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John Post

21 Jas. Riddell
Jas. Dobbins

D. S. Woodruff

22 Jas. Riddell
Jas. Dobbin
Isaac Ramson

23 M. Kelly

24 J. Fash

25 Jno. J. Astor
J. Feeks

26 Sam 1 Howell

27 \v m Few
R. Platt

28 Ab m Stagg

T. Hughes & W.

29 S. Legget
Robert Baker

30 Jas. M. Smith

31 Suffolk Street




Grand c. Ludlow

29 do
31 do


Occ ^

wn I 53 Allen Street
Occ.. \


Occ. \





Joshua \- 69. do.

Oc J

Les. & Occ. 27 Essex Street
Own. & Occ. 36 do


Occ. \

Wn '! 38
Occ. { '


^ f 44.
Occ. \


Agt. [167 Grand St.

Occ. J


Agt. J469 do.

Occ. J

Own. & Occ. 171 do
do do. 173 do

Own )

Occ \
Own. & Occ 21 Norfolk St.


Occ. {

Own.) ,-Q
Lawrence Occ. ^


Occ J
Own. & Occ. Norfolk c. Grand

Sts. do

(signed) Geo. Cuming. C. Inspector









150 CITY OF NEW YORK 21 Dec. 1818

[425] The Comptroller and Street Commissioner, on the petition
of John Jacob Astor and Stephen Ludlum reported : as follows :

' The Street Commissioner and Comptroller respectfully report on
the petition of John Jacob Astor and Stephen Ludlum, requesting
Two separate Certificates Viz. One for seven lots to Mr. Astor and
the other seven Lots to Mr. Ludlum the said 14 Lots of ground in the
Tenth Ward on Norfolk Street were assessed to Dr. Nicholas Ro-
mayne deceased for payment of Arrears of Tax together with interest,
costs & charges thereon.

" On a minute investigation of the subject it appears that as the
property was sold in one Lot the Common Council have no legal
power to alter the sale by a division thereof or to apportion the value
of the lots among different owners. The petitioners can pass the nec-
essary conveyances between themselves without the interference of the
Corporation, and any change in the deeds, other than to the original
purchaser, might subject the Board to embarrassment It is therefore
respectfully recommended that the request of the petitioners ought not
to be granted."

G N. Bleecker. Comp.
which was read and ordered to be filed.

[426] The Finance Committee on the petition of John Manning
requesting an extension of his Lease for the School Room in Spring
Street to the 1 st of May 1819, reported :

' That Mr. Hanning rented the said school Room from the Cor-
poration for One year from the 1 st of May last at 85 dollars, and that
it appears from the signatures to a recommendation attached to his
petition the said school has been conducted in a manner satisfactory to
the neighbourhood and is a regular and respectable establishment.
The Committee believing the present rent to be equitable and that there
cannot be a better disposition of the property, recommend that the
prayer of the petition be granted.

The Committee beg leave to include in this report an application
made to them in behalf of Dr. Frederick Fowler for the School Room
over the Engine Houses lately erected in Rose Street from the present
time to the 1 st of May next

" From the representations made to the Committee they are led to
believe the character and acquirements of the applicant amply fit him
for the performance of the duties of a [427] Teacher, and as the place
is at present unoccupied they presume no objection can arise to grant-
ing his request. The Committee are informed, however, that by a


standing Resolution of the Board no property of the Corporation can
be sold or leased except by public auction: they therefore recommend
that so much of said Resolution as relates to the cases embraced in
this report be rescinded and that the Board adopt the following Reso-
lutions :

" Resolved that the Resolution forbidding the sale or lease of
Corporation property except by public sale be suspended so far as it
relates to leasing the school Room in Spring Street from the 1 st of
May 1819 to the 1 st of May 1820. and also so far as it relates to leasing
the School room in Rose Street from the present time to 1 st May 1819

" Resolved that a Lease for the School Room in Spring Street be
granted to John Hanning in extension of his present lease to the 1 st
day of May 1820, at the same rent and subject to the same covenants
he now is under.

" Resolved that a Lease be granted to Dr. Frederick Fowler for
the School Room in Rose Street from the present time to the 1 st day
of May 1819 at a rent of Fifty Dollars for the [428] whole term."

