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the rising generation, and to promote their mutual benefit, by instruct-
ing them together, as children of the free citizens of an enlightened
and growing republic, in the great and fundamental principles of
knowledge and virtue, and thus fitting them for a course of future use-
fulness, is a task worthy the solicitude and exertions of our benevolent
and public spirited citizens.

The following are suggested as the outlines of a general plan, for
effecting this important object Viz

I. The title of the Free School Society, to be changed to that of
1 The New York Public School Society," and its charter to be so

amended, that children of all classes may be admitted to the schools,
and required to pay for their instruction, according to the branches
they may learn, but not exceeding One Dollar per quarter, in advance.
The Trustees to have power to remit the charge, in such cases as they
may deem proper.

II. Fifty trustees to be elected by the society at their annual meet-
ing ; and the trustees so elected, to have power to add to their number,
provided the whole number of trustees shall not exceed one hundred.

III. The Mayor and Recorder of the City, to be ex-ofKcio members
of the board of Trustees.

IV. [334] One fourth of the whole number of trustees being
present at any meeting of the board, to form a quoram.

24 Oct. 1825 COMMON Couxm. Mix, m

Any person paying Ten Dollars to the treasury, for
of the schools, to become, by virtue thereof, a member for I

VI. The real estate of the Free School & ->{.
can Schools, to be conveyed, subject to the existing mcnmbr.v

the said societies, to this corporation, and a [ease th<
by them to the Public School Society, in perpetuity, o,
shall ^ exist, for the sole purpose of promoting common
tion in this City.

VII. The whole amount of the School Fund to 1 : to
the said Public School Society, and such auxiliary in.titutioi ..ill
be sanctioned by the Common Council

The advantages which may be expected from the propo ra-

tions, in addition to those first suggested, are

I. Experienced and well qualified teachers, who shall la- duly
compensated for the employment of their time and talent >.

II. Convenient, spacious, and well accommodated School II
combining the advantages of cleanliness, light, and air.

III. Uniformity in the systems and modes, and in the hooks and
subjects of instruction.

IV. In respect to the small payments which alone .v be
allowed, and which are never to be required in a ' inability, or
inconvenience to make them, the expected advantages an a
great increase of [335] the amount to be received and expend
public instruction. Second, The inculcation of the valuable jr

that every person is bound to render some return for
formed for himself or his family. Third, An increased i-
part of the parents in the education of their children, and ;!i ir due
preparation for, and punctual attendance at connect* -1 with the
encouragement of a laudable share of pride, emulation, an-1 i;
pendance of Character, in both parents and ('hildren
From the consideration of the renewed obligation und- 'i child-

will be placed to their parents, that they will be more :
structed in the great commandment, which says, " Honour thy
and thy Mother."

V. A new impulse will be excited, and a moi

be produced among our citizens at large, in favour of t!
subject of elementary education.

VI. Harmony will be produced anioi ami
all causes of disagreement will be removed, a- all

where all alike contribute to the great and comm-m

824 CITY or NEW YORK 24 Oct. 1825

In proof of the practibility of the plan now suggested, your com-
mitte have ascertained, that in Great Brittain, a similar method has
been attended with success, as will be seen in the Eighteenth Report
of the British and Foreign School Society. And your Committe have
been furnished with a Letter from M r Charles R Webster, dated
Albany 25 th of April 1825, to M r Isaac Collins of our city, from which
they have his permission to make the following extracts

[336] " I have examined the Minute Book of the Albany Lancaster
School, in relation to the admission of Pay Scholars. We have but a
single By Law on the subject, which requires, that all children on
admittance into the school, shall pay in advance from Twenty five
Cents, to One Dollar and Twenty five Cents per quarter according to
the ability of their parents or Guardians, always excepting the children
of such poor persons as are unable to pay, and those of this class,
have in all cases a preference, and are never refused on any account

" We have never met with any difficulty in the school, in respect
to the scholars paying, or not paying; each child has equal rights and
privileges ; and though the government of the School requires order
and submission, it is otherwise a perfect democracy Each child rises
or falls from his own merit or demerit, and no regard is ever paid to
the standing of the parent or guardian. We have never found any
difficulty on this subject."

Your committe with the utmost brevity remark in addition, That
the Common School Fund is appropriated in the other counties of the
State, with the greatest advantage, to the Support of Common or
Public Schools ; and the prosperity and unrivalled eminence of some
of the Eastern states, in their Elementary and Public Schools, and in
the consequent dissemination of useful knowledge among all classes of
their citizens, are matters of notoriety and sources of gratification to
themselves and their fellow citizens.

[337] And while in other states, and in other parts of our own
state, the advantages of literary and scientific instruction, are scat-
tered as far, and as widely as possible and the policy appears to be
adopted, that education should be as diffusive as civil liberty ; that it
should be made to expand with the increase of population, as the
surest guarantee of political happiness; and that with the effort to
extend the right of sufferage, and render it universal the influence of
an education as salutary and as universal should accompany this right
as its correlative and best regulating power, your committe will
respectfully suggest, that the establishment of a simular policy as


applicable to our City, is deserving the efforts of this I',,,:irl. <,l our
liberal institutions and indeed of every citizen.

