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accounts of George B Smith Collector of Arrearages of Taxes from
fne 1 st of July 1820 to the 1 st May 1821.

640 CITY OF NEW YORK 28 May 1821

He has paid into the Treasury for Taxes collected and charges 7151.16

Paid Counsellor for 17 certificates 68 .

Commissions 1183.93


[16] Received for arrearages of Taxes In Ten Wards 6707.66

Interest on Taxes of 1811 to 1819 inclusive 527.34

Costs of Advertising and Expenses of Sales Dec 9. 1820 &
April 18. 1821... 1163.9 8398.09

Balance due G B Smith to new acct $5 .

Respectfully submitted.

G N Bleecker Comptroller

He also presented an account of Fees due Robert Bogardus from
the Corporation on a suit of Chamberlain against Luke Kip, for erect-
ing a Building within the Fire Districts wherein there was a verdict
for defendant, the Bill amounting to $91. 81/. whereupon the Comp-
troller was directed to report a Warrant for Payment of the same.

He also presented the following Annual Report relating to the
Finances of the City, which was directed to be referred to the Finance
Committee with authority to cause the same to be printed.

Annual Report &c

The Annual Report of the Comptroller, is respectfully presented
to the Common Council.

[17] Annexed, is an account of Cash received into the Treasury,
and paid out by Warrants, from the 8 th of May 1820. to the 15 th
May 1821.

Balance in the Treasury May 8. 1820 $.308.48

Received during the Year 1.034.777.49
Paid out by Warrants 982089 . 44

Balance in the Treasury May 15. 1821 $52.996.53

The account of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund for the
same period, is also presented.

The Amount redeemed of the Six per Cent Stock, is the same as
reported last year; no purchases have been made in consequence of
the advanced premium during that time.

A balance sheet for Six Months preceding, accompanies this
report. Several accounts remain unpaid, which mighft] properly be
put in Suit, and they wouM have been handed over for this pnrr-nse.

28 May 1821 COMMON CoiJNCIL MlNUTES 641

had not the expense accruing to individuals concerned, and the very
great delay attending legal proceedings, induced a desire of procuring
a settlement if possible, without having recourse to the last resort

A List of such accounts as will unavoidably have to be presented
to the Counsellor of the Corporation for adjustment, will be shortly

[18] Agreeably to a resolution of the Board, on the 10 th of April
1820. The Comptroller was instructed " to insert in his Annual
Report, the items composing the Public Debt, and the object for which
the said debt was contracted, and also the whole amount thereof."
The Following is a statement of the Public Debt of the City.

Amount of 6 Per Cent Stock created July 9. 1812 $600.000

Deer 1. 1812 100.000

June 30. 1817 100.000

Sepf 6. 1819. 100.000

Redeemed by Commissioners of the Sinking Fund 151.500


Amount of Five Per Cent Stock created July 20 1820 $200.000
Redeemed by the Commissioner of the Sinking Fund 45000 155000

Amount of 5 per Cent Stock May 9 1821 $200.000

Redeemed by Commissioners of Sinking Fund 15.000 185000

Amount of City Stock 1.088.500


Richard Varick 23540

Mechanics Bank 67.129.82 90.669.82

Total amount of Debt $

[19;) The whole sum subscribed by the Commissioners of the
Sinking Fund to the last loan, is deducted as redeemed, although the
first Instalment of seventy five per Cent, has been paid, the remainder
will be payable on the first of August next.

"The last Loan of $200.000, at five per cent, is for the payment
of the Ground taken for Fulton Market, and for building the same.

The Bonds of M r Varick will be due the 1 st of May 1822, and are
the remainder of the amount of purchase of the block between Fulton
and Dey Streets, at the North River, in the year 1812.

Nine Bonds to Mechanics Bank, and for building a sewer in Canal

642 CITY OF NEW YORK 28 May 1821

Street; the collection of the Money due from Individuals interested
in this improvement has been suspended in consequence of legal pro-
ceedings which are still pending. A bond of $6000 is for a Loan of
Mechanics Bank, authorised by a resolution of the Common Council
27 th Novemb 1820, and was to supply a deficiency occasioned by an
uncollected assessment in Harman Street as nearly the whole amount
has since been Collected, the above mentioned Bond is reported amoung
the accounts presented this day for payment

The Commencement of the present debt, was [20] in the year 1792,
since which it has arisen to the above stated amount. The principal
purposes for which it was contracted are the following

Ground Taken to open and improve Streets; building the City
Hall, new Alms House and Penitentiary at Bellvue ; Opening and im-
proving Avenues and Roads; ground and buildings for Markets;
ground purchased, and buildings erected for Fire Engines ; filling Pub-
lic Basins and forming Bulkheads, Docks and Piers, &c.

