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Obadiah settled in Boston, and Fldward on L I. It is possible that
Smiths had some of the family traditions mixed. (Mr. Justus A." Griffin is
told that there are many descendants of Edward^ in Dutchess Co., and
along the Hudson River, and in New York City, but has not yet suc-
ceeded in getting the address of one of them. They should at once cor-
respond with Mr. Justus A. Griffin, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.) The
name of the wife of Edward"" Griffin is not given. He had at least 5 sons :

+ 9 Edward\ b. 1708.

10 James"*, supposed to have d. in Pennsylvania, where he commanded
a garrison.

IQ4 Jasper Griffin of Sou/hold, N. V. [Oct.,

11 Joseph^, settled in Dutchess Co., N. Y., where he d. at an advanced

age, leaving numerous descendants, some of whom emi-
grated to Canada, soon after the Revolution.

12 Jonathan^, settled at White Plains near New York- City, and d.

there ; had no children of his own, but adopted Jonathan
Griffin Tompkins, b. 1737, revolutionary patriot (father of
Gov. Daniel D. Tompkins, of New York), to whom he be-
queathed his large properly.

13 Youngest son^ of Edward", of whom nothing is known, not even

his name.


JASPER^ GRIFFIN (Jasper'), b. at Southold ab. 1675, farmer; after
his father's decease, 171 8, he sold his share of the estate, at Southold,
N. Y., to his brother Edward ; removed to Lyme, Conn,, and there pur-
chased a tract of land. He lived to be more than 90 years old ; m.
Apr. 29, 1696, Ruth Peck, b. at Lyme, Aug. 19, 1676, dau. of Joseph
Peck, son of Deacon William Peck, of New Haven. Had issue :

14 Jasper^, b. Jan. 28, 1698, m. Mary Reed, of Lyme, and left de-


15 Hannah^, b. 1700.

+ 16 Lemuel^, b. 1704, at Southold, N. Y.

17 Nathan^ Griffin.

18 Joseph^ Griffin,

EPWARD3 GRIFFIN (Edward= PJasper'), b. 1708, removed from
Long Island, date unknown, but supposed shortly before the Revolu-
tionary w^ar, as he is reported to have said : ''There will be w^ar, and the
British will land here, so we will remove " ; settled first at White Plains
with his brother Jonathan, but afterwards located at Nine Partners,

Dutchess Co., N. Y., where he d. in 1785 ; m. Miss Taylor ; had

issue :

+ 19 Richard'*, b. June 22, 1732.

20 Bridget*, b. March 29, 1734. ) The descendants of these are

21 Susannah'', b. July 24, 1736. > located in Nova Scotia, N. B., and

22 Isaiah'*, b. July 14, 1738. ) Ontario.

23 Thomas*, b. Feb. 6, 1741, was an officer in the British Army in

Nova Scotia, where he d. ; some of his descendants are still
in N. S.

24 Obadiah'', b. Mar. 9, 1743, removed to Canada 1812, and settled

in Western Ontario, where he d.

25 Amy^, b. March 24, 1746. "^

« 't\t^'^ ' 1 u tvt"^'^^' ' • The descendants of these

27 MARIAN4, b May 3, 1749. \^^,,^^^ ;„ tHe Hudson Val-

28 Elizabeth b. December 25, 1752. f New York State, etc.

29 Gershom'*, b. April i, 1755. I

30 Jonathan'*, b. May 11, 1757. j

1 891.] Jasper Griffin of Sottthold, N. V. ige


LEMUED GRIFFIN (JaspeI•^ Jasper'), b. at Southold 1704 ; farmer,
m. Phcebe Comstock, who was probably of Lyme, Conn., a woman of
rare grace and artistic taste. Their sons were :
+ 31 Georoe", b. July 10, 1734, East Haddam, Conn.

32 Lemuel"* Griffin.


RICHARD* GRIFFIN- (I^dward^ Eduard=}, b. June 22. 1732, emi-
grated to Canada in 178$ with 11 of his 12 children, settled in Grimsby
tp., Lincoln Co. (in what was then called Niagara District), Ontario, d.
there in 1794, m. .Mary Smith, b. in Connecticut, a dau. of Judge Abra-
ham Smith, a judge in New York. They had issue :

33 Amelia^, b. in 1758," m. Richard Slater.

34 Akrahams, b. Apr. 16, 1760, soldier war 18 12, d. May 14, 1818.

35 Bethiahs, b. 1762, m. firstly, S. Hill, son of Capt. Hill, secondly,

Dr. Myers.

