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the passengers, names " John Tilley ; his wife Bridget Van der Velde ; their daughter


A'o/es. 1 6 -

But as Elizabeth Tilley I lowland, who died December 21, 16S7. aged So, must
have been born in 1607, this Bridget Van de Velde could not have been her mother,
and if she was the wife of John Tilley she must have been a second wife and the
stepmother only of the young girl. I am inclined to believe that we do not know
the name of the wife of John Tilley, and we certainly do not know the name of
Elizabeth Tilley's mother. In a letter written to me in October, 1S89, by Dr.
Dexter, he says, " You are right in your supposition that the John 'IVlley who was
married in Leyden 13 Feb., 3 Mar.. 1615, could not have been the John Tilley of
the Mayflower Company for the reason that he could not have had a daughter more
than five years old in 1621 when Savage thinks John Howland married Elizabeth
Tilley, John Tilley's daughter. This had not occurred to me when I, now many
years ago. wrote the note to which you refer in my edition of Mourt's ' Relation.'
Mr. Goodwin had no knowledge at first hand on the subject, and was misled by my
blundering note- I now think John Tt'lley was a Dutchman, and not of Robinson's
company at all.''

I further observe that (probably following "Savage's conjecture) you name the
marriage of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley as happening in 1621. I think this
an error. The girl was then but fourteen years old, and it seems to me more probable
that their marriage occurred towards the close of 1623 or early in 1624, and that it
was tiie fifth or sixth marriage in the Colony. The marriage of Governor Bradford
and Mrs. Alice Southworth, August 14. 1623, is named as the fourth marriage among
the settlers, the first having been that of Edward Winslow to Mr-. Susanna White,
May r2, 1621, and the other two the marriage of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins,
whose daughter was born early in 1624, and the marriage of Mrs. Carver's " maid,"
which we know had occurred and which was presumably to Francis Eaton.

The next after August 14, 162J, may have been either that of Myles Standish to
Barbara , or that of John Howland to Elizabeth Tilley.

In the early spring of 1624 (1623-24) the division of land for individual use, which
had been begun in the previous year, was confirmed by lot, one acre being assigned
to each member of a family ; and in this division four acres were assigned to John

Of those who had been left to his care when Governor Carver died, but two were
left. Katharine Carver died soon after her husband, her " maid " soon married, and
at the beginning of 1624 there remained only the "boy" William Latham and
probably Desire Minter, who had not yet "returned to England"; so that these
two, with John Howland and his wife, made up the tally of four persons for whom
land was thus provided. It is probable that Desire Minter " returned to England "
not long thereafter ; and when (probably in 1625) their first child was born to John
and Elizabeth Howland, she was in loving memory named " Desire."

The division of cattle. May 22, 1627, gives a reliable list of the individuals at that
time belonging to each family. In this division the fourth lot ■'fell to John How-
land and his company : joined to him his wife, Elizabeth Howland, John Howland,
Jr., Desire Howland, William Wright, Thomas Morton, Jr., Edward Doten, John
Alden, Priscilla Alden, Elizabeth Alden, John Alden, Jr., Clement Biiggs, and
Edward Holman."

By this record we learn that two children had been born to John and Elizabeth
Howland at that time, and in a curious way we are enabled to determine the priority
of birth.

In 1S69 a fragment was found of the diary of Judge Samuel Sewall, of Boston,
during his judicial circuit in the Old Colony in 1702. In this he states : " Saturday,
April 4th, saw Lieut. Howland upon ye roade, who tells me he was born February
24, 1626, at our Plimouth." This would be 1627 N. S., and would show that the
" Lieut. Howland " mentioned by Judge Sewall must have been John Howland, Jr.,
who is named in his father's will as his eldest son ; but the date of his birth being
just ten days less than three months before the date of the division of cattle, proves
conclusively that the eldest child of the Pilgrim was his daughter Desire.

We are grateful to Mr. Howland for giving us the result of his search, and we are
inclined to accept his conclusions.

SEAMAN.— Referring to your sketch of "Benjamin Seaman." in the April
number of the Record, I would like to venture a suggestion that he might have
been the son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Mott) Seaman, of Staten Island, and
brother-in-law of the noted Col. Christopher Billopp, who also went to Nova Scotia at
the close of the Revolutionary War. Benjamin Seaman, the father, was member of

164 Notes. [July,

Colonial Assembly 1756— 1775, Surrogate 1759, County Judge 1775, and at the open-
ing of the Revolutionary struggle was on the side of resistance to parliamentary
tyranny, but doubtless later became with his whole family active loyalists.

