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A resignation was received from Nevinson Greenard of his ap-
pointment as Inspector of the ensuing election, which was accepted &
John Van Sicklen appointed in his place.

The report of the Comptroller, presented at the last meeting, was
called up & read in the words following:

82 CITY OF NEW YORK 20 April 1820

The Comptroller respectfully presents to the Common Council
the following report :

( ity Stock issued in 1812 $700,000.

Deduct amount redeemed from 1 st September 1813 to 13 th May 1816 46,100.

Bonds 178,117.66

Debt 13th May 1816 832,017.66

City Stock April 1820 900,000.

Deduct amount redeemed 151,500.


Cash in Treasury & U. States 6 pet. stock [313] in favor of the
Commissioners of the Sinking Fund for redeeming the debt 28,888.75

Bonds ... 266,023.17

Amount to be collected for Canal St. Sewer, included

in above Bonds 67,629.82

Expended for Battery & expected to be repaid to

Treasury by Special Tax 17,330.80 84,960.62

Am* of debt Apr. 17. 1820 after deducting the above sum 900,673.80

Debt 13th May 1816 832,017.66

Increase in four years $68.656. 14


It will appear that a difference exists between the above amount
of debt & that published by the Finance Committee Dec. 27, 1819 : but
it should be observed that since that report a considerable reduction
has been made of the bonds by payment and the Committee did not
notice the City Stock which was redeemed.

The heavy appropriations required to [314] discharge debts in-
curred and to fulfil contracts & plans of improvement entered into
prior to May 1816, amounting to more than $440,000. (B) have
obliged the Corporation to dispose of some portions of property at
auction. This was done at seasons peculiarly favorable & enabled them
to discharge every demand made and also to reduce the funded debt
by an appropriation of 25 per cent on the sales. Should the Bill before
the Legislature of the State, authorizing the Corporation to increase
the City Stock, become a law, they will be enabled on advantageous


terms to dispose of part thereof and apply it to the payment of their

No increase of the debt necessarily arises from having the same
power which was granted by an Act passed on the 8 th of June 1812.

The balance in the Treasury, to the credit of the Sinking Fund,
remained, as other public money, till January last, [315] when interest
at 5 per cent per annum on the amount remaining for 30 days was

However beneficial it may appear to vary the plan adopted at the
time of creating the sinking fund, in order to authorize the Sale of
Stock which may be purchased by the Commissioners when above
par, or to invest the funds appropriated for the reduction of the
debt in other kinds than those above specified, it is conceived that
greater confidence in the diminution of the debt will be produced in
the public mind by a faithful & persevering adherence to the present
system than by any innovation, however specious it may seem at first

The resources of the Corporation have been materially impaired
during the last 4 years by a reduction of the sum annually received
from the State for Vendue Sales.

From 1812 to May 1816 amt received $201,824.90

From May 1816 to April 1820 93,345.72

Diminution in 4 years 108,479. 18

The Annual amount at present is $10,000.00

[316] The Board have a weekly return of their cash account, and
an annual report is made of all monies received and paid, and for
what purpose. They are also in possession of a Schedule of the
real estate belonging to the Corporation, which was presented to them
on the 11 th May 1818 and also in May 1819, revised.

Should the present system of retrenchment of expences and a
rigid plan of economy be strictly adhered to, it is anticipated that the
revenue from public property and the balance of tax remaining un-
collected will be sufficient to defray the ordinary demands on the
Treasury. This brief exposition of the State of the City Finances is
respectfully submitted.

(Signed) G. N. Bleecker


84 CITY OF NEW YORK 20 April 1820



The valuable improvements made in the City within 4 years past
amount [317] to more than $100,000. They are comprised in the
following particulars :

Ground purchased for extending the New Alms house Establish-
ment 17,395.

Two public Slips on the East river at the foot of Roosevelt & Oliver
Sts. Cash paid, exclusive of bonds issued which are included in

the above 14,306.31

Piers & improvements at Spring St 21,197.45

Centre & Essex Markets Ground & buildings 8,211 . 56

Engine houses in Fayette & Rose Sts. & at Greenwich Ground &

buildings & building a house in Beaver St 21,096.

Iron Fence for the Park 3,575 . 51

Opening Oliver St. Corporation proportion for buildings 5,383.

Balance unconnected, time being allowed 12,887.50 18,270.50


The increase of debt in 4 years is liquidated by the above improve-
ments alone and a balance remains of more than $35,000.

The balance of tax to be collected will probably amount to $75,000.

