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The following were presented by the Comp r

The undersigned who were on the 24 th Jan* [165] last by a resolu-
tion of the honorable Common Council appointed " Commissioners to
negociate an exchange of property with the government of the United
States for the property now occupied by them in the rear of the
Custom House on such terms as they should judge most conducive to
the interests of the City of New York, respectfully report

That presuming it would require an act of Congress to authorize
the contemplated exchange and persuaded their personal attendance
at Washington was indispensable, they proceeded to the Seat of Gov-
ernment and in consequence of the liberal treatment & courtesy of the
members of the administration & of Congress the requisite law was
passed in a much shorter time than could under the press of other
business have been reasonably expected A copy of the act ac-
companies this report, a negociation predicated on the said act was
entered into with the Secretary at war which resulted as will appear by
memorandum of the agreement, having completed that arrangement,
the interest of the City required them to return without delay, to en-
deavour to obtain the property required by the war Department,
without making the negociation public, which has been effected as will
appear by the agreement

*[165] The undersigned are induced to believe this arrangement
will be the more acceptable as it was made on terms of liberality on
the part of the General Government and favorable to the Corporation
and especially because it has eventuated in the location of lands neces-
sary to additional and permanent Fortifications for the defence of our
Harbour in a situation deemed the most important and commanding

all which is respectfully submitted

(Signed) James Fairlie

Tho s R Mercein

The Comptroller has the honor to represent that if the hon 1 the
Common Council deem it expedient to confirm the arrangements
entered into by the Commissioner appointed to make an exchange
with the government of the United States of certain lands & c & c it is
requisite to place in their hands the amount of the purchase money
which they are to pay for the property at the Narrows to wit eighteen
thousand seven hundred fifty Dollars this Sum can be obtained from
one of the Banks on Loan until the proceeds of the sales of the prop-
erty for which this is given is received when the same with the in-

* Clerk's error in numbering. ED.

18 April 1814 COMMON COUNCIL MlNUTES 733

terest can be paid therefrom [166] without any interference with the
ordinary receipts and expenditures of the City Treasury

respectfully submitted

(Sig d ) Tho s R Mercein Comp r

Whereupon Resolved that the agreements entered into by James
Fairlie & Thomas R Mercein Esq rs in behalf of this Corporation as
above set forth be and the same is hereby ratified and confirmed. Re-
solved also that the Comptroller under direction of the finance Com-
mittee be authorized to borrow the sum of eighteen thousand seven
hundred fifty Dollars for the purposes above mentioned, and that the
bonds of the corporation issue therefor.

Resolved further that a committee be appointed to consider and
report such suitable testimony of thanks and approbation to Mess rs
Farlie and Mercein for their zealous and able negociation in the afore-
mentioned purchase as the said Committee shall deem proper

Comtee. M r Lawrence Mann King

The Committee on the petition of Joseph & John Watkins reported,
that as it is intended merely to yard the Shingles at the place mentioned
in petition, and not with an intention of shaving them, the prayer of
the [167] petition ought to be granted

(Signed) Tho s R Smith
Gideon Tucker
Tho s Franklin
Which was approved.

The following persons were appointed Firemen the Chief Engi-
neer certifying the vacancies

F Eng n Compy N 2.
Rob 1 King, Math 1 Inst Maker, 16 Elm S l 6 W d ,

vice Caleb Williams res gd
Roger Williams, rigger, 93 Catharine S l 7 W d ,

vice Joseph Cumbo D
F E C N 36
Christopher Heizer, Tallow Chandler, Greenwich St, 8 th W d ,

vice Elkana Mead, do

At the suggestion of the Street Commissioner Ezekiel Bishop was
appointed Assessor in the ordinance for regulating Banker St in place
of Rob 4 Coles who had left the City

The Street Commissioner on the petition for removing a Pump in
Partition St. reported in favor of the same, and presented an ordi-
nance therefor, which was refer d to the Aider" & Assis* of the Ward

734 CITY OF NEW YORK 18 April 1814

The Street Commissioner presented the following ordinances which
were passed. Viz 1 for regulating Sullivan Street from Spring [168] to
Broome St in which W m Stilwell. Lemuel Skidmore & Ezekiel Bishop
were appointed Assessors For a well in Elm St between Hester &
Grand St For repaying Beekman St from Chatham to William St. in
each of which Solomon Wheeler Stephen Kingsland & George Domi-
nick were appointed Assessors For regulating & paving South Street
from Burling Slip to the Easterly side of Beekman Slip And for pav-
ing Charlton St from the Easterly Kennel of Greenwich St to about
150 feet East of Hudson Street in each of which W m Stilwell Ezekiel
Bishop & Charles Stewart were appointed Assessors

The Street Commissioner presented a report on the law respecting
the regulation of stoops which was refered to the Committee on Streets

The Street Commissioner on the petition for opening Washington
Street from Charlton St to the State prison, reported in favor of the
petition which was approved.

