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alist" by A. W. H. Eaton and the Calnek-Savary History of
Annapolis, pp. 426 and 439, and the New York Gen. and Biog.
Record for 1903, pp. 35 and 36). He was a graduate of Acadia
College, Wolfville, N. S., a leading Baptist Divine of Nova Scotia,
Pastor of churches at Dartmouth and Cornwallis and Superin-
tendent of Education for the Province from 1868 till his death,
Oct, 23, 1877. His children were as follows:

i. Eliza Theresa,' b. March 15, 1847; m. June i6, 1892,
Judge Alfred W. Savary, of Annapolis Royal (his
2nd wife), see Savary Genealogy.
ii. Lewis Gibson, b. March i, 1849; graduated in Arts in
Acadia College, Wolfville, N. S., and in Medicine
and Surgery at McGill College, Montreal and in
Edinburgh. D.C.L., Acadia (honorary), 1909; prac-
ticed medicine at Sheffield, England, where he is a
J. P. now, 1910, retired and living in Richmond,
London. In early manhood he embraced the Roman
Catholic Faith. He m. May 31, 1886, Flora, dau. of
Rev. J. Stewart Vaughan, M.A., an English Clergy-
man of a well known family, her mother being a
daughter of Col. William Glendower White of the
British Army, who was a son of Hon. John White
the first Attorney General of Upper Canada, ap-
pointed from England, and who died Jan. 3, 1800.
I child, Ethelreda, unm.
iii. James Johnstone, b. March 15, 1850; a well known
citizen and Barrister and K.C. of Halifax, N. S. who
is M.A. of Acadia College, and a D.C.L. of King's
College, Windsor, N. S.; prominent in the mission-
ary and general work of the Church of England and
a member of the Diocesan and General Synods. He
m. April 29, 1876, Mary Emma (Minnie), dau. of
George R. Anderson, Esq., and granddau. of Hon.
John Anderson, Senator. Child: i. Helen Susan
(Nellie), m. March 24, 1909, C. Herbert N. Connell,
iv. Aubrey S., b. Sept. i, 1852. He was business manager.
Accountant, etc., of the N. S. Hospital for the insane
at Dartmouth, and prominent in Baptist Church
work and in financial circles. He d. unm. Nov, 2,
1905, to the great grief of the community.
V. Ella Maude, b. Feb. 10, 1854; m, Aug, 11, 1884, Rev-
Arthur Crawley Chute, D.D., a Baptist Divine and
pastor of churches in Chicago and Halifax and Pro-

IQI2.] His Ancestry and Descendants. I 25

fessor of Hebrew in Acadia College. For their
children see Chute Genealogies.
vi. Ralph xMelburne, b. Aug. 11, 1858, graduated in Acadia
College; a clergyman of the Baptist Church at St.
Stephens, N. B., Jamaica Plain, Boston and Hamil-
ton, Ont. He was much respected and beloved, and
d. u'nm. in Oct., 1902, of typhoid fever while on a
visit to Boston.

" Ne'er to the mansions where the weary rest,^
Since their foundation came a nobler guest."

11 Benjamin* Hunt (Elijah,' Col. Benjamin,* Moses,=' Josiah '
Thomas') was b. April, 181 8, and according to Wyman, m. Sarah
E. Peters of St. John, and lived in Boston, returning to "the
Provinces " 1862. Children (according to Wyman):

i. Washington.' r t-i- i.

ii Jonathan (a Jonathan Hunt m. Louisa, wid. of Elipha-
let Marshall, who was buried at St. John, April 24,
1871, ae. 48).
iii. Mary Jane,
iv. Henrietta.
V. John, b. June, 1846.
vi. Rebecca, b. June, 1847.
vii. Ella, b. 1852. , . . ,, ,

