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according to a son of Colonel Marinus, the ancestors of the Colonel were
Church of England people as far as the family could trace them.
Edward's father, Elbert, and grandfather, Colonel Thomas, were com-
municants and pewholders of Grace Church, Jamaica. Thirdly, the names
of Edward's father and mother and uncle, Elbert, Joanna, and Marinus,
not usual ones, are handed down in the family of Col. Marinus Willett.
Fourthly, Colonel Marinus was always thought by the family to be a
cousin of Anna, wife of William Bartow, of Westchester. He often
stayed with the family, who called him cousin. Anna Bartow was the
daughter of Thomas Willett, of Westchester, the third son of Major
William Willett, brother of Elbert, sons of Colonel Thomas, of Flushing.
This would make Colonel Marinus of the Flushing family.

A careful study of all the data I have collected would convince anyone
that I am likely to be correct.

On the other hand, there is the great argument of the family tradition
of Marinus being a descendant of the first mayor. But may not the
family have thought so and been mistaken ? It is not strange that they
so thought, when the early historians confused the first Mayor of New
York with Col. Thomas of Flushing, who was a member of the Gov-
ernor's Council in New York. The following is a proof that some of the
Flushing family think they are descended from the first Mayor of New
York. In Thomas Jones' History of New York during the Revolution-
ary period, edited by Mr. Edward F. de Lancey, it is said that the mother
of Judge Jones was Anna, second daughter of Col. William Willett, of
Westchester, and a descendant of the first Mayor of New York ! It says,
however, as I think correctly, that Mrs. Anna Jones was a relative of Col.
Marinus Willett.

Samuel Willett, Sheriff of Queens County, who is said to be the father
of Edward Willett, of Jamaica, is made the same as Samuel, the son of
Mayor Thomas Willett. I do not think that this Samuel, the sheriff, was
the same as Samuel, the mayor's son, as in that case he would be elected
a sheriff when sixty-five years of age. The descent of Marinus Willett,
according to my researches, is : Thomas Willett, of New York — wife,
Sara Cornell ; Col. Thomas Willett, of Flushing — wife, Helena Stoothoff ;
Elbert Willett, of Flushing, removed to Jamaica — wife, Joanna Varick ;
Edward Willett, of Jamaica — wife, Aletta Clowes ; Col. Marinus Willett,
Mayor of New York.


By Charles Stuart Welles, M.D., 170' West 5STH Street.

Ladies and Gentlemen : — I am invited here this evening to dilate
upon the virtues of the Welles family ; for no one supposes for a
moment that I should consider myself invited by your honored President
to discuss their vices; nor that any family could have a lineage excepting
whose virtues so far transcend their vices that they form not only the
lineage of great families, but the history of great nations.

I have referred to the Welles family, although no single name is
distinctive excepting it be of a personal biography, and lam here pro-

i8 9 6.]

Antecedents of the Welles Family.


posing to date back to the Revolution, with a cursory glance at my
ancestry there, together with some interesting details pertaining to the
massacre of Wyoming. I shall show also an interesting descent from an
officer in the Continental army, Lieut. Obadiah Gore, Jr., whose brothers
perished in the massacre of Wyoming.

Prior to the Revolution, in relation to the Welles side of my ancestry,
it may be proper to state that my first ancestor of note in America was
Gov. Thomas Welles, who
was the second Governor
of Connecticut, succeeding
Governor Haynes, who
died in 1654.

Gov. Welles was born in
Essex County, England, in
1594, there descended from
a long line of noble ances-.
tors supposed to be con-
nected with the line of
Baron Richard De Welles,
knighted by William the
Conqueror February 6,
1 299, and thence known in
history as the " Baker Bar-
on." Governor Welles,
however, did not himself
emigrate as a pioneer into
this country from Eng-
land, but, together with
his brothers, followed the
father, Thomas Welles,
Sr., one of the English
Puritans who came first in
1629 in one of the three
ships, George Bonavenlnre,

Lion's Whelp, or Talbot, rR c s welles

which landed at Naumkeag

(now Salem, Mass.) one year before Boston was founded in 1630. Most
of the children removed into Rhode Island about 1633, prior to the set-
tlement made by the Roger Williams Company. Thomas Welles, the
senior, here purchased a tract of land, consisting of over four hundred
acres, from the Narragansett Indians, some of which land yet remains
in the family, now over two centuries; at his death he was interred in
a plot at this settlement of Wellestown, called by the curious name of
"Chimney Orchard."

