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GENE/K^tycAi' and Biographical






V% 1898


22f> West 58'rn Street, New York.


Publication Committee :





Arms— King, I n

Pumpelly, 65

Tuthill, 59, in

Vail, 59
Authors— Armstrong, Wm. C, 166

Bailey, Frederic W., 167

Bulloch, Jos. G., 62

Burt, Henry M., 117

Burt, Silas \\\, 1 17

Cannon, Le Grand B., 1 18

Chenoweth, Alex. C, 115

Clark, Thomas M., 118

Connable, Edwards J., cover iv.,3

Crane, Henry, 61

Davis, Albert H., 62

1 )t-xter, Franklin B., 167

Duight, Rev. M. E., cover iv., 3

Eaton, Rev. Arthur W. H., 167

Fassett, John Jr., 115

Field, Osgood, 60

Flint, Martha B., 166

Greene, Francis V.. 117

Guernsey, R. S., 60

Halsey, Edmund D., 119

Halsey, Jacob L., 119

Harwood, Watson H., cover iv., 3

Hassam, John T., 167

Haviland, A. W., 62

Hill, Francis C, 63

Mekeel, Chas. H., 62

Melville, Henry, 115

Montague, Geo. Wm., 60

Munson, Myron A., 115

Newcomb, John B., cover iv., 3

Perkins, Mary E., 118

Pierson, Frederick L., 63

Provost, Andrew J., 63

Robinson, Mrs. Ida M., 63

Sahler, Louis H., 63

Sanborn, Y. C, 117

Searight, Jas. A., 61

Sherrill, Chas. H., 63

Standish, Myles, cover iv., 3

Starr, F. F., 63, 166

Stiles, Henry R., 61

Thomas, Lawrence B., cover iv., 3

Vail, Charles M., 62

Walker, Edwin S., 117

Williamson, James A., 167

Baptisms— Ref. Dutch Church, N. Y.,

27. 73 [ 33. '89
Bible Record— Decker, 131
Smith, 100

Biography — Aycrigg, Benjamin, 98

Brooks, Arthur, 55

Jay, Elizabeth C, 57

Thompson, David G., 57

Voorhees, Philip R., 114

Winslow, Edward, 121
Bird, Dr. M. L. (Contributor), 46
Book Notices — Armstrong Genealogy,

Bellinger Family, 62

Biographical Sketches. Yale Col-

■ lege, 167

Chenoweth Family, 115

Crane Family, 61

Conable Genealogy, cover iv., 3

Cromwell Family, 115

Davis Family, 62

De Haviland Family, 62
•• De Yeiux Family, 62

Dewey Family, 115

Drake, Ancestry of John, cover
iv., 3

Early Connecticut Marriages, 167

Early Days in New England, 117

Early Long Island, 166

Eatons of Elmwood, 167

Fassett Family, 115

Fields of Sowerby, 60

Follett, Dewey, Fasset.Safford, 1 15

Genealogy of Montague, 60

Greene of Drayton, 117

Halsey Family, 119

Harwood Genealogy, cover iv., 3

Hassam Family, 167

Haviland Family. 62

Hill Family, 63

History of Christ Church, Hart-
ford, 1 18

Items of Ancestry, 63

Jackson Family, 63

Maltby Morehouse Famity, 118

Munson Geivalogy, 1 15

N. Y. City in War of [8l2

Provost Family, 63

Safford Family. 115

Sahlers Genealogy, 63

Salem (N. Y.) Book, 115

Sambornes, Eng. and Am.,

Searight Family Record, 61

Sherrill Family, 63

Skiff Family, 63

Standishes of America, cover iv.,3

Stiles Family, 61

Thomas Family Book, cover iv., 3



Index of Subjects.