Benjamin, last named, was son of Benjamin and Jean (Mott) Seaman, and grand-
son of Benjamin and Martha (Titus) Seaman, and greatgrandson of Capt. John Sea-
man, by first wife Elizabeth, daughter of John Strickland. Elizabeth Mott was a
daughter of Adam and Mary (Slillwell) Mott, of Staten Island, descended from
Adam Mott. of Hempstead, and from Nicholas Stillwell, of Kings County.

I enclose some explanations resulting from Mr. Pellelreau's find as appears in
April number.

Willets. — As a complement to the " Notes" of Willets Family in April number
of Record, I would like to offer some little explanation. It seems evident that
Richard Willets had been previously married and had son Jacob who deceased "and
day of the 10th month, 1716.'' Jacob's mother was Sarah, daughter of John and
Abigail (Sweezey) Hallock. Then it seems also evident that Deborah Coles was a
widow with daughter Mary, "born y e nth day of 2 nd month, 1702." Richard Willets
in his will mentions daughter-in-law Mary Wood. Joseph Wood of Musketa Cove
had wife Mary and succeeded to the occupation of the real estate thereabouts, some
time belonging to Captain Robert Coles who died in 1703. In response to a query
as to the maiden name of Deborah, I would like to suggest tentatively that she was
daughter of John and Mary (Prier) Underbill, born 16S2. Further explanation is
needed to account for the non-appearance in the Bible record of a daughter Deborah
who married in 1742 her cousin David Willets, and daughter Jane, died unmarried
1776. geo. \v. cocks. Glen Cove, N. Y.

Van, Craven. — The following certificate, 200 year sold, was found
among some old papers, and is contributed by C. T. R. M., of Croton-on-Hudson.
It is endorsed " Marriage Certificate of Jan Van Kessler and Emittche Craven by
Justice Isaac Whitehead, 1696 July the 13th day."

" This may signifie to all persons to whom these presents shall come that Jan Van
Kessler and Emittche Craven booth of ye towne of Bergen in ye County of Bergin
and province of East Jersey ware lawfully joyned together in mattremony according
to the usiall form this Thirteenth day of July 1696 by me Isaac Whitehead Justice."

Manuscript of John Ashfield. — Laid in his family Bible, now in possession of
Hiram Smith, New York city. John Ashfield was buried in St. Paul's, New York.

"St. John's, Oct. 15th, 1775, Henry Hesse was killed Sunday evening at 6
o'clock and was buried 16th.

" St. John's, Oct. 16th, 1775, I received Henry Ashfield's goods : 1 striped jacket,
2 check shirts, 1 silk handkerchief, two pair stockings, 2 pair trowsers, one linen
jacket, one check pillow case.

" Due me from the company debtors :


" Henry Hauck. o IS 3

" Christopher Wirth, 039

"Quebec, 31st December, 1775, We stormed the walls of Quebec, and were
taken prisoners in the morning, Jan. 1st, 1776 ; 35 killed and 32 wounded ; 365
taken prisoners. Total, 432.

" The following is a list of the killed & wounded of Capt. John Lamb's Company :
Wounded, Capt. John Lamb ; killed, Solomon Russel, Marten Clark ; wounded,
Bartholemew Fisher, Ely Gladdle, Thomas Oliver. Prisoners : John Lamb, Capt.
Andrew Moody, Lieut. Lockwood, Joseph Ashton Sargeant, Robert Baird, Robert
Berwick, John Ashfield, James Arvin, George Stymes, Moses Brocker, George
Carpenter, Thomas Winter, Jacob Bennett, Joseph Spencer, Thomas Day, John

" Came from Quebec 7 Aug. and arrived at New York September, 1776.

" New York, Thursday, Apl. 26th, 1781. Died Michael Cusick, and was buried
Saturday, 28th, 1781.

" New York, May 1st, 17S1, I commenced business for myself.

" Adam Mount came to work Sept. 3d, 1781."

Reply. ^5


James Russell, son of John and Hannah, born New York city, 7th October,
1752; died October 6th, 1S00 ; married, December 1st, 1772, Catherine, daughter of
Joseph and Cornelia Bogert. who was born loth February, 1751, and died, 1S32, in New
York city. John, father of James, was son of Abraham and Maria (Faster), and was
baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church, 15th March, 1713. He "was slain by the
English in Revolution, 30th March, 17S0 " ; his wife Hannah died May loth. 1789,
Wanted, to learn the ancestry of Abraham, and the circumstances of the death of
John. I. k. K.

Cornell. — Wanted, the parentage of Richard Cornell Jr. and Elizabeth Cornell,
both of Oyster Bay, L. I., who were married by the Rector of St. George's, Hemp-
stead, December 31, 1731. They had the following children: Sarah, Richardus, and
Letitia, baptized in 1734, 1739, 1742, respectively. Subsequently removed to
Dutchess County, X. Y., where Richard Cornell died, September 14, 1799. Any
information will be gratefully received by H. W. K.