The Street Commissioner presented a return of Delinquents on
Assessments for opening Leonard St at Orange St For a Drain in
[169] Broad St and for a Well in Scammel St for which warrants
were ordered to be issued to the collectors.

Resolved that the Clerk of the Common Council make a report to
the Board of all persons holding appointments under the authority of
the Corporation, and that he require by advertizements in the gazettes
all persons holding such appointments to report themselves to him and
that the Commissions of those who do not so report themselves be
considered as vacated

Resolved that the Street Commissioner make out and present to
this Board a list of Delinquents on Assessments in order that the prop-
erty assessed may be advertized according to law

A Resolution was presented directing South St to be paved between
Burling Slip & Easterly side of Beekman Slip which was refered to
the Street Commissioner who immediately reported an ordinance
therefor which was passed.

[170] The following was presented

Resolved that Peter R Sprainger be removed from the office of
Assistant Street Commissioner On the question of agreeing to the
same it was carried in the affirmative as follows.

Affirmative 11.

M r Recorder Aider 11 Mesier Mapes Dickenson M c Cartee
Fish Mess" Nitchie Brackett Lawrence King Hardenbrook


Negative 10

Alder" Smith. Lawrence. Buckmaster. Wendover Munson Mess"
Tucker, Cannon Mann Burtis Brown.

The Board then proceeded to Ballot for a person to fill the va-
cancy when Adrian B Holmes was duly elected

Resolved that the Comptroller be requested to report to this Board
the situation of the Hay scales to whom leased, at what rate & all
other information in relation to the same

Alder" Mesier presented the following

Resolved that the expediency of appointing Commissioners to
superintend & keep in repair the Roads on this Island be refered to
a Committee which was agreed to & ref er d to the Road Comt5 e

[171] Resolved that the subject of obstructions in the river by
setting Poles in the same for the purpose of affixing thereto fishing
nets be refered to Alder" Mesier Alder" Buckmaster Alder" Fish

M r Fish presented a Resolution to prevent Dogs running at large
in the City which was refered to the council to report ordinances
agreably thereto

Resolved that the Ferry Committee be requested to cause a parti-
tion fence to be made between the lands of the Corporation & M r
Black at Horns Hook.

The Comptroller reported

Accounts audited and paid since the last Meeting of the Board

Hays & Bogert City Watch 694. 75

Farrington & White " 621 .25

Hedden & Angevine " 339. 50

Holden & Lawrence " 474.25

E Jennings Supdt o f Lamps to llth 505.76


Which were agreed to

he further reported
[*171] Cash in the Treasury $42083.88

Whereupon Warrants were ordered to be issued for payment of the
following accounts

W M Summers Inspr bread 1 Q r ending 8 Ins* 86.70

J Leonard reporting list passengers 6 Mo to 1 Febx 25.00

A Woodward Ass* City Insp r 1 Mo ending 15 april 62. 50

Lewis & Hall 1 Qrs subscript! Commercial Adverti 1 " 37.50

* Clerk's error in numbering. ED.

736 CITY OF NEW YORK 2 May 1814

S Nichols for new lamps & rep rs to old ones 38. 12

Jas Richardson rep rs to wells 31 . 00

C Oneil DO D 45.43

J Wallace repairs to Gouverneurs market 52.98

Anderson & Halsey 1st Inst^t pi ers & Bulkhead Brooklyn 1582.00

John Gildersleeve DO for filling in Slip at DO 157.50

A Smyth on account filling up Collect St 400.00

A Stagg DO DO paving Grand St 100.00

E Kelly DO DO filling Jay St Wharf 100.00

R Moran D D paving Broadway 147.41

R Furman Supdt Alms House & Bridewell 5000.00

DO paymaster for New Alms House 10000.00

W Fish City Treasr for Int*t City Stock due 1 Feby 10500.00

DO to repay for drft on Canandaigua Bank for sufferers on

Western frontier by order of Board 3000.00

James Wallace Sup dt of Repairs 500.00

R Furman Treas r Washington market 2000.00

Balance.. $8217.74

[173] In Common Council May 2 d 1814
present The Hon' DeWitt Clinton Mayor President

Peter Mesier

Jonas Mapes John Nltchie

Charles Dickenson
Peter M c Cartee
Thomas R Smith


Augustine H Lawrence
Elisha W King
Gideon Tucker

George Buckmaster Mott Cannon

moil cannon

Peter H Wendover

Nicholas Fish Wm A Hardenbrook

Reuben Munson N ah Br wn '

This being the period for quarterly visitation of the Alms House

& Bridewell the Board performed that duty.

