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tion of James Riker complaining of the Assessment on his two
Lots of ground corner of Chapel and Reed Street for the opening and
regulating of Hudson Street from Duane to Chamber Street, Re-

That M r Riker is Assessed $2,250. for the opening of Hudson from
Duane to Chamber Street and $102 5 %oo f r the paving and regulat-
ing of the Streets in consequence of the said opening; of this he
complains as disproportionate and oppressive, as to the benefits he
derives from the said improvement, the Committee have had the sub-
ject for a considerable time [424] under their consideration, they feel
satisfied that the Assessment is a very hard one, and if in the power
of the Board, that the Petitioner ought to be relieved ; but the Com-
mittee are at a loss in determining what measure to recommend to
the Board on the subject, as the interfereing with an Assessment made
by Commissioners and confirmed by the Court, would be a precedent
of very dangerous tendency : under all the circumstances of the case,
the Committee do recommend the adoption of the following Resolu-
tion :

Resolved, that the Collector of the Assessment for the opening
and improving Hudson Street from Duane to Chamber Street, and
for paving and regulating the said Street, be hereby authorised to
receive from James Riker, the amount of his Assessments without
Interest, provided he pay the same on or before the first of August

John Morss

(Signed) Thomas Bolton
E. W. King
John P. Anthony

[425] Which was approved and the Resolution adopted.

128 CITY OF NEW YORK 8 May 1820

The same Committee on the petition of Peter G. Stuyvesant, Re-
ported :

That from the examination of the Books in the Comptrollers Office
and a Certificate of Thomas Miller one of the Assessors of the ninth
Ward, it appears that there is an error in calculation on one item
amounting to $107 s %oo they therefore recommend that the follow-
ing resolution be adopted.

Resolved, that the Collector of the ninth Ward, be authorised to
remit the sum of $107 8 %oo o n a tax of real property valued at
$81,000 Dollars charged to Peter G. Stuyvesant.

J. J. Wester velt
(Signed) John P. Anthony
E. W T . King
John Morss

Which was approved and the resolution adopted.

[426] The Street Committee on the Petition respecting paving
Desbrosses Street and Sullivan Street Reported : that they have
duly considered the subject committed to them and are of opinion
that the Improvements required are proper and that the prayer of the
petitioners should be granted they therefore recommend the adop-
tion of the following Resolutions.

Resolved that Sullivan Street be regulated & paved from Watts St
to Canal St and the Street Commissioner be directed to report an ordi-
nance for the same

Resolved that Desbrosses Street be regulated & paved from Varick
St to Sullivan St & the Street Commissioner be directed to report ah
ordinance therefor which were approved and the Resolutions

[427] The Market Committee on the Petition of William De Graw
for Stall N 1 Grand Street Market reported & beg leave to offer
the following Resolution :

Resolved, that the prayer of the Petitioner be granted.

Harm 5 Tallman
Signed. John Hone

J. J. Westervelt
Stephen Allen

Which was approved and the Resolution adopted.


On Motion of Alderman Allen, Resolved, that all references made
by this Board be handed by the Clerk to the Chairman of the Com-
mittees of the next Board, and that the respective new Committees,
be requested to report on all matters referred to the former Com-
mitees respectively.

Resolved that the Market Committee to whom was referred the
petition of the Fishermen frequenting Catherine Slip, be discharged
from the [428] further consideration of the same, and that said Peti-
tion be referred to the Ferry Committee.

