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and improved library : (26) 8 corporation
scholarships, .$50 each, awarded onn by
trustees; (28) textbooks on Criminal Law,
Real Propert.v, Sales, Wills and Adminis-
tration: (31) t voc 15: dean 13.

MACMILLAX, Kerr D, pres Wells Col, Au-
rora, N. Y.

MADDOCK. W E, supt, Butte. Mont : b, 6-26-
()S ; (6) pub demonstration of p s metlis of
tg fundamentals bef Rotary club at pub mtg,
9-23-20, and by unanimous vote of club ivas
requested to continue demonstration the
following wk, great interest developed: (14)
ts tr crs in h s; (15) experiments with
grouping ch according to ability; indiv pro-
motions; (18) empl pub health nurse as
health supr: adopted health crusade plan of
Anti-Tuberculosis society in p ss : play-
ground leadership in sumr, skating rinks in
winter; (19) org Amer ss for foreigners,
part time ss for working boys and girls, ni
indus els for adult workers, indus t-tr els;
(20) org els in li s to stud.v local industries,
scientific study of raw materials used, hu-
man side, quality of service needed, oppor-

..tunities for advancement, etc; (24) helped
secure passage of compulsory jtart time and
continuation s law: mem legis com st ts
assn : (25) arith, reading, silent reading,
language, diagnostic language, composition
and gr: (29) ^Vhat We Learned from the
War, at commcmt and Y Al C A conv ; Part
Time Ss, at ts assn; etc; (31) att r 8, spec 4,
col 4, pg 1 ; t r 2 ; supT ur el 4, spec 1 ; supt
20: war, mem co council defense; other, mem
bd dirs of newly org chamber commerce
with 2000 mems.

AIADDOX, Wm Arthur, pres, Rockford Col,
'19 -, Rockford, 111; b, 2-24-83; (5) asst
I)rof od, Ts Col, Columbia, '15-'19; (7) at-
tempting revitalize curricula for women's
col, bringing all fundamental subjs in rela-
tion to life problems e g, Eng thru jour-
nalisni, hist thru current politics; (i:!l tr.y-
ing onl honor system ot self gtivt : (14')

High Spots jor Every School


draft ablest stus for asi>istaniship«; (16)
ors paralleling oon^titutiona.1 convention of
111; (22) crs for adults of applied subj mat-
ter to life needs; (28) Free Scliool Idea in
Va hef Civil War, '18 — aeeouuts for present
ed problems partiallv by nieiiiis of early
bist; (29) about 40 addr of appeal for Lib-
er:^! Arts Ed of new typo for modern wo-
men's col. etc; (31) att nr el 8, col 4, pg 3;
t col 3; prin, r 3, tr s 0, ur h and tr s 1;
supt 2 ; pres 2.

l\rAl>EIRA'S S for Girls, i;WO 19th St,
AVashinj^ton, D (,": (13) separate stii govt
orgs for resident and day pus; (18) health
of girls sui)r by nurse, instr in gym, s phy-
sician and lid mistress; (19) tries to arouse
g-irls of means to necessJt.v of col ed.

MAHOKkv, John J, st supr Americanization,
St dept od. State House, Boston, Mass; (21)
aided ia experimental wrk on Lawrence Plan
for Kd in Citizeusliip, at Oliver S, Lawrence,
Jlass, which aims by instruction, project,
socialized recitation, pu participation in s
mgnint to emphasize Amer values in all
s subjs, thinking "not in terms of s subjs
and knowledge to be gleaned from s text-
books, but in terms of life experience of
pus; issues Amer letters to supts giving
suggested crs in Eng for immigrants, crs in
citizenship, 15 Points for Workers in Ameri-
canization; prepared outline of 30 lessons in
citizenship; sec Adams, Ephraim Douglas.

M.-VIN. J H T, pres Griunell Col, Grinnell, la.

