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of the expenses : The objections set forth in this remonstrance are
" that the street is already regulated and paved, that it will subject
them to a very heavy additional expense for what they term a doutf ul
experiment On the subject of expense Your Committee would remark
that although the expenses will be very heavy in consequence of the
Streets being already regulated & paved, yet they firmly beleive that
the property on the Street would be [315] benefitted far beyond the
Assessment it would be subjected to; that in place of a muddy, wet
street flooded by every rain, with wet cellars ; they would have a hand-


some dry street, with dry cellars the Sewer on Chapel Street being
indispensably necessary as a branch of the one in Canal Street, the
only question is how far it ought to extend, it is the decided opinion
of the Committee that it ought to be extended at least so far as to
bury it under the Street which it will do by continuing it to within
One hundred feet of Leonard Street; it is also the opinion of the
Committee that this sewer ought to be compleated this Season.

Your Committee have also received a remonstrance from a number
of the proprietors of lots of Ground on Collect Street objecting to
building a Sewer on that Street at present it having been lately filled
in on a muddy bottom and has net as yet had sufficient time to settle
The Committee are well satisfied that these reasons are well founded
[316] and that the building of the Sewer in that Street ought to be
postponed, at the same time they think it necessary that the distance
it is to extend ought now to be determined, it is also the opinion of
the Committee that it is not necessary that the sewer for Thompson
Street should be commenced at present but that the distance it is to
extend ought to be determined In order to carry the subjects herein
recommended into effect, the Committee recommend the adoption of
the following Resolutions.

Resolved, that the Sewer to be built in Chapel Street extend from
Canal Street to within 100 feet of Leonard Street ; that the Sewer
to be built in Thompson Street extend from Canal Street to 150 feet
North of Broome Street: and that the sewer to be built in Collect
Street, extend to within 50 feet of Leonard Street and that the Street
Commissioner prepare the necessary plans for the same.

Resolved that the Street Commissioner [317] under the directions
of the Canal Committee take the necessary measures for building the
sewer in Chapel Street and for repaving and regulating the Street,
that the same be done by contract to be paid for when the Assess-
ments shall be collected.

Respectfully submitted

(signed) John Morss

Jacob B. Taylor
Shivers Parker
Harm 8 Tallman
W m A. Davis

Which was approved and the Resolutions proposed adopted The
following Resolution was presented and adopted Resolved, that the
Canal Committee consider the expediency of causing the expense of

480 CITY OF NEW YORK 12 July 1819

the Lateral Canals which are extended to open into the great canal
to be assessed at the same time with the Principal Canal.

The Special Committee on Grand Street presented the following

[318] " The special Committee appointed to inquire & ascertain
if any alteration was necessary in the level of Grand Street and to
whom was referred the Petition of Owners & Occupants of Lots in
that Street praying that an order might be issued for paving it

Respectfully Report, that they have viewed the said Street with
particular attention and acquired all the information in their power
to attain in relation to it. They learn that there has already been
more than one expensive regulation of this Street and that the Pro-
prietors had as they thought good reason to believe that the last would
have been permanent. With this view of the subject and beleiving
that the present level is not objectionable but that the ascent is mod-
erate and not too great to allow an easy passage for loaded carts.
Your Committee are of opinion that no alteration ought to be made in
the level of said Street unless it be at the expense of owners of Lots
on Streets in the vicinity who [319] may think it will be a material
benefit to them. They therefore present the following Resolution.

Resolved that it is inexpedient at present to make any alteration

in the level of Grand Street.

(signed) John Hone

Robert M c Queen
Leonard Kip
W m A. Davis

Which was approved and the Resolution adopted.

The Finance Committee on the communication of the Comptroller
stating that several persons who have purchased & leased property of
the Corporation neglect to execute the necessary papers Reported,

' That they have reflected on the suggestions made by the Comp-
troller, and are of opinion that it is both proper and necessary Meas-
ures should be taken to v correct the evil complained of, and therefore
recommend the passage of the following Resolutions, in substance the
[320] same as those submitted by the Comptroller.

Resolved, that the Counsel be instructed to inform all persons who
have purchased or leased property of the Corporation, and who have
not executed the necessary papers, that unless they compleat the same
forthwith, measures will be adopted to obtain possession of the prop-
erty and to recover all costs and Charges which may accrue thereon.

Resolved that all future Sales or Leases of publick property ; shall


be made under an express stipulation that every contract must be
signed, within fourteen days from the time of purchase or Lease, and
that Ten per cent of the purchase money or annual rent, must be paid
on the day of sale.