Trie Comptroller Reported :

Balance in the Treasury 1st Instant $308.48

Received for Tax of 1819. 2d 3d 5th gth gth 10th Wards. . . . 11,520.00

DO Streets 660.35

DO Roads 50.59

DO Regulating Canal Street 1,300.00

D Canal Street Sewer. 1,500.00 15,339.42

45 Accounts Audited.

Richard Furman Sup. Alms House and Officers 1 Quarter's

Salary !<* Inst 566.68

William Hoghland Keeper of the Penitentiary and 3 As-
sistants 1 Q r Salary lt Instant 529. 16

R. Graves Assistant Street Commissioner 1 Q r Salary 1 st

Inst 341.66

G. Sickels Keeper City Prison and 2 Assistants 1 Q 1 "* Salary

lt Instant 316.66

[429] Jacob Morton Clerk Common Council 1 Q rs Salary

1st Instant 287.50

Richard L. Walker Physician City Prison, Jail &c. 6 Mo*

1st Inst " 125.00

Samuel Hntchings Street Inspector 1 Month 1 st Inst 52.50

Abraham Ackerman DO 1 Mo. D 52.50

Jonathan Pinckney D 1 Mo. D 52.50

Benjamin Hicks Assistant Board of Health 1 Month 1 st

Instant 43 . 75

George Mills DO DO DO 43.75

Obadiah Ayres Assistant City Inspector 1 Mo. 1 st Inst 43.75

William J. Waldron DO DO lstl ns t.... 43.75

Austin & Cochran Messengers 1 Month 1 st Instant 50.00

Andrew M<=Cready Keeper of the Park 1 Mo. 1 st Instant... 33.75

William Smith Keeper of the Battery 1 Mo. l*t Instant.... 34.19

Daniel H. Magee Keeper of Potters Field 1 Mo. 1st Instant 37.50

John Burger regulating 4 Public Clocks 1 Mo. 1* Instant.. 55.55
[430] Benjamin Crane Stationary for Public Offices !*

January to 1** Instant 1,019. 50

180 CITY OF NEW YORK 8 May 1820

George L. Birch & Co. Printing 1 Qr lit Inst 236.50

Ogden Edwards Counsellor drawing Laws &c 88.00

Office of Evening Post Advertizing Assessments and Sub-
scription I 8t March 341 .00

Joseph Leonard for lists passengers 6 Months 1 st Instant.. 50.00

Obadiah Ayres removing Nuisances 1 Quarter 1 st Inst.... 17.40
John L. Lawrence for Inspectors and Clerks Election,

lt Ward 60.00

William W. Todd D DO 2d Ward 52.00

William C. Mulligan DO DO 3d Ward 68.00

Eldad Holmes DO DO 4th Ward 52.00

Benjamin Strong DO DO 5th Ward 60.00

Richard L. Walker DO DO 6th Ward 60.00

Benjamin Prince DO DO ?th Ward 52.00

Samuel M. Thompson DO DO gth Ward 60.00

Dirck Ten Broeck DO DO 9th Ward 60.00

Reuben Clark DO DO 10th Ward 60.00
G. Snethen Superintending & Lighting Lamps 1 Month l*t

Instant 610. 10

[431] Robert Provoost repairing Lamps 1 Month lt In-
stant 68.25

Thomas Lovett Ace* regulating Canal Street 1,200.00

James Meghan Acct paving Elm Street 100.00

Peter Debaum Ace 1 regulating M c Dougal Street 100.00

Peter Parcells balance regulating Washington Street 84.36

G. Richardson rent of ground for Engine House N 30 in

Rivington Street 1 Year lt May 15.00

James Jenkins Room for Justices Court 5 & 8 Wards 1 Q r

lt Instant 40.00

James Conelly Room for Justices Court 1 st 2<* & 3d Wards

1 Qr 1st Inst 20.00

Richard Furman Superintendant Aims-House 6,000.00

Richard Furman DO for work 3 d Avenue 1,000.00


Balance $1,055.13

[432] The Minutes of the proceedings were read and approved.

This being the period assigned by Law for the persons elected to
Offices in the Corporation of the City of New York at the late Charter
Election to take the Oaths prescribed by Law, the persons mentioned
in the return made by the Clerk of the City and County and pre-
sented to the Board at the last meeting, appeared and took the Oaths
prescribed by the Charter and the Laws which were administered to
them by his Honor the Mayor.


