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scribed by the Charter and the Laws.

A Member stating that he had confidential matters to communicate
it was moved that the Lobby be cleared and the Doors closed. Pre-
vious thereto Alderman Mesier moved that it be considered as a
standing rule that whenever the doors are directed to be closed that
all persons retire excepting the Members and the Clerk of the Common

A Letter was received from*

[399] The Doors were again opened.

A proposition of Alderman Taylor to direct a Warrant to issue to
Peter Debaum for payment of balance due to him for regulating Hud-
son Street was referred to the Finance Committee.

The Comptroller Reported :

Balance in Treasury Nov. 30 $6.51

Reed for Tax 1818 2d, 6th, ;th 9th war ds 4200.

" " Streets 2200. 6406.51

Accounts Audited.

W m B. Cozens Dinner 25 th November 976.

Matthw Crosby 28 Casks Oil 1132.32

Ja s Meghan repairs Intersections 34. 11

W. Fish Treasurer to pay Commissioners Common

Schools City proportion for 1818 on account 4250.


Balance $14.08

Adjourned to meet on Monday next 5 o'clock.

* Remainder of report not entered. ED.

138 CITY OF NEW YORK 14 Dec. 1818

[400] In Common Council Dec. 14. 1818
Present. Richard Riker Esqr. Recorder President.

Aldermen. Assistants.

Peter Mesier Thomas Bolton

Elisha W. King Samuel Stevens

Anth. L. Underbill Leonard Kip

W. F. Van Amringe Jno. P. Anthony

John Morss Jno. J. Westervelt

Robert M c Queen Shivers Parker

Geo. Buckmaster Samuel Akerly

Jacob B. Taylor David Board

George B. Thorp Effing Schieffelm

Reuben Munson Stephen Allen

The Minutes of last meeting were read & approved.

petitions from R. Murden, David Banks & Benjamin G. Jansen
for appointment of printer to the Corporation were presented & read

A petition of Henry Wright for appointment of Measurer of grain
was read and the prayer thereof granted and petitioner appointed a
Measurer of grain.

[401] A Petition of Elihu H. De Camp was received stating that
having been appointed a Weighmaster by the Board but not finding
so much employment as he expected he would be desirous of receiving
an Appointment as Guager and would resign the appointment of
Weighmaster. Whereupon his resignation as Weighmaster was
accepted and he was appointed to the office of City Guager.

A petition of Hassel Wheeler for Stall No. 35 Fly Market was
read & referred to the Market Committee.

A petition of Thomas Ludlow and Gulian Ludlow stating that the
Commissioners of Estimate for extending the Sixth Avenue from
Greenwich Lane to Carmine Street intend presenting their report to
the Supreme Court in January tenn : that there is a large quantity of
earth on said Avenue which will be surplus and required to be removed,
and praying that that part which runs thro' their ground instead of
taking the said surplus at a price to be determined by the Commis-
sioners they may be permitted to remove the same after the Assess-
ment is confirmed Whereupon the same being read was referred to
the Road Committee.

[402] A petition of Benjamin Hills praying payment on his Con-
tract for filling in Basin between Fulton and Dey Streets was read
and referred to the Finance Committee.

A petition of John Hanning, Lessee of the School Room over the


Watch house in Spring Street, praying the same may be rented to him
for the ensuing year, was read and referred to the Finance Committee.

A Petition of Samuel Leggett praying that the opening of Dover
Street may be commenced as soon as public convenience will permit-
was read and referred to the Counsel.

A Remonstrance of Bunnell Brown & others against exempting
the Trustees of the Baptist Church and Methodist Church from the
Assessment for the Well and Pump in the Second Avenue was read.