Respectfully submitted

(signed) Stephen Allen
John Hone
J. Hammond

Which was approved and the Resolutions adopted.

[321] The Attorney presented the following statement of com-
plaints which had been made to him Viz : against Geo. Griswold for en-
cumbering the Street, the fine for which was directed to be remitted
Against Henry J. Platt M r Jenkins J. Caldwell M re Cha[n]dler-
M re Fossett M rs Griffins Tho s Schultz W m Christman Peter Seely
-M r Derevell W m Vultee M r Gregory M rs Usher Clarkins &
Parsins M r Cotte & M r Levoo for exposing squibs & crackers for
sale against John Skidmore for encumbering the Street Joseph Mad-
den for permitting his dog to run at large and against P. Mallard for a
similar offence. Whereupon the same was referred to the Committee
on Public Offices.

The Comptroller Reported

Balance in the Treasury 28 June 168.86

Reed f r Streets 14.266.22

Common Lands 10,535.95

Tax of 1818-^. 5. 8. 9 Wards 3181.82

Rents 5786.30

6*h Avenue 1000.

[322]" Arrears of Taxes 900.

" Commutation on Alien Passengers 571 .

" Tavern Licenses 514.50

Wells & Pumps 293.51

Docks & Slips 270.54

Avenue D 230.

" Mayoralty fees 100.

Fire Department 61 .


Accounts Audited

Anderson & Leake Watch l*t Disc' 1142. 75

Hibberd & Clark Watch 2d Disc* 707.

Bleakley & Brower Watch 3d Disc* 413.

Jn M c Comb Street Commiss"- 1 Qr Salary 12 Ins* 500.

Daniel H. Magee Keeper of Pottersfield 1 Month 1 st in-
stant 45 .

482 CITY or NEW YORK 12 July 1819

John Vanderbilt Jr Coroners fees 17 March to 1 July . . 409.21

Irving Smith & Holly Auction fees on Lots Public Property 388.
David S. Jones, Costs in suit of U States V s Hays &

Williams Counsel fee & P. A. Jay Esqr Counsel fee 358.31

[323] O. Edwards, Costs & fee in suit R. Varick & Costs

taking Slip 353.89

Geo. Platt work at Mud Machine 5 Weeks to 10 July 234.22

B. Skaats to pay ringing Bells 4 July 40.50

Thos Brown Band of Musick DO 25.

J. Sidell to payer Peace Officers at City Hall 4th j u i y 13,59

Leond Kip Esq r to pay M Crosby for 17 Casks Oil 706.90

Rob* Provoost repairing Lamps in June 93 . 1 1

Jn M c Comb St. Comr for paving Stones for Bowery 1000.

Jas Meghan on Ace* paving Walker Street 500.

Jn Williams on Ace* regulating Green Street 500.

Wm Bailey on Ace* reglate North St 500 .

Hugh Smith on Ace* reguls Grand Street fr. Forsyth to

Suffolk Street 200.

Cha 8 Mooney on Ace 1 paving Leonard Street 200.

Abisha Smith on Ace 1 Curbing Washington Street 200.

[324] John Culbert on Ace* paving Beach Street 170.

Peter Debaum, balance regulate Greenwich Street 52.06

O. Edwards Court Charges & attorny fees opening &

Widening Harman Street 938.79

Tho s McGee balance for building a Well in Beach Street.. 26.
Andrew Lloyd & Zebadee Ring Jun r , relinquishment of

Water Lot for a Basin at Roosevelt Street 480.

Peter H. Wendover Chair" Commis rs Common Schools

City proportion for 1819 5532.06

Stephen Allen Esqr Treasr Board of Health 1000.

Jacob P. Roome, Super* Repairs for Repairs 650.

Richard Furman Super* Alms house 5.000.


Balance $15.500 40

Board adjourned to meet on this day Fortnight 5 Clock


[325] In Common Council July 26. 1819

Present The Hon. Cadwallader D. Colden, Mayor, President.

Peter A. Jay Esqr. Recorder.

Aldermen. Assistants.

John Hone T. Bolton

E. W. King S. Stevens

L. Kip H. Tallman

J. P. Anthony B. Crane

John Morss J. J. Westervelt

R. McQueen S. Parker

A. Mann S. P. Brittain

J. B. Taylor D. Board

G. B. Thorp J. Hammond
S. Allen

The Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.

His Honor the Mayor laid before the Board the Kalendar of per-
sons confined in Bridewell reported by the Keeper with the following
[326] observations thereon:

" From the foregoing return it appears that there were on the 19 th
of the present month 74 persons confined in the City prison : of these

3 are charged with Burglary

2 with Forgery

4 with grand Larceny. All these are indicted.