Drake. — Wanted, the maiden name and parentage of the wife of Benjamin Drake
(Joseph, Samuel) of East Chester, N. Y., father of Col. Joseph Drake, born 1737,
and great-grandfather of Joseph Rodman Drake.

Also dates of Benjamin Drake's birth and death, with record of any public services
performed by him.

Helen w. Reynolds, 341 Mill Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

Yah. or Yeale? — In vol. xxvii., p. 113. in the reply to "Vail or Veale," it is
stated that " the family in America has changed its name from Yeale to Vail."

Is this a fact, or only a surmise? Does Mr. Haviland know of any such change?

It is true that the name was often called Veal, and frequently written so ; but
rarely, if ever, by any intelligent member of that family.

The same name now occurs in England. The writer has met with those there
who write it Vaill, and has known of others who write it Vail.

Does it seem probable that an English family could have adopted the American
name? HUGH D. vail, Santa Barbara, Cal.

Reeder. — Information wanted concerning the descendants of James and Euphemia
(Beavers) Reeder. James was born in New Jersey about 1772 ; died in Ohio about
1S50. \vm. c. ARMSTRONG, Johnsonburg, N. J.

Decker.- — The undersigned would be very grateful for any information as to the
sons and grandsons of Heir Johann (Jan) de Decker, Colonial Secretary, Councillor,
etc., who figured extensively in the history of the New Netherlands. 1655-1665. Also
any information as to the parents or ancestors of Sybil Ross of Morristown, N. J.,
who lived about 1730-1800.

MRS. WM. HOPKINS YOUNG, Poughkeepsie, X. V.

Finch. — Would like to hear from descendants of Daniel, Benjamin, and John
Finch, who were killed in the Massacre of Wyoming, 177S.

M. FINCH pai'endick, Milwaukee, Wis.


Hance — Timothy Hance was married to Rebeckah Allen at Shrewsbury, N. J.,
October g, 1736. They had :

i. Rachel, born 27th of 1st month, 1738.
ii. David, born iSth of gth month, 1739.
iii. Isaac, born 3d of 2d month, 1741.
iv. Jeremiah, born 14th of 7th month, 1746.
v. Mary, born nth of 9th month, 1749.
vi. Elizabeth, born 22d of 4th month, 1751.
Timothy's father was Isaac Hance, who married Rachel White, all of Shrewsbury,

166 -Boo A Notices. i-t u1

I^c^d&ef'had 7 : - *"* ^^ SeP ' ember ' ^ d -d Sep t e„ lb e r 9 , ,764.
i. Timothy, born 21st of 3d month, 1714.
11. John, born 6th of 3d month, 1720.
m. Jacob, born 3d of 3d month, 1720
Isaac Hance's father was John, who married Elizabeth, 1669, and had ■

h: He^trxVa 6 . 72, married John WortsIy ' J—y «• ^6.

iii. John, born 1674.

iv. Judath, born 1678.

y. Mary, born 1680 married James Antrom, March 14, l6q 6

v.. Deborah, born 1682, married Geo. Corlies, September T1600

Tohn V H C ' b0r " l685 ' nWrried Racilel White - August 25 1710 "'

John Hance was a patentee of the FiW T „„^ A „ ■''J'/

Deputy to the Genera, Jifs ce of' t^ZT" fNewW^T £ J ''
p. 32.) Salter's History of Monmouth and Ocean Cou^conh !] J * Archlves =

X656 un| y i6 6 5 hU^k^Jjfc^* ^ r^roT"^ «" "«

London Marriages, 152VX find Tohn H^n T? , "' , In J ° Se P h Foster ' s
lows, Barking, fuly ,8 !„i „ it itlf f r Johan Audley at All Hal-
En?.. June lTl5S2-Wm Hance son of f , V n f' ngt ° n ' Midd '«ex County,
yard In the llgiste^f fe &&S? D^mberl'^o" & IT*
was buried. And n St. George's Record Pont- r e , temLle 1 r 3> 1066, W m. Hance
Hage notices. This I think shows Mr^Mc^ "' "^ ""» MVeral "
Yours, john A. hance, 696 West End Avenue



therein mentioned are Addit Alh g a ofr ^ m ° vaL Among the allied families
Stinson, Sway,, ^ ^fw^ct ^L^gf, SSSi ^^ S — I

cc^wS^ej^™ il t h e ar ^ ne v— and ma -

Piled by Frank Famsworth .Stan^Jamet T .' G^odwh* uT^Toj" 96 - C ° m "

t, J. G. W.

^g^ 1 ^^^:^^: ^— ock,e F ,int. .mo,

es,ing S a b nd va uaMe'lr, stor^f™ ^ ^ ^"^ ,he P " blic wi '" -ery inter-
justice has been done by ma n y of "s f?" ° f New Y° rk ' t0 *'»

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