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it is becoming better understood, industrious and zealous students are directing their
attention to the reproduction and publication of parish registers. The present vol-
ume is a careful and laborious contribution to this department of genealogical work.
Works of this kind, extending as they do over the years of the great emigrations, are
likely to be useful to Americati genealogists. A slight him, even if it do no more,
may point out the direction in which inquiries should be made.

Quarter Millennial Celebration of the City of Taunton, Massachu-
setts, Tuesday and Wednesday, June 4 and 5, 1889. Published by the City
Government, 18S9.

In this copiously illustrated octavo volume of 426 pages is carefully reproduced
all that was said and done on the first memorial occasion in the history of Taunton.
The celebration was a great success, and the Committee on Publication express the
hope that this well-printed work may suggest to some future historian a more complete
account of ancient Taunton than has yet been written. An index would have added
to the value of this entertaining volume.

The Cosmopolitan. An illustrated monthly magazine. Edited by Joiin Bris-
ben Walker. Vol. X., No. 2. New York.

Under its present proprietors the Cosmopolitan has steadily advanced until
it now takes rank with the Century, Harper s, and Sc^ibner's Magazines. In the
holiday number before us there is an exhaustive and interesting monograph on Field-
Marshal Von Moltke, written by General Wilson, who has the advantage of being a >
friend and correspondent of tlie illustrious German soldier, now in his ninety-first year. I
The article is accompanied by an admirable portrait, and other illustrations. »

The Livingstons of Callendar and their Principal Cadets. A Family
History. By Edward Brockholst Livingston, F. S. A Part II. 1890.

No. IV. Part II., of The Livingstons of Callendar begins with the Scottish
ancestry of the Livingstons and is carried down to Robert I ivingston, third Lord
of the Manor. The work, as in the previous numbers, shows great care in its
compilation. It contains the autographs and seals of the heads of the house in
Scotland, and numerous portraits of the Lords of the Manor of Livingston in this
country. This part closes with a copious appendix E. T.

Genealogies of the Raymond Families of New England. 1630-31 to
1866. Compiled by Samuel Raymond. 8vo, pp. 300. New York. Press of J. J,
Little & Co. 1886.

This work, "The Raymond Genealogy," deserves much praise. It is carefully
arranged and has an excellent index. The author adds a history of the Raymonds
both in England and on the Continent. There is also a number of pages devoted to
the roll of patriots of this family, who served their country in our several wars, a
record of which any family might well be proud. E. i".

The Dows or Dowse Family in America. 1642-1890. Compiled by hzxo
Milton Dows. 8vo, pp. 348. Lowell, Mass., 1890.

It is evident that much time and labor has been spent in collecting the data for
this genealogy. The descent is traced from Lawrence Dows, who came to this
country previous to the year 1642. The work is carefully compiled, well printed, and
has a good index. " The list of those who served in war," from King Philip's War
to those engaged in the late Civil War (some ninety in all) is an interesting feature
of the volume. e- t.

^2 Donations to the Library. [Jan.,

The Bartow Family in England. By the Rev. Evelyn P. Bartow. Provi-
•dence, R. I., 1890. Illustrated.

This work, which completes Mr. Bartow's former volume, does him great credit.
It is the result of much care and study. Pains have been taken to verify his state-
ments. More than half the book consists of original sources of information, wills,
xecords, and the like. It is the work of a careful and accomplished genealogist.


From J. C. Pumpelly. Handbook of the American Revolution, by Justin Winsor.
Boston, 1880 — Life and Times of Alex. Hamilton, by Reithmuller. London, 1864 —
Orators of the American Revolution, by E. L. Magoon. New York, 1848 —
Life of Benedict Arnold, by Geo. Canning Hill. New York, 1884 — The German
Element in the War of Independence, by Geo. \V. Green. New York, 1876 —
Heroes of the American Revolution. Boston, 1855 — Three Americans and Three
Englishmen, by Johnson. London. — Benjamin Franklin, by John Bache McMaster.
New York, 1887— Sketch of J. F. D. Lanier, by F. D. Lanier. New York, 1872—
Sketch of Moses Bigelow, by Sam. Bigelow. Newark, N. J., i88g — Memorial of Joel
Parker, by James Yard. Freehold, N. J., 1889 — Memorial of the Rev. John John-
ston, by James Carnalian. New York, 1856 — Darling Family, by C. W. Darling.
Utica, N. Y. 18S8 — Pioneers of France in the New World, by Parkman. Boston,
1865 — Collection of the Huguenot Society. New York, 1886 — Memoirs of Fveling-
huysen, by T. AY. Chambers. New York, 1863 — Life of Lord Sterling, by Wm. A.
Duer. New York, 1847 — History of New Jeisey, by Mulford. Philadelphia,
1S51 — History of Elizabeth, N. J., by Hatfield. New York, 1868 — History of
Trenton, N. J., by Raum. Trenton, 1871 — Historical Collections of New Jersey.
Newark. 1848 — Reminiscences of New Jersey, by Elmer. Newark, 1872 — History
of Morris County, N. J. New York, 1882 — Our French Allies in the Revolution,
and Other Addresses, by J. C. Pumpelly. Morristown, N. J., 1890.

