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teenth century, but also because of special traits and incidents. Born
in the city of New York, September 28, 1804 ; he died at Lakevvood,
N. J., February 2, 1895. His grandfather, John Hurst Aycrigg, a
surgeon, emigrated from Upton-upon-Severn, in England. His father,
Benjamin Aycrigg, was a New York merchant, one of whose kindly
deeds was, in 1808, to cause the bones of the Revolutionary victims of
the infamous prison-ship Jersey to be gathered together and decently
buried with suitable public ceremonies, conducted under his super-
vision. His grandmother was Rachel Lydecker, of Bergen County.
His mother was Susan, daughter of Capt. John Bancker, of the Revolu-
tionary army, and niece of Gerard Bancker, at one time Treasurer of
the State of New York, and a director of the New York branch of the
United States Bank. Other strains of blood, commingled in his
ancestry, were those of the Benson, Van*T)uesen, Mesnard, Vincent,
and De Puyster families. A brother, Dr. John Bancker Aycrigg, was
prominent in New Jersey politics as a Whig opponent of the administra-
tions of Jackson and Van Buren, and was one of the six men, certified
under the "broad seal " of that State as having been elected to Congress,
to whom seats were refused in the House of Representatives upon the
ground that they had not, in fact, received a majority of the votes, and
who were afterwards triumphantly elected, in part at least, through
indignation excited by what was deemed disrespect to the sovereignty
of the State as represented by its seal. A sister became the wife of
Capt. John Bogert Pell, who commanded some of the favorite pas-
senger packets plying between New York and Havre in the days pre-
ceding the era of ocean steam navigation.

Graduating from Columbia College in the class of 1824, Colonel
Aycrigg adopted the profession of civil engineer. He assisted in the
construction of public works in the State of Pennsylvania, and was one
of the principal engineers in charge of those works from 1836 to 1840.
One of his associate engineers was Edgar Thompson, the late president
of the Pennsylvania Central Railway Company. In or about 1842 he
aided his brother John, then a Representative in Congress, to investigate
the United States coast survey. His skilled advice contributed to the
location and development of some of the coal-fields, to which the State
of Pennsylvania so largely owes its prosperity. From 1848 to 1861, as
vice-president, and in committee, and as manager, he actively partici-
pated in the conduct of the affairs of the American Institute of New
York. In 1869 he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from
Pennsylvania College. In 1878 and 1880 he was connected with the
geological survey of New Jersey. After retirement from the active
pursuit of his profession he selected the city of Passaic as his place of
residence, and until a few years ago occupied a comfortable mansion
near the bank of the Passaic River. A fine mathematician and a man


1896.] Col. Benjamin Aycrigg. no

of varied scientific attainments, he did not suffer himself to rust in
retirement. On the contrary, he kept himself in touch with whatever
seemed to him conducive to the welfare of his country and of mankind,
and maintained a lively interest in such concerns to the day of his
death. Observing from New Albany the total eclipse of the sun which
occurred August 7, 1869, he published the then somewhat novel sugges-
tion that the corona of the eclipse might be attributable not to the sun,
but to the atmosphere of the earth, as a product of electrical and
magnetic forces at work in that atmosphere.

One of the topics to which Colonel Aycrigg devoted exhaustive labor
and research was comparison of the various calendars of ancient times.
The exceedingly difficult task to which he addressed himself was to
accurately determine the true date of Easter, by reference to Jewish
and Egyptian chronology and by accurate reckoning of lunations and
vernal equinoxes. The general results of these researches and calcula-
tions appear in the " Report on the Gregorian Calendar," published
in 1874, and in a fuller and more general work, entitled "Calendars,"
published in 1886.