13 with Petit Larceny 8 of whom have been indicted and con-
victed. Several of the others are indicted but the trials have been post-

23 with Assault and Battery of whom 4 are indicted, 3 convicted
and several of the others have been discharged since the return.

3 convicted of keeping disorderly houses.

5 charged as disorderly persons by the Police Office. 3 of them are
sentenced as Vagrants by the Magistrates of the Police.

14 sentenced by the Police Office as Vagrants.

1 charged with an Assault and Battery with an intent to rob.
1 indicted for an attempt to commit Sodomy.
[327] 1 charged with a Highway Robbery.
1 indicted for perjury.
1 charged with Bastardy.
1 stopping a person in the night.
1 for examination.

Of these 30 are under sentence and ten are indicted. The remain-
ing Thirty four cases were not disposed of or even taken up by the

484 CITY OF NEW YORK 26 July 1819

Grand Jury because the papers which relate to them were not sent up
from the Police Office, under an impression which the Justices had that
after the Sessions commenced they were bound by law to refer all
cases that might subsequently arise to the then next session. This error
which which might subject persons charged with the most trifling of-
fence to an imprisonment of several weeks has been pointed out and
will be corrected. The business done at the last Session was less than
usual owing to the Court having been necessarily suspended during two
days of the term, and for this reason an unusual number of indictments
remain untried.

[328] All which is respectfully submitted by

The Mayor.

A Letter from the Reverend Mr. Stanford transmitting to each
Member of the Board a Copy of the Catechism composed by him for
the use of the Children of the Alms' House and the Penitentiary which
had been directed by the Common Council to be printed, was read &
directed to be filed.

Petitions of John Wagner & John C. Cheesman offering themselves
as Candidates for the office of Visiting Physician of the Alms' House in
place of Dr. B. Akerly resigned, were read and referred to the Com-
mittee on Applications.

A Letter was received addressed to his Honor the Mayor from M.
M. Noah, Printer to the Corporation, complaining that the Committee
to whom had been referred the subject of printing the Charter had
[329] given the work to another Printer which he considered an in-
fringement of his rights under the Resolution of the Board which ap-
pointed him their printer. The same having been read was laid for
consideration. It was afterwards called up, when Mr. Stevens, Chair-
man of the Committee to whom the subject of printing the Charter had
been referred, presented Two Letters which he had received from Mr.
Noah. After some discussion Alderman King moved that Mr. Noah
have leave to withdraw his petition. The question being taken thereon
it passed in the negative. It was then directed that the same be laid on
the Table.

A Petition of William DeGraw for Stall No. 1 Grand Street
Market ; of Jonathan Weldt for Stall No. 40 Fly Market ; of Elizabeth
Brewer to rent the Cellar under the Washington Market lately held by
Mr. Westervelt, and a complaint by the persons licensed to retail vege-
tables in the Fly Market that unlicensed persons (others than Farmers
and Gardeners.) [330] are in the practice of forestalling the Market


and vending vegetables, which is injurious to the Citizens and to the
persons who hold regular licences and praying that such persons may
be restrained in future, were severally read & referred to the Market

A petition from Claudius G. Fontaine for remission of penalty re-
covered against him for selling goods by auction in the Street was read
and leave given to petitioner to withdraw his petition.

A petition of James Oakley to be permitted to break ground and
construct an Area at No. 114 Liberty Street was read and referred to
the Alderman & Assistant of the First Ward with authority to grant
the prayer of the petitioner.

A petition of Samuel Lloyd to be employed in making out the Jury
List was [331] read and referred to the Committee on that subject.

A petition of Sarah Baker to be relieved from a judgment recovered
against her for not reporting a Sick Boarder to the Health Officer was
read and referred to the Committee of Charity.

A petition for a Well corner of Catharine and Henry Streets was
read and referred to the Alderman and Assistant of the Ward and
Street Commissioner to report an Ordinance therefor.

A petition of John Sleep, a native of Great Britain, praying pecun-
iary aid to enable him to return to the country of his Birth, was read
and referred to the Commissioners of the Alms' House.

A petition of George Seaman for an appointment as a Measurer of
Lime was read and referred to the Committee on Applications.

[332] A Memorial was received from James Edmonstone stating
that the vacant grounds belonging to the Corporation in the vicinity
of the City might with small expence be brought into culture and made
very productive and offering his services for that purpose, was read
and referred to the Committee on Public Lands and Places.