MAINK .ST 1>KPT ED, Augusta, Me; A O
Thomas, su^pt ; (C) has set up definite prin-
ciples of excellence for stndzation of ss ; (8)
estab r tg profession in which high grd ts,
grads from nor ss or cols, are placed in spec
tr for r leadershii); all their expenses are
paid b.v st and bonus of 25% of sal awarded
them at end of .vr; (11) Series of rallies thru-
(lul st, with comm singing leader and corps
workers, mtg ts in day time and patrons
evenings, culminating in great mtg with st
ts assn; (18) st wide phys ed program; (19)
pus must complete Cth grd bef receiving per-
mit to wrli; itinerant 6-wk crs in agr, carry-
ing .f.lioo apparatus with it. supplementing
instr with G mos supr agr on i>roductive
basis; eh living too far from ss are either
provided with transiportation, boarded by st
near s, or home s opened and financed by st;
ST «> carry lionie econ, 20 voe agr, 65 trades
aiid indus, 90 comrl crs, 73 ni and part time
Anicr ss ; (21) see 19; law requires that all
common s subjs be taught in Kng lang only;
122) appropriation for nor s expansion which
in ten yrs will extend value of nor s equip-
ment to $1,000,000; h ss reclassified, jr h ss
given legal st(itus, all h ss put on same
plane, ;uul st equalization fund provided to
bring small ss up to stud; f27) at town mtgs
people voted 56.4 9c increase for common ss.

.\l.\I.LETX. Wilbert Ci, pres st nor s, Farm-
ington, Me.

MANCE, Grover C, prof geology, St Lawrence
V. Canton, N Y; b, 2-5-83; (10) texts chosen
with idea of developing .\mer line of thought
in sci as opposed to idea of superiority of
certain foreign countries; (11) active in
leptg s matters to s and daily publ; (14)
thru t\irning attentiou of many to possibili-
ties 1)1' tg profession; (16) offered spec crs

on development of So Amer commerce and
geog:; (17) org sci society at u; (18) as dir
athl and chrmn fae com on athl, instit crs
in hyg and phys develoipment ; (28) Quarry-
ing in U S, ipubl as Ind U Studies, vol 3o;
(29) several small mtgs on conservation in
its various forms: (31) att nr h 4. col 4, pg
3; t ur h 7, nor 1, col 7; supr 5; war. instr
in tr corps.

MANGAX, Thomas J, st regent U St N Y ;
residence. Binghamton, N Y; as chrmn of
com to recommend for regents' considera-
tion names for st commr of ed, asked edu-
cators and other citizens of _X Y St to
suggest names.

M.4NGIN, A'ernon L, pres St nor s, Bottin-
eau, X D.

MAXLEY, Louis K, asst prof polit sci, U
Pittsburgh, Pitt.sburgh, Pa; ^2.Si Outline of
Covenant of League of Ji'ations, puld by
Instit Internatl Ed, for internatl relations
clults. Syllabus 1, 3-'20; incl outline, text,
(luestions and index of Covenant of League.

>I.\NSOX. Grace E, hd dept ed. '19 — . Salem,
Col, Win.?ton-Salem, N C; b. 7-15-93; (5)
instr Eng, Ronceverte h s, W Va '17-'18; (8)
t-tr wrk at col is being stndzd, grads re-
ceive certificates for music, art, home econ,
grd and h s subjs; (16) pu ts given wrk
in interpreting ed tests; (.31) att ur el. ur
h, col, pg; t r h. ur el, ur h, col.

MANUEL, Her.schel T. hd dept ed "19 — . Col
St Nor S, Gunnison, Col; b, 12-24-87; ('>) psy
examiner IT S army '17-'18; asst dir hospital
ed service, Fort Lane, Houston. Tex. '1S-'19;
(15) ext and re&idence els, much actual test-
ing; publ Talent in Drawing; (25) dir s
service bur. distrib ed and mental tests: (28)
see 15; (31) att r 'h 4, col 4, pg 4 : t r h 1,
nor 2, col 1; su,pr U S army hospital s %;
supt 2; war. see 5.

