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372 CITY OF NEW YORK 5 May 1819

The Counsel presented for execution, the following Leases and
Deeds as follows :

" The Counsel herewith respectfully [44] submits for execution

A Lease to the heirs and legal Representatives of James Man-
ning of a lot of Ground for 16 years from 6 th March 1819 in the
Ninth Ward of the City of New York heretofore intended to be left
for a Street, sold on account of an assessment for opening twenty
eighth Street from third avenue to the East River and purchased by
Thomas M c Creedy and assigned by him to the legal representatives
of James Manning.

A Lease to Peter & George Lorrillard for 11 years from 1 st May
1819 of a Lot of Ground on the Corner of Augustus Street and
Tryon Row in the sixth ward, $150 per annum. It contains the usual
covenants for renewal.

A Deed to Robert R. Hunter for Lots N 3 and 7 at the Albany

A Deed to Philip Brasher and James Fairlie of two Lots of
Ground [45] N os 21 and 22 in third Ward on Fulton Street between
Washington and West Streets These Lots were purchased at the
public sale by M r Brasher and are made out to him and M r Fairlie
by his request.

(signed) Ogden Edwards

W'hereupon the same were directed to be duly executed.

He also presented the following:

' The Counsel begs leave to inform the Board that Clark and In-
gersoll have executed a Conveyance to the Corporation of their prop-
erty between Roosevelt Street and James Slip which is required for
the purpose of forming a Public Slip. The Consideration for this
conveyance is to be paid to Thomas S. Townsend, who upon receiv-
ing it will release the premises from a Mortgage which he holds
against it.

The Deed from Clark and Ingersoll is herewith submitted for
the acceptance of the Board.

[46] Respectfully submitted

(signed) Ogden Edwards

Whereupon the same was directed to be accepted and it was
ordered that if M r John Mason shall in conformity with the Acts
of the other Proprietors of property required for the Slip between
Roosevelt Street and James Slip tender during the recess of the
.Board a Deed or Conveyance to the Corporation for property owned


by him required as aforesaid for said Slip, that the Comptroller
be authorised, on behalf of this Board to accept of said Conveyance
on the Terms agreed on by former Resolutions of this board.

The Finance Committee to whom was referred the subject of
working the Avenues, both as to the manner of working- and the mode
of paying the expences : Reported :

[47] " That in examining the subject referred to them, they have
confined themselves, on the present occasion, to the expense of work-
ing the 3 r(I Avenue only, and have accordingly attempted a calcula-
tion of the expense for compleating the whole of said Avenue
founded on the actual cost of that part already finished extending
from 9 th Street to 28 th Street.

The whole extent of the Avenue from 9 th Street to Haerlem Creek
is estimated at Six and a quarter miles, and has cost the Cor-
poration for working as per the original contract $30.462.33

One mile of which has, during the last season, been regu-
lated and paved, and cost for to pay the Overseers of
the Convicts use of Carts and horses Tools Black
smith work and other contingencies the sum of $4983.14

The men employed in working [48] the above mile were
85, and they worked 144 days each equal to 12.240 days
in the whole, which at 50 cents per day will amount to
the sum of $6120.

Making the total cost for one Mile $11.103. 14

The distance still to be compleated is about 5% Miles, and is esti-
mated to cost on an average 11.000 dollars per mile, and will
amount to the sum of $57.750.

The expence therefore of working 6% Miles of this Avenue to be
compleated similar to the mile already worked will be 99.315 Dollars
and 48 Cents.

The Committee beleive the foregoing estimates to be within the
bounds of the probable cost, and they presume it will be conceded on
all hands that the charge of 50 cents per day for the Labour of the
Convicts is not only moderate, but considerably [49] less than the
same work can be done by any other persons. The amount expended
for Blacksmith work, Tools, the pay of the Overseers &c is taken
from the Books kept by the Superintendant of the Alms house, where
the several items are regularly entered and debited to the proper ac-
count; and the estimated value of the Labour performed by the con-
victs, is at least 50 per cent less than the lowest price given in this
City to Labourers.

The object of the Committee has been to place the regulating and
working of the Avenues on the same footing which the Law places

374 CITY OF NEW YORK 5 May 1819

the paving: altering and amending the Streets which authorises es-
timates of the expense to be made, and a just and equitable assess-
ment thereof among the owners or occupants of all the Houses and
Lotts intended to be benefitted thereby ; and the Board having deter-
mined [50] on the 7 th of October 1817 that one third of the ex-
pense for working the Avenues shall be paid by the property adja-
cent, the Committee can see no reason why the subject should be
longer delayed, and therefore propose the following Resolutions.