The Street Commissioner laid before the Board a corrected Assess-
ment from the Assessors to whom the Assessment had been referred
back for the Well & Pump in the 2 d Avenue which Assessment with
the Remonstrance were referred [403] to the Committee on Assess-

A Memorial subscribed by a considerable number of the Merchants
of the City was presented stating that they understood that the late
Law respecting Weighmasters was at the last meeting of the Board
repealed, and that they were informed that a proposition was about
to be made for its re-enactment, which they remonstrated against and
hoped it would not be revived which memorial was read and laid
on the Table until the motion for the reconsideration of the vote at
the last meeting should be made.

A Communication of very considerable length from Garritt Gilbert,
Registrar of Deeds in the City and County of New York, on the sub-
ject of his office was received, stating a variety of gross inaccuracies in
the keeping of the Records highly prejudicial to their character for
accuracy. He also stated that the rooms assigned for the keeping of
the Records was, from the increase of the Books, not sufficiently large
to accommodate them. Whereupon the same was referred to the
Committee formerly appointed on the subject of forming a general
Index of the Records of the City and County Viz. Alderman King.

[404] The following persons were appointed Firemen, the Chief
Engineer certifying the Vacancies

" Fire Engine Companies."
No. 22.

Thomas Benham Brewer 44 Cheapside. 7 th ward vice James
Badgely Fire Warden

No. 23.

Saml. Collins Block Maker 9 Anthony St. 5 ward vice Thomas
Ayres Expelled.

140 CITY OF NEW YORK 14 Dec. 1818

No. 24.

Peter Baxter Cabinet Maker 28 Cedar St. 1 ward vice Jacob
Duryea Resigned

No. 39.

Edw d P. Dunn Account 1 55 Wall St. 1 st Ward, vice W m Hamil-
ton Removed

The Comptroller, on the petition of Adam Hill and Phoebe his
Wife, Reported:

' From the Testimony produced it appears that George Ward was
the Brother of the said Phoebe and Chapin and that they are legally
entitled each to one half of the sum paid into the Treasury which was
$254.66. He accordingly recommends that a Warrant be ordered in
favor of Adam Hill the husband of said Phoebe for $127.33 to be
delivered [405] on security being given by him to the Corporation in
such manner as the Counsel shall deem sufficient."

Respectfully Submitted

(signed) G. N. Bleecker


which was approved and a Warrant directed to be reported agreeably
thereto for $127.33.

The Counsel, to whom was referred the Report of the Committee
on the subject of improving the Manufacture of Flour and to report
a Memorial and Bill to the Legislature agreeably to said Report, pre-
sented a Memorial and Bill corresponding therewith, which were read
and approved and the same directed to be duly authenticated.

The Street Commissioner presented the following Assessments
which were confirmed and Morris De Camp appointed Collector in
the former and Noah Jarvis in the latter Viz. For regulating &
paving Roosevelt Street from Front to Oak Street and for paving
Collect Street from Pearl to Leonard Street.

He also made a Communication stating that Houston, Bleecker,
Mercer, Greene, Wooster and Laurens Streets have been regulated
agreeably to Contracts, [406] that owing to their being filled up higher
than the adjoining Lots the earth is continually washing away, and he
made the statement that such measures might be adopted as the Board
should judge advisable. Whereupon the same was referred to the
Street Committee.


The City Inspector presented Ordinances for correction of sundry
nuisances which Ordinances were passed: Viz.

1 D. Lynch Own.)

,,, m i A Collect St. Lot.

W m Lawrence Agt. \

2 Jno. Rogers Own.) 1cc .

L 1155 Greenwich St. do.

Barnes Occ. \

3 Sam 1 Borden Own.")

F. Camerden Agt. U04 Orange St. Privy.

Jos. Thompson Occ.

(signed) George Cuming

City Inspector

A Letter was received from Thomas Walton, one of the Captains
of the City Watch resigning on account of his state of health his
appointment as Captain of the First District and tendering to the
Common Council his [407] thanks for the favor conferred on him by
the appointment. Whereupon it was resolved that his resignation be

The Board then proceeded to elect a person to fill the vacancy,
when Henry Leake was appointed Captain and Abraham Blauvelt was
appointed Assistant in the place of Henry Leake appointed Captain.