Book Notices — Vail and Armstrong, 62
Walker Ancestors, 117
Whitney Ancestry, 115
Williamson and Cobb Families,

Williamson Genealogy, 167

Braisier (Brasher) Genealogy, 37
Brooks, Arthur, Obituary, 55

( .mkling Genealogy, 152
Contributors— Bird, Dr. M. L., 46
Greene, Richard H., 35, 37, 106
Greenstreet, James, 47, 81
Hand, C. A., 98
King, Rufus, 52, 95
Leonard, Oliver B., 94
Mersereau, H. L., 90
Owens, Mrs. T. J., 57
Pumpelly, J. C, 65
Raymond, J. L., 100
Thompson, Frederick O., 1
Van Deusen, Robt. T., 45
Ver Planck, Wm. G., 50, 101
Wilson, Gen. J. G., 57
Winslow, Rev. Wm. C, 121
Young, Mrs. Martha I., 208
Cuddeback Genealogy, 145

Decker Bible Record, 131
Decker Genealogy, 131
Diodati Genealogy, 13
I lonations to the Library, 64, 1 19, 168
Drake Genealogy, 176
I Hi Urns Genealogy, 190
I Junham Genealogy, 94
Dutch Reformed Church, N. Y. C,
Baptisms, 27, 73, 133, 189

Eaton's Neck Graveyard, 213

Floyd Genealogy, 5, 6

Gardiner Genealogy, 14
Genealogy — Avery, 65

Brasier (Brasher), 37

Conkling, 152

Cuddeback, 145

Decker, 131

1 l.iti. 13

Drake, 176

1 1" I iois, 190

Dunham, 94

Floyd, 5, 6

Gardiner, 14

Mersereau, 195

Miller, 141

Nicoll, 6, 7

Ogilvie, 35

I'aterson, 65

Pixley, 65

Pruyn, 159, 206

Pumpelly, 65

Genealogy — Rapalye, 35

Seaman, 106

Smith, 3, 4

Stone, 90

Thompson, 1

Troup, 107

Van Borsum, 50, 101

Van Houten, 183

Welles, 172

Willett, 171
Genealogical Society Notices, 113, 168,

216 ; cover, i., 3 ; cover iv., 4
Glen Cove Graveyard, 214
Graveyard Inscriptions-Eaton's Neck,
N. Y., 213

Glen Cove, N. Y., 214

Leghorn, Italy, 214

Stuyvesant, 42

Newburgh, 45

Wallkill, N. Y.,.46
Greene, Richard H. (Contributor), 35,

37. 106
Greenstreet, James (Contributor), 47,

Hance (Reply), 113, 165

Hand, Clifford A. (Contributor), 98

Homestead, Thompson, 7

Welles, 175
Hopewell Council (bas-relief), 65

Illustrations— Aycrigg, Benjamin (Por-
trait), 98
Council at Hopewell, 65
King Arms, in
Paterson, Pixley et al. signatures,

Pumpelly Arms, III
Pumpelly, James (Portrait), 69
Salem, N. Y., 1795, 1 16
Thompson Arms, 1
Thompson, David (Portrait), 13
Thompson, Frederick D. (Por-
trait), 18
Thompson, Jonathan (Portrait), 1
Thompson Farm (Map), 11
Thompson Residence, 7
Tuthill Arms, 1 1 1
Tuthill-Vail Arms, 59
Voorhees, Philip R., (portrait 1. 114
Welles Homestead, 175
Welles, Dr. C. S. (Portrait), 173
Willett, Col. Marinus, (Portrait),

Williams, John (Portrait), 116
Winslow, Edward (Portrait), 121
Winslow, fosiah (Portrait), 121
Wodhull, J. (Signatures), 52, 53
Wodhull, M. (Signature), 53

lay, Elizabeth C. (Obituary), 57

King, Rufus (Contributor), 52, 95

Index of Subjects.


King's College Alumni, 35, 106

Leghorn Grave Yard, 214
Leonard, Oliver B. (Contributor), 94

Map — Thompson Farm Map, 11
Marringes, St. Saviours, Southwark,

47, 81, 161
Married, ODell-FJrquhart, 114
" [ersereau Genealogy, 195
Mersereau, H. L. (Contributor), 90
Miller Genealogy, 141

Newburgh, X. V., Graveyard, 45

X Y. Genealogical and Biog. Record,

113, 168, 216, cover, i., 3
N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Society, 64, 113,

119, 168, 216, cover, i., 3; iv., 4
New Members X. Y. Gen. and Biog.