36 Edward^, b. 1764, a soldier in the war of 1812, d. at Smithville,

Out.. .Sep. 13, 1862.

37 Nathaniels, \)^ 1766, was a soldier in the war of 1S12.

38 Marian^, b. 1768, married a Mr. Meredith.

39 Isaiah^, b. Apr. 24. 1771, was a soldier in the war of 1812, d. at

Walerdown, Ont., Apr. 12, 1865.
+ 40 Smith^, b. August 9, 1772. ""

41 Jonathans, b. 1774, soldier, d. on the field, some time during the

war of 18 1 2-14.

42 Elizabeth^, b. 177^.

43 Marys, b. 1778, d. in 1880 in her 103d year, m. Isaac Wardle.

44 Richard^, b. 1780, d. at Smithville, Ont., 1S07.


GEORGE* GRIFFIN (Lemuel\ Jasper^ Jasper'), b. at East Had-
dam, Conn., July 10, 1734; lived at E. Haddam, farmer. "George
Griffin was a man of strong mental ability, of rare judgment, and decided
character. He endeavored to develop the mental powers of his children,
by giving them subjects to write upon, and not infrequently required
from them poetical effusions." — From Sprague's Memoirs of Rev.
Edward Dorr Griffin. He d. Aug. 6, 1814; both he and his wife are
buried in the Old Cemetery at North Lyme, New London Co., Conn. He
married March 9, 1762, Eve Dorr, b. at Lyme, Conn., March 4, 1733,
d. Apr. 3, 1S14, a lady of much natural artistic talent and skill ; though
untaught she painted landscapes and decorated her home with tapestry
woven by her own hands ; she was dau. of Edmund Dorr* and ^lary Gris-
wold, the dau. of Matthew Griswold, f of Lyme, and Phebe Hyde, dau. of

* Edmund^ Dorr, b. at Roxbury, Mass., Oct. 16, 1692, a man of mind and in-
donii'able perseverance, had a lengthy eccle>iastical controversy with Rev, Jonathan
Parsons, of Lyme ; son" of Edward' Dorr, of Roxbury, and Elizabeth Hawley, dau. of
Thomas Hawley, of Roxb., by second wife, Mrs. Dorothy (Harbottle) Lamb, wid. of
Thomas Lamb, of R.

•I- ^L^tthew3 Griswold, son of Matthew* Griswold, of Windsor, Conn., 1639, and
Ann Wolcolt ; son of George' Griswold of Kenilworih, Eng. Ann'? Wolcott, the dau.




106 Jasper Griffin 0/ Southold, N. Y. [Oct.,

Samuel Hyde* and Jane Lee, the dau. of Thomas Lee and Brown.

George^ Griffin had issue :

45 ]\Iarv5, b. June 15, 1763. m. lier third cousin Nathan Hibbert

Jeweit, son of David Jewett and Sarah Selden, of East Had-
dain ; descendants in N. V., Conn., etc.

46 Livias, b. Oct. 12, 1764, m. Sept. 26, 1791, Barzilla Beckwith, son

of Barzilla Beckwith and Mary Butler, of E.. Had., the son of
Rev. George Beckwith, of N. Lyme, a descendant of Matthew
Beckwith, b. in Eng., 1610, of New London, 1652, Hart-
ford and Lyme. Their descendants are numerous.

47 Col. JosiAH^, b. June 7, 1766, col. of militia, judge of the county

court, member of Conn, legislature, lived and d. at East
Haddam, m. Feb. 21, 1791, Dorothy Gates, b. June 6,
1767, dau. of Timothy Gates and Hannah Percival, of E.
Haddam. Descendants still reside at E. Haddam.