The earnestness and love of truth which at all times animated Colonel
Aycrigg did not fail to take firm hold upon matters of religious faith
and administration. In common with certain other devout men, he was
unable to acquiesce in what were regarded by him and them as extreme
hierarchical claims and tendencies of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
Withdrawing from that communion, he, in 1873, became one of the
founders of what is known as the Reformed Episcopal Church, and
thenceforward was a staunch and effective upholder of its princi-
le's, organization, and discipline. The deep interest which he took in
its welfare was manifested in " Memoirs of the Reformed Episcopal
"Church and of the Protestant Episcopal Church, with contempo-
" rary reports respecting these and the Church of England," of which
he issued several editions, the fifth being published in 1880. The
"memoirs" were an elaborate work of nearly four hundred pages, the
object of which, as stated by the author, was to establish certain prop-
ositions laid down by him. One of his main propositions was that " the
" Reformed Episcopal Church is neither a schism nor in schism, a sin
" denounced by apostolic authority, but is a peaceable separation from
" schism in accordance with apostolic example, while it is denounced as
"a schism by canonists, who found their authority in traditions and
'not in the Bible." Another was that "the Pan Anglican Church,
" by apostolic authority, is a schism, cutting itself off from the rest of
" the Christian world, and in schism with its different hostile parties
" fighting it out within the church, while it is claimed by its own canon-
ists to be especially the church." Still another was that "the old
"evangelicals, who bore the evangelical banner so nobly, were in line
" of duty when success appeared possible, but became a schism when
"they continued to fight after becoming a hopeless and helpless minor-
" ity," and that the Reformed Episcopal Church was organized by them
" in order to separate from schism and to act with energy upon old
" evangelical principles as Protestants in harmony with the Protestant
" world in place of remaining in the Protestant Episcopal Church and
" either fighting or refusing to act for the common cause, upon the ground
" that all the increase, arising from their action, would be absorbed and

IOO Family Bible Records of Joseph Birdsall Smith, New York City. [April,

" themselves controlled by the ruling majority, who have lately assumed
"a hostile attitude toward Protestantism and the Protestant world."
Without assuming to at all discuss vexed questions of doctrine and policy,
dealt with by the "memoirs," or to defend the necessity or expediency
of the religious movement, explained and sought to be justified by them,
we can yet respect the zeal and sincerity of those who inaugurated the
movement and the courage with which they sacrificed cherished associ-
ations and encountered the odium of heresy. We can also be grateful
to the author for the fulness, particularity, and accuracy with which he
has made up the record.

The long life of Colonel Aycrigg was unstained and unclouded by
even a doubt of the purity and integrity of his motives and conduct. He
was always generous and unselfish, sensitive to the highest dictates of
honor and attentive to duty, whether public or private. Modest and
unassuming as he was, he never sought notoriety nor even recognition
beyond a limited circle. Nevertheless he labored for the good of the
race as indefatigably as too many of us strive for our mere personal


Transcribed by James Loder Raymond.

i. William Smith, born August 14, 1727, and wife Elizabeth Bird-
sail, born April 15, 173 1.

Captain John Birdsall, father of Elizabeth Smith, died March 12,
1764 ; Elizabeth Smith, S r ., died July r, 1777 ; William Smith, S'., died
June 15, 1781 ; John Smith, died January 15, 1789. Interred in the
Burying ground near Brooklyn Church.
Children :

i. John, born July 23, 1750.
ii. William, born February 26, 1753.
iii. Elizabeth, born June 7, 1756.
iv. Mary, born April 26, 1759.
v. Treadwell, born June 13, 1762.
2. vi. Joseph, born February 10, 1765.

2. Jostph Smith", married by Rev d Benjamin Moore November 15,
i78-(?) to Deborah Cannon, daughter of John and Jemima Cannon. She
was born January 17, 1765.

Deborah Smith, wife of Joseph Smith, S r ., died June 7, 1820, at 59
(later No. 63) Fulton St., New York, aged 63 years, 4 mos. and 23
days. Interred in Burying ground of the Methodist Church in New
York, cor. First St. and the Ave. Joseph Smith died May 28, 1840,
aged 75 years, 3 months and 17 days. Interred in his burying ground
at Williamsburgh. (He died at 25 Cherry St., New York.) His second
wife was Widow Poillon.