Society, 113, 168
Xicoll Genealogy, 6, 7
Notes — Ashfield, 164

Ballou, 215

Craven, 164

Genealogical Society, Utah, 1 10

Hassell, 58

Knowlton, 58

Lyon, 58

Marriages, N. Y. Co., 108

Munson Association, no

Quackenbush, 216

Rollo, no

Romine, 108

Schuyler, no

Seaman, 163

Seventh War Veterans, 109

Sherman, 1 10

Smithtown Records, no

Starr, 215

State Records, 109

Tilley, 162, 215

Ulster Co. Records. 109

Van Kessler, 164

Willetts Family, 109, 164

Ogilvie Genealogy, 35

Owens, Mrs. T. J. (Contributor), 57

Parish Register, Thenford, Eng., 52,95
Paterson, Pixley.Pompelly Genealogy,
'■ (65
Pixl ey Signatti,??
Porl raits— Aycrigg, Be^T?.', 1 ?.- " s
|Pumpe)ly. James, 68
Thompson, David, 13
[Thompson, Fred. Diodati, il
Thompson, Jonathan, 1
Voorhees, Philip R., 114 !
Welles, Dr. C. S., 173
IVillett, Col. Marinus, 170 !
Tilliams, John, 116
rinslow, Gov. Edward, I2' (
Tinslow, Gov. Josiah, 121 1

Pruyn Genealogy. 159. 206
Pumpelly, J. C. (Contributor), 65

Queries — Arnold, in
Bacon, 21S
Baird, 217
Balch, 216
Bayard, 216
Bishop, 217
Brooks, 218
Burnet, 59
Cornell, 112, 165
Courtenay, 1 12
Decker, 165
Drake, 165
Dusenberry, 216
Edsall, 58
Finch, 165
Green, 1 12
Harrison, 217
Haughton, 217
Hauxhurst, Pratt 216
Hilton, 217
King, in, 217
Leach, 216
Lester, 1 1 1
Merritt, 59, 112
Molatte, 217
Xash, 217
Pratt, 216
Reeder, 165
Russell, 112, 165
Scank, 217
Sheldon, 216
Stuyvesant, 58
Taylor, 216
Tompkins, 59
Truex. 1 12
Tuthill, 517, 1 1 1
Vail, 59, 165
Warner, 1 1 1
Willett, 112

Rapalje Genealogy, 35
Raymond, J. L. (Contributor), 100
Record Correction, 214
Records — Decker Bible, 131

_-Ref Dutch Ch. X. Y., 27, 73, 133.
Smith Bible, 100
St. Saviour's, Southwark, 47, 81,

Thenford Parish, 52, 95
Replies — Hance, 113, 165
Vail, or Veale, 113, 21S
Wharton, 59
Revolutionary Diary, 209

Salem, X. Y. (View), 116

Signatures — Paterson, Pixley, et al., 72

Pixlev, 72

Wodhull, J., 52, 53

Wodhull, M., 53

Index of Subjects.

Smith Bible Record, ioo

Smith Genealogy, 3, 4

Southwark, St. Saviour, Marriages, 47,

81, 161
Stone Genealogy, go
Stuyvesant, N. Y., Garveyard, 42
Subscribers to the Record, 113, 168,

cover, i., 3
Thenford Parish Records, 52. 95
Thompson, David G. (Obituary), 57
Thompson, F. D. (Contributor), 1
Thompson Genealogy, I
Troup Genealogy, 107

Vail, or Veale, (Reply), 113,218
Van Borsum Genealogy, 50, 101
Van Deusen, Robt. T., 45

Van Houten Genealogy, 183

Ver Planck, Wm. G. (Contributor),

50, 101
View Salem, N. Y., 1795, 116
Voorhees, Philip R. (Obituary), 1 14

Wallkill Graveyard, 46

Welles Genealogy, 172

Willett Genealogy, 171

Wharton (Reply), 59

Wilson, Gen. J. G. (Contributor), 57

Winslow, Gov. Edward, 121

Winslow, Wm. C. (Contributor), 121

Wodhull, Thenford, Eng., 52, 95

Young, Mrs. Martha I. (Contributor),


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vidual, family, local or general history. t


imealojical aittr §%ap§kal gkcurtr.




By Frederick Diodati-Thompson, LL.B.

Arms : Or on a fesse dancette azure three estoiles argent ; on a canton of the sec-
ond the sun in his splendor.

A cubit arm erect or vested gules, cuff argent, holding in the hand five
ears ot wheat proper.

Motto : In lumine lucem.

