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v. David, born November 10, 1735 ; died July 19, 1763.
vi. Mary, born January 14, 1738; died ; married (?).

11. vii. Cornelius, born July 27, 1739.

12. viii. Paul, born February 23, 1741.

ix. Elizabeth 2d, born November 26, 1742 ; married John La

x. Rachel, born February 27, 1746 ; died July 9, 1769; mar-
ried Abram Harris.

4. Paul" Mersereau (Joshua 1 ). He was a shipwright. His wife was

probably Judith , who died September 16, 1767, aged 74 years, 2

months, 8 days ; buried at Woodrow Methodist churchyard, Staten
Island. His will, proved December 10, 1777 (see N. Y. Wills, vol. 30,
p. 394), mentions his cousin Daniel Mersereau, son of sister Elizabeth ;
his brother David ; his cousin David, son of brother David ; his cousin
Daniel, son of brother David ; his cousin Mary La Tourette, daughter of
sister Mary, deceased ; his cousin John La Tourette ; witness, Henry La

5. David 2 Mersereau (Joshua 1 ). Date of birth unknown. His will
(recorded N. Y. Wills, vol. 39, p. 75), proved May 6, 1786, mentions
his wife Elizabeth, his three sons under 21 years of age, his three
daughters under 18 years of age; also his daughters Mary, Martha,
Sarah, Nancy ; his brother Paul, deceased ; his friend Daniel Mersereau,
senior ; his friends John and Cornelius Mersereau. His first wife was
(probably) Ann Granger, and children :

i. Mary,
ii. Martha,
iii. Sarah,
iv. Nancy.
His second wife he married September 26, 1768, Elizabeth Perine, by
whom he had :

v. David, born 1769.

vi. Daniel, born February 12, 1772 ; died February 3, 1845
(never married).

vii. Peter, born .

viii. Elizabeth, born ; married Decker.

ix. Jude, born ; married Housman.

x. Margaret, born ; married Post.

6. John'" Mersereau (son of either Joshua 1 or Daniel 1 ). Date of birth
unknown. His wife was Elizabeth Creage, probably of the Scotch family
who settled in East Jersey, 1685. He purchased land on Staten Island,
August 28, 1730. His children, mentioned in his will (see New York
Wills), proved December, 1774 :

15. i. Daniel, baptized July 18, 1 73 1 .
10. ii. Joshua, baptized February 28, 1732.

17. iii. John, , .

18. iv. Peter, , .

7. Stephen 5 Mersereau (son of either Joshua 1 or Daniel'). Date of birth
and death unknown. His wife was Ann Michel. His children :

i. Daniel, baptized 1733.
ii. Marie, baptized January 1, 1 734—35-

19. iii. Richard, baptized May 25, 1739-40.

20. iv. Joshua.

1896.] Mersereau Family Genealogy. 107

21. v. Stephen,
vi. Christiana,
vii. Ann.

8. Joshua 3 Mersereau (Joshua, 2 Joshua 1 ), born at Staten Island, September
26, 1728 ; died at Union, N. Y., June 10, 1804. He was educated at
what is now Columbia College, and practised law in New York City. He
was a member of Provincial Assembly of New York State, which met at
Kingston and Poughkeepsie during the years 1777 to 1786 of the Revo-
lution, being Representative for Richmond County. He was also Deputy
Commissary of Prisoners (Gen. Elias Boudinot being his superior officer),
with headquarters at Rutland (near Boston), Mass., and again at Eliza-
bethtown, N. J. His services were continuous in various capacities dur-
ing the entire war, proven by numerous manuscript records. One of
these letters speaks of the British threatening to hang him on Staten
Island, also his brother Cornelius, when he went to arrange an exchange
of prisoners. In another letter he sends his regards to General and Mrs.
Boudinot, and through them to His Excellency General Washington ;
also sends confidential communication to Hancock and Adams ; speaks
of General Howe ; of General Burgoyne's surrender, etc., etc. His name
appears on Staten Island records of transfers of land from 1762 to 1789 ;
and then, as other soldiers, he secured grants of land in the western part
of the State, as mentioned in New York State Records. After the war he
removed with his family to Tioga County, where he was one of the earliest
Judges. For further particulars of his life, also correspondence, the
reader is referred to the Magazine of Daughters of the Revolution, whose
editor is a lineal descendant. He married, first, Sophie La Grange, of
French Huguenot ancestry, and had :

24. i. Joshua, born 1758.

