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article in this number was the paper read at the January meeting. The meeting in
February was addressed by Rev. Wm. Copley Winslow, 1. 1. .11., of Boston, Mass.
Subject : Gov. Edward Winslow ; his Part and Place in Plymouth Colony. At the
meeting in March, Mr. Isaac Townsend Smith, Consul-General of Siam. read a
paper on Maritime Affairs in the New England Colonies. The Society has recently
received an oil portrait of Catherine de Medici from Mrs. Livingston, and many
valuable contributions noticed below, but nothing more beautiful and valuable than
the volumes of the diary of Philip Hone, elegantly bound, and illustrated by nearly
one hundred portraits selected and inserted by the donor, Mr. Wm. Watts Sherman,
expressly for this Society. The following new members have qualified since the pub-
lication of the list in 1S95 : Mrs. Geo. P. Andrews ; Henry K. Averill, Plattsburg,
N. Y.; J. Bayard Backus; Levi J. P. Bishop ; Mrs. F. II. Bosworth ; Mrs. Chas. Hil-
ton Brown, High Bridge, N. Y. ; Appleton Lesure Clark ; Miss Lydia Cook; Morgan
Belknap 1 lowperthwaite, Yonkers, N. Y. ; Morton Delano; Berthold Fernow ; Andrew
Haswell (been; Edward Cortlandt Gale; Jno. Aspenwall Iladden ; R. F. A. Von
Irmtraut ; Cyrus Lawrence ; Mis. [no. V. Maynard, Utica, N.Y.; Mrs. Mary R. Mil-
ler ; Mrs Henry P.. Minton ; Arthur t .. Moses, Trenton, V J. ; Wm. Clifford Moore;
Edward Roger's Lost, Newhurgh, X. V. ; Col. Archibald Rogers, Hyde Park, N. Y. :
Mrs T. W. Scarborough ; Wm. L. Stone, Mt, Vernon, N. Y.; Hiram Smith ; Mrs.
Daniel M. Stimson ; Robert B. Suckley ; Francis B. Swayne ; Mrs. LouisaW. Tay-
lor ; Silas Wodell, Poughkeepsie, X. Y. ; Geo. W. Yates ;' E. 11. Weatherbee.

The following new subscriptions have been received by Tilt; Record since the
last issue : Mrs. E. S. Bailey; C. T. Conover, Seattle, Wash. ; Newton Lull, Chicago,
111. ; Mrs. M. A. li. Maynard, Lncri, X. Y. ; Sons of the Revolution. California; Mrs.
Chas. H. Sayer, Utica, 'N. Y. ; Harold E. Spencer; Capt. Jno. R. Totten, Howard
E. Truex, West Plains, Mo.; Frank Van Rleek, Poughkeepsie, X. Y.; C. L. D.
Washburn, Washington, 1 1. C. : Mis, Harriet M. Willams, >alem, X. Y.

This Society has contracted for the purchase of No. 220 W. 58th Street, and may
be in its new home before the July number of THE Record is issued. Until May the
library will be open as usual, daily, from 12 to 5 P.M.

ii 4




Voorhees. — Philip Randall Voorhees was born at Annapolis, Md., October II,
1835, and came of patriotic Revolutionary stock on both sides of his family. His
father, Commodore Philip F. Voorhees, a native of New Jersey, entered the navy in
1809 and died in 1S61. He was a distinguished officer, and received a medal from

Congress for gallant
service in the War of
1S12, under Decatur
and Warrington, in
the captures of the
British frigate Mac-
edonian, and the sloop
of ww Epcrvicr. Mr.
Vooihees was gradu-
ated from St. John's
College at Annapolis,
\ in 1855, receiving the