The newly elected Members having taken the Oaths of Office, the
Board was again formed as follows, and the following business was

The Hon. Cadwallader D. Golden Mayor Presid 1

Peter A. Jay Esq r Recorder.

Alderman. Assistants.

Samuel looker Thomas Bolton

Thomas S. Townsend Abraham Valentine

[433] John P. Anthony Harmanus Tallman

Robert Swartwout Benjamin Crane

Robert McQueen Charles Town

Asa Mann Shivers Parker

David Board Stephen P. Brittain

George B. Thorp Isaac Emmons

Stephen Allen Gerard De Peyster

Judah Hammond

The following Rules and Orders for the government of the Pro-
ceedings of the Common Council were read and adopted. Viz 1

1 st Upon the appearance of five Alderman and five Assistants, the
Mayor, or in his absence the Recorder, shall take the Chair as Presi-
dent, and the Members be called to order.

2 d Immediately after the President shall have taken the Chair, the
minutes of the preceeding meeting shall be read by the Clerk, to the
end, that any mistakes therein may be corrected by the Board.

3 d The President shall preserve order and decorum, and shall
decide questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Board.

4 th [434] The President shall in all cases be entitled to one vote,
and no more.

5 th Every member, previous to his speaking, shall rise from his
seat, and address himself to the President.

6 th When two or more members shall rise at once, the President
shall name the member who is first to speak.

7 th No person shall speak more than twice to the same question
without leave of the Board, nor more than once, until every member
choosing to speak, shall have spoken.

8 th No question on a motion shall be debated or put unless the
same be seconded. When a motion is seconded it shall be stated by
the President before debate, and every such motion shall be reduced to
writing, if any member desire it.

9 th After a motion is stated by the President, it shall be deemed
to be in possession of the Board, but may be withdrawn at any time
before decision or amendment.

132 CITY OF NEW YORK 8 May 1820

10 th When a question is under debate, no mo- [435] tion shall be
received, unless

1. To amend it,

2. To commit it,

3. To postpone it,

4. To the previous question, or

5. To adjourn.

11 th A Motion to adjourn shall be always in order, and shall be
decided without debate.

12 th The previous question, until it is decided, shall preclude all
amendments and debate of the main question, and shall be in this
form ' Shall the main question now be put ?"

13 th Every member who shall be present when a question is put,
shall vote for or against the same, unless the Board shall excuse him,
or unless he be immediately interested in the question, in which case,
he shall not vote.

14 th A member called to order shall immediately sit down, unless
permitted to explain, and the Board, if appealed to, shall decide on the
case, but without debate: if there be no appeal, the decision of the
Chair shall be sub- [436] mitted to.

15 th All questions shall be put in the order they are moved, except
that in filling up blanks the largest sum and the longest time shall be
first put.

16 th Upon a division in the Board, the names of those who vote
for, and of those who vote against the question, shall be entered upon
the minutes, if any two members require it.

17 th In all divisions taken by the Board, it shall be the duty of
the Clerk to enter on the minutes the name of the member calling for
the division.

18 th No motion for reconsideration shall be in order, unless made
at the same meeting, or in pursuance of notice then given for the next
meeting after that on which the decision proposed to be reconsidered
took place, except by unanimous consent.

19 th All appointments of Officers shall be made by Ballot, unless
dispensed with by the unanimous consent of the Board.

20 th No member shall absent himself without [437] permission
from the President.

21 st All Committees shall be appointed by the President unless
otherwise ordered by the Board. Committees appointed to report on


any subject referred to them by the Board, shall report a state of facts,
and also their opinion thereon in writing; and no report shall be
received unless the same be signed by a majority of the Committee.

22 <] Whenever the doors are directed to be closed, all persons,
excepting the Members and the Clerk of the Common Council, shall

23 d A motion for the order of the day shall take precedence of
all other motions, and is to be considered immediately after the reading
of petitions and original communications.

