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probable that his vicious inclinations will be strengthened by associa-
tion with experienced Villains.

The Members of the Board, who are Judges of the Criminal Court,
must often have felt how difficult it is. satisfactorily to dispose of
these young culprits : if they are suffered to escape with a light punish-
ment, they are sure to be presented at the Bar again, and very often
it is evident that they are encouraged by, or made the instrument of
older rogues. The Jury, as well as the Court, feel a reluctance to
convict & condemn them, when it is beleived that the infliction of
punishment, by confinement in the Penitentiary, will tend to harden
them in vice. [286] If they could be effectually secluded and be
instructed, there would be room to hope that imprisonment would
sometimes produce reformation. In that case a confinement of some
length might be considered as a less punishment than a shorter one.
It would often be a service to the Young Vagabonds who prowl about
our streets in idleness and ignorance, to place them where they would
be for some time rescued from both.

468 CITY OF NEW YORK 28 June 1819

If a building were to be erected capable of accomodating fifty boys
their keepers, instructors &c: with a School room below and sleep-
ing apartments above, it would be attended with the most beneficial
effects. The Ground lately added to the Establishment would afford
ample room for such a building. We understand it might be erected
for a Thousand Dollars and we think that sum could not be better

It is due to the Reverend M r Sandford to mention the satisfaction
with which we witnessed the good effects of his humane and [287]
pious labours. The School for convicts is under his superintendence.
The progress of the boys in reading and in their moral lessons his
evidence of his abilities and attention. We were present at his per-
formance of divine service in the Hall of the Female Convicts and
witnessed the impression made by his exhortations and prayers on the
feelings of many of the unhappy beings he addressed. We are per-
suaded that M r Sanford is well deserving such countenance and sup-
port as will induce him to continue his exertions to ameliorate the
condition of the poor wretches, to whom he devotes so much of his
time and pains.

(signed) Cadwallader D. Golden
Peter Augustus Jay

Which was directed to be entered on the Minutes & a Copy
thereof furnished to the Commissioners of the Alms house. The sub-
ject of the Female Lunatics and the School house was referred to
Aldermen Morss King Allen.

The following Resolution was presented & agreed to.

[288] " Resolved that the Report of the Committee for regulating
Greenwich Village, so far as it respects the building a drain or sewer
from the place of commencement in the sixth avenue to the North
river be referred to the Canal Committee with power to carry the
same into effect, and that the Street Commissioner prepare an Ordi-
nance accordingly."

M r Stevens presented the following Resolution

" Resolved, that the Counsel of the Board prepare the Report of
the Commissioners for taking the Ground for the New Market at the
foot of Fulton Street, and present the same at the next August term
of the Supreme Court "

It was moved that the consideration thereof be postponed. The
question being taken thereon it was carried in the Affirmative. The
Ayes & Noes having been called by Alderman King were as follows


[289] Affirmative Aid" Morss M c Queen Mann Taylor Thorp
Allen M r Tallman Crane Westervelt Davis Hammond (11)

Negative M r Recorder Ald n Hone King Anthony M r Bolton
Stevens Parker Brittain. (8)

The Resolution was then ordered to be referred to M r Stevens
Ald n Hone Mann M r Davis Brittain.

A Motion was made that the Commissioners of Estimate on ground
to be taken for scite of Market at Fulton Slip be directed to consider
and report on the advantages that may accrue to owners of Property
there but the consideration thereof was postponed.

The following was presented and agreed to

Resolved that a Committee be appointed to investigate the conduct
of the Inspectors of Lime & report the same to the Board and was
referred to M r Parker M c Queen and Alderman Mann.

[290] Resolved that the Carriage way of the Bowery be taken up
and repaired from Grand to Broome Street & that an Ordinance be
passed & the Street Commissioner be directed to carry the same into

M r Allen presented the following which was agreed to.

" Resolved that the Committee on Laws be instructed to inquire
into the expediency of passing an ordinance prescribing rules and regu-
lations for the government of the Penitentiary, and that said Com-
mittee report by Bill or Otherwise.

Aid" Taylor presented the following which was agreed to.

" Resolved that Amity Street be regulated from Broadway to the
property of M r Ireland, and that the Street Commissioner prepare an
Ordinance for the same.

[291] The Comptroller Reported

Balance in the Treasury 14th l ns t 24.316.65

Reed for Tax of 1818 3d 9*h 10th Wards 3.150.

Excise 2.153.

Tavern Licences 1.189.40

Streets 166.97 30.976.02

Accounts Audited

Anderson & Leake Watch, 1 District 1142.75

Hibberd & Clark, Watch, 2d Disc* 707.

