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Academy of Design in 1835, and was Corresponding Secre-
tary of the Academy, 1848-1852.

Franklin Simmons (1839- ).

Sculptor, born in Webster, Me. During the close of the
Civil War he was at Washington, where the Cabinet members
and army and navy officers sat for life-size medallions.

Francis Snyders (1579-1657).

A Flemish painter, born at Antwerp. He studied under
Henry van Balen and frequented the studio of Rubens. He
resided in Antwerp.

Spagnoletto, see Ribera, Jose.

Junius Brutus Stearns (1810-1885).

Bom in Arlington, Vt.; died in Brooklyn, N. Y. He
studied at the Academy of Design, New York City, and
went to Europe in 1848, returning in 1851. His work
was mainly portraiture.

Jan Steen (1626-1679).

Dutch painter, bom at Leyden, and studied first under
Nicholas Knufer and later with John van Goyen, whose
daughter he married. He lived a dissipated life, and his

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pictures usually represented merry-makings and frolics of the

ToMMASO Stefano (1324-1356).

The son and scholar of Stefano, II Florentino. He adhered
so closely to Giotto, that he was called II Giottino. He ^ed
at Florence at a young age.

Anthony Stevers (Palamedes) (1600-1673).

A Dutch painter, born at Delft. He was more frequently
employed in painting conversation pieces, card and musical

William 0. Stone (1830-1875).

Bom in Derby, Conn., and died in Newport, R. I. He
studied with Nathaniel Jocelyn at New Haven, and in 1851
removed to New York and painted portraits almost entirely.

William Strickland (1787-1854).

Bom in Philadelphia; died in Nashville, Tenn. He was
an architect, and in 1809 took up landscape painting. He
also did considerable work as an aquatint engraver.

Gilbert C. Stuart (1755-1828).

Bom at Narragansett; died in Boston, Mass. He was a
pupil of Cosmo Alexander, a Scotchman, with whom he
went to Edinburgh. Later he became a student under
Benjamin West. In 1792 he returned to the United States
from his second visit abroad, and painted many portraits in
the various cities. An exhibition of his portraits, held in
Boston in 1880, brought together 754 of them and this was
not a complete list.

Eustache le Sueur (1616-1655).

Bom at Paris; the son of an obscure sculptor, who placed
him under the tuition of Simon Vouet. Although he never
visited Italy he emulated the Roman School and was called
the French Raphael.

Thomas Sully (1783-1872).

Born in England and died in Philadelphia. Came to the
United States when a boy and took up miniature painting
with his brother, Laurence Sully. Turning to portrait

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painting, he studied under Stuart and West and settled in
Philadelphia and was most successful in portraits of women.

Justus Sustermans (1597-1681).

Flemish painter, born at Antwerp. He first studied under
William de Vos and later with Francis Pourbus. He trav-
elled through Germany to Italy and at Florence was ap-
pointed painter to the Grand Duke Cosmo II.

Tempesta, see Molyn, Peter.

David Teniers, the Younger (1610-1694).

Bom at Antwerp. He was the pupil of his father, but it
seems was also associated with Adrian Brower and Rubens.
He acquired an immense reputation, and died at Brussels.

Gerard Terburg (1617-1681).

Dutch painter, bom at ZwoUe, who received his first in-
structions from his father. He travelled through Germany,
Italy and France, and upon returning to Holland was one
of the most popular painters of his time.

Luther Terry (1813- . ).

Bom in Enfield, Conn. In 1838 he went to Italy to
study and copied the works of Raphael. He painted his-
torical, portrait and genre compositions.

Alfred Wordsworth Thompson (1840-1896).

Born in Baltimore, Md.; died at Sununit, N. J. He
studied in Paris under Charles Gleyre and Albert Pasini.
He travelled extensively and his painting covered a wide
range of subjects.

Cephas G. Thompson (1809-1888).

Bom in Middleboro, Mass., and died in New York City.
He received some instruction from his father and began
portrait painting in Plymouth, Mass. After spending seven
years in Rome he returned to America and settled in New
York City in 1860.

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Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1749).

Bom at Venice; he studied under Gregorio Lazzarini and
later the works of Gio. Battista Piazzetta and Paul Veronese.
He acquired a great reputation and executed many works
for churches and public edifices. He died at Madrid.

