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His Honor the Mayor then put the question ' Shall the main ques-
tion be now put?' which was carried in the Affirmative, the Ayes and
Nays being called by Alderman Mesier and the Members voting as
follows :


Affirmative Air. Recorder Aldermen M c Queen Buckmaster
Taylor Thorp Munson Messrs. Stevens Parker Board Schieffelin

Negative Aldermen Mesier King Underbill Van Amringe Morss
Messrs. Bolton Kip Anthony

The question was then taken on the motion to proceed to the
appointment [175] and carried in the affirmative, the ayes and nays
having been called by Alderman King and the members voting as
follows :

Affirmative Mr. Recorder Aldermen M c Queen Buckmaster Thorp
Munson Messrs. Stevens Parker Board Schieffelin Allen

Negative Aldermen Mesier King Underbill Van Amringe Morss
Taylor Messrs. Bolton Kip

A motion was made to ballot for the persons separately which
passed in the Negative.

The Board then proceeded to ballot for Three Weighmasters and
Gurdon Manwaring, Lewis Angevine and James W. Anderson were
appointed to that Office.

The Finance Committee, to whom was referred the petition of
Robert H. Bowne, presented a Report which was read and laid for

[176] The following Resolution was presented and agreed to:

" Resolved that the Commissioners of Assessment for opening and
extending Beekman Street be requested to suspend their Assessments
until the further order of the Board."

Alderman Van Amringe presented the following:

' Resolved that during the continuance of any Resolution or Ordi-
nance of this Board no other motion or Resolution shall be received
in opposition to such Resolution or Ordinance than to suspend or
repeal the same."

Which was read & laid for consideration.

The following was presented :

" Resolved that the Superintendant of Repairs be directed to have
the fence of the Park in Duane Street set back so as to correspond
with the West side of Hudson Street."

Which being read was referred to the Street Committee.

A Resolution that the Finance Committee [177] be directed to
reconsider their report presented at the last meeting on the petition of
Silvanus Miller was presented, and the question being taken thereon
it passed in the Negative.

24,2 CITY OF NEW YORK 8 Feb. 1819

A Resolution requesting the Mayor to limit the number of Tavern
Licences in the ensuing year was read and laid on the Table.
The Comptroller Reported :

Balance in Treasury 1 st inst 6733 .91

Received for Rents 1798.44

" Tax of 1818 5* & 10th Wards 3000.

" Common Lands 4482.20

" Excise 28.

" Streets 1263.85

- Wells & Pumps 200. 17,506.40

Accounts Audited.

Anderson & Leake Watch 1st District 1142.75

Hibberd & Clark do 2d do 682.50

Bleakley & Brower do 3 d do 462.

John Burger regulating public clocks 1 quarter 1st instant 66.66
[178] Ogden Edwards Expences to Albany on public busi-
ness 128 .

Peter Schermerhorn 6 months int. on Bond 1 st instant.... 450.
Egbert Benson Interest on Bond assigned by Peter W.

Radclift 18 months to 1st instant 231.79

Peter Debaum Balance regulating Hudson Street 1000.

James Meghan on account paving Greenwich Street from

Christopher to Bank Street 400.

Hugh Smith for paving Roosevelt Street 300.

John Sloan balance regulating Laurens Street 303.30

Terence Tiffany balance regulating Willet Street 163.30

John Bailey balance repaying Pearl Street 101 .39

John Stanley balance on paving Crosby Street 330.24

John Broww[er] & Colleagues making sundry Assessments 336.90
John Mullanphy 1 qr's rent wharf at Courtlandt Street

1st instant 75 .

[179] Thomas Barnum Superintending Wharves 24 days

to 7th instant 48.

Jacob P. Roome Sup dt of Repairs for Repairs 725.

Jacob P. Roome Sup 1 of Repairs for Lamp Department

reprs. &c. in Jany 150.

Jacob P. Roome Supt of Repairs for Fire Department.. 125.
Richard Furman Supt Alms' house for support of Maniacs

in New York Hospital balance of ace* in full to 31 Dec.

1816 4971.99 12,193.82

Balance 5312.58
Adjourned to Monday next 5 o'clock.


[180] In Common Council Feb. 15. 1819.

Present The Hon. Cadwallader D. Colden Mayor President

Richard Riker Esqr. Recorder

Aldermen. Assistants.