Thomas Welles, the younger, afterwards Governor, with two brothers,
in 1635 returned to Massachusetts, and thence, in company with others,
undertook the great work of founding Connecticut at Hartford. Thomas
was chosen Magistrate at Hartford May 1, 1637, and Treasurer in April,
1639 ! thence Moderator of the General Court (until a Governor could be
chosen) at a convention of freemen in Hartford February, 1654 ; then
Deputy-Governor 1654, and Governor 1655. He died at Wethersfield,
Conn., January 14, 1666, aged sixty-two years, and was buried at

j j a Antecedents of the Welles Family. [October,

Hartford, where, about 1844, after two centuries, a fitting monument was
erected to his honor.

Of the distinguished line of the Welles family who have since been
resident of the State of Connecticut, the most notable member was the
Hon. Gideon Welles, who, as all very well know, was Secretary of the
Navy unler President Lincoln. He was a statesman who exercised very
great influence in resisting the spread of slavery and in opposing the
States' rights doctrine of secession ; and he was one of the pioneers in
the formation of the Republican party. His splendid record at the
head of the Connecticut delegation which nominated Lincoln, and at his
post of duty during the trying years of the war of the Rebellion, needs little
encomium from me.

Other branches of the Welles stock settled West, among the patentees
from the Crown, on a tract of land of 60,000 acres, extending from
Albany to Lake George. The Welles family also took an active part in
the war of the Revolution, and many of them laid down their lives on
the battlefields of Bunker Hill, Fort Griswold, White Plains, and other
scenes of their valor and patriotism. After the Revolution the Welleses
were among the pioneers to settle Pennsylvania ; and George Welles, my
great-grandfather (son of John Welles and grandson of Hon. Thomas
Welles of Glastonbury, Conn.), went to northern Pennsylvania as a part-
ner with Ashbel Welles and Richard Caton, they having bought the
Lockhart warrant for more than 1,000 acres at Tioga Point, Bradford
Countv, on the Susquehanna River, the land extending from the Point,
at the confluence with the Chemung River, to a line near Mile Hill, and
from its shape was known as the "Warrant of the Indian Arrow."
George Welles may be called the first Pennsylvania claimant, and with
his coming a long legal contest with the Connecticut settlers ensued.
He was a graduate at Vale College, and a man not only of abilitv, but of
accurate business habits, as was evinced in an account book lately
discovered in the old family homestead at Athens, Pa., which was begun
one week after his settlement there, July 19, 1 798.

His son, my grandfather, Gen. Henry Welles, was most intimately
connected, not only with the growth of this village of Athens, Pa., but
with the affairs of the State. The town academv, begun in 1793, stood
unfinished for fourteen years for lack of funds, but was finally completed
through his influence, as he obtained from the Legislature a grant of
$2,000. He also obtained for it its first teacher. He also gave the lot
on which the Presbyterian church now stands. He was made an aide to
Governor Snyder, with the rank of general ; and several years before the
death of George Welles, his father, which occurred in 1S13, Henry suc-
ceeded to the ownership of the family interest in the Lockhart warrant.
He had married Sarah, a daughter of Col. John Spalding, of Sheshequin,
Pa., and granddaughter of Lieut. Obadiah Gore, Jr., of the Continental
army, her mother being Wealthy Gore Spalding. It is an interesting
coincidence that my mother is descended from Hannah Gore, a sister of
Wealthy, and so stands in the same relation as does my father to Lieut.
Obadiah Gore, Jr.

In his landed interests Gen. Henry Welles held frequent correspond-
ence and the most intimate friendship with Charles Carroll, of Carrollton,
one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. While a member
of the Pennsylvania Legislature General Welles was esteemed to be a

■ ]

Antecedents of the Welles Family.

man of such probity and influence that he was chosen commissioner to
arbitrate upon the disputed claims between the settlements of Pennsyl-
vania and Connecticut.