John Tilius.

Dutch painter, of the last half of the seventeenth century,
born at Bois-le-Duc. He painted portraits and conversa-
tions after the manner of Gaspar Netscher.

Tintoretto, see Robusti, Jacopo. -

Benvenuto Tisio (1481-1559).

Called II Garofolo, from the place of his nativity. He
ranked at the head of the Ferrarese School. He was an
universal painter, though he devoted himself mostly to
sacred history.

Titian (1477-1576).

The greatest painter of the Venetian School, whose name
was Tiziano Vecellio or Vercelli. He was descended of a
noble family and bom at the castle of Cadore. At the age
of ten he was placed under Sebastiano Zuccati and later
under Gentile and Giovanni Bellini.


A nephew and student of Gerard Douw and one of the
most successful imitators of his style and subjects. He was
bom between 1631 and 1642 at Bodegrave, and died at
Amsterdam in 1676.

Robert Tournier (1668-1752).

A French painter, bom at Caen, in Normandy. After
studying under Lucas de la Haye, he visited Paris and
entered the School of Bon Boulogne.

Benjamin Trott.

Bom about 1740, and began painting miniatures about
1791. He established himself at New York, removing to

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Philadelphia with Gilbert Stuart. After a trip west he
went to Charieston, S. C, then to Newark, N. J., New
York and Boston, reaching the latter place, probably his
native city, in 1833, after an absence of more than forty

Jean Franqois de Troy (1679-1752).

Son of Frangois de Troy, bom at Paris. He studied under
his father, and later went to Italy to study the works of the
best masters. He was appointed Director of the French
Academy at Rome.

John Trumbull (1756-1843).

Bom in l^ebanon. Conn. ; died in New York City. Served
in the Revolutionary War and rose to the rank of Colonel.
Studied under Benjamin West, and painted portraits and
historical subjects. He was also in the diplomatic service
of the United States. Most of his pictures are in the art
gallery of Yale College.

George W. Twibill (1806-1836).

Bom in Lampeter, Pa.; died in New York City. He
studied under Henry Inman in 1828, and was elected an
associate of the National Academy in 1832, and aix acade-
mician the following year.

Paolo Mazzocchi Uccello (1397-1475).

Bom at Florence, and a disciple of Antonio Veneziano.
He was one of the first who cultivated perspective.

Joachim Uytenwael (1566-1624).

Dutch painter, bom in Utrecht. He first painted on
glass under the instruction of his father, and then became
the scholar of Joseph de Beer.

Juan de Leal Valdez (1630-1691).

Spanish painter, bom at Cordova, who studied in the
school of Antonio del Castillo. At Seville he became ac-
quainted with Murillo and acquired a great reputation.

E. Vallin.
Was a scholar of Prudhomme.

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John Vanderlyn (1775-1852).

Bom and died in Kingston, N. Y. He attended the
drawing school of Archibald Robertson, and later studied
under Gilbert Stuart. He painted portraits, and in 1796
went to France, where he remained some years. He painted
the portraits of many distinguished men, but died poor.

Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641).

Flemish painter, bom at Antwerp. After receiving his
first instructions from his father, he studied under Henry
van Balen and then entered the school of Rubens, and
became a great portrait painter.

Charles Andre Vanloo (1705-1765).

Bom at Nice. He was first instructed by his brother,
Jean Baptiste Vanloo, with whom he went to Rome, and
studied some time under Benedetto Luti.

Jacob Vanloo (1614-1670).

A Dutch painter, bom at Sluys, the son of John Vanloo,
who first instructed him. He went to Amsterdam and then
to Paris, where he settled.

Lucas Vanuden (1595-1672).

Bom at Antwerp, and learned the art of painting from
his father and his own studies of nature. He was employed
by Rubens to paint the backgrounds in his pictures, who in
turn enriched Vanuden's landscapes with historical figures.

Lucas and Martin Van Valkenburg.

These two brothers were painters of the Flemish school,
who travelled together and painted landscapes. They were
born at Mechlin, the former in 1530 and the latter in 1533. '

Diego Rodriquez de Silva y Velasquez (1599-1660).