Peter Mesier Thomas Bolton

Elisha W. King Samuel Stevens

Anthony L. Underhill Leonard Kip

John Morss John P. Anthony

George Buckmaster John J. Westervelt

Jacob B. Taylor Shivers Parker

George B. Thorp Samuel Akerly

Reuben Munson David Board

Effm Schieffelin
Stephen Allen

The Minutes of last Meeting were read & approved.

His Honor the Mayor informed the Board that he had received a
polite communication from Stevens the Intendant of the City of

Charleston South Carolina accompanied by two copies of the Laws
Ordinances of the City of Charleston in elegant bindings Whereupon
the following Resolution [181] was presented by Mr. Stevens and
agreed to :

' Resolved that his Honor the Mayor be requested, in behalf of
this Common Council, to have bound and transmitted, to the Intendant
and City Council of Charleston Two Copies of the Ordinances of this
Board and to assure the City Council of Charleston that this Common
Council have received with great pleasure this mark of their attention
and that it will ever give this Board sincere pleasure to reciprocate with
them acts of individual kindness and unite in measures interesting to
the welfare of their respective Cities."

The Mayor also laid before the Board the following presentment of
-the Grand Jury, which was directed to be filed and entered on the

The Grand Jury for the body of the City and County of New York,
being about to close their labors, feel it a duty incumbent on them to
manifest their approbation of the course of conduct which has been
pursued by the Chief Magistrate of this City in restricting as far as
practicable the granting of licences to retail spirituous liquors to that
description of persons whose principal business is that of selling drams.

[182] " Upon a careful review of the cases which have come under
our cognizance during the present term of the Court, we find that a
great majority have arisen either in Dram Shops or from causes intit-

244 CITY OF NEW YORK 15 Feb. 1819

mately connected with them, and from a comparative statement of the
difference between the business which has come before us at the
present Sessions with that which has been acted upon at former
periods when serving as Grand Jurors, it is evident to us that crimes
have lessened. The information we have derived from the Police
Magistrates that their business has decreased nearly one half is matter
of congratulation to all good Citizens. This may be owing to a com-
bination of causes. The vigilance of our Police almost insures certain
detection of crime. The prompt and due administration of justice, by
which offenders are brought to speedy and condign punishment and the
certainty of that punishment being inflicted without favor or prejudice
claim to be the prominent causes why crimes have decreased. The
introduction of Sunday Schools throughout the various parts of our
[183] City has had a very salutary effect upon the minds and morals
of the poorer classes of society, and it may fairly be inferred that the
suppression of Five hundred Dram Shops in one year is another cause
to which the reduction of crime may be attributed and that it requires
still further and greater exertions, not only on the part of the Chief
Magistrate but of all good Citizens to lend him their aid in limiting
and suppressing their number. We therefore find it our duty to declare
on oath that we consider them public Nuisances arid pledge ourselves
as Citizens to use our influence and exertions in support of any suitable
plan or system that shall have for its object their further reduction."

By order of the Grand Jury

(signed) Isaac S. Douglass. Foreman,
Amos Palmer Secretary.

Feb. 12. \819~

Extract from the Minutes

(signed) John W. Wyman


Whereupon the same was directed to be filed and entered on the

[184] A petition was received from George Robertson, stating that
he is owner of a Lot of ground situated on the West side of East Bank
Street in the village of Greenwich: that the same has been taken for
13 th Street : that he has received no compensation therefor, and praying
relief from the Board. Whereupon the same was referred to the Street

A petition from sundry Inhabitants of the 1 st Ward remonstrating
against the charge of 20 cents per day on all River Sloops and Market


Boats which shall be laid up during the winter Season in any of the
public Docks or Slips particularly as it relates to the public Slip or
Basin generally called Lent's Basin which having been read was re-
ferred to the Finance Committee.

A petition of Helen Taylor, the Widow of Taylor a fireman who
lost his life at a fire, and to whom an annuity was allowed by the
Common Council, praying Two years advance of the said pension, was
read and referred to the Finance Committee.

[185] A petition of Joseph Sanford, praying relief from a fine
imposed on him for sifting lime in the Street was read and referred
to the Alderman and Assistant of the Sixth Ward and the Attorney.