Resolved, that the Street Commissioner be instructed to report
an ordinance at the next meeting of the board for appointing assessors
to assess on the property adjacent to, and fronting on the Third Ave-
nue, the sum of 33.105 Dollars and 16 cents being One third of the
estimated expense for regulating and working said avenue ; and that
said Assessment be laid on the property in proportion to the benefit
derived, or to be derived from said improvement, and in the usual
manner of laying [51] assessments for regulating and paving Streets

Resolved, that on said Assessment being confirmed by the Board,
and a Collector appointed it shall be the duty of such collector, in
the first instance, to collect from the property fronting on that part
of the Avenue which shall be compleated at the time of confirming
the assessment as aforesaid, and in like manner on any portion here-
after compleated, until the whole assessment shall be collected.

Respectfully submitted

(signed) Stephen Allen
Samuel Akerly
W. F. Van Amringe
Reuben Munson

The question being taken on the Resolutions proposed, they were
carried in the affirmative : Alderman Thorp gave notice that he would
at the next [52] meeting of the Board move for a reconsideration
of the vote given on said subject.

Alderman Van Amringe presented a Resolution directing the As-
sessors to be appointed on the Assessment for 3 rd Avenue to assess
and report what in their opinion is the just and equitable benefit of all
property in the vicinity of or benefitted by the working of s d 3 rd
Avenue : which was read and laid for consideration.

The Finance Committee on the Petition of John R. Livingston-
Reported as follows :

' The Finance Committee to whom was referred the Petition of
John R. Livingston, praying that he may be permitted to sett off a


part of his Taxes, payable to the Ward Collector, against the amount
awarded him by the [53] Commissioners for opening Anthony Street,

That the request of the Petitioner is inadmissable in every point
of view, as his Taxes are now due and ought to be paid forthwith,
while the award alluded to, is yet to be collected, and cannot be claimed
from the Corporation before the expiration of four Months from the
first instant. The Committee therefore propose the following reso-

Resolved, that the prayer of John R. Livingston be rejected.

Respectfully submitted

(signed) Stephen Allen
Samuel Akerly
W. F. Van Amringe
Reuben Munson

Which was approved and the Resolution agreed to.

The Committee on Public Offices to whom was referred the De-
position of John Palmer [54] Collector of 10 th Ward in relation to the
Conduct of Thomas W. Gilbert, Collector of the Corporation Taxes
in Arrear, Reported:

That they have examined M r Palmer and M r Gilbert, in relation to
the charges made against the latter, as also the certificates and affi-
davits hereunto annexed. M r Gilbert is charged with having in-
formed John R. Livingston, that he was not obliged to pay his taxes
to the tenth ward Collector and that the tenth ward Collector had
no power to enforce the collection ; As the assertions contained in
each of these charges were known to be untrue by M r Gilbert, Your
Committee would require satisfactory proof, before they could stig-
matize him with being guilty of the conduct and consequent false-
hoods imputed to him. But M r Gilbert has by the annexed papers, in
the [55] opinion of your Committee, satisfactorily disproved the
above charges made against him, though we think that his own affi-
davits, and certificates ; show an imprudent conversation with M r
Livingston, as for instance, we think it improper for M r Gilbert to
have informed M r Livingston, that the Ward Collectors seldom dis-
trained, as it is by threatening to distrain and sometimes actually
distraining, that the payment of a considerable part of the taxes is
made to them, it was therefore unbecoming an officer of the board, in
his official capacity too, to have held such conversation. There is
also a like objection to the observations of M r Gilbert to M r Living-

376 CITY OF NEW YORK 5 May 1819

ston, " that there would be no additional expence if the tax was re-
turned to his office." Tho' M r Gilbert appears to have had this con-
versation incidentally and without any design to cause M r Livingston
to delay [56] paying his taxes.

In relation to the advertisement, signed W. Fish, read to the Board,
Your Committee think that the annexed papers clearly show, that no
blame is to be charged to M r Gilbert by reason of that publication.

Your Committee wish to be expressly understood as in no way
implicating M r Palmer or the correctness of his affidavits so far as
he states the facts within his knowledge. Your Committee in the
examination of this subject have learnt that circumstances make it
proper, that the Collector of the arrearages of Taxes should be
required to make semiannual accounts to the Comptroller and that
the Comptroller report thereon to the Board. Your Committee take
the liberty to suggest (though this part of the subject was not regu-
larly referred to them) the following [57] Resolution.