Born at Seville. He was the most eminent painter of the
Spanish school. He first studied mider Francesco Herera,
and later entered the school of Francisco Pacheco, whose
daughter he married. He was a friend of Rubens and
Ribera, and painter to the King of Spain.

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Adrian van de Vslde (1636-1672).

Dutch painter, bom at Amsterdam, and studied under
John Wynants, one of the ablest landscape painters of his
time. He afterwards studied under Philip Wouwermans.

William van db Velde (1633-1707),

the Younger, was bom at Amsterdam, and received his first
instructions from his father (a Dutch marine painter), and
later studied with Simon de Vlieger.

Abraham Verboom.

A Dutch painter, of whom Uttle is known except from his
works. He flourished about the middle of the seventeenth
century and painted landscapes.

Cornelius Ver Bryck (1813-1844).

Born in Yaugh Paugh, N. J.; died in Brooklyn, N. Y.
He studied under Samuel F. B. Morse, and in 1839 visited
London, England. His health failed in 1843 and he again
went to Europe, but died the following year.

Peter Verelst.

A Dutch painter, born at Amsterdam, 1614. Imitated
Rembrandt in his portraits and Adrian Van Ostade in his
genre pictures. Was living in 1665.

Simon Verelst (1640-1710).

A Flemish painter, son of Pieter Verelst, bom at Antwerp,
whose instructor is unknown. He painted flowers and fruit
most exquisitely. Died in London.

Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789).

French marine and landscape painter, bom at Avignon.
He first studied under Adrian Manglard and later with
Bernardino Fergioni. He lived in Italy twenty years.

Horace Vernet (1789-1863).

Born at Paris in the Louvre, and received his chief in-
stmctions from his father, Antoine C. H. Vernet. He lived
in Italy five years, returning to Paris in 1835.

Veronese, Paul, see Caliari, Paolo.

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Daniel Vbbtangbn (1598- ).

Dutch painter, bom at The Hague; studied under Cor-
neUus Poelemburg, whose style he imitated.

Jan Victor (162(K1672),

or Fictoor. A Dutch painter who painted subjects taken
from the Old Testament, after the style of Rembrandt, in
whose school he was educated.

Leonardo da Vinci (1462-1519).

An eminent painter and sculptor, the son of Pietro da
Vinci, notary to the Florence Republic. He became the
student of Andrea Verocchio, whom he soon surpassed. He
visited Milan, Venice and Rome, and in 1516 he went to
France at the invitation of Francis I. and spent the last
three years of his life there.

Joseph Vollmering (1810-1887).

Bom in Anholt, Westphalia, and died in New York City.
He first studied in the Academy of Amsterdam and later
under Barend Cornelis Koek-Koek. In 1847 he removed to
the United States and opened a studio in New York.

Ary de Voys (1641-1698).

Dutch painter, born at Leyden. He first studied under
Nicholas Knufer and then with Abraham vander Tempel,
but adopted the style of Peter van Slingelandt, with whom
he was intimate.

John Renier de Vries.

A landscape painter who followed the style of Jacob
Ruysdael. He flourished in the latter part of the seven-
teenth century.

Ferdinand G. Waldmuller (1793-1865).

Bom at Vienna, he studied under Lampi and Maurer.
Was Curator to the Lamberg Gallery in the Academy at
Vienna, where he died.

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Samuel L. Waldo (1783-1861).

Bom in Windham, Conn.; died in New York City. In
1806 he went to London and returned in 1809, settling in
New York City. William Jewett came to him for instruc-
tion and proved so useful that a partnership was formed
and they jointly executed several works and became suc-
cessful portrait painters.

William A. Wall (1801-1885).

Bom and died in New Bedford, Mass., and was appren-
ticed to a clock and watch-maker. After serving his
apprenticeship he studied painting under Thomas Sully
and visited England, France and Italy for improvement
in 1831, retuming to New Bedford in 1833, where he spent
most of his life thereafter.

William G. Wall (1792- ).

Bom in Dublin, and came to New York in 1818, where
he began his career as an artist, painting landscapes in oil
and water color, the Hudson River Views being the first he
made for publication.

Anthony Waterloo (1610-1679).

Dutch painter and engraver, bom at Lillie, of whose early,
history little is known. He spent most of his life in Utrecht,
and became an excellent landscape painter.

Antoine Watteau (1684-1721).