[318] B

Awards for opening Canal St .'.... 17,069.61

Avenues & Streets in 9th Ward 76,304.

Bills of credit redeemed 135,379.05

Completing new Alms house 42,876.38

Filling Basin & making bulkhead at Fulton & Dey Sts. North river 47,346.92

Bonds paid by Mr. Varick 27.420.

Filling block at King & Charlton Sts 11,662.59

Ground for Engine house Fulton St j

do. do. Beaver St j 23,785.87

Hamilton Square & Inclinburg lots returned 8,954.80

J. Randel Surveys & Maps 9th Ward 7.677.

New Fly Mkt. ground filling & bulkhead 8,257.50

Stock to Heirs of Capt. Lawrence & plate 3,064.

Maiden Lane Assessment 11.260.91

A. W. Hardenbrook's Engines account 5,096. 19

Int. on City Stock due 1 st Feby & 1st May 1816 remaining unpro-
vided for & paid 6th August 1816 21,000.



Whereupon resolved that the same be published in the papers em-
ployed by the Corporation.

[319] The Comptroller laid before the Board the proposals he had
received for renting the public docks & Slips for the ensuing year
whereupon the Gallery was Cleared and

The Doors Closed.

The several proposals were opened & read and, it appearing that
Edward Hitchcock had offered the sum of $34.760 and the same
sureties that were on his late contract.

Resolved that the said offer be accepted and that the Counsel pre-
pare the necessary papers therefor.

The Board adjourned.

[320J In Common Council April 24, 1820.

Present The Hon. Cadwallader D. Colden Mayor President

Peter A. Jay Esqr. Recorder.

Aldermen Assistants.

John Hone Samuel Stevens

Elisha W. King Hermanus Tallman

John P. Anthony Benjamin Crane

John Morss John J. Westervelt

Robert M c Queen Shivers Parker

Asa Mann Stephen P. Brittain

Jacob B. Taylor David Board

George B. Thorp William A. Davis

Stephen Allen Judah Hammond

The Minutes of last meeting were read & approved.

The following resignations were received from persons appointed
Inspectors of the ensuing Election, were received & the following
persons appointed in their places: Isaac Pierson of 1 st Ward and
John L. [321] Lawrence appointed:

John Swartwout of 9 th Ward and Thomas Morris appointed :

John Van Sicklen of 7 th W T ard and James P. Allaire appointed.

A Letter was received from the Chamberlain stating that, agree-
ably to the directions of the Board he had made a communication of
the resolution respecting the accounts of the late Chamberlain, W.
Fish Esqr. to one of the Sureties, William W. Gilbert Esqr. that he
had replied that on account of the absence of one of the executors
of Mr. Fish, Dr. Hunt, they could not yet act but would immediately
on his return to the City and that no further communication had been
received from the Surety on the subject.

86 CITY or NEW YORK 24 April 1820

Whereupon resolved that it be referred to the Finance Committee
with authority to act in the premises as they shall judge advisable.

A petition of Jacob Morton praying relief from [322] an ex-
cessive Assessment of personal tax laid on him in the 3 d Ward, was
referred to the Committee on Assessments with authority to give the
relief required.

A petition of Caleb C. Conklin for Stall No. 16 Catharine Market
was read and referred to the Market Committee.

A petition of Lewis Smith for appointment to office of a Measurer
of Grain was read & referred to the Committee on Applications.

A petition of Abraham L. Smith for remission of tax assessed on
him was referred to the Committee of Charity with authority to grant
the prayer of petitioner.

A petition of Rodman Bowne, lessee of Catharine Slip Ferry, was
received stating that the Common Council on 5 th January 1818 resolved
that on petitioner's [323] placing another Horse-Boat of at least eight
horses power on said ferry that they would extend his lease on said
Ferry to the same term with that of the New York & Brooklyn Steam
Ferry Boat Company : that such Boat is placed on said Ferry and pray-
ing a Committee may be appointed to examine said boat in order that
the grant may issue to petitioner agreeably to said resolution. Where-
upon it was referred to the Ferry Committee.