25. ii. John, born about 1760.

26. iii. Sophia, born .

He married, second, Ann Roome, of New York City, but of Holland
descent, and had :

27. iv. Lawrence, born January 4, 1773.

28. v. Mary, born May 23, 1775.

29. vi. Cornelius, born July 12, 1777.

He married his third wife after he had settled at Union, N. Y. ,
Esther, widow of Richard Christopher, of Staten Island. By her he had
no children.

9. Jacob 3 Mersereau (Joshua 2 , Joshua'), born at Staten Island, April 25,
1730; died September 7, 1804. He was engaged in the patriot service
during the Revolution, and his descendants remained on the Island or
New Jersey after the war. He married, first, October 17, 1755, Sophia
Roll, and had ;

30. i. John, born 1858.

ii. Mary, born ; married, 1778, Thomas Cubberly.

iii. Elizabeth, born ; married, November 7, 1779, Daniel De


iv. Sophia, .born ; married John Crocheron.

He married second wife March 29, 1779, Charity De Groot, and had:

31. v. Jacob, born .

32. vi. David, born .

33. vii. Peter, born July 6, 1788

Records of the Refortned Dutch Church in A'eiv York. [October,

CITY OF NEW YORK.— Baptisms.


Willem Waldron, Antje

Meyer, z. htiis v.
Lucas Van Raust, Maria

Van Raust, h. v. v.

John Godlie.
Casparus Stymets, Jan-

netje Stymets, Wed.

Van Martinus Wilse.
Pieter Sekkerly, Maria

Brouwer, j. d.

Jeremias Brouwer, Jan-
netje Elswort, z. h. v.

Bartholomews Crennel,
Catharina Crennel, huis
v. v. John Jones.

Meindert Schuyler, Cath-
alina Schuyler.

Jan Rapalje, Dina Mid-
dag, Wed. Van Joris

Jakobiis Boogert, Belitje
Boogert, huis v. van
Francois Wessels.

Antony Ecclay, Annatje
Schuurman, z. h. v.

Maria. Jakobiis Van Antwerpen,

Margarieta Boogert,
z. h. v.

Johannis. Jan Noordstrand, Maria
Van Voorhees, z. h. v.

Petrus. Abraham Kip, Maria Kip,

Isaac. Benjamin Stymets, Cath-

arina Stymets, j. d.

Aaltje. Cornelius Tiirck, Sara

Tiirck, j. d.

Johan Pieter. Johan Pieter Corte,
Catharina Elizabet

Hendrik. Mattheus Hoppe, Aaltje
Jakobse, z. huis v.

(Continued from vol.

xxvii., p. 140, of

A° 1755



Maart 2.

Mattheus Mandeviel,
Tanneke Waldron.


Simon Brestede, An-


genietje Kierstede.


William Wood,
Brechje Talman.


Abraham Alner,


Martha M n -


Richard Kip, Jan-


netje Perssel.

Robert Crennel, Jo-


hanna Van Haek.


David Schuyler,
Elizabet Van Bosse.


Gerrit Rapalje,


Helena De Nys.

Jakobiis Roosevelt,


Annatje Boogert.

Gerrit Schuurman,


Wyntje V a n d e r
Nicholaas Boogert,
Maria Quick.

Gerrit Noordstrand,
Christina Van

Isaac Kip, Helena

Jacob Stymets, Maria

Joseph Zeeman, An-
natje Hoppe.

Johan Hendrik Her-
ring, Anna Maria

Teiinis Van Tesse],
Feitje Jakobse.

[896.] Records 0/ the Reformed Dutch Church m New Fork. j




28. Petrus Boogert, Maria.
Maria Roome.
Jakobus Van Dyck, Maria.
Neeltje Van Hoek.

Apr. 8. Jakob Piet, Maria Maria,
van Pelt.
13. Gerard Smith, Cath- Anthony.

arina Sebring
16. Hendrikus Brevoort, Johannis.
Catharina de La
John Stegg, Rachel Abraham.

Jakob Perssel, Mettje Isaac.

Abraham Huysman, Abraham.
Annatje Hoppe.
20. G y s b e r t Bogert, Teiinis.
Margrita Boss.
. Michel Hoffman, Johannes,
Catharina Ernest. Maria,


Elbert Herring, Abraham.

Elizabet Bogert.
23. J o h a n Sebastiaan Cornelius.

Stephani, Anna de

Mattheus Slegt, Eliz- Mattheiis.

abet Pell.
Arnout Webbers, Sara Johannis.

30. U 1 d r i c h Brouwer, Annatje.

Maria Voos.
Petrus Bailsman, Elizabet.

Elizabet Anderson.
Maay 8. Benjamin Stout, Fern- Cathalyntje.

metje de Foreest.

John Provoost, Eva Catharina.


Richard Ray

Sara Cornelius.

Aaron Stokholm, Aaron.
Hilletje Van Alst.

Jan Boogert, Annatje
Peek, z. huis v.

Cornelius Van Dyck,
Jacomyntje La Roii,
huis v. v. Is. Van Hoek.

Jin van Pelt, Maria
Lenden, z. huis v.

Jakob Arding, Catharina
Beekman, zyn h. v.

Cornelius van der Hoeve,
Elizabet de La Metre,
z. h. v.

Alexander Beets, Marga-
rita Stegg, z. h. v.

Henry Breezier, Abigael
Perssel, z. h. v.

John Dayly, Jacomyntje
Hoppe, j. d.

Teunis Bogert, Catharina

Johannes Wetzell, Chris-
tina Ernest, z. h. v. ;
Matthias Ernest, Anna
Maria Bomper, z. h. v.

Joris Brinckerhoff, Cath-
arina Herring, z. h. v.

Daniel Feutter, Elizabet
de Peyster, j. d.

Samuel Pell, Maria
Mazier, z. h. v.

Philip Minthorne, Tan-
neke Harsse, z. h. v.

Joseph Lynsen, Annatje
Voos, j. d.

William Anderson, Dor-
cas Traves, z. huis v.

Hendrik Van de Water,
Sara de Foreest, z.
huis v.

Hendrik Rutgers, Cath-
arina Rutgers, hiiis v.
Van Abraham Van

Cornelius Bogert, Cor-
nelia Ver Duin. z.
huis v.

Michel Van der Voort,

• Margarita Stokholm, z.
huis v.

200 Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. [October,

A-" 1755-




I I.

Joseph Baldewyn,

Susanna Wester-

Johannes Dyckman,

Rebecca Buys.
Isaac de Lametre,

Antje Perse.


Abraham Montanje, Hel-
ena Cerstin, j. d.



Mattheiis Buys, Maria
Mandeviel, z. h. v.

Pieter Gerrebrands, Cath-
a r i n a Turk, z. huis

Hendrik H a n s e , Sara.

Alida Livingston.
Silvester M a r i li s , Jakob.

Femmetje Berge.

Isaac Snot, J a c o - Margarita.
myntjeVan Orden.

25. Anthony Stenebach, Elizabet.
Elizabeth Smith.

Johannes van Gel- Ewout.

der, Maria Ewitse.
Chads Philips, Mar- Elsje.

garieta Willix.

28. L li k a s Kierstede, Lukas.
Elsje Cregier.
Abraham Van Wyck, Mattheus.
Maria Van Aal-
Jiiny 4. David Davidze, An- Cornelius,
natje Meckinne.

Nicholaas Bancker, Nicholaas.

Magdalena Van

11. Jakobus Briiyn, Anthonie.

Tryntje Losier.
John Kindrik, Eliza- Richard.

bet Rosbeek.
Johannes Dyckman, Anna.

Lena Van Orden.
15. Barent Barentze, Cor- Jannetje.

nelia Burger.
July 2. Jakob Metzger, Eliz- Petriis.

abet Dillebach.
Abraham Knikker- Elizabet.

bakker, Geertje

Van Deurse.
Jan Van W e e r t , Jan.

Aaltje Boekhout.

Hans Hanse, Sara Ciiyler,

z. huis v.
Michiel Berge, Maria

Salsberry, Wed. v. Jak.

Mariiis Groen.
Henry Snot, Margarita

de Riemer, huis v. v.

Jakob Webbers.
John Smith, Maria Smith,

huis v. v. Thomas

Petriis Ewitse, Catharina

Bergen, z. h. v.
Johannis P o e 1 , Tietje

Poel, huis v. William

Cornelius Cregier, Aafje

Tucker, z. h. v.
Mattheus Van Aalstein,

Sara Threser Lins, z.

huis v.
Cornelius Van Cleef, Eva

Swartwoiit, hi'iis v. v.

Gerrit Davidze.
Jakob de Voci, Catharina

Storm, z. h. v.

Benjamin Losier, Dina
de Groot, z. huis v.

Cornelius Bogert, Catha-
rina Kip, z. huis v.

Pieter Van Orden, Anna
Willemse, z. huis v.

Johannes Burger, Jannetje
Brouwer, z. huis v.

^Egidiiis Wonderlich,
Catharina Wolff, z. h. v.

Harmen Knikkebakker,
Elizabet Van Deiirsen,
j. d.

Jan Boekhout, Debora
Wilse, z. h. v.

1896.] Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York.


A" 1755.



Abraham Van Weert,
Johanna Metthis.

John Gilbert, Tjatje
Van Ciiren.
6. Dirk Diirje, Elizabet
23. Anthony Shakerly,
Annatje Perssel.
Cornelius Van Sys,
Mettje Thomasse.

27. Hendriciis Clopper,

Margarita Keteltas.

28. William Livingston,

Susanna Franss.


Lowis Andre Gautier,
Elizabet Sebring.

John Barrien, Aaltje
Aug. 10. Johannes Prior,
Geertriiy Sikkels.
13. Thomas Still wil, De-
bora Martelings.


Johannis B r o e k s ,
Catharina Spens-

William Els wo rt,
Maria Van Gram-

Johannis Anderson,
Margarita Boke6.

James Taylor,
Catharina R y k -

John Meckeleff,
Elizabet Ciiyler.

Thomas Smith,

Aafje Smith.
Samuel Waldron,
Maria Basset.

Wi 1 1 em Pears,
Fitje Poel.


Elizabet. John de Lanoy, Maria

Cranek, z. h. v.

Margarita. Arent Gilbert, Margarita
Van Ciiren, j. d.

Carel. Johannes Diirje, Antje

Voorhees, z. hiiis v.

Lea. Elias Brevoort, Lea Pers-

sel, z. hiiis v.

Mettje. Tobias Van Zandt, An-

natje Provoost, hiiis v.
v. George Boil.

Hendricus. John Keteltas, Margarita
Clopper, Wed. v. An-
thony Riitgers.

Philip Van Philip Livingston, Chris-
Briigh. tina Ten B r o e k, z.

hiiis v.

Fredrik Se- Fredrik Sebring, Catha-
bring. rina Sebring, h. v. v.

Gerard Smith.

Henry Henry Brasjer, Abigael

Brasjer. Perssel.

Geertriiy. Robert Sikkels, Jenneke

Petriis. Daniel S t i 1 1 w i I , Lea

Banta, h. v. v. Fredrik

Maria. Jakob Graef, Maria

Spinsser, h li i s v. v.
Michiel Smith.

Debora. William Elswort, Jiin r .,

Maria Elswort, h. v.
Christoffel S t y m e t s ,

Rebecca. William Peers, Sara

Wording, h. v. Abra-
ham Bokee.

Sara. Johannis Rykman, Ju r ,

J una Waard, z. hiiis v.

Elizabet. Hendrik Ciiyler, Ju r ,

Alida Reynders, z.

hiiis v.
Debora. Elias Brevoort, Elizabet

Smith, j. d.
Margarita. Adolph Waldron, Elsje

Fisser, hiiis v. v. John

Hendrik. Jan Willix, Margrita Poel,

z. hiiis v.

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. [October,

A" 1755

V 2 7-



Hendrik Labach, Ju r ,

Hester Dey.
Johannes Diirje,

Antje Voorhees.
Philip Van Deursen,

Susanna Blank.

7. Jakob Lessher, Susan-
na Hecter.


Hendricus. Jakob Labach, Catharina

Labach, j. d.
Antje. Carel de Bevoois, Eva

Voorhees, z. h. v.
Abraham. Abraham Blank, Eida

Sudam, huis v. v. Isaac

William. Fredrik Lessher, Magda-

lena Walgraaf, Wed.

Van William Bussey.



10. Jacobus Van Zandt, Jakobus.
Annatje Mars-

Jacobus Ryckman, Lea.

Maria Vander

Johannes Brevoort, Cornelius.

Rachel Dyckman.
12. Beekman van Margarita.

Briuren, Hyltje de

14. William de Peyster, William.

J r , Elizabet Brasier.

Dirk Brinkerhoff, Joris.
Catharina Van
17. Pieter Clopper, Eliza- Pieter.
bet Leflerts.

2i. Adriaan Jansse, Maria Pieter.
Andries Breestede, J', Susanna.
Susanna Kerfbyl.

28. Jakob Arden, Cath- Jakob.

arina Beekman.
2. ChristofFel Stymets, Willem.
Jun', Maria Els-

GerritWaldron, Cornelius.
Maria de Foreest.

Ebbert Somerendyk, Willem.
Elizabet Herris.

John Koning, Rebec- Abraham,
ca Ryckman.

Wynant Van Zandt, Mar-
garita Van Zandt, h. v.
Van Hendrik Van

Teiinis Somerendyck,
Rachel Vander Hoef,
z. h. v.

Jakob Harsse, Maria
Pruyn, z. h. v.

William de Peyster, Mar-
garita Roosevelt, z. h. v.

William de Peyster, Eliz-
abet Daly, Wed. Bra-

Joris Brinkerhoff", Maria
V. Deursen, z. h. v.

Cornelius Clopper, J r ,

Catharina Keteltas, z.

h. v.
Simon Lambertse, Hiltje

Andries Brestede, Annatje

Brestede, Wed. Van

Nich s Roosevelt.
Willem Beekman, Maria

Elsworth, z. h. v.
Willem Elsword, Maria

van Griimmen, z. h. v.

Gerardiis Meyer, Catha-
rina Turk, z. h. v.

Teunis Somerendyk, Ju r ,
Geertruy Herres, z. h. v.

Arent Koning & Ziisan-
na de Foreest, Wed. Van
Joris Reyerse.

1 896. J Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New i'ork. ^OX


5. David Provoost. J', PaiiliisVan
Cathalyntje Van der Beek.

8. David de More, Lea Margarita.
Van Nette.

15. Edward Coiienhoven, Sara.

Annatje Roome.
19. John Marens, Eliza- Abraham.

bet Pett.
Joseph Smith, \ dienst Anthony.
Sara Wryt, \ bare.
26. Johannes Elsword, Jannetje.

Hester Roome.
29. Cornelius Roosevelt. Cornelius.

Margarita H a e r -


Paiilus Van der Beek,
Elizabet Van der Beek,
h. Van David Van

J o h a n n i s Wyckman,
Engeltje Van Nette, z.
h. v.

Will em Roome, Sara
Turk, z. h. v.

Abraham Pett, Maria Van
Pelt, z. h. v.

Petriis Botler, / dienst

Maria Klaas, \ bare.*

Jeremias Broiiwerjanneke
Elsword, z. h. v.

Jakobiis Roosevelt, An-
natje Boogert, z. h. v.

Nov. 2. Jakob Brouwer, Ma-
ria de Lanoy.
6. Johannes Hoiits, So-
phia Jong.
Johannes B 1 a n c k ,
Annetje de Voe.
12. John Livingston ,
Catharina ten
Theodorus Van
Wyck, Helena
Johannes Janse,
Maria Hiiisman.



George Harse, Maria

Steeventer Hiine,

Maria Sebring.
GerhardiisDuycking, Dina.

Anna Rappalje.

Thomas Waarner,

Bregje Aalstein.
Francois Barree,

Aaltje Turk.
Hendrik K i e rse n ,

Catharina Ryck-


Maria. VVendel Ham, Maria

Roome, z. hiiis v.

Christoffel. [ohannes Kool, Catha-
rina Schuyer, z. hiiis v.

Johannes. Lambert Blanck, Rachel
Blanck, j. d.

Catharina. John Richard, Elizabet
Renselaar, z. hiiis v.

Margarita Dirk Schuyler, Margarita
Van Wyck, Wed. Van
Brand Schuyler.
A 1) r a h a m Akkerman,
Annatje Paiihisse, z.
hiiis v.
Johannes Gilbert, Eliza-
bet Gilbert, j. d.
Isaac Sebring, Catharina

Van Wyck, z. hiiis v.
Johannes Rappelje, Dina
Middag, Wed. Van Joris

Leendert. Thomas Hallek, Mar-

grietaClopper, z. hiiis v.

Annetje. Jan Barree, Elizabet

Barree, j. d.
Hendrik. Abraham Kiersen, Sara
Kiel sen.


204 Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. [October,

A° 1755.




Christiaan Petri, Han-
netta Stuttin.


Gerrit de Grauw, Ju r ,


Annatje Perssel.

Robbert Z i k k e 1 s ,



Sara van Deursen.


Johannes Remmy,
Anna Corselius.



Simon Lammertse,
Abigael Anderson.


Gerard W" 1 . Beekman,


Maria Duyckinck.


Isaac Van Hoek, Cor-
nelia Sebring.



Frederik de Voe,
E 1 i za b e t Arm-


2 5-

Pieter Boekhout, Sara

Sara, gebo-


ren den i


Steeven Smit, Alida



Pieter Marselisze, An-


natje Elswort.

Johannes Carolius,


Maria Klerkzon.

Jakob Le Roy, Cor-


nelia Rutgers.

Jakobus Boogert,


A" 1756.
Jan. 1 .


Elizabet Banker.

Johannes Mej'er,
Aaltje Roome.

Jurgen Walder, Jo-
hanna Maria Leer.

Johannes Lent, En-
geltje Hoogland.

Sara de Foreest.

Jakob van der Hoef,
Maria Oudtwater.

Arent Bussing, Sara

Cornells van Norden,
Annatje Hoppe.

Volkert Somerend vk,
Anna Law.













Johannes Ji'igren Wert,
Elizabet Petri, j. d.

Richard Kip, Janneke
Perssel, z. huis v.

Zacharias Zikkels, Catha-
rina Hever, z. huis v.

Willem Carolius, Annatje
Corselius, j. d.

Abraham Pitt, Elizabet

William Beekman, Catha-
rina de Lanov, z. h. v.

Jan de Boog, Vrouwtje
Heyer, z. h. v.

Johannes Blank, Sara
Blom, h. v. v. Joseph
de Voe.

Cornells Terp, Applonia
nit den Boogart, z. h. v.

Abraham Smit, Jenneke
Smit, Wed.

Nicholaas Anthony, Hes-
ter Roome, z. h. v.

Willem Carolius, Maria
Snyder, j. d.

Daniel Le Roy, Ingenatie
Van den Berg, z. h. v.

Jan Boogert, Anna Peek,
z. h. v.

Gerardus Meyer, Catha-
rina Turk, z. h. v.

Jurgen Peets, Maria
Koritz, z. h. v.

Adolph Waldron, Marga-
reta Lent, j. d.

Fredrik Heyer, Margareta
van de Water, z. h. v.

Louwrens van der Hoef,
Angenietje Ellen, z.h.v.

Jakob Roome, Jannetje
Roome, z. h. v.

Johannes Dyckman, Lena
van Norden, z. h. v.

Jakob Garen, Geertriiv
Herris, z. h. v. Thomas
Somerendyk, Anna
Mandeviel, j. d.

1896.] Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York. 20^

A° 1756. OUDERS.

Peter Jiingh, Catha-
rina Kirchmeny.
28. Joseph Maatanje,
Femmetje Berents.
Pieter Ott, Sara Ber-
Feb. 1. Johannes Pas, Elsje
van Jveren.
Hendrik Snyder, Eliza-
bet Syn.
4. Teiinis Durve, Antje
Laiiwrens Lauwrence,

Catharina Teller.
Albert Lesier, Eliza-
bet Klerkzon.


Abraham de Foreest,
Elizabet Meyer.

Hendrik Swartz, Eva

Thomas Fardon,
Margareta Gilbert.


Johannes Harden-
bro'ek, Maria Tex-


Loiiwrens Ver Wey,


Tryntje de Marest.

Thomas Borbank,


Maria Bely.

Arent Moolenaar,


Geertriiy Spring-


2 5-

Josea Paterson, Catha-
lina Benson.


Gerhardiis de Foreest,


Sara Hardenbroek.


J e r e m i a Broiiwer,
Jenneke Elswort.



Anthony Ten Eyck,


Sara Ten Eyck.

Cornells Krigier,
Aafje Tucker.

Jakob lis Beekman,
Jenneke Keteltas.


Salome. Hans Jiirgen Rororiem,

Elizabet Berlerim, z.h.v.
Sara. Johannes Montanje, Sen',

Antje Montanje, j. d.
Ite Ennes. Jonas Ott, Isabel Smit,

h. v. v. Andries Canon.
Meindert. Abraham Persel, Jannetje

van Jveren, z. h. v.
Catharina. Willem Caroliiis, Maria

Snyder, j. d.
Carel. Jakob Diirye, Cornelia

Diirye, j. d.
Catharina. Samuel Lauwrence, Maria

Mauritz, z. h. v.
Willem. Johannes Carolius, Maria

Klerkzon, z. h. v.

Hendricus. Hendricus de Foreest,

Elizabet Pell.
Jan Simon. Jan Simon, Maria Esther,

z. h. v.
Isaac. Isaac Fardon, Femmetje

Fardon, h. v. Abr"' v.

Johannis Remmy, Anna
Maria Corcelius, z.
huis v.

Jacob Broiiwer, Maria
Ver Wey, j. d.

Joseph Bely, Aaltje Bor-
bank, j. d.

David Moolenaar, Geert-
riiy Moolenaar, Wed.
v. Willem Moolenaar.

Elias Brevoort, Lea Pers-
sel, z. hiiis v.

Johannes Narreth, Sara
Moolenaar, j. d.

Abraham Broiiwer, Re-
becca Breestede, Wed.
v. W m Griffen.

Cornelius ClopperTertiiis,
Maria Van Vorst, huis
v. Van Daniel Ebbets.
Anna. Liikas Kierstede, Eliza-

bet Krigier, z. h. v.
Abr m Ketel- Abraham Keteltas,
las. Ju nr ) Jenneke de

Honore, Wed. v.
Abraham Keteltas.

206 Pruyn Family — American Branch. [October,


(Continued from vol. xxvii., July, 1896, p. 159, of the Re


(233) Charles' Pruyn {Jacob," Francis, b Jacob* Frans S.* Samuel,'
Frans Jansen') (vol. xiv. of the Record, July, 1883, p. 102), married at
Albany, N. Y., March 20, 1845.

(284) Rosina 8 Pruyn (John Fonda, 1 John,'' Francis, 1 ' Samuel/ Frans S., 3
Samuel.' Frans Jansen'), born November 10, 1856, at Buskirk's Bridge,
N. Y. (vol. xiv. of the Record, July, 1883, p. 108), baptized May 7,
1866, at Grace Episcopal Church, Waterford, N. Y. (Rev. Joseph Carey ;
Mrs. R. A. Grout).

Mr. Pruyn is a member of the Randall branch of the Montgomery
County Grangers and of the Fultonville Board of Trade, and a director
of the National Fencing Company. He resides on his father (128) Jacob
Pruyn's farm in the town of Glen, and occupies a residence built on the
site of the old homestead. He has extensive interests. His post-office
address is Randall, Montgomery Co., N. Y.

Mrs. Pruyn has rendered great assistance in compiling this genealogy.

Descendants of (ii) Frans Pruyn, Jr.

The descendants of his elder brothers (4) Johannes and (9) Samuel,
and of his younger brother (13) Arent or Arnold, have already been given
in the Record. Frans Pruyn, Jr.'s, family has already been given in
vol. xiii., January, 1882, p. 14 of the Record. It is for convenience re-
peated here.

(11) Frans 2 or Francis Pruyn, Jr. (Frans Jansen'), was born in Albany,
September 23, 1683, baptized at the Dutch church (Bata Sleg/enhorsl*).
His father, Frans Jansen Pruyn, was in Albany as early as 1661. f The
latter's family appears in the Record, vol. xiii., January, 1882. pp. n
and 12.

Not very much appears in regard to (11) Frans Jr. His date of mar-
riage is not given nor is his wife's full name. She appears on the records
thus far known simply as " Margarita." From a copy of a Lease on Fee
in possession of the compiler, dated December 1, 171 2, it appears that
(11) Frans and his brother-in-law, Jacob Lansing, occupied a farm
•• behind the Turkyas land. " According to Fernow this was between the
Van Rensselaer Manor and the present Watervliet. In 1740 this land

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