There is, perhaps, no part of this country where exists at the present
day so much conservatism in all things as on Long Island, and this is
especially true of the easternmost part which is comprised in the countv of
buttolk The people there have always been thought to be "behind 'the
age, they are so loath to change any of their customs or habits ; and
indeed, until a few years ago, when the extravagant period subsequent to
the civil war altered to some extent
their primitive manners, they made no
attempt to keep up with the times.
At many places the shores are now
studded with beautiful cottages for
summer residents, and there have been
erected club-houses for fishing, shoot-
ing, golf, and lawn tennis ; but the
new-comers copy the architecture of
the past, investigate and inform them-
selves concerning the ancient history
and traditions of Long Island, and so
continue the old-fashioned tone and
the true American ideas which have
always existed there. The family
names of the first settlers are still found
in the different villages, and in many
instances the same larms are held by
persons whose ancestors lived there in
the days of William and Mary, two
, . hundred years ago. It is an unusual

feature in this country where so little affection is felt for old homesteads,
or indeed for anything old, for the spirit of progress destrovs landmarks
and obliterates the memories of the past. Suffolk County' possessed in
former times a landed aristocra cy which took a leading part in local affair?.

Revised and corrected from former article in the Record, January, iSor.

2 The Family of Thompson, of the County of Suffolk, N. i". [Jan.,

and certain county families have always been regarded as superior by their
neighbors, owing to their position and education. William Alfred Jones,
in his valuable sketch of Long Island, says : "Suffolk County occupies
nearly two-thirds of Long Island, and is the county of the so-called pine-
barrens and sand, yet abounding in rich necks on both sides ol the island,
and teeming trout streams. It is the county of the great patents of the
Nicolls, the Smiths (of St. George's Manor and of Smithtown), the Gar-
diners (of the Manor of Gardiner's Island), the Floyds (of Mastic), the
Lawrences, the Thompsons (of Sagtikos Patent or Manor), the Lloyds,
and other leading families — estates equal in extent to some of the great
old North River manorial grants ; as, for instance, the Nicoll Patent of
originally one hundred square miles, Richard Smith's Patent of thirty
thousand acres, Fisher's Island (VVinthrop's Manor), Gardiner's Island,
Shelter Island, Manor of Lloyd's Neck, and the Manor of Eaton's
Neck." The Thompsons have been, in local position and permanent
respectability, one of the first families of this country. Their unchanged
relative importance on Long Island, and their personal worth and char-
acter, have always been their chief pride. In the old records they were
invariably designated as Mr., Gentleman, or Esquire, which then was un-
usual and had a special significance. They are descended — according to
the historian of Long Island, Benjamin F. 6 Thompson — from the Rev.
William Thompson, a native of Winwicke, in Lancashire, England, of a
family originally of Northumberland. He was born in 1597, graduated
at Brasenose College, Oxford, 1619, removed to this country 1634, and
died December 10, 1666.

John Thompson,* the ancestor of the Thompsons of the county of Suf-
folk, came to Ashford, Long Island, in 1656, and with Colonel Richard
Woodhull, Colonel Richard Floyd, and others, was one of the fifty-five
original proprietors of the town of Brookhaven. By allotment of land
and by purchase he became the owner of a large amount of real estate,
which, on his death, he divided among his children. He married Han-
nah, daughter of Jonathan Brewster, son of Elder William Brewster,
the most prominent of the band of Pilgrims who came over in the May-
flower, and sister of the Rev. Nathaniel Brewster, B. D. (born about 1620, i
died 1690), afterward the clergyman at Setauket, who graduated at Har-
vard College, 1642, in the first class, and was the first native-born person
graduated in the New World. He went to England and took orders, and
was settled at Alby, in Norfolk, for some years, but in 1662 returned to
America and was minister of the First church in Boston, but settled finally
at Brookhaven. Trinity College, Dublin, conferred on him the degree
« of Bachelor of Divinity. Brewster married Sarah Ludlow, daughter of
the Worshipful Roger Ludlow, -j- a distinguished lawyer and deputy gov-

* Governor Andros. October 9, 1677, sent Mr. John Thompson of Seatalcott
(Setauket) to explore Long Island lor coal and mines. — Documentary Hist, of X. i '..
Vol. XIV., p. 730.