MARKS, Louis, prin pre-voc s and primary s
for boys and girls, P S 64, Manhattan, N
Y C; has since 'IS carried 3 experiments,
in grouping ch according to intel tests, in
"organic ed" cl, and in testing relative ef-
fectiveness of motion pictures alone, motion
pictures plus oral explanation, and oral ex-
planation alone.

MARQt'ESS, John M, pres agr and nor TJ,
liangston. Okla.

MARRIMAX, San Lorenzo, pres st nor
s, Presque Isle, Me.

MARSHALL, B T, pres Connecticut Col, New
liondon. Conn.

M.4RSHALL. Thomas Franklin, pres '20 — ,
Glendale Col. Glendale, O; b, 1-7-71; (5) hd
dept ed Hood Col. Frederick. Md. '18-'20:
(8) plans for stu self tg at col not yet tried
out; (10) plans for extensive use of maga-
zines, repts, etc. for els wrk; (lli paid ad-
vertising; (13) plans co-op mgmnt of s: cur-
rent events els; (20) voc counselor at Hood
Col ; "business of scientific voc guidance will
in time be considered one of most essential
lines of service in higher ed ; voc counselor
must know both prospective worker and wrk
opportunities and must aim not merely to
be intel in guidance but to make stu intel
and free in making choice of life career;
voc gtiidanre crs should incl relation of reg
col to vocations; specific voe should


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education

be selected by stu lor personal investigation
during spare time in col to be treated as
hobby or avocation"; (21) spec els and much
pub emphasis; (22) co-op plans with 6 ss,
comm orgs, churches, conservatory of music,
art acad, municipal univ, etc; (25) trained
spec group ts in Md to use and hand on
results of tests and local surveys; (29) bef
ss .churches, etc, on Democracy and Ed, Voc
Guidance, Ideals of Ed; (31) att spec, theol
sem, col 4, pg 7; t jr col 14 inci pres 6,
dean, registrar ; field, minister.

MARSTON, C E, prin Woodland S, 3937 Ter-
race St, Kansas City, Mo; b, 5-27-74; (5)
dean st nor s, Springfield, Mo, '17-'18 ; prin
Allen S, Kansas City, Mo, '18-'19 ; instr geog,
Geo Peabody Col for Ts, sumrs '19, '20 ; ext
els in meths of geog in K C on Saturdays,
'18, '19, '20; (13) suggestions from ts ; pus
org in safety corns; .(14) personally urged
many to t; (15) ts mtgs on psy of pus; (16)
urged ts to socialize subjs and recitation; ts
encouraged to t by projects; (17) literary
societies, orchestra, basket ball, etc; (18)
spec tg of hyg and co-op with s doctor and
nurse; (25) well known tests used, followed
with remedies; (27) mainly thru pt-t assn ;
(28) Mo supplement to textbk Essentials in
Geog; (29) Tg of Geog, bef grd groups and
ts of Peabody sumr s; Ss of Kansas City,
bef Kiwanis Club in NaShville, Tenn ; Aims
of Ed, at commcmts; (31) att col, pg ; t r
5, ur h 6, nor 12. col sunir trms; supr ur
el S; dean nor; field, study tour of Great

MARTIN, A S, supt, Norrlstowu, Pa ; publ
Official Directory 3x4%, 50 pp, incl direc-
tory, rept of s savings fund, auditor's rept,
supt's rept, crs of study, sal schedule, rules
and regulations; repts of 297 beginners in
'OS that 4 completed crs in less than 12 yrs,
25 graduated in '20, 5 will probably com-
plete crs next yr, 130 have moved from
dist, 167 dropped s at compulsory age limit
or later; during med inspection 1032 no-
tices of defects were sent to parents, re-
ceiving 023 answers, of which 499 were fa-
vorable; (28) Status of Popular Ed In Pa,
in Amer S Bd Jrnl, 1-'21, plea for equaliza-
tion of expenses of r corns with cities.