12 Henry Gilbert Hunt" (Elijah,* Col. Benjamin,* Moses,
Josiah," Thomas'), was b. April, 1830, and m. 1861, Jane Rosa
Babbitt of a New Brunswick Loyalist family. They lived m St.
John, N. B., where he was an official in the Custom House many
years. They had a son Lauchlan Donaldson', a dry goods and
clothing merchant of the firm of Henderson & Hunt, St. John,
N. B., and 2 daughteis, Elizabeth and Catherine, one of whom m.

a Perkins of St. John. o . ^ 1 t, • • «

13. William Lovett Bent' Hunt (Joseph S.,' Col. Benjamin,
Moses,' Josiah." Thomas'), was b. June 23, 1833, and m. Nov. i,
1867, Caroline Franklin, and lives at AcaciaviUe, Digby County.
His children are:

i. Phoebe,' b. Aug. 20, 1868; m. Sept. 30, 1897, Philip

ii. Manasseh L., b. Feb. 3, 1870; unm. in 1906.
iii. Elizabeth Fannie, b. Nov. 2, 1872; d. Jan. 8, 1895, unm.
iv. John William, b. May 26, 1874; d. June 10, 1895, unm.
V. May Duetta, b. Feb. 27, 1877; unm. in 1906.
vi. Alice Franklin, b. Sept. 8, 1879; unm. in 1906.
vii. James Putnam, b. Feb. 26, 1884; unm. in 1906.
A large number of the descendants of Col. Benjamin Hunt
now live in the United States, and probably the majority of them
in Massachusetts.

Other Hunts in the Maritine Provinces.

The roll of Loyalists mustered at Digby, May, 1784, {N. Y. Gen.

and Biog. Record, vol. xxxiv, p. 122), contains Theodis (probably

for Theodosius) Hunt, i man, i woman, and Frederic Hunt, i

man, i woman and 4 children above 10 years old in family, and

126 Lieutenant-Colonel Benjajnin Hunt, the Loyalist, [April,

Thomas Hunt, no family. Probably the Frederic and Theodis
were the two sons of Nehemiah of East Chester mentioned in
Wyman, p. 167, and Frederic again on p. 337. If so Frederic
must have returned to the U. S. and settled in New Haven, Conn.,
after the rancour of the war had abated. But Wyman's list of
his children conflicts a little with tho muster roll. That of An-
napolis Royal, June, 1784, gives us Benjamin Hunt i man, i
woman, i child above 10 and i servant. I think this is Lieut,
Benjamin, Jr., whose child by a clerical error in the copy recorded
in the archives in Halifax is placed in the wrong column, for he
could have had no child over ten at that date. The Colonel him-
self had charge of a "class " in making and enrolling the muster.
Besides Cosby Hunt, Lieutenant and Adjutant, mentioned by
Sabine, Samuel Hunt and John Hunt were Loyalist grantees of
St. John in 1783. I cannot account for John Hunt who d. at
Marshalltown near Digby Jan. 12, 1846, ae. 86, and was therefore
b. 1759 or 1760, but I think he was a nephew or first cousin of
the Colonel. He m. apparently in middle age Tamar, daughter of
Captain Frederic Williams, a prominent Loyalist from West-
chester County, N. Y., whose wife was Eleanor Pell. He is said
to have come to Digby from New Brunswick. He may have
been the grantee of that name in St. John. To the Loyalist
"protest" of Westchester County in 1775 no less than three John
Hunts, besides John, Esq., signed their names, two of them
Senior and Junior, and it was alleged by their opponents that
two of them were under age. This John, then aged about 16,
may have been one of these precocious ones; or he may have
been of another family and State. There was a John Hunt,
Lieutenant of the Loyalist " Guides and Pioneers," a corps
attached to Colonel Beverly Robinson's Loyal Am. Regt, His
wife d. July 4, 1853. They had children: i. William J., b. 1810;
d. Sept. 9, 1894; aged 84; 2. Ophelia, m. Stevenson or Stephen-
son of N. Y., and had 2 sons John and George who lived in Bridge-
port, Conn.; 3. Elizabeth, d. unm.*