The Minutes of last Meeting were read and approved

The City Inspector presented ordinances for filling in certain
sunken Lots in Columbia St from N to N which were


A Petition of William Day for some employment [174] under the
Common Council, and from Henry White for appointment of Meas-
urer of grain, were severally read and refered to the Committee on

A Petition of Margaret Sarly for Hucsters Stand and of Walter


Durbrow & Catharine Smith that Stall N 19 Catharine Market late
occupied by George Smith deceased, Husband of Catharine Smith may
be granted to said Durbrow, was read and refered to the Market

A petition of the Executors of Henry Morgan for permission to
assign the lease of a lot at Peck Slip, leased to Henry & Benjamin
Morgan was read and the prayer thereof granted

A Petition from sundry Inhabitants praying that the gutter in
Murray Street between Washington St and the River may be re-
paved was read and refered to the Street Commissioner

A Complaint of sundry Inhabitants against the Furnace owned by
Joshua Barker stating that from his use of pine wood instead of Coal
the houses in the vicinity were constantly endangered by flakes of
Fire falling on the roofs was read and refered to the Chief Engi-
neer and fire [175] wardens of the ward

A Petition of Izabella Moore praying relief from a fine incurred
under the law regulating Pawnbrokers was read and Resolved that
petitioner have leave to withdraw her petition

A petition from Samuel Stilwell was received stating that seven
Years since he had allowed a fire Engine House for N 19 to be
erected on a lot belonging to him for which he had received no com-
pensation that for the first two years he would charge no rent but
thought $20 per annum for the remainder would not be unreasonable

Ordered to be refered to the Comptroller

A Memorial from Gilbert Smith physician of the Alms House
requesting in consideration of encreased duties, an additional com-
pensation was refered to the Commissioners of the Alms House

The following were appointed Firemen the Chief Engineer certi-
fying the vacancies

[176] F E C N 10

Joseph Chandler, Gardner, Bowery, 10 th W d

vice Alex r Saunders res d
Daniel Townsend D D D

vice Charles Bird D
F E C N 30

Richard J Furman, Rope maker, 58 Pump S l , 10 th W d

vice Blaze Ten Brook D

An Invitation of the Trustees of the N Y Free School to attend
their annual Procession & the exercises of the Scholars on Monday
next at YZ past 9 OClock was read and accepted.

738 CITY OF NEW YORK 2 May 1814

An invitation from the literary & philosophical society to attend
at an address to be delivered by their President (the Hon 1 DeWitt
Clinton) at the opening of their Society under their Charter on
Wednesday next at 12 O Clock was read and accepted A request of
said Society for the use of the large Court room on that occasion was

An invitation from the College of Physicians & Surgeons of the
University of the State of New York to attend their annual commence-
ment at the College Hall in Barclay St on Tuesday next at 12 OClock
was read and accepted

A Committee consisting of Cadwallader D Colden [177] David
Hosack & William Cutting in behalf of the Academy of Arts, John
Pintard, Peter Augustus Jay & Gulian C Verplank in behalf of the
N Y Historical Society and Samuel L Mitchell. John Griscomb &
James A Smith in behalf of the Literary & Philosophical Society at-
tended and presented a Memorial in behalf of the said Institutions
praying from the Corporation a grant of the ground and the building
thereon occupied as the Bridewell for the accomodation of the said
Societies and for the purposes of their respective Institution

Ordered that the same be refered to Alder" Mesier Aider Buck-
master Aider 11 Fish Aider" Wendover M r Lawrence

The Council presented for approbation a petition to the Judges of
the Supreme Court, for appointing Commissioners to widen straighten
& extend Fair Street and also a petition to open & extend North
Street which were directed to be duly authenticated

He also presented for execution a petition to the Supreme Court
praying that a former [178] application relative to opening a part of
Second Avenue and all proceeding thereupon may be discontinued;
and another petition praying for the appointment of Commissioners
for the opening of the said avenue from North Street to the North-
erly side of Twenty ninth Street, which petitions have been drawn
pursuant to the report of the Commissioners for opening Second
avenue, made by them to the Common Council on the 4 th of April
last & approved by the Board on that day

(Signed) D S Jones.

