18 "J

CITY OF NEW YORK.— Baptisms.

(Continued from Vol. XXII., p. 148, of The Record.)

A° 1735.

Mar. 5.





Abraham Andries-
zen, Elisabeth

Cornelis Tiirk,Catha-
rina v, Tilbiirg.

R u 1 a r d Norwood,
Maria Kool.

Waliher Heyer, Jen-
nek e Van Vorst.

16. Philip INIelsbag.
Catliarina Cloiiw-

19. Gerard Beck man,
Catharina Provoost.
Willem 't Swansich,
Hester Van Nor-
Gerardus Harden-
b r o e k , Heiltje

23. Laiirens Lammerdze,
Lea Bras.

Abraham Kip, IMaria
Vanden Berg.

Jacobiis Pieter

Snyder, Elisabeth

26. Gysbert Van Deusen,

A n n e t j e Ten

30. Christiaan Hertel,

Annatje Koster.

2 . B a r t h o 1 o m e I'l s

Schaats, J a c o b a

7. Wynant Van Zant,

Catharina Ten

13. Thomas Bayux,

Jxinior, Sara






Nicolaus Soefman, Wil-
lemtje Buys, z. h. v.

Johannes de Graaf,

Claasje Van Schayk, z.

h. V.
Vanderklyf. Gerrit Rottery, Margareta

Vanderklyf, Wed v.

Gerrit Rottery.
Catharina. Victoor Heyer, Jannetje

Van Gelder, z. h. v.
Petrus. Willem Corceliiis, Maria

Clouwryn, j. d.

Magdalena. Willem Beekman, Catha-
rina de Lanoy, z. h. v.

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