The Finance Committee, on the petition of John Jacob Astor,
Reported :

' That with a view to grant relief to the petitioner, provided it
could be done consistent with their duty to the public, and believing
the case of Mr. Astor to be novel and unprecedented, they have given
the subject due consideration and in hopes of finding some provision
by which the property might be made liable for the Taxes thus paid
they have examined the several statutes of the state but have found
no clause that will apply to this particular case. The only clause which
appears to have any bearing on the subject is the 10 th section of the
act for the assessment and collection of Taxes which authorises per-
sons in possession of Real Estate, the taxes of which [408] ought to
be paid by any other person, to pay the same and to recover from
those who ought to have paid and creates a lien on the property for
the amount, but as the lots alluded to were vacant and not in the
actual possession of Mr. Astor it is a question in the minds of the
Committee whether he has any claim whatever by which he can
recover. The Corporation agreeably to statute have a Lien on real
Estate until the tax is paid the taxes being paid their lien ceases and
cannot be renewed by a refunding of the money: it follows therefore

142 CITY OF NEW YORK 14 Dec. 1818

that relief cannot be granted Mr. Astor without a total loss to the
Corporation, which in the opinion of the Committee ought not to be
expected on his part or authorized as a precedent on theirs, inasmuch
as he had it within his power to correct the error of the Assessors
either by examining the Books previous to their being returned to the
Supervisors or on the demand for the Collector of the Tax and
although it may appear hard for him to pay the taxes on the property
of others, it would be [409] equally hard on the Corporation to refund
him a sum which by his act they are prevented from collecting where
it ought to be sought for. The Committee therefore propose the fol-
lowing Resolution:

" Resolved that it is inexpedient to grant the prayer of the peti-
tion of John Jacob Astor hereunto annexed."

(signed) Stephen Allen
Samuel Akerly
W. F. Van Amringe
Reuben Munson
Peter Mesier

which was approved & the Resolution agreed to.

The Market Committee, on the petition of John Varick to be
appointed Deputy Clerk to sundry markets, reported in his favor and
presented the following Resolution which was agreed to Viz
" Resolved that John Varick be appointed Deputy Clerk of Duane,
Greenwich, Centre, Essex and Gouverneur Markets." And on motion
of Alderman Buckmaster it was Resolved that the market lately erected
in the Centre of Grand and Essex Streets be known by the name of
the Essex Market.

[410] The Special Committee, to whom was referred the Com-
munication of the Street Commissioner on the subject of the injury
done to the Battery by the last storm, presented a report which was
read and the further consideration postponed and it was made the
order of the day at the next meeting on Monday: The Committee
were requested to report as to the Title of the Corporation to the
ground under water which will be required for the proposed extension
and whether a re-cession of that part of the Battery now held by the
United States can be obtained.

Alderman Taylor, agreeably to the notice given at the last meeting
that he would move to reconsider the vote given on the repeal of the
Law respecting Weighmasters, now made a motion to that effect. The


question being taken on the reconsideration and a Division having been
called it passed in the negative as follows :

Negative Aldn. Mesier King Van Amringe Buckmaster Munson
Messrs. Bolton Stephens Anthony Allen

Affirmative Aid. Underhill Morss M c Queen Taylor Thorp
Messrs. Westervelt Parker Board Schieffelin

[411] Mr. Allen moved that the Report of the Committee on the
subject of Applications to the Legislature which had been laid for
consideration be now taken up. On the question for agreeing to the
same it passed in the negative. It was then moved that Two members
be added to that Committee which was agreed to. It was then moved
that they be appointed by ballot which was also agreed to. The Board
then proceeded to ballot for Two persons to be added to said Com-
mittee when Aldermen Mesier and Van Amringe were chosen.