degree of A.B., and
subsequently the de-
gree of Master of Aits.
Among the names of
111 any distinguished
alumni, St. J h 11 's
11 u 111 be rs that of
Francis Scolt Key, the
author of the " Star
Spangled B a n n e r."
Afier devoting some
lime to law studies,
Mr. Voorhees look a
practical course in
mechanical engineer-
ing, and, in February,
1861, entered the
navy as an engineer
officer. I luring t h e
Civil War he was pres-
ent at the batlles of
Hatteras Inlet, Port
Royal, and in the two
bombardments of Fort
Fisher. He was also
in the engagements in
the Cape Fear River preceding the fall of Wilmington, and in one of the ships of the
James River fleet at the fall of Richmond. After a cruise to the South Seas, he
resigned his naval commission in 1S6S, while attached to the Naval Academy at
Annapolis as an instructor in steam engineering. Resuming his law studies, he
began the practice of the law, devoting his attention particularly to the patent branch
of the profession, settling in New York for that purpose. Mr. Voorhees, who is
survived by his widow, was an active and interested member of our Society (which
he joined in 1S90), until failing health caused his removal early in the year from New
York to Lakewood, N. J., where he died December 12, 1S95. He was also a mem-
ber of the. Military Order of the Loyal Legion and several societies of engineers.

J. G. w.

Married. — Odell-Urquhart. — On Thursday, September 12, 1895, at Cloghan
Church, King's County, Ireland, by the Rev. W. Devine, assisted by the Rev. T.
Alwell and the Rev. George Nicolls, jHetta Cecilia, youngest daughter of Major
Urquhart, of Strawberry Hill, King's County, to Thomas Smijth Odell, Captain 3d
Battalion Highland Light Infantry, only son of the late Thomas Scruton Odell, Esq.,
of Kilcleagh Park, County Westmeath.

Book Notices.


1 15

The Munson Record. A Genj u.ogii \i \xd BiocRArmcAL Account of
Captain Thomas Munson (a Pioneer of Hartford and New Haven) and his
DESCENDANTS. By Myron A. Munson, M.A. With Maps, Charts, Fac-similes of
Records, Autographs, Views, and Portraits. New Haven, Conn., U. S. A. Printed
for the Munson Association, iSgs. 2 vols., royal Svo, pp. xxviii + 1235.

The germ of this elaborate and praiseworthy work originated in memoranda
made in April, 1S54, of an evening's reminiscences detailed by Daniel Munson, a
farmer of Norwich, Conn., and a record of the first four generations of the Munsons
of New Haven, Conn., made by Richard H. Greene, Esq., now the librarian of the
New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. In this manner the foundation
was laid for this elaborate history of the Munson family. A prefatory note which
opens the work outlines briefly the thirteen years' labor of the author, Rev. Myron
Andrews Munson. Eight charts present a conspectus of male heads of as many
families or clans.

The positive history of Thomas Munson and his doings and labors in the New-
World commences with his appearance in Hartford, Conn., in 1637, when engaged
in military duty in the Pequot War. From this time onward the record of his male
descendants is fully given. In the female lines their children and grandchildren are
given. Nearly one hundred pages of carefully prepared indexes close the work.
Index No. 1 gives the Munson name. Index No. 2 gives the names of those who
married females of the Munson name. Index No. 3, called the matrimonial index,
gives the names of persons who have married descendants of Thomas Munson.
Index No. 4 gives the places of residence of the family. Index No. 5 gives the
names of outsiders mentioned ; and Index No. 6 is of a historical and general char-
acter. Much critical acumen is manifest throughout the work, a sample of which
has forcibly impressed us in the loot-note on page 625, where an important error
which had passed unchallenged lor over one hundred and fifty years has been cor-
rected. The illustrations in the work are of a high order. The mechanical execu-
tion of the work does credit to the Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor press. s. s. p.

The Folleit-Dewey Fassett-Safford Ancestry of Captain Martin Dewey
Foli.ett (1765-1S31) and ins Wife Persis Fassett (1767-1849), being a compila-
tion of family records and genealogical publications relating to the Folletts of Salem,
Windham, Wyoming Valley, and Vermont; the Deweys, (Fassetts, and Saffords of
Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont ; brief genealogical notice of the Hopkins,
Robinson, Fay, and other families of Vermont ; together with accounts of the settle-
ments of Wyoming Valley and Vermont, the Wyoming Valley massacres, Bennington
and other battles ; and the diary of Captain John Fassett, Jr., in the expedition of
the Green Mountain Boys in 1775. .By Harry Parker Ward, secretary of the Ohio
Society, Sons of the American Revolution and of the Ohio Society of the War of
1812 ; corresponding member of the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society ;
member of the Vermont Historical Society, Ohio Archaeological and Historical
Society, etc. Columbus, O., 1S96. Press of Champlin Printing Co. Cloth, pp.