They had the following children :

i. William, born May 19, 17 — (?) ; died August 10, 17 — (?)

ii. Joseph, born December 24, 1791 ; died August 22, 1793.

1896.] Van Bor sum- Hendricks, First Church Marriage in N. Y. jqi

iii. Elizabeth, born September 28, 1793. She married John

D. Myers,
iv. John Mott, born October 10, 1795. He married Amanda
Day of Norwalk, Conn.
3. v. Joseph Birdsall, born December 17, 1797. He painted
"Old John St.," the first M. E. Church in America,
which has been engraved,
vi. William, born December 5, 1799.
vii. Peter Cannon, born October 26, 1S01.

viii. Deborah Williams, born December 17, 1803. Married

Amos K. Smith, Allg'y Co., N. Y.

3. Joseph B. Smith 2 married Ann Elizabeth Steele, daughter of D'.

Thomas Steele of Belleville, N. J., January 21, 1819, at the house of

Mr. William DuVall, No. 49 Maiden' Lane, New York City. He died

in Philadelphia.

They had the following children :

William Steele Smith, born Eebruary 1, 182 1.

Deborah Smith, born January 18, 1823.

Joseph Smith, born May 22, 1825.

Susan Lamplin Smith, born July 7, 1828.



By William Gordon Ver Planck.

(Continued from Vol. XXVII., p. 52, of The Record.)

i5."Adolphus 3 Df. Groof or De Grove (Janneken 2 , Egbert 1 ) was
baptized October 25, 1679. He was a mariner. He lived during the
latter part of his life in the island of Jamaica. He married Rachel
Goederis (N. Y. Dutch Church) May 22, 1703. He died about 1637.
He had the following children :

i. Janneke 1 , bap. October 27, 1703; sponsors, Gerret Schuy-
ler and Janneken Van Bossen.

31. ii. Rebecka 1 , bap. February 17, 1706; sponsors, Barent Hybon

and Rebecka Goederus. Married Dirk Albertse.
iii. Rachel 1 , bap. January 4, 1708; sponsors, Dirk de Grooff
and Aefje de Grooff, wife of Gerrit Schuyler.

32. iv. Marica 1 , bap. July 3, 1709 ; sponsors, Johannes Hooglant

Jnr. and Tryntje Kokers. Probably married Andrew

v. Rachel 1 , bap. May 6, 171 1; sponsors, Gerrit Schuyler

and Barent Bon and Marytje Goederus.
vi. Aegje 1 , bap. January 7, 1713; sponsors, Cornelus Louw

and Agnietje de Groof.
vii. Sara 1 , bap. December 5, 17 14; sponsors, Johannes Bres-

tede and Sara Hibon.

33. viii. Pieter 1 , bap. August 1, 1716; sponsors, Pieter de Groof

and Janneke de Groof, Wed. He lived in Boston, Mass

102 l' an Borsum-Hendricks, First Church Marriage in X. Y. [April,

ix. Frans 4 , bap. June 25, 1 7 1 S ; sponsors, Jan Hibon Barent's

son and Rebecka Goederus.
x. Adolph 4 , bap. February 10, 1720 ; sponsors, Thomas Jannet,

Jaquemyntze Goederus.
xi. Cornelus 4 , bap. September 20, 172T ; sponsors, Johannes

Hooglant and Pieter de Groof, Catharina Hooglant.

