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region; 10 crs in art, incl seminar
for discussion of aesthetic prob-
lems, etc; bus crs incl survey of

Colo resources, factory mgmnt;
sociology crs incl problems of ch
welfare; Eng crs incl crs in Amer
ideals, required, giving essays,
addresses and state papers that
express Amer ideals, Grk lit for
Eng readers, pre-Raphaelites and
their associates; hist crs incl in-
ternatl relations of the 2 Amers,
hist of Amer West; stu comn to
supr all non-acad activity; 12 ext
lect in pub health, incl comm pit-
falls, problem of venereal dis-
ease, also lect on war issues and
U S and world war; Woman's Ed
Soc of Colo Spgs built stu hall,
gives loans and helps fac hds in
personal wrk for stus^ espec self-
supporting stus; 9 needs listed.

CONVERSE COL, Spartanburg, S
C; catlg gives sched daily reci-
tations ; type aids incl black side
headings; chem crs incl house-
hold chem, — practical problems
such as removal of stains, detec-
tion of adulterants in food, etc;
polit sci offers crs in natlsm and
internatlsm, incl league of na-

CORNELL, U of, Ithaca, N Y ; catlg
issued in short sections by cols;
illus; agr dairy crs "largely
pnactiqaV' incl marketing milk
and milk inspection; agr jrnlsm
and agr news writing; org and
mgmnt in institutions; suprd
study in home econ; landscape
art, incl 6 lect on rural improve-
ment and spec lects and excur-
sions; research in econ; r s sur-
veys; social problems of r com-
munities; social pathology

study of abnormal els of r
comms: 2 crs and spec lects on
wild life conservation and game

Catalogue High Spots


farming; sumrs crs incl la
maison Francaise; problems and
methods in research for stus of
Eng; production of s plays; tr
crs for psy examiners; immigra-
tion — cooperating with st dept
to interpret meaning of Amer;
projects for ext wrkrs in home

COTNER COL, Bethany, Neb ; uses
inside title p; social sci dept of-
fers crs in Jacksonian democracy
and slavery, World War.

DAVIDSON COL, Davidson, N C;
catlg uses cover page 2; offers
hist crs in Lat Amer sts.

DEFIANCE COL, Defiance, 0;
catlg gives group crs summaries ;
offers combination crs in agr,
law, med with Ohio St Univ,
whereby stu spends 3 yrs at De-
fiance and 1 at univ; combination
engr crs with Case S of Applied
Science; offers crs in Grk life in
Eng, and Roman life in Eng, open
to all.

DENISON U, Granville, O; catlg
lists crs in comrl Span; has comm
orchestra; glee clubs — 20 men
and 24 women — chosen by ann
competitive exams.

DE PAUL U, Chicago, 111 ; separate
catlg for each of 6 cols; empha-
sizes jr and sr col relation ; 2 yrs
Eng, 3 yr law ; 2 yr art ; increases
in fee added in ink; stus condi-
tioned in 3 subjs advised to with-
draw; hist crs incl social revolu-
tion; Latin crs incl religious

la; catlg gives previous experi-
ence of fac; arrangement with
la St Col for liberal arts and tech

crs in 5 yrs with degrees from
both cols.
EMORY U, Druid Hills, Atlanta,
Ga; catlg states if crs is not of-
fered next ses; fac experience
listed; hist dept incl crs in near
eastern and far eastern ques-
tions, contemporary hist, hist of
South, Andrew Jackson and his
times; econ dept incl crs in agr
econ; Grk dept incl crs in Eng in
classical culture.

EMPORIA, COL of, Emporia,
Kans; catlg lists crs in business
Eng, r sociology, hist of So Amer

Tallahassee, Fla catlg lists 21 4-
yr programs for diff majors and
combined majors ; hist incl crs in
World War and its issues, after-
war problems; ext wrk incl cor-
res study, els study and club
study ; pub welfare dept org short
crs, comm institutes and conf,
health instruction and surveys;
pub discussion bureau, comm
forums and "revival of old time
debating societies"; bur of pub
information; bur of comm music
and drama; visual instruction
bur; ed information bur; gives
att reg and sumr ses by counties.