From such ancestry sprung my father, Henry Spalding Welles, one of
six children, and who has played no inconspicuous part in our present
day. He became a man of much prominence, as may be seen from the
following obituary notice, published at the time of his death, August 29,
1895, in the New York Tribune:

" Mr. Henry S. Welles, well known as a contractor of large public
works, died yesterday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock, of cerebral hemorrhage,
at the home of his son, Dr. Charles Stuart Welles, New York City. He
was the son of Gen. Henry Welles, of Tioga Point, Pa. He proved him-
self, during the war of the Rebellion, as patriotic a citizen as were his
ancestors during the Revolution. In 1847 his active intelligence identi-
fied itself with the rapid spread of railroads, and his first operation was

the construction of about twenty-seven miles of the Great Western Rail-
road in Canada. In 1852 he had constructed, under the firm nameof H.
S. Welles & Co. (Col. C. F. Welles, of Athens, Pa., being the Co.), over
one hundred miles of the New York and Erie Railroad, together with
sixteen miles of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad.
Succeeding this, the firm's operations included forty miles of the Buffalo
and State Line Railroad ; some forty miles of the Delaware, Lackawanna
Railroad, a very heavy mechanical work ; the whole of the Lackawanna and
Bloomsburg Railroad ; the Warren Railroad of New Jersey, forty miles;
and, at the breaking out of the war, the firm had nearly finished the Bruns-
wick and Albany Railroad, two hundred and fifty miles across the State of
Georgia. Probably the greatest work of Welles & Co. was the water
works of the city of Brooklyn, a contract of some $5,000,000. Mr.
Welles was, after the Civil War, retained by the United States Govern-
ment to clear Savannah harbor of its sunken obstructions. He was a
man of great magnetism, energy, and commanding presence. He leaves

176 Ancestry of John Drake 0/ Windsor, Cl. [October,

a widow, two sons — Henry B. and Dr. Charles Stuart Welles — and a
daughter, the wife of Dr. Milton Miller, of Philadelphia."

In searching the records for admission to membership in the Society
of the Sons of the Revolution, in the course of my investigations of the
Gore lamily descent I cajne across a paper written by my mother's mother,
who took the account directly from the lips of her mother, my great-
grandmother, Hannah Gore Durkee, the daughter of Lieutenant Gore, Jr.

This paper I take pleasure in offering to the archives of your Society
on account of the unusual details having been preserved in this manner.
Doubtless all the early settlers met with similar experiences, but the diffi-
culties of securing true accounts of such events are great, as when even
they were written they were not likely to be carefully preserved. In a
new and growing country the necessities of hustling for a living are so
great that the importance of preserving literature and relics does not
occur to the common mind, and priceless records are thus lost to the
world. Before reading Mrs. Durkee's narrative I will say that Lieutenant
Gore, Mrs. Durkee's lather, was in the service from August, 1776, and
was at White Plains with the Continental army at the time of the
Wyoming massacre. In that massacre three of his brothers and two
brothers-in-law were killed ; another brother, Daniel, was wounded, and
Samuel escaped unhurt ; while John Gore, the youngest brother, was safe
in " Forty-Fort."

The narrative of Mrs. Durkee, which was then read, is preserved in
the Library of the Society.


By Rev. M. E. Dwight.

This book (manuscript), of which a notice is given elsewhere in the
present number of the Record, contains the names of fifteen hundred
recorded ancestors of John Drake of Windsor, Ct. About one thousand
of these names are those of the ancestors of Elisabeth Plantagenet, from
whom John Drake descended, as follows :