Resolved that the Collector of Arrearages of Taxes be required to
make forthwith an account between himself, as receiver of Public
Monies, and the Corporation, during the period which he has held
the said Office of Collector, and that hereafter the Collector of arrear-
age of Taxes be required to make, semiannually accounts, and render
the same to the Comptroller, on the first Monday of May and Novem-
ber in each year and that the Comptroller Report the same to the
Board with such remarks as he may deem proper.

All which is submitted

(signed) Samuel Stevens
Stephen Allen

Which was approved and the Resolution agreed to And the Clerk
of the Common Council was directed to furnish to M r Gilbert a Copy
of the said Resolution.

[58] The Committee on Applications on the Petition of Isaac
Labagh Jun r for Appointment of City Weigher, Reported: as follows r

The Committee of Applications to whom was refered the within
Petition of Isaac Labagh Jun r , praying to be transfered from the
Office of Measurer of Grain to that of Weigh master. Being informed
that there will be a vacancy in the Office of Weigh master, by the
Resignation of John Betts Your Committee are of the opinion that
it will be expedient to grant the prayer of the Petitioner, and beg leave
to offer the following Resolution


Resolved, that Isaac Labagh Jun r the Petitioner be appointed to
the office of Weigh master.

(signed) David Board
Leonard Kip

Which was approved and he was appointed accordingly.
[59] The Special Committee on Greenwich Village to whom was
refered a Petition in relation to a Sewer in Carmine Street, Reported :
" That they have carefully examined the situation of the low land
in the vicinity of Greenwich, and have also viewed the condition of
the Wooden Drain which now conveys the water through Hammersly
Street, and which they find to be very much decayed part of it will
soon require considerable repairs. They are therefore decidedly of
opinion that the permanent Sewer, which is intended to be built
through Clarkson & Carmine Street and part of the Sixth Avenue
ought to be commenced without delay They therefore beg leave to
offer the following resolutions :

Resolved, that a sewer of suitable capacity for draining all the
ground as far North as 17 th Street [60] the water of which at present
passes through Hammersly Street, be built in Clarkson and Carmine
Streets and through the Sixth Avenue to within about 500 feet of
Greenwich Lane.

Resolved, that the Street Commissioner be instructed to prepare
and report a Plan of such dimentions as will be suitable for said
sewer w ith the probable expence thereof, and also that he prepare
an Ordinance for carrying the same into effect.

(signed) G. Buckmaster
" Stephen Allen

Geo. B. Thorp
Jacob B. Taylor
John Morss
Samuel Stevens
Samuel Akerly

Which was approved and the Resolution adopted.

[61] The Street Committee on the petition for paving Grand Street
from Arundel Street to the East River presented a Report which was
read and laid for consideration.

Alderman Van Amringe presented the following Resolved that
the Counsel of the Board be and he is hereby directed to take the
necessary legal measures to put the Board in possession of all such
property as remains to be taken for a Public Slip between the foot of

378 CITY or NEW YORK 5 May 1819

Roosevelt Street and James' Slip in Front Street which Resolution
was agreed to.

A Resolution directing an allowance to be made to the Resident
Physician and to the visiting Surgeon and visiting Physician of the
Alms house was presented and refered to the Finance Committee.

[62] Resolved that the Clerk of the Common Council receive from
the Clerk of the City and County the Returns of Persons elected to
offices at the late Annual Charter Election and that he give notice to
the persons so elected to attend at the Common Council Chamber on
Monday next being the Second Monday in May to take the oaths of
their respective Offices as prescribed by Charter and the Laws of the

The Comptroller Reported

Balance in the Treasury April 26th 19.992.69

Reed for Taxes of 1818 2d 6th gth Wards 5.200.

" Common Lands 2.306.60

" Excise 508.02

" Streets 729.39

" Wells and Pumps 274.96 29.011.66

[63] Accounts Audited

Anderson & Leake, Watch 1st Disct 1158.50

Hibberd & Clark, Watch 2* Disct 707.

Bleakley & Brower, Watch 3d Disct 413.

Richard Furman Superintendent Alms House & Officers 1

Q/ Salary 1st Instant 625.

W m Hoghland Keeper Penitentiary & 3 Assistants 1 Q r

Salary 1st Instant 587.50

G. Sickels Keeper City Prison & 2 Assistants 1 Q r Salary

1st Instant 350.

R. Graves Assistant Street Commissioner 1 Q r Salary 1st

Instant 375 .

Richd L. Walker Physician to City Prison Jail &c 6 Months

1st Instant 125.

Sam 1 Hutchings, Street Inspector 1 Month 1 st Ins 1 52.