The several Applications before the Board for the appointment of
printer to the Corporation were called up and read. The Board then
proceeded to ballot for a person to fill that office when Mr.
Noah was chosen. Alderman Munson then presented the following
Resolution which was agreed to : " Resolved that M. M. Noah be
and he is hereby appointed printer to the Corporation and that all their
printing be given to him while he may so continue their printer.

The Committee on Laws, to whom was referred the Report of the
Counsel relative to the decision [412] of the Supreme Court in an
application to them by the Board for a Mandamus to compel the
Mayor's Court to enter judgment upon a Nolle prosequi filed in behalf
of the Board in a proceeding then pending before the Mayor's Court
to appropriate the Waters between the foot of Roosevelt Street and
James' Slip on the East River to public purposes, presented a Report.
It was moved to refer the same to the Counsel with authority to asso-
ciate other Counsel with him on the subject. The question being taken
thereon and a Division being called, it was carried in the Affirmative
as follows:

Affirmative. Aid. Morss Buckmaster Taylor Thorp Munson
Messrs Bolton Stevens Anthony Westervelt Akerly Board Schieffelin

Negative. Aid. Mesier King Underhill Van Amringe Messrs. Kip

[413] The following was presented and agreed to:

" Resolved that the Counsel prepare a Deed to Elbert Anderson
for the gore of ground on Chamber Street sold to him for Two hun-
dred dollars the rent now reserved to be attached to Lots Nos. 1 1 and

144 CITY OF NEW YORK 14 Dec. 1818

12 fronting on Chatham Street under lease of which this gore was
formerly the rear part.

Mr. Allen presented the following which was agreed to
' Resolved that the Comptroller prepare and have executed a Bond
to the Mechanc[i]cs' Bank of this City for the amount of interest due
that Institution on money loaned the Corporation, bearing an Interest
of 6 per cent from 1 st January next and payable in one year amount

The following Resolution was presented & agreed to
' Resolved that the Committee on applications to the Legislature
be and they are hereby instructed to enquire into the expediency of
applying to the Legislature at their next Session for permission to tax
the Fire Insurance offices in this City the whole or a proportion, and,
if a proportion what part of the monies expended by this Board
annually in the Fire Department of this City.

[414] The Comptroller Reported :

Balance in Treasury 7*h instant $14.08

Received for Rents 1457.24

" Tax 1818 First Ward 5500.

" Common Lands 5811.44

" Streets 1843.40

" Wells and Pumps 130. 14,756.16

Accounts Audited.

Anderson & Walton Watch 1st District 1142.75

Hibberd & Clark do. 2d do 682. 50

Bleakley & Brower do. 3d do 413.

Anderson & Walton Error in account 30 th November 1 st

District 24.50

C. D. Golden Mayor One quarter salary 2 d December 1750.

George Cuming City Inspector One quarter 28 th Novem-
ber 312.50

Ogden Edwards Counsel 1 qr. 27 Nov 125 .

Philip Becanon Inspector of Bread one quarter 10 th

December 96.30

Daniel H. Magee Keeper Potters' field one month 1 st

December 45 .

Lewis & Hall adverts Arrears of Tax in Commercial 108.

Lewis & Hall adverts for Street Commissioner in Com-
mercial 74 . 25

[415] N. Phillips advertising for Street Commissioner in

the Advocate 74.25

Columbian Office Advertising for St Com r 47.25

John Ritchie making Cartridges for Artillery 25 th Novem-
ber 96.21


Dan 1 Dougherty Witness at Sessions ordered 7 th instant

by Court 30.

G. Gilbert registering 5 Deeds and 1 Mortgage 10. 12

James Warner Special Justice 1 quarter's Salary 26

November 187.50

James Hopson Special Justice 1 quarter Salary 26 No-
vember 187.50

Charles Christian Special Justice 1 quarter Salary 26

November 187.50

Bernard O'Blenis Clerk of Police 1 quarter 26 th Novem-
ber 250.