24 th The Standing Committees shall be as follows :

1. Applications, 10. Laws,

2. Assessments, 11. Markets,

3. Arts & Sciences, 12. Police,

4. Canal. 13. Public Lands & Places,

5. Charity, 14. Public Offices,
1 438] 6. Ferries, 15. Repairs,

7. Finance. 16. Roads,

8. Fire Department, 17. Streets,

9. Lamps, 18. Watch,

19. Wharves, Piers & Slips.

Those on Applications, Arts & Sciences. Ferries, Fire Department
Lamps, Laws. Repairs, and Charity, shall consist of three, and the
others of five.

By the Common Council

(Signed) Jacob Morton Clk.

On motion of Alderman Allen, Resolved that the Superintendant
of the Alms House and Bridewell and Penitentiary lay before the
[439] Board an Estimate of the articles necessary to be purchased
for the yearly consumption of those establishments both for food and
clothing, and the materials for manufacturing the articles usually made
in the House ; such estimates to designate seperately the quantity and
quality of each and every article required, for one year's consumption,
and the particular periods of the year in which it will be necessary to
have the same or any part thereof delivered.

Board adjourned to Monday next at 5 Clock.

134 CITY OF NEW YORK 15 May 1820

In Common Council. May 15 th 1820.

Present. The Hon. Cadwallader D. Colden Mayor President,

Peter A. Jay Esq r Recorder,

Aldermen. Assistants.

Samuel Tooker Thomas Bolton

Thomas S Townsend Abraham Valentine

John P. Anthony Harmanus Tallman

[440] Robert Swartwout Charles Town

Robert M c Queen Shivers Parker

Asa Mann Stephen P. Brittain

David Board Isaac Emmons

George B. Thorp Gerard De Peyster

Stephen Allen Judah Hammond

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

His Honor the Mayor laid before the Board the Calender of the
persons confined in the City Prison or Bridewell furnished by the
Keeper thereof agreeably to the Resolution of the Board, which was
directed to be filed.

The following were appointed by the Mayor the Standing Com-
mittees for the ensuing Year.

Standing Committees,
Appointed in Common Council May 15 th 1820.

1. Applications. 5. Charity.

Alderman Board M r Parker,

Kip Mr Bolton,

M r De Peyster Alderman Board.

[441] 2. Assessments. [442] 6 Ferries

Mr Town > Alderman Townsend,
Alderman Anthony, Mann

Mr Bolton, Anthony.

Alderman Townsend,

Swartwout. Finance.

3. Arts & Sciences. Alderman Allen,

Alderman Tooker,

Alderman M c Queen, -,, TT j

.... _ M r Hammond,

M r Emmons. -..- ~

AIJ r~ M Crane,

Alderman Tooker. w , ^ ...

M r Brittain.

4. Canal.

Alderman Swartwout, 8 " Fire Department.

Mr Emmons, Alderman Anthony,

Mr Tallman, McQueen,

Mr Parker, Mr Tallman.
Mr De Peyster.

15 May 1820 COMMON COUNCIL MlNUTES ' 135

9. Lamps. 15. Repairs.
Alderman Kip, Alderman Thorp,

Anthony, Mr Crane,

Mr Crane. M r Brittain.

10. Laws.

, . 16. Roads.
M r Hammond,


Alderman Townsend De

Mr Bolton. Alderman Thorp,



Mr Tallman, Mr Hammond.

Alderman Allen,

Kip, 17 - Streets.

Tooker, Alderman Swartwout,

M r Town. M r Emmons,

12. Police. Mr Brittain,

nf rTTT Alderman Mann,

M B lton ' Mr Parker

Alderman Allen,

Thorp, [443] 18. Watch.

M r Valentine. A1 , 7~ r

Alderman Mann,

Alderman Kip. -,,. -, r ,

M r Valentine,

13. Public Lands & Places Alderman Board,
Alderman Tooker, Mr Emmons,
Mr Emmons, Mr Town.

Alderman M c Queen,

M r Parker ^' Wharves. Piers & Slips.