48 Phoebe^, b. May 4, 1768, d. Nov. 25, 1841, m. Nov. 25, 1794,

her third cousin Joseph Lord, b. June 3, 1757, d. March
15, 181 2, son of Capt. Enoch Lord and Hepsibah Marvin
of Lyme, the dau. of Joseph Marvin and Jane Lay. Capt.
Enoch Lord, the son of Richard Lord (son of Lieut.
Richard Lord, of Lyme) and Elizabeth Lynde, dau. of
Nathaniel Lynde and Susannah Willoughby, of Saybrook,
Conn. They had several cliildren, of whom only one :
Phcebt^ ■ Lord, who m. Daniel Noyes, of Stonington and
Lyme, left descendants.
+ 49 Edward Dorr^, b. January 6, 1770.

50 Lucy5, b. March 21, 1773, d. Dec. 9, 1852, m. Jan. 14,. 1806,

Rev. Elijah Gardner Welles, b. at New Hartford, Litch-
field Co., Conn., Feb. 3, 1780; many descendants in St.
Louis, Mo., and Western cities.

51 Elizabeth^, b. Feb. 23, 1775, d. March 12, 1847, m. firstly, in

1800, Montgomery Austin, b. 177S, d. in 1808, son of
Judge Aaron Austin, of Litchfield Co., Conn., and Esther
Kellogg, of New Hartford. She m. secondly, in 1811,
Rev. John Wilder, b. 1757, of Attleborough, Bristol Co.,
Mass., d. Feb. 9, 1836. Had issue by both marriages;
descendants live in Mass., Ohio, etc,
+ 52 George^, b. Jan. 14, 1778, at East Haddam, Conn.


Capt. and Rev. SMITH^ GRIFFIN (Richard* Edward^ Edward^),
b. at Nine Partners, or Partures, Dutchess co., N. Y. , Aug. 9, 1772,

of Henry'6 (John's, Thomasi4, Thonias'B, William'^ William", Rogei'°, Jolin9, John^,
Tlionias7, Sir John^, of WoJcott, Kng., 13S2, ihe grantee of the Arms : Cross with
fleur-de-lis — one of the very few coats that an American family is legally entitled to
use ; Johns, Sir Philip'*, Roger^, Jerean=, Sir John') Wolcott, ]>ap. Lydiard, Somer-
setshire, Eng., 1578, of Dorchester and Windsor, and Elizabetli Saunders, dau. of
Thomas Saunders.

* SamueP Hyde, ancestor of Ex-Pres. Grover Cleveland, the great grandson of
Rev. Aaron Cleveland and his first wife Abiahs (James* m. Sarah Marshall, dau. of
Abiel Marshall and Abiah Hough, Johns m. Experience Abel, dau. of Caleb Abel,
of Norwich, Conn., and Margaret Post) Hyde, and son of William' Hyde from
Eng., 1633, an original proprietor of Hartford, Conn., 1636, and of Norwich, 1660.

1 8^ I.] Jasper Griffin of Southold, N. Y. inr

emigrated to Canada with his father in 1788, and settled in Grimsby tp.,
Lincoln co., Ont., where the village of Smithville now stands. He made
his home in Smithville during the active years of his life, and carried on
a large mercantile and manufacturing business with branches in othej
villages and towns. Was captain of a militia company during the war of
1 81 2-14, and took part in the battle of Lundy's Lane and other engage-
ments. After the war he was ordained local preacher of the Methodist
Church. Was a Justice of the Peace, and for many years the only Magis-
trate in a large district. For some years he was one of three commis-
sioners appointed to investigate the claims in connection with Welland
Canal ; d. in Brantford tp., Ont., Sept. 28, 1849, "^- firstly, Eleanor Cul-
ver or Colver, she d. 1812, dau. of Ebenezer Culver, Esq., the son of
Rev. Jabez Culver. He m. secondly, June 14, 18 14, Harriet Douglas, a
dau. of Wheeler Douglas, and a cousin of Hon. Stephen Arnold Doug-
las, the great grandson of Benajah Douglas, son of William Douglas
and Sarah Proctor, son of William Douglas and Abiah Hough, son
of William Douglas of Boston, 1640, New London, 1660, and Ann
Marble, dau. of Thomas Marble of Ringstead, I'lng., son of Robert
Douglas, b. 1588, of Scotland. Smith^ Griffin by his first marriage had
issue :
+ 53 Ebexezek Culver^, b. Feb. 16, 1800, at Smithville, Ont.