William J. Hunt, son of John, in his early days a merchant
and shipbuilder at Marshalltown, Digby, m. Anna Boyne of St.
John, and had a large family scattered in Digby, St. John, Port-
land, Me., Boston, San Jose, San Francisco, Cal., Michigan and
elsewhere. There is a tradition in both families of a distant
relationship. The Hunts of Hunt's Point and other parts of
Queen's Co., N. S.,are according to More's History of that County,
descendants of Samuel Hunt, one of the pre-loyalist settlers,
probably from New England. A prominent Prince Edward
Island family is from an Irish ancestor who settled there in the
last century.

There is also a considerable family in Dartmouth, N. S., whose
source I am unable to indicate. The ancestor may have come
direct from England, or may have been of the Queen's County

* For this partial record I am indebted to Isaiah W. Wilson, Esq.

I9I2.] Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. 12'J


By William A. Robbins,

Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
and Long Island Historical Society.

Continued from Vol. XLIII, p. 88, of the Record.

1 9 Benjamin' Tredwell (Benjamin/ Thomas,' John,' Ed-
ward-), born nth May, 1735. baptized in Hempstead New York,
10th August 1735,* died in town of North Hempstead, New York,
Saturday, 19th June, 1830, buried 2Tst June, in row D, (west of
church), Christ's churchyard,! Manhasset, Long Island; married
by Rev Samuel Seabury in Hempstead, 7th December,^ (bond
dated 24th November,§) 1762, to Elizabeth Seabury, born 14th
October, 1743,1 baptized i6th October, 1743.I died 7th April, 18 18,
buried 9th April,** beside (north) husband, daughter of Rev.
Samuel and Elizabeth (Powell) Seabury of Hempstead. Benja-
min' Tredwell resided on Great Neck in present town of North
Hempstead up to 1764 and, probably, later; then, Westbury, part
now East Williston. He was a physician and surgeon.

A power of attorney dated the 19th of November, 1756, from
Benjamin^ Tredwell "of Great Neck . . . Surgeon" to his
father recites, "Whereas I the said Benjamin Tredwell Junior
am bound on a Privateering Voyage against the French on board
the Ship called the Hercules, commanded by Cap' Sam'l Bayard
in the Character of Surgeon ... I Do Authorize and Im-
power the Said Benjamin Tredwell in my name and to my Use
to Ask Demand Sue for Levy Recover and Receive of and from
the Agent or Agents of the said Voyage and Every other person
or persons whomsoever into whose hands the same Shall come
and be all and Singular the prize money that shall become Due
to me in upon or by reason of the said Cruise or privateering

His marriage bond was signed by Benjamin Tredwell of
Queens county, surgeon, and by Benjamin Kissam, Esq., of New
York City and recites that the license was obtained by said Benja-
min Tredwell and Elizabeth Seabury of Queens county, spinster.

14th April, 1764, James Hicks and wife, Deborah, conveyed to
" Benjamin Tredwell, Junor, of Mad Nans Neck . . . practi-

* Records St. Georges Church, Hempstead, N. Y.; The N. Y. Gen. and

Biog. Record, vol. ix, p. 187.

t Records Christ's Church, Manhasset, L. I. ^ ., ^^ ^ v

X Records St. Georges Church, Hempstead, N. Y.; The N. Y. Gen. and

Biog. Record, vol. xiii, p. 140. „ • j o^

§ New York Marriage Licenses, Previous to 1784, printed i«6o, p. 397-
II Ancient Tredwell Bible in possession of Henry Hewlett Tredwell.
i Records St. Georges Church, Hempstead, N. Y. ; The N. Y. Gen. and

Biog. Record, vol. x, p. 19.

** Records St. Georges Church, Hempstead, N. Y.

tt Hempstead Town Records (printed), vol. iv, pp. 268-270.