A petition of Philip Hone was received stating that he had been
solicited by a number of Inhabitants of the 8 th Ward to establish a
ferry to Hoboken from the foot of Spring Street: that he is willing to
agree to the same and therefore requests the Board to extend the
North boundary line of the grant of right of ferriage from the City of
New York to Hoboken heretofore made to petitioner from the North
Battery to Christopher Street and [324] to grant him the right of
ferriage for 15 years, and that he will bind himself thereupon to place
on said Ferry two good sail boats and two barges for the term of
two years and after said two years to place thereon one horse-boat,
and farther requesting an extension of his present lease for the term
of five years longer: which being read was referred to the Ferry

A remonstrance against filling in and regulating Stanton Street,
signed by Noah Brown and Peter Ogilvie, was referred to the Street

A petition of Isaac Lawrence to construct a vault in Duane Street
corner of Broadway was granted on the usual terms under direction
of the Street Commissioner.


The Counsel presented a lease to Edward Hitchcock for the public
\\harves & Slips [325] for one year from the 1 st of May next; also
a lease to Elbert Anderson for parts of lots of ground corner of
Chamber Chatham Streets on which he remarked as follows : The
lots were heretofore leased to Elbert Anderson & Theodorus Bailey
by the Corporation, but, a question arising between them & the Cor-
poration relative to the rent which they ought to pay, the greater part
of the lots being taken from them for the purpose of extending
Chamber Street, it was submitted to the Arbitrament of John Wells
Esqr. and the lease is now reported in pursuance of his award.

(Signed) Ogden Edwards Counsel.

whereupon said leases were directed to be duly executed.
The City Inspector presented ordinances for the correction of
Sundry Xuisances which were passed, Vizt.

N 1 George Janeway Owner Cross & Pearl Streets Lots

2 J. Gardner Ditto Mott Street D

3 [326] J. O. Williams

Own 8 & Occupt* 174 Water S l A Privy

4 DS H. Doyle Agent } ^ St DO
S 1 C. Jaques Occupant^

5 Selah Strong Own. & Occup' 166 Front S' D

6 T. Pearsall Owner}

"^17 /""* 1 1 " S~\ f 1 Ull L fcj A - '

W ni Coddington Occupant^

(Signed) George Cuming City Inspector

The following persons were appointed Fireman, the Cheif Engi-
neer certifying the vacancies. Viz*

Hook & Ladder Company N 2

James Dorset Grocer, Lombardy S 1 7* Ward vice Ephraim T.
Badeau resigned.

Fire Engine Company N 8

Alexander Murray Grocer 37 Augustus S 1 6 th Ward vice John
Webber resigned & dead.

James Stewart Whitesmith Duane & Rose S 1 4 th Ward vice John
Burchan resigned.

N 38

George Farrington Grocer Bowery c r Gerard S 1 9 th Ward vice
William Cox resigned.

James Snedeker Cartman Bowery Hill 9 th Ward vice Peter Fisher

88 CITY or NEW YORK 24 April 1820

[327] The- Street Commissioner presented the following communi-
cation respecting an Ordinance for making South Street.

The Street Commissioner herewith covers the Draft of an Ordi-
nance for making South Street as drawn up by the Council to the Cor-
poration in conformity with the law on that subject as amended by the
last Session of the Legislature, in order that it may be passed and as
this is a substitute for the Ordinance passed the 3 d Inst. the Street
Commissioner would suggest the propriety of rescinding the former

All which is respectfully submitted

(signed) Jno. M c Comb S* Commiss r

Alderman Allen also presented the following resolution.

Resolved, that the Common Seal of the Mayor Alderman and
Commonalty of the City of New York, be affixed to copies of the
Ordinance for making South Street from Dover Street, to Roosevelt
Street, and that the Mayor and Clerk sign them, and that they be
served [328] personally upon the proprietors of the lots of Land ad-
joining to, and fronting on South Street aforesaid, and that the same
be published in News papers employed by this Corporation.

Whereupon the Ordinance presented was passed, the former Ordi-
nance rescinded and the resolution agreed to.

He also presented an Ordinance for a Well and Pump in Allen
near North Street, and for a Well and Pump in Roosevelt Street be-
tween Cherry and Batavia Street which were passed, and Abraham
Bloodgood, Abraham Baudouine and John Brower were appointed
Assessors in the first and Abraham Bloodgood James Barrow and
Benjamin Prince in the latter. Also an Ordinance for regulating and
paving Chapel Street from the Sewer to Thomas Street, and Abra-
ham Bloodgood, James Barrow and Abraham Baudouine were ap-
pointed Assessors.

He also presented an Assessment for a Well and Pump in First
Street near the first Avenue [329] and for curbing and Flagging
Washington Street from Carlisle to Rector Street which were con-
firmed and Morris De'Camp appointed Collector in the former and
John G. Betts in the latter.