17. Aechtie 3 De Groof or De Grove (Janneken 2 , Egbert 1 ) was
baptized March 23, 1684. She married September r8, 1703 (N. Y. Dutch
Church) Gerard (or Gerret) Schuyler, of New York city, merchant,
admitted freeman May 30, 1702. She had the following children :

i. Alida 4 , bap. November 19, 1704 ; sponsors, Adolf de Groof

and Janneke Van Bosse, Wed.
ii. Janneke 1 , bap. January 29, 1707 ; sponsors, Filip Schuyler

and Tryntje Kokers.
iii. Aegje 4 , bap. January 25, 1710; sponsors, Dirk de Groof

and Rachel Goederis.

34. iv. Pieter 4 , bap. January 9, 1712 ; sponsors, Adolph de Groof

and Alida ' Schuyler. Married June 15, 1749, Bregje
Goelet Widow,
v. Aegje 4 , bap. March 20, 1715 ; sponsors, Oloph Schuyler
and Cornelia Schuyler, Wed.

35. vi. Johanna Gouda 4 , bap. June 2, 1717 ; sponsors, Abraham

Serdyn, Pieter de Groof, Gouda Serdyn and Janneke de
Groof. Married August 31, 1761, William Lupton.
vii. Maria 4 , bap. February 10, 1720; sponsors, Philip Schuyler

and Sara Schuyler, his wife,
viii. Gerrard 4 , bap. July 1, 1722 ; sponsors, Pieter de Groof
and Rebecka de Groof, his wife.

18. Pieter 3 De Groof or De Grove (Janneken 2 , Egbert 1 ) was
baptized January 29, 1696. Admitted as a freeman, New York city,
September 26, 1720. He was a cordwainer, and he married June 9,
1 7 1 7 (N. Y. Dutch Church), Rebecka Goederis, born March 12,1693,
the daughter of Frans Goderus and Rebecca Ennes. They had the
following children :

i. Pieter 4 , bap. October 5, 1718 ; sponsors, Adolph de Groof

and Jenneke de Groof, Wed.
ii. Rebecca 4 , bap. July 6, 1720; sponsors, Baren Hibon and

Rebecka Goederus.
iii. Jenneke 4 , bap. August 15, 1722 ; sponsors, Gerret Schuy-
ler and Rachel de Groof.
iv. Jenneke 4 , bap. October 7, 1724 ; sponsors, Gerret Schuyler

and Aefje de Groof.
v. Francyntje 4 , bap. April 3, 1726; sponsors, Dirk Adolf and

Rachel de Groof.
vi. Pieter 4 , bap. September 10, 1727 ; sponsors, John Jones

and Rebecka de Groof.
vii. Marica 4 , bap. April 30, 1729 ; sponsors, Egbert Van Bursum

and Marica de Groof.
viii. Pieter 4 , bap. March 8, 1732; sponsors, Johannes Hooglant

and Maria Goederis, wife of Willem Conningham.
ix. Rebecca 4 , bap. July 10, 1734 ; sponsors, Barendt Tienhoven

and Nelli Bisset, young maid.

1896.] Van Borsum-Hendricks, First Church Marriage in N. J". 103

19. Anna Maria 3 Van Breestede (Annetje 3 , Egbert') was baptized
May 25, 1681. She married Jacobus Van Varick, son of Jan Van
Varick and Sarah Visboom, born in Holland. He was a merchant in
New York city, and resided in Hackensack. He died about 1645.
They had eight children (see New York Genealogical and Bio-
graphical Record, Vol. viii., p. 16).

20. Jannetie 3 Van Breestede (Annetje 2 , Egbert') was baptized

September 12, 1683. She married November 6, 1708, Jan Cornelisse

Newkerk (N. Y. Dutch Church). They had the following children :

i. Cornelus 1 , ) . , , r , XT . ,

, ■■ . ' - twins, bap. March 19, 1710; sponsors, Aicolaas

36. 11. Annatje, \ v *' ' ' r

Rosevelt and Hilletje, his wife ; and Andries Breste and

Annatje, his wife. Annatje probably married William


57. iii. Andries', ) . ■ , T „ . , •

J ' ■ „ ,■ ' y twins, bap. anuary 23, 1712 ; sponsors, Andries
iv. Cornelius, ) ' J J *" ' ' '

Breestede, Anna Maria v. Varik, Johannes Brestede

and Jannetje Niewkerk.