This elegant book is attractive and interesting ; it does not claim to be a geneal-
ogy only, but is a history with ancestry, and illustrated with 15 views and plates and
56 family portraits. The latter are omitted from the copies deposited in public
libraries. It is to be regretted that there is no index. No book of history, general,
local, or family, should be without this key to its contents, for no one should be re-
quired to read a book through each time it is picked up to see or show some fact or
statement. Robert Follett ( 1625-1 70S) of Salem, Mass., is the ancestor of the leading
family ; Thomas Dewey (1600 or 1610-1648), from Sandwich, Rent, England ; John
Fassett (1620) of Dedham, Mass., and Joseph Safford, from England to Plymouth,
Mass., are the progenitors of the other families ; to which is added short genealogies of
Hopkins (Hartford, Conn.) ; Robinson, supposed to have been a distant connection
of Rev. John, pastor at Leyden ; and John Faye, Marlboro, Mass. Also sketches
of Bennington, Vermont, and the diary of J no. Fassett, Jr., when first lieutenant of
the Green Mountain Boys, 1775. It is not only a readable and enjoyable book,
which many genealogies are not ; it is a safe-deposit of much valuable information, only
wanting the "key above referred to. The price is $4, and it will doubtless have the
experience of most family histories, being soon exhausted and then sought after.

1 1 6 Book Notices. [April,

The Ancestry of John Whitney, who, with his Wife Elinor, and Sons,
John, Richard, Nathaniel, Thomas, and Jonathan, emigrated from London,
England, in the year 1635, and settled in Watertown. Mass ; the first of the name in
America, and the one from whom a great majority of the Whitneys now living in the
United States are descended. By Henry Melville, A.M., 1,1.. 1!.. of the City of New
York. Printed at the De Vinne Press, 1896. (Portfolio style. ) Parchment, 7 J x ioj,
pp.295. (600 copies printed.)

This book of ascendants is a triumph of art, in a style the De Vinne Press seldom,
if ever, has surpassed in this department. The paper, presswork, and illustrations all
compare in elegance, and the gems are worth the setting ; for, although we have not
had time since it reached us to read it through, we have passed hours in conning its
valuable pages, enjoying its beautiful illustrations and studying out the lines of pedi-
gree and armorial achievements. Surely the Whitneys may l»e proud of their history
and their historians, including those who furnished the capital to publish and preserve
theirstory. This book starts where Mr. 1'ierce's " I lescendanls of John Whitney "(which
we reviewed in our October, 1S95, issue) began, and, working the other way, as the
author says, " to the foundation of the Whitney family," and through the Plantagenets
and Saxon lines , might have continued to the rulers of every kingdom in western
Europe. There are eleven appendixes, eight being Harleian MS., two visitations, and
a chart, showing achievements opposite to the illuminated plate, with the arrangement
of twenty-six on the paternal and thirty-eight on the maternal side of Sir Robert
Whitney, Knight, and Dame Sybil his wife. The frontispiece, Whitney arms and
crest, is also colored. The remaining foity-two illustrations are views, fac-similes,
and maps. There is a good index of seventeen pages, and the whole is bound in
white parchment, with arms stamped in the sides.

Alex. Crawford Chenoweth, C.E., compiled a " Genealogy and Chart of the
Chenoweth and Cromwell Families of Maryland and Virginia," traced by wills and
deeds ; also folded charts from the records in Baltimore City, Annapolis, Md., and
Martinsburg, W. Va.

The Chenoweth name is of Welsh origin, and appears in Sir Bernard Bulk's
" General Armory, England." The Maryland Crorawells are direct descendants of
Morgan Williams, an ancient and honorable family dating back one thousand years.
Four charts. I. The Ashman family, 9} x 9. II. The Wilmott family, gi x 12L
III. The Chenoweth family, 9} x 29. IV. The Cromwell family, gi x 43L H. M. F.

The Salem Book : Records of the Past and Glimpses of the Present.
Prepared for publication by a group of Salem's sons and daughters. The Salem
Review Press. 1S96. Svo, cloth, pp. 250.