Bleakley & Brower, Watch, 3 Disct 413.

W m Waldron, Ass 1 City Inspector 1 Month 1 st July 52.

Obadiah Ayres, Ass* City Inspector 1 Month 1 st July 52.

Sami Hutchings, Street Inspector, 1 Month 1 July 52.

Jonathan Weeden, Street Inspector, 1 Month 1 July 52.

470 CITY OF NEW YORK 28 June 1819

Austin & Cochran, Messengers 1 Month 1 July 60.

Andres Van Orden Keeper of Battery 1 Month 19 Ins... 45.25
[292] Andrew McQeady Keeper of Park 30 days to 10*h

instant 45 .

Benj n Crane Stationary from 1 st January to 581.63

B. Skaats to purchase fuel for City hall & Watch houses. . . 800.

G. Snethen Supers & Lighs Lamps 1 Month 1 July 775.84

Abel W Hardenbrook New Lamps & repairs 1 Year 1 May

1819 708.83

John Targee & others fees & Expenses opening Oliver

Street 5%.

Henry Meigs & Others fees & Expenses widening Market

Street 524.

W 1 " Williams Cleaning Oliver Street 60.

John Donaldson sundry repairs Streets & Intersections.... 47.47

Geo. Lovett 1st Install Pier at New Ferry Brooklyn 1100.

Thos Barnum Superg Wharves & Piers 24 days to 27 Ins* 48.

Rob* Pettigrew 1st Installment Well in Ludlow Street 69.19

[293] Henry Voorhies, balce Well in Suffolk Street 52.20

Thos McGee 1st Installment Well in Beach Street 26.

Jacob C. Mott & others Assessing the Working 8th Avenue 36.

Jacob C. Mott & others Assessing the Working 9 th Avenue 24.

John M c Comb, Street Commissioner for repairing Roads.. 500.
John Anderson driving Piles on the line for improving y

Battery 182.

P. Hawes & others fees & Expenses taking ground at

Bellevue 105.

Richard Furman Supers Alms House 5500.

Richard Furman Supers for working 3 rd Avenue 1500.

Stephen Allen Esqr Treas r Board of Health 1000.

Jacob P. Roome Supert Repairs 950.

John Fleming Treasr to pay 27* h Dividend City Stock due

1st May 12.000.

Robt Logue Award for Ground taken at Bellevue... 1.000. 30.807.16

Balance $168 86

Board Adjourned to this day Fortnight 5 "Clock.


[294] In Common Council July 12 th 1819.

Present The Hon. Cadwallader D. Colden Mayor President.

Peter A. Jay Esq rc Recorder

Aldermen Assistants

John Hone Thomas Bolton

Leonard Kip Samuel Stevens

John P. Anthony Harmanus Tallman

John Morss Benjamin Crane

Rob* McQueen John J. Westervelt

Asa Mann Shivers Parker

Jacob B. Taylor David Board

Geo. B. Thorp W A. Davis

Stephen Allen Judah Hammond

The Minutes of last meeting were read & approved.

A Petition from the Owners & others interested in the ground to
be taken as a Site for a Market between Fulton Street and Crane
Wharf praying that the Corporation would [295] either take the said
ground or release the property was read and referred to the former
Committee on that subject Viz : M r Stevens Hone Mann Davis

A Petition for a Well and Pump corner of Delancy and Cannon
Street was read and referred to the Alderman & Assistant of Ward
and Street Commissioner to report Ordinance therefore.

A Memorial of sundry dealers in lime complaining of several of
the Measurers of Lime as incapable was read & referred to the former
Committee on that subject Viz: M r Parker M c Queen Mann.

A Petition of Abraham Bloodgood for payment of a sum awarded
him for damage on opening Canal Street and the same with interest as
he had been compelled to pay an Assessment laid on him, with interest
was read and referred to the Finance Committee.

[296] A Petition from a number of Inhabitants that a Public Slip
or Basin may be established between Gouverneur & Rivington Streets
was read & referred to the Committee on Wharves.

A Petition of Darby Noon to be permitted to construct a Vault
opposite N 237 Duane Street was granted on the usual terms & under
the Direction of the Street Commissioner.

An Account of sundry Watchmen for extra duty on 22 June
amounting to $93. was presented and it was ordered that a Warrant
be reported for payment of the same.

A Petition of Cornelius DeGroodt to be appointed sweeper of
Spring Street Market was read & referred to the Market Committee.

