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was still so occupied. Frans Pruyn's name appears in 1720 on a list of
freeholders of the colony of Rensselaerswyck. He had issue by "Mar-
garita," as found on the records of the Dutch church, Albany :

* The names of sponsors are placed in parentheses, the surname being in Italics
j See Notarial Papers, p. 114, in Albany County Clerk's office.

1896.] Pruyn Family — American Branch. 207

23 Christina married Johannes van der Werken.

23a Franciscus, baptized January 16, 1717; no further mention.

The mother's name appears as Anna, on the church record ;
but this is evidently an error, and refers to the father's sister (3)
Anna probably, who stood up in the mother's place. Pearson in
his " Fust Settlers " places this Franciscus as a son of (18) Francis
S. Pruyn ; but this is an evident error, as it would make the
father less than thirteen years old.

24 Maria married Jacob Harzen.

25 Magdalena married Samuel Burn or Born.

20 Anna or Antje. baptized March 24, 1723 (Hendrick Lansing, per-
haps son of 10 ; (14) Alida van Yveren, cousin , probably
died young, being buried October 13. 1727.

27 F izabeth married Cornells Pootman.

28 David married Lenah Snoek.

29 Francis married Annatje Davis.

30 Hendrick, baptized December 30, 1733 (Francis Lansing, probably

son of (10) Helena Pruyn ; Maria Lvertsen, probably daughter

of (12) Barentje Pruyn). On September 25, 1756, he procured

a license to marry Esier Hiklarie. In 175^-57 he was High

Constable of Albany, and in 1761-62 he was Fire Master for the

second ward. In 1767 his seat in church was vacated.

23 John Van der Werken, probably a son of Gerrit Roeloffse Van der

Werken and Maritje Janse De Voe * and born June 13, 1 7 1 4 , married,

March 1, 1737, (23) Christina 3 Pruyn {Frans," Frans /an sen'), baptized

May 23, 1715 (lacob Lansing and his wife (10) Helena Pruyn), and had

issue, baptized at ihe Dutch church, Albany :

Margaret, baptized February 8, 1738. (Stephen Van Rensselaer, Patroon
and Lord of the manor of Rensselaerwyck ; Elizabeth Van Rens-
selaer, his wife, born Grossbeck.)
Frans, baptized January 24, 1739. (('') Frans Pruyn, grandfather ;

Margarita Pruyn, grandmother.)
Elizabeth, baptized October 5, 1740. (Bernardus Harzen; Maria

Harzen, probably (24).)
Barent or Bernard, born May 23, 1742. (Barent Bra// ; Catherine Har-
zen. )
Gerardus, baptized May 20, 1744. (John Van Arnhem; Hester J'an

Aarnem. )
Maria, baptized April 25, 1746. (Theunis J'an Woerd ; Catherine

Vosburgh. )
Johannis, baptized March 27, 1754. (Harme Wendell ; Catherine Van

Vechlen, his wife).
Barent or Bernard, baptized August 31, 1755. (Isaac Lansing;

Anna Lansing.)
Alida, baptized February 26, 1758. (Jacob Van Arnhem ; Anna

Van Arnhem.)
Jannetje, baptized October 19, 1760. (Gerardus Van Olinda ; Eliza-
beth Bekker.)
Jacob Harzen married, May 8, 1740, (24) Maria 3 Pruyn (Frans',

* For information on the De Voe or De Vaux family, see Riker's History of Ilai
lem. Index, p. 626 ; also, Devoe or De Vaux Family, by Thos. F. De Voe.

2o8 Pruyn Fa?nily — American Branch. [October,

Frans Jansen'), baptized March 8, 1719 (Elbert Gerritsen, uncle
by marriage ; Anna Gerritsen, his daughter), and had issue, baptized at
the Dutch church, Albany :

Cornelia, baptized March 1, 1741. (Bernardus Harzen ; Alida

Grevenraadt. )
Margarita, baptized June 5, 1743. (Hendrick Gerritsen; Catherine

Margarita, baptized April 27, 1746. (John Van Arnhem ; Elizabeth

Lansing. )
Margarita, baptized January 10, 1748. (Henrick Gerezen ; Dirkje

Alida, baptized August 12, 1750. (Francis Pruyn, either (11) or

(29) ; Alida Binmaar.)
Maria, baptized April 15, 1753. ((30) Hendrick Pruyn; Catherine
Samuel Burn or Born married, February 25, 1740, (25) Magdalena 3
Pruyn (Frans 2 , Frans Jansen'), baptized January 11, 1721 (Casparus
Van Fveren, cousin ; Alida Gerrilse, cousin), and had issue, baptized at
the Dutch church, Albany :