A petition from Sundry Owners & Inhabitants of Beekman Street
praying that in the proposed improvement of said Street a line may be
struck on the Northeast side of said Street from Abraham Hallett's
house to the Southwest side of Ann Byvanm'ck's property on South
Street and to run a line parallel thereto from Pearl Street to the East

A remonstrance against the above proposed improvement being
made was presented from a considerable number of owners and In-
habitants in Beekman Street, and the petition and Remonstrance were
referred to the Committee on Streets and the Alderman and Assistant
of the ward.

A petition of John Taylor for remission of fine incurred by leaving
his grate in the Street uncovered was read and leave given to petitioner
to withdraw his petition.

[186] A petition of John Norman for Stall No. 39 Fly Market, one
from Henry Lyons for Stall No. 41 Washington Market, one from
Benjamin Davis and Solomon Dean for permission to exchange Stalls
No. 10 Washington Market and No. 43 Catharine Market with each
other, and one from Amos Wood for a Stall in Grand Street Market
at Corlaer's Hook were severally read and referred to the Market

A petition of Henry W. George for appointment as Keeper of
Potters' field was read & referred to the Committee on Applications.

A petition of Holly Waterbury praying for the appointment of
Superintendant or Keeper of the Mud Machine now vacant by the
death of Mr. Porsiana, was read & referred to the Committee on

A petition from William Hunter, William Vail and Thomas Mor-
rell, lessees of Grand Street Ferry, praying to be permitted to transfer

246 CITY OF NEW YORK 15 Feb. 1819

the lease of said ferry to David Dunham, was referred to the Finance

[187] A petition of John Armstrong for appointment of Weigher
of Hay, stating that he had rented the house now occupied by Stephen
Huestis to which is attached a pair of Hay Scales, and a remonstrance
from Stephen Huestis against granting the same, were read and
referred to the Alderman and Assistant of the 9 th Ward to report a
statement of facts.

A Communication was received from N. & H. Weed, stating that
they were purchasers of a lot of ground at the Albany Basin at the late
Corporation Sales : that the note given by them for the 3 d payment fell
due on the 11 th instant and they called upon the Treasurer to pay the
same but the note could not be found ; that they are ready to pay the
same and therefore do not expect to pay interest on the note. Where-
upon the same was referred to the Finance Committee to report.

A Remonstrance from sundry owners of ground in the Military
Square stating objections to the Resolution of the Common Council
lately passed for taking the same was read and laid for consideration.

[188] A petition for a Well and Pump corner of Broome and
Essex Streets was read and referred to the Alderman and Assistant of
the Ward and Street Commissioner to report an Ordinance therefor.

A petition of T. Seely praying further time for complying with an
Ordinance in relation to a privy was read and referred to the City
Inspector with authority to grant the prayer of petitioner.

A petition from sundry Inhabitants praying that Lispenard Street
may be opened to Broadway was read and referred to the Street Com-

The Street Commissioner presented an Ordinance for regulating
and paving Dey Street from the Easterly side of Greenwich Street to
the Westerly side of West Street and also so much of Greenwich
Street as may be necessary to make it conform to the regulation of
Dey Street also an Ordinance for regulating and paving Washing-
ton Street between Dey and Fulton Streets which [189] were passed
and Jacob C. Mott, Abraham Baudouine and John Brower were ap-
pointed Assessors in each.

The Chief Engineer presented a Communication stating that in
different parts of the City Hydrants have been erected by individuals at
their own expence, and as they are sometimes out of repair he recom-
mended that they be repaired at the public expence: which was read
and referred to the Committee on the Fire Department.


The Counsel presented for execution a Lease of Two Lots of
ground at Yorkton on Long Island to Thomas Morrell drawn in pur-
suance of an order of the Board which was directed to be duly exe-



The Counsel also, agreeably to the orders of the Board, presented
a Memorial to the Legislature and a Bill corresponding therewith,
which Bill was entitled ' An Act to provide for the expence of extend-
ing the Battery and purchasing the parade in the City of New York '
which having been considered, amended and the [190] blanks therein
filled, was agreed to and directed to be duly authenticated by the Signa-
ture of the Mayor and the Seal of the Corporation and transmitted to
the Legislature now in Session at Albany.

The Comptroller presented the following list of public property sold
at auction on the 11 th instant agreeably to an order of the 18 th Jan-
uary last : Viz.

per Annum

The Hay Scales at Gouverneur's Slip for 3 years from 1 st May next

to Isaac Valentine at per Annum 125.

The Hay Scales at Duane Slip for the same period Abraham Hart. . 1830.