French painter, bom at Valenciennes. At Paris he gained
the friendship of Claude Gillot, whom he surpassed, His
subjects are usually comic conversations, musical parties,
balls, etc.

Samuel B. Waugh.

Was a Philadelphia portrait painter and his wife Eliza a
miniature painter. He began his career there about 1843.

John Baptist Weenix (1621-1660).

Dutch painter, bom at Amsterdam, the son of John
Weenix, an architect. He studied first with John Micker
and later with Abraham Bloemaert, then for two years Avith

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Nicholas Moyaert. He possessed extraordinary and varied

Robert W. Weir (1803-1889).

Bom in New Rochelle, N. Y., and studied under John
Wesley Jarvis. After painting for several years, he went
to Florence in 1824 and then to Rome. He was professor
of drawing at the U. S. Military Academy at West Point,
which post he held for forty-two years.

Adrian vander Werf (1659-1722).

Dutch painter, bom near Rotterdam. He first studied
under Cornelius Picolett, and then with Eglon vander Neer.
He resided at Rotterdam and visited Diisseldorf , where the
honor of knighthood was conferred upon him.

Benjamin West (1738-1820).

Bom near Springfield, Chester Co., Pa.; died in London,
England. He received some instruction from William
Williams, a painter in Philadelphia, and established himself
there in 1756 as a portrait painter. He came to New York
and in 1760 visited Italy and from there went to London,
where he remained. He succeeded Sir Joshua Reynolds
in 1792 as president of the Royal Academy.

William E. West (1788-1857).

Bom in Lexington, Ky., and died in Nashville, Tenn.
He was a pupil of Thomas Sully, and in 1819 went to Europe,
where he remained until 1839. Upon his return he lived in
Baltimore, New York and Nashville.

Edwin White (1817-1877).

Bom in South Hadley, Mass. ; died in Saratoga Springs,
N. Y. He went abroad in 1850 and again in 1869 to study.
Returning to the United States in 1875, he opened a studio
in New York.

John Wildens (1580-1653).

Flemish painter, bom at Antwerp. Pupil of Pieter Ver-
hulst. He designed after nature and was employed by
Rubens to paint the landscapes in his backgrounds.

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Adam Willaerts (1577- ).

Flemish painter, bom in Antwerp. His subjects were
marines, coast scenes and seaports. He went to Utrecht
in 1600, where he died.

Joseph Wilton (1722-1803).

Sculptor, bom in London, the son of a plasterer. He
studied in Brabant under Laurent Delvaux. At the age
of twenty-two he entered the school of Pigalle in Paris and
learned the art of working in marble. At Rome he achieved
great success and upon his return to England was appointed
State Coach Carver to the King. He acquired a large

Matthew Withoos (1627-1703).

Dutch painter, bom at Amersfort, and studied under
Jacob van Campen. He went to Italy with Otho Marcellis
and applied himself to the same branch as that artist in
painting flowers, plants, insects, reptiles, etc. He died at
Hoom, Holland.

Emanuel de Witt (1607-1692).

Flemish painter, bom at Alkmaer. Studied under Evert
van Aelst, but did not adopt his style. His best pictures
represent interiors of churches, temples and edifices.

Richard C. Woodville (1825-1855).

Bom in Baltimore, Md. He studied in Diisseldorf, and
from there sent pictures to the American Art Union. He
visited Europe twice and died on his second trip while in
London, England.

Philip Wouwermans (1614-1668).

Dutch landscape painter, born at Haerlem. He first
studied with his father and then imder John Wynants. He
was one of the most masterly landscape painters that ever

Joseph Wright (1734-1797).

An English painter, bom at Derby. Studied under
Thomas Hudson and devoted himself chiefly to portrait

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John Wynants (1600-1677).

Dutch landscape painter, born at Haerlem. His in-
structor is not known. He established an academy and
among his students was Philip Wouwermans. Little is
known of his personal history, and the dates of birth and
death above are only approximate.

Bernardo Zenale (1436-1526).

An ItaUan painter, bom at Trevilio. He was a disciple of
Foppa and friend of Lionardo da Vinci. He excelled par-
ticularly in perspective.

Federigo Zuccaro (1543-1609).

Bom at St. Angiolo, in Vado. He went to Rome and
entered the school of his brother, Taddeo. After his
brother's death he became the first artist in Rome.