Francis, baptized January 4, 1741. ((n) Francis Pruyn, grandfather;

Margarita Pruyn, grandmother.)
Jannetje, baptized July 4, 1742. (Edward Collins, Attorney, Mayor

of Albany in 1733 ; Margaret Bleecker, his wife.)
Margarita, baptized May 13, 1744. (Bernardus Harzen; Catherine

Harzen. )
Jacomyntje, baptized April 25, 1746. (Hendrick Gerritsen, paternal

cousin ; Anna Gerritsen, his sister.)
Samuel, baptized March 6, 1748. (Jacob Harzen ; Elizabeth Burn!)
David, baptized May 26, 1751. ((39) Samuel Pruyn, Jr., cousin ;

Gertrude Vosburgh.)
Alida, baptized July 14, 1753. (Johannes Van der Werken, and

wife (23) Christina Pruyn.)
Catherine, baptized May 18, 1755. (Johannes de Peyster, Mayor of

Albany, 1729-31 and 1732-33 ; and his wife Anna Brat.)
Cornells Pootman married (27) Elizabeth 3 Pruyn (Frans,"' Frans Jan-
sen'), but the date and place of marriage do not appear. She was bap-
tized at the Dutch church, Albany, June 13, 1725 (Abraham van Am-
hem ; Elizabeth Lansing, cousin). Her brothers (28) David and (29)
Franz lived some distance west of Albany, on Schoharie Creek, and
appear on the Fonda (Caughnawaga) Dutch church records. Her hus-
band belonged to the Mohawk Valley family of the name, and they
appear also on the Fonda Dutch church records, from a personal exam-
ination of which I find recorded the following issue of this marriage :
Johannis, baptized May 6, 1759. (Jacob Pootman ; Anna Poo/man.)
Hendrick, baptized September 12, 1761. ((29) Frans F. Pruyn,

uncle ; Annatje Pruyn, his wife.)
Pieter, baptized August 14, 1764. (Arend Pootman ; Elizabeth Poot-
man. )

An Old Diary.



Contributed by Martha I. Young.

''Fort Montgomery June io' h 1777 Philip DuBois Bevier's * Book
bought June 2 d 1777 Price twenty eight shillings "

An Account of the French Arms and Acoutrements Delivered to my
Company, Col. Lewis Dubois Regiment.

! 9

3 1

The Name of Each that Received.

Ebenezer Burnet . . .

Jasper Pryor

Hendrick Hornbeck

James Hannah

Nathan Tupper ....
Will™ Pembroke . . .

Joseph Case

John Blaws

George Hack

John McAnarnev . . .

Will 1 " Bloomer.'

Will"' Hollet

Abraham Travers. . .
David Smith, Jun r . .
Jessy Smith

16 James Doutv

17 J Peter Tilton

Daniel Osborn ....

Enis Lent

Daniel Flanigen ....

Daniel Buoyd

James Montany ....
Alexander Petersen .
Thomas Hartwell . . .
Moses Dimond
Will"' Dimond

27 J Lemuel Chapman .

Markam Shay
Nehemiah Kniffm
James Armstrong.
Abraham Wilsen

* " Capl. Bevier was made a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Ulster County.
X. V.. by Gov. Clinlon, in April, 1795."

An Old Diary.


The Name of Each that Received.

Henry Wilsey

John Hendiickson.
Asa Crawfoot ...
John McLean ....
John McDonald
Solomon Hollet . . .

Will"' Purple

John Heins

Lemuel Crosby . . .

Will™ Hack

Caleb Juet

Samuel Givens . . .
|ames Bishop.
Samuel Townsend.
Thomas Chrispel . .

John Miller

Robert Pheuix
Walter McCallestei
Edward Welch
Martinis Clawater .

Philip Felix

Andrew Keiser
Thomas Jenkins . .

David Smith

Benj m Griffin

Abraham Okev . . .
George Hollet
Robert Miliken . . .
Abraham Wright . .
Thomas Shurkev .