FORDHAM U, Fordham, N Y;
catlg uses cover pp 2-4 and back
of title page; gives hospital con-
nections of med fac; "stus in
short period of col crs and with
immature faculties are not forced
to study multiplicity of langs and
sciences . . fundamental that
diff subjs have distinct and pe-
culiar ed values, and specific tr
given by one can not be supplied
bv another . . . knowledge and


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education

intellectual development of them-
selves have no moral efficacy and
only religion can purify the heart,
guide and strengthen will."
Nashville, Tenn ; catlg uses cover
pages 1-3; has separate bulletin
for winter quarter '21; experi-
ence of fac listed; cuts illus wrk,
incl 2-page cut; cafeteria run by
dept of foods and cooking; s of
country life few miles from col
gives demonstrations in young
orchard, pure bred dairy and beef
cattle, swine, field crops, etc;
gardening, poultry, etc, on col
campus; under health states
"col has no more right to send ts
to ss with phys defects than with
mental defects; credit given for
els taken in Vanderbilt ; rural ed
dept has country life round table,
field crs in rural ed, comm activ-
ities of country s; s admn incl
crs in admn of nor ss and depts of
ed; Eng dept incl practical Eng
for pub wrkrs centering around
one idea of meeting pub with
qualities of forceful appeal;

health dept offers crs in indus
hyg and occupational diseases,
home care of sick, general health
of s ch, r s health supr; indus
arts incl crs in labor saving de-
vices for home, farm machinery,
home and comm attractiveness,
survey of architecture sculpture
minor arts; dept internatl rela-
tions offers crs in Hispanic Amer,
internatl cooperation incl league
of nations; psy dept holds ed
clinic dealing not only with sub-
normal ch but with nor ch who
has spec deficiency or poor habits
of wrk.


Washington, D C ; catlg cover pp
3, 4 used for form of bequest and
prayer by George Washington
used regularly at president's
chapel to "voice aspirations of
univ for fulfillment of civic duties
and promotion of natl welfare";
title page headed "seek truth
without prejudice, speak truth
without fear"; catlg notes if crs
is not offered during current yr;
doctorate disputations listed with
subj and names of bd of exam-
iners incl many fed govt special-
ists; crs summarized in 6 curric
groups — Latin, modern lang, nat-
ural sci, polit sci, premedical,
commerce; 6-yr combined crs B
A with B L and B S with M D;
pub service crs designed "to im-
part gen culture and broad grasp
of pub questions;

for ts crs points out advantage
of "s system of large city, offer-
ing abundant opportunity for ob-
servation and study of methods" ;
archaeology incl crs in Amer
archaeology; architecture incl
crs in sanitation, heating and
ventilation, office practice; as-
tronomy incl popular astronomy
giving facts of general interest
without use of higher math; clas-
sical langs incl general survey of
Grk and Latin lit in Eng; com-
merce incl comrl and maritime
law, relations of govt to property
and industry, showing recon-
struction problems, tendency
toward fed control, etc, European
indus evolution and world poli-
tics; ed incl crs in ed story tell-
ing; ethnology incl crs in outlines
of North Amer ethnology, Amer
Indian langs; German incl crs in

Catalogue High Spots


■ scientific and technical Ger;
polit sci incl S Amer republics,
Brazil and its political evolution,
elements of diplomacy and diplo-
matic usage, indiv crs advanced
readings in polit sci; Span incl 9
crs incl Span Amer prose, Span
Amer poetry; 3 crs in Portu-
guese; zoology incl ornithology
with study of birds of District of
Columbia and frequent field ex-
cursions; 12 bureaus and mu-
seums are listed among attrac-
tions of sumr s incl natl museum,
library of Congress, bur of ed,
etc; med instr carried on by lab,
lects, recitations, bedside instr,
hospital and dispensary clinics.