An appraisement of the property of the Corporation was made in
August last, and is comprised under the following heads

Real Estate productive $1.495.317.50

Do Unproductive 1.835.336.62

Personal Property 65.564.


A report of the Finance Committee, exhibiting a statement of all
the Public property, having been published and presented to the Mem-
bers of the Board, a detailed enumeration at present will be un-

The following is the annual Revenue from Corporation Property

Water Lot rent $8078.20

Ground do 12955.71

[21] House do 3765.

Cellars under Markets 1705 .

Brooklyn property 2684.

Common Lands Rent 1505.

33 Lots do wheat rent , 107.65

22 do in the City do do 211 .25

Ferries 10318.75

Street Manure 3275.

Docks & Slips 25370.



In addition to the above, there are receips from Vendue Sales,
Excise and Tavern licenses, Fees of Justices' Courts, Commutation
of Alien passengers, Mayoralty Fees, Penalties, Police Office. City
Prison Fees, which amounted last year to $46.825.87

The above vary annually except the first, which is fixed by a Law
of the State at $10.000.

It will be observed that the receipts for the past Year differ from
the statement above made of " Annual Revenue." This arises from
part of the Rents not being collected on some items, and balances of
former years having been received on others, A variation also hap-
pens from a diminution or increase of Rent, in one year, from that
of the preceding

The Revenue from Markets. Hack Licenses [22] Pawn Broker
Licenses, Street Vaults. Water Lot rents on grants issued prior to 1804.
quarterly dividends on City Stock ; and twenty five per cent on sales of
property ; are appropriated according to Law, by the Commissioners of
the Sinking Fund, to the redemption of the City Stock.

Total amount received from these s[o]urces, the Year past

There are no receips during the above period, from sales of

The Commissioners of the sinking Fund have, appropriated for
redeeming City Stock, the sum of $302.92 more than has been received,
which will be reimbursed, from the amount of Market Rents already

The first Quarter produced $2380.50, and a few Stalls are yet to be
disposed of

The substitution of rent in the several Markets instead of Fees
has been effected with less difficulty than was anticipated. The change
will doubtless be beneficial, and an equitable sum being apportioned
on the several Stalls, will probably tend to produce general Satis-

The expenses attending the Fire Department, will be considerably
lessened, by the late [23] arrangement of transferring the repairs of
Engines to the Superintendant of Repairs.

The expediency of placing the repairs of public Lamps under the
management of the same Department, was recommended to the Board,
in a report made the 22 d January last, and which was referred to the
Lamp Committee.

644 CITY OF NEW YORK 28 May 1821

The Leases of Lands in the 9 th Ward, will expire as follows

Acres on the first of May. 1823


49 1825

26 . 1826

4 1849

436 Acres

It is respectfully suggested, whether the public interest would not
be promoted, by selling those Lots in Fee, when the Leases cease
and appropriate the amount to reducing the City Debt.

The owners no doubt would be induced to Cultivate the soil to
greater advantage, and make permanent improvements, when possessed
in this manner, than Lessees otherwise would.

Whether the public Docks and Slips could be disposed of to greater
advantage, as [is] a subject which deserves consideration.

[24] The receipts from them at present, is but three per Cent on
the value estimated a few months past, and the annual expense of
repairs is very considerable

The [re] are portions of Real Estate unproductive, which could be
advantageously sold and the proceeds applied to a further reduction
of debt.

A new mode of proceedure appears necessary, relative to the as-
sessments on Personal Estafates, The total amount returned last year,
was only $17.446.425. Taking into calculation the sum invested in
twenty-seven Monied institutions. The several kinds of Public Debt
owned here. The large amount of foreign and domestic Merchandize,
sent from different quarters to this Metropolis for sale, the diversi-
fied species of personal property possessed by inhabitants of this City,
it must be manifest that a great deficiency exists in the amount an-
nually returned by the assessors of the respective Wards.

The result of complete valuation, would probably exhibit an in-
crease of Eighteen Millions of Dollars, which would produce about
Seventy Thousand, additional, and consequently lessen each individual
[25] Tax more than a fourth part, the State would also derive a con-
siderable accession to its revenue.

In a report m[a]de to the Board on the 24 th January 1820, the
subject was particularly explained, and a remedy proposed to obviate
the defects at present existing.