From Gen. Jas. Grant Wilson. A Maryland Manor. An Address, by the donor.
Baltimore, iSgo — Trow's New York City Directory, 1885 — The Parish Year Book
of St. James' Church. New York, 1889 — Quarter Millennial Celebration of Taunton,
Mass. Published by the city, 1890 — Hawley Cienealogy, by Elias S. Havvley.
Large Folio. Buffalo, N.Y., 1890. Journal of the New York Diocesan Con-
vention of 1890.

From Rufus King. Wilton Registers, by Jos. H. Spencer. Taunton, Eng., 1S90 —
St. Nicholas Club. New York, 1S90 — Genealogia Bedfordiensis, by Fred. A.
Blaydes. London, 1890— Notes and Queries : .Somerset and Dorset, Vol. I., and II.,
by Fred. W^ Weaver. Sherborne, Eng., 1889-90 — History of the town of South-
ampton, Published by the town, 1874.

From Gen. C. W. Darling. New Amsterdam, New Orange, New York, by the
donor. Utica, 1890 — Unpublished Washington Portraits, Proceedings Oneida His-
torical Society. Utica, i88g — Addresses before the Oneida Historical Society.
Utica, 1890 — Address before the Young Men's Christian Association, by Bishop
Potter. Boston, 1890.

From Salem Historical Society, New Jersey. Memoirs of John Jacob Sin-
nickson, M.D. Sketches of Local Usages of Olden Times, by Edw. S. Sharpe,
M.D., Salem, N. J., 1890.

From Ellsworth Eliot, M.D. Life and Character of J. H. Van Der Palm, by
J. P. Westervelt. The Life of Mrs. Marshall O. Roberts, by Joseph P. Thompson.
New York, 1875.

From Thos. C. Cornell. Capt. Thos. Willelt, by the donor. New York, 1890 —
Some of the Beginnings of Westchester Co., by Alonzo B. Cornell. New York,
1 890.

From P. H. Woodward. History of Hartford, Conn., 1890. The History of the
Board of Trade. Hartford, 1890.

From Geo. R. Howe. Memoir of the Rev. John M. Howe, by the donor. New-
ark , 1 890.

From Irving C. Gaylord. The Hamilton-Burr Duel, by the donor. New York,


List of Members.