472 CITY OF NEW YORK 12 July 1819

A Petition of Peter N. Utt for remission of fine for selling liquor
without license was read & referred to the Police Committee.

[297] A Petition from Sarah Verplanck for Hucksters Stand in
Fly Market was referred to the Market Committee.

A Petition of John A. Ten Brook for Stall N 18 Washington
Market was referred to the Market Committee.

A Representation was received from Peter Amerman Deputy Clerk
of Fly Market on the subject of a Market Woman named Eldridge
stating that on Account of her two sons who were rude & of her own
carlessness of her person she was unfit to occupy a Hucksters Place
in said Market was read & referred to the Market Committee.

A Petition of Eliza Gedney for payment of part of sum awarded
her for damages in opening Grand Street was read & referred to the
Finance Committee.

A Petition of Nicholas Storms for appointment [298] of Wood
Inspector was read and referred to Committee on Applications

A Communication from Benjamin Watson Register of Dogs
requesting that Peace Officers might be assigned to aid him in carrying
into effect the Law respecting Dogs was read & referred to the Police
Committee with authority to act in the Premises.

A Petition from the Inhabitants of Desbrosses Street praying that
said Street may be paved from Greenwich to Washington Street was
read & referred to the Street Committee.

A Petition of John Shotwell for remission of fine incurred by
driving a Cart without a License was read & referred to the Com-
mittee of Charity with power to remit.

A Petition from sundry Inhabitants remonstrating against the pro-
posed alterations in Oliver Street was read & referred to the Street
[299] Committee and Alderman and Assistant of Ward.

A Memorial from Mess rs Robert, John and Samuel Swartwouts
praying the aid of the Corporation by a Loan of Money to enable them
to complete the improvements of their Meadows at Hoboken was
read It was moved to refer the same to a Special Committee. The
question being taken thereon it was carried in the Affirmative. The
Ayes & Noes being called by Alderman Morss were as follows

Ayes M r Recorder Ald n Hone Kip Anthony M c Queen Mann Tay-
lor Morss Mess" Bolton Stevens Tallman Board Davis Ham-
mond (14)

Noes. Aid 11 Morss Mess rs Crane Westervelt Parker (4)

A Petition of the Inhabitants of Roosevelt Street that the drain
in said Street may be [300] cleansed was read and referred to the


Alderman & Assistant of the Ward with authority to grant the prayer
of the Petition.

A Petition of Lewis Kopman for remission of Tax assessed on
him was referred to the Committee on Assessments.

A Petition from sundry Inhabitants that the Poplar Trees in the
Friends Burying Ground in Liberty Street may be cut down as they
by breeding Caterpillars were a great nuisance to the Neighbourhood
was read and leave given to Petitioners to withdraw their Petition.

A Petition of Hezekiah Allen was received stating that he com-
mands the Ship President a regular Trader between this Port and
Charleston S. Carolina that last winter he brought among his passen-
gers one John Aitkin & his family who reported himself to Petitioner
as an American Citizen and [301] Petitioner reported him as such in
his report of Passengers, that afterwards the said Aikin becoming
chargeable upon the City declared himself an Alien Whereupon Peti-
tioner was directed by the Commissioners of the Alms House to return
said Alien & his family to Charleston which he accordingly did He
therefore prayed a remission of the fine incurred by landing said
Passengers without giving Bonds for them Whereupon the said Peti-
tion was referred to the Committee of Charity with Authority to grant
the prayer of the Petitioner.

A Petition of William Somerendyck to be permitted to deposit
Manure on a Lot belonging to the Corporation situated between Wash-
ington & West & Charlton & King Streets was read & referred to the
Committee on Public Lands & Places.

A Petition of Geo. Griswold for remission of fine incurred by
leaving Rubbish in the Street was read & granted on payment of costs.

[302] The following persons were appointed Firemen the Chief
Engineer certifying the vacancies.

Fire Engine Company N 14.

Jacob Berger Boarding house keeper Washington corner of
Robison Street, vice Peter Misk, resigned

Fire Engine Company N 28

James Hunt Cartman Spring Street vice John M. Ten Brook

The Street Commissioner presented the following
" The Street Commissioner begs leave to inform the board that all
the Houses standing on Grand Street between Broadway and the
Bowery that were at the disposal of the Corporation was sold at

474i CITY OF NEW YORK 12 July 1819

Auction on 15 th April last, for the sum of $940 5 % o the Money was
received on the 24 June except $67. 5 % 00 due from Cornelius Bogart
Esq re which will be deducted from his award. After deducting $33.
[303] the Amount of the Auctioneers fees the balance of $840. was
deposited in the Treasury.