Jonathan Weeden, Street Inspector 1 Month 1st Instant... 52.
[64] W m J. Waldron Assistant City Inspector 1 Month 1st

Instant 52.

Obadiah Ayres Assistant City Inspector 1 Month l g t Instant 52.

Astin & Cochran Messengers 1 Month 1 st Instant 60.

Daniel H. Magee, keeper Pottersfield 1 Month 1 st Ins 4 45.

Rev d J. Stanford for Catechism & clerical services at

Bellevue &c 400.

John Richardson, attending Justices Court 43 days to 2 d

April 55.50


Obadiah Ayres Assistant City Inspector, removing Nui-
sances 6 M to 1 Instant 17.31

Isaac Pierson for Inspectors and Clerks Election April 1819

1st Ward 52.

Dan 1 D. Smith for Inspectors & Clerks Election April 1819

3d Ward 68.

Jn J. Westervelt for Inspectors & Clerks Election April

1819. 5 Ward 68.

[65] Richard L. Walker, for Inspectors and Clerks, Elec-
tion April 1819 6th Ward 60.

Abraham Dally, for Inspectors & Clerks. Election April

1819 7th Ward 52.

Gilbert Coutant, for Inspectors & Clerks, Election April

1819 8th Ward 68.

Oliver Hibberd, for Inspectors & Clerks, Election April

1819 9 Ward 60.

David Seaman, for Inspectors & Clerks, Election April

1819 10 Ward 60.

G. Snethen Superintending & lighting lamps 1 Month 1st

Ins* 758.58

Daniel Briggs work at Lamps 1 Quarter 1 st Instant 51 . 12

Isaac Halsey regulating Lewis Street from Stanton to

Rivington Street 862.65

John Baile3>- bal ce for paving Collect Street fr. Pearl to

Leonard St 761.12

[66] Robert Moran balance filling Lewis Street 105.83

Peter M c Allison on Account Pier at Oliver Street 500.

Thomas Barnum, Superintending Wharves 24 days to 2

May 48.

Richard Varick Bond due 1st May 1819 1540.

L. Richardson 1 years rent of Ground in Rivington Street

for Engine NO 30 to 1 May 1819 15.

Institution for Instruction of Deaf & Dumb for 9 months

Tuition of 10 children ordered by Board 26 April 300.

Richard Fur man Superintendent Alms house 5000.

Oliver Vanderbilt Sealer of Weights & Measures sundry

Expences 99.53


Balance $13.355.02
Adjourned to Monday next 10 Clock A. M.

380 CITY OF NEW YORK 10 May 1819

[67] In Common Council May 10. 1819.
Present The Hon. Cadwallader D. Colden, Mayor, President

Aldermen Assistants

Elisha W. King Thomas Bolton

Anthony L. Underhill Leonard Kip

W m F. Van Amringe John P. Anthony

John Morss John J. Westervelt

Rob 1 McQueen Shivers Parker

George Buckmaster Sam 1 Akerly

Jacob B. Taylor Stephen Allen
George B. Thorp
Reuben Munson

The Minutes of Last meeting were read & approved.

Petition of Samuel Thompson for himself and Isaac L Kip for
permission to build two Vaults in Pine Street between Nassau and
William Streets was read and refered to [68] the Street Commissioner
to grant on the usual terms.

A Letter was received from Isaac Haring Assistant to the 3 rd Dis-
trict City Watch resigning his office, expressing his thanks to the
Common Council for their confidence reposed in him and tending to
them his wishes for their prosperity as a Public body and for their
happiness as individuals which being read it was resolved that his
resignation be accepted.

Petitions were received from John Traphagan, Simon Ackerman,
Peter Quidores and from W m Coquillet for appointment to the Office
of Assistant of the 3 rd Watch Distritt, which were refered to the
Watch Committee.

A Petition was received from the Contractors for the Canal in
Canal Street [69] stating that One third of said Contract had been
finished and praying payment for the same agreeably to their Con-
tract was read and referred to the Canal Committee.

A Petition of John Cliff for an Appointment as an Assistant in
the Street Commissioners Department was read and referred to the
Committee on Applications

A Petition from sundry Inhabitants residing on North side of the
Park praying that the Trees planted there may be removed, was read
and referred to the Committee on Public Lands and Places.