(signed) Stephen Allen
" Peter Mesier

W. F. Van Amringe
Reuben Munson

which was approved & the Resolutions agreed to

The Finance Committee reported:

" That the Block of ground between Dey and Fulton Streets at
the North River is now in a situation to be sold, and as an early sale of
said property will prove advantageous to the purchasers by permitting
them to prepare for improving said ground at the opening of the en-
suing Spring and will place some cash in the Treasury in return for
the large sums expended for the purchase and filling of said Block
which will be particularly grateful to the Finance Committee, they
recommend the following Resolution :

" Resolved that the Finance Committee and Comptroller be au-
thorized to sell at public auction, on such terms as in their opinion
will be most to the interest of the Corporation the Block of ground,
except Two lots, bounded by Dey, Fulton, Washington and West
Streets, as laid down on the Map [429] of said property herewith pre-

" The Committee beg leave farther to represent that the Corpora-
tion owns a small Lot and Tenement No. 265 William Street the Lease
of which will expire on the first day of May next and as the place

152 CITY OF NEW YORK 21 Dec. 1818

is considerably out of repair and will be subject to an annual expence
unless sold or leased for a term of years, the Committee propose the
following Resolution:

" Resolved, that the Finance Committee and Comptroller be au-
thorised to lease at public auction the house and lot of ground be-
longing to the Corporation, known as No. 265 William Street, and that
the same be leased on such terms as they shall deem meet."

(signed) Stephen Allen
Peter Mesier
W. F. Van Amringe
Reuben Munson

which was approved and the Resolutions agreed to.

The Road Committee reported :

" That they have settled the accounts with the Overseer of Roads
for the present year and are pleased to say that the present plan of
making the Street Commissioner the Overseer is much better [430]
than that formerly pursued. Your Committee herewith submit the
expence of the Four last years. In 1815 & '16 the amount of monies
paid for keeping the old Roads in repair was $7073.05. In the above
Two years the Ninth Ward was divided into Two Districts and an
Overseer to each. In 1817 & '18 the Street Commissioner was made
the Overseer and the expences $3752.26 so that a saving is made of
about One hundred per cent. Very few complaints have been made of
the Roads not as many as when the Two Overseers had charge of

(signed) Reuben Munson
George B. Thorp
Effing" 1 Schieffelin
David Board
which was directed to be filed.

The Report of the Special Committee on the Battery, which had
been made the order of the day, was called up and read as follows:

' The Special Committee to whom was referred the Communica-
tion of the Street Commissioner on the subject of the injury done
to the Battery by the late gale, beg leave in part to report: That
they have viewed the [431] Battery and find the injury and destruction
so great as to require a Barrier of some kind, to support the ground
already made, from one extremity of the Battery to the other.

" They consider it advisable to construct this Barrier of Stone. A
Bulkhead sunk in the usual manner would be less expensive than the


Stone Work contemplated, but when your Committee considered its
perishable nature, particularly that part of it which is under water, and
the desired permanency of the contemplated improvement and also its
interest and consequence to the Inhabitants of your City they unani-
mously agreed to recommend the use of the most lasting materials.

"After your Committee had agreed in the above opinion they
caused a Survey and Map to be made, not only of the Battery but of
the water fronting the same from the pier at the extremity of South
Street to the southern extremity of Washington Street, which accom-
panies this Report for the information of the Board.

' The next important question which presented itself to the con-
sideration of your Committee was where they should recommend the
placing or erecting of this Barrier.

[432] " The great expence of this improvement will consist in the
erection of this Barrier. Your Committee think that it should there-
fore be carried out to such distance as considerably to increase the
extent and add even to the advantages and beauty of this justly
celebrated public promenade.

' By the map the Board will perceive that the Water fronting the
Battery is generally shoal, even much more so than has usually been
supposed, and that the Battery may without any injury to the Harbour
be extended on an average of an hundred and twenty five feet. The
average depth of water at this distance being not more at high water
than Twelve feet. The distance on this line from the south line of the
water conveyed to the United States to the pier at the extremity of
South Street is Ten hundred and seventy feet and the distance be-
tween the United States North Line and Washington Street is Two
hundred and twenty five feet. On this line forming a slight curve
from the bridge of Castle Clinton until it approaches the South angle
of the Battery, where the line becomes more circular and strikes the
pier in [433] a direction with the East side of South Street, your
Committee recommend the commencement of the improvement by
throwing in stones until a ridge is formed up to low-water mark.
The average height of this Ridge will be but eight feet and the ex-
pence of forming it will not exceed in the opinion of your Committee,
Seventeen thousand Dollars.