38. v. Jannetje 1 , bap. February 21, 1714 ; sponsors, Bout Wesselse

and Maria Brestede. Probably married Gerrit Elmen-

39. vi. Engeltje 4 , bap. April 8, 17 16 ; sponsors, Johannes Brestede

and Rebecka Onkelbag, his wife. Married Isaac Ryman.
vii. Cornelia' 1 , bap. January 14, 17 19; sponsors, Andries Bres-
tede and Debora Brestede, his wife,
viii. Jaquemina 1 , bap. March 14, 1722 ; sponsors, Johannes
Brested and Antje Brestede, Wed.
ix. Cornelus 1 , bap. May S, 1723 ; sponsors, Pieter Van Kouw-

enhove and Rachel Brestede.
x. Jaquemyntje 1 , bap. June 21, 1727 ; sponsors, Hendrik Kip,
Hendrick's son and Jaquemyntje Nieuwkerk, his wife.

21. Andries 3 Van Breestede (Annetje 3 , Egbert') was baptized April
9, 1694. He married November 1, 17 16, Debora Wessels.

They had the following children :

i. Annatje 1 , bap. October 9, 17 17 ; sponsors, Johannes Bres-
tede, Antje Wessels.

ii. Andries 1 , bap. October 11, 1719 ; sponsors, Hendrikus
Brestede, Antje Brestede.

iii. Pieter 1 , bap. September 24, 1727 ; sponsors, Jacob Marius
Groen, Maria Brestede Wed'w. of Bout Wessels.

iv. Pieter 1 , bap. September 19, 1731 ; sponsors, Pieter Wes-
sels, Anna Wessels, young daughter.

v. Elisabeth 1 , bap. May 26, 1734; sponsors, John Varik,
Elisabeth Wessels, young daughter.

vi. Maria 1 , bap. August 13, 1740; sponsors, Andries Bestede
Junr., Maria Brestede, wife of Hendrik Brestede.

22. Aefje 3 (or Aegje) Van Borsum (Barent 3 , Egbert') was baptized

. She married April 10, 1703 (N. Y. Dutch Church), Andries

de Wandelaar, son of Johannes de Wandelaar of Albany. He died
about 1706. His will is dated April 22, 1703, and proved April 1,
1706. (N. Y. Surrogate, Liber 7 of Wills, p. 236.) Aegje 3 married,

104 ^' an B or sum- Hendricks, First Church Marriage in N. Y. [April,

second, October 8, 1707 (N. Y. Dutch Church), Louies Anthony van
Nieuwenhuyzen- Aegje 3 Van Borsum had one child by her first hus-
band :

i. Johannis 4 , bap. April 26, 1704; sponsors, Johannis de
Wandelaar and Janneke Van Bossen.
By her second husband, Aegje had

ii. Marytje, 4 bap. Septembers, 1708; sponsors, Willem Krom
and Femmetje Meldrom.

23. Catharina 4 Clark (Femmetje 3 , Hermanus 2 , Egbert') was bap-
tized July 22, 1722 ; she married December 20, 1747, Ide Van Yveren
(sometimes called " Van Ysen " and "Van Iveren ").

Ide Van Yveren was the son of Myndert Van Evera and his wife
Sarah. He died about 1762. His will is dated September 16, 1762,
and proved in N. Y. Co., October 19, 1785 (Liber 38, p. 183). He
mentions his eldest son Mindert and speaks of his wife and other
children. He appoints his brother Mindert and his brother-in-law-
John Clarck executors. Letters testamentary were issued to his son
Alexander, it being stated " that Mindert Van Evera is dead and that
" John Clarck, the only surviving executor, refuses to be concerned in
''the administration of the estate." They had the following children :
i. Myndert 5 , bap. October 9, 1748 ; sponsors, Abm Psel and
Jannetje Van Yveren, his wife.