The Alderman and Assistant of the 4 th Ward and Street Commis-
sioner to whom was referred the Petition for removal of a Pump in
Roosevelt Street reported:

That they have examined the situation of the said Pump, and are
satisfied that it is very inconvenient for persons who pass on that side

24 April 1820 C<>MM<>\ Corxrii. MINT-ITS 89

of tiu- Street, and will be, extremely so, to the Congregation who

>hall attend at said Church- -They are also infonned. that when the
Common Sewer is overcharged, that the water flows into the well.

Y<>ur i ommittee are of opinion that those inconveniences cannot be
obviated but by sinking a new Well on the opposite side of the Street.
For which purpose they present the following resolutions,
Revived, that a Well be sunk and a Pump be placed therein on
the Ku^terly side of Roo-e- [330) velt Street, between Cherry and
Batavia Street. cj .polite the centre line of Peter Bartine's houses, that
the old Well on the opposite side of the Street be filled up.

Also, Resolved, that the Street Cnmmi->i<nuT be instructed to pre-
pare, an ( )rdinance for that purpose.

John 1'. \nlhony
Signed. Ii. ("nine

Jno. M'Vomb

S l Cnmmi-
\\hich was approved and the resolution adopted.

The Finance Committee on the Petition of William Alburtis
reported :

That the Lot alluded to was originally leased to Patrick M c Kay
for the term of twenty one years from the L f day of May 1805, con-
ditioned to be renewed for twenty one years after the expiration of
the first term, at an apprised rent. That M r AlBurtis purchased said
lease of AM\av for a valuable consideration, and that on the 22 (1 day
of April 1816, the Common Council assented to the assignment of
said Lease; but that the [331] said M c Kay was Insolvent at the time
of his making the said sale, and had previously assigned the said lot
for the benefit of his Creditors, and the Petitioner was prevented from
obtaining a good and sufficient title from the said M c Kay. That the
Petitioner to effect his title, has lately made an arrangement with the
Comptroler and Council to permit a peacable re-entry by the Cor-
poration on the premises, the proceedings whereof has terminated,
and the Corporation is now in complete possession of the Lot. That
the Petitioner proposes to pay all the expense of the proceedings
necessary to effect the re-entry, together with the back rent now due ;
and prays that a Lease may be granted for the remainder of the term
being six years unexpired from the 1 st day of May next, or that he
may have the said Lease extended for twenty one years from the said

Your Committee are of opinion, that the prayer of the Petitioner is
reasonable, and that he is entitled to a Lease of the premises for the

90 CITY OF NEW YORK 24 April 1820

unexpired term aforesaid, on the same conditions as those granted
Patrick M c Kay; but they cannot see [332] the expediency of extend-
ing the term beyond that provided for in the original Lease ; and they
therefore offer the following resolution.

Resolved, that a Lease for the Lot N 18 Duane Street, for the
term of six years from the first day of May next, at the annual rent
of One hundred Dollars, with a condition for one renewal for twenty
one years at an apprised rent, be granted to William Al Burtis ; Pro-
vided he pay the expense of re-entry by the Corporation on said Lot,
and all the rent, together with the interest on the same, which shall be
due and unpaid at the time of his receiving said Lease ; and also all
back taxes and assessments that mav be due on said Lot.


Respectfully Submitted

Stephen Allen
T. Hammond
Slgned B. Crane

John Hone

Which was approved and the resolution adopted.

[333] The Committee on Assessments on the Petition of Thomas
Pringle reported :

That they are satisfied that the mistake was made by the Assessors
not having any knowledge of the division of the property as they set
forth in the annexed certificate. They say that they have Assessed
Thomas Pringle in said Ward for two houses and lots, the sum of
$28 5 %oo Dolls, and as there is only one house and lot belonging to
said Pringle, Your Committee are of opinion that it is but just and
right that said Thomas Pringle pay but one half of the above sum
which is $14 2 %oo Dollars: Your Committee therefore take the
liberty to offer the following resolution.

Resolved, that $14 2 % o Dollars be remitted, and that the
remainder which is $14 2 % o Dollars be collected.

J. J. Westervelt
Signed John P. Anthony
John Morss

W T hich was approved and the resolution adopted.

[334] The same Committee on the petition of Jane Gibson,
reported ;

That they have enquired in the subject as far as it was in their
power, and it appears to them a large sum of money to fill up two lots


of ground, but greivous as it may be, they see no good ground to give
her any relief. Your Committee therefore beg leave to offer the
following resolution :

Resolved, that it is inexpedient to remit any part of said Assess-

J. J. Westervelt
Signed. John Morss

John P. Anthony

Which was approved and the resolution adopted.