The Committe therefore recommend to the I'.' tin-

I. Resolved that this board approve of the establishment of I'ublic
Schools in this City, on the principles above suggested, instead of I

II Resolved, that this board recommend, that a memorial be sub-
mitted to the next Legislature, by the said Free Sclx..,;
they propose) for effecting the above object, and for securing tl>
and buildings, now belonging to the Free School Society and the Afri-
can Schools in this city, as Public or Common Schools, aix!
securing the proportion of the Common School Fund, to which :
City is or shall be entitled to the [338] general purposes of
and for the support of Public or Common Schools, subject to any
future alterations which the Legislature may deem proper. I'rnv:
that the details be first considered by the Committe of the I'."..
The Commissioners of the School Fund and the Trustees of tl.
School Society, and that they report such Details for the Consideration
of this Board

Respectfully submitted

S Cowdrey
Tho 1 Helton
Signed E W Kii

The Comptroller presented the following Report

Balance as p r Ac* 10 th Ins* ................

Reed for Streets ................................

Tax of 1825 3d & 8> Wards ...........................

Rents ...........................

Wells and Pumps ......................

Fines &c of Sheriff .......

Fines &c of Attorney ......

Loan of Mechanics Bank Authorised 6 th Ins*..


36 Accounts audited and ordered to be ;
Conklin & Blauvelt Watch lt Dist ........

Hibbard & Clark Do 2
Bleakley & Stagg Do 3d
George B Smith Ass* Street Commissioner
to 15th

Legget for Mud Scow 12 days to the .
[339] John Rowlett 24 Tanners Atlas &< balance. .

826 CITY or NEW YORK 24 Oct. 1825

Whiting & Tiffany Stoves &c for Sessions Room 111.00

Haydock & Jenkins 29 Casks Oil 1433.52

John Dunn Sons repairing lamps from 1 s * July to 7 th

October 252.56

J Pinkerton Act 1 regulating & paving 4 th Street from

Broadway to 6 th Avenue 1200.00

J Pinkerton Act* Cross Walks 1 st Ward 600.00

H Smith Ac* reg : & pav : South Street from James to

Catherine Slip 500.00

H Smith Bal cross walks 3d Ward 140.22

Owen M c Cabe bal reg & pav Forsyth St tt from Stanton to

North Street 119.44

S Fargay flagging side Walks and paving Streets at Public

Yard 1369.72

N Jarvis Corporation part reg & pav West Street from

Murray to Duane 849 . 64

J C Tucker repairs Minetto sewer & Sewer in Thompson

Street 81.58

J M c Comb repairing Intersection 2 d Ward 76. 17

M De Camp Corporation Assessment for Cross Walks 4 th

Ward 0.70

G Charlton 1 st Payment Well in Attorney near Broome

Street 103.28

J Gallagher Sen r balance Well in Pitt Street near Broome

Street 67.50

J Gallagher Jun r 1 st payment Well Sheriff near Delancy

Street 42.00

J Gallagher Jun r balance Well Cornelia near Herring Street 36.75

G Charlton balance Well in Hudson near Hamersly Street. 35.37
[340] R Pettigrew balance Well in LeRoy near Hudson

Street 33.60

R Pettigrew balance Well in King near Varick Street 32.87

P Riley balance Well in Water Street between Walnut &

Corlears Street 32.06

J Gallagher Ju r balance Well in Varick near Hammersly

Street 29.75

J Gallagher Ju r balance Well in Warren near Greenwich

Street 29.25

Jacob P Roome Super* Repairs for Repairs 600.00

Do Do Do Markets 500.00

Do Do Do Fire Department 500.00

Do Do Do Pump Department 222.00

A Burtis Super* Alms House for Fever Hospital 1550.00

Do Do Alms House 5000.00

J Fleming Treasurer to pay Interest on City Stock 1 Qu r

1st November 18500.00 37.620.43

Balance $95.09

[341 blank]


[342] Special Meeting In Common Council < SIM

Present. The Ron William Paul. ling Mayor I' r .

Richard Rikcr i:^|uir<- R.

Aldermen. Assist;,

Henry J Wyckoff Thomas R,,|tnn

William H Ireland John AKMCW

Samuel Cowdrey Josiah Heddcn

John Webb James. : <

Jacob B Taylor Daniel E Dunscomh

Gideon Ostrander Effin^ham

The reading of the Minutes of the last inectin

The President stated that this meeting was called in coi
the Resignation of some of the Inspectors of the ensuing F.lection

The Resignation of John Y Cebra of the First. Ward was pr>
and accepted And William W Boyd was appointed in his place

The Resignation of Benjamin Stevens of the Third Ward
presented and accepted And William Mandeville was appointed in
his place.

Resolved that the Comptroller report a Warrant in i"av<>r "f the
Chairman of the Committee for the Canal Celebration for Two tl.
sand five hundred Dollars

[343] Resolved that the Committe on Repair^ cause Blind -
placed at the windows of the Offices of the Recorder and Fir>t Ju<!:
of the City

Resolved that the Street Commissioner be requested t
rubbish filth and obstructions of every kind to be removed from the
Streets through which the procession is to

[344] Special Meeting In Common Council Xoven

Present. The Hon : William Pauhlinj; Mayor P

Aldermen Assistants

Henry J Wyckoff Thorns I'^ltoti

Elisha W King Samuel S' John

William H Ireland Philip H.-IH-

John Webb Josiah Hcddcn

Mathew Reed m^iam iin
Asa Mann
William A Davis
Gideon Ostrander

The reading of the Minutes of the last Meeting \v

828 CITY OF NEW YORK 7 Nov. 1825

A letter from Shivers Parker requesting leave to resign his Appoint-
ment as Inspector of the ensuing Election for the Sixth Ward was
read and

Resolved that it is inexpedient to grant the request

The Resignation of Effingham Schieffelin Esq r of the Office of
Assistant Justice for the Ninth Ward was called up and it was

Resolved that the same be accepted

A Resolution to appoint James Flannagan Assistant Justice for the
Ninth Ward was presented by M r Schieffelin and after some discus-
sion was withdrawn

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