This book contains an excellent history of the settlement of Salem, N. Y.,
simultaneously, in 171)5, hy two colonies — one from Pelham, Mass.. and the other
from the coast of the north of Ireland — with interesting genealogies of the Williams,
Pitch, Gibson, Blanchard, Lansing, Allen, Clark, .McMurray, Stevenson, Cruikshank,
and Hopkins families; also a condensed history of thirty -five other old families of the
town. In this work appear the names of 413 soldiers, all from the town of Salem,
who served in the Revolutionary war, as well as a large number of Salem's sons who
were engaged in the late war of the Rebellion. An extended history of the live
churches of the town, the schools, and the press is given; also the name, with a brief
sketch, of every clergyman, lawyer, and physician in the town from its earliest settle-
ment. These, with charming descriptions of old homesteads, early traffic and travel,
old-time customs, antique furniture, etc., make this a most unique and valuable pub-
lication, and will serve as a model for other workers in this fertile field. The authors
were exceedingly fortunate in having not only the records of the State Library near at
hand, but also those of Judge Gibson and the late Dr. Asa Fitch. This book will
enable hundreds of the descendants of Revolutionary soldiers to trace their ancestry,
and from its pages old Pelham may learn much about her hardy sons who sought new
homes over the Green Mountains. The complete index of names of persons, and a
g I subject-index will be appreciated by all who consult this work. The publica-
tion is embellished with six full-page illustrations, two of which appear in the present
issue of The Record. The one of Salem in 1795 is a reduced copy of an oil-paint-
ing ; the figures in foreground represent real characters, increasing the historical
value of this illustration. The portrait is that of General John Williams, born at
Barnstaple, Devonshire, England, in 1752. He settled in Salem in 1773, was mem-

1896.] Notices. I 1

ber of the Provincial Congress during its entire existence, served in the Revolution
as a Brigadier-General, and after the war as member of the legislature of New York,
Judge of the County Court for twenty-five years, and Member of Congress from 1792
to 1796. Miss Harriet -M. Williams, great-granddaughter of this distinguished
soldier and statesman, has displayed marked ability as an authoress and compiler,
and to her is Salem chiefly indebted for this publication. These local histories are
very valuable, especially when so carefully prepared as is " The Salem Book."

T. A. w.

The Story of My Ancestors in America. By Rev. Edwin Sawyer Walker,
A.M. Chicago, 1S95. Cloth, Svo, pp. 72. This is No. 90 of 300 copies for private

This interesting monograph is illustrated by a portrait of the author, view of the
old homestead of Philip Walker, Seekonk, Mass.. and portraits of Sawyer Walker
and Malinda Walker. It includes the Walker. Sawyer, Gile, and Gilkey families:
arranged more as biographical notices than as genealogies. It has an index, and is
printed handsomely on fine paper.

Succinct Genealogical Proofs of the House of Greene that were Lords
of Drayton. By Robert Halstead. 16S5. Photographic fac-simile from the original
volume, with introduction by Francis Vinton Greene. Printed for private distribu-
tion. 1S96.

This sumptuous folio volume, size ten by fourteen inches, for which we are
indebted to the author of the excellent introduction, a son of General Greene, third
president of our Society, was photographed and printed in England. Ii is superbly
illustrated with ancient arms and tombs, and beautifully bound in full morocco. The
work is reproduced from one of the two rare copies of the original preserved in the
British Museum. Among the descendants of the Greene family was Henry Mordaunt,
the second Earl of Peterborough, who, with the assislance of his chaplain, compiled
the genealogical history of this and other families, which, under the fictitious name of
" Robert Halstead," was privately printed in London more than two centuries ago.
The Greens of Rhode Island are descended front fohn Greene, who sailed from
Southampton in the ship lames, and landed at Boston in June, 1635. joining Roger
Williams at Providence two years later. The Pilgrim ancestor, who was a surgeon
in Salisbury, was born in 15S5, on his father's estate at Bowridge Hill, near Gilling-
ham, Dorsetshire, where the family had lived for nearly a hundred years. Colonel
Greene has added four large illustrations from photographs recently taken of the parish
church at Green's Norton, which, after more than seven centuries of existence, was
handsomely restored in 1891-1)2, and is at present in most excellent condition.

J. G. W.

The English and American Sambornes. By V. C. Sanborn of LaGrange, 111.
Monitor Press, Concord, N. II.. 1S59. Pamphlet, pp. 25.