Greensboro, N C ; catlg gives pre-
vious experience of fac; "every-
thing possible is done to have
stus learn exactness and scrupu-
lous care in expenditures . . .
parents urged not to allow daugh-
ters to run accounts in city . .
Much pocket money fosters ex-
travagance and unwholesome in-
dulgence . . . only small number
of col girls keep expense accounts
. . if every home would expect
mo cash account kept by daugh-
ter at col there would be an in-
creased sense of responsibility
and more serious stu life"; 10
suggestions to prospective pa-
trons — number 9, "we do not de-
sire stus whose parents wish
them to have privileges that we
can not give to all stus" ; number
stus in each crs given; sched of
recitations hrs and days for yr;
floor maps.

GRINNELL COL, Grinnell, la ; catlg
lists 6 crs in art incl lects on Grk

and Roman civilization, with
espec attention to archeological
discoveries, Grk architecture and
sculpture, Grk theatre, athl and
med ; crs in econ incl presentation
of econ material, pub affairs sur-
vey given jointly by depts of hist
polit sci econ and sociology, incl
newer Indus relations, spec pro-
grams for social and polit read-
justments; Grk crs incl Grk lit
in Eng; hist crs incl hist of Span
and Central Amer, Iowa hist;
math incl reading crs; sociology
incl crs in newspapers and maga-
zines for current social problems,
race problems and their solution;
crs in spkg for business man, incl
spkg voice, direct conversational
speech, methods of persuasion,
personality in speech, salesman-
ship, surveys, reptg.

catlg 51/2 X 71/2; offers crs in
Eng composition for selected srs
who under supr criticize fresh-
men themes; hist dept offers crs
in U S as world power, Lat
Amer; dept of law and civil
polity offers 2 crs in theory and
practice of democracy, elements
of law, labor problems.

HARVARD U- Cambridge, Mass,
catlg 51/s X 71/2 ; univ color for
cover; uses cover pp 3, 4; notes
where crs are omitted; crs
grouped for under grad, grads,
primarily for grads, and research,
summary of crs regularly open to
freshmen; type aids to clarity;
Semitic langs and hist group incl
Old Testament as hist and as lit;
Eng incl masterpieces of pub ad-
dresses, lives characters and
times of men of letters Eng and


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education

Amer, primarily for undergrads,
Emerson; German incl hist of
Ger lit in Eng for undergrads, in-
fluence of Eng lit upon Ger lit in
18th century for undergrads and
grads; French incl French lit in
17th century, social background
of French lit; Spanish incl Span
Amer prose and poetry from 18th
century to present time; Celtic
incl crs in investigation of spec
topics, and fortnightly confs;
Slavic incl 7 crs incl Tolstoi and
his time in Eng; fine arts incl 29
crs plus 10 spec study crs incl
hist of city planning, and 10 crs
from other depts incl hist of
Gothic Renaissance and modern
architecture; music incl "har-
mony the grammar of music,"
appreciation of music from point
of view of listeners;

sciences incl hist of phys and
biological sciences; astronomical
colloquium holds mo mtgs at lab
or observatory for discussion of
researches in progress and re-
view of current periodicals;
chemistry of sanitation, chiefly
lab and field wrk, chemical collo-
quium for discussion of research
and current jrnls; zoology club
meets wkly; hyg and sanitation
incl 3 crs, 2 research, incl vital
statistics; geol incl climatology
of Lat Amer, geol conf and ex-
cursions within day's travel of
Boston ;

hist incl 1/2 crs in Europn hist
from fall of Roman Empire to
present time, European diplom-
acy since 1814, hist of Russia,
hist of West, hist of Mass from
1780 to present time, hist of Lat
Amer, recent comrl hist of Lat
Amer, diplomatic relations of U