54 Elizabeth*^, b. Nov. 20, 1801, d. at Sylvania, Lucas co., O., Aug.

25, 1889, m. Rev. Elijah Warren.

55 Mary*, b. Oct. 15, 1S03, d. at Brantford, Ont,, Jan. 29, 1889.

56 Absalom*, b. Dec. 7, 1805, was partner with his brother Ebenezer

C. in building and operating mills, and as merchant; d. at
Watertown, Ont., Apiil, 1863.

57 Henry*, b. Dec. 30, 1807, residing 1891 in Grand Haven, Ottawa

CO., Mich.
By the second marriage there was following issue :

58 Douglas*, b. March 24, 1815, d. 1879.

Minerva*, b. June 4, 18 17, d. 18 17.

59 Alanson^, b. Oct. 15, 1819, living at Brantford.

60 Sutherland*, b. July 9, 1822, living in INIinnesota.

61 Cy'rus R.*, b. May 11, 1824, lives at Brantford.
Martha Ann*, b. June 19, 1826, d. Dec. — 1834.

62 Samuel Stewart*, b. March 2, 1829, ^^^'^^ in New Zealand.
Content*, b. I\Iar. 4, d. Oct., 183 i.

63 Alvln Torry*, b. Dec. 7, 1832, d. June — 1849.

64 Harriet Victoria*, b. July, 1837, d. 1869, m. Mr. Lawrence.


Rev. EDWARD DORR^ GRIFFIN, D.D. (George^ Lemuel^ Jasper
Jasper'), b. Jan. 6, 1770, grad. Yale 1790, Congregational pastoral New
Hariforl, Conn., Newark, N.J., Boston, received D.D. from Union
college 1808, was Bartlett Professor of Pulpit Eloquence at Andover, was
15 years President of Williams college, author of several religious works ;
d. Nov. 8, 1837, m. May 17, 1796, Frances Huntington, b. Coventry,
'i'oUand co., Conn., Sep. 14, 1769. d. July 25, 1837, sister of Gov.
Simuel Huntington, of Ohio, dau. of Rev. Joseph Huntington, niece
and adopted dau. of Gov. Samuel Huntington, of Norwich, Conn, (sons


Jasper Griffin 0/ SoutJiold, N. Y. [Oct.,

of Nathaniel Huntington), and Hannah Devotion, dau. of Rev. Ebenezer
Devotion of Windham, Conn., son of Rev. Ebenezer Devotion of Suffield,
Hartford co., Conn., son of John Devotion and Hannah his uife, son
of Edward Devotion and Mary liis wife of Brookline, Norfolk co. , Mass.,
1645, He had issue :

65 Erances Louisa*, b. April 4, 1801, d. Jan. 11, 1852 ; poetess and

authoress, m. Nov. 20, 1823, Dr. Lyndon A. Smith of
Newark, N. J., and left descendants.

66 Ellen j\L\ria*, b. Jan. 10, 1810, m. Rev, Dr. Robert Crawford,

and left descendants.


GEORGE^ GRIFFIN, LL.D. {George^ Lemuel Jasper^ Jaspei'),
b. at East Haddam, Conn,, Jan. 14, 177S, grad, Yale, 1797, Litchfield
Law School, lawyer, received LL.D. from Columbia college, New York
City, 1837, Began to practice law at Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne co,, Penn.,
and in 1806 removed to the City of New York. He soon took that posi-
tion at the bar which he maintained for more than half a century. In a
speech delivered at the Centennial Anniversary of the Supreme Court,
celebrated at New York, Mr. Justice Field, in speaking of the great New
York lawyers of his own younger days, put the name of Mr. George
Griffin first in the list. After retiring from the bar Mr, Griffin wrote and
published two theological works : The Sufferings of Christ and J he
Gospel its own Advocate. He d. at New York, May 6, 1 860 ; he and his
wife are buried in the Marble Cemetery, New York City. He m, at
Wilkes-Barre, Julys, iSo'j Lydia Butler b. at Wilkes-Barre, Oct. 2, 1783,
d. at New York, May i, 1864, youngest dau, of Col, Zebulon Butler*