An interesting book on English and American Sambornes has just been published
by V. C. Sanborn. It is illustrated with engravings of English manor-houses and
churches ; and the authentic Samborne arms are also engraved. Fair presumptive
evidence is shown of a connection between the English and American lines. The
English family is traced back to 1350, and is one of some prominence, especially dur-
ing the Wars of the Roses. Mr. Sanborn has himself made in England the search
whose results are embodied in this book. He has spent some years at the work, and
has gathered a large amount of interesting matter. The American San horns form a
large and influential family, and well deserve a complete genealogy in elaborate form.
We hope that such a one will be issued. Copies of the present volume may be
obtained from the author. Price, $1 in paper ; $1.50 in cloth.

Early Days in New England. Life and Times of Henry Burt of Springfield,
and Some of his Descendants. Genealogical and biographical mention of James and
Richard Burt of Taunton, Mass., and Thomas Burt, M.P., of England. By Henry
M. Burt of Springfield, Silas W. Burt, N. V. Springfield, Mass. : ('lark W. Bryan
Co., 1S93. Pp. 617.

This book is not just issued, but just received by us. The contents give : I. The
account of the reunion. II. The ancestors, Henry, Jonathan, David, Nathaniel.
III. The daughters of Henry. IV. The fate of three brothers, David, Benjamin, and

i 1 8 Book Notices.


Natna, iel V^ Tl T ld ? nd T Wai ' S ,V V - The de ^endant S of Jonathan, David

Revorut onar fL H "i "'?' ^ Tr6atS ° f tran ^tlantic matters. Lastly

much ntere rincrea^H h *' ^ 6 ° 6 '" ^ ° f indeX Condudes * b °°"< °

imiLn interest, increased by many portraits.

Family Record op the Maltby-Morekocjse Family. A list of pedigrees
w h genealogical notes, arranged for the convenience of the children of Georae
Ellsworth Maltby and Georgia Lord (Morehouse) Maltby. By thei rno"he Urn
Hlttrnn/^'Xr^/c^ ***• M«*L. I Tay.or ^,^

IT r?n p W P e.

Greene, R. II. — The Pilgrim Fathers, or Journal of the Pilgrims.

Halsey, Edmund D. — Halsey, Gen. Thos., of Hertfordshire, England, and
Southampton, L. I.

Hooker, Thos., New Haven, Conn. — Sixth Biographical Record, Class of 1S69 —

Ring, Rufus. — Ancestry and Descendants of Gershom Morehouse ; Year Book
of St. Nicholas Society, 1S95.

Munson, Rev. Myron A. — Munson Record and Genealogy, 2 vols.

Perkins, Miss Mary E. — Old Houses of Norwich, Conn.

Russell, Guerdon W. — History of Christ Church, Hartford.

Salem (N. Y.) Historical Committee. — The Salem Book, Records of the Past
and Present,

Sherman, Wm.W. — Diary of Philip Hone, Illustrated with many Portraits, 2 vols.

United States Commissioners of Education. — Report Vol. i. and ii., 1S92-3.

United States Department of the Interior — Bureau of Education, [892.

University Club, New York City. — Year Books; 335 vols.

Walker, E. S., Chicago, 111. — Story of My Ancestors.

Ward, Harry P. — The Follett, Dewey. Fassett, Safford Ancestry.

Wetidel, Jacob. — Stelligeri and other_Essays concerning America ; Cotton Mather,
the Puritan Priest.

Winslow, William C. — The Pilgrim Fathers in Holland ; record above.

Adler, Cyrus. — Washington, D. C. Publications of the American Jewish Histor-
ical Society. No. 4.

Baetjer, Mrs. Catharine. — Catalogue of Loan Exhibition of Portraits.

Boston Record of Com'rs. — Eighth Report. Public Records, Parishes, Towns.

Brownell, T. Frank. — Officers and List of Members City Club.

1 20 Dona/ions. [April, 1896.

Davis, Horace A. — Harvard College Class 1S91. Report.

Eliot, Dr. Ellsworth. — Parish Year Book of Church of the Incarnation, N. Y.

Fernow, B. — Mss.. 352 folios — The Records of the Reformed Dutch Church at
New Paltz, Ulster County; N. Y., 16S3-1S15.

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