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25th, 1824, at Norton, Mass. ; married December
8th, 1774, at Norton, to William Makepeace, born
May 4th, 1738, at Norton; died October 31st,
1822, at Norton, Mass. ; son of William and Ex-
perience ( ) Makepeace of Norton, Mass.

In the Bristol, R. I., probate records we find Book XIV, p.
628, that administration on estate of Samuel Elunt was granted to
J. Campbell, December i6th, 1755 ; Inventory Book XV. In the
Paine Family Records, p. 183, the children of Samuel Hunt are
incorrectly given.

N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. II, p. 196; XXII, p. 189.
Paine Family Records, by H. D. Paine, pp. 59-60, 183.
Hunt, Family, by Wyman, pp. 273, 310.

Vital Records of Weymouth, Mass., Vol. I, pp. 147-154; Vol. II, pp.

Vital Records of Norton, Mass.

102. Abigail^ Thacher (Col. John,* Hon. Col. John,^ Antony,^
Rev. Peter^), born Barnstable, Mass., November 2nd, 1699;
baptized November 19th, 1699; died September i8th, 1768,
at Yarmouth, Mass., and was buried there in old cemetery,
gravestone. She was married at Yarmouth, Mass. (probably)
October nth, 1722, to Joseph Hallett, born , at Yar-
mouth, Mass. ; he resided at Yarmouth and died there prob-
ably, on September 19th, 1735 ; and was probably buried in
old cemetery there ; no gravestone. He w^as a son of John
Hallett (born Yarmouth, December nth, 1648; died June

loth, 1726, aged 78), and Mary (Howes) Hallett (born ,

1659; died June , 1732, aged 73; she was a daughter of

Joseph Howes) of Yarmouth, Mass.

Children: 6 (Hallett), 2 sons and 4 daughters, No. i. born in

Barnstable, and the rest in Yarmouth.

igi2.] Ihacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 55

311 i. Roland," born August 7th, 1723; died July 30th,

1727, aged 4 years, at Yarmouth, Mass., and was
buried there in old cemetery; gravestone.

312 ii. Joseph," born June. 25th, 1725; died ; mar-

ried Mary Joyce , 1745-

+313 iii. Abigail,*' born June 15th, 1727; died April 15th,

1790; married Samuel Gorham.
+314 iv. Hannah," born October 23rd, 1729; died Feb-
ruary 26th, 1790; married Nathan Bassett.

315 V. Eunice," born January 8th, 1831-2; died .

-f-316 vi. Elizabeth," born April 25th, 1734; died March
19th, 1764; married Prince Hawes, Jr.
Joseph Hallett, Sr., built a house in Yarmouth like his father's,
between the houses of his brothers John and Andrew.


Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 37-38.

N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. XIV, p. 12.

Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 220.

Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, p. 5i7-

Yarmouth Grave Yard Inscriptions, pp. 9, 14. 10. I9-

10^ Elizabeth^ Thacher (Col. John,* Hon. Col. John,^ Antony ,»
Rev Peter^), born at Barnstable, Mass., June 17th, 1701 ;
died at Barnstable, September 14th, 1733; and was buried
there in Goodspeed's Hill (East) Burying-ground ; gravestone.
She married at Barnstable, Mass., date of marriage -—-, to

Captain Jonathan Davis, born at Barnstable, , 1698 ; died

at Barnstable, December 2nd, 1782, aged 83, according to
Church Records (January 4th, 1784, i" 82nd year, according
to o-ravestone) ; he resided at Barnstable and was a sea-cap-
tain- he was a son of Josiah Davis (born September - —,

i6s6- died , 1709; married June 25th, 1679), and Ann

(Taylor) Davis (daughter of Richard Taylor of Yarmouth)
who resided at Barnstable.

Children: 3 (Davis), i son and 2 daughters, all born at Barn-
stable, Mass.

317 i. Elizabeth, ist," born October 14th, 1724; died

October 31st, 1724, aged 17 days.

318 ii. Jonathan," born , 1726-7; died November

7th, 1729, in 3rd year.

319 iii. Elizabeth, 2nd," born November 9th, 1729; bap-

tized November 9th, 1729; died November 28th,

1729, aged 19 days, at Barnstable, Mass., and was

buried there.