M r De Peyster. Alderman Allen,

- ~ lf
M r Tallman,

Public Offices.

Mr Crane ' Alderman McQueen,

Mr Bolton, Mr Valentine.

Mr Valentine,
Alderman Swartwout.
Mr De Peyster.

A Petition from William Paulding Junior for permission to con-
struct a Vault in Jay Street, and a similar Petition from Caleb Horton
to construct one in Cliff Street, were read and granted on the usuaJ
terms under the direction of the Street Committee.

A communication to his Honor the Mayor received from Boston
in relation to the measures pursued by them on the subject ot guard-
ing against Pestilential Diseases ; was read and laid on the table.

A Petition of William L. Stone Editor of the Commercial
Advertizer, to be accommodated [444] with a place within the Bar of
the Common Council Chamber, for the purpose of taking Notes of, and
respecting the proceedings of the Common Council, was read and
referred to the Committee on Public Offices.

136 CITY OF NEW YORK 15 May 1820

A Petition of John Anderson for payment of amount of Contract
due to him for building Pier at the foot of Vesey Street, was re-
ferred to the Committee on Wharves, Piers and Slips.

A complaint of the Marshals and Constables of the Assistant
Justices Court of the first, second and third wards, against Joshua
L. Pell Clerk of the said Court, and praying his removal from
Office, was read and referred to the Committee on Public Offices.

A Petition of the Executors of Daniel Smith deceased praying
a return of certain expences paid on Release of Lot No 94 Bayard's
Farm, they having redeemed said Lot; was referred to the Finance

[445] A Petition of James Wallace Contractor for building the
Sewer in Clarkson, Carmine Street, and Sixth Avenue praying an
advance of ten or fifteen Thousand Dollars on said Contract, was
referred to the Finance Committee.

A Letter was received from Colonel Annistead of the United
States Engineer Department, stating that on Account of the small-
ness of the appropriation by the Government of the United States for
Fortifications, the Secretary of War will not be in funds to unite
with the Corporation in the repairs and improvement of the Battery,
as proposed by his letter of the 31 st January last; which being
read was directed to be filed.

A Petition of Elizabeth Downey was received stating, that her
husband in his life time was owner of a Lot N 214 Bowery Lane,
and that he erected a House thereon agreeably to directions and the
survey of the then Street Commissioner M r Hunn and City Sur-
veyor : that she has lately received an order from the Board [446]
to remove the said House as it encroached on the Street, which
order she has complied with at a considerable expence, and praying
that that expence may be reimbursed to her ; which being read was
referred to the Street Committee.

A Petition from a number of Inhabitants that the part of Hester
Street West of Rhynder Street may be called Howard Street, was re-
ferred to the Street Committee.

A Petition of Isaac Chauncey was received stating, that with the
approbation of the Ferry Committee, and on their agreement that
one half of the expence should be borne by the Corporation the In-
habitants near Hell-Gate Ferry, had repaired the Road leading to the
Ferry, and praying a reimbursement of the half of the expence of
the same was referred to the Ferrv Committee.


A Petition of Charles Loss formerly a City Surveyor, praying a.
reappointment to said office was read and referred to the Street

[447] A petition from sundry Dealers in and Distillers of Domestic
Spirits, stating that inconveniences are experienced from the Law
which prohibits a Deputy Inspector from being a City Guager, and
praying said Law may be repealed, and Charles C. Williams be
appointed a Guager, was referred to the Committee on Applications.

A Petition from sundry owners of Land on the Tenth Avenue,
praying for reasons stated in said Petition, that the said Avenue may
be compleated from twenty eighth Street to its intersection with
the Bloomingdale Road at Seventieth Street, was read and referred
to the Road Committee.