King Edward 14 I. of England m. Eleanor of Castile, and had Elisa-
beth 13 Plantagenet. m. Humphrey Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex ;
and had Margaret 1 ", m. Hugh Courtenay, Earl of Devon ; and had
Edward" of Goderington, m. Emeline, dau. of Sir John D'Awney ; and
had Sir Hugh'" of Haccomb, m. Maud, dau. of Sir John Beaumont ;
and had Margaret 3 , m. Sir Theobald Grenville, of Stowe ; and had Sir
William", m. Philippa, dau. of Lord Wm. Bonville ; and had Thomas',
m. Elisabeth, dau. of Sir Theobald Gorges ; and had Sir Thomas 6 , m.
Elisabeth, dau. of Otes Gilbert, of Devon ; and had Roger", m. Margaret,
dau. of Richard Whitleigh of Efford ; and had Amy*, m. John Drake of-'
Ashe ; and had Robert 3 , m. Elisabeth, dau. of Humphrey Prideaux
of Adeston ; and had William", m. Philippa, dau. of Sir Robert Denys
of Holcombe; and had John 1 Drake of Windsor, Ct.

The rest of the names are those of the English and Norman ancestors
of John Drake, which are printed below. These are given alphabetically
as to the several families, but the names of the members of each family
have been arranged in their genealogical order.

1896.] Ancestry 0/ John Drake of Windsor, Cl. 177

Ursu 21 d'Abitot, E. Worcester. Emeline 29 d'Abitot, m. Walter Beau-

Gilbert 10 Adeston of Adeston. Joan 9 Adeston, m. John Prideaux.

Wm. 21 d'Albini, m. Maud Bigod. Wm." dAlbini, E. Arundel, m.
Adeliza of Louvain. Alice' 3 d'Albini, m. John de Eu.

John" Antage. Christian 8 Antage, m. John Drake.

Wm. 19 IX., D. Aquitiine, m. Philippa of Toulouse. Wm.' 8 X., D.
Aquitaine. Eleanor" of Aquitaine, m. Henry II., K. England.

Reginald' 8 d'Aureville, m. Muriel St. John. Muriel" d'Aureville, m.
Adam le Port.

Ausfrid 24 the Dane. Thurston" 3 d'Avranches, son of Ausfrid. Richard""'
d'Avranches. Helesen"' d'Avranches, m. Wm de Eu. Wm," d'Avranches,
m. Emma de Redvers. Robert' 9 d'Avranches. Maud 18 d'Avranches, m.
John Deincourt. Hawise" d'Avranches, m. Reginald Courtenay.

Dru 22 de Baladon. Emma"' de Baladon, m, Walter of Gloucester.

Dru 20 de Balun. Lucia 19 de Balun, m. Baldwin de Redvers.

Wm." Bardolf. Thomas 10 Bardolf. Doun" Bardolf, m. Beatrix de
Warenne. Rohesia' 4 Bardolf, m. John Russell.

Ralph"' 1 Basset. Gilbert 20 Basset. Thomas 19 Basset. Alan 18 Basset of
Wycombe. Alina, 15 dau. of Alan 18 Basset, m. Drogo de Montacute.
Philip" Basset, son of Alan 18 . Alina" 1 Basset, m. Hugh le Despenser.

Hugh" 1 de Beauchamp. Walter Beaucha'mp, m. Emeline d'Abitot.
Wm." Beauchamp, m. Maud Braose. Wm," Beauchamp, m. Joan
Walerie. Walter" Beauchamp, m. Joan Mortimer. Wm." Beauchamp,
m. Isabel Mauduit. Isabel 15 Beauchamp, m. Hugh le Despenser.

Thomas 11 Beauchamp of Hatch. Mary 10 Beauchamp, m. Theobald

Torfulus 24 of Pont Ademar. Joscelina, 23 dau. of Torfulus, 2 ' m. Hugh
Montgomery. Humphrey'"" de Vielles, son of Torfulus. 24 Roger 21 de
Beaumont, C. Meulan, m. Adeline of Meulan. Robert 10 de Beaumont,
E. Leicester, m. Elisabeth of Vermandois. Elisabeth" 1 de Beaumont, m.
Gilbert de Clare. Robert 10 de Beaumont, E. Leicester, m. Amicia de
Guarder. Robert 18 de Beaumont. E. Leicester, m. Petronella de Grant-
mesnil. Margaret" de Beaumont, m. Saier de Quinci. Waleran" de
Beaumont, son of Robert 20 , C. Meulan. Robert 18 de Beaumont, C.
Meulan, m. Maud of Cornwall. Maud" de Beaumont, m. Wm. de
Redvers. John 11 Beaumont, Knt. of Sherwell. Maud 10 Beaumont, m.
Hugh Courtenay. John 11 Beaumont. Jois 10 Beaumont, m. Theobald

Ivo" of Belleme. Wm. 24 of Belleme. Wm. 29 Talvas of Belleme.
Mabel 22 de Belleme, m. Roger Montgomery.