MARTIN, B F, supt, Newton. Kan; b, '71; (7)
ts in groups with supt select essentials going
thru and marking texts used in ss ; (9) ts
visit others of same grds to observe, dis-
cus's, prepare, plan; (10) tried to influence
st bd ; (11) letters to prospective stus, par-
ents ; open letters to pub; s news twice wkly
in daily paper; questionnaire to pus with
29 questions incl what work Jiave you done
during vacation, are .vou working your way
tliru s, what are .your favorite books, what
boolis have you read during last 6 mos, what
s subj do you enjoy most; (12) social gath-
erings, social and study clubs; (13) stu
council; (15) double promotions passing
every grd, extra wrk and tests for abler pus:
(16) much ilhis \vith pencil, brush, cutting,
pastintr; (17) some credit and honor letters
for literary clubs and phys activities; (18)
8 nurse; (20) talks by bus men, visits to
in«ts, review or discussion of books on voc
giid: (21) now working on definite crs;
spec days observed, incl prevention day, cir-
cular 9-23 for 10-9, with suggested program

and gen facts; better speech ivk with 6 sug-
gestions incl 3 day survey for common er-
rors; circular topics for study during polit
campaign; (22) active pt-t assn in each bid;

comm programs ; (25) sriven to narents, ts,
pus, with about equal value to each group ;
(27) talks and several douations ; (29) before
CO and city ts assns, comm mtgs and com-
mcmts; (31) att r 7. -rol sumrs; t r, ur h 2;
supr ur h 5.

MARTIN, Edward Sanford, editor, author,
178 E 64th St, N Y C; in editorials In
Life occasionally discusses ed problems ;
12-16-20 said "in cols and world outside
two conceptions of life are struggling in
conflict, to acquire and apply understand-
ing and to acquire and apply money. One
is that aim of life is formation of charac-
ter — other is tliat aim is 'success'. Cols
ought to be clearly and conspicuously on
side of character and understanding."

MARTIN, George E, pres st nor s, Kearney,


MARTIN, John Eppes, supt, Suffolk, Va ; b,
5-3-91; (5) ensign, U S N; (7) revised Suf-
folk manual and crs of stu, 50 pp; (31) att
ur el 7, ur h 4, col 3, pg 1; t r h 1, col 2;
supr ur el 1, ur h 2, 3 sumr nor; war, 2 yrs
in navy.

.MARTIN, Edgar S, sec, editorial bd, Natl
Council Boy Scouts of Amer, 200 5th Av,
N Y C : b, 3-8-73 ; managing editor, series
of merit badge pamphlets in civics, with
program of Americanization ; many artels
and pamphlets on citizenship training.

MARTIN, R H, pres Geneva Col, Beaver
Falls, Pa.

MARTIN, W J, pres Davidson Col, David-
son, N C.

MARTIN, W P, supt '19 — , 606 Academv st,
Dublin, Ga; b, 9-27-7»; (5) supt Jackson
'13-'19; (11) regular reports to daily papers;
st ed papers; repts to pt-ts assn; 16) scout
work, jr R C; (18) health erusade, athl,
gym; (19) ext wrk to rural ss; (22) $75,000
s bid; aided by pt-ts assn and civic clubs
in buying desks, maps, equip, etc; (26)
medals and scholarships; (28) bef pt-ts assn,
mothers' clubs, Kiwanis clubs ; (31) att r
5, ur h 5, col 4, pg 1; t r 3; supr and supt
r 2, ur h 15; war, R C, Y M C A.

MARVEN, Cloyd Heck, asst dir '19 — , so
branch U Cal, Los Angeles, Cal ; b, 8-22-89;
(5) capt air service '17-'19; (7) developed
comrl dept on voc basis; (14) comrl dept
reoi'g to incl t tr; (25) dir survey of org of
comrl ed in U S h ss ; data from 250 cities
and towns ; give essentials of comrl curricula ;

(28) Commercial Education in Secondary
Schools of U S, textbook ready for printer;

(29) h s, u bodies, business groups; (311
att ur el 8, ur h 2, spec 1, col 3, pg 2; t spec
2, eol 3; supr 3; war, iuf and air service;
earlier in chg off tr s at Vancouver.