S and Lat Amer; hist of religions
— 5 grad crs, 1 research crs, 9
crs from other depts — incl im-
mortality in religion and phil-
osophy; govt incl natl admn of
U S, research crs in municipal
govt, Amer insts natl and diplo-
matic incl 7 crs from other depts;
econ, 18 crs incl trade unionism
and allied problems, principles
and methods of taxation incl
single tax, socialism and anarchy,
econ of agr, internatl trade and
tariff policies, grad crs in modern
ss of econ thought, comrl crises,
statistical graphics;

social sci incl rural social devp,
comm org, recent theories of so-
cial reform ; ed incl tg under supr
in ss of 8 cities with discussion
of clsrm practice; 21 crs in an-
thropology incl Amer archaeol-
ogy and ethnography, criminal
anthropology and race mixture,
primitive sociology, primitive in-
dus and arts, field methods also
11 crs from other depts; philos-
ophy incl present pilos ten-
dencies, social ethics incl ch wel-
fare agencies, forms and methods
of social service,- housing prob-
lem and social aspect of town
planning; catlg gives consoli-
dated sched ; of 15 units required
for admission, candidate must
pass exam with satisfactory grd
as distinguished from "merely
passing" in not less than 5 ; new
plan of comprehensive exams —
see Vassar; requirements for de-
gree with distinction explained;
has bur of voc guidance with ad-
visory com, see John M. Brewer.

HASTINGS COL, Hastings, Neb;
sociology crs in programs of so-

Catalogue High Spots


cial reforms; catlg uses back page
of cover.

HILLSDALE COL, Hillsdale, Mich ;
catlg 514 X 71/2? illus, uses back
cover; type aids for clarity; com-
bined col and st univ crs, with
A B from col and prof degree
from st univ; 6-yr for lit and
law, 7 for lit and med ; in ed, stu
ts in local p ss; hist incl crs in
background of war; psy incl busi-
ness psy, salesmanship, Intel
tests in bus, psychological effect
of diff types of advertising; reli-
gious ed incl crs in Christian so-
ciology, masterpieces of Biblical
lit; social sci incl crs in rural so-
ciology, social pathology; bus crs
2 yrs"; stus listed with credits in
units and hrs, dept, els and resi-

HIRAM COL, Hiram, 0; catlg 514
X 7%; for promotion to next els
stus must have 26 points *lst yr,
30 in 2d, 32 in 3d and 4th; for els
honors stu must have completed
120 hrs with at least 240 points,
e g avg B for 4 yrs, must make
last 90 hrs with at least 200, last
60 with 150, last 30 with 80
points; for each semester- hr
lost in absence 1 point is de-
ducted; to participate in col
events, stu must be doing satis-
factory wrk in at least 11 hrs;
catlg uses type aids and chapt
divisions ; Spanish crs in Span lit
incl So Amer; biology crs incl
general survey crs in biological
theories "especially valuable to
ts and ministerial stus" ; hist incl
crs in hist of Latin Amer, con-
temporary Asia; polit sci incl crs
in Amer diplomacy incl Lat Amer
relations, our Caribbean policy,
far eastern policy, effect of war

upon relations with Europe; econ
incl crs in trade unions and labor
problems; philosophy incl crs in
contemporary philos; church hist
dept offers crs in major ideas of
HOLY CROSS COL, Worcester,
Mass; catlg uses inside cover pp;
6 cuts; type aids to clarity; char-
acterizes ed system as "not one
of ever changing theory and
doubtful experiment, but one on
which have been built characters
of world's best scholars and
statesmen for centuries . . in-
stead of abolishing prescribed
studies and increasing elective
crs, it advocates wise, deliberate
and prudent election by men
whose profession is ed, not un-
wise, sudden and rash choice by
inexperienced youths just enter-
ing on process of ed"; "system
does not meet demand of crowd
who are simply anxious to get
through col as soon as possible,
but does make profound thinkers,
safe guides, clear writers, logical
pleaders and cultured gentle-
men"; lists scholarships, pleads
for foundations for medals and
prizes ; crs outlined e g crs in psy
given in 16 short paragraphs
with side heads, incl life in gen-
eral, rational life, senses, sensu-
ous appetite, intelligent life, ra-
tional appetency, soul and body;
chemistry, aim primarily tech-
nical, but also formulative; lists
alumni assns and officers.