Captain Jonathan Davis married a second time, April 24th,

I7^ Tilley and his wife ( )

Tilley, and that of their daughter Elizabeth. Tilley. I was guided by the state-
ments made by Miss Annie A. Baxtun in her published Signers of the May-
flower Compact, Part II, p. i^ New York City, 1897. Miss Haxtun there states
speerffcally that John Tilley (the r6th signer) was married twice, 1st to

Elizabeth , and 2nd to Bridget Van der Velde. Miss Haxtun in her time

was regarded as good authority and hence my acceptance of her statement.
Since the compilation of this portion of these records Mr. George Ernest
Bowman has conclusively proven that the John Tilley who married Bridget
Van der Velde in Leyden, Feb. 13, 1615, was not John Tilley the i6th signer of
the Compact. (See Mayflower Descendant, vol. x, pp. 65-6-7.) I have there-
fore corrected my article on the authority of Mr. Bowman, whose article, at the

I9I2.] Copy of Fa?nily Records of E lias Mulford 6l

time (April, 191 1) of going to press, had not been brought to my notice. As
Miss Haxtun's authority for stating that the baptismal name of John 1 illey s
wife was Elizabeth is not given in her work, and as I find no further authority
for such statement, I have corrected my article so that both the baptismal
name and the maiden surname of John Tilley's wife remain unstated.

{ To be cofitinued.)




Contributed by Katharine Searle McCartney,

The following is a copy of the family record of Elias Mulford
and Elizabeth Gardiner, compiled from Bible and family records
by Mr. Albert Gardiner Mulford, at the request of Mr. Lion
Gardiner to complete his family records, in possession of Mrs.
Fanny E. Kelsey, 94 South loth Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., grand-
daughter of Albert Gardiner Mulford.
Elias Mulford,* born Augt. i6th, 1747; Elizabeth Gardiner, born

June 24th, 1749; married Nov. 4th, 1772. (5 children.)


Elias Mulford (2nd), born Apl. 3d, 1777; married May 7th, 1801,

to Hannah Smith; (he) died Deer. loth, 1864, ae. 87 years,

8 mos., 7 days. (9 children.) . ^ ^ o ^

Elizabeth Mulford, born May 23rd, 1779; married about 1800, to

Benjamin Ketcham (see N. Y. Gen. &- Biog. Record, April,

191 1, p. 142, marriages by Rev. Joshua Hartt, Aug. 9, 1799);

(she) died July loth, 1813. (6 children.)
John Mulford, born Apl. 9th, 1783; married Oct. nth 1806, to

Caroline Smith; (she) died June 13th, 1841. (5 children.)
Samuel Mulford, born Oct. 24th, 1785; married June i6th, 1813,

to Farena Rogers; (he) died Sept. 8th, 1823. (4 children )
David Gardiner Mulford, born Sept. 13th, 1787; married about

1810, to Rebecca Sills; (he) died March 13th, 1876. (5 children.)
Children of Elias and Hannah Smith Mulford:
Ebenezer Smith Mulford, born Mar. 16/02; died Sept. 15th, 1S06.
Elizabeth Mulford, born Mar. 7th, 1804; married Dec 20th 183b

to John Bryant (now a w idow), d. April, 1887. (No children.)

* Elias= Mulford, b. Aug. 16. 1747; d. April 30. 1825, ae. 77 yrs.. 8 mos
Id davs- m. Nov. 4, 1772, Elizabeth'' Gardiner, b. June 24, 1749 (aau- of John ).
i^Sent 67yrs..9mos., .8 days; son of Samuel^ ^^'^'^^!'d.3b- /fY 3.
?7i4- d. June 15, 1795; m Ian 5. 1737-8, ZerviahConklmg; son of Ehas3 Mulford.

b I68S- d. Nov. 2. 176c;, will proved Oct. 10, 1762; m.June 12, 1712-3, Mary Mason;
son of Samuel' Mulford, b. 1644-5; d. Aug. 21, 1725, will proved Sept. 3o. 1725;
m (I) Esther (Conkling?); son of John' Mulford, b. 1606; m. (i) — — ., m.
U widow Osborne of" Salem, Mass. (See Easthampton Jo'ujn Records
vol. ? pp. 507-522. 602; Hedge's Easthampton, pp. 311-12; New England
Registl,wo\.\l p. 172; History of Suffolk Co., N. K, pp. 9. 22. 24, 30; New
Ym-k Wills, vo\. vi, p. 115; Gardiner Genealogy, p. 118.)

62 Copy of Faitiily Record of the Elias Mulford and [Jan.,

A daughter, born Sept. 6th, 1806; died Sept. loth, 1806.

Jenisha Smith Mulford, born Oct. 6/07; married Jan., 1832, to

Wm. Smith. (4 children.) (She died June 6, 1883.)
Maria Mason Mulford, born Feby. loth, 1810; married Dec. 25th,

, to B. F. Gardiner. (2 children.)

Albert Gardiner Mulford, born October 25th, 1812; married Nov.

loth, 1857, to Julia Anna Campbell. (He died June 27, 1881.)