A Petition of Absalom Cudnor for License as a weigher of Hay,
and to be permitted to weigh at the Scales established at the corner of
the third Avenue and one hundred and twenty fifth Street, was read,
and the prayer of the Petition granted, and he was appointed accord-

[448] A Petition from sundry Pawn Brokers, praying an alteration
in the Law respecting Pawn-Brokers so that the fee for their License
may be lessened, and that their fees on advances made upon small
sums may be encreased, was read and referred to the Committee on
Public Offices.

A Petition of Charles Byrne to be permitted to sell goods at
Auction in the Street in front of his House N 179 Chatham Street,
as has been granted for many years past to his father now deceased,
and to the Petitioner since his death, was read and referred to the
Street Committee with a request that they would report thereon at
the next meeting of the Board.

A Petition of Charles Langley for remission of fine for selling
Liquor on Sunday, was referred to the Police Committee with
authority to remit the penalty.

A request of Cap 1 Samuel Evans for the [449] use of the Mud
Machine to clear out the Launching Slip at the Navy Yard, for the
convenience of the Launching of the Seventy four Gun Ship of the
United States now building there, was read and referred to the Com-
mittee on Wharves, Piers and Slips, with authority to grant the

A Petition of Samuel Evans was received stating, that he is
Lessee under the Corporation of the Ferry from the foot of Walnut
Street to Little Street Long Island with a priviledge to run Steam

138 CITY OF NEW YORK 15 May 1820

or Horse Boats thereon, that for the greater accommodation of
the public he had a Horse Boat built to place on said Ferry ; but
on examination it appears the Slip at that place is unsuitable, and
praying that alterations may be made in said Slip, and that in the
mean time some place in the vicinity of Walnut Street may be
assigned to him to run his Boat from ; which being read was referred
to the Ferry Committee.

[450] A Petition of sundry Inhabitants in the vicinity of Wash-
ington Market, stating that they have been prohibited by the Street
Commissioner from placing any articles of Merchandize on their
Stoops and Platforms, and praying the repeal of the Law which
denies them that privilege, was read and referred to the Street

A Petition of John T. Blauvelt to be appointed an Inspector of

A Petition of Joseph Wentworth, John Insley and Henry Hutchins
for the appointment of Street Inspectors, were severally read and
referred to the Committee on applications.

A Petition of Clement Moore and John Jacob Astor's was re-
ceived stating, that they have been assessed as they are advised con-
trary to Law for regulating the 8 th and 9 th Avenue that they were
desirous of the question receiving a legal decision in the most ex-
peditious and least expensive manner, and thereon some time [451]
since petitioned the Corporation on the subject; that no steps have
yet been taken by the Counsel of the Board to whom their applica-
tion was referred, and having been called on by the Collector for
payment, they again request the attention of the Board to their Peti-
tion : Whereupon it was referred to the Counsel.

A Petition of George Barnes for a Stall in Grand Street Market
and of Philip Bowerhan's for Stall N 4 in the same Market, were
referred to the Market Committee.

A Petition of Joseph Burjeau and others Auctioners for remission
of fine incurred by selling at Auction in Vesey Street, was referred
to the Committee on Public Offices with authority to remit the

A Petition of Margaret Salters for remission of fine recovered
against her husband Daniel Salters and for which he is now im-
prisoned, [452] was referred to the Committee of Charity with
authority to grant the prayer of the Petitioner.

A Petition of William King for an abatement of Personal Tax
assessed on him, was referred to the Committee on Assessments.


A Petition of Thomas and Gulian Ludlow was received, stating that
a certain peice of ground belonging to the Corporation and Petitioners
has been assessed $193. for widening Carmine Street and extending
the 6 th Avenue ; that they are desirous of paying their part of said
assessment, and praying measures may be taken to apportion the
same between them ; which was referred to the Committee on

A Petition from Charter & Williams for permission to construct
a Drain from their Cellar N 67 Pearl Street to the Main Sewer fa
Broad Street, was referred to the Street Commissioner with authority
to grant the prayer of [453] the Petitioners.

A Petition of William Allen Inspector of Fire Wood was re-
ceived, stating that the District assessed to him at Whitehall, has

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