A Petition of Laben Joy praying remission of fine incured under
Law regulating Porters was read and refered to the Committee of


A Petition that Washington Street may be paved from North
Moore to Herbert [70] Street was read and referred to the Street

A Remonstrance was received from James Roosevelt against the
proposed improvement of straightening Bleecker Street from Broad-
way to the Bowery

The Street Commissioner stated that he had agreeably to directions
advertised the proposed improvement of straightening Bleecker Street
and that he had received Objections thereto from Arthur Smith which
he transmitted with his communication Whereupon it was resolved
that the said Remonstrance of James Roosevelt and the objections of
Arthur Smith be referred to the Street Committee.

A Petition of W m Chivvis was received stating that he has received
a Licence for Stall N 42 Washington Market [71] which he has
occupied for a great number of Years that he understands an applica-
tion has been made for said Stall by one George Comenden to whom
during a period of sickness he had rented said Stall that Petitioner
is now able to attend to the duties of said Stall and praying to be con-
tinued thereon. A Report of the Market Committee on the Petition
of George Comenden for said Stall recommending the granting of
said Stall to him was presented and read Whereupon it was resolved
that said Petition and Report be laid on the table for further con-

A Petition from the Members of Fire Engine Company N 22
praying that Dougal M c Michael may be reinstated as a Fireman in
said Company was read and referred to the Committee on the Fire

The following persons were appointed [72] Firemen the Chief
Engineer certifying the Vacancies.

Fire Engine Company N 2

Pine Hopkins, Merchant 70 Division Street vice W m Lord resigned
Henry Kipp, Cabinet Maker, 49 Chrystie Street vice Hezekiah
Rogers, resigned

James Durand, Shoe Maker, 2 Birmingham St. vice W m Ryker


Burr Wilson, Cabinet Maker, 56 Division Street vice Josiah Wood-
ruff resigned

Edward Palmer, Cabinet Maker 56 Division Street vice Charles
Atkens resigned

382 CITY OF NEW YORK 10 May 1819

Fire Engine Company N 3

W m Lockwood, Boarding house keeper, corner of Pearl and White
Hall Streets vice Abram Van Buskirk resigned

W m Snell, Accountant, 73 Pearl Street vice John Burchan resigned

Fire Engine Company N 18

Dixy Crosby, saddler, 9 Chatham Street vice Samuel E. Shotwell
resigned & removed from the City

William C. Wales, Tallow Chandler N 3 Jacob Street vice John
M. Lowry resigned

[73] Jethro Mitchell, Grocer, 89 Fulton Street vice James Lowry
removed from the City

Fire Engine Company N 25

Benton W. Halsey Druggist 62 Catharine Street vice Thomas
Foot resigned

John L. Gale Silver Smith 217 William Street vice Orlando
Herriman resigned

Harvey White Jeweller 32 North Moor Street vice Thomas
M c Guire resigned

Fire Engine Company N 28

Robert Hadley Blacksmith Prince St. near Bd. way vice John
A. Tenbrook expelled.

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for correction of sundry
nuisances which were passed

1 J. S. & T. S. Watkins Owners Greenwich St. A Lot

7 Peck Sli A


W m H. Fitch

3 W m Swan Owner & Occup 4 97 Greenwich St. D

4 F. Gebhard Owner & Occup* 93 Greenwich St D

5 Tho s Platt Owner & Occup 4 34 Chapel St D

6 Jn Patterson Owner & Occup* 51 Barclay St. D

7 [74] Jn Rees, Owner & Occup* 25 Lombardy St. D

8 Heny Kingsland Owner & Occup 1 18 Charlton St. D

(signed) George Cuming

City Inspector

The Comptroller presented the following communication.
" The Comptroller respectfully presents to the Board, the following
Bonds for property required for the Slip between Roosevelt Street and


James' Slip prepared agreeably to directions from the Committee of

(signed) Garrit N. Bleecker


"The Ocean Insurance Company in behalf of Robert H. Bowne. . . $8590.65

Stephen Allen 1402.50

John Hunter 899. 17

Henry Overing 899. 17

David Stebbins for himself and W F. Baker 3441 .78

Townsend in behalf of W m Clark & Solomon Ingersoll.. 1882.10

[75] Samuel Thorne 626.45


" The Bonds are dated May 10. 1819. payable on or before the 10 th
day of May 1824. with Interest at six per cent per Annum, payable
half yearly.

Whereupon the Bonds were ordered to be executed.

He also presented the following Account of Cash received and
Money paid from May 11, 1818 to May 10. 1819 with an account
accompanying the same of the items of expenditure, as follows :

" The Comptroller respectfully presents to the Common Council
an Account of Cash received and paid, from May 11. 1818 to May
10, 1819.

The Balance in the Treasury, at the date of the last annual return

was $1850.34

Received during the year 682,819.51

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