The same Committee on the Petition of Benjamin Armitage
reported :

That on examination of the subject, they find the facts as stated
by M r Armitage are true, That the mistake took place by M r Armitage
paying his Assessment on the wrong lot, not being able at that time
to say with certainty which was his, as [335] there were five vacant
lots charged in the assessment, each with a like sum : One of these
five lots were returned to the Street Commissioner as delinquent, and
was duly advertized, and Sold on the 3 d of November 1818. for Four-
teen Years, and which now proves to be the one belonging to M r
Armitage. and that the one that is really delinquent is said to belong to
Stephen Gorham, and who, it is probable, will pay the Assessment
when called on.

Your Committee are therefore of opinion that as the Sale of said
Lot was made through mistake- -That the Street Commissioner be
instructed to return the pui chaser of said Lot, his money with lawful
interest from the day of Sale, agreeably to the terms made known on
the day of the Sale. For which purpose they beg leave to offer the
following resolution :

Resolved, that the Comptroller report a warrant at the next meet-
ing of this Board for the Sum of $70 8 %oo Dollars in favor of M r
Henry Abel, in full for the purchase money of said Lot with the
interest thereon.

J. J. Westervelt
[336] Signed John Morss

John P. Anthony

Which was approved, the resolution adopted, and a warrant

directed to be reported agreeably thereto.

The same Committee on the Petition of Joseph Brewster, reported:
That by the annexed receipt it appears that the petitioner has as

stated in his Petition paid a personal tax of $8 6 % o Dollars, rated

92 CITY or NEW YORK 24 April 1820

to him in the first Ward; he is also rated at $12 %oo Dolls, in the
fifth Ward for his personal tax and where his residence is; the tax
rated to him in the fifth Ward being the one which he ought to have
paid his Domicil being in that Ward, and the other an error or mis-
take: The Committee are of opinion that M r Brewster ought to pay
$4. of the tax charged to him in the fifth W T ard, and that the residue
$8 6 %oo ought to be remitted. They therefore recommend the fol-
lowing Resolution :

Resolved, That the Collector of the fifth \Vard receive of Joseph
Brewster $4. in full for [337] the personal tax charged to him in that

J. J. Westervelt
Signed John Morss

John P. Anthony

Which was approved, and the resolution adopted.

The Committee appointed to procure accommodation for the
Justices Court of the first district, reported:

That in their opinion the most convenient place they can procure
is a large room with the use of Jury rooms in the house N 44 Nassau
Street at the annual rent of Eighty Dollars. They therefore offer the
following resolution :

Resolved, That the Justices Court Committee of the first district
be authorized to hire rooms for the accommodation of the said Court
at a rent not exceeding Eighty Dollars p r Annum.

John Hone
Signed. Samuel Stevens

Harmanus Tallman
E. W. King.

Which was approved and the resolution adopted.

[338] The Committee on the Fire Department on the Petition
of Fire Engine Company N 13 presented a report, which was read,
and the consideration postponed.

The same Committee on the Petition of Evert Duyckinck, reported :
That it appears to the satisfaction of the Committee from the Cer-
tificate of Robert Benson the former Clerk of this Board, that Evert
Duyckinck was appointed a Fireman on the 2 d July 1787, and it also
appears by the Certificate of the Foreman of Engine Company N 13
that the said Duyckinck has served as a Fireman the full time re-
quired by the law passed the 12 th April 1816. in Fire Company N 13,
and therefore are of opinion that relief ought to be granted.


Respectfully offer the following Resolution :

Resolved, That the Clerk of this Common Council be and he is
hereby authorized to give to Evert Duyckinck a Certificate of his
services as Fireman.

Signed. John P. Anthony

Harmanus Tallman

[339] Which was approved and the Resolution adopted.

The Special Committee to whom were referred certain Resolutions
respecting Oliver Street, and also a petition of Sundry Inhabitants
praying the said Street may be laid out agreeably to the Report of
the Assessors, presented the following Report:

That about two years since upon the application of persons owning
property fronting on Oliver and Fayette Streets, the Board ordered,
that Fayette Street should be closed and Oliver Street should be
extended to Chatham Square.

That this was accordingly done, and at an expense over and above
the value of the ground which was formerly Fayette Street, of about
Thirty five Thousand Dollars. That Five Thousand three hundred
and Eighty three Dollars, of the expense was assessed upon the Cor-

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