A petition of Frederick Ridabock a Fireman belonging to Fire
Engine Company No. 24 stating that from some mistake by the former
Clerk of the Common Council his appointment as a Fireman had not
been entered on the minutes & though he had served the period pre-
scribed by law yet he was not able to procure the necessary Certificate
from the present Clerk for his discharge and praying relief. Which
was read and referred to the Committee on the Fire Department.

[333] A petition of William S. Smith for permission to construct
a vault in front of No. 83 Duane Street and a similar petition from
Lucas and Riley for a vault in front of No. 27 and part of No. 25
Cliff Street, also a petition of Moses Dodd for a vault in Pearl Street

486 CITY OF NEW YORK 26 July 1819

were severally read and granted on the usual terms and under direction
of the Street Commissioner.

A petition of John Peterson praying time for payment of an
Assessment laid on him for opening Anthony Street was read and
leave given petitioner to withdraw his petition.

A petition of James B. Demarest praying repayment of an Arrear-
age of Tax in the Eighth Ward which he had paid to the Collector but
which he lately discovered had been previously paid was read and
referred to the Finance Committee.

A Memorial was presented from Abijah Hammond [334] propos-
ing to convey to the Corporation for the purpose of a scite for a
market Lot No. 1 being one of Four Blocks or lots of ground at
Greenwich between Washington and West Streets, north of and
adjoining to the line of the State Prison ground as designated on a
map accompanying said memorial he in consideration therefor to
receive a grant of the right to the Water as far as West Street in
front of the 3 lots Nos. 2. 3. 4. which was read and referred to the
Finance Committee.

A farther petition was presented from George Robertson stating
that the Committee to whom his former petition had been referred
reported that a compensation was to be made to him for his lot by the
Hebrew Society whereas it appears said Society received no benefit
thereby, and urging that as his property was taken for public purposes
the public should see that justice was done to him: which [335] being
read was referred to the Street Commissioner and Counsel.

A petition from William Ferdon for remission of fine under Law
respecting Carmen was read and referred to the Committee of Charity.

A petition of Le Grand Jarvis was received stating that he had
executed a correct and accurate Map of the Sixth Ward for which if
considered of utility to the public he would be satisfied with a reason-
able compensation. The said petition was accompanied with a certi-
ficate from the Assessors of the 6 th Ward stating that in their late
Assessment they had tested the accuracy of said Map and had found
great advantages from the same. Wherupon the petition was referred
to the Finance Committee.

The Street Commissioner presented the following Assessments
which were confirmed [336] and Collectors appointed on each. Viz

For regulating and paving Anthony Street and also Little Water
Street and for repaving the Bowery from Chatham Square to Grand
Street and Morris De Camp was appointed Collector ; for repaving
Orchard Street near North Street, for a Well and pump in Lombardy


Street near Corlaer Street and for regulating First Street from the
Bowery to the First Avenue and John G. Betts was appointed Collector
in each.

He also presented the following Ordinances which were passed and
Assessors appointed therein : Viz for regulating and paving Chamber
Street from Washington to West Street and for regulating and paving
Warren Street from Washington to West Street and Jacob C. Mott.
Abraham Baudouine and John Brower were appointed Assessors, and
for regulating and paving Liberty Street from Greenwich Street to
[337] West Street and John Targee, Abraham Bloodgood and John
Browwfer] were appointed Assessors therein.

The following person was appointed Fireman, the Chief Engineer
certifying the vacancy:

" Fire Engine Company No. 22."

Michael Degroff, Ship Joiner, Division St. 7 ward vice Dougal
M c Michael, discharged.

The Attorney presented the following Report of complaints made
to him: Viz. against Walter Bowne for not complying with an
Ordinance for filling in a lot; against the Street Contractors on ten
sundry complaints against them; against John L. Riker and Samuel
Fitch for leaving their vaults open without a curb round the same ;
against John G. Young, Sexton of the Brick Meeting Church for inter-
ring the corpse of a person named Ralph May who died of the
Savannah Fever; and against Peter Plesslin, Hunt Underbill, Bogart
and Demarest and others for running Hacks [338] without Licences.
Whereupon the same were referred to the Committee on Public Offices.

The Comptroller, on the accounts of Reuben Munson Esqr. as
Chairman of the Lamp Committee, and Treasurer of the Board of
Health, Reported:

" That he has examined the accounts of Reuben Munson Esqr. late
Chairman of the Lamp Committee and finds a balance of $513.58 due
to the Corporation for sundries received by him, which was paid to
the Treasurer on the 3 d instant.