MARX, Ellie Marcus, prin Americanization S
and dean and hd hist dept Maury H S, Nor-
folk, Va; (28) Citizenship, '20, pamphlet with
naturalization laws, duties of citizenship,
and hist and laws of country fully expl;
used not only in els for foreigners but by
women's clubs desiring to t new voters.

High Spots for Every School


MASON, Cassity E, prin Oastle S, '95 — , Tar-
rytown, N Y ; (21) s org on city govt plan,
with s as city, bids as boi'oughs with depts
of health, fire, justice, police, etc ; matters
ordinarily coming bef prin are referred to
proper depts; (22) social service slub, branch
of N Y C federation, studies admn of pub
and private charity ; (25) ps.v tests given
every stn upon entrance, with drills thru
yr to overcome deficiencies shown; musical
talent also measured so that e^rln with no
ability will not waste tinie on subj.

MASON, Gabriel R, prin '15 — , P S 37 Bronx,
425 E 145th St, N Y C; b, 10-6-84; (7) made
£ng, esp oral, most important study in
curric; (8) emph importance of mechanizing
routine of cl rm; helped young ts, gave
model lessons, helpful criticism; (9) supr
helpfulj not arrogant, fault-flnding; friendly
inspection, rather than dreaded visitations;
(10) on basis usefulness to a, t, and pu, dis-
regarding wealth of publ co and pleasing
manners of agt ; (11) assoc editor American
Teacher ; reports ed and philos meetings to
daily papers; (12) adopts t suggestions when
possible, invites ts talk over grievances; (13)
ts council, monitorial squad of pu ; (14)
treating young t with respect and democ
fellowship ; tells all how much better off real
t is than business man with income five times
as big; (15) indiv promotion to pu ready for
advancement; ts study pu for overage, re-
tardation, physical condition, living environ-
ment, etc, and tabulate information; (16)
each cl org as club; one period a wk for
current events; (17) teams in P S A L.
games ; clubp in journalism, art, wireless,
manl tr, dancing, sewing, walking, orches-
tra; (18) posture emph by frequent tests;
anti-litter league org; (20) personal confs
bef graduation or leaving bef graduation;
shelf of books on voc guidance in lib; occa-
sional talks by experts; (21) pu practice
American virtues "right here and right
now"; modicum of self govt; hist teaching
with conventions, election, meetings of Con-
gress, etc; (22) parents invited to all func-
tions in bid; recreation center from S-S,
community center 7:30-10; (25) permits ts
use tests, but not so as to interfere with
their wrk or happiness ; (28) artcles for
philos society; at wrk on three mss, Your
Boy, Character Training in Elementary
Schools, Philosophy and Life; (29) The Phil-
osophy of Determination, Spinoza and Mod-
ern Times, NYU Philos Soc ; Situation in
Our Schools, Mt Sinai Temple; Complete
Education, Hebrew Orphan Asylum; Emer-
son, Y M H A ; Democracy and Education,
U settlement; Educational Crisis, Westches-
ter Temple; Teachers' Salaries, Democratic
Club; Democratic Teacher, Meinhardt House;
(31) att ur el 6V2. ur h l, col 4, pg S: t ur el
11, ur h 2, col 1; supr 5; other, ed dir boys'
camp, 25 els incl phys tr. manl tr. art.
French, Spanish, dramatics, journalism,
photography^ forestry, nature study, mathe-
matics , Eng; pres N Y IJ Philos Soc; mem
council U Settlement; dir Emerson Society.