f Roger Ludlow was baptized March 7, 1590. Matriculated Balliol College, Ox-
ford, June 16, 1610. Son of Thomas Ludlow of Dinton, Bayclifie, Maiden Brailey,
Wiltshire, ami Jane, daughter of Thomas Pyle of Kisherton-de la-Mare, Wiltshire.
Had elder brother Gabriel, younger brother George. His mother, Jane Pyle, was
-isier of Sir Gabriel Pyle (Kt.) and aunt of Elizabeth Pyle, wife of Sir Francis l'opham.
Roger Ludlow's father, Thomas, was uncle to Sir Henry Ludlow, M. P., from Wills,
in the Long Parliament of 1640, and great-uncle to Lieutenant-General Edmond Lud-
low the Regicide. Roger Ludlow married the sister of Governor Endicott. She died

1896.] The Family 0/ Thompson, 0/ the County of Suffolk, N. Y. ->

ernor of Massachusetts and Connecticut. His daughter, Hannah Brew-
ster, afterward married her cousin, Samuel "' Thompson.

John Thompson, Esquire, resided near the public green, and was a
refined and scholarly man, and held in high estimation by his fellow-towns-
men, who frequently elected him to responsible town offices. He died
October 14, 1688, leaving three sons, William", Anthony 2 , and Samuel 2 ,
and several daughters, one of whom, Elizabeth 5 , married Job Smith,* son
of Richard Smith, the patentee of Smithtown, who purchased the Indian
grant of Lion Gardiner (Gardiner received this valuable tract of land as
a recompense for having ransomed the daughter of the Sachem Wyan-
dance. The deed to Lion Gardiner is in possession of the Long Island
Historical Society). Smith made other purchases and procured a patent
from Governor Nicolls in 1665, and from Governor Andros in 1677,
and also a release from David Gardiner of the Lordship and Manor of
Gardiner's Island, confirming his father's conveyance.

William 2 Thompson, the eldest son, married Ruth Avery, of Stoning-
ton, Connecticut, where he settled. The other two brothers, Anthony 2 ,
male line extinct, and Samuel 2 , remained at Setauket, but had not many
children, consequently their descendants at the present dav are few.
Patience 3 , daughter of Anthony 2 , married her cousin Timothy Smith, son
of Job, and grandson of Richard the patentee.

Samuel 2 Thompson, the youngest son, born March 4, 166S, was a
farmer. He married Hannah, daughter of the Rev. Nathaniel Brewster,
and widow of Job Muncy. Her mother, as has been stated, was a
daughter of Roger Ludlow, a lawyer of high standing who was the
framer of the first code of laws of the colony of Connecticut. She was

in England. — Burke's Landed Gentry, 7th edition, i., 23S. — Diet, of Nat. Biography,
Macmillan, 1S93, London. — N. E. Hist. Gen. Register, 1SS6, p. 300. — Stiles's
Ancient Windsor. — Sibley's Harvard Graduates.

" His daughter Sarah, who is said to have been distinguished for her literary
acquirements and domestic virtues, married the Rev. Nathaniel Brewster." The
old family Bible of Sarah Ludlow, daughter of Roger Ludlow, who married Rev.
Nathaniel Brewster, B.D., has descended to the Thompson family, and is now the
property of Miss Elizabeth' Thompson, daughter of the late David * Thompson, Esq.

* Elizabeth Smith, daughter of the patentee Richard Smith, and sister of Job
Smith who married Elizabeth* Thompson, daughter of John Thompson, married
(1st) William Lawrence, said to be a native of Great St. Albans, Hertfordshire, Eng-
land, of the Lawrence family of New York, and (2d) his Excellency Captain Philip
Carteret (son of Helier de Carteret of the island of Jersey), who represented his kins-
man Sir George Carteret and Lord Berkeley, the Lords Proprietor. New Jersey was
called so from the fact that Sir George was a native and had been governor of the isl-
and of Jersey, and had held it for King Charles L. it being the last stronghold surren-
dered to Parliament. Elizabethtown was named after Lady Elizabeth, wife to Mr
George Carteret. Joseph Lawrence, son by her first husband of Mrs. Elizabeth,
wife to Captain Philip Carteret, and sister of above-named Job Smith who married
Elizabeth' Thompson, married Mary Towneley, said to be the daughter of Sir Richard
Towneley who was the son of Charles Towneley who fell at Marslon Moors. The
younger sister of Mary Towneley, it is stated, married Baron Howard of Effingham,
afterwards created first Earl of Effingham. Mrs. Elizabeth Carteret left no children
by Philip Carteret.

Deborah, a younger sister of Job Smith who married Elizabeth - Thompson, and
of Mrs. Elizabeth Carteret, married William Lawrence, son by his first wife of Will-
iam Lawrence, the first husband of the said Mrs. Carteret.