Francesco Zucco ( -1627).

Born at Bergamo. He first studied in the school of Campi,
and then under Pietro Moroni. The date of his birth is
not given.

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Abbott, Henry, by Hicks, 180
Adams, John, by Diirand, 6
Adams, John, by Stuart, B-304
Adams, John Quincy, by Durand, 7
Adams, John Quincy, by Marchant,

Allen, James H., 306
Allen, Theodore, 206
Alsop, John, 430
Alstyne, John, by Elliott, 284
Anderson, Alexander, M.D., D-173
Anderson, Julia M., by Anderson,

Aretino, Pietro, by Chapman, 70
Ashburton, Lord, by Healy, 282
Axtell, Mrs. William, 404

Bainbridge, John, M.D., by Lely,

Bainbridge, William, by Peale, B-311
Baring, Alexander, by Healy, 282
Bayard, Anna Maria, 312
Bayard, Rev. Lazare, 486
Bayard, Mrs. Lazare, 487
Bayard, Samuel, 488
Bayard, Mrs. Samuel, 488
Baylev, Richard, M.D., by Lazarus,

Beecher, Rev. Henry Ward, 483
Beekman, Cornelia, 329
Beekman, James W., by Satterlee,

Bement, Edward, 439
Benedict, Erastus C, by Powell, 249
Benson, Egbert, by Jarvis, 81
Benson, Egbert, by Stuart, 82
Benson, Henry, by Vanderlyn, 273
Benson, Robert, by Trumbull, 272
Bethune, Rev. George W., by Peale,

Bloodgood, Matthias, 425
Bloodgood, Mrs. Matthias, 426
Bordlev^ohn B., by Peale, B-300
Bouck, William C., by Elliott, D-179
Bradish, Luther, by Hicks, 141
Brasher, Elizabeth, by Ramage, 108
Breese, Samuel L., by Himtington,

Bruce, George, by Huntington, 390
Bryan, Guy, by Sully, B-286
Bryan, Thomas J., by Stone, 198

Bryant, Julia S., 456
Bryant, Peter, M.D., 461
Bryant, Mrs. Peter, 452
Bryant, William C, by Gray, 187
Bryant, William C. (cameo), 453
Bryant, William C, 454
Bryant, Mrs. William C, 455
Burr, Aaron, by Vanderlyn, 160
Burr, Emma Louisa, 469
Burr, Henry, 470
Burr, Henry A., 467
Burr, Mrs. Henry A., 468

Cabot, Sebastian, by Thompson, 129
Campbell, Thomas, by Osgood, 149
Carey, Alice, by Osgood, 148
Carlisle, Earl of, by Huntington, 142
Carlota, Empress of Mexico, 289
Carpenter, George, 396
Carpenter, Maria, 397
Casilear, J. W., by Durand, 369
Champlin, Mrs. Christopher, 298
Charles I, by Van Dyck, B-113
Choiseul, Due de, by Greuze, B-262
Cinq Mars, by Velasquez, 22<S
Clay, Henr>', by Osgood, 252
Clinton, DeWitt, by Jarvis, 138
Clinton, DeWitt, by Ingham, 139
Clinton, Gov. George, by Ames, 155
Colden, Cadwallader D., by Jarvis,

CoUes, Christopher, by Jarvis, 89
Columbus, Christopher, 113
Columbus, Christopher, after Parmi-

eiano, 174
Combes, Charles U., by Cronin, 480
Cooper, Rev. Myles, 122
Copley, John Singleton, by himself,

Copley, Sir John S., by Osgood, 134
Corn Plant, Seneca Chief, by Bartoli,

Cortes, Hernando, 111
Crolius, Clarkson, by Ames, 188
Crolius, Mrs. Clarkson, bv Wallace,

Gumming, Rev. Hooper, by Inman,

Gumming, Mrs. Hooper, by Peale,

Gumming, Mary, 304


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Dallas, Alexander J., by Jarvis, 97
Dalv. Charles P., by Page, 262
Darlington, William, M.D., by Eich-

holz, 479
Davis, Matthew L., D-165
DeBye, Margerethea, by Netscher,

Decatur, Stephen, by Peale, B-309
Delavan, Capt. Daniel, by Trum-
bull, 301
DePeyster, Abraham, by DePesnster,