*Col. ZebulonS Butler, U. S. A., b. at Lyme, Conn., 1731, an officer in the
French and Indian war, was leader, 1769, of the colony from Connecticut which
settled the Valley of Wyoming, I'enn., was in command of the American forces at
the Massacre of Wyoming ; Col. Z. Butler was by Gen. George Washington put in
command at West Point, N. Y., after the attempted treason of Arnold — see Allen s
Biographical Diclionaiy ; Miner s History of Wyoming. This gallant soldier and
estimaule citizen d. July 28, 1795, interment in tlie graveyard in Wilkes-Barre ; Col.
Butler m. firstly, in Conn., Mi^s Anna Lord ; secondly. Miss Lydia Johnson, dau. of
the first Gospel minister of Wyoming; thirdly, while on duty at West Point, Miss
Phoebe llaight. By the first marriage there was issue :

Gen. Lord4 Builer d., ni. the daughter of Abel Pierce, Esq., and had issue :

Pierce Butler had a fine plantation between Wyoming and Kingston.

JohnS Builer, ChesierS Butler, and Lords Bmler, all active business men of Wilkes-

Rev. Zebulons Butler, Presbyterian pastor. Port Gibson, Miss.^

SylvinaS Butler the eldest dau. d., m. lion. Garrick Mallery.

Ruth AnnS Butler m. Hon. John N. Conyngham, president judge of Wyoming
judicial district.

PhebeS Butler m. Dr. Donalson, rem. to Iowa.

The daughter* of Col. Z. Butler, by his first marriage, m. Col. Roswell Welles, a
lawyer of ability, judge ; one of their daughters : Harriets Welles m. Col.
Cowles of Farmiiigton, Hartford co., Conn.

By the second marriage of Col. Zebulon Butler there was issue :

Capt. Zebulon'' Butler d. in the prime of life ; his numerous and interesting family
are widely scattered.

By the third marriage of Col. Zebulon Butler there was issue of whom the follow-
ing three were living, 1S45 ;

.Steuben* Butler of Wilkes-Barre, editor of the Wyoming HcralJ.

Lydia* Butler, b. Oct. 2, 1783, m. George Griffin ; and Mrs. Ann* Butler Robinson,

1891.] Jasper Griffin of Southold, N. Y. iqq

and his third wife Phoebe Haight of Fishkil!, Dutchess co., N. Y. They
had issue :

67 p-RANXis*, b. Nov. 26, 1802, grad. Yale, 1820; one of the most prom-

inent and popular members of the bar of New York City ;
d. at New York. July 12. 1852, is buried at Greenwood ;
m. Nov. 27, i829,"]\Iary Ichabod Sands, who d. in Dresden,
Germany, March 9, 1888, dau. of Joseph Sands (of the L.
Island Sands family) and Theresa his wife. After decease
of her husband she removed to Dresden, where she pub-
lished for private circulation, 8 Volumes of Travels and
Novels; she founded and endowed liberally an orphan
Asvium at Dresden ; she d. at the house of her youngest
dau., Emily Seaton (Griffin) Von Lengwicke. Descend-
ants live at N. Y. city, Paris, France, etc.

68 Rev. Edmund Dorr* Griffin, b. Sept. 10, 1804 ; grad. Columbia

college, N. Y. city, with the highest honors of his class, at
the age of 17 ; grad. N. Y. Theol. Seminary, 1825 ; Epis-
copal clergyman ; poet ; travelled extensively in Europe.
His head was as classically liandsomc as that of Byron. At
time of his early death he was filling the chair of belles-
lettres at Columbia College; d. at New York, Sept. i,
1830. unmarried.

69 Ellen^ b. Feb. 15, 1807, d. Dec. 9, 1823, unmarried.
Caroline Ann^ b. May 7, 1809, d. Apr. 23, 18 10,

70 George*, b. Feb. 25, 181 1, grad. Williams College, 1832 ; en-

gaged in farming at Kaatskill, N. Y., where he d., 18S0 ; he
m. firstly, Anne Augusta Neilson, she d. March 20, 1841,
dau. of fames Neilson and Malvina Forman of New Bruns-
wick, Middlesex co., N. J. He m. secondly, May 20,
1845, Mary Augusta Cooke, she d. Aug. 19, 1848, dau. of
Judge Apollos Cooke of Kaatskill. He m. thirdly, Oct.
14, 1 85 1, Elizabeth Frances Benson, b. March 2, 1820,
dau. of .Abraham Benson of Fairfield, Conn. His widow
resides, 1891, at Elizabeth, Union co.. N. J. There was
issue by all three marriages.
+ 71 Charles Alexander*, b. Nov. 8, 1814, in New York City.