(3 children.)
Nathaniel Smith Mulford, born Nov. 8th, 1815; married about

1848, to Caroline P. Gardiner. Died Sept. 7th, 1852. (No

Sophia Conklin Mulford, born July 3d, 1819; married Feb. 17th,

1843, to Charles S. Hartt. (She died Nov. 13, 1881.) (2 children.)
Henry Wm. Mulford, born March 17th, 1823; married March 6th,

1853, to Hannah Mitchel (2 children); again Deer. 9th, 1865,

to Hetty Ann McColly (i child).

Children of Elizabeth Mulford and Benjamin Ketcham:

Alfred Ketcham, born Oct. 4th, 1799; married , to Phebe

Bryant (2 children); married again , to Jane Anderson

(2 children); married again , to Maria Miller; married

again , to Cornelia Douglas.

Elizabeth Ketcham, born Sept. 4th, iSot; married May loth, 1821,

to Charles Hawkins. (2 children.)
Abram Mulford Ketcham, born Oct. 12th, 1803 (died Oct. nth,
1885); married Mar. 31st, 1831, to Mary Bryant (died May 9,
1891). (4 children.)

Zurviah Ketcham, born , 1805 (died Jan. 23, 1879); married

about 1826, to Thomas Edwards. (5 children.)

Mary Ketcham, born Sept. 26th, 1808; married , 1829, to

Epenetus Rogers. Died May 2nd, 1876. (8 children.)
Jemima Ketcham,* born Feb. 4th, 181 1; died June 15, 1891; mar-
ried Dec. 30th, 1832, to Joel Higgins (2 children); married
again, Nov. 3d, 1847, to Delevan Davenport Douge. (3 chil-
Bible record of Delevan Davenport Doudgef in possession of
his son James Reuben Doudge, who was born in Williamsburg,
Feb. 4th, 1 851; married Nov. i6th, 1876, Sevilla Brace Hayden.
He died in New York City, March nth, 1902, buried in Green-
wood Cemetery. Children: Barton Talcot, Mabel, m. Dorrance
Reynolda, Edith. (See Hayden Genealogy, pp. 211-12.)

The name of Doudge is variously spelled on the records of
Virginia in wills and deeds, viz.: Dauger, Dozier, Dauge, Daug


* Jemima Ketcham Doudge (widow Higgins), was a dau, of Benjamin
Ketcham, b. 1772: d. Nov. 25, 1832, ae. 60 yrs., 7 mos., 17 days; and first wife,
Elizabeth Mulford, b. May 23, 1779, m. Aug. 9, 1799, d. July 10 1813; dau. of
Elias Mulford (see above record and Elizabeth^ Gardiner, dau. of John^ Gar-
diner. (See Gardiner Genealogy, p. 117-8; N. V. Gen. &^ Biog. Record, vol.
xlii, p. 142; Tombstone Inscriptions, Ft Salonga, Northport, L. I., Ketcham
burying ground, by Geo. L. Cock, N. Y. Gen. Soc.)

t Delevan Davenport Doudge was apprenticed to a Mr. Hicks, a tanner, in
Long Island. He resided at time of his marriage in Williamsburg, now New
York. See N. Y. Directory, 1853-8.

I912.] Elizabeth Gardiner Families and Descendants. 63

Doug, Doudge. (See also the census of 1790, of Virginia and
North Carolina, where some of the family located; also the
records of Lower Norfolk Co., and Princess Anne Co., Va., in
which the same person is written Doudge and Dozier — Va. An-

Inscription in front of Bible: ''Johnson H. Dozier — his book was
bought the July the jo, iSjo.''

In back of Bible: "-Johnson H. Doudge his book was bought
July 30, i8so:'
John H. Dozier, the son of Tully Doudger and Sally Heath, his

wife, was born December the 20 day in the year of A. D. 1810.
Reuben Doudg son of Tully Doudg and Mary his wife was born

January the 15th day 1782.
The Reverend Reuben Doudg departed this life September the

3rd day at seven o'clock and 30 minutes in the morning 1824

aged 41 years 8 months and 8 days. (Rev. Reuben Doudge

was a Baptist minister in Lower Norfolk Co., Va., in 1819.

See Lower Norfolk Co. Records by Mr. Edward James.)
Tully B. Doudg son of Reuben Doudg and Nancy his wife was

born March the 23 day 1804.
Mary Doudg daughter of Reuben Doudg and Nancy his wife was

born September the 22 1809.
Nancy W. Doudg daughter of Reuben Doudg and Nancy his

wife was born December the 28 day 181 1.
Dilovon D Doudg son of Reuben Doudg and Nancy his wife was

born April the 2nd day 1814.
Nancy Doudg wife of Reuben Doudg departed this life February

the 12 day 1816. (Marriages in Princess Anne Co., Va., by

Rev. William Dawley, July 15, 1802, Reuben Doudge and

Nancy Moses. See Lower Norfolk Co., Va., Records, vol. 2,

p. lOI.)

Betsey Day Doudg daughter of Reuben Doudg and Lydia his

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