MASON, Wallace E. dir nor s, Keene, N H;
b, R-'a4-61; (11) s growth is due to pub-
licity campaign continuoiisl.v carried on;
no drive; (14) letter sent to all h s srs in
N H, giving advantages of tg, and advis-

ing attendance at some nor, not necessarily
Keene; (16) crs in indus of st, st poets and
lit writers, st artists; (29) bof pt-ts assu,
woman's club, ehiircn chins, mon'g clubs,
ts conventions on ed subjs; (.il) att r 9, r h
4, col 4, pg 3 sumr; t r 1, r h 15, supt 9;
pres nor 9.

MASSELINK, G, vp Ferris Institute, Big
Rapids, Mich; b, 7-3-72; (12) ts confs; bonus
system ; (14) personal wrk, letters, litera-
ture; (16) wkly debating cl; (17) athl, R O
T C; (18) confs; (20) personal interviews;
(21) spec programs, observes natl holidays;
(23) mental tests; (29) commencement 20, St
instit 20; (31) att r 8, ur h 4, nor 1. col 4;
t r 3, spec 21, col 1; supt ur h 3; vp 5; war,
chrmn R C, vp co war bd, mem st bd R C ;
other, counselor fed bd students '19-'20,
chrmn boys' working reserve.

MASSEY, Felix M, supt and owner, Massey
Milit S, '03 — , Pulaski, Tenn; (11, 14,
29) addr to prove that ed pays from any
standpoint ; on aims and results of ed, which
make t attractive.

MASTERS, B E, pres Burleson Jr Col, Green-
ville, Tex.

MASTERS, J G, prin, Central H S, '15 — ,
Omaha, Nebr; b, 2-20-73; (17) as chrmn, com
natl assn, secondary s prins, drew up con-
stitution for Hon Soc of Amer H SS, chap-
ters to be estab in accredited p h ss thru-
out U S, not more tlian 10% of each grad cl
to be chosen from highest fourth, selection
t)eing based on val^e of scholarship and ef-
fective leadership on ratio of 6 to 4; (21)
org els in social scl; (25) stus classified on
basis of Intel tests; (31) att r 8, ur el and
h 1, nor 4%, col 3, pg 1; t r 3, nor 1, col 1;
supt 6.

M.\THESON, K G, pres Georgia School of
Tech, Atlanta, Ga.

M.ATHEWS, Hubert B, ■^ dean and prof
iihvsics. S D St Col, Brookings, S D ; b, 4-
10-68; (20) counselor for rehabilitation men
taking voc wrk; (23) assisted in making
rules governing absences; (81) att r 8, ur h
2, col 4, pg 2 ; t r 6, ur h 1, col 28 ; war direc-
tor of soldiers tr in S D St Col; assisted In
drives; 4-min man; other, dir sumr s.

MATHEWS, M M, pres st nor s, Moundville,

M.^THEWS, Shailer, dean, '08 — , divinity
s, U Chicago, Cliioago, 111; b, 5-26-63; (5)
prof hist and comparative theology U Chi;
mem, exec com Religious Bd Assn ; dir re-
ligious wrk. Chautauqua Inst. N Y; (7) He-
brew and Greek electives for B D degree;
in their place substituted "broad study ot
Bible as record of religious devp, subject to
social conditions and prophetic guidance";
(10) four curricula have common basis, but
spec crs fitting for pastorate, foreign mis-
sion field, religious ed and social service;
each stu must have units of practical wrk
in churches, settlements and ss; dir of voc
wrk visits men in tlieir fields and spends
hrs in personal consultation each day; (31)
war, sec and vice dir. war savings org U
S treas dept for 111 : mem ed com Natl
Security League '17-'19.