On the 30 th April the Houses standing on Anthony Street, at the
intersection of Orange & Cross Streets and one standing on Carmine
Street were sold for $606. which has been received deducting $15
for Auctioneers fees the Balance $591 has been deposited in the

Respectfully Submitted

(signed) Jn M c Comb

Street Commissioner.
Which was directed to be filed.

He also presented a Return of Delinquents on sundry Assessments
which was directed to be referred to the Committee on Assessments
with Authority to direct the property to be advertised and sold agree-
ably to Law.

He also presented an Assessment for paving Hammond Street
from Washington to Asylum Streets, which was confirmed & Morris
De Camp appointed Collector.

[304] He also presented an Ordinance for regulating Amity Street
from Broadway to John Irelands line which was passed and John
Targee John Brower and Abraham Bloodgood were appointed As-
sessors therein.

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for correction of Sundry
Nuisances which were passed.

1 W m Wright Owner Beekman & Cliff

St s A Lot

2 The Heirs of Jn Van 1

Courtland Owners I Mott Street D

S. Van Courtland Agent J

3 Jn Morss Owner Thompson Street D

4 S. Van Ransellaer Owner )

Mulberry Street
N. Jarvis Agent \

5 N s S. Bayard Owner )

TT J . \ Orange Street D

H. Scott Agent \

6 T. A. Ronalds Lessee & Occup 1 188 Pearl Street A Privy

7 M r Johnson Owner & Occup* 66 Ann Street D



g W m J. Furman

J. P. Simpson
9 [305] Miss F. Durell
M rs Durell
T. Snovvden
10 J. Wright

Townsend & White
Lydia Corlies
J s Kennedy
C s Hawkins


Occup 1



Occup 1



60 Roosevelt Street

A Privy

Elm Street 13

>298 Pearl Street D



Owner & Occup*



4 Crosby Street D
Chrystie &
Delancy Streets D
The Heirs of M rs Duryee Owners!

Ja s Roosevelt Agent L367 W'ater St. D

Ann Clews Occup 1 J

Morris Seely Lessee & Occup* 35 Division S* D

(Signed) George Cuming

City Inspector

The City Inspector presented the following Report on Lot N 1110
Bayards farm

" The City Inspector respectfully reports on the Lot fronting on
Orange Street N 1110 as deliniated on Bayards Map.

That John Gardner was ordinanced on the 12 th of April last to
fill in said Lot, his Agent, however called at the Office and satisfyed
[306] the City Inspector that M r Gardner was not the Owner he
owned N 1109, and complained that his Earth fell into N 1110. On
the said 12 th of April Lots numbered 1111, 1112 and 1113 as above
deliniated W m Bayard, Owner were also ordinanced and complied
with. M r Jarvis called at the Office shortly after and stated that the
Lot N 1110. had no owner, that it had been sold for non payment of
taxes for a certain period of years, which period had expired about
Two Years ago. Under these circumstances the City Inspector pre-
sented the Report of the 17 th of May Ult inasmuch as AI r Jarvis com-
plained that M r Bayards Earth also fell into the Lot N 1110. Upon
the return of his report the City Inspector called on M r Jarvis and
on examination he found that the Lot N 1110 was sold to Hector
Scott as Agent for Nich s S. Bayard on the 27 th of June 1811 for the
space of 13 Years so that there are nearly five Years of the lease
unexpired but the same difficulties arise, as M r Scott [307] lives in
Baltimore and M r Bayard in Georgia M r Jarvis farther stated that
the said Lot is again to be sold for the Canal and other Taxes unpaid.

476 CITY OF NEW YORK 12 July 1819

The City Inspector cannot see any difficulty in the Board's abating
the Nuisance and incorporating the expense arising therefrom with
the unpaid taxes he has not been able to find any Law or precedent
for posting an Ordinance on or near the Premises; He nevertheless
presents an Ordinance at a short date for that purpose should the
Board recommend the Measure.

Respectfully Submitted

(signed) George Cuming City Inspector
Whereupon the Ordinance presented by him was passed.
The Special Committee to whom was referred the Petition of cer-
tain Persons relative to Assessment for widening & extending Harman
Street, presented a Report M r Stevens presented a Resolution
explanatory of the Resolution proposed by the Committee [308] in
their Report both of which were read & laid for consideration

The Police Committee to whom had been referred sundry Petitions
presented the following Report

" The Police Committee to whom the annexed Petitions were
referred Viz :

Abraham L. Smith Lawrence Anderson

Martinet & Roe John Cannon

Andrew Colvin Henry Roff

John S. Goold Thomas Zabriskie and

David Lyon William Brown & Others

Respectfully Report

That the above Petitions respectively have been duly considered
by the Committee. That they are satisfied that if any violation of
the Ordinance of this Board has [309] taken place in the case of
M r Smith, above named, it was owing to the obstinacy of the Sawyer
employed to saw the Wood, and not from any negligence on the part
of M r Smith who it appeared had provided himself with a Curb as
required by the said Ordinance & had ordered the same to be used.