40. ii. Alexander' 1 , bap. July 12, 1 75 1 ; sponsors, John Clark and

Maria Laurense, his wife. He married November 24,
1784, Effie Armstrong.

41. iii. Sarah', baptized ; married Jacob Clear Water,
iv. Ide 3 .

24. John 4 Clarke (Femmetje 3 , Hermanus", Egbert 1 ), baptized Feb-
ruary 26, 1725. He married at Trinity Church, New York city,
February 4, 1748, Mary (or Maria) Lawrence, then the widow of John
Barker, whom she had married September 23, 1737. (N. Y. Marriage
Licenses.) Her first husband died about 1744, leaving a will dated
June 28, 1744, and proved December 18, 1744. (Liber 15, Wills, p.
294, N. Y. Co.) He mentions his wife Mary and her children. He
appoints Thomas Lawrence, Jr., Abraham Van Vleeck, and William
Roome executors.

John Clarke died at his house in Wall Street (the old Van Borsum
house) in June, 1792. His will is dated May 5, 1792, and proved July
3, 1792. (Liber 41 of Wills, p. 20, N. Y. Co.) In his will he speaks of
"the faithful attention paid me by Effx White, daughter of my step-
daughter, the widow White." His wife died about the commencement
of the Revolution. John Clarke had the following children :

42. i. John", born September 15, 1749. He was commonly

known as "John Clark, Jr." He married May 12, 1772,
Catherine Smith, daughter of Richard Smith and Debo-
rah Stillwell. He died January 5, 1807. He had the
following children : (1) John, jr.", born February 5,
1773 ; (2) John", born February 5, 1773 ; (3) Richard",
born May 9, 1774 ; (4) Richard Smith", born November
6. '775; (5) Burgoyne", born October 15, 1777; (6) Debo-
rah", born October 23, 1779, and (7) Thomas Lawrence",
born May 14, 1785.

1896.] Van Borsum- Hendricks, First Church Marriage in N. V. \qc

43. ii. Thomas , born March 14, 1752 ; married April 28, 1774,

Euphemiah Mandeville, daughter of Matthew Mande-
ville. He died March 3, 1811. He had the following
children : (1) John A.°, (2) Elizabeth 6 , (3) Thomas , (4)
Catherine' 1 , who married Isaac Batchelor, (5) Mary" (or
Polly), and (6) Rachel Beatty".

44. iii. Scott Lawrence 1 ', born September 6, 1753; married Eliza

Summers. He died about 1803. He had the following
children : (1) Maria 6 , (2) John Lawrence 6 , born August
3i l l§9 ; (3) William Lawrence 6 , baptized (Trinity
Church) August 17, 1792.

iv. Alexander", born December 6, 1754; married Tamar .

v. David 5 ', born December 7, 1756 ; died young.

25. Harmanus* Van Borsum (Philippus 3 , Hermanus 2 , Egbert'), bap-
tized December 18, 17 15 ; married, about 1736, Abigail Ferbus of
Hempstead, L. I. (Dutch Church, Ackquegnonk). He lived at Hacken-
sack. He had issue :

45. i. David", bap. September 18, 1748 ; sponsors, Lyis Free-
land and wife (Hackensack Dutch Church).

26. Elizabeth' Van Borsum (Philippus 3 , Hermanus 2 , Egbert 1 ), bap-
tized April 24, 1720 ; married David Schuyler, son of David Schuyler,
November 21, 1744.