House & Lot No. 265 William Street for 7 years Frederick M c -

Cready 400.

School Room in Engine house Rose St. for 3 years Frederick Fowler 125.

House & Lot corner of Beach & Chapel Streets for 7 years Isaac

Russel 190.

Cellars under Centre Market for 2 years.

John Hilliker No. 1 10.

Joseph Blackwell 2 10.

Francis Watson 3 9.

Mary Talbot 4 9.

[191] Jeremy Twillegar 5 6.

Charles Miller 6 5.

Catharine Barr 7 6.

Ann Shays 8 5 .

Catharine Barr 9 5 .

The above mentioned property has produced the past year 1410.50

Increase per Annum 1324.50

(signed) G. N. Bleecker


Which was directed to be filed & entered on the Minutes.

248 CITY OF NEW YORK 15 Feb. 1819

The City Inspector presented an Ordinance for correction of the
following Nuisance :

1. James Morris. Own.) 1n n .

'19 Broad way a Privv
Mead Wheeler Occ

(signed) George Cuming

City Inspector
Which Ordinance was passed.

[192] The City Inspector presented a Communication on the sub-
ject of Acker's Scale for the measurement of Firewood which was
directed to be referred to the Committee on Arts and Sciences.

The following persons were appointed Firemen, the Chief Engi-
neer certifying the va[ca]ncies:

"Fire Engine Company No. 11."

John Drake Mercht 75 Pearl St. 1 st W r ard vice John D. Brown.

" Fire Engine Company No. 13."

John Hurry Account* 53 Beekman 2 d \Vard vice Samuel W. Coates

The Finance Committee on the application of James Lowerre, re-

1 That in consequence of the quantity of earth deposited in said
Slip by the wash of the Drain through Canal Street it is rendered en-
tirely useless for the accommodation of vessels, and since the con-
struction of the Basin at the foot of Spring Street every purpose of
accommodation is answered. The Committee are of opinion, therefore,
that the said Slip may be rented [193] for the purposes contemplated
by Mr. Lowerre without any detriment to the public or loss of reve-
nue on the part of the Contractors for the public docks and Slips ; but,
as it will eventually be necessary to fill in this Basin, the Committee
have thought it advisable to reserve to the Corporation the right of
placing a Bulkhead at their discretion in the opening of said Slip for
the purpose of preventing the earth from escaping to the Channel of
the River, by which so much will be gained in the filling of said Basin
and at the same time the shoaling of the water in the Channel be
prevented. They therefore recommend the following Resolution :

' Resolved that the Comptroller be instructed to rent to James
Lowerre for Two years from the first day of May next, and until the
Corporation shall require the use thereof at the annual rent of 500
dollars, the Slip or Basin at the foot of Canal Street, reserving to the


Corporation the right, at their discretion, of placing a Bulkhead in the
opening of said Slip not to exceed Two feet above low water mark.
and also reserving as aforesaid the use of the outer part of the [194]
Wharf around the whole extent of said Slip or Basin: And that in
renting the public docks Slips the said Slip or basin, except so much
of the outer part thereof reserved by the Corporation, be excluded
Provided the said James Lowerre shall, on or before the 18 th instant,
accede to the terms hereby offered."

(signed) Stephen Allen

" Peter Mesier

" Reuben Munson

" Samuel Akerly.

Which was approved & the Resolution agreed to.

The same Committee, on the petition of John Randel Jr. Reported :

" That they have examined the parts of the Map alluded to in the
papers referred to them, and in the opinion of your Committee the
work thus far completed reflects much credit on Mr. Randel as an
artist and correct delineator and deserves the commendation of the
Board. The Committee have also read the Contract entered into by
Mr. Randel, stipulating that the monies to be paid by the Corporation
[195] shall be advanced from time to time as the work is completed
and delivered in whole or in part. The amount applied for, therefore,
was due on the delivery of the 9 sheets to the Street Commissioner, and
the Committee will recommend a Warrant accordingly.

" The Committee beg leave to state farther that they have had a
conference with Mr. Randel on the subject of an extension of time and
other matters connected with the due execution of the contemplated
Map. The Sheets finished and deposited in the Street Commissioner's
Office are made from actual surveys taken in the field by Mr. Randel,
and the fences designating the bounds of real estate are laid down by
measuring from each bend or angle to a transit line run in its vicinity
for that purpose.