MATSOHECK, Sara Rivet, not actively in
ed wrk '21, 1212 E 33rd St, Kansas City,


Who's W ho and Why in After-W ar Education

Mo: b, 12-14-01; (5) t plant study, green-
house practice, Central H S, Minneapolis,
Minn: instr ts els in botany, U Minn; spec
t in French, jr col. Kansas City, Mo; (7)
followed own crs, revised each semester to
suit i>articular needs of stus; taug:ht ts
els to do same for particular locality in
which they might be; (8) elimination of
tex'tblts and lab guides in plant study
where greenhouse was used to maximum
capacity for stus active wrk with plant
experiments; in French, grammar was svip-
Iilemefited orally when needed; (10) no text-
l)k in plant study, pus outlined own wrk
indiv and learned facts thru planning and
observing evueriments, cliiefly conceived by
tliemselves; reading text only used in ni
ris in French; (13) self grading by h s pus,
lireceded V)y numerous and prolonged cla
discussions of grds and their significance;
1 15) espec emphasized in planning spec ex-
periments l>y indiv pus; (10, 17) greenhouse
practice els was estab in which lab wrk
was done primarily in comrl greenhouses ;
home gardens were numerous even with pus
outside plant study els, and s credits were
given for such wrk when supr; (22) semi-
ann sales of plants grown by pus, receipts
used for acquiring new kinds of plants and
additional greenhouse and garden equip;
(27) owners of comrl greenliouses lent sup-
I»ort l»y giving greenhouse practice stus
opportunities for practical application of
their wrk. and paid them for wrk; (31) att
111- li. ii>l : t 1- 2, ur h, spec, sumr s; field,
wrk in Aliiine I.ah, Pikes Peak.
MATTHEAVS, Arthur J, pres st nor s, Tempe,

M.\TZ^;x. John M, st supt pub inst, Lincoln,

M.WCK, Joseph W, pres Hillsdale Col, Hills-
dale. Mich.

M'.\IMFFE, Frank J, supt 'lS-'20, Casco, Me;
1>, 0-21-6S: (o) t '17-'18; (9) actual els demon-
strations to els of supts; (11) s notes in
local paipers; (14) held up future advantages
O'f tg against i>resent financial outlook of
comrl interests; (17) h s chemistry cIs tests
soil for farmers, tests milk and cream, etc;
(IS) exams and talks by outsiders, doctors,
luirsies, etc; (10) granges, s exhibitions; s
u.sed as conini center; (26) best men in town
run for s lid elections; (27) see IS; (29)
on general s wrk bof granges; (31) att r 6,
iir h ."5, nor 1; t r 4, ur el and spec 7; supr
2; field, office foreman; war, aided bd
in questionnaires with forei.guers.

M.\X\VELL, tiuy i:verett, pres '04 — , St Nor
S, Winona, Minn; li. '70; (7» introd jr col
ourric in st nor aiid secured its approval by
T; :\Iinn ; (S) studied and suggested studs
for org of tr depts of t-tr institutions; "tr
dept of nor s is most important phase of t
preparation; whatever the lab is to young
chemist, or hospital to be.ginning surgeon,
that the jiractice s is to t in tr"; nor s
should maintain el s separately housed but
easil.v accessible, should affiliate with p ss
of comni, should make tr dept correlating
center for work of entire nor s; tr dept
should cover same .vrs or grds of wrk as
those into which grads are licensed to begin

their independent tg; tr s should be typical
rather than model tho it should also exhibit
attainable ideas .and stnds for p ss to follow;
fully 1/3 instr given to ch in tr dept should
be by skilled ts; stnd scales and gen Intel
tests should be. used constantly; urges
higher qualifications for tr ts who should
when possible be relieved of clerical and
routine duties; at least 1/3 nor fac should t
in tr s; numlier stu-ts per tr-t should be
intelligently limited; urges group confs for
stu-ts 3-3 times wkly ; prac tg should be pre-
ceded by obser\\ation, b.v crs in meths, els
mgmnt, etc; question raised whether prac tg
should be for .short and intensive period,
e g, practically all stus time for about 3
mos, or longer but less intensive period, as
1 hr daily practice for yr; dir of tr s holds
mo«t important place within nor s with i>os-
sible exception of pres; (14) pursued re-
cruiting xirogram, '18-'19 which inc att for
'20 39% over '19 in st nor s; (17) s periodi-
cal, athl, glee clubs, dramatics, leet crs, etc;

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