" Your Committee feel confident that the United States will unite
and make their part of the ridge and other improvements which are
necessary for the preservation of their property. Your Committee
propose with the approbation of the Board to communicate with the
proper Department of the General Government on the subject.

154 CITY OF NEW YORK 21 Dec. 1818

" Your Committee have had under consideration several plans for
the improvement above low-water mark. One plan proposes a Wall
with a face of hewen stone on an inclined plane of about Forty five
degrees. Another proposes that the Wall be made of the same ma-
terials but with a perpendicular face : The Third that there should be
no Wall, but the formation of a shore similar to nature with beach
gravel filling up the interstices of the stones. Your Committee for-
bear at present expressing any opinion on these different plans ; they
[434] have not had sufficient time to make up an opinion as to this
part of the subject.

1 The best estimate which your Committee can make as to the ex-
pence of the whole of this improvement, including the filling in, is
that it will not exceed an hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. They
consider that it will be proper to apply to the Legislature for a law
to tax this amount for this specific purpose in addition to the necessary
amount required for the current expences of the City.

" Your Committee have directed a partial filling up with stone to
prevent the farther destruction of the land already made. This ex-
pence will not exceed Twelve or Fifteen hundred dollars. Your Com-
mittee conclude their report by offering the following Resolution :

" Resolved that the Street Commissioner, " after the first of March

next," under the direction of this Committee, enter into Contracts for

the delivery of the requisite quantity of stone to construct the Ridge

mentioned in this Report and delineated on the accompanying Map."

(signed) Peter Mesier Samuel Stevens

J. B. Taylor, G. B. Thorp J. Morss

A Motion was made to postpone the consideration

[435] The question being taken thereon and a Division called it
passed in the negative as follows :

Negative. Mr. Recorder Aid. Mesier King Van Amringe Morss
Taylor Thorp Munson Messrs. Bolton Stevens Akerly

Affirmative. Aid. Underbill M c Queen Buckmaster Messrs. An-
thony Westervelt Parker Board Schieffelin Allen.

A motion was made to insert after the words " Street Commis-
sioner " the words " after the 1 st of March next " which was agreed
to and the Resolution as amended was then agreed to.

The Recorder presented a Resolution appropriating a blank sum of
money for improving and extending the Battery, for obtaining and
improving a suitable piece of ground at Corlaer's Hook for a public
Walk or promenade and a piece of ground for a similar purpose near
Fort Gansevoort, and that all sums to be raised beyond such specific


[436] appropriation should be assessed upon property contiguous and
immediately benefitted by the appropriation. Whereupon the same
was referred to the following Committee: Mr. Recorder Aid. Buck-
master Van Amringe Messrs. Kip Westervelt Akerly Allen

Mr. Allen presented the following Resolution.

" Resolved that application be made to the Legislature for a Law
authorising the Corporation to ra[i]se by assessment the sum of

Dollars for the purpose of repairing and enlarging
the Battery and that the said sum be assessed by Commissioners ap-
pointed by the Corporation on the real estate in this City in proportion
to the benefit and advantages to be derived by such estate from said

which being read was referred to the Committee on applications to
the Legislature.

[437] The Counsel presented the following:

" The Counsel herewith respectfully submits to the Board for
execution a Deed from the Corporation to Elbert Anderson for a Lot
of ground fronting on Chamber Street, which has been drawn in pur-
suance of an order of the Board and instructions from the Comptroller.
Also a Lease to Elbert Anderson and Theodorus Bailey for so much
of Two Lots of ground as remained after extending Chamber Street,
which has been drawn in pursuance of the award of the Arbitrator
chosen by them and the Corporation."

(signed) Ogden Edwards


which was directed to be duly executed.

The Report of the Special Committee on Applications to the Legis-
lature, which was laid for consideration, was called up and read as
follows :

" The Special Committee on applications to the Legislature beg
leave to report in part that they have had the several subjects referred
to them under consideration and have concluded to recommend to the
Board that they petition the Legislature for Laws to the following
effect :

[438] 1. For authority to raise a revenue, to be applied to the
support of foreign poor, by levying a tax on all descriptions of pleas-
ure Carriages kept in this City said Tax not to exceed in amount the
rates fixed by the late law of the United States on that subject.