Capt. Bevier.
L'. Bunckle .
L'. Birdsall . .
L'. Conelly. .

Ensign Bern-

Philip DuBois Bevier, the great-grandson of Louis Beviere, one of
the " Duzine," or twelve Huguenot patentees of Ulster County, was born
December 28, 175 1, and was baptized by Domine Mancius, January 1,
1752 ; the sponsors were his maternal grandparents, Philip DuBois and
Esther Guimar, who were also both of Huguenot descent.

He married Anne De Witt, daughter of Petrus De Witt, Esq., of
Rhinebeck, N. Y., December 22, 1782, and she survived him many


An Old Diary.

An Account of Clothing deliver d out to my Company, Colo 1 Lewis
Dubois Regiment. For the Year 1777.




3 1

Nathan Tupper. .
Ebenezer Burnet.

loseph Case

James Armstrong
Abraham Traverse

form Blaws

John McAnirnev
Lemuel Ciusby . .
Will 1 " Hollet ....
George Hollet . . .
John McLean . . .
Will"' Purple ....
John Hendricksen

John Heins

Will'" Witehead. .
Benj"' Griffin ....
Will 1 " Pembroke
Markam Shay . . .
lames Persons. . .
Henry Woolsey . .
Peter Til ton ....
Jonathan Pennv .

Enis Lent

Moses Dimond . .
David Smith ....
Abraham Wilsey.
Nehemiah Kniffin
Solomon Hollet.
Moses Hollet. . . .
Will 1 " Bloomer . .
Joseph Mitchel . .
Abraham Okey . .
George Hack ....

Caleb Juet

James Douty ....
Jacob Aldridge . .
Jasper Prvor ....
Thomas Hartwell

Jesse Smith

Daniel Buoyd . . .
David Smith Jun'.
Will- Nielson
Asa Crawfoot

> £

An Old Diary.

| October,


Robert Miliken . . . .
Alex d Richardson . .

John Richey

Samuel Givens ....

Alex d Petersen

Peter Tilton

Thomas Shurkey
lohn McDonald

Joab Andrews

,James P (illegible) .

James Bishop

Thomas Cox

Alex dr Johnsen

Samuel Townsend . . ,
Will m Hackerson
James Montaney. . . .
Lemuel Chapman . . ,

Thomas Kent

Jacob Davis

Thomas Chrispell . . ,
Abraham Wright. . . .

John Graham

John Miller

John Moore

Abraham Ferdon
Hendrick Hornbeck.

Robert Phenix

James Hannah

Martin McCollester. .

John Shuter

Edward Welch

Will" 1 Dimond

John Heins Jun'. . . .
Martinis Clawater . . .

John Fulton

Will"' Cooke

George Cambell

Daniel Osborn

Andrew Keiser

Jacob Cline

Philip Felix

Johannis Keiser. . . .

Will™ Priarton

Will" 1 Dimond

Thomas Jenkins. . . .
Cornelius Furlough .

1896.] Graveyard Inscriptions. 2\"\

It may not be amiss to add a few words about the owner of the old
diary from which the above extracts were taken.

On June 28, 1775, young Bevier was commissioned by the Congress
at Philadelphia 1st Lieutenant, 10th Company of the Third Regiment,
New York Line. His regiment was brigaded under General Montgom-
ery, and he suffered all the hardships of the terrible expedition to Canada
in 1775-76, and was near Montgomery when the latter fell in the assault
on Quebec. He was one of the officers mentioned in General Schuyler's
report of the Canadian campaign. Captain Bevier never fully recovered
from the privations and hardships of the winter in Canada, and it was in-
directly the cause of his death. On June 26, 1776, Congress at Philadel-
phia again commissioned him captain, and family history relates that at
the close of the war he was made a colonel, and received large grants of
land from the Government. The deeds for 1,800 acres of this land in
New York State and his commissions have been carefully preserved.

His grave in Rochester churchyard is marked by a stone bearing the
following quaint inscription :


to the Memory of

Philip DuBois Bevier

who departed this life

on the 18 th day of April

in the year 1802

aged 50 years, 3 months

and 10 days.

Here sleeps the brave, the generous, and the just,
Who served his Country as a Soldier first,
And then in Council upright, pure, and wise,
The Judge impartial next and calmly dies.