Which was approved & the petition directed to be duly authenti-

The Comptroller reported that in pursuance with the directions of
the Board, he negociated a loan with the Mechanics Bank for the


Sum of eighteen thousand seven hundred fifty Dollars the purchase
money for the property lately purchased at the Narrows, for which he
presented a Bond to be executed the said money has been received
and paid to the parties and good & sufficient titles received for the
property He further reported that the Sureties of W m Johnson late
lessee of the public Docks and Slips have paid the Sum of Two thou-
sand Dollars as agreed on [179] at the last Meeting of the Board,
which sum after deducting the costs of suit, has been paid into the
City Treasury

respectfully submitted

(Sig d ) Tho s R Mercein Comp r

Which Report was approved & the Bond ordered to be executed
The Street Commissioner presented an Assessment for paving
Crosby Street from Prince to Bleecker Street which was confirmed
and Noah Jarvis appointed Collector.

The Street Commissioner on the petition of a number of pro-
prietors of property in Washington Street Reported that several of
the proprietors have not complied with the ordinance of 19 th October
1812 which directed Washington Street to be made between Beach &
LeRoy Streets that ordinance having expired.

The S 1 Com sr therefore presented the Draft of an ordinance for
making Washington Street from Laight Street to LeRoy Street and
respectfully begs leave to suggest the propriety of having it confirmed
in cruder that the Proprietors of Water lots may be compelled to make
said St

(Sig d ) John M c Comb St Coms r

[180] which was approved and the ordinance therein mentioned

The St Corns 1 " & City Inspec r on the petition of sundry owners &
Lessees of property in Chappie St and its vicinity reported That they
have examined into the premises and find the facts as stated in the
petition are true that the cellars complained of cannot be kept clear of
water until the conduit in Chappie St is cleared, and the outlet of
water thro Lispenards Meadow is opened They therefore recom-
mend those outlets to be opened and cleared, and that the Superintend-
ant of repairs be instructed to take measures accordingly

They also beg leave to suggest the propriety of some measures
being taken towards the commencement of a suitable drain thro' those

740 CITY OF NEW YORK 2 May 1814

low grounds, as many persons are seriously incommoded thereby, and
the difficulty of its execution is encreased by every years delay

respectfully submitted

(Sig d ) John M c Comb S 4 Com sr

J Morton City Insp r
Which was approved.

[181] The Street Commissioner on the petition of sundry Owners
of property in Pearl St pray [ing] to have the same widened reported
that he has examined the situation of the Street and is fully of opinion
that it would be of great advantage to those in the vicinity, if that part
of Pearl Street was widened so as to be fifty feet wide, agreably to
the request of the petitioners

It appears by a Survey made of that part of the Street in 1773
by two City Surveyors, that it was then intended to be 50 feet wide,
and there is ground on that side of the Street belonging to the Cor-
poration, more than sufficient for the improvement But M r Janeway
and others having had it in possession for a number of Years may
perhaps have acquired some rights therein

He therefore respectfully recommends that the ground on the
south side of Pearl Street from Chatham to Augustus Streets, re-
quisite for the contemplated improvement thus far be taken accord-
ing to law and that the Council of the Corporation be instructed to
take measures to have it carried into effect

All which is respectfully submitted

(Sig d ) John M c Comb Jun r S l Coms r

Which was approved and the Council was [182] directed to take
measures accordingly.

The Street Committee & St Commissioner on the petition for re-
moving the block of buildings at intersection of Pearl Stone & William
St s reported that on a full consideration of the advantages, as stated
by the petitioners and of the inconveniences as set forth in the re-
monstrance against the measure are unanimously of opinion that the
removal of said block of buildings will be of great benefit to that
part of the City, that it will improve the appearance and much en-
hance the value of the property in the vicinity, as well as promote the
convenience of trading part of the community

They therefore can see no reasonable objection why the request of
the petitioners should not be granted especially as your committee have
been informed that one of the four proprietors, has joined in the re-


quest to have the buildings removed, & that a willingness is shewn
on the part of the applicants to make the proprietors full restitution,
and also to exonerate the Corporation from any share in the expence

They therefore recommend that the council to the Corporation be
instructed to take proper [183] measures to have this improvement
carried into effect The Committee however think it well to remark,
that as the buildings to be removed are of considerable value, it will be
proper that the Petitioners take such measures as will be requisite to
secure the Corporation from any expence that may accrue in making
the improvement

All which is respectfully submitted

(Signed) E W King

G Buckmaster

Peter M c Cartee

John M c Comb J r S 4 Com r

Which was approved and the Council was instructed to carry the
same into effect causing the Corporation to be indemnified from any
expenses attending said removal.