DePeyster, Catherine A., 419
DePeyster, Elizabeth Van R., 418
DePeyster family portraits, 399-401
DePe3r8ter, Frederic, by Gerhard, 227
DePeyster, Col. James, by DePey-
ster, 402
DePeyster, John, by Peale, 296
DePeyster, Mrs. John, by Peale, 297
DePeyster, John Watts, by Jacquin,

DePeyster, WilUam Axtell, 407. 408
DePeyster, Mrs. WilKam Axtdl, 409,

DeVo6, Judith, 487
DeWitt, Rev. Thomas, by Cogswell,

DeWitt, Rev. Thomas, by Waugh,

Dexter, Henry, by Whipple, 360
Dexter, Orrando Perry, by Whipple,

Dix, John A., b}/i Huntington, 260
Dongan family, members of, 263, 264
Doria, Madalena, B-328
Doria, Orelia, B-327
Douw, Gerard, in his atelier, by him-
self, B-114
Duchesnois, by Poussin, B-226
Durand, Asher B., by himself, 372
Durand, Asher B., by Jewett, 343
Durand, Asher B., by Trumbull,

Durand, Mrs. John, by Durand, 378
Durand, Miss, by Durand, 377

Eastlake, Sir Charles L., by Hunt-
ington, 60

Engs, Philip W., 344

Everett, Alexander H., by Blanchard,

Field, Benjamin H., by Huntington,

Fish, Hamilton, by Heaton, D-181
Fish, Nicholas, Shegogue, 76
Fish, Preserved, 321

Florence, Princess of, by Bronzino,

France, Marshal of, by Rigaud, B-244
Francis, John W., M.D., by Elliott,

Francis, John W., M.D., by Bogle,

Franklin, Benjamin, by Duple

Frederick I, Empeh>r of Germany,

by Cranach, D-114

Gallatin, Albert, by Powell, 130
Gates, Mrs. Horatio, 449
Gelston, David, by Jarvis, 314
Gevartius, by Trumbull, 68
Giles, John S., by Steams, 364
Gilliland, William, by Earle, 457
Golden Fleece. Knight of the Order

of, by Rubens. B-160
Graham, Com. Jonn H., by Powell,

Graham, Mrs. John H., by Powell,

Grim, David, by Waldo, 334
Griswold, Rufus W., by Elliot, 86
Grosvenor, Seth, by Taggart, 176

Hall, Francis A., 395
Hall, John B.. by Inman, 393
Hall, Mrs. John B., by Inman, 394
Halleck, Fitz-Greene, by Inman, 201
Halleck, Fitz-Greene, by Inman, 216
Halleck, Fitz-Greene, by Taggart,

Halleck, Fitz-Greene, by Twibill, 200
Hamilton, Alexander, by Peale, 103 вАҐ
Hamilton, Alexander, by Sharpless,

Hamilton, Alexander, B-305
Hamilton, Mrs. Alexander, by John-
son, D-174
Handy, William, M.D., by Savage,

Haring, Elizabeth, by Peale, 297
Hawley, Jesse, by Ames, 126
Hawley, Jesse, by Gilbert, 127
Heathcote, Caleb. D-180
Henri IV, by Porbus, B-148
Hewitt, Mary E., by Osgood, 144
Hildreth, Richard, by PratL 269
Hoffman, Charles F., by Tnompson,

Hoffman, Rev. Eugene A., by See,

Hoffman, Matilda, 438
Hoffman, Samuel V., by Beckwith,

Hoffman, Samuel V., by Schmidt, 332
HoUey, Myron, 292

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Holmes, Eldad, 320

Hoeack, David, M.D., by Heaton,

Huntington, General E., by Trum*
bufi, 73

Huntington, Jedediah V., by Hunt-
ington, 466

Indians, Osage Warriors, etc., by St.
Memin, 164-171

Infanta Mar^uita of Spain, by Ve-
lasquez, B-209

Irvine, General William, by Lamb-
dm, 196

Jackson, Andrew, by Durand, 11
Jaques, John D., M.D., by Inman,

Jay, Mrs. Augustus, 312
Jay, John, by Wright, 119
Jay, John, by Lajr, 120

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