David Schuyler and his wife Elizabeth had the following children :
i. Elisabet 5 , bap. September iS, 1745 ; sponsors, David

Schuyler and Elisabet Marschalk, his wife,
ii. David', bap. July 8, 1747 ; sponsors, John Clark and

Elsje Schuyler, young daughter,
iii. Elsje', bap. February 7, 1750 ; sponsors, Myndert
Schuyler and Elizabeth Schuyler, wife of Benjamin

28. Tryntje 4 Van Borsum (Egbert 3 , Hendrick 2 , Egbert') was baptized
October 5, 1718; she married August 18, 1738, Robert Benson, born
November 27, 17 15, the son of Robert Benson and Cornelia Roos. She
died in 1794. Robert Benson died in 1762. Robert Benson and his
wife Tryntje had the following children :

46. i. Robert 5 , born October 30, 1739 ; married Dinah Cowen-

hoven, and died February 25, 1823.
ii. Henry", born November 17, 1741 ; died without issue

August, 1823.
iii. Egbert 5 , born June 21, 1746 ; died August 24, 1833, with-
out issue,
iv. Cornelia 5 , born 1748 ; died 1749.
v. Anthony", born 1752 ; died 1794.

29. Petrus 4 Louw (Margariet 3 , Tymon 2 , Egbert') was baptized Octo-
ber 17, 1697 ; he married August 9, 1721, Rachel Roosevelt, baptized
April 22, 1699, daughter of Nicholas Roosevelt and Hilletje Janse
Kunst. He died in 1750. His will is dated Jany 8, 1749/50, and
proved June 23, 1750 (Liber E. of Wills, p. 425, Sec'y of State's Office,
Trenton, N. J.). Petrus Louw had the following children :

47. i. Helena 5 , bap. January 9, 1723 ; sponsors, Cornelus Low

and Helena Roosevelt. She married December 2, 1742,
Henry Kip, born December n, 1718, son of Jacobus

106 King's College, New York City, [April,

Kip and Cathalina De Hart. She died November 4,
1798, leaving several children.

48. ii. Margrietje 6 , bap. July 4, 1725 ; sponsors, Nicolaas Rose-

velt and Margrietje Van Burssem, wife of Cornelus
Louw. She married Cornelius Louw, son of John Louw.

49. iii. Petrus 6 , bap. April 30, 1727 ; sponsors, Johannes Low and

Margrietje Low, young daughter. He married Miss Van
iv. Jannetje 6 , bap. May 15, 1729 ; sponsors, Johannes Vander
Heul and Hyla Sjoert, wife of Jan Rosevelt. She died

50. v. Cornelis 6 , bap. March 14, 1731 ; sponsors, Cornelis Low,

Sr., and Margrietje Van Bussem, his wife.

51. vi. Nicolas 5 , bap. March 7, 1733 ; sponsors, Jan Roseveldt and

Catharina Roseveldt ; married Sarah Louw.

52. vii. Jannetje 6 , bap. April 16, 1735 ; sponsors, Jacobus Rose-

veldt and Sara Kip, wife of Johannes v. d. Heul. She
married John Duryea.

53. viii. Johannes 6 , bap. July 3, 1737 ; sponsors, Abraham Van der

Heul and Catharina Rosevelt, wife of Steenwyk de
Riemer. He married Susannah Bourdet.

54. ix. Rachel 6 , bap. December 30, 1739 ; sponsors, Jan Roseveld,

son of Jacob Rosevelt and Helena Louw. She married
Cornelius Clopper.

55. x. Elisabet 6 , bap. October 24, 1742 ; sponsors, Nicolaas

Roosevelt and Margarietje Louw, young daughter. She
married Abraham Duryea.
xi. Sara 5 , bap. July 14, 1745 ; sponsors, Petrus Louw Jnr. and
Sara Provoost, wife of Johannes Louw.


(Continued from Vol. XXVII., p. 37, of The Record.)*

Class ok 1774.

Benjamin Seaman. — I suppose this man to be descended from Capt.
John Seaman, who came from England about 1635, who was at Salem,
Mass., 1643, afterward settled in Jerusalem, L. I., and was in Hemp-
stead 1657. He was a man of prominence there and held positions of

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