J. Hays. Officers extra Service Police 1 qr. 26 th November 96.41

J. Hays for Officers conveying prisoners to Penitentiary
1 qr. 26 Nov 85.50

Steph" Ludlum Award for Henry St 512.05

Chs. Mooney ace* paving Water St 200.

Jas. Pinkerton do. Frankfort St 200.

Chs. Mooney do Pine St 200.

Chs. Mooney do Depeyster St 200.

[416] P. Parcells ac* yoga [regs] Washington St 100.

Terce Tiffany- do. Willet St 100.

Abisha Smith ac 4 Curbs Washington St. from Le Roy to

Hammond St 100.

R. Pettigrew balce Well in Duane St 52.

Jno. Gallagher do. Willet St 39.24

Thos. Barnum Superintends Wharves 24 days to 13 De-
cember 48 .

Jas. Vincent Balance for Earth from Barrow to Charlton

St 253.67

J. M c Comb S 4 Com r to pay removs earth from Greenwich

Mkt. to Charlton Block 500.

J. McComb act Repairs of Roads 300.

Jac. P. Roome Sup* Reprs. for Repairs 500.

do Reprs to Lamps in Nov r 120.

W. Fish Tresurer to pay the Commissioners of Common

Schools City proportion for 1818 Balance 1232.06

Richd Furman Supt of Alms house 4000. 14,733.6

Balance $23.10

Adjourned to meet on Monday next 5 o'clock

146 CITY OF NEW YORK 21 Dec. 1818

[417] In Common Council Dec. 21. 1818.

Present. The Hon. Cadwallader D. Colden Mayor President

Richard Riker Esqr. Recorder.

Aldermen Assistants

Peter Mesier Thomas Bolton

Elisha W. King Samuel Stevens

Anth. L. Underhill John P. Anthony

W. F. Van Amringe John J. Westervelt

John Morss Shivers Parker

Robert M c Queen Samuel Akerly

George Buckmaster David Board

Jacob B. Taylor Effingham Schieffelin

George B. Thorp Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson

A Letter was received from his Excellency Daniel D. Tompkins
stating that he understands the Corporation have it in contemplation to
extend the Battery from Castle Clinton to the West Pier or Pier No.
1 : that he begged leave thus early to state that if such improvement
was made he was ready to relinquish his interest in [418] the Lease
on the West side of the pier without any deduction of the rent re-
served by the Corporation therefor, in the hope however that the
present Boat House might be permitted to remain which would be
ornamented at his own expence. Whereupon the subject was referred
to the Battery Committee.

A Memorial was presented from the Mechanics Bank in the City
of New York stating that they have become owners of certain lots
or parcels of ground on which there is an annual Quit rent payable to
the Corporation and praying they may be permitted to commute for
the same by advancing such sum of money as shall be deemed just
and reasonable. Whereupon the same was referred to the Finance

A memorial was presented from Brigadier General H. G. Stevens
in behalf of the first Brigade of State Artillery stating that they con-
sider the Militia law passed at the Last Session of the Legislature
as extremely injurious to their Corps: that [419] they propose pre-
senting a memorial to the Legislature on the subject, which they pre-
sented with the petition and they requested the sanction of the Com-
mon Council to said Memorial to the Legislature Whereupon the
same was referred to the Committee on Applications to the Legislature.

A memorial from sundry Inhabitants was received, praying that in
opening the Street from Beekman Street to Water Street the north-


easterly line thereof may be straight from the corner of Beekman and
Pearl to Water Street so as to take part of the premises of Walter
Bowne fronting on Pearl Street. Whereupon the same was referred
to the Street Committee and Alderman and Assistant of the Ward
with a request that they would negociate with the owners so as to
learn the expence attending the improvement and to report the same
to the Board.