HUNTER COL, NYC; catlg gives
tables of alternative and elective
subjs with 8 elective groups; clas-
sics dept incl crs in Greek and
Roman civilization, lects with lan-
tern slides for all who do not take


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education

any other crs in dept; Eng incl
crs in spkg voice; hist major incl
24 credits with soc sci minor of
18 credits; others must have 6
credits in hist or soc sci, dept incl
crs in tr for citizenship, govt of
cities especially N Y; sci dept incl
botany field crs Saturday morn-
ing, Indus bacteriology, 1st aid
to injured, 1 period, 1/2 yr.

IDAHO, U of, Moscow, Idaho ; catlg
uses back title page; type aids to
clarity; smoking in univ bids or
on campus forbidden; econ incl
crs in secretarial wrk, technique
of business printing, preparation
of business lit, such as insert,
folders, booklets, catalogs, house
organs, sales and follow up let-
ters; Eng incl crs in news writ-
ing, contemporary lit for upper
clsmen and mature persons not
regularly registered; hist incl crs
in Grk and Roman civilization.
Pacific Northwest, Idaho and the
Inland Empire; music incl crs in
music in p ss; Spanish incl crs
in comrl Span; zoology incl crs in
heredity and eugenics, ornithol-
ogy "to become acquainted with
our common birds and their uses
on farm and home grounds"; agr
ed incl crs in tractors, farm-
stead equiu, irrigation and drain-
age; s of forestry incl crs in for-
est craft, methods of camping
and sleeping in deep snow, 1st aid
to injured, ranger crs of 2 yr^
of h s grd.

ILLINOIS. U of, Urbana, 111;
catlg lists crs in boys' and girls'
club wrk; policies in agr ed; III
flora; fuel technology; Great
War, for advanced undergrads
and grads; hist of Latin Amer;

rural improvement and landscape
gardening in open country; town
improvement for small comms,
espec home grounds; tg gen con-
tinuation s subjs; in library, tr in
actual work in U library, plus 1
mo as mem of staff of assigned
pub or other library; recent ad-
vances in physics; problems of
r comm; railway terminal
mgmnt; home econ ext helps
communities and clubs solve
problems of planning food, house
planning, etc, prepares topics for
club study.

dianapolis, Ind; catlg lists crs in
eugenics — "eugenic aspect of
child labor, trade unionism, com-
pulsory ed."

IOWA, U of, Iowa City, la; catlg
gives group summaries of stnd
and professional crs with sug-
gested programs; crs separated
into those primarily for under-
grads, for undergrads and grads,
primarily for grads; type aids
for crs outlines; econ dept incl
crs in accounting for engrs, im-
migration and labor, social wrk,
rural social devp. social wrk in la
incl RC org, social case wrk, for-
eign comrce and foreign trd poli-
cies, pub service utilities account-
ing, buying, principles of sales-
manship, advertising problems;
Eng dept incl crs in Amer lit,
spec Eng i e indiv direction of
reading, recent lit, editing incl
copy reading and editorial wrk
for Daily lowan, circulation and
advertising incl selling subscrip-
tions for and advertising space
in univ oublications: Greek incl
Grk lit m En«:. modern Grk as

Catalogue High Spots


spoken and written today;

hist incl hist of West, early
lowan hist, Iowa's hist since
1857; Latin incl Roman civiliza-
tion in Eng, Lat elements in mod-
ern speech; psy incl mental and
physical tests, mental diseases,
explanatory survey of principal
diseases with demonstration of
cases; phys ed, freshmen re-
quired to pass test in swimming;
polit sci mci crs m issues of to-
day, contemporary legislation,
polit and legal status of women,
Amer diplomacy, consular serv-
ice, la govt and politics, common
law, world politics, South Amer
republics, oriental politics and
civilization, natl admn, st admn;
pub spk incl pub discussion and
debate, salesmanship laboratory,
contemporary stage, ed dra-
matics, oral expression problems
each stu taking spec problems in
some phase of subj, voice incl
voice analysis and defects cata-
logued; romance langs incl
French civilization in Eng;

in medical col, crs in pediatrics
incl actual milk analysis, preven-
tive med and hyg incl Indus hyg,
research wrk in pub health prob-
lems; ch welfare research offers
possibilities in 7 fields incl nutri-
tion, mental measurements, cor-
rective speech and voc guidance,
research prof in eugenics, clinic
examines nor ch from all points
of state using nor ch in hospital,
el and h s of univ; field study and
ch welfare bulletins ; seminar crs
incl nor ch and superior ch;

ext div has 14 services, pub
admn, municipal information, so-
cial welfare, business admn, ac-
counting, debating and pub spkg.