128 Descendants of Edward Tre{cC)d'well through his son John. [April,

tioner of Physic " a farm of 51^ acres and dwelling in the North
Woods on road from Success to Cow Neck.*

27th May, 1766, Benjamin' Tredwell entered the following ear-
mark on the Hempstead records, "a Crop of Each Ear & a slitt
in Each Ear."

He was one of the signers from Queens county of the Declara-
tion of loyalty to the King, dated the 21st of October, 1776.!

Michael Rodgers of Hempstead designated Benjamin* Tred-
well as one of the executors of his will dated the 5th of April,
17774 He was, likewise, named by Silas Carman of Oyster Bay,
New York, in his will dated the 21st of May, 1783. §

On Saturday night, the 2nd of August, 1780, while returning
with her son Adam from New York City in a chaise, Benjamin'
Tredwell's wife was robbed of her horse and personal effects to
the value of ^,^30 by some rebels, according to the Rivington
Gazette.\ Dr. Tredwell met with a similar experience at the
hands of a party of British Dragoons.^ Jones' History of New
York, volume I, page 114, has an account at length of this affair,
in the course of which Dr. Tredwell is spoken of "as warm and
steady a Loyalist as ever had an existence."

In the Spring of 1781, Parmenas Jackson was cruelly murdered
by three privates from Delancey's Brigade, and Drs. Tredwell
and Searing were called in the case.**

Among the ancient family papers in the possession of Mr.
Henry Hewlett Tredwell, is an unrecorded deed dated the 7th of
May, 1784, from Stephen Titus and wife, Phebe, of Westbury, to
Dr. Benjamin Tredwell.

In 1785, Benjamin' Tredwell and three others made a loan to
Joshua Carman, Jr., secured by the latter's bond and mortgage
upon real property in Beekman's Precinct, Dutchess county, N. Y.

According to the United States census for 1790, Dr. Tredwell's
family, that year, comprised 2 males over 16 years of age; 3 males
under 16 years; four females; and 13 slaves.

By a deed dated the ist of May, 1792, Benjamin' Tredwell and
wife, Elizabeth, conveyed to David Allen, for ^3,000, the horne-
stead farm of 160 acres whereon grantor's father died, reserving
the " Burying ground Thereon . . . to be used as and for A
Family Burying Ground " and " Road or highway leading from
the Said Barn to the Said Landing place. "ff On the nth of the
same month, an agreement was entered into by the same parties

* Hempstead Town Records (printed), vol. v, pp. 144-148.

t Revolutionary Incidents of Queens County, by Henry Onderdonk, Jr.,
1846, p. 127.

X Nezu York Historical Society Collections, 1900, p. 114.

§ Calendar of Wills, 1626- 1836, on File and Recorded in the Offices of the
Court of Appeals, etc., N. V., 1896, p. 85.

II Revolutionary Incidents of Queens County, by Henry Onderdonk, Jr.,
1846. p. 172.

*i History of the City of New York, by Martha J. Lamb, 1877, vol. 11, p. ig?-
** Revolutionary Incidents of Queens County, (2nd series), by Henry Onder-
donk, Jr., 1884, p. 13.

tt Hempstead Town Records (printed), vol. vi, pp. 351-355'

I9I2.] Descendants of Edward Tre{d)d'well ihrongh his son John. I2Q

relative to the land thereby conveyed.* The title to the part
reserved seems to be still in the descendants of Benjamin' Tred-

His account-book, kept from 1776 to 1783, has been preserved
among the family papers and is now owned by his great-great-
grandson i\lr. Henry Hewlett Tredwell. His case of surgeon's
instruments has been deposited in a public museum.