Wm." Bigburv, Knt. Joan 12 Bigbury, m. Peter Prideaux.

Robert 23 de Bigod. Roger 22 de Bigod. Maud 21 de Bigod, m. Wm.

John 10 Billet, m. Alice Hampton. Christian 9 Billet, m. John

Humphrey 21 de Bohun. Humphrey 20 de Bohun, m. Maud Sares-
burie. Humphrey 19 de Bohun, m. Margaret of Gloucester. Hum- ",
phre\ 18 de Bohun, m. Margaret of Huntington. Hunapb*ey 17 de Bohun,
E. Hereford, m. Maud Fitz Piers. Humphrey 10 de Bohun, E. Hereford
and Essex, m. Matilda de Eu. Humphrey 15 de Bohun, E. Hereford and
Essex, m. Eleanor de Braose. Humphrey 14 de Bohun, m. Maud de

1 7-8 Ancestry of John Drake of Windsor, Ct. [October,

Fienles. Humphrey'" de Bohun, E. Hereford and Essex, m. Elisabeth
Plantagenet. Margaret' 2 de Bohun, m. Hugh Courtenay.

Hugh 10 de Bolebec. Walter' 8 de Bolebec. Isabel" de Bolebec, m.
Robert de Vere.

Lord Wm.° Bonville, K. G. of Chouton. Philippa" Bonville, m. Wm.

Henry 10 Booker of Allertrewe. Maud* Booker, m. Walter Denys.

Wm. 21 de Braose. Philip 20 de Braose. Wm," de Braose, m. Bertha
of Gloucester. Wm." de Braose. Reginald" de Braose. Wm." de
Braose, m. Eva Marshal. Eleanor 1 " de Braose, m. Humphrey Bohun.

Wm." de Braose of Gower. Maud 1 " de Braose, m. Wm. Beauchamp.

Adam 12 le Bret. Lucy" le Bret, m. Hugh de Vallefort.

Richard 12 Brook. Joanna 11 Brook, m. Warren Hampton.

Batelu 13 de Camerton. Matilda 12 de Camerton, m. Ed. Godolphin.

Walter" de Cantelupe. Wm." de Cantelupe. Wm. 16 de Cantelupe,
m. Millicent Gournay. Agnes" de Cantelupe, m. Robert St. John.

Henry 21 Castellar, m. Sybulla of Ghisnes. Beatrix 20 Castellar, m.
Aubrey de Vere.

' Oliver 10 Champeron, m. Eyeling Vallefort. Elinor 9 Champeron, m.
Wm. Gilbert. John 3 Chrystenstone. Alice 8 Chrystenstone, m. Richard

Gilbert 20 de Clare, son of Richard 23 Fitz Gilbert. Adeliza 19 de Clare,
m. Aubrey de Vere. Gilbert' 9 de Clare. E. Pembroke, m. Elisabeth
Beaumont. Richard" de Clare, E. Pembroke, m. Eva of Leinster.
Isabel" de Clare, m. Wm. Marshal.

John" Clifford, Knt. Elisabeth 10 Clifford, m. Roger Prideaux.

John" Cole of Rill. Margaret' Cole, m. John Drake.

Wm." Comptun of Compton Castle. Joan 10 Compton, m. Geoffrey

Reginald 19 E. Cornwall. Dionysia 18 of Cornwall, m. Richard de
Redvers. Maud" of Cornwall, m. Robert Beaumont.