Charles H. Adams 1888

Daniel Appleton 1887

Edward I). Appleton 1888

William W. Appleton 1 887

Edmund S. F. Arnold, M.D 1S86

William Waldorf Astor, Life 1881

Henry H. Arthur 1889

William Austin 1889

Mrs. Catharine R. Baetjer 1889

James M. Bailey 1870

Theodore M. Banta 1886

Gerard Beekman ... 1890

Samuel P. Bell 1874

George Bliss 1888

Henry Bergh 1888

Rev. Beverley R. Belts 1871

Robert F. Bixby, Life 188 r

Theophylact B. Bleecker r886

Lieut. T. Dix Bolles, U. S. N 1888

Clarence W. Bowen, Life 1888

Cephas Brainerd 1888

Edward Braman 1887

George H. Brewster 1874

A. Norton Brockway, M.D 1876

Arthur Brqoks. D.D 1889

Joseph O. Brown 1872

Samuel Burhans, Jr 1878

Gen. Henry L. Burnett 1889

George H. Butler, M.D 1877

Gen. Daniel Butterfield 1888

Amory S. Carhart, Life 1881

Daniel H. Carpenter 1879

J. Herbert Claiborne, M.D 1SS9

Charles F. Clark 188S

Bayard Clarke, Jr 1880

Coi. Floyd Clarkson 188S

Matthew Clarkson, Life 1869

William Clarkson, Life 1869

Alphonso T. Clearwater 1888

Grover Cleveland, Hon 1885

Alfred R. Conkling 1888

R. Carman Combes 1875

Alonzo B. Cornell. Hon i88i

George F. Cornell 1889

Thomas C. Cornell 1887

S. Victor Constant, Life 1888

Alexander J. Cotheal 1878

Samuel D. Coykendall, Life 1888

C. W. Crispell, M.D 1889

S. Van- Rensselaer Cruger 1888

Cornelius C. Cuyler 1889

William G. Davies 1888

Albert A. Davis, M.D 1890

Maturin L. Delafield, Life 1874

Edward F. De Lancey, Life 1869

George G. De Witt, Jr 1889

Ethan A. Doty 1873

Henry T. Drowne, Life

William M. Dubois

Rev. Arthur W. H. Eaton

Ellsworth Eliot, M.D., Life

Thomas G. Evans

Thomas W. Edsall

Hamilton R. Fairfax

James C. Fargo

Floyd Ferris

Benjamin H. Field, Life

Thomas A. Fletcher, M.D

John D. Flower

Frederick De Peyster Foster

Robert Ludlow Fowler

Thomas Powell Fowler

Frederick K. Gaston

Elbridge T. Gerry, Life

Samuel B. Goodale

James J. Goodwin, Life

Gen. George S. Greene

Isaac J. Greenwood

John P. Haines

Oswald Haldane

Clifford A. Hand

Cien. Benjamin Harrison, Hon

Miss Hasbrook

Bentley D. Hasell, Life

Gen. Rutherford B. Hayes, Hon. . .

Mrs. Henry Herrman, Life .

Benjamin D. Hicks, Life

Cornelius Hoagland, M.D., Life . .
Rev. R. Randall Hoes, U. S. N. . .

Gen. Oliver O. Howard, Hon

William F. Holcombe, M.D

Francis J. Hopson, Jr

Col. Woolsey K. Hopkins

Joseph Jackson Howard, Hon

Collis P. Huntington

Edmund Abdy Hurry

Frederick E. Hyde

George L. Ingraham

John B. Ireland

Miss Elizabeth C. Jay, Life

A. D. L. Jewitt, D.D

Morris K. Jesup

Samuel W\ Johnson

John D. Jones, Life

Rufus Kmg

Charles Kellogg

William P. Ketcham

William E. Ketcham

Augustus S. Kidder, M.D

Beverley O. Kinnear, M.D

Mrs. Martha J. Lamb

Charles L. Lamberton

Isaac Lawrence

Mrs. James K. I^awton, Life















List 0/ Members.

[Jan., 1891.