Benjamin' Tredwell left a will dated the 21st of September,
1829, which was probated in Queens county, New York, the 30th
of August, 1830, and recorded in Liber Gof Wills, page 29, in the
office of the Surrogate of said county. In it are mentioned his
son Benjamin, to whom he left all his real estate; his sons Adam,
John, Seabury, George, and grandson Timothy Tredwell; children
of his deceased son Samuel; children of his deceased daughter
Elizabeth Kissam; his granddaughter Phebe Peggy Kissam, the
representative of her deceased mother, Phebe AUen; his son-in-
law, William Allen. Among the family papers have been pre-
served many of the receipts given by those receiving a share of
his estate.

Following are the inscriptions on the headstones marking the
graves of Benjamin' Tredwell and wife:

_ "In Memory of | Doct. Benjamin Tredwell | departed this
Life I June 19, 1830 | aged 95 years | i month 8 days."

" In Memory | of | Elizabeth Tredwell | wife of Doct. Benja-
min Tredwell | departed this life | April 7''', 1818 ] in the 75thyear
of her age."

She was said to have been ** a woman much beloved and re-
markable for her hospitality."

The obituary notice of Benjamin' Tredwell in the Long Island
Telegraph and General Advertiser, issue of the 24th of June, 1830,
is, in part, as follows:f

"Such is said to have been the esteem and confidence of the
community in this aged Physician, that to the last, he retained a
large portion of the practice in the neighborhood where he

Family tradition says that at the birth of each of his children
Dr. Tredwell planted an evergreen tree in front of his house. A
majority of these trees, now aged, are still standing. His old
dwelling, greatly enlarged a few years ago, is now owned and
occupied by his great-great-grandson, Henry Hewlett Tredwell.
It is filled with many heirlooms, old furniture, books, papers and
cabinets containing curios and mementos of former days gathered
here and abroad, while the walls are covered with prizes won at
early county fairs and elsewhere.

The descendants of Benjamin' and Elizabeth (Seabury) Tred-
well are eligible to membership in the Society of Mayflower
Descendants and also in the Huguenot Society.

* Papers in possession of Henry H. Tredwell.
t See also The Long Island Fanner, ]M\y i, 1830.

130 Descendants of Edward Tre{a)dwell through his son John. [April,

Tredwell Children:

44 i. Samuel.'

45 ii. Timothy.'

46 iii. Elizabeth.'

47 iv. Benjamin.'

48 V. Adam.'

49 vi. John.'

50 vii. Phebe.'

51 viii. Seabury.'

52 ix. George.'

Further References:

The History of Long Island, by Benjamin F. Thompson, 1843, vol. ii, p. 32.

Biographical Sketches of Loyalists in the American Revolution, by Lorenzo
Sabine, 1864, vol. ii, p. 361.

A Documentary History of the Dutch Congregation of Oyster Bay, Queens
County, Long Island, by H. A. Stoutenburgh, 1902, p. 709.

Dutchess County, N. Y., Mortgages, vol. 4, p. 204; vol. 6, pp. 112, 115, 119.

20. Sarah' Tredwell (Benjamin,* Thomas,' John,' Edward'),
born ist January, 1740, baptized Hempstead, New York, 24th
January, 1760,* died 24th March, 1788-, married, by license, in
Hempstead, 27th (bond dated 21st), January, 1761, Uriah Piatt of
Hempstead, born 5th January, 1734, died 21st July, 1803, son of
Uriah and Mary (Smith) Piatt.

Uriah Piatt and his wife, Sarah (Tredwell) Piatt, are buried
side by side in the old Tredwell burying ground on Great Neck,
Long Island, the inscriptions on their headstones being as

"In I Memory of | Uriah Piatt | who departed this life | on
the 21'* Day of July | 1803 | Aged 69 years 6 | months & 17 Days."
" In I memory of | Sarah | the wife of Uriah Piatt | who de-
parted this Life | March 24*'', 1788 | aged 48 years 2 month «& 24