The ample resources of the Corporation, and the promptitude, with
which all their engagements are settled, are the best pledges of a con-



tinuation of Public Confidence ; and it may reasonably be anticipated,
that a judicious application of the various branches of revenue con-
nected with a further reduction of expenses, would produce a diminu-
tion of the Public Debt, and a gradual Decrease of Taxes, so very de-
sirable in the present situation of affairs

Respectfully Submitted

G N Bleecker, Comptroller

[26] City and County of New York.

Account of Cash, Received and Paid, from May 8 th 1820 to May
15, 1821

Balance in the Treasury May 8. 1820 308 48

Received from Whitehead Fishs', Executors 10753. 18

do Real Estate, for a gore of land in Chamber Street Sold

to E. Anderson 200.

do Bonds Payable, for Loan on bond to Mechanics Bk 6000.

do Defence Account, from U S, Government for lands taken

for fortifications during late War 36247.

do Roads, for balances from Commissioners on Settlement

of Accounts 100. 63

do Excise 15233.75

do Justices Courts Fines and Costs 9537.74

do Court of General Sessions of the Peace Fines collected

by the Sheriff March & April 136.

do Tavern Licenses 8912 . 90

do Streets Collected on Assessments 204641 . 66

do Wells & Pumps do do 2443.43

do Police office (unclaimed property sold) 409.49

do Lien on Lots, amount Collected 761 .27

do Penalties 101.99

do Interest account, Interest on Bonds arrears of Taxes &c. 2407.50

do Fulton Market Ground, rent of Store thereon 125.

do Charges on Arrears of Taxes, advertising, certificates

Leases &c 1476.59

[27] do Docks & Slips, Am* Collected of individual proportions

of expenses 13.149.46

do Tax for 1819, balance 73794.10

do Tax for 1820. Amount Collected 184175 .

do City Loans, for subscriptions 354680 .

do Commutation of Water Quit Rent 5276.26

do do Alien Passengers 1260.

do Mayoralty Fees 1136.75

do City Prison Fees 233.25

do Third Avenue 190.03

do Sixth do 160.56

do Intestate Estates 569.10

646 CITY OF NEW YORK 28 May 1821

Received Arrears of Taxes. Amt. Collected by Special Collector... 6165.58

do Vendue Sales 10000.

do Water Lot Rent 8825 .69

do Ground Rent 16902.60

do House Rent 2795 . 4

do Common Land Rent 1956 . 78

do Docks & Slips Rent 396J5

do Street Manure 4803.14

do Ferrv Rent 9591.


[28] Paid for Board of Health 1272.84

do Whitehead Fishs' Acct. transferred from debit of the

Treasurer 21690. 31

do Real Estate. Assessment on Potters Field for Minetto

sewer 1340

do Bonds Payable 1 Bond to State of New York 5 to

Mechanics Bank & 18 to Individuals 170613 35

do Defence Account, Gen 1 Morton's expenses to Washington

and compensation 1200.

do Repairs of Roads jQ

do Excise, Annual Appropriation for free School Society. . . 1500.
do Justices Courts, Justices and clerks Salaries and Room

Rent to the 1 st instant 12692.94

do Court of the General Sessions of the Peace, District At-
torneys fees, and officers and Witnesses attending court 22.184.53

do Tavern Licenses, clerks assisting to issue 69.50

do Streets, for opening improving & repairing 207663.22

do Wells and Pumps, digging wells setting Pumps 1216.20

do Police office. Justices and clerks Salaries and stationary. 4962.74
do Lien on Lots, filling in paving and fencing in front of

Sundry Lots 1321.86

do Penalties remitted and costs of Suit, &c 170.49

{29] do Interest Account. Interest on Bonds 12852.73

do Fulton Market Ground 1 56704 . 37

do Charges on Arrears of Taxes advertising Certificates &c 630.63

do Docks & Slips, building Bulkheads, repairing piers &c... 19803. 4^

do Ferries, Tax on Property at Halletts point 2.0-*

do Salaries 31064.47

do Printing & Stationary 3715.41

do County Contingencies,* 7795 . 5

do Annual Election, Inspectors, clerks and Constables at-
tending 1156.

do Lamps. Oil lighting Lamps, repairing Lamps and Posts. . 26011.79

do Fire Department, Engines and repairs of do 6098.71

do Third Avenue for Working 7569.84

do Watch 55292. 10

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Paid Chiratable Institutions Annual donations 1900.

do State of New York, arrears of Tax for 1815 1816. 1817

and 1819 24643. 2

do Assessors of Tax, making assessment and copying books 2954.

do Park Fence ( for draft) 20.

do Alms House Bridewell & Penitentiary 85.000.

do City Stock Interest 61500.