James R. Learning, M.D 1S89

David Bradley Lee 1888

William H. Lee 1880

Henry W. Leroy 1890

Joseph J. Little 1889

Tohnstone Livingston, Life 1871

Herbert de Nyse Lloyd 1888

Edward L. Ludlow, Life 1881

Oscar K. Lyle 1889

Archdeacon Mackey-Smith 188S

Isaac W. Maclay 1S75

Alrick H. Mann 1881

Henry G. Marquand 1889

Mrs. Margaret Herbert Mather. . . . 1888

Douglas Merritt, Life 1871

William E. Montgomery 1889

Charles B. Moore, Life 1869

William H. H. Moore, Life 1873

J. Pierpont Morgan, Life 1888

Levi P. Morton 1888

Rev. W. R. Mulford, Life 1880

Jose F. de Navarro, Life 1888

Edward Herbert Noyes 1889

Mrs. Thomas J. Owen, Life 1888

Henry D. Paine, M.D 1870

Charles John Palmer, LLon 1S74

Courtlandt Parker 1889

Albert Ross Parsons 1889

Comte de Paris, Hon 1890

George H. Peabody 1881

Howland Pell, Life 1890

John H. Pell 1881

William Poillon 1874

John F. Plummer 1890

John V. L. Pruyn 1881

JosiahC. Punipelly 1890

Samuel S. Purple, M.D., Life 1S69

Gen. J. Meredith Read, Life 1885

Mrs. Sylvanus Reed 1884

Theodore F. Reed 1S89

Lucius Robinson, Hon 1876

Theodore Roosevelt 1881

William P. Robinson 1887

Hiram R. Romeyn 1889

Thomas Rutter 1888

Russell Sage 1888

Robert Schell 1889

Charles A. Schermerhorn i8go

Eugene D. Schieffelin 1888

Mrs. Lucas E. Schoonmaker 1889

Gen. William T. Sherman, Hon... 1888

John Schuyler 1890

Spencer D. Schuyler 1875

Frederick W. Seward 1888

Mrs. Leroy N. Shear , 1870

John Shrady, M.D 1876

Cornelius B. Smith, D.D 1889

Isaac P. Smith 1888

Philip S. Smith 1889

Isaac T. Smith 1888

James H. Smith 1890

George H. Smyth, D.D 1889

Gerald N. Stanton 1890

Byam K. Stevens, Life 1889

Mrs. Edwin A. Stevens 1885

Gen. Daniel E. Sickles 1890

Inglis Stuart 1889

Morris D. Stevens 1881

Daniel T. Stevens 1890

Henry R. Stiles, M. D. , Hon 1869

J. E. Stilwell, M.D 1888

Anson Phelps Stokes 1889

William L. Stone 1889

Gen. William S. Stryker 18S9

Mrs. Robert L. Stuart, Life 1888

John Schureman Sutphin 1889

Satterlee Swartwout 1889

Frederick S. Tallmadge 1888

Frederick D. Thompson, Life 1877

Mrs. Howard Townsend 1888

Randolph W. Townsend 1880

Edward Trenchard 1888

Bayard Tuckerman 1888

Jerris A. Van Auken 1889

Charles M. Vail 1889

Cornelius Vanderbilt . 1881

Warren Van Norden 1889

Kiliaen Van Rensselaer 1890

George Van Siclen 1889

Ehas W. Van Voorhis 1881

Philip R. Voorhees 1890

Gerrit H.Van Wagenen 1876

E. de V. Vermont 1886

Salem H. Wales 1S88

John Brisben Walker 1890

Col. John Ward 1S88

Louis T. Warner, M.D., Life 1869

John A. Weeks 1871

Rev. Theodore W. Welles 1890

Jacob Wendell, Life 1888

John S. White 1888

William T. White, M.D 1886

Octavius A. White, M.D 1890

Gen. Jas. Grant VVilson, Life i88a

Gen. Edward F. Winslow, 'Life 1888

Robert C. Winthrop, Hon 1881

Isaac F. Wood, Life 1870

Mrs. Edward L. Youmans 1888


«^*-son : in the early church records at New Brunswick, N. J., the
name appears without the/>, and also with it.

The parentage of Archibald has not been ascertained. He is sup-
posed to have been of the Perth Amboy line. His name is not found in
the baptismal records of New Brunswick, nor of New York City ; and the
family records of the Elizabcthtown line do not contain his name. He
was of Scotch descent.

He was received, on confession, by the church at N. B., Aug. 10,
1 74 1, and his name recorded Tompson. His wife was received, on
confessic n, Nov. 9, 1750, " Coba Scheurman buys vrouw van Archabel

iSgi.] Archibald Thomson atid Jacoba Schuurman. 5?

tomson." She was child of jacobus Schuurman and Antje Teihune,
and was baptized at N. B., Feb. 2, 1724.

[Archibald m. 2d Elizabeth Stryker. She was sister to Rev. Peter
Stryker. (Man. Ref. Ch., 1879, V- 4'^90 Descendants by this second
marriage will be briefly mentioned here. There were six children :
Archibald A, who lived at N. Brans. ; d. 1S56; m., Mch. 1795, Maria
Bordine : Jane, bap. N. B., Aug. 9, 1761 ; d, unmarried : Jacoba, bap.
N. B., July 16, 1763 ; prob. d. an infant ; Jannetje, bap. Passaic, May 19,
1765 ; Jacobus, bap. May 3, 1767 ; Pieter, bap. May 20,1770. The g.

c. were : (a) George ; bap. N. B. Aug. 6, 1795 ; lived at Changewater,
Sussex Co. ; left two sons : (b) Nicholas, bap. Sept. 30, 1798 ; had a son
Jacques, who prob. d. in the Union Army ; (c) Elizabeth Stryker ; bap.
June 7, 1801 : m. to Coddington ; (d) Catharine Shipman ; bap. July 10,
1803 ; m. to Abram Oakey ; (e) Dinah Anne ; bap. Aug. 21, 1807 ; prob.

d. an infant; (f) Frederick Bordine, who wrote his name Thomson ; a mis-
sionary; m. 1st Catharine Wyckoff ; 2d Emma Cecilia Combe, a Swiss
missionary : their dau. Helen Maria settled in Switzerland ; and another

daughter, Maria, was m. to Rev. Matthew N. Oliver; (g) John ; m.

Osborn ; no cliildren ; lived at Prospect Plains : all children of Archibald

Children of Archibald Thomson and Jacoba Schuurman.

2. John, "Captain." In 1767 he was the only navigator between
Amboy and New York, and he commanded a packet on that route in
1775. He m. June 30, 1766, Jane Stryker, who was dau. of Peter
Strycker and Antje De Riemer, in the judgment of the present writer :
but this parentage is questioned.