In memory of John Gardiner who died May 29, 1813 aged 66 years.
In memory of Joanna, Wife of John Gardiner Who Died Oct. 1. 1809
in the 64 year of her age.

I shall be satisfied, when I awake with his likeness.

" Father I give my spirit up
And trust it in thy hand.
My dying flesh shall rest in hope
And rise at thy command."

In memory of Rachel, Wife of John Gardiner Who departed this life
February 25, 1S11 in the 6i st year of her age.

2 1 4 Graveyard Inscriptions. [October,

In memory of Hannah, wife of John Gardiner Who died May 26, 1813
in the 5 1 year of her age.

In memory of Abigail Daughter of John & Joanna Gardiner who
departed this life July 13, 1793 In the 12 year of her age.

In memory of Sally, wife of Jonathan Gardiner and daughter of John
& Phcebe Gelston who died Sept. 10. 1803 in the 28 year of her life.

Sacred To the memory of Jonathan Gardiner Son of John and Joanna
Gardiner who died March 7 1833 aged 60 years.

My spirit returneth to him whose name is the Lord God Merciful &
gracious, long suffering & abundant in Goodness.

In memory of Fanny R. Wife of Jonathan Gardiner who died April
12 th 1S49 In the 57 year of her age.

"There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God."

In memory of Albert Gelston Gardiner Son of Jonathan and Sally
Gardiner who died December 23, 1842 aged 39 years.

Sarah G. Daughter of Jonathan tt Fanny R. Gardiner. Born Jan. 9,
1827. Died Nov. 12, 1 89 1.

Capt. Gordian King departed this life Feb. 23, 1S25 aged 40 years.

Mr. William King died March 4, 1821. Mi. 55.

In memory of John H. Gardiner Who died 'June 9, 1S54. Aged 76
years 9 months & 2 days.

In memory of Abigail Gardiner Relict of John H. Gardiner Who
died March 2 nd 1861 aged 79 years & 9 months.

Jennett Daughter of John H. & Abigail Gardiner died Sept. 5, 1S19 ;
JE 1 \ear & 3 months.

Orlando G. Son of David H. & Mary A. Sanford died June 17 th , 1853.
SE. 7 years & 3 mos.

In memory of Elizabeth Smith Wife of Eneas Smith Who died Sep-
tember 29"' 1836 In the 6 I st year of her age.

I sought the Lord and he delivered me from all my fears.


Leghorn, Churchyard Inscriptions.— Maria Temple Bowdoin, b. in London
17S5, d. February 2, 1S21. dau. of Thomas and Maria Dickason. Placed by
Giacomo Temple Bowdoin, of Boston. Long inscription in Italian, English church-
yard, Leghorn.

" Here Lies the Remains of William Magee Seton, Merchant, of New York.
Who departed this life at Pisa, The 27th Day of December, 1S03." In the ceme-
tery adjoining the English church at Leghorn.

J. v. L. r.

Glen Cove. — Some fifteen years ago I copied a number of inscriptions on the
memorial stones in one of the old burial places of Glen Cove, L. I. These stones
were evidently taken from the neighboring fields, rudely cut. yet plainly decipherable.
In one row of graves there were the following inscriptions :

M. C. R. C. I R. C. C. C.

Dc. Oc. 21, 1708. I Ds. Ap. Hi. 1715. I Ivn. 12, 1703. I Dc. Oct. 17, 1738.

The first of these is for Mercy Coles ; the next is for Robert Coles (her husband) ;
the others are for their sons, Robert Coles, Jr., and Charles Coles.

Robert Coles was the last survivor of the five proprietors of ancient ''Musceta
Cove." He was evidently the merchant or "storekeeper" of the plantation, and in
an old volume, which was originally first used as a " Book of Records " for the town,



2I 5

he has made many quaint and now valuable memoranda concerning events trans-
piring among the early settlers. He here records the date of his own marriage to
Mercy Wright, 1670, the births of his eight children, 1671 to 1686, the decease of his
wife, October 21, 1708, and of his son Robert, June 12, 1703. And his son Nathan
here also records the death of his father, April 16, 1715, following with later items
of genealogical interest.