2. For authority to raise a revenue for the like purpose by laying
and collecting a duty not to exceed per cent on the amount

156 CITY OF NEW YORK 21 Dec. 1818

of all goods, Wares and Merchandise sold by public auction in any of
the streets or public places in this City, goods sold by distress and
under execution excepted.

3. For authority to regulate and license all persons following the
business of a Stock, Exchange or Money Broker and the Keepers of
officers for the sale of Lottery Tickets in whole or in part, in this City,
and to fix the amount per annum to be paid for such licence, provided
the same shall not exceed Dollars.

4. For authority to appoint a Special Collector in this City to col-
lect the tax imposed on the people called Quakers in lieu of Militia
duty and that the time for collecting the [439] same be extended to
that allowed the several Collectors of Taxes for making their returns,
and that the Collector be directed to pay the amount thus received to
the Chamberlain of this City for the use of the poor thereof.

5. That the Fees of the Coroner for this City, for his view of every
Body and taking and returning each inquest, be reduced from Ten to
Five Dollars.

6. For an alteration in the Lamp and Watch District, as follows:
Beginning at the North River, at a place called Decklyne's Ferry, a
little to the Northward of the State Prison and running thence easterly
in front of the new Bank houses to the road called Sandy hill road, and
thro' the said road to the Northward of Potters' field and the house of
William Neilson to Broadway, thro Broadway to Thirteenth Street
and through Thirteenth Street to the East River, including the lots on
both sides of the line thus designated.

" The Committee beg leave to close their report by offering the
following Resolution :

" Resolved that the Counsel be instructed to prepare petitions to-
gether with Draughts of Laws on the foregoing subjects, except the
first & last [440] Articles and that he lay the same before this Board
preparatory to their being sent to the Legislature for their concur-


(signed) Stephen Allen

Reuben Munson
G. Buckmaster

Whereupon the First Article was laid for consideration, the Sixth
was referred to the Counsel and the Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth
were agreed to. The Counsel was directed to prepare petitions to-
gether with draughts of laws on the foregoing subjects except the


First & last and lay the same before the Board preparatory to their
being sent to the Legislature for their concurrence.

Alderman Taylor presented the following:

" Resolved that the Superintendant of Repairs be authorized to
have a bridge constructed across the Minetta Water in Fourth Street
and that the expence thereof be included in the assessment for work-
ing said street."
which was agreed to.

Alderman King presented the following:

[441] " Resolved that the period allowed to Rodman Bowne, Lessee
of the Catharine Slip Ferry, to build a second Team Boat to ply on that
Ferry in consideration of an extension of his lease be extended to the
1 st of May next."

Which was agreed to.

The Comptroller Reported :

Balance in Treasury 14 th instant 23.10

Received Tax 1818 4th 5th & gth Wards 6500.

Streets 1600. 8,123.10

Accounts Audited.

R. Graves. As' St. Com' 1 qr. Saly 1 Nov 375.

W m Raisbeck. New Watch Caps & repairs 166.

Ogden Edwards Counsel. Draugtg Laws &c 218.31

Evening Post Subscription 9 months to 6 th Oct. 1818 &

extra advertising 169.87

Jno. Low printing for Corporation 18 th Nov. to 11 th Dec r

1818 43.25

Fine, See & Co. Carriage hire Road Com. &c 27.

James Meghan Act pa vg Greenwich St. from Christopher

to Bank St 1000.

Pet. Debaum balce regg Hudson St 1000.

P. Debaum Act re gg Greenwich St. from Christopher to

Bank St 500.

[442] Jno. Bailey Ac* paving Collect St. from Pearl to

Leonard St 800.

Jno. Forbes & other Commissioners' fees for opening

Anthony Street 550.

Jac. C. Mott & Associates make Sundry Assess 456.

Fred k Yeomans on ac* regg Mercer St 350.

John Sloan do. do. Wooster St 300.

do. do. do. Laurens St 200.

Chs. Mooney on act. reg. & pav. Spring St 200.

Heny Van Pelt, inspect. & pav. Sundry Sts 184.24

Ab" Kedney do. do. do 219.65

Jas. Pinkerton bal. pave Jacob St 157.94

158 CITY OF NEW YORK 21 Dec. 1818

Jas. C. Parshalls Award widens Spring St 50.