[30] do Repairs, repairs of Public Property Including Wells and

Pumps 8,894.42

do Coroners Fees 1854.48

do Commissioners of Common Schools 7376.61

do Markets 182. 50

do Canal Street Basins extending Sewer filling in and Build-
ing Bulkhead 8769.51

Balance in the Treasury May 15. 1821 52996.53


G N Bleecker Comptroller

County Contingencies

Register's Office, Drafting Index $600. Registering deed $5.13 605.13

Counsel, Trying Causes, revising and drafting Laws costs of Suit

&C 1101.56

Celebration of the 4th J u l yj an d 25*h November 1796.74

Expenses of Corporation at City Hall, cleaning Building &c $638.07.

Fuel $600 1238.07

Completing Tax, $350. Portrait of General Jackson, balance $300,

and framing $70 720.

Appraisers for valuation of Public Property $635.86 Lists of Pas-
sengers $150 785.86

Carriage Hire to Bellevue, and Committee, $166. Visit Visit of

Cadets $469 635.

Index for Minutes $120, Seal for court of Common Pleas $15 135.

[31] Ammunition for Troops on Visit of Secretary of War 84.62

Maps & Directories of the City $193.12. Map of the 6& Ward $50. . 243.12

Removing Nuisances $119.44 Manure for Park and Battery $134.74 254.18
Errors in Tax returned by Warrant $17.50 Auction charges on

Property Sold $158.27 175.77

Peace officers attending City Hall at Sundry times 12.

Charges for Property sold for arrears of Taxes (received and not

disbursed by the Corporation) returned to the Owners 8.




28 May 1821

The Commissioners of the Sinking Fund


May 8. 1820. To Balance at their credit in the Treasury 14829.17

" Am* received into the Treasury to their credit as

follows :
For $9877.20 U S. 6 per Cent Stock, sold 6th j u l y ]g20

at 6% per Cent premium 10,494 . 53

Less Brokerage ^ per Cent 26.23 10468.30

For $7122.80 U S 6 per Cent Stock, sold 17*h July 1820 at

Sfa Per Cent Premium 7532.35

Less Brokerage Y 4 per Cent 18.83 7513.52

Interest on U S Stock 255 .

[32] To Interest on City Stock 10652.50

do from Mechanics for Balance in Treasury 389.77

Water Lot Rent 1846. 7

Market Fees 8095.86

Pawn Brokers Licenses 150.

Hack Licenses 548 .

Street Vaults 1585.14

Balance to their Credit in new Acct. 302.92



Aug 1 By Amount of Warrant on the Treasury for Subscription

to the $200.000. 5 per Cent Loan of this date at par 35.000.

Nov 10. By Amount of Warrant on the Treasury for $10.000. 5

per Ct. City Stock purchased at ^ per Cent Premium. . 10037.50

May 12 By Warrant on the Treasury for 75 Per Ct. on the Sub-
scription of $15.000. to the $200000. 5 per Cent Loan of
this date at 3^ or Ct Prem. 11598.75

May 15. 1821. By Balance from the above Acct.



Total of Receipts by the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, from
its Commencement

August 23. 1813, to May 15, 1821,

[33] For Water Lot Rents

Market Fees

Pawn Brokers Licenses

Hack Licenses





For Street Vaults 13316 74

Commutation of Wheat Quit Rent 3999.91

do " Water do 15.583.47

Twenty five per Cent on sales of Common Lands 56617.58

Profit on U S Stock 987. 14

Interest on Defence Bonds 230. 18

do " City Stock 37541.

do " U States do 1800.

do from Mechanics Bank for balance in Treasury... 389.77

Balance to Credit of Commissioners in n/a 302.92

$209125. 4

Invested in $151.500 City 6 per Cent Stock, which cost 152488.79

do 45.000 City 5 do do do 45037.50

do 11250 " 5 ", at 3 A per Cent Premium,

being 75 Per Cent in the Subscription of $15000.
to the $200000 Loan of 1821. 11598.75


Stephen Allen Mayor

Richard Riker Recorder I Commissioners of the

John Fleming City Treasurer I Sinking Fund
G. N. Bleeker, Comptroller J

[34] The Counsel presented a Deed to Colonel Henry Rutgers, for
that portion of Oliver Street which has recently ben inclosed and
which lies in front of his ground; which was directed to be executed.