In relation to Mess rs Martinet & Roe it appeared that they caused
the Straw to be removed from the Street immediately after they were

M r Colvin has satisfied the Committee that his statement is correct
and that the Rates were taken from his Carriage by the Passenger
who last occupied it, and that there was not any intention on his part
to violate or evade any Ordinance of this Corporation.

In relation to M r Lyon and M r Goold it appeared that they were
waiting at the Stand in the morning until the Office of the Clerk of


this Board was opened, that they might renew the rates for their
respective Carriages which had been taken down the night [310]
previous by some persons unknown to them and that while so waiting
their respective Carriages were examined by the Officer. Your Com-
mittee are aware that the cases above mentioned relative to the Hackney
Coaches require the strictest attention, and ought not to receive the
least indulgence from this Board, without good and sufficient reasons
are assigned. They have considered the above cases under these
impressions and are induced to believe the Petitioners entitled to

That in relation to the Petition of John Cannon, they are satisfied
that M r Cannon has had a fair and impartial trial and that relief ought
not to be granted.

M r Roff admits his screening Lime in the Street contrary to an
Ordinance of this Board, and the reasons assigned by him for so doing
are not satisfactory to the Committee.

Thomas Zabriskie has not satisfied Your Committee that there was
sufficient [311] cause for leaving his Hack.

That in relation to the Petition of W m Brown and others inhabi-
tants of Carmine Street; praying that this Corporation will prevent
the erection of a Starch Manufactory in that Neighbourhood. Your
Committee are of opinion that this Board ought not to interfere. If
the Petitioners feel themselves aggrieved and are satisfied that the
intended Manufactory will prove a Nuisance they have the right and
ought to apply to the Grand Jury, and have the same indicted.

Your Committee beg leave to offer the following Resolutions

Resolved, that the prayer of the respective Petitions of Abraham
L. Smith Martinet & Roe Andrew Colvin John S. Goold David
Lyon & Lawrence Anderson be granted on the payment of costs.

Resolved, that the prayer of the respective petitions of John Cannon
Henry Roff Thomas Zabriskie & William Brown and others ought
not to be granted.

[312] (signed) Thomas Bolton

Stephen Allen
Geo. B. Thorp
Leonard Kip

Which was approved and the Resolutions therein proposed adopted.

The Committee on Applications on the Petition of John Lozier
for appointment of Measurer of Lumber, Reported

" The Committee of Applications to whom was refered the Peti-
tion of John Lozier, for Measurer & Inspector of Lumber have made

478 CITY OF NEW YORK 12 July 1819

the necessary inquiry and are of the opinion that the Petitioner is a
proper person to receive that appointment. And ask leave to offer
the following Resolution.

Resolved that John Lozier Be and is hereby appointed a Measurer
and Inspector of Lumber for the City & County of New York

(signed) D. Board

W m A. Davis

Which was approved, the Resolution adopted [313] and he
appointed accordingly.

The Canal Committee presented the following Report on the sub-
ject of the sewers to be constructed on Thompson, Chapel & Collect

" The Committee on Canal Street beg leave to make the following
Report on the subject of the Sewers to be constructed on Thompson,
Chapel & Collect Streets as part of the plan heretofore recommended
for the regulation of Canal Street.

That they have carefully examined the said streets and find that
to get a sufficient descent for the said Sewers, and at the same time
extend them so as to bury their heads below the surface of the Streets ;
The Sewer in Thompson Street will have to be extended One hundred
& fifty feet North of Broome Street. That the Sewer in Chapel
Street will have to be extended to within One hundred feet of Leonard
Street & that the sewer in Collect Street will have to be extended
to within fifty feet of Leonard Street: [314] That in order to ascer-
tain the sense of the Owners of property on said Street in relation to
said Sewers, Your Committee some time since directed the Street
Commissioner to advertise the same. A Remonstrance from some of
the Proprietors on Chapel Street was in consequence presented to the
board and which was referred to the Canal Committee.

Your Committee have given the same that deliberate consideration
which it is entitled to, coming from those who will have to pay a part

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