Captain John, and his cousin, James Schuurman, whose name has
come down to us with the spelling Schureman, were taken prisoners by
the British at Lawrence's Brook (" Laurens ") and were transferred to New
N'ork, where they were confined in the " sugar-house, " and there they
were befriended by a Tory named Kesick, Kisuyck, or Kissock, for whom
he named one of his children, somewhat to the annoyance of the son,
but the name very justly adhered to him, as a memorial of kindness.
The Captain lived at New Brunswick, where his son John was graduated at
Queens College, 1794, until 1798, when he removed, with his family, to
Charlton, N. Y., and settled down at Fonda's Bush, now BrQadalbin.
His son Peter lived at New Brunswick, subsequently.

3. George ; bap. N. B., July 21, 1751, "Joris" ; m. Mary William-
son, with a license dated Dec. 11, 1778. They lived at Rhode Hall,
near Cranberry, N. J. The wife was dau. of David Williamson and
Eleanor Schuyler, and sister of Eleanor, wife of James Schureman above
mentioned. After George's death, Mary became wife of Thomas

4. AiXNA ; bap. Aug. 12, 1753. 5. Jacoba; bap. Oct. 16, 1757.

Third Generation'.
Children 0/ John Thompson (2) and Jane Stryker.

6. Peter ; bap., N. B., March 22, 1767 ; m. Nov. 5 - ' , Christina,
dau. of Judge Abraham Schuyler and Alechi Voorhees. He lived at New

58 Archibald Tho??ison attd Jacola ScJmnrmati. [April,

Brunswick, althougli it seems that he had gone with his father to New

6a. Margaret (" Thomson ") ; bap. March 5, 1769.

7. Archibald; bap. April 26, 1770; m. Catharine Applegate.

8. Jane ; 2d wife of Rev. Conrad Ten Eyck, whose ist wife was Eliza-
beth Thompson, said to have been daughter of "Judge Thompson," by
whom he had two sons, William and Conrad, and also, prob. , Hendrick
Buyer, bap. Somerville, July 25, 1790.

9. John ; physician ; d. Feb. 1853, 78, 4 ; gr. Queen's College, 1794 ;
m.,^ 1798, Mary Lyell, dau. of a sea captain, I'homas Lyell, g. s. of
David de Lyell, a settler at Perth Am boy, about 1697. Thomas's wife
was a Fanny Mary Thompson, whose mother was prob. a Lorraine.

10. Anne ("Nancy"); d. 1851, 75, 4; m. Nov. 28, 1797, to Rev.
Dr. Matthew La Rue Perrine ; b. Freehold, N. J., May 4, 1777 ; d. at
Auburn, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1836; gr, Princeton, 1797; licensed 1799;
missionary in Penn. and N. Y. ; Pres. ch. at Bottle Hill, N. J., 1802,
and, subsequently, at South Hanover till 181 1; Spring st. ch., N. Y.,
181 1-20; Prof. Eccl. Hist, and Ch. Polity, Auburn SeminarVc, May 2,
1821, till his death, and Prof, of Theology also for two years; D.D.
Alleghany College, 18 18. They had no children, and he educated for
the ministry two of his wife's nephews — Perrine, s. of Dr. John, and
Archibald, s. of George. He bought a farm at Broadalbin, and sold it
to Isaac S. Thompson.

11. Elizabeth (" Betsey ") ; bap. N. B., May 4, 1780 ; m. Jan. 1809
to Peter Van Neste. Most of the descendants write the name without
the final e ; a few write it Van Ness. They lived and died at West Sparta,
N. Y. Van Neste, by a former wife, had a son, Peter P., m. Catharine
Vosburg, and removed to Penn.

12. Isaac Schurman ; b. Oct., bap. Nov. — , 1782, N. B. ; d. Sept.
1848 ; m. Jan. 23, 1806, Wilhelmina Bant. He lived at Broadalbin, on a
farm he had purchased from Dr. Perrine. He was an officer in the war
of 181 2, and was with the forces at Sackett's Harbor. He was known as
" Captain."

13. George ; b. Mch. 17, bap. May 10, 1785 ; d. Oct. 17, 1816 ; m.
Feb. 5, 181 1, Elizabeth ("Betsey") Fonda.

14. Philip Kisuyck ; b. Mch. i, bap. Apl. 8, 1787 ; d. Oberlin,
O., Apl. 1859 ; m. ist. June 30, 181 1, Eunice Gaylord, b. Sept. 20, 1787,
d. Jan. 10, 1826 ; m. 2d, Jan. 29, 1827, her sister Hannah, b. July 27,

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