By this method of measuring the division line of each man's
property will be correctly designated as in actual possession, when
by the ordinary mode with chain & Compass the lines will vary in
proportion to the distance and variation of the needle owing to the
attractive quality of the substances contained in the Rocks & other
bodies within its range. [196] The additional labor bestowed by Mr.
Randel on the work already completed & delivered he considers as
gratuitous on his part, intending it as a specimen of correct delineation,

250 CITY OF NEW YORK 15 Feb. 1819

his contract only binding him to complete the work in the usual man-
ner, and he therefore intends, unless a small compensation is allowed
him, to complete the remaining- sheets from Surveys in his possesion
made with a chain and Compass, except that part which falls in the
avenues which he considers himself bound to delineate correctly.

" Your Committee are fully aware of the necessity which exists,
under present circumstances, to use every economy in the expenditure
of the public money; but as this is a work of considerable magnitude
and importance, one which is to become a public record for posterity
and which will not only be an ornamental document but of great public
utility in correctly designating the present face of the country and the
exact bounds & landmarks of public & private property, they cannot
help expressing their hope that the [197] Board will not, after ap-
propriating so large a sum to this object, refuse the additional amount
required to make the Map a finished and complete production.

" The length of the Boundary fences, including public roads which
it will be proper to transit, is computed at 155 miles, which, at 5 dollars
per mile, will amount to 775 dollars, the sum for which Mr. Randel
is willing to run the lines as above stated and which the Committee
conceive to be a moderate compensation for the labor he will have to
bestow on the subject.

' The Committee beg leave to state further that should the Board
agree to authorise Mr. Randel to proceed with the Maps on the plan
suggested it will be necessary to grant him an extension of time to the
1 st of May 1820. In the meantime he will proceed with the work as ex-
peditiously as possible and deliver the sheets, as they are finished, to
the Street Commissioner. That the Board may have the matters con-
tained in the foregoing Report fairly before them, the Committee
offer the following Resolutions :

"Resolved that the Comptroller be [198] instructed to report a
Warrant in favor of John Randel Jr. for 300 dollars, being in part for
Mapping &c. as per his Contract dated February 1818.

' Resolved that John Randel Jr. be allowed 5 dollars, in addition to
his present contract, for each mile of fence designating the boundary
of real estate and for each mile of public road, which he shall lay down
by measuring from every bend or angle in the same to a transit line
run in its vicinity for that purpose provided that the whole amount
to be paid for the above services shall not exceed the sum of 775

" Resolved that the time allowed Mr. Randel by his Contract for
completing certain Maps of Manhattan Island be extended to the 1 st


day of May 1820 provided that on or before the 1 st day of June next
he commence his operations at the line designated on the Commis-
sioner's Map extending along North Street and Greenwich Lane.

" Resolved that the Counsel be instructed to prepare an additional
Con- [199] tract with Mr. Randel embracing the provisions contained
in the 2 d and 3 d Resolutions herewith presented."

(signed) Stephen Allen
Peter Mesier
Reuben Munson
Samuel Akerly

Which was approved & the Resolution agreed to. It was also
ordered that a Warrant issue for $300 as reported by the Committee.

The Alms' House Committee, on the petition of Dunbar Sloan,
reported :

" It appears the petitioner is not bound to stay there (in the Alms
house) any longer than he wishes & the Commissioners of the Alms'
House would at any time furnish him with means to go away if he
was capable of taking care of himself. For these reasons your Com-
mittee offer the following:

" Resolved that it is inexpedient to grant the prayer of the peti-

(signed) Reuben Munson
George B. Thorp
Samuel Akerly
" John Morss.

which was approved & the Resolution agreed to.

[200] The Road Committee, to whom was referred the Communi-
cation of the Counsel on the subject of Avenue ' D ' presented a
report which was approved and Morris De Camp was appointed
Collector of the Assessment thereon. The Committee's report was :

" That the opening of Avenue ' D ' and the collection of the Assess-
ment made therefor ought to be carried into effect and therefore offer
the following Resolution:

" Resolved that Avenue ' D ' be opened immediately and that Morris
De Camp be appointed the Collector of the Assessment made therefor."

(signed) Reuben Munson
George B. Thorp
Effing"" Schieffelin
David Board.

252 CITY or NEW YOEK 15 Feb. 1819

The Street Committee, to whom was referred the Communication
of the Counsel respecting Grand, Carmine & Harman Streets, re-

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