A petition of Gilbert Davis praying remission of fine incurred
under the Tavern Law was read & granted on payment of costs in-

A Petition was received from Philip Earle stating that he is owner
of the Land at the Weehawk [420] Ferry : that he is desirous of es-
tablishing a regular and convenient Ferry at that place and therefore
solicited that the right of Ferriage may be granted to him for a term of
years which was referred to the Ferry Committee.

The Street Commissioner presented a Communication on the sub-
ject of keeping the Walks around the public buildings clean which
was read and referred to the Committee on Public Places.

The following persons were appointed Firemen, the Chief Engi-
neer certifying the vacancies :

"Fire Warden of the Sixth Ward."

James Dubois House Carpenter 51 Mott St. 6 ward vice John
Ackerman Removed

" Fire Engine Company No. 28 "

John Vanderhoof Shoe Maker Elizabeth n. Spring 8 w d vice Henry
M c Guire Resigned

William Stanton Cartman 239 Church 5 ward vice Isaac Vians

"Fire Engine Company No. 38 "

John Culbert grocer Rose hill 9 th ward vice A. B. Jackson. Re-

[421] The Chief Engineer presented a report accompanied by the
annual return of the state of the Engines and Implements which re-
port was as follows :

" The Chief Engineer respectfully reports that he has carefully in-
spected the various branches of the Fire Department and herewith
presents his annual return with the names of the Engineers, Foremen
and Firemen, their places of abode, occupation &c. also the places of
deposit of the respective Machines, whereby it will appear that there
are Forty one Engines in good order, one Floating Engine in poor

148 CITY OF NEW YORK 21 Dec. 1818

order, Four Engines in ordinary, Four Hook & Ladder Trucks one
Hose Waggon, Nine thousand and fifty four feet of good Hose, Fif-
teen hundred and fifty six feet ordinary, Eleven hundred and fifty five
feet ditto bad, making in the whole, including three hundred and fifty
five feet of spare hose, Twelve thousand one hundred and twenty feet
Also Four hundred and nine Fire Buckets in good order, seventy two
ditto broken in the whole Four hundred and eighty one : also Sixteen
Ladders, Twenty Hooks, one machine for throwing down chimnies and
one Copper Pump. The total number of men belonging to the Fire
Department [422] when the companies are full, including the Engi-
neers and Fire Wardens, is Twelve hundred and eighty three. By
direction of the Board there has this year been built one Engine for
Company No. 24 and Two others are now building, one for No. 12
and one other in lieu of the Floating Engine. He also reports that
the present situation of Engine House No. 27 is such as renders it very
difficult to remove the machine therefrom.''

(signed) Thos. Franklin

Chief Engineer

Whereupon the Return was referred to the Committee on the Fire
Department and Chief Engineer with authority to cause such number
of the annual Return to be printed as they shall judge expedient.

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for correction of sundry
Nuisances which were passed.

1 Richard Turner Own. & Occ. Arundel St. Privy

2 S. Baxter Ownl

T. Wi[n]ant and) Occ - 32 Leonard St. do

Jno. H. Jobes \ '}

3. Geo. Downey Own & Occ 47 Orchard St do

4 [423] Geo. Downey Own.) do
R. Hubbard Occ. C

5 G. Enfrits Own.)

_ _ 42^ Ludlow St. do

H. Leek & J Coran Occ. \

6 Anna Thorne Own.) ^ ^ do
A. Wetmore Occ. \

7 ]. Waldron Own.]

T. Bigford and A. Van J. 54 do do

Tassel Occ. J

8 Jas. Palmer Own & Occ 13 Suffolk Street do

9 do. Own.) 19 do do
E. Dean Occ.\



10 T. Gibbons
P. Tice

11 W m Hall
H. Way man

12 Widow Brane
S. Southall

13 W m Hall

J. Townsend

14 W m Slam
A. Batts

15 Sam 1 Farrow

H. Saunders &

16 Lewis Rose

17 [424] M. King

18 Widow M c Kinney
James George

19 Widow Roe
Lemuel Price

20 Daniel Lambert

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