He also presented a Lease to Charles Dobbs of the Street Manure,
in the District heretofore leased to Benjamin Disbrow, which was
referred to him to be amended was reported accordingly amended,
and was the[n] directed to be executed.

He also presented the following certificates of Sale of certain Lots
sold on 18 th of April last for Taxes, which were directed to be exe-

The Council herewith submits for execution Certificates of the Sale
of Taxes, on the 18 th day of April last of the herein after mentioned
and described Lots of Ground to wit

Respectfully submitted

Ogden Edwards



28 May 1821













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W W *H -l H - *-l -H l-H *-l f*> vH -4 vH *^ i ,-*,-, _< ^ _

CO 00 00 00 ON ON ON



[36] The Finance Committee to whom was referred the petition of
Benjamin Disbrow praying remission of certain fines incurred re-
ported, which report was approved & Resolution adopted

The Finance Committee to whom was referred the Petition of Ben-
jamin Disbrow late Contractor of the eastern District, Report that
M r Disbrow having transferred his contract to M r Charles Dobbs by
consent of the Board, as your Committee believe at a considerable loss,
they do not perceive that any public benefit would result from en-
forcing the penalties against the petitioner, under the circumstances
of this case, they therefore recommend the following resolution

Resolved that the penalties incurred by Benjamin Disbrow for not
cleaning the Streets agreeably to the ordinance or by-Law for that pur-
pose made previous to his assigning his contract to Charles Dobbs be
remitted, on payment of costs by him

J Hammond
Henry J WyckofT
B Crane
Charles Town
Francis Cooper

[37] The same Committee on the Petition of Stephen Gould

The finance Committee to whom was referred the Petition of
Stephen Gould Report

M r Gould is indebted to the Common Council for Rent, and offers
to furnish Such copies and parts of Copies of the Laws as may be
wanted for the use of the Board as low as any other person will sell
them, the Committee therefore recommend, the granting the prayer
of the Petitioner, and submit the following Resolution

Resolved that the Copies and parts of Copies of the Laws of the
State necessary for the immediate use of the board be procured of
Stephen Gould and also one Copy of the Laws of the last Session of
the Congress of the United States be procured of Stephen Gould for
the use of the Mayors office

Respectfully submitted

J Hammond
Henry J Wyckoff
B Crane
Cha s Town
Fran 8 Cooper.

which was approved and the Resolution adopted


[38] The same Committee on the Petition of the Collectors of
Taxes reported

The Finance Committee to whom was referred the petitions of the
( ol lectors of Taxes praying for the extension of the time allowed by
Law for the settlement of their accounts with the City chamberlain.
Report that by the Act for the Assessment and Collection of Taxes,
it is provided that every Collector shall within One Week after the
expiration of the time mentioned in his warrant for paying the amount
of the Tax to the County Treasurer settle his account of the same
Tax with the County Treasurer, and in case any of the Taxes men-
tioned in the assessment roll annexed to his warrant or any part of
them shall remain unpaid, and he shall not have been able to levy the
same, he shall deliver to the County Treasurer an account of the Taxes
so remaining due and if such Collector, shall make oath before the
County Treasurer, or in case of his absence before a justice of the
Peace of such county, which oath such Treasurer or Justice of the
Peace is authorised to administer, that the Sums mentioned in such
account, remain unpaid, and [39] that he has not upon diligent enquiry
been able to discover any goods or chattels belonging to, or in posses-
sion of either of the Persons charged with or liable to pay the. said
respective sums, whereupon he could levy the same and that 'such
account is a true transcript of the original assessment roll, then and
in either such case, the County Treasurer shall credit the account of
such Collector with the amount thereof, and before the first day of
April thereafter shall transmit to the Comptroller of this State the
said account or return of arrears with the affidavit of the Collector
written at the foot, or on the Back of said account : and that if any
Collector shall refuse or neglect to pay to the County Treasurer, the
amount of the Taxes Mentioned in any such assessment roll deliv-
ered to him as aforesaid or to account for the same in manner afore-
said, in the time limited as aforesaid then the County Treasurer shall
within Twenty days thereafter issue a warrant to the Sheriff of the
County, commanding him to cause the same or so much thereof . as
shall remain unpaid, and not accounted for to be levied of the Goods
and [40] Chattels, lands and tenements of such Collector That the
time mentioned in the warrant of the Collectors to account with the
Treasurer is the second Monday of May and that one Week there-

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