David Clark Timber for Reprs. Piers No. 2 & 4 East River 207.81
Thos. McQ-eady delivK Tickets Earth at Charlton Street

Basin 30 days 37.50

Adam Hill Moiety Estate Geo. Ward Intestate paid into

Treasury July 6. 1818. Ordered 14 December 127.33

J. P. Roome Supt Reprs. for Lamp posts 750. 8089.90

Balance $33.20

Adjourned to meet on Monday next 5 o'clock.




DECEMBER 28, 1818 TO APRIL 19, 1819

[1] In Common Council Dec. 28. 1818.

Present. The Hon. Cadwallader D. Colden Mayor President

Richard Riker Esqr. Recorder.

Aldermen. Assistants.

Peter Mesier Thomas Bolton

Elisha W. King Samuel Stevens

Anthony L. Underhill Leonard Kip

William F. Van Amringe John P. Anthony

John Morss John J. Westervelt

Robert M c Queen Shivers Parker

George Buckmaster Samuel Akerly

Jacob B. Taylor David Board

George B. Thorp Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson

The Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.

A Petition of George Leviniss for Stall No. 22 Fly Market was
read and referred to the Market Committee.

A Letter from the Police Magistrates was received stating that at
the request of some members of the Board they presented a statement
on the subject of their compensation by which it would appear [2]
that from the decrease of the business, in the Police Office the salary at
present allowed by the Corporation was not a sufficient compensation
for the services of the Magistrates which being read was referred to
the Finance Committee.

A Petition of Daniel Codwise in behalf of James Codwise was
presented stating that James Codwise now is and for Eighteen year
past has been a Resident Burgher in the Island of St. Croix; that in
August last he came to this City with his family for his health only and
rented a house for a temporary accommodation; that he has since
returned to his stated residence at St. Croix; that a few days before
his r[de]parture he was called upon by the Collector of the Eighth
Ward for Twenty one dollars fifty cents assessed on him for personal
Tax ; that not supposing himself subject to such Assessment he respect-
fully applied to the Board for relief which being read was referred
to the Committee on Assessments.

A Petition of Isaac Adriance to be permitted to take about 20
loads of sand from 125 th Street to be replaced with coarse gravel was


162 CITY OF NEW YORK 28 Dec. 1818

read and referred to the Alderman and Assistant of the 9 th ward [3]
with authority to grant the prayer of petitioners.

A petition of Charles M c Carty was received stating that he is
Lessee from the Corporation of a Lot at the corner of Cherry and
Roosevelt Streets: that he has been Assessed $140 for paving and
regulating the side walks : that on a former assessment upon said
property the Corporation directed only a part of the assessment to be
levied from him: he therefore requested the same rule might be ap-
plied in relation to the present assessment. Whereupon the same was
referred to the Committee on Assessments.

A Petition from Noah Brown and others owners of property in
the vicinity of North Street, praying that on the opening of North
Street it may be rilled in and regulated as far South easterly as Lewis
Street on Manhattan Island was read and referred to the Street

A Petition of Robert Allison requesting that there may be leased to
him, out of the lots bounded by Fulton, Washington, Dey and West
Streets now ordered by the Corporation to be sold, the ground between
the Northwest corner of the most [4] Westerly Lot on Fulton Street
and the Northwest corner of the most northerly lot on West Street
which being read was referred to the Finance Committee.

A Petition for a Well and Pump in Rutger Street between Banker
and Henry Streets was read and referred to the Alderman and As-
sistant of the 7 th Ward to report an Ordinance therefor.

A Petition of James Clyde for permission to take clay out of Green
Street, (which he has contracted to regulate) on condition of replacing
the same with sand, was read and referred to the Alderman and As-
sistant of the Eighth Ward with authority to grant the prayer of peti-

The following person was appointed Fireman, the Chief Engineer
certifying the vacancy:

' Fire Engine Company No. 11."

John O. Fox Accountant 89 Water St. 1 st Ward, vice Gabriel F.
Mott Resigned.

The Street Commissioner presented a profile of Grand Street be-
tween Broadway and the Bowery to be furnished to the Commissioners
of Estimate & [5] Assessment on widening Grand Street which was


The City Inspector presented Ordinances for correction of sundry
Nuisances which were passed Viz.

1 Ann Sutliff Own. & Occ. 176 Division St. A privy

j. L. Kip Agent to\ Own]

Estate of Mr. Stokes.^ '> 15 Broad way. do.

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