" He has also examined the account of R. Munson Esqr. late Treas-
urer of the Board of Health. The balance $255.19 he paid into the
Treasury on the 22 d instant."

(signed) G. N. Bleecker

which accounts were directed to be filed.



26 July 1819

[339] The Comptroller, on the petition of Willam Craig for pay-
ment of the proceeds of the Estate of Edward Rogers, reported that
it was a case which in his opinion required the advice of Counsel as to
the course to be pursued. Whereupon it was referred to the Counsel
of the Board.

The Counsel, on the awards for property of Franklin & others and
J. Mason at Roosevelt Slip, reported :

" That he has taken the necessary measures to vest in the Cor-
poration the property belonging to Walter Franklin & others and to
John Mason which is required for the purpose of forming a public
Slip between James Street and Roosevelt Slip. The Jury have
awarded to John Mason $1375. and to Walter Franklin and others

" Lord and King assigned their leasehold interest in pursuance of
their agreement with the Corporation.

" Upon the above sums being paid or [340] tendered to the owners
of the property the Corporation will be entitled to take possession
of it."

(signed) Ogden Edwards.

Whereupon Ordered that Warrants issue, if necessary, during the
recess of the Board for payment of said awards.

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for correction of sundry
nuisances :

1 S. Van Rennselaer

N. Jarvis

2 S. Van Rennselaer


N. Jarvis

3 S. Van Rennselaer


N. Jarvis

4 S. Van Rennselaer


N. Jarvis

5 W m Bakewell

6 Joshua Sanford

7 Jacob Berry

8 Estate of N. Bavard

c XT r> j

S. N. Bayard

9 [341] J. J. Lockwood

10 W m Bayard

11 do.

12 W m & G. Post

Agt. 3 Orange St

Own) ,, .
A u V Mulberry St.

Own) ,,

Mott St.

Own) ,
A > Grand St.


Own Mott St.
do Mott & Grand Sts
do Grand St.

A Lot





Grand & Elizabeth Sts. do.

Own Orange St. do.

do. Mulberry St. do.

do. Grand St. do.

Own Grand & Orange Sts. do.











13 Andrew Paff

14 J. H. M c lntosh

S. N. Bayard Agt.J

15 A. H. Lawrence Owner Grand & Crosby Sts.

16 Gerard Rutgers Owner Grand & Crosby Sts.

17 M" Cornelia Livingston, Owner Mulberry St.

18 D D D D D

Own Grand & Mott Sts. A Lot
Grand & Crosby Sts. do.


19 J. S. Clarkson

Bunting & Shaffer
Moses Field
J. R. Livingston
T. Miller
C. J. Bogert
J. G. Bogert,

owner Broadway & Grand


Owners Grand Street
Owner Anthony Street

( Cross Street
Agent {

(70 Cross Street
Agent (

John Ackerman Lessee & Occup* Washington St.
Philip Rhinelander Owner do.

Th s Foote Lessee & Occup* do.

Cha s M c Evers Owner Thompson Street

James Cowan Owner 512 Pearl Street

[342] James Cowan Owner Collect Street

B. Livingston Pres* of the Board'
of Trustees, Columbia College
J. Sandford W. Dusenberry &


Stew* Elder
S. Baker
M r Sandford
M r Bruen
J. C. Morton
T. Miller
D r Walters
M rs Adams
W. Bowne
P. Brooks
B. Pell
Ann Smith
B. Pell
D. Dusenberry

J s Pegg

N. Phillips Pres* Jews Synagouge

J s Prince Owner & Occup 1

-Chapel Street

Occupt 8


> Canal Street

1 rustee }

Owner & Occup* 191 Pearl St







A Privy

2 Republican Alley D



~ tf 32 Reed Street
Occup* ^

A 60 Anthony Street

Wn< ^ r 1 Pelham Street
Occup* ^

'.(114 Lombardy Street
Occup* \

Lessee & Occup* 43 Maiden lane

77 Lombardv Street D


490 CITY OF NEW YORK 26 July 1819

41 R l Kinner Owner & Occup* 150 William St A Privy

42 [343] G. Moore Owner]

M. Depeyster Agent i- 58 Cedar Street D

J s Hammond Occup*]

43 M rs Fields Owner & Occup 1 Bowery & Spring St. D-

(signed) George Cuming

City Inspector

He also stated that the Slip at Fly Market was offensive in conse-
quence of Shells and Sheeps heads having been deposited at the Head
of the Slip Whereupon the same was referred to the Market Com-

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