Platt Children:
i. Benjamin Tredwell,' b. nth July, 1762, d. 13th May,

1833; mar. Sept., 1783, Hannah Woolley.
ii. Sarah,' b. abt. i784,d. abt. 1817; mar. 13th June, 1807,
Charles Hewlett, b. 2nd July, 1776, d. 1829. 3 children,
iii. Uriah,' b. ist April, 1786, d. 21st July, 1828; mar. i8th
Nov., 1815, Eliza Ann Peters, b. 12th Oct., 1797, d.
29th Sept., 1849. Res., Plattdale, L. I. 5 children,
iv. Eliza Tredwell,' b. 1788, probably same who was bapt.
8th May, 1808, at Benjamin Piatt's, N. Y. City, d.
1862; mar. Philip Allen. 4 children.
?v. Henry Wooley," d. 1872.

21. Samuel' Tredwell (Benjamin,' Thomas,' John," Edward'),
born 28th May, 1743, baptized Hempstead, New York, 24th Janu-
ary, 1760,* died 8th September, 1781; married, by license, in
Hempstead, by Rev. Mr. Seabury, 12th December (bond dated
2ist November), 1764, Susannah Hewlett of Hempstead, born 6th

* Records St. George's Church, Hempstead, N. Y.; The N. Y. Gen. and
Biog, Record, vol. xi, p. 47.

191 2.] Descendants of Edward Tre{,a)dwell through his son John. 13I

April 1745, died 4th July, 1808, buried in old town cemetery
Hempstead, daughter of Benjamin and Susannah (Whitehead)

Hewlett. . , -,1 •

Susannah (Hewlett) Tredwell was married, secondly, in
Hempstead, by Rev. Thomas L. Moore, 14th May, 1787, to Daniel
Stevenson of North Hempstead.

Samuel' Tredwell resided at Success, town of North Hemp-
stead. It is not known where he was buried. He was a farmer ;
chosen overseer of highways, 1769 and 1770.*

The marriage bond, signed by Samuel Tredwell of Queens
county, farmer, and Samuel Kissam of same county, physician
recites that the license was obtained by said Samuel Tredwell
and Susannah Hewlett of Queens county, spinster.

On Christmas day, 1766, SamueP Tredwell entered his ear-
mark on the Hempstead town book as follows, "a slope the
fore side the near ear & a hole in same."t

2ist May, 1768, James Cornell and wife, Margaret, of Hemp-
stead conveyed to Samuel' Tredwell 140 acre farm and dwelling
(particularly described) at Success, Dutch Church, lane, and
burying ground excepted; also land adjoining the Great Pond
used for a whitening yard, smoke-house, cider mill and mill
house; also 6 acres at Hungry Harbor; and the patent right in
Hempstead the said grantor purchased of James Smith, late of
Dutchess county. I

Samuel' Tredwell's Bible was, a few years ago, in the pos-
session of his great-grandson, William Tredwell Van Nostrand,
On one of the pages is written, " Samuel Tredwell his Book, given
him by his mother Sarah Tredwell."

SamueP Tredwell left a will dated the 28th of August, 1781,
which was probated the 20th of June, 1782, and recorded in
Liber 35 of Wills, page 30, in the office of the Surrogate of the
county of New York, where the original remains on file. His
will, made while he was "sick and weak in body," mentions his
son' William, to whom was devised testator's real estate; his
wife (name not given); his daughters Elizabeth and Susannah.
His father-in-law Benjamin Hewlett, his brother Benjamin
Tredwell, and his brother-in-law Uriah Piatt were named the
executors. S

It was probably Samuel' Tredwell's widow who, in 1787, was
allowed £:^ for taking care of an Indian woman. f

According to the record of a satisfaction of a mortgage in the
office of the clerk of the county of Queens, New York,! the
name of Susannah (Hewlett) Tredwell's second husband was
spelled Stevenson, but, in Samuel' Tredwell's Bible and on her
gravestone, this name is spelled Stephenson. In 1897, the grave-

* Hempstead Town Records (printed), vol. v, pp. 211 and 274.
t lb., vol. iv, p. 46.

I /

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