The Superintendant of the Alms House presented the following;
being the Annual Report of that Institution & the Bridewell which was
directed to be printed

Report &

Paupers in and admitted in the House from Is ap 1 1813 to Is ap 1 1814. .
Discharged 1474 died 255 total disch d & died 1729

Remaining in the House Apl 1 s 1814 1201

consisting of [184] 241. Men 408 Women 320 Boys 232 Girls total 1201

642 of which are of City of N Y. 88 State of N Y 125 United States 73
England 41 Scotland 163 Ireland 48 Germany 3 France 8 West Indies
10 Africa total 1201

Number of prisoners & vagrants in the City Prison & Bridewell on 1 st
day April 1814 to wit 56 Men 128 Women total 184

Number of Maniacs in the City Assylum at the expence of the Alms
House Is Apl 1814 to wit 26 Men 19 Women 45

Donations given & distributed to the out door poor from 1st apr ii 1813
to 1 s ap 1 1814 specifying the number of families supplied & the
number of persons of which said families consist viz White families
1975 Black 897. Number of persons of which said families consist... 12592

Amount of Donations distributed by the Superintendant

Cash $1893.89

708 Bar's Flour @ $6.50 4602.00

Baking DO 1165.00

742 CITY or NEW YORK 2 May 1814?

1398 Lds Wood @ 20s $3495.00

Carting & DistributK D 540.72

7200 Bushels Potatoes @ 3./6 2850.00

62 Bar'* p or k @ $20 1240.00

18^ Beef $16 296.00

Transporting paupers 144. 12

Cloathing to out door poor 120.00

Hospital acct for supporting Maniacs during last 12 months 4680.00

Aldern & Assts Accounts... 514.56

[185] Wards in which Cash and wood were distributed

In the 1st Ward 12^ Loads Wood $74.77 Cash

2 15 " " 47.75

3 " 39*/ 2 " " 16.00

4 " 91 " " 134.25

5 " 191 " " 175.00

6 " 24 " " 304.00

7 " 515^ " " 654.00

8*h " 39Y 2 " " , 62.00

9th " 4 " " 10.75

" 10*h " 240 " " 415.37

1398 $1893.89

Cash distributed by the Alder n & Assistants of their respective
Wards & repaid to them by the Sup dt Alms House

Wards Alder" Assistants

1st Mesier $00.00 Mr Nitchie $00.00 $00.00

2d Mapes 34.93 Bracket 00.00 34.93

3d Dickenson 00.00 Lawrence 00 00

4th McCartee 41.00 King 00 41.00

5 Smith 57.32 Tucker 30.75 88.07

6 Lawrence 00.00 Cannon 00 00

Buckmaster 55.56 Mann 00 55.56

8t Wendover 48.97 Burtis 52.17 101.14

9th Fish 11.66 Hardenbrook 8.50 20.16

10 Munson ... 00.00 Brown 173.70


(Signed) Richard Furman Sup dt

[186] Resolved that the Assistant Street Commissioners be under
the direction of the St Commissioner and obey such orders as he
shall from time to time give to them

Resolved that the Assistant St Commissioners be directed to at-
tend to the observance of the ordinance respecting the riding of lime,
and also respecting the depositing of lime in the Streets.


Resolved that the Street Commissioner be authorized to cause the
common Sewer at the foot of Roosevelt Street to be repaired

Resolved that the Clerk of the Com n Council give notice to the
Contractors for Street manure, that the Com 11 Council consider the
said Contractors as bound to sweep and keep clean the side walks and
Streets around the public Grounds of the Battery, Bowling green &
Government House and also those Streets occupied as stands for
Hackney Carriages.

[187] The Comptroller reported

Accounts audited and paid since the last meeting of the Board

Hays & Bogert Watch 694.75

Farrington & White " 621 .25

Holden & Lawrence " 474.25

Heclden & Angevine " 339.50

M Fourtz on acct Maytx Seal (orr Bd) 100.00

Which were agreed to

Balance in the Treasury $170.15.89

Whereupon warrants were ordered to be issued for payment of the
following accounts

The Inspectors & Clerks of late Geni Elec" 400.00

G Thresher for ex n Freedom of City Com r Perry 35.50

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