72 Caroline Lydia*, b. March i, 1820, d. May 10, 1861, unm.

73 Ellen Ann*, b. Feb. 6, 1826, d. Nov. 30, 1831.


EBENEZER culver* GRIFFIN (Smith' Richard^ Edwards Ed-
ward^)- b. at Smithville, Ont., Feb. 16. iSoo ; settled in East Flamboro
tp. , Wentworth Co., Ont., where the village of Waterdown now stands.

whose late husband, John Robinson, Esq., was a direct descendant of the
pilgrim minister. Their only daughter m. Hon. H. B. Wright, Speaker of
the House of Assembly of Penn., and. for many terms, a Rep. in U. S.
Col. Zebulon3 Butler was eldest son of John= Butler of Lyme and Hannah Per-
kins, son of Lieut. William' Butler, b. ab. 1653. from England, of Ipswich. Mass.,
who m. 1675, Sarah. Arms of Butler, or Boteler (Kent, Eng) : Sa. three cups
covered or, within a bordure of the last. Crest — A covered cup or, betw. two wings,
the de-xter or, the other az.

2CO Jasper Griffin of Southold, N, Y. [Oct.,

In 182 1 he purchased 400 acres of land, built a saw mill and a woolen
factory, and, in partnership with his brother Absalom, built a grist mill
and a second saw mill. The two brothers also carried on a mercantile
business. These enterprises built up a thriving village. Like his father
he was, for many years, the only magistrate in his neighborhood, and all
local cases were tried before him. He had the name of being very leni-
ent; he d. at Waterdown, Oct. 15, 1847 ; he m. 1821, Eliza Kent, she d.
Jan. 15, 1848, dau. of William Kent, Esq.,* of Saltfleet tp., Wentworth
Co., Ont. They had issue :

73 James Kent'', b. Feb., 1823, resides in Brooklyn, N. Y.
+ 74 George Douglas', b. Aug. 12, 1824,

75 Rev. William Smith' Griffin, b. 1826, Methodist minister, living

at Stratford, Ont.

76 Dr. Egerton Ryerson'', b. Mar. 17, 1S28, physician, living at

Brantford, Ont.

77 Eleanor Rebecca', b. June i, 1831, m. John Nellis, res. Mt.

Clemens, Macomb Co., Mich.

78 Franklin M.', b. June 10, 1833, became a lawyer, d. at Brant-

ford, Ont., June 4, 1877.

79 Watsox Ebenezer', b. 1835, now a banker in Nevada. Charles',

b. 1837, d. 1841 ; Caroline', b. 1840, d. 1841.

80 Eliza Augusta', b. June i, 1S42, m. Wesley Spokes, res. in An-

caster, Ont.

81 Hervey Augustus', b. April 10, 1S44, now editor of the Cleveland

(Ohio) Leader.


Jasper- Jasper'), b. in the city of New York, Nov. 8, 1814; grad. Williams
Coll. 1833, and at Yale Law School 1835; practiced law in New York
City, living in the later years of his life at New Brighton, Richmond Co.,
Staten Island, N. Y., where he d. Oct. 6, 1859; he m. Oct. 26, 1836,
Pastora Jacoba De Forest, b. at Buenos Ayres, Argentine Republic, South
America, Dec. 30, 1815, youngest dau. of David Curtis De Forest f and

* William Kent, brother to the Countess de Puisage, a noted beauty in the early
days of this century, whose husband, Gen. Count Joseph de Puisage, came to Canada
ill charge of a colony of French gentlemen who settled in Upper Canada, now Ontario,
and induced his broiher-in-law to settle there also. He himself bought, in 1799, Mr.
Sheehan's place on the Niagara River, between Queenstown and the Fort, and had a
house in York, now Toronto. He imported trees and shrubs, and intended to build
a windmill. The Count's gold-mounted sword bears this inscription: "Given by
William Pitt to General Count Joseph de Puisage, 1794, and by him to Mr. William
Kent, 1827."