The Carterets have always been the family of greatest importance in the island of
Jersey, and descendants still own the Manor of St. Ouen on that island. Elizabeth
i lastle at St. Heliers was named after the same lady as Elizabethtown in New Jersey.

4 The Family of Thompson, of the County of Suffolk, N. Y. [Jan.,

his cousin, born May 19, 1679, and died November 17, 1755. She
received a very superior education for those times.

Samuel' Thompson,* Esquire, was in all respects an exemplary per-
son, a leading individual in the Presbyterian Church, a gentleman of rare
accomplishments, and was said to have been a very handsome man ; he
frequently served in the office of trustee of the town. Mr. Thompson,
with Colonel Henry Smith of St. George's Manor, Colonel Richard Floyd,
Justice Adam Smith, Selah Strong, and Jonathan Owen, were the com-
missioners that had charge of the erection of the new church in 1710.
He died July 14, 1749, leaving two sons, Jonathan 3 and Isaac 3 , and five
daughters: ist, Susannah 3 , born 1707, married Thomas Strong, who
was born June 5, 1708; married about 1730. Their son, Judge Selah
Strong', born December 25, 1737, married November 9, 1760, Anna
Smith, born April 14, 1740, daughter of William Henry Smith f and
Margaret Lloyd. J Mrs. Anna Smith Strong died August 12, 1812, aged
seventy-two. Judge Strong was a delegate to the Provincial Congress in
1775, captain in the army, State Senator, and first Judge of the Court of
Common Pleas of Suffolk County. He died at St. George's Manor,
July 4, r8 1 5, aged seventy-seven.

2d, Mary 3 , who married Daniel Smith.

3d, Deborah 3 , married Arthur Smith, who was an officer during the
Revolutionary war, and was killed.

4th, Ruth 3 , married Thomas Telford, a merchant of importance in
New York.

5th, Sarah 3 , married William 3 Thompson, son of William 2 of Ston-
ington, Conn.

■ Isaac 3 , the youngest son, was lost in a vessel at sea, while on a voyage
of pleasure.

Jonathan 3 , the eldest son, remained at Setauket, and inherited the
valuable real and personal estate of his father. Jonathan 3 aboved named
was born October 25, 1710, and married September 30, 1734, Mary
Woodhull, § born April 11, 1711, daughter of Richard Woodhull, 3d.

•■See will of Samuel 5 Thompson of Brookhaven, Gentleman, 23 April, 1745;
proved n June, 1750; L. 17, p. 200; Surrogate's office, New York City. N. Y.
Biographical and Genealogical Record, vol. xi., page 28. See Strong Genealogy.

\ William Henry Smith was the son of Colonel Henry and Anna Sheppard.
Colonel Henry Smith was the son of Colonel William Smith, often called " Tangier-
Smith." He was born at Newton. Northamptonshire, England, February 2, 1655 ;
appointed by King Charles II., in 1675, Governor of Tangier, Africa, which, with
1; jinliav. was a part of the marriage portion given to Catherine, wife of Charles II., by
the King of Portugal. He came to this country August 6, 16S6, with his family, and
purchased land at Brookhaven, October 22, 16S7. He afterwards bought another
large tract of land, which, together with his original purchase, he erected into a
manor called St. George's .Manor. He was made Associate Judge of the Supreme
1 Hut of the Colony of New York, and afterwards Chief Justice, and was removed by
thi Earl of Bellomont, but again appointed in 1702. lie married Martha Tunstall,
daughter ol Henry Tunstall, of I'litney. England. He died February iS, 1705. She
died September II, 1709.

1 1 Lloyd, mother of Mrs. Anna Smith Strong, was daughter of Henry

and Rebecca Nelson, daughter of John Nelson, who was a son of Robert

Nelson and Mary Temple, who was daughter of Sir John Temple of Stantonbury,

11 1. lie was the grandson of Peter Temple, "who was the ancestor of Sir

William Temple, Lord Palmerston, Lady Chatham, and the Duke of Buckingham.

§ The Woodhulls were descended from Richard Woodhull, who settled on Long
Island in 1656. His family is said to be very ancient, and may be traced to an indi-

1896.] The Family of Thompson, of the County of Suffolk, N. Y. c

She was a first cousin of the distinguished General Woodhull. (General

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