Reginald 17 de Courtenay, m. Hawise d'Avranches. Robert 1 " de
Courtenay, m. Mary de Redvers. John 11 de Courtenay, m. Isabel de Vere.
Hugh 14 de Courtenay, m. Eleanor le Despenser. Hugh 13 de Courtenay,
E. Devon, m. Agnes St. John. Hugh 12 de Courtenay, E. Devon, m.
Margaret de Bohun. Edward 11 Courtenay, m. Emeline D'Awney.
Hugh 10 Courtenay, Knt., m. Maud Beaumont. Margaret 9 Courtenay,
m. Theobald Grenville.

John 9 Cowlinge of Trewarnon. Melior 8 Cowlinge, m. Wm. Godol-

John' Cruwys of Cruwys.

Lord Nicholas 13 D'Awney of Shunack. John" D'Awney, Knt.
Emeline 11 D'Awney, m. Edward Courtenay.

John 11 Deberton. Jane 1 " Deberton, m. John Denys.

John 1 " Deincourt, m. Maud d'Avranches.

Alexander 16 Delaford, m. a dau. of Henry de Esse. Henry 16 Dela-
ford, m. Margerie de Vere. Hawissa 14 Delaford. m. John Orwey.

• John" Denys, m. Jane Deberton. Walter Denys, m. Maud Booker.
Richard" Denys, m. Alice Chrystenstone. Walter 7 Denys, m. Isott Durn-
ford. Thomas 6 Denys, m. Elisabeth Hatch. Thomas" Denys, m. Joan
Loveday. Thomas 4 Denys, Knt., m. Elisabeth Downe. Robert 3 Denys,
Knt., m. Margaret Godolphin. Philippa 2 Denys, m. Wm. Drake.

1896]. Ancestry of John Drake of Windsor, Cl. \ -g

Robert'" le Despenser. Win." le Despenser. Thurston" le Des-
penser. Almaric 19 le Despenser. Thurston 16 le Despenser. Geoffrey"
le Despenser. Hugh 16 le Despenser, m. Alina Basset. Hugh 10 le Des-
penser, E. Winchester, m. Isabel Beauchahip. Eleanor" le Despenser,
m. Hugh Courtenay.

Angell 5 Downe, Knt. Elisabeth Downe, 4 m. Thomas Denys.

John" Drake, m. Christian Billet. John 6 Drake, m. Christian Antage.
John 7 Drake, m. a dau. of John Cruwys. John 6 Drake, m. Agnes Kello-
way. John 6 Drake, m. Margaret Cole. John 1 Drake, m. Amy Gren-
ville. Robert 3 Drake, m. Elisabeth Prideaux. Wm. 1 Drake, m. Philippa
Denys. John 1 Drake of Windsor, Ct.

Stephen 6 Durnford of Stonehouse. Isott 7 Durnford, m. Walter

Henry 17 de Esse (Ashe), m. Mar^erie Oswell.

Robert" of Essex. Swegen 21 of Essex. Robert 20 of Essex. Henry 1 "
de Essex. Lucia 18 de Essex, m. Aubrey de Vere.

Wm. de Eu, 23 C. of Eu, m. Lescelina de Harcourt. Robert 2 " de Eu,
C. of Eu. Wm. de Eu, 21 C. of Eu, m. Helesen d'Avranches. Henry 20
de Eu, C. of Eu, m. Mary de Sollei. John" de Eu, C. of Eu, m. Alice
d*Albini. Henry 10 de Eu, C. of Eu. Alix 1 ' de Eu, Countess of Eu, m.
Raoul de Yssonden. Matilda 16 de Eu, m. Humphrey Bohun.

Richard 2 * I., D. of Normandy. Robert 23 C. of Evreux and Bishop of
Rouen. Richard 22 de Evreux, C. Evreux, m. Heloise of Nevers. Agnes 21
de Evreux, m. Simon II. of Montfort.

Walchelene 22 de Ferrers. Henry 21 de Ferrers. Robert 20 de Ferrers,
E. Derby. Walchelene 13 de Ferrers. Isabel 18 de Ferrers, m. Roger

Wm."de Fienles. Maud 14 de Fienles, m. Humphrey Bohun.

Gerard 25 Fleitel. Agnes 24 Fleitel, m. Walter Giffard.