+ Hon. David Curtis* De Forest, b. at Huntington, Fairfield Co., Conn., in early
life went to South America, was a merchant at Buenos Ayres, where he amassed a
consideraljle fortune. He returned as first Consul General of the Argentine Republic
to the United States in 1818, bringing his family, settled at New Haven, Conn., and
built the house still standing corner of Clnirch and Elm streets. In 1823 he founded
four livings at Yale for the benefit of the De Forest family. He is the donor of the
Dfi Forest Gold Medal, the liighest uiuler-graduaie honor obtainable at the University;
he d. at New Haven, 1823 (Cleorge Butler Grillin ]50ssesses portraits of Hon. David
Curtis* De Forest and wife, jiainted by .S. I'\ B. Morse); son of Benjamins De Forest,
son of Benjamin'' De Forest, son of Davids De Forest, son of Isaac- De Forest, b. at
Leyden, Holland, July 10, 1616, who with his brother Henri came to New Amsterdam



Jasper Griffin 0/ Southold, N. Y.


Julia Wooster, a dau. of Dr. Wooster, of Huntington, and later of New
Haven. INIrs. Pastora J. (De Forest) Griffin resides 1891 at Santa Bar-
bara, Cal. They had issue, all b. in the city of New York :
+ S2 George Butler^ b. September 8, 1840


Caroline LvDIA^

b. Sept. 19, 1S42, M-^'vn''''\^'?-^V'^''*-
^ ^' ^ ' Miss LUen A.' Grilfin re-

EixEN Anne^,

sides at Santa Barbara, Cal., 1S91.
84 Charles De Forest', b. Sept. 17, 1844, d. at Clifton Springs,
Ontario Co., N. Y., July 8, 1863.


GEORGE DOUGLAS' GRIFFIN (Ebenezer Culver* Smiths Richard*
Edwards Edward^), b. Aug. 12, 1824; bought his father's woolen mill, which
he operated till he was burned out in 1850; has since been engaged in
other manufacturing enterprises, anil has done some literary work ; pub-
lished an illustrated temperance papr^r, 1860, published and edited the
Ccinadiati Quarterly RevkcV, 1864-6, and has contributed many articles on
linancial and trade matters to the daily and weekly press of the country;
resides, 1 890-1, at Parkdale, a suburb of Toronto, Ont. ; m. May 30, 1845,
Cynthia A. Williams, dau. of Justus W. Williams,* Esq., J. P., of Oak-
ville, Ont. They had issue :
-1-85 Justus Algnzo*, b. June 6, 1846, at Waterdown, Ont,
Ann Eliza*, b. May 24, (1, 25, 1848.

86 Horatio ^Iilford^, b. April 10, 1849, now a manufacturer, Gait,


87 Emma A.®, b. June 12, 1853.

88 Charles Henry^, b. Jan. 24, 1856, was 18 years in the Solicitor's

Office, G. T. R.,"d. at Belleville, Ont.,'jan. 30, 1889.

89 Ida E.*, b. September 22, 1858.

90 Ebenezer Watson*, b. Nov. 4, i860, now managing editor of

IMontreal Weekly Star and Family Herald ; author of the novel
2 wok. and of many magazine articles (of several in the Maga-
zine 0/ American History). In Feb., 1890, he lectured befcre
the Geographical Society of New York, in Chickering Hall,
a report of the lecture appearing in the Society's Quarterly for
Sept., 1890.

in 1636, and founded Ilailem, N. Y., was magistrate, alderman, great luirgher, and
councillor of the colony ; a weakliy and important citizen, he m. at Harlem, Sarah
de Trieux. who was, like iiinisclf, of a Protestant Walloon family ; he was son of
Jesse' De Forest, b. at Avernes, France, in 1575, who was leader of the first Walloon
colony from Holland, which planted New Amsterdam and Albany, N. V. Recent
investigations in the Dutch archives est,ablish the date of his commission from the
States General, and other particulars, all going to show tliat HE WAS 'ruE FOUNDER
Ob' TllK CiiY OF New VoRlC ; he d. in New Amsterdam in 1625. The ancestry of
Jesse' De Forest has been traced up to the feudal Lords of Forest, and remounts to
the Knight Herbert de Forest, who went with Godfrey de Bouillon to the first cru-

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