pub health ed service, lantern
slide service, ch welfare, lects,
package library service, cor-
respondence study, la patriotic
League ; cities surveyed for com-
mercial philanthropic and govt
agencies; corres study said to be
specially helpful to 9 types incl
those desiring acad credit, iso-
lated man desiring interest out-
side himself, ts, home makers,
practical men in business, profes-
sions, vocations, pub service; 63
ext bulletins listed.

D; catlg has 16 cuts; mythology
crs in Scandinavian, Latin, Grk
and German myths — all stus ad-
vised to take crs; social prin-
ciples of Jesus as they apply to
modern social problems; crs in
Span Amer culture and lit incl
magazine 'Inter-America."

Md ; catlg 6x9; uses cover page
3; offers afternoon, ni and Satur-
day morning crs open to women
with credits toward degrees
which Goucher Col will accept up
to 45 hrs; spec invitation to "per-
sons engaged in affairs or con-
templating entrance into busi-
ness, desirous of pursuing ni crs
of col credit in general field of
bus econ"; "profs are willing to
give personal counsel to those
who seek it";

classical archeology and art incl
crs in Roman life as illus by Latin
lit and monuments; Eng incl crs
in the speech for spec occasions;
geol dept dondticts mineralogy
survey and gives "unusual op-
portunities" to stus in practical
survey activities sometimes re-


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education

munerative espec in sumr; near-
ness to Washington and its re-
sources stressed in introd;

hist dept stresses nearness to
Washington which "affords ex-
ceptional facilities for studies in
diplomacy"; polit sci dept incl 2
grad crs by pres in which "case
system" of instruction is em-
ployed — subjs law of pub admin-
istrative officers and law of mu-
nicipal govts and municipal cor-
porations, undergrad crs incl
Amer diplomacy of present time ;
psy dept incl several experi-
mental crs, psy jrnl club fort-
nightly, psy of music incl meths
of measuring musical capacity,
undergrad crs incl social psy,
mental measurements with meths
of treating test scores and graph
presentation; romance lang dept
begins "in order that demands
of all stus may be met the work
of dept varies from yr to yr . . .
all instructors and stus form
pleasant relations in bi-mo mtgs
of the romance jrnl club"; for
master's degree final essay is still
required; in col of arts and sci
each stu is assigned to advisor;
in medicine no stu is continued
if graded below 75; spec s of hyg
and pub health open to men and
women equally leading to degree
Dr of Pub Health, Dr of Sci in
Hyg, B S in hyg, and to certifi-
cate in pub health to qualified
persons after one yr's residence;
also crs for social wrkrs, nurses
and ts.
JUDSON COL, Marion, Ala; catlg
uses inside cover pp ; of 60 els hrs
required for grad, 32 are con-
stant ; grd A carries 2, B 1 "merit
points"; 24 merit points required

for grad; Eng crs incl modern
drama, hist of art.

catlg uses type aids for clarity;
illus; graph shows registration
for reg, sumr ses and ext; offers
jr col wrk and 1-yr crs for all
grads; summary of ext wk by
number of centers and enrolment
shows reg ses 204, sumr 1335,
ext 2851.

KENTUCKY, U of, Lexington, Ky;
catlg index puts 1st item of each
letter in full face type ; stus grad
with distinctions and honorable
mention; a railroad offers $1,000
loan fund to stus of agr; several
prizes by citizens for agr stu incl
gold watch fob for greatest abil-
ity in judging jack stock; clubs
incl press assn for all stus cor-
responding for papers; Wkly

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