Walter 9 Gamber of Moreslon. Isabel" Gamber, m. Wm. Gilbert.
Gilbert 21 of Ghent. Manasses, 22 C. of Ghisnes. Sybulla 21 ofGhisnes, m.
Henry Castellar.

Walter 24 Giffard, E. Buckingham, m. Agnes Fleitel. Rohais " Gif-
fard, m. Richard Fitz Gilbert. Isabel " Giffard, dau. of Walter, 24 m. Rich-
ard Grenville. Stephen 7 Giffard of Theoborough. Alice Giffard, m.
Wm. Prideaux.

Thomas " Gilbert. Geoffrey 10 Gilbert, m. Joan Compton. Wm. 9
Gilbert, m. Elinor Champeron. Wm. 8 Gilbert, m. Isabel Gamber.
Otes " Gilbert, m. Elisabeth Hill. Elisabeth 6 Gilbert, m. Thomas

Count Gilbert 24 of Brionne. Richard 23 Fitz Gilbert, m. Rohais Giffard.
Rohais 22 Fitz Gilbert, m. Endo de Rye. Walter 21 of Gloucester, m.
Emma de Baledon. Milo 20 of Gloucester, E. Hereford, m. Sibyl de
Neufmarche. Margaret 19 of Gloucester, m. Humphrey Bohun. Ber-
tha 19 of Gloucester, m. Wm. de Braose.

John Glynn of Norvall. Margaret 5 Glynn, m. Wm. Godolphin.

Lady Godiva, 26 m. Leofric, E. Mercia.

John 13 Godolphin ofGodolphin Co., Cornwall. Edward 12 Godolphin,
m. Matilda Camerton. Wm. " Godolphin, m. Constance Wise. Ed-
ward 10 Godolphin, m. Clare of Solzene. Alexander" Godolphin, m.
Marion Tremron. Wm." Godolphin, m. Melior Cowlinge. Elinor 7
Godolphin, m. John Rencie. Thomas 6 Godolphin, son of Elinor. 7

I So Ancestry 0/ John Drake oj Windsor, Ct. [October,

Wm. b Godolphin, Knt.,m. Margaret Glynn. Wra.' Godolphin, Knt., m.
Blanche Langdon. Margaret 3 Godolphin, m. Robert Denys.

Ralph 15 de Gorges, m. Elinor Moreville. Ralph " de Gorges, Knt.
Thomas 13 de Gorges. Ralph 12 de Gorges. Elinor 11 de Gorges, m.
Theobald Russell. Theobald 10 Gorges, son of above, m. Mary Beau-
champ. Thomas 9 Gorges. Theobald" Gorges, Knt., rn. Joan Hanchford.
Elisabeth 7 Gorges, m. Thomas Grenville.

Hugh 31 de Gournay. Gerard "" de Gournay, m. Edith de Warenne.
Hugh " de Gournay. Hugh 1E de Gournay. Hugh 17 de Gournay.
Millicent 1 " de Gournay, m. Wm. Cantelupe.

Robert 53 de Grantmesnil, m. Haduissa of Montreuil. Hugh 31 de
Grantmesnil. Ivo ~° de Grantmesnil, m. a dau. of Gilbert of Ghent.
Hugh 10 de Grantmesnil. Petronella 1B de Grantmesnil, m. Robert Beau-

Wm.-" Grenville. Robert " Grenville. Richard '" Grenville, m.
Isabel Giffard. Richard " Grenville. Thomas 1S Grenville, Knt.
Richard " Grenville. Theobald 14 Grenville, Knt., m. Joan Trewent.
Richard 13 Grenville. Wm. 12 Grenville, Knt., m. Joan^Wareham. Bar-
tholomew " Grenville, Knt. m., Joan Vivion. Theobald 10 Grenville, Knt.,
m. Jois Beaumont. Theobald ' Grenville, Knt., m. Margaret Courtenay.
Wm. f Grenville, Knt., rn*. Philippa Bonville. Thomas ' Grenville, Knt.,
m. Elis. Gorges. Thomas G Grenville. Knt., m. Elis. Gilbert. Roger 6

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