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county records, and in the various town records. The town
records of Oyster Bay are with the Town Clerk at East Norwich,
and cover all that region, including Cold Spring Harbor.

IQ12.] Book Notices. ^0\

Records of Hempstead may be found at Hempstead and all of
these are in fair condition. But the records of the Friend's
Societies also give much valuable information. Some of these
are with the Society at Flushing but the most have been deposited
with the 2oth Street Friend's Meeting in New York City, Man-
hattan Borough.

We should by no means overlook the valuable services of
those who have so carefully gathered the records of towns and
of families. The libraries of the New York Genealogical and
Biographical Society, the Puplic Library, the New York Historical
Society and the Long Island Historical Society are particularly
rich in this literature, and a careful study of the volumes will
many times save a trip and hours of searching.

Families from Long Island emigrated again to Westchester,
Dutchess, Columbia and Renssalaer Counties in New York State
and to New Jersey. In Westchester County the records of St.
Peter's Church and of the town of Westchester are valuable; in
Dutchess County there are records at Poughkeepsie and several
other points, and some excellent local histories. In the other
counties it is more difficult. In New Jersey, the state records at
Trenton and some valuable manuscript collections in the New
Jersey Historical Society at Newark make a good foundation for

It requires a good deal of patience and hard work to follow up
such information as may be collected in the ways mentioned
above by personal interviews with aged members of the families,
and old residents, but it is fully repaid by the results obtained.

One must recognize too, the difference in spelling of the name
in the same family and in some cases between brothers. The
English family of " Thornycraft " was represented in Suffolk
County by an old farmer with two sons. At his death the farm
was divided between them, one taking the name of Thorn and
the other of Craft. Both families have flourished and have
many modern representatives, who probably have no idea of
their earlier ancestry. Similar cases are not infrequent, and only
add to the zest of the enthusiastic Genealogist, when explained
by the records.


Editorial Note:— The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society solicits as
donations to its Library all newly published works on Genealogy, History and Biography, as well
as all works on Town, County and State History, or works embodying information regarding the
Vital Records of any and all localities. It also solicits the donation to the manuscript collections
of its library any and all manuscript compilations which bear upon the above mentioned topics.

In consideration of such donations the works so presented to the Society will be at once
placed upon the shelves of its library and will be reviewed in the next subsequent issue of iHE
New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, each donation of such character,
whether in printed or manuscript form, will be reviewed under the head of " Book Notices and
a copy of The Record containing the review will be sent to the donor.

The Society does «

Online LibraryNew York Genealogical and Biographical SocietyThe New York genealogical and biographical record (Volume 92) → online text (page 43 of 53)