A recent visit to this old burial place shows that it is fast becoming an open
commons. The fences, once kept in good order, are all gone, the stately locusts
which surrounded it have been cut down by the adjoining property owners, and very
soon every trace of grave or memorial stone will have disappeared. With data so
plain regarding the last resting place of this pioneer settler, it is passing strange that
hitherto no attempt has been made to erect a suitable and enduring monument to
mark the spot.

dan'i. h. carpenter, Maplewood, N. J.


Ballou. Starr. — Every Ballou in America should be interested to have the Life
of Dr. Ballou for the very full information it gives of their common ancestor — the
fruit of wide research both here and in French archives.

Every Starr in America should be interested to have the Life of Dr. Ballou for the
beautiful picture of St. Mary's, Ashford, Kent, which it contains, and for the noble
story of their common ancestor's life and of his efforts for higher education. A per-
fect facsimile of Dr. Comfort Stan's will — filed in Suffolk Probate Records, 1659 —
II by 14 inches, mounted on cardboard and suitable for framing, may also be had, at
$ 2 00. Apply to

hosea STARR ballou, Winthrop Road, Brookline, Mass.

Ancestry of John Tilley's Wife. — I have been much interested in Mr. How-
land's note on this subject (ante, p. 162). Is it possible that she could have been the
daughter of Governor Carver? I should like to see the matter discussed in your

In the edition of Savage belonging to the Yale College library, someone many
years since has made pencil notes to his articles on Governor Carver, John Tilley,
and John Howland to the effect that Tilley's wife was undoubtedly the daughter of
Governor Carver, and so John Howland's wife was the granddaughter instead of the
daughter of Carver.

That Howland's wife was Carver's daughter was unquestioned until after the
discovery of Bradford's History. Savage, as was his custom, criticised unsparingly
those who had previously followed the old and formerly accepted theory. Thus, note
his strictures on the writer of the notice of Governor Carver published in Vol. I. of
the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, and also his remarks about
Governor Hutchinson's inaccuracy in claiming that Governor Carver left descendants
in Marshfield, though he admits that usually Hutchinson is quite accurate, etc.

The passage will be found in Vol. II. of Hutchinson's " History of Massachussets,"
ed. 1795, page 40S, in the foot-note, and runs as follows :

" He (John Carver) lived but a short time. His grandson died about ten or twelve
years since, at Marshfield, at the age of one hundred and two. Not long before his death,
this grandson with his son, his grandson and great-grandson, were all at work together,
without doors, and the great-great-grandson was in the house. This is not common."

Savage refers particularly to this passage, and almost would have us consider it as
an idle tale utterly unworthy of credence, and evidently thought that Governor Carver
left no descendants in this country.

In confirmation of this story, however, in the " Memorials of Marshfield " (Marcia
A. Thomas, Boston, 1S54), page 52, we read that Robert Carver had lands granted
to him in 163S and in 1643, and died 1680, aged, eighty-six ; that his son John had a
son William born 1659, who died October 2, 1760, aged one hundred and one years
and nine months, and that his farm was still owned by his descendants in 1S54.
Here evidently we have the grandson who, Hutchinson says, died about ten or twelve
years since, aged one hundred and two, etc. Hutchinson wrote about 1764. but the
death occurred a few years later than as stated by Hutchinson. There is nothing very

2 1 6 Queries. [October,

improbable in this, Robert being a son of Governor Carver, and so the only error in
Hutchinson's statement, aside from the mistake of a few years in his date, is in calling
William Carver, who died in 1760, a grandson instead of a great-grandson.

I am inclined to believe that these Marshfield Carvers were descendants of the
Governor, and if so it is not the first case known where the parents, having first come
over in the Mayflower and then died, were followed later by certain of their children ;
for instance, take the case of Priscilla Mullins, whose brother came over at a later date,
as is now well known. And may it not be that John Tilley's wife was a sister of
Robert Carver of Marshfield, and that the same mistake has been made by former
tradition in her case as seemed to prevail in Hutchinson's time in the case of Robert
Carver ; that is. calling her daughter, instead of herself a grand-daughter? Has Gov-
ernor Carver's ancestry been traced sufficiently to prove the incorrectness of this sur-
mise? And could anything be learned by tracing the Tilley records in England? I
have somewhere seen a statement in print to the effect that Edward Tilley was a brother
of John and that there were English records extant as to the two "cousins" who
accompanied them to Plymouth. A search in the same place where the records as to
the cousins Sampson and Cooper were found might disclose the marriage record of
John and Elizabeth Tilley, and so settle the question.

EDWIN A. HILL, Box 1666, New Haven.

Quackenbush. — Miss Adriana Suydam Quackenbush, of 12S7 Madison Avenue,
New York City, is preparing a history of the Quackenbush (Quackenbos) family in
Holland and America, and will be grateful for information concerning anyone con-
nected with that family either directly or by marriage.

Note. — In the last number of the Record, on page 168, the name of Philip
Hiss, a member of the Society, was improperly printed.

The lecture season of the Society for the winter of 1896-97 will open on the
evening of Friday, October Sth. with an address by Rev. M. E. Dwight. The second
address on Friday, November 13th, will be delivered by Dr. David Murray, of New
Brunswick, N. J., whose subject is the New York State Anti-Rent Agitation. The
December address will be by Hon. Chauncey M. Depew, LL.D.


Sheldon. — The register of the Sheldon family states that in December, 1620,
William, Isaac, and John landed in New England, but does not give what relation
they were to each other, or the name of the vessel they came over in ; — but gives
the genealogy of each one. Any information on this subject will be appreciated by

CHAs. A. Sheldon, jr., Atlanta, Ga.

Bayard. — Wanted, information of a Samuel Bayard whose daughter married John
Ayscough. My reason for asking is : Samuel Bayard Malcolm married Catharine
Van Rensselaer Schuyler (daughter of Gen. Philip I. Schuyler and Catharine Van
Rensselaer). This above-mentioned Samuel Bayard Malcolm was the son of Gen.
Win. Malcolm and Sarah Ayscough, Her mother was a daughter of Samuel Bayard,
and I don't know the wife's name. I will make it clearer: Gen. Wm. Malcolm mar-
ried Sarah Ayscough, daughter of John Ayscough and Catharine Bayard, daughter of

Samuel Bayard and (?) Whose son was this Samuel, and who was the wife?


Balch, Leach. — Hannah Balch married Richard Leach, March 7, 1703. The
undersigned desires information concerning her parents.

H. K. hiss, Newport, R. I.

Dusenberry. — Who were the lineal male ancestors of John Dusenberry, born
May 15, 1728? He married the widow Willsie, whose maiden name was Warner.
She lived near Kingsbridge, N. Y., and had by her first husband, Mr. Willsie, four
children, Mary, Elizabeth, Susannah, and Daniel. c. R. D.

Hauxhurst, Pratt. — Can any of your readers tell me who were the parents of
Ann Pratt, who in 1735 married William Hauxhurst of New York City?

R. macdonough, 205 Washington Street, Boston, Mass.

Taylor. — Wanted, the ancestors of John Taylor, who was born about 1717 and
married in 1747 Anna, daughter of William Nicoll of Long Island, by his house-

I S96. ] Queries. 217

keeper Ruth Norton. Anna was at the time widow of Daniel Nuttell, who died in
1741, leaving no children. Her first marriage was in 1738. I find that John Taylor
had a sister Mary, who married a John Gardiner of Narragansett, R. I, who died
about 176(3, and that he had an Aunt Mary Taylor, who was born in 167S and died
April 17, 1769, and who married Francis Willett of North Kingstown, K. I., son of
Andrew and grandson of Thomas and Mary (Brown) Willett of Plymouth and
Swanzey, Mass., married July 6, 1636. I am trying to collect the several lines of
my father (William Richmond Talbot), who is the direct descendant from Com.
Silas Talbot of the Revolution, and John Taylor's daughter married Evert Bancker
of New York, whose line I have. Their child, Maria DePeyster Bancker, married
the Commodore's son George Washington Talbot, the father of my grandfather, the
late Charles Nicoll Talbot of New York, who died in 1S74. None of the family
in New York have followed up the Taylor line, but I am now trying to do so.
From papers, etc., I find that they must have come from Jamaica, L. I. The
Willetts had many of their name there, and as Francis' wife was a Taylor, this
brought the Gardiners in. Any data or suggestions will be most thankfully received.
I have just about finished a tree of the Talbot family of the last eight generations,
some fourteen hundred names, in a tree form, but have been following up the several
collateral lines at the same time and have been very successful with many, but the
Taylor branch